The Whirlwind . . .

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British Air Marshall Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris – who commanded the Royal Air Forces’ Bomber Command during the 1940s – was criticized for his tactics, which included the “area bombing” of German cities, including (most infamously) Dresden, which wasn’t a military target, per se. Tens of thousands of people died in these raids, the bulk of them civilians. Women and children. Old people.

Just ordinary people.

When asked about this later, Harris was unapologetic. He reportedly said that the Germans sowed the wind – and reaped the whirlwind.

Something similar, if on a smaller scale, may have just happened at the minivan plant in Windsor, Ontario – where the Chrysler Pacifica minivan is assembled. Someone – apparently, an ordinary worker – placed a bomb within that subsequently detonated.

No one was harmed.

But someone was angry enough to make the attempt.

Perhaps because that person had been threatened with harm.

Stellantis – the automotive combine which owns the Chrysler brand as well as the Dodge/Jeep/Ram brands (among other brands) has decreed that employees must roll up their sleeves in order to be allowed to continue working.

Ford recently did the same.

Many workers object to being forced to take drugs, on principle. If an employer can require an employee to take this drug, what is to prevent the employer from requiring that employees take other drugs?

There is also the understandable worry that whatever’s in those needles will cause them harm.

It is a reasonable fear – given that others have already been harmed. This is indisputable. The numbers and percentages can be argued about. What is inarguable is that people have been harmed. People who were healthy are now sick.

Some of them are dead.

Do you like playing Russian Roulette? How about being forced to play it, Deer Hunter-style?

Does it matter whether there is just one bullet in the chamber? Would you play – willingly – if you could pick from a table of revolvers, knowing only one of them had a round chambered?

To ask is to answer.

There is also the compounding problem that any harms caused are the sole and exclusive problem of the employee. If the drugs being pushed result in myocarditis or pericarditis or potentially lethal blood clotting, miscarriages, fertility problems, Bell’s Palsy – anything at all – the full weight and cost will be born by the harmed employee. Neither the drug manufacturers nor the corporations pushing the drugs are in any way obligated, legally, to make restitution.

It’s all on you, chump.

It ought not to be a surprise, accordingly, that people placed in this position are getting hot under the color. Hot enough, in the Windsor case, to do something more than just quit.

That’s the “choice” offered up by the drug pushers: Surrender your judgment. Surrender your body. Assume all risks, just because we say. Take known-to-be-dangerous drugs that could cost you your life.

Or accept the cost of the loss of your job. Which could cost your home, your ability to provide for yourself and your family.

This is dangerous. Far more so than a “virus” which has a 99.8-something percent recovery rate for most people. 

People backed into a corner often fight back – because there is no longer the option to retreat. People backed into a corner by bullies who’ve tormented them will sometimes fight like lions – the pent up fury exploding in all directions.

Is this what reasonable people of goodwill and good faith want to happen? 

The worker who placed the bomb within the Windsor plant was probably just an ordinary man – it was almost certainly a man, as men tend to fight with more than just words when they feel their backs are up against a wall – who decided to do something.

That is to say, do something back.  

Accepting the loss of his job as the price of his life wasn’t it.

This isn’t to justify what he did. Rather, to understand it – ideally, before things get out of hand.

What else was this man supposed to do – from his point of view? Just take it? Come home to his family and inform them that with winter coming, they might soon be living in the streets? Keeping in mind that it’s not just the Windsor plant that is pushing drugs. A worker who is out of work because he would not be pushed to take the drugs – and the risks – here faces serial unemployment there.

Everywhere – if this continues to metastasize – because most employers are becoming drug pushers, having been pushed by the government to push them (although many have taken the initiative to do so without even being threatened by the government to do so).

Aside: It’s interesting to reflect upon the fact that most non-government/non-corporate “drug pushers” don’t actually push drugs. They offer them. There are few – are there any? – cases of such drug sellers forcing others to take their drugs. Only the government – and corporations – do that.

If this pushing isn’t pushed back, it may well become impossible to find work if you refuse to accept the risks.

This will cause good people to do bad things. They are not bad people. They are people being . . . pushed.

One man just pushed back, in the only way he thought might register with the entity he regards – with cause – as having started it.

Sow the wind. Reap the whirlwind.

Who wants this?

Apparently, people who don’t care about the firestorm they’re playing with. People who may think they’ll profit from it.

They may just get burned, very badly, as a result of it.

. . .

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  1. Whatever the official story from the MSM is. I’ll assert right now is false. Either intentionally or accidentally. Great opportunity to blame some extremist who just wanted their freedoms on blasting up a factory somewhere. MSM are prostitutes, liars and paid actors of the state.

    • Hi Sicilian,

      It may well be so; I think the point however is that such things are inevitable – and real. It is going to happen. People are being pushed, hard. Some are going to push back.

      • Absolutely Eric. I think we’ll be seeing more people snap after being kicked, muzzled, and harassed for what? An overblown scam going on two years now?

  2. Resistance? Where have we seen it in our pulpits or ‘patriots’ since the Republicans’ NDAA gutted our Bill of Rights? We know that for 10 years since there’s been no fight in our dog. Big Bark. No Bite.

    We know that economic collapse is baked in the cake. It will bring a collapse of the dollar and collapse of civility in our cities (including DC). This will be the end of the United States. It will also provide opportunity for Liberty in some of these united States.

    Building your tribe, communications and self-reliance are no-brainers. Move if you have to. But don’t put this off waiting for resistance. Chaos will find you.

  3. This type of activity is easily spun into “See? Those ‘anti-vaxxers’ are crazies!”. Of course I can see the desire for “pay-back”, and little expresses one’s anger as well as explosives, but a little mad bombing generally has the opposite effect one might hope.

    A much better idea truly is to simply find another job. There are employers, such as mine, who have sworn not force the jab on their employees, and are still desperate for workers. Such employers should have a full and thriving work force, while their jab-mandating competition should be hurting and anemic.

    THAT’s how you get back at them. Too much of this mad-bomber nonsense, and even those who would normally be sympathetic, will view us quite reasonable and otherwise heroic anti-mandate crusaders with suspicion.

    Also, this is Day 11 of my Kung Flu experience. I think I’ll call it here. I just ran with my dog about 1.5+ miles, and though I have some coughs here and there, and my sense of smell isn’t quite yet back to normal, I think any active infection I’ve had is long gone.

    I get to return to work tomorrow. Yay.

    • I seem to recall a story from about 1 – 1 1/2 years ago where the local jurisdiction put in place a “snitch line” to report scofflaws ignoring lockdown decrees. Somebody, apparently, uncovered the information as to just who the snitches were and published the information online. For a while thereafter, all those Karens were whistling past the graveyard. If someone at this plant wanted to send a message, perhaps they would have done better by doxxing the CEO, Plant Manager, or VP of HR and including their family members along with addresses for all. The implied message there would certainly chill their zeal for mandating the job or jab crap.

      • Wouldn’t doubt if it were some government actor…so they could blame it on ‘the anti-vaxxers’- because when you see the mainstream media postulating that it might be such, right off the bat…time to smell a rat. Why would they postulate that, of all things, when it could be 100 other things? Oh…because it suits the media’s/big government’s ‘domestic terror’ and anti ‘anti-vaxxer’ agenda…… It’s a little too convenient….’specially in Canada, where they have already ceded all of their basic rights long ago without so much as a peep.

        • I’d have to say this was the real deal. No victims, just property damage like the killdozer incident. When the syndicate blows shit up they always target people to get the pearl clutchers worked up like the OKC daycare to demonize militias or 9ll to justify the war on the sandpeople.

          • I have noticed that trend too. The people acting out with real grievances against the system seem to make considerable effort to not hurt people or only very specific individuals. The mass killings are either obvious lone nuts or false flags or a combination there of.

          • I’d say it was likely real too- but no one as of yet knows the motive for it- so the fact that the media is spinning into something they can associate with the sane……

            Although….while what you say most certainly holds true for the US (There’d be victims if it were a set-up/psy-op/false-flag)…such may not apply to Canada- whose government is just as evil as our own…is not quite as experienced at these things. But I do tend to believe that it was real/organic, and is just being spun……

  4. Kicking a man and his family to the curb in Ontario is a death sentence. Execution by exposure. The rust belt has a long history of collectivism and a “work is life” attitude because it may as well be Siberia. Fail to tow the line and work yourself to death grants quick exile to the frozen wasteland. No wonder alcoholism reigns supreme above 40N. I hope this man damaged some expensive equipment that’ll keep stallantis from selling some crapcans at inflated prices.

    • TOE the line. Not sure what towing a line does unless you’re in an airplane with a banner. Toe the line is a way of showing obedience and discipline in a military (brainwashing/boot camp) setting where the victims are to line up at attention in a perfect line. Sorry buddy but it had to be said.

  5. Chrysler products are bombs already!

    Holy crud- when they can even make Canadians mad and spur them to actual action…that is quite a feat!

  6. I just wish they would pick the right target. If someone is going to go to the trouble of making and placing a bomb, the least they could do is make it count.

    • Hey, the dude is Canadian…. I’m shocked that it was anything more than an empty Molson bottle left to roll around behind one of the interior panels (“That’ll show ’em, eh?”) or some dog-doo in the vents. But I certainly agree with you. In fact, is there even any proof that this incident was even about the clot shot requirement? Could well have just been about something else, or just some nutjob, or retribution for something else he was slighted for by Crudler…..

      • Thats funny Nunzio, I used to mail dog-doo to politicians before it became bio-terrorism. People have no idea just how long this corrupt, no-choice choice system has been in control of Murica. Seems the more I learn the less I actually knew.

        • Heh-heh…way to go, Norman! The recipients probably felt an immediate kinship to the poop!

          [Obama opens package from Norman]: “Oooo! Look! This is the best portrait of myself i’ve ever seen! It even smells like my cologne.”

            • Enough of this “Kenyan” hooey.

              It’s crazy how even Soetero’s detractors remain ignorant that his father was Hawaiian communist, pornographer and poet (and remarkable poet, at that) Frank Marshall Davis.

              As whitewashed by Wikipedia: “In Barack Obama’s memoir Dreams from My Father (1995), Davis is referred to as a friend in Hawaii of Obama’s maternal grandfather Stanley Dunham; Obama later identified the man as Davis.”
              Davis went on to ghost-write poetry for little Barry, published in his college anthology. A poem called “Pop.”


              • Probably true but I’ve yet to see proof. He did claim to be the son of Soetero. But in fairness I’ll amend my comment to this: “Honest dog poop has an earthy, healthy smell. Unlike Kenyan, or Hawiian communists.”

      • Is anyone sure that this actully isn’t some left wing psyop designed to make anti vaxxers look bad. I don’t think any one of our people would do that at this point in time. To be sure, I could could care less, but I think that they should have aimed to the woke executives breakrooms.

        • Exactly, Swamp- and that the MSM is postulating such, is a little too convenient…… Why would ANYONE impute motives when absolutely nothing is known? Psy-op? Industrial sabotage? Nut-job? Could be anything- but in a land where the people were subjugated long ago, I doubt it’s what we are assuming it is- and would doubt it more so if that’s the way the media portrays it. Several bombs…clearly not the work of some bedraggled factory worker in a day when it’s hard to sneak a cell phone past them if it’s against the rules.

  7. I read this recently about growing resentment that will be coming in private business due to the forced mandates:
    I do not agree about using violence. Perhaps the John Gill President and his handlers *want* this type of reaction to now claim that the 75million who voted against him are in fact domestic terrorists. We are not at that point yet. I am hoping for a national day of protest and come the week of January 4th we all don’t show up to work for a week. Here is your policy at work Brandon. I hope governor DeSantis takes this further beyond the court system and state any Fed-OHSA shows up at a Florida work place to call the state police have them arrested.

  8. Here is the key chart from a paper in Science titled ‘SARS-CoV-2 vaccine protection and deaths among US veterans in 2021’ —

    In just six months, VE-I (Vaccine Efficacy against Infection) dropped like a stone. And it’s still falling toward ZERO.

    Yet public policy treats these failed medications (they aren’t actually vaccines) as if they worked perfectly. For instance, the US border has been reopened to jabbed visitors, who are just as likely to be covid carriers as the unjabbed. Nobody is protected by this irrational policy.

    Off to the post office to mail a letter to Labor Secretary Martin J Walsh (OSHA falls under his direction), bashing the living shit out of him and demanding that he resign in disgrace. Every week I mercilessly pound another useless FJB stooge.

  9. “If an employer can require an employee to take this drug, what is to prevent the employer from requiring that employees take other drugs?” Is this not the basis of A Brave New World? That the public’s mental process be “adjusted” with drugs? How long before one must verify their Fentanyl script before they can work, including “testing” to be certain you took it, but did not take too much? If an animal has teeth, it will bite if forced into a corner. Including people. Give them no means of escape and they will abandon reason and logic in favor their lizard hind brain. Fight or flight, and if cornered there is no possible flight.

    • And if they can dictate which drugs may, may not be, or must be ingested- what is to prevent them from doing so also with food? (Indeed, the system to do so is already largely erected).

      And if they can define and prohibit ‘hate speech’ or porn….what is to prevent them from doing so with literature or communications which meet some other metric which they define as unacceptable?

      And if they can define what constitutes marriage, and decree the age of consent….etc. etc.

      Government is a jealous god.

      • Since there’s no “like”/”upvote” feature on this comment/blog, I have to say I’ve been admiring your comments lately.

    • The people loved soma in BNW because its effects were actually salutary.

      This is more like THX-1138, where “criminal drug evasion” is a punishable infraction, because the compulsory drugs are necessary to make the electromechanical labyrinth tolerable to the robotized humans.

    • It’s not that employer can require it, it’s that the government can require the employer to require it.

      Back in the early 20th century the company town system failed because people could just find another company to work for or start their own. So the last 80 years or so have been spent slowly making it very difficult to start your own company and putting the the systems in place to control existing companies through the government. The last two years were spent wiping out the middle class small businesses.

      Now where are people going to go?

      Sure there are some pockets left but not many and not everyone can make a living in them.

      It’s a plan. One nation one company town. Then to become a one world company town.

    • Although full of the usual agitprop from “Dat TRIBE, dere…”, I’ve enjoyed a series on the History Channel when it’s “Nazi” week (which, I know, is EVERY week), titled, “HIGH (Heil) Hitler and His Drugged Soldiers”. Putting methamphetamine’s in the Landers’ morning gruel had been done even with their fathers in WWI, and they did the same with the chocolates issued to the troops. Hence why those German kids kept on marching, all the way to the English Channel and Paris in 1940, and to the gates of Moscow in 1941.

  10. FWIW, both Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris and his USAAF equivalent, then-MG Curtis Emerson LeMay (“Bomb ’em back to the Stone Age”) mused that had the Allies lost the war, instead of trying their German and Japanese counterparts for “war crimes”, it’d have been THEM in the docket, not only for the bombing of Dresden, and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but many other lesser-known but still deadly raids. In fact, the largest slaughter of civilians wasn’t from the atomic bombs, but ni a great raid on Tokyo that LeMay’s XX Air Force conducted on the night of March 9-10, 1945, that killed more than the atomic bombings five months earlier, COMBINED in a single 24-hour period.

    • Not only were these crimes committed, but the results were exactly what the perpetrators intended. To destroy the populations ability to supply effective labor. The civilian population was the intended target. In Dresden there were actually two raids. One with high explosives to create abundant kindling, and the second with incendiaries to set it afire. The Brits did one, and the US the other, though I forget which did what. Not that it matters.

      • Probably HE from the USAAF, then incendiaries from the RAF, based on the sorts of raids each typically chose when offered preference.

        • They were able to pull it off b/c at that point (mid-February 1945), the Soviet armies had won a crushing defeat in Poland (Vistula-Oder Offensive) and had attained, about ten days earlier than the Dresden raid, a bridgehead across the river Oder while it was still frozen, only 78 miles from Hitler’s Fuhrerebunker. The Germans were desperate to save Berlin, and threw EVERYTHING they could scrape up, including all their usable fighters and pilots. That left Dresden, among many other targets (the terrible fire-bombing of Kassel also happen in that month) wide open for “strategic” bombing. Dresden itself actually had little in the way of factories that produced for the German war effort, but it was swollen with refugees, mostly women and children, that had fled the Soviet armies. But it did have a railyard that was a critical junction, enabling the German 17th Army under Ferdinand Schorner to rebuild a viable front in Saxony to hold off the Soviet First Ukrainian Front under Konev. Obviously this railyard was a choice target, but instead of hitting just it, the RAF and the USAAF chose to hit the city overall, which produced the mass slaughter that then-POW Kurt Vonnegut later recalled in “Slack-Haus-Funf” (Slaughterhouse Five). There’s still debate as to the body count (most credible estimates are in the neighborhood of 40K), but the irony of all that was that the rail yard was restored to full operation in only THREE days.

    • Great point Douglas, the US government is right up there with all the other mass murderers; the difference being they won the war so they get to write the history books. When Trump was still a candidate an interviewer asked him about some mischief the Russians were up to, his reply “what you think we’re so innocent?” really floored me. Unfortunately my hope that he would actually dial back the warmongers didn’t last long. Fool me twice…..

      • I recall right around the election that there was this BBC mockumentary about a hypothetical war breaking out between NATO and the Russian Federation, the conflict ending with TV screens going to static as the nukes went off. Given the timing, some of the screen captions mention then-POTUS Obama and President-elect Trump, but this video has quietly been “retired”.

        IMO, Trump made the right combination of when to strike, as in that Iranian general targeted with an appropriately named “Hellfire” missile, and negotiations with long-standing enemies like the North Korean Fat Boy. But perhaps many in the Pentagon or who profit enormously from it didn’t find that good enough. Maybe Ike was right about the “military-industrial complex.”

  11. In their stay of OSHA’s large employer mandate issued on Saturday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals gave the government until 5 pm today to respond to the petitioners’ motion for a permanent injunction.

    Such a quick schedule is not unusual when injunctive relief under review. But I would like to think that the Fifth Circuit has already made up its mind to grant a permanent injunction, and is purposely jerking the government’s leash by giving it a single business day to file its argument.

    A permanent injunction could buy a LOT of time, as litigation on the merits works its way through the system.

    FJB with a sharp stick.

    • Their plan was certainly to have enforcement start while it was working its way through the courts knowing that jabs can’t be undone and job losses will generally not be undone. The question is will they find a way around the injunction? Will the injunction stand when appealed?

  12. Eric, while indeed this bombing at Mopar’s Windsor, ON Assembly Plant is PROBABLY the act of a disgruntled employee, upset at the “Jab” mandate, ever consider the possibility that it was a “false flag”? Couldn’t work better if if was to portray those opposed to Jab mandates as violent, unstable lunatics.

    • We are fast approaching the point where those opposed to mandates have no choice other than violence. And perhaps instability. If one’s options are reduced past a certain point, they will become increasingly unstable. Imagine if you will someone who has bought into the idea that $10k credit card debt is the proper way to finance one’s lifestyle, and suddenly it’s either take this extremely dangerous vaccine or surrender all you have to the repo man.

      • Hi John,

        TPTB know those that disagree with the tyranny imposed will resort to violence. They have already accounted for it….why else would they separate us from our livelihoods? The point of the jab mandate is to make those that do not wish to comply is to oust them from positions of power. Imagine if you are military and you and a group of your Navy Seal friends believe the government is going to far, or if you are one of the engineers that erect the missiles to the satellites in space, a teacher who lectures on the Revolutionary War and how the common man won, a machinist who has the ability to manufacture steel to create weaponry, a lawyer who maybe able to convince a jury that a crime was committed by the very government that states they are saving them, etc.

        They can no longer have the non compilers in positions of power because we may dismantle their plans. Remove us now and make us outcasts.

        Without food, money, materials we will have as much chance of succeeding as the 1745 Jacobite uprising against the all powerful British military.

        • Hey RG,

          True, I do believe that is the plan. But with so many skilled people ostracized and desperate, food, money and materials might have a way of springing forth in unexpected abundance from sources that are no longer controlled or even much influenced by the former powers. 😉

          • Hi BaDnOn,

            I would truly hope for a Robin Hood scenario, but we have one thing that is holding us back….a very heady and steady stream of distrust.

            Could a group of Merry Men (and women) formulate? Possibly. Do we believe a bevy of Nottingham soldiers and spies will not be infiltrated among the ranks?

            Even by ousting the divergents from society will they leave us be? Not a chance. The hatred among the left for those who will not kneel and comply want nothing more than full fledged obedience or death.

            I hope we are prepared for the onslaught of what lies ahead.

        • You assume that those who take the jab will have “food, money, materials”? The current soviet economy is on its way to collapse. If you can do anything of value to someone else, your in the catbird’s seat.

      • If only the choice were THAT simple. Now the maniacal Xiden mal-Administration is doubling down on the Jab, attempting to impose it on CHILDREN. Did they not learn that parents, even those libtard ones driving Volvos and Lexus SUVs in Northern VA, get very “CONSERVATIVE” when it comes to THEIR kids, re: that gobbledygook known as “Critical Race Theory”?

    • But the jab mandates are ultimately violence. And violence will often be met with violence. The violent nutters are the people pushing them. Of course thanks to media propaganda it won’t be seen that way.

      Remember the woke crowