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The Church Lady on Saturday Night Live – this was back when it was still funny – used to say: Could it be Satan? Which was funny, the way Dana Carvey – who played the Church Lady – said it. And looked when he said it.

There is nothing funny about the pushing of drugs by politically powerful corporations, who have acquired political power by purchasing it. They employ politicians, who are paid to be their pushers – who are a species far worse than the individuals who merely sell drugs on the street. These are slandered as “pushers,” but are nothing of the sort. No one ever “pushed” marijuana or any other street drug on me and probably not you, either. They offered them and we were free to buy them, if we wanted to. This is a far cry from what the pushers of pharmaceutical drugs do. Which is to actually and actively push them on people – including people who have made it quite clear they’re not the least interested in taking them – as during the event marketed as a “pandemic.”

Most loathsome of all is the pushing of drugs on children – on babies – who have no say in the matter at all. A baby is born in a hospital and almost as soon as it is out of its mother’s body, it is injected with drugs. This is done as a matter-of-course and attended (if needed) with great guilt-tripping if the parents are “hesitant.”

Having successfully pushed some drugs on parents – and into babies and children – the drug pushing has increased almost unimaginably. According to Informed Choice USA, a baby born in the early 1960s got 3-5 “vaccines” – as these drugs are now slyly styled. By 1983, this had increased to 24 doses. By 2018, the number of doses had increased to 72.

The drugs pushed include “flu” shots – which used to be pushed on the elderly only, because it was once understood that the flu presented almost no serious risk to people in the prime of life. Ergo, no need to take the drugs being pushed if you weren’t elderly. But there’s not much money in health and so it is important to persuade people of all ages they are in constant danger of getting sick – and here’s the cure for that.

Never mind that it doesn’t work.

Well, take that back. It does work. They all work. In a different way. They work to increase the profits of the pharmaceutical cartels who make (and push) these drugs on people who don’t need them. Who are hectored that they must have their kids as well as themselves regularly injected with them. Else they are very bad people. They are “anti-vaxxers” and it isn’t far from there to rounding up such dangerous people – as almost did in fact happen during the event that was marketed as a “pandemic.”

Now, of course, we know who ought to have been rounded up. But the drug pushers have acquired legal immunity from prosecution, which is nice work if you can afford to get it. Most of us, of course, haven’t got the money to buy ourselves a get-out-of-jail-free card. This includes the people who “deal” – but do not push – drugs on anyone. An interesting dichotomy.

And pot never gave anyone myocarditis, either.

Nor peanut allergies. Nor autism and the myriad other chronic illnesses and debilities that now commonly afflict children born since it became practice to inject them with literally dozens of different drugs from birth to adolescence. Could it be a coincidence that the dramatic increase in these illnesses and debilities in young people tracks in line with the pushing of all these drugs on children? Why is it that allergies were much less common among children who were born back in the ’60s and early ’70s? Why is it that afflictions such as Autism and Aspergers Syndrome were all-but-unknown among kids who were not serially injected with dozens of drugs from birth through adolescence?

Correlation is, of course, not necessarily causation. But only a fool wouldn’t look into it. We are hectored to not look into it – because the drug pushers (and the politicians they’ve purchased) do not want us to look into it. That might be bad for business, you see.

As a libertarian, my foundational objection is not directed at the drugs, per se. The same as I don’t object to electric cars, per se. My objection is to the pushing of them – which is a thing made possible only by government. The street dealer has no way to force anyone to buy – or take – the drugs he’s selling. This means you’re perfectly free to not take them. This is how things ought to be. When a thing can’t be pushed on people, the damage it causes (of any) is limited to those who freely chose to buy whatever it is that was pushed. This is sad for them, of course. But there is an important element of personal culpability involved. You chose. No one made you.

But when government – which is force personified – gets into this business, it becomes a much worse business. Because government can make you. Because you have no choice. No coercion-free choice. Ask the people in the military who were given the “choice” of taking the drugs or losing their careers. Ask the college students who were told either take the drugs or forget finishing your degree. Ask anyone who was faced with the choice of losing their job – maybe their career – as the price of “choosing” to not be injected.

Agency is removed. It is replaced by the push. You are less culpable – and more degraded. Also – when it comes to these drugs – less healthy and perhaps even sick. Another cost you get to bear, imposed by those who’ve bought the power to impose it on you.

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  1. I think another reason people are getting sicker is not just Big Pharma, but ironically due to less exposure to viruses and bacteria in general. We need to be exposed to SOME pathogens every once in a while, in order for the immune system to recognize and thus, fight off said pathogens.

  2. I’ve an 11 year old unvaccinated son who hasn’t been to his pediatrician since 1, but I’m still on her email list. I chose her because she leaves things like immunizations, medicines, etc… up to the parents (how about that for an oddity), versus several others that won’t even take your kid on as a patient of you don’t follow the latest vax schedule. I received an email from her a couple weeks ago saying they’re adding an annual “Value Added” fee of $150 because their reimbursement rate from the insurance company has gone down 30-40%. She says this is not only because it’s a small private practice, but also directly tied to her flexible vaccine schedule, as well as offering preservative free vaccines. I don’t know yet if she’ll drop my son as a “patient”, as he never sees her and hence requires no overhead (other than sending me an email asking for money).

    • Hi Michael,

      A “value added” fee – for no services rendered? This corrupting of language is almost as bad as the corruption of everything, as such. Why not call it – honestly – a “just because” fee?

      • Doctors have bills as well, albeit many probably wasteful. The just because fee helps with not having to trim the excess spending during inflation and a slow economy.

      • Yeah, it’s not something I plan on paying unless I actually see the pediatrician. Given the obscene “deductible” I need for my insurance through work to pay out anything, I would likely end up paying everything myself short of something like surgery. Neither side of my son’s family saw much of doctors early in life, especially past age 10.

  3. The people in government and those who put their faith in authority will not believe that vaccines can cause harm until it happens to them or someone they care about and maybe not even then.

    The permanent damage done to me is relatively minor, but I still wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Yes, I do believe it was vaccine damage as I understand how the damage happens and the symptoms that it manifests in children. The modern childhood vaccine list would likely have killed me.

      • It is a toss-up, Helot. I read of several who refused to believe until their own children either ended up dead, or severely injured due to a vaccine. One was a pro-vaccine doctor who refused to believe until her 6 month old daughter died after a vaccine. Then, she woke up. And then there are others who will never learn and will never wake up, and will merely blame everyone and anyone for their ignorance and stupidity. Waking up means realizing one may have been very wrong on some things, and maybe made some horrible mistakes. And for some, being asleep and stupid is a far easier chain to have around their necks. I am sorry to hear about your mother and nephew.

        • Thanks. …I,.. my mom was old, it was 10 yrs. close, + or – to being her time,… and she just wouldn’t listen. None would.
          The 8yr. old, the 6 month old in your example, however;…

          It’s a toss-up, world. …Far easier to have a millstone around their neck, … I … have difficulty in my failure to convince them otherwise. …Free will in action,

          [can’t believe I’m even writing about this]

          • It is still difficult to lose your mom. It does not matter if you (just throwing numbers out here) are 70 and mom is 90, and you know she is at the end of her life. People will ask and always want their moms, whether they knew them or not, whether mom was nice or not, etc. I saw this a lot in the elderly, who would ask for them where I worked. I suppose, at the end, we go back to the beginning, in a lot of ways. No, you cannot convince people of truths they refuse to see. It is the down side to free will when someone is determined to harm themselves for the sake of safety. All you can do is be there for them, and keep breathing through it all.

      • I am not talking specifically about the mRNA covid jabs, rather all vaccines in general.

        What likely damaged me were the “good vaccines that work” of the early 1970s. So long as I have a say-so I’ll be avoiding their potions.

    • The average person has been brainwashed to believe that vaccines are good, and have “saved us from dreaded diseases and prolonged our lives”, so no matter what happens to them, they will never cast blame on those “safe” vaccines even though no REAL long-term tests or comparisons have EVER been done and what “tests” and “studies” have been conducted are always either concocted to make the vaccines appear safe or are outright fraudulent or corrupt.

  4. Long before the Covid HOAX and the CLOT SHOT infamous graphic artist David Dees warned us in absolutely brilliant and talented graphic art, see images:

    Don\t waste your time with Amerikan based search engines which censor conspiratorial images and articles. Google is completely worthless.

    Copy and paste this search phrase into your favorite search engines then compare to Moscow based Yandex:

    david dees art vaccines

    IMO the top 3 graphic artists of our time (in order)

    David Dees
    Ben Garrison

  5. Want Stupid,,, Here’s Stupid with a capital ‘S’

    Science Girl bragging on a Mechanical Tree that removes as much CO2 as a thousand trees. She is as stupid as a rock as is the PhD in the video.

    Sorry,,, this is a X / twitter message. I personally find ALL the “social sites” repugnant as most pass on total BS like this.

    I’ll let the reader figure out what this idiot is missing. See her smug face as she describes her own demise along with all of us.

  6. Slaves are bred and farmed like a farm animal….

    There is a difference though….a slave can go to work and make money…then you can rob it….a pig can’t do that….

    There is different ways to make money off slaves….by taxing them, by usury through debt., and by making them unhealthy…then you can fleece them through allopathic medicine…use the medicine to make them sick, so you can sell them more drugs to not cure the disease….

    If they are sick when they are old, they will die quicker….then you don’t have to give them money when they can’t work….an unproductive slave is useless…..

  7. “Cancer was practically unknown until the cowpox vaccination began to be introduced … I have seen 200 cases of cancer, and never saw a case in an unvaccinated person.”

    Dr. W.B. Clark, New York Times, 1909

    • A Dr. Mendelsohnn said virtually the same thing in the late 70’s, as well as many other doctors who can observe and think for themselves.

  8. AS an older American I can remember “measles parties” and “chicken pox parties” and “mumps parties” where the parents in the 40’s and 50’s get their kids together to expose them all to what ever was going round in the day. I spent a lot of kindergarten being out due to illness. BUT it gave me life long immunity from what ever was going on.

    • Aaah yes, I remember the measles and chicken pox parties, Mark. It made life miserable for about a week or so, but then I never had to deal with it again. I did skate out of having the mumps, though. That is one unintended consequence that these pro-vax boneheads did not anticipate. And that is, with current generations not ever having deal with the usual, childhood diseases (vaxed to the max), the females who grow up and have children will not have any natural immunity to pass on to their own offspring as in previous generations. I remember (New Jersey?) where in one school, a bad case of whooping cough went through the school. Whoops, everyone had been vaccinated for it, too.

    • Indeed, one has to wonder how infectious diseases were all but forgotten by the late 20th century yet now everyone’s afraid of diseases?

  9. One strange thing is that the fastest growing population of people being diagnosed with ADHD and autism is no longer young boys—it’s now middle aged women. What gives?

    • Inattentive-type ADHD is frequently missed because these people aren’t jumping up out of their chairs & running around the classroom every 10 seconds. This is the type more likely to be found in girls.

      Sending everyone home during the pandemic also destroyed a lot of the structures people had built up around themselves to help keep themselves sane.

      So the mental health system got overloaded as people went through all kinds of nervous breakdowns etc., and people found out they had it who otherwise probably never would have.

      ADHD is an interesting one, because it is simultaneously the most iverdiagnosed and the most underdiagnosed thing out there.

      I found out I had it last year, and it made a whole lot of things make a whole lot more sense.

      • In a not-so-shocking twist, the man who “discovered” ADHD admitted on his deathbed that he made the whole thing up. Quite frankly, a perfectly, normal, healthy 10 year old boy is going to have a difficult time sitting still all day long listening to some boring teacher drone on for hours on end. It is just that most girls (in general) are able to sit still longer a bit better than the boys. Had there been schools designed specifically for boys, where they could get up, move a round, and tailored for their learning, we would not need to drug the crap out of them. Oh, but that is the point, and it makes Big Pharma lots of money, while keeping kids docile and compliant. Not to mention some of these drugs end up making them future school shooters, which make the perfect excuse for the “let’s-take-your-guns-away” (Everytown) crowd.

        • Shadow wrote: “Had there been schools designed specifically for boys, where they could get up, move a round, and tailored for their learning, we would not need to drug the crap out of them.”

          We used to have such things. In junior high we had shop class and home economics. We had art class, where we painted and made pottery. We had general music classes. In other words, we did things. But we also had to get through math and reading, general science (with the occasional “lab”) and health class.

          This helped keep the fidgety boys busy until they could handle the drudgery of the high school academic plan. And if they couldn’t, well then they took shop or band or got into athletics. Better yet, they’d go to Vo-tech and get a real skill.

          • Well, maybe I am a “square” (old term), but I think such classes should be brought back. I do not even know if they are still around anymore? Hell, develop more classes like these, that will enable boys and young men to thrive and grow, and to hell with the feminists who might bitch to the contrary.

        • No it’s definitely a thing.

          And medication (even non-stimulant kind) makes a huge difference. I rem her the day it kicked in, there was this moment where everything went from 20,000 thoughts per second, to very very quiet.

          Some things it doesn’t help (limited working memory & no sense of time)

          • I’ve met a few people who probably qualify as ADHD. One couldn’t really concentrate on anything for more than a few seconds and failed completely at work because of it. The other decided he didn’t like school, got his GED at 17 and went to work. Quickly moved up the ladder and as he got older got more mature he calmed down dramatically. Lost track of him now but I’m sure he’s doing great.

            It’s a thing. I get it. But I seriously doubt that as many kids have it as we’re led to believe. And not all kids should be medicated either. Like most brain problems, it’s complicated. We shouldn’t be trying a one-size-fits-all approach, any more than we should be forcing every kid into size 26X30 pants.

      • Indeed, Gil –

        Lenin was one of the most evil men to ever walk this Earth. A man consumed by his own demons to control others; to kill them, if they defied his will. It’s astounding that his pickled corpse is still on display in a place of honor. Imagine Hitler’s being accorded the same treatment. And Lenin was at least as bad a der chef.

        • That is what amazes me, Eric. I am in several Russian groups, but rarely post anything.. It is interesting to read the threads through there. Lemme tell you, for the most part, you can NOT criticize Lenin or Stalin. To the, they are heroes for bringing about “The Revolution”, and you are just a “stupid American” that has wrong information to suggest that Lenin and Stalin were the mass murderers they were. As evil as Lenin was, even he warned the people about Stalin (who was even worse), and no one listened to him. Stalin’s wife committed suicide, his wife did also his one son committed suicide by throwing himself up against an electric fence when captured and was in Auschwitz, his other son died of alcohol poisoning, and his daughter (Svetlana) was a completely clueless individual about how evil her father was, and died broke and a charity case in North Carolina of cancer-completely clueless and refusing to believe any real truths about her father. On the one hand, I say it is mind boggling. And yet, I look at where this country is rapidly sinking to, and maybe not so mind boggling. The Russians cheered the overthrow of the Romanovs to install communism that starved and killed far more than the Romanovs did in 300 years of rule. You cannot make this stuff up.

          • Hi Shadow,

            The Biden Thing undoubtedly wishes to make criticism of him a crime as well. Hell, they’ve already resorted to calling people who questioned the 2020 election ELECTION DENIERS!, INSURRECTIONISTS!, FAR-RIGHT EXTREMISTS!, or even DOMESTIC TERRORISTS!

            • Well now I see he has stepped on Christians by making today (being Sunday, and Easter-a Trans Day. As though the 30 days of June for the LGBTQPIAXYZ people was not enough. He will come for the Christians first, because they are easy, low hanging fruit. Then, the election deniers, the EV-deniers and refusers, etc. Funny how Biden (Obama) is careful not to mock Muslims on their holy day. I just wonder where the breaking point is, as it is hard to imagine this nation surviving too many more years of this.

              • Hi Shadow,

                Any criticism of the Biden Thing declaring today Transgender Day of Visibility will probably be labeled criticism from CHRISTIAN NATIONALISTS! That seems to be among the many pejoratives used by the establishment against people who stand up against them, along with FAR-RIGHT, ANTI-VAXXERS, CONSPIRACY THEORIST, TRUMPER, PUTIN PUPPET, etc.

  10. After sanitation, vaccines and antibiotics are the three things which saved mankind from lots of misery, however, my kids have not had anywhere near that many vaccines, certainly no flu shots or other superfluous jabs, but I did vaccinate against the diseases with bad outcomes and traditional, time tested vaccines. However, because I’ve not stuck to the official schedule, I have a problem with pediatricians. Nobody wants to have mine as patients because they’re “unvaccinated”, and that means they will refuse to see them for any reason, never mind that I have vaccinated based on a schedule similar to that 1983 one in Eric’s screenshot.

    I got lectured by a doctor that I’m not giving my son the HPV vaccine and we got into an argument about the covid vaccine, because my son had gotten and recovered from covid before the vaccines were available, so I thought it was pointless, and mind you, I did study immunology as part of medical school before I switched careers.

    • OL-and others-if you are interested in a good read on the subject, one titled, “The Invisible Rainbow” is a good one. When I first started reading, I was a bit skeptical. I thought it was going to be some weird, environmental book. But no, the author goes into great detail how, after the advent of a new technology, how diseases followed. The author even mentions the Spanish Flu, and others. He mentions that clean water, better sanitation, and hand washing eliminated most diseases long before vaccines came around. After reading that book, I had to wonder what new diseases and ailments are coming around (will be/already here) with the advent of 5G and higher? It was a great read, and one of those books I will keep around, as it is always good for a re-read.

  11. Thank you, Eric, for writing this article! The healthiest kids I know were born at home and haven’t had any vaccines.

    • You bet, Gary!

      And – the same – as regards healthy (vs. not healthy) kids. Some of the not-healthy ones I know have multiple chronic conditions, such as serious allergies – which were extremely rare before all of this “vaccinating.”

  12. There’s a quiet revolution happening that we won’t see the effects of for another 20-30 years. In the California hills where I live I have literally dozens of friends who are married to the mother of their children, have 3 or 4 kids, homeschool and refuse vaccines. California has made school attendance impossible unless you take all the vaccines and in a way it’s forced even the normies to see what’s going on. More than half of the families near us with young children have done home births. As a millennial I think a shocking number of my peers have woken up and the millions of children who are NOT in gubmint propaganda schools as a result of the vaccine overreach will ironically create independent minded non compliant liberty minded adults who will radically change the world in 20-30 years. This is maybe the only thing I’m optimistic about these days besides knowing that Christ rose on the 3rd day!!!

    • Indeed, Tony!

      Unintended consequences can be beautiful things! I know a number of home-schoolers and the results are spectacular. I myself would never place a child in care of government anything. Off-the-radar birth. No Socialist Insecurity number. No “vaccines.” As things used to be. As things ought to be.

      • One unintended consequence of the public school shutdowns during the covid plandemic was that parents finally got to see what the public schools were teaching their children.
        From LGBTQXYZ grooming to teachers advising their children to keep their parents from observing their “instruction” many parents finally “got wise” to what was going on in the schools.
        This one unintended consequence of the covid plandemic probably did more to truly “educate” parents as to what was going on in their public schools and to encourage homeschooling.
        The state of Michigan is attempting to rein in and control homeschoolers by attempting to impose reporting requirements on parents. Not good…

  13. Merck manufactured for distribution the drug Vioxx back in 1999, it was marketed as an arthritis medication.

    Vioxx was prescribed to people 65 years and older, the drug increased the death rate in older Americans by 50,000 per year until Vioxx was removed from the market.

    Nobody went to jail, Merck is still in business. Stroke and heart failure resulted after Vioxx was administered to thousands. It wasn’t me!

    Healthcare pays big time when people are sick and dying.

    Death statistics do get noticed when increases occur. Sometimes, it is better to ignore them. Especially when you want people to die, which seems to be the case.

    Just think of the medical bills Gazans will be saddled with, they’ll have to sell their homes, land, everything. Send the medical bills to Bibi, money is no problem for Jews.

    Give them some of their own medicine.

    Get up in the morning, slaving for bread, sir
    So that every mouth can be fed
    Poor me Israelites, ah
    – Desmond Dekker and the Aces, The Israelites

      • Indeed. My father’s been on Lipitor for at least 20 years now and has been in steady mental decline since. It’s hard to pin on statin drugs, but dementia is listed as a possible side effect. Meanwhile he’s made 0 attempts to clean up his diet (mom’s idea of a healthy meal is “low fat” sugar and margarine smothering vegetables), pretending that his junk food stash doesn’t exist and that 20 minutes of jogging in place every day is getting a good workout in.

        But I’m not a medical doctor, I’m a college dropout. So who do I think I am, giving out advice?

        Anyone with a credential immediately is a better source than dozens of well footnoted books, web sites and your own eyes.

        • I know what they did to a couple of guys I knew. One of them lost most of his muscle mass (another ‘side effect’) and the other just lost everything from his mind to his body. Anyway, high cholesterol isn’t really linked to anything. It’s all theoretical.

        • Yes. Brain fog is common with taking statins. This is because cholesterol is absolutely vital to brain function. Cholesterol is mot bad for you. All of Big Pharma’s “studies” are absolute bullshit.

          • Agreed, ML and teacherspet. The Japanese have some of the highest cholesterol in the world, but live the longest. It is all in what you eat, not your cholesterol levels.

        • My MIL is on 8 drugs taken daily. She broke her hip at age 94, and the paramedic had a fit when he saw all the drugs she was on before loading her into the ambulance. She has been on this schedule for 12 years. I noticed her dementia set in just a few weeks after this schedule started. I just stay out of it because the 2 daughters are great believers in doctors. Not me.

  14. Problem is doctors and farmaceutical companies are guild that profits from big goverment regulation. You used to have local drug store and poeple would mix and mash medicines for you. You used to have barber surgeon a man who cut hair but had a steady arm enough to cut poeple after all thats all a surgeon is a glorified butcher.
    Many inovations were produced like this. Then doctor buirocrats lobbied the english king to ban barber surgeons and kill competition.
    Next independent pharmacist came on hit list. And now when you go to buy medicines a pharmacist is basically a glorified cashier. Only big coorproations are allowed to produce medicines. The whole medical institutions need a dose of free market.

    • Vitamins, minerals, and a huge variety of nutritional supplements are still available on a free market, with no prescription required. These, along with a healthy diet and exercise, are generally the best medicines of all. Of course, the government has threatened to regulate these supplements in the past and may try to do so again in the future.

      • Sure thats all good. Vitamins are also hard to ban because poeple vould distill them themselfs. But sometimes you need a doctor even if you eat right and exercise things happen. Stitches arm breaks etc. Manh poeples lifestyle is not healthy by design. In office by day at night he may exercises an hour but thats not really natural for humans.

      • Hi Martin,

        I am even a little leery regarding the supplements depending upon the manufacturer and what they are needed for and combined with. My father’s doctor recently told him he needed to start taking B12. My parents and I are at the point where I have to pay attention to what they are taking. They are in their 70s and their judgement is a wee bit cloudier. B12 is a vitamin that is not usually in short supply unless you are a vegan. I know the ridiculous amount of fish and eggs my parents eat so I questioned it. I was concerned about it increasing my father’s heart rate (which it can sometimes do).

        After me telling my parents (many times) that my father’s doctor is a quack my parents will still (sometimes) listen to this “genius” they go out and buy two big Costco bottles of B12. Of course, I tell them that he is not suffering from a B12 deficiency. He starts taking it and guess what, his heart rate increases. He starts feeling blah after feeling great for so many years. He comes off of it and starts feeling good again.

        I know I am not too far away from having to start attending their medical appointments. I swear some of these doctors haven’t opened a medical journal in years and yet they prescribe pills and supplements without thinking of their patient’s history is extremely dangerous.

        • Hi RG, you really have to read the labels, as the majority of our medications come from….China! I had read an article recently of all the prescription drugs, and the IV drugs hospitals will run short of because we stupidly thought it was a great idea to ship all our manufacturing over there. As there is no financial incentive to study vitamins (and herbs), patients are mostly on their own with figuring out what works. That can be dicey if one is taking a prescription medication. I think both vitamins and herbs, in conjunction with prescription medication, could be a great win for the patient. Unfortunately, it would mean Big Pharma would not get a lot of money, so no studies will ever be done. It makes me wonder what else was in that bottle of B-12, especially given that it came from Costco?

          • Hi Shadow,

            I agree with you regarding the amount of Chinese made pills and supplements. Recently, I read 90% of US medication is made in China and India. Those are pretty scary statistics if we were to go against China in the future. Imagine the illness and death that the USSA would suffer if people would unable to get their prescription medicines. It is truly frightening.

            I don’t know if anything were in the B12 supplements, but I could not understand why the doctor would prescribe them since my father’s red blood count was within normal stages. Usually that is the first sign that a body lacks B12. B12 isn’t known for being toxic, but it is a very easy vitamin to get if eating natural foods like animal fat. It is rarely necessary in supplement form unless someone is a vegan or vegetarian.

            I have noticed the other thing that docs seem to be pushing more and more (other than statins and blood pressure meds) is diabetes medicine. For decades diabetes was diagnosed with an A1C of 7.0 or higher. Today, the medical field has decreased this to 6.5 or higher. You are now “pre diabetic” with an A1C of 6.2. These are absolute garbage numbers, but I guess the more pills the Western Medical Complex can get their patients on the more likely they are to return again and again. They have also “revised down” the numbers for high blood pressure and cholesterol as well. They aren’t going to be happy until everybody is popping pills.

            • Aaah yes, I noticed that the medical establishment has also redefined what high blood pressure is. So now, if you are in the 130’s (top number) you are eligible for blood pressure medications. It used to be once you hit 140 or above, that you were considered borderline hypertensive. What is really a crime, is that it only takes a couple of bucks to make insulin, and yet Big Pharma charges several hundred dollars to the patient, knowing the patient cannot go without it. It reminds me of the one lady (Joe Manchin’s daughter) who, after acquiring the drug company “Mylan”, promptly jacked up the price of an Epi Pen from $50 dollars to $500 and up. To be someone not popping a lot of prescription pills is the rarity these days. The saying “follow the money” has never been more true than it is today.

        • Hi RG,

          Even supplements that are generally beneficial can have some undesirable side effects. I had not heard about B12 possibly increasing blood pressure. I do know that B12 deficiency can cause symptoms of dementia, and that as people get older, they may have a harder time absorbing B12, causing these symptoms to occur. Also, according to my doctor, who is an expert in the area of life extension, B12 is very good for lowering homocysteine levels.

          There are many vitamins and minerals that are almost impossible to get an optimal dose through diet alone. For example, optimal vitamin D levels are almost impossible to achieve except with either supplementation or by foods like cod liver oil, which most people will not eat. Optimal levels of EPA/DHA are very difficult to achieve without fish oil supplementation.
          Supplementation seems like a good idea for these areas.

          I get most of my supplements from Fullscript. I also get a few additional supplements through the Life Extension Foundation. I believe that these are very reputable sources. My doctor, who takes many vitamins and nutritional supplements himself, gets most of his supply from Fullscript. So he practices what he preaches.

  15. ‘autism and the myriad other chronic illnesses and debilities that now commonly afflict children’ — eric

    A niece of mine, born about 20 years ago, is autistic. She is intelligent enough when it comes to facts and skills — graduated high school; played in the band. But her emotional intelligence is near zero. She can’t read faces or other peoples’ feelings. She has no clue why people would want to be friends, or fall in love. It is unclear whether she will be able to live independently as an adult.

    Is she a vaccine victim? Probably. I hesitate the raise the subject with her mom (my sister), fearing that she would think I was subtly casting blame, or insinuating that things could have been different ‘if only …’

    A child with autism changes everything for the family involved. The depraved disinterest of so-called public health professionals in investigating the probable vaccine link to autism is more than scandalous — it’s a crime against humanity. They have earned our permanent distrust and disdain. Their title ‘Dr’ is only to appear within scare quotes, according to my style guide. Thank you for your compliance.

    • Hi Jim,

      My children’s pediatrician tried diagnosing my son with it at the age of 6. I grabbed his hand and walked out and never went back. Personally, I wouldn’t bring it up to your sister. We know our children are not what is deemed “normal” by society. We also know why. I kick myself everyday for the decisions I made as a young parent. We don’t know what we don’t. Monday morning quarterbacking is easy after the fact.

      I don’t view it as a struggle as I do a cruel sadness. It is heartbreaking to know your child won’t be able to do the day to day things like attending college, living independently, getting married, and having children that are considered rites of passage in life. They don’t understand the ability to love another or connect with someone on an intimate level. Things that many of us take for granted.

      That the pharmaceutical companies and medical complexes refuse to perform the necessary studies showcase their guilt. Why would you not take the time and resources to determine the cause of why 1 of 36 children are diagnosed with autism today? The only judgement that can be determined is they are evil and this was planned.

  16. Its crazy that in this age of easily accessible information, parents still offer up their kids to this kind of medical experimentation. Kudos to the young parents who stand against this medical tyranny. We oldsters should lend them a hand wherever we can.

  17. We may be graced with grandkids in the next few years, so we are trying to educate our kids about this. Anyone know if there are different states that give or don’t give parents opt-out protection?

    • ChrisIN,
      I am not aware of any safe Haven’s, but years ago while living in Ft McCoy FL, deep in the Ocala National Forest I knew of a family just down the road a few miles in a placed called Hog Valley that raised all their children with no vaxes or social security numbers. All home births/home schooled with no outside involvement. That family understood what was going on with society and this was back in the 1980’s. If I was ever to raise a family that is was what I planned to do. No way is my beautiful newborn baby getting injected by these evil bastard’s.

      I think it is really awesome of Eric to take up this subject.

  18. Eric,

    Thank you for writing this piece on vaccines. We need more people aware of this vaccine mania that Big Pharma has been involved in for DECADES. Many moms who have children that suffered an injury or death after vaccination have been sounding the alarm for years but were invariably mocked as QUACKS or ANTI-VAXXERS (which, believe it or not, was a term concocted by Big Pharma). After COVID and the MASSIVE vaccination push, they’re not mocked anymore.

    Perhaps, if you get a chance and do some research, you could one day write a piece on Big Food as well and the stuff in food Americans have been eating for decades that was said to be “Safe for human consumption” but really isn’t, as even a lot of the food we get in the local grocery store has stuff in it that has likely contributed to the health problems of many Americans. From “doing my own research” (a pejorative used by the establishment against people who questioned the government’s COVID and COVID jab narratives) the past few years it increasingly appears that Americans have slowly been poisoned over the years not just by vaccines and drugs that don’t actually cure ailments, but also by food that is contaminated by or contains toxins and poisons such as glyphosate, high fructose corn syrup, etc. Stuff that is BANNED in other countries but nonetheless labeled “Safe and Effective!” in the U.S.

  19. Such a pity RFK jr is a left wing moonbat. He’s been at the leading edge of educating Americans about the dangers of vaccines in general and the clot shot in particular.

      • Hi Mike,

        I was torn between Trump and RFK Jr myself. RFK Jr has been dropping a lot of truth bombs about various things that Trump & Biden will NEVER touch, such as corporate capture of regulatory agencies (which became painfully obvious during COVID) and the COVID crap that we’ve been forced to endure for far longer than “15 days”. Kennedy even wrote a book in 2021 exposing just how much of a crook Tony Fauci really is. And probably my biggest issue with Trump was his continued bragging about his “beautiful vaccines”, which could cause him to lose support among people who might otherwise vote for him, particularly if they got vaxxed but suffered some injury such as myocarditis.

        After RFK Jr’s pick of someone I’ve never heard of before to be his running mate, I’m leaning toward Trump. If Trump becomes President again, he could nominate RFK Jr as the head of one of the public health agencies in the government, as they’re in SERIOUS need of reform if not outright abolishment.

        • ” If Trump becomes President again, he could nominate RFK Jr as the head of one of the public health agencies “.

          Yes, he had said that he would do that while campaigning for ’16. How’d that work out?

          I’m very disappointed to see so many Libertarians here drinking the Trump (or any other politician’s) Kool-Aid.

          • Hi Arthur!

            I know we’ve gone over this before, but I think it’s worth going over again. Voting for Trump as a defensive measure is not immoral. And does not in any way negate one’s principles. Principles are only operative when one is not under duress. I am under no moral obligation to fight fair against a mugger, for instance. I can smile and act submissive, do what I can to get him to lower his guard and then attack ferociously, without any compunction about “the rules.” We are in essentially the same position. The “mugger”being the government. If I can vote to avoid or lessen the “mugging” then I will do so.

            Orange Man’s election in 2016 has saved me from having to pay the god-damned government around $2k a year for not paying the health insurance mafia. I will vote for that (as opposed to him) again, this time.

            • Good ruck Eric. In my 75 years I have seen no change worth speaking about after the selection. Maybe this time the Einstein theory won’t hold. We’ll see, said the blind man.

            • Hi Eric,
              I didn’t mean to imply that voting is a violation of anyone’s principles. I am saying that I think people are naive if they think there is any difference between the candidates, other than the words they speak. Or for that matter, to believe anything that liars say. Trump had four years to do what he said, and he did virtually nothing, except give us Fauci & Company, and a “fast-tracked” clot shot.

              So he gave us one thing we can hang our hats on: Relief from Mulattocare mandate. I’d say that that was in the cards anyway, seeing as how the Bidet Thing didn’t cancel that executive order, like he did to so many others.

              It’s not going to matter whether you vote or not, so why participate and play along with their circus?

              • Morning, Arthur!

                You ask, “It’s not going to matter whether you vote or not, so why participate and play along with their circus?”

                Because it may matter some – and that (as bad as it is) is better than none. Were I in prison and offered the chance to “vote” to have a cell to myself rather than be forced to share one with some cretin, I’d vote for that, too.

                Things were objectively better under Orange Man. Far from perfect. But better. So I’ll vote for that again, too. Yes, I acknowledged the last year of his presidency was a disaster. But would it have been any better had Hillary been (per Nixon) the one? I doubt it. And it seems plausible to me that the whole operation was intended to stomp not just Trump but the resurgent opposition to globalist technocracy that he (inadvertently or deliberately) brought into the open.

                I will vote for him now chiefly because of the ferocity of the opposition to him. For hate’s sake – as per Khan. Might as well go down with guns blazing.

          • Hi Arthur,

            IIRC, I saw somewhere that back in 2016 Trump vowed to have RFK Jr look at vaccine safety if he became President, but for whatever reason he never did. That being said, to paraphrase a recent column by James Howard Kuntsler, this upcoming election is one between the sane and the insane, and right now, we have INSANE people running the country via Joe Biden, from Climate change zealots to Technocrats to Neocons hell bent on starting WWIII.

            • Hi John B.
              Trump has already shown his true colors.
              Instead of working with RFK, he did the EXACT opposite, and gave the pharmaceutical companies the biggest pay-day they’ve ever had.

              Trump was given an award as being “The best friend Israel ever had”. Seeing that is so, he is just as likely as the other assylum (p)resident to cause WWIII.

              Instead of getting us out of NATO, as he had indicated, he instead prepped the current administration for the Yoo-Kraine thing by signing the biggest military budget in history.

              I could go on (and on ) but you get the idea.

              What makes you think that Narcissistic Donald is any saner than the current (p)resident, other than the fact that he plays to a conservative audience?

              My gosh! Just look at how he staffed his cabinet the first time around! Neocons, RINOS and warmongers.

              Don’t you get it? They are all working for the same people (and those people are not you and I and the American public), and all taking their orders from the same tribe.

              Just look at who he pardoned (Philip Esformes; Rod Blagojevich, etc.) and who he persecuted (Julian Assange, etc.).

              Did we forget that he was on The Lolita Express sipping drinks with the Clintons? The all-gay fundraiser at Mar-a-lago?

              Geez, Come on. What you say is something I’d expect from the typical person whose only source of info is the MSM, and who believes in the puppet show. Clearly, by reason of the fact that you are here on this site, I’d assume that you see through that pablum.

              • As much as I would like to believe is all that and a bag of chips, it was Trump that gave us the COVID shot, and has since doubled down on how great it is, even after the evidence to the contrary. Trump is the one that quipped, “take the guns, due process later” (WTF??). He was the one who gave us the bump stock ban. About the only thing I can credit Trump for, is cheaper gasoline and heating fuel prices, and not being the one that was in Office when inflation started rising.

              • Hi Arthur,

                I haven’t watched MSM for a loooooooooooooong time. That being said, I’m not someone who views Trump as some savior like others do. Trump is a flawed human being like everyone else. I have had my own issues with Orange Man, among them his administration’s COVID response, hiring Swamp creatures for certain cabinet positions, and his continued bragging about the COVID jabs. But would a President Hillary Clinton have been any better? I doubt it. One thing Trump did do though (whether intentionally or not) was expose just how rotten the federal government really is. That may or not have happened with another President Clinton. On the other hand, given that the DC Blob had such an intense hatred for Trump once he became President, they may not have cared that they were exposed as corrupt. At this point in 2024, it appears that our options are going to be Trump v Biden, and given that the Biden regime increasingly views traditional AMERICANS as the enemy, and RFK Jr picked Nicole Shanahan to be his running mate, I’m leaning toward Trump.

                • Even if Trump was our saviour, the way the Republicans are leaving Congress may very well mean that even if Trump gets into Office, we may end up with a Democrat controlled Congress, who may simply impeach him. Or, Trump will never get anything done. Or, the Demon-Rats will simply not certify the election results.

  20. One program that has been reporting on vaccines, Big Pharma, COVID, and other issues involving health for going on 7 years now is The Highwire. I’ve never heard of it until 2020, but after I started watching it in the middle of COVID, I’ve learned things from watching that program that one would NEVER have learned from watching corporate media such as CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, and even Fox News. Why, if it hadn’t been for The Highwire, plus my own bout with what I think was the dreaded ‘Rona and subsequent recovery from it, I might have fallen for the heavy propaganda involving COVID and the experimental mRNA jabs. And for the outstanding reporting from that program the past few years (as well as getting COVID RIGHT), The Highwire was deplatformed from YouTube and Facebook for “Spreading misinformation”.

    Well it seems to me that COVID and governments’ reaction to it woke up a LOT of people into questioning EVERYTHING they’ve been told by government and media about not just vaccines but war, food, face diapers, etc.

    • I have to, as well, John. Del BigTree’s, ICAN network has also worked (through his donations) to force the FDA and CDC to release the COVID-19 vaccine documents (had to take them to court) to release the documents concerning the jab, that Big Pharma wanted to keep hidden for some 79 years or so. I am not sure how legit Bigtree is on other stuff, but, like RFK Junior, at least where vaccines are concerned, he sounds spot-on, and I have learned a lot. Probably more than I wanted.

    • How many freaking “unvaccinated” people are there for measles?


      There can’t be that many. Everyone has gotten the shot for that for decades, and before that everyone got the measles (which probably gives you better immunity anyway but that’s a different discussion).

      And isn’t the concept of “herd immunity” supposed to be that if almost everyone is immune, they protect the few who aren’t because the disease can’t get a foothold?

      So either the vaccine doesn’t work, or herd immunity isn’t a thing, or both.

    • Hi John/Publius,
      The freak out every time a case of measles shows up really cracks me up, it’s not like it’s Ebola or something deadly, just an excuse to keep screaming about “the unvaccinated!” I had measles, mumps, chickenpox, etc. back when I was a kid, as did all the other kids back then. No big deal.
      What IS worth worrying about is what diseases are all the migrants bringing with them to the USSA from their sh*thole countries. I just read that dengue fever is rampant in South America, coming soon to a city near you compliments of the Biden Thing and his open border policies.

      • Hi Mike,

        Another thing to worry about is this “Disease X” that the globalist elite keep telling us is coming, in addition to viruses that are man-made through gain of function research, something which itself should be banned.

  21. Vaccines are just a cult religion…..trump believes in it, so do 90% of the public, big pharma knows it, that made it easy to pull off the mild flu relabeled as the deathly bat germ hoax………..

    being called an anti-vaxxer is a political/religious thing, best to be avoided. maybe trump sensed that….

    Why would you get something injected into your veins that has zero science behind it….getting injected with it just because a religious fanatic says it is safe and effective?

    Vaccines are not backed by science, there is zero science behind them, they are based only by belief, so it is a religion only….fake science…

    ATTENTION: if a vaccine is safe and effective and has been through double blind peer reviewed studies, most people would be ok with it.

    NOTE: this has never ever happened yet in history for any vaccine ever.

    until this happens the people who believe in vaccine religion can inject themselves, for the others wait for scientific approval, not fake science.

    However, in spite of the widespread notion that vaccines are largely safe and serious adverse complications are extremely rare, a close scrutiny of the scientific literature does not support this view

    note: For example, to date the clinical trials that could adequately address vaccine safety issues have not been conducted (i.e., comparing health outcomes in vaccinated versus non-vaccinated children).

    The lack of such controlled trials may be because historically, vaccinations have been assumed safe . read again….assumed safe.

    There is also a view that conducting such trials would be extraordinarily difficult or unethical; the first is simply not correct, the second is not a scientific issue per se.

    It is also often assumed that vaccinations face a tougher safety standard than most pharmaceutical products. However, according to the U.S. FDA,

    “Historically, the non-clinical safety assessment for preventive vaccinations has often not included toxicity studies in animal models. This is because vaccinations have not been viewed as inherently toxic” .

    This is a startling admission from an Agency which according to its own mission statement is ”responsible for protecting the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs”.

    Essentially, what the FDA workshop revealed is that not only are vaccinations not adequately evaluated for toxicity but also,

    that the reason for such an oversight rested on a belief rather than scientific evidence. Science is not a religion in which dogmatic statements of faith can replace adequately powered, controlled, longitudinal vaccine safety studies in animals and people.

    Furthermore, such assumptions of safety, in the absence of actual experimental data, are not only dangerous but have historically hampered serious scrutiny of potential vaccine harms.

    another reason not to trust blindly any company currently producing vaccinations in the United States. Each one of the four vaccine producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”

    “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

    why would you inject yourself with something from these monsters?

    Science is not a religion in which dogmatic statements of faith can replace adequately powered, controlled, longitudinal vaccine safety studies in animals and people…
    so if you believe, go ahead get injected…for others show scientific proof

    vaccines are not backed by science only by belief, so it is a religion only….fake science…

  22. Poor babies…..

    If you don’t get aborted on the way here….when you get here you are mandated 72 injections…then if your are a male…. you get circumcised…mutilated the 1st day here….the mark of the slave…then you are issued your slave number…birth certificate…which is traded like a stock..(a slave)….the slave market is alive and well….

    This is the mark of the slave…the slave owners in Egypt 6000 years ago circumcised the slaves, it was the mark of a slave….nothing has changed….today it is the same…

    when you start work, the slave owners take over half your money through many taxes…a tax slave…then they try to trick you into debt…a debt slave….

    Then when you drive down the street….if you break one of their revenue designed so called laws….they take more money in fines…more tax….

    This makes sense….the nobility slave owner gang, running prison planet today, have the same royal bloodlines, going right back to the Pharaohs…they are the same gang…like an evil curse….

    The ancient Pharaohs were brutal slave owners and were satanists….they thought they were gods…same as the slave owner nobilty rulers today…’s monarchy…

    The slave owner nobility have their obelisks all over the world today…it is the mark of the Pharaoh’s power…these obelisks are usually outside government offices…the slave owner gang’s power centers….hidden in plain view…..

    The obelisk is a phallic symbol…the top is tapered…showing the circumcision of the slave…

  23. That’s a disgusting list of cocktails. My biggest regret was not fighting these shots from the beginning. One of my children has their shots up to 5, the other up to 2. In 2012, I got all the three of us the flu shot. It was our sickest year ever. Never again. During that time I started researching the ingredients that go into these vaccines. We haven’t had a shot since. The link to autism is pretty easy to hypothesize…which shot came out around that time. Note: It is one they haven’t tested for a link.

    • Do not beat yourself over the head, Raider Girl. You are not the same mother you were back then. You have since learned more, and understand more than you did then. I was mostly okay with vaccines until I was forced to take a flu shot for work, got sicker than a dog for a week, and my arm hurt for a month. When I researched the ingredients, I was shocked! Never again, after that. I was not anti-vax, and took mostly a middle-of-the-road view point. But how in the hell dog kidney cells, and aborted fetal cells were supposed to help me with the flu was beyond my scope of reasoning. Like you, I have not had a shot since, and fought my way through the COVID years to keep my job while not be jabbed. It meant wearing a face diaper (from China, of all places), but thought that was a small price to pay to stay un-jabbed. Do not be too hard on yourself.

  24. This is a serious issue that will likely never be officially investigated. Too much money at stake.

    Are we poisoning our kids with unsafe, unnecessary medicines? There should be a definitive answer to this before proceeding. What ever happened to “DO NO HARM”?

    How did humanity ever make it this far without 72 shots? Luck? Or were these interventions not needed for most people?

    There are diseases I would rather not have, but what are the chances I will get most of them anyway? Or that they are that dangerous if I did?

    Why are we giving newborns hep shots? Who is getting meningitis? Dengue?
    And why in the name of god is covid a recommended vaccine for kids?

  25. As a newcomer to the elderly club, I do not understand why it seems okay with folks the ‘vulnerable’ take these killer shots when they know the shots cause all kinds of diseases and death in healthy younger people.

    What do they think the shots will do to older folks with degraded immune systems! A twofer… 1- They killed hundreds of thousands, ( millions? ),older folks trapped in nursing homes with the fake covid kill shot. 2- A sure fire method of shoring up Social Security. Not one of these murderers are occupying a cell. Not one even charged.

    Incredible… I drink raw milk which armed gov goon squads will harass, fine and/or imprison sellers yet gov has no problem with shooting poisons directly into the bloodstream. Especially helpless babies that survived the abortion womb killers. Yes,,, yet another procedure classified by folks as medical.

    The problem is pasteurized milk,,, not raw milk causing lactose intolerance and other digestive/allergy problems.

    Gov brainwashing prisons,,, aka schools,,, require these slow kill shots which I imagine get a cut of the profits. Money,,,money,,, monnnney,,, money is the bottom line of any gov operation. People use the kiddie prisons as a baby sitting service so they can work paying their ‘fair share’ to gov/IRS. Moar money!

    And folks that think gov is not involved in illegal drug trafficking should wonder why gov made them illegal in the first place. 1- to jack up prices. 2- to eliminate competition by arresting the competing ‘pushers’.

    And all for the health and welfare of the citizens it loves and protects. Now, take a wild guess as to why the borders,,, north and south,,, are wide open. How about upcoming wars?

    Money! Pink Floyd….

  26. Meanwhile there’s measles outbreaks all over the country… from unvaccinated people!

    No, not those “Newcomers” that are getting through the boarders like a virus through a face diaper. No, not them! It’s all you (implied white, Christian, Cracker Barrel) moms who “Googled for five minutes” and started asking their Heath Care Professional™ questions about efficacy and side effects.

    From Fox News via MSN…
    “From January 1 to March 14, 2024, CDC has been notified of 58! confirmed U.S. cases of measles across 17! jurisdictions, including seven outbreaks in seven jurisdictions compared to 58 total cases and four outbreaks reported the entire year in 2023,” it said Monday.

    (emboldened added for emphasis of how overblown the hype is)

    My guess is the kid gets sick after sitting next to the sick kid on the bus, mom panics and sends little Jannie to the emergency room or whatever, and because the insurance company requires all that paperwork and reporting the CDC gets wind of it and makes a heat map to help out marketing efforts.

    • BTW, here’s the link to the “heat map” from the CDC.

      California has 96.5% of the school age crumb crunchers vaccinated with the MMR vaccine. Yet they’re having an “outbreak” of reported cases!

      Nothing odd about that.

      Can’t get raw numbers, for some (I’m certain just coincidental reasons) there’s just the map with “cases reported” or “no cases reported.” So 1 or 10,000 cases show up for the entire state, or zero. Nice map, idiots.

  27. The Agenda must be fulfilled. mRNA Control needed to be eliminated in order to usher in a new generation of “vaccines” while shortcutting 20 years of testing procedure.

    Moderna is already rushing an mRNA RSV jab along with others.

  28. Thank GOD I was born in the 60’s. I had no idea of the extensive vaccination shots imposed on newborns today. No wonder a lot of them are screwed up today. Anyway, Merk has a manufacturing facility close by and they have been expanding and hiring like gangbusters. The over drugging of the population explains why. It was also called the “Stonewall” campus (in honor of a famous general in Virginia) up until a few years ago. That is until some butt hurt cry babies screamed “racist” and like the monuments, the name had to go.

  29. Eric,

    All I can tell you is this: children take MORE shots than we did in the US Navy! In Navy boot camp, we took a lot of shots. We took so many that we spent about a week’s worth of days (not all at once but a day or two spread out here and there) getting shots. We took so many that they set up an assembly line. We’d go to one station, get a shot; go to the next for another one; and so on. Now, kids get MORE than what we had to take!

    I remember feeling a bit off after a couple of days when we got our shots. Keep in mind that this was just post high school for me; I’d been on the swim team and had bicycled to work, so I was in the best shape of my life. Also, this was the summer of 1980, years before vaccines had liability protection; vax makers could still be sued in those days, so the product was less dangerous.

    It made sense though, as the US Navy was and is an organization that operates worldwide; within days, Naval personnel could find themselves literally on the other side of the world. That meant we could be exposed to diseases and viruses that we never had here in the US. What I can’t get is the necessity to inject children with more vaccines than we in the US Navy had to take. It made sense for us; it doesn’t make sense for the kids.

    Unless it’s a way to enrich Big Pharma. Then, the vax schedule makes TOTAL SENSE! Big Pharma can’t let us be cured, as their income stream dries up if we are. You can see that in this CNBC article where Goldman Sachs got after Gilead Sciences for curing Hep-C:

    • Marky,
      I remember that. Don’t even have a clue what half of those shots were.

      At the time, I believed vaccines were all tested and safe. I no longer believe that, and would probably get kicked out for refusing.

      • I don’t remember most of them, either. I just remember the assembly line they ran us through, as there were so many we had to take. I also remember feeling a bit off after one of those shot sessions.

        I was in Boot camp from August of 1980 to October of 1980. That was years before vaccine makers were indemnified; the first law exempting them from liability was passed in 1985. So yeah, I think that they were all tested and safe; they had to be, as they weren’t indemnified back when I took them.

        I no longer believe that they’re safe, either.

  30. Excellent piece, Eric. The parallel track of the increase in pediatric jabs and autism is stark. However, those pushing the chemicals vehemently deny any possible causation.

    It is, however, what made the scales fall from the eyes of RFK, Jr. As an environmental lawyer he was going after mercury as a pollutant. Mercury is the same element that is used as a preservative in most of these shots. We can thank the hectoring of a few Moms that wouldn’t quit badgering him for bringing him to the national stage.

    The chemical compounds that these companies crank out are completely UN-natural and as such can have some pretty nasty side effects. Just note the small print and fast talk in their advertising. There are several naturally occurring plants that can do much the same thing but, these are banned and those that grow, posses or sell these plants are hunted down and thrown in cages…if not shot on sight.

    Think about it.

    Marijuana, cocoa and poppy are the big three. Throw in a mushroom or two and a cactus and you have yourself a Drug War. It’s a war on what people can do on their own for little or no investment of cash. It must be stopped. Remember the line from the movie about Watergate, “Follow the money”.

    As a side note consider Virginia’s move to re-legalize pot. The politicians and bureaucrats can’t seem to figure out how to allow people access to this weed that can grow just about anywhere. BUT, if they want to make something IL-legal you got about five minutes before they come after you with guns.

    GovCo, the living embodiment of violence and ineptitude.

    • There’s a good bit of protection for children from vaginal birth too. But that’s not easy to schedule. So it has to go in favor of going under the knife and out the side.

      “Your birth is scheduled between 10:00am and Noon, The system will text you 10 minutes before your appointment so make sure you respond to that text or your child’s birthday will need to be rescheduled.”

      Undertakers are jealous. They can only dream of that kind of reliable productivity.

      “Your embalming is scheduled for Sunday May 15th, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. Please be on time as we’re completely booked out for the rest of the month.”

      • >But that’s not easy to schedule
        In the Bad Old Days, pre WWII, women did not necessarily go to a hospital to give birth. They routinely gave birth at home, with a midwife in attendance, but no physician. Male children were not routinely circumcised, either (excepting Jews).

        How many women died in childbirth in those days? I do not know. I do know that risk of death in childbirth was used to frighten women into going to hospital to give birth under supervision of an obstetrician, “just in case.”

        • How difficult would it be to come up with a mobile delivery room? Modify an ambulance with all the basics of a delivery room. Rent out incubators and have them on standby if the physician thinks they’ll need one. When the time gets near, let the mobile unit know your address. They can get there right away and have their staff ready to go. Oh, maybe there’d be two calls concurrently, but that can be figured out too.

          Then when the call comes in, park it in the driveway and bring in mom. Sure, the thing will probably require an internal combustion engine, but much less stress and avoiding the exposure of the super-bug infested hospital, along with recovery in your own home -which your insurance will demand anyway- has got to be healthier for everyone.

    • RFK, Jr. is vaccine injured…have you heard him talk?….he figured it out when he started suing big pharma and started reading and researching….he used to get injected without a second thought…not anymore…..

      but he is careful….he says….

      being called an anti-vaxxer is a political/religious thing, best to be avoided….he doesn’t want that label….

      ATTENTION: if a vaccine is safe and effective and has been through double blind peer reviewed studies, most people would be ok with it… not anti vaxxer…just want scientific proof first…there is zero right now….

      but they haven’t and never will…probably….

      belief in fake science will get you killed….


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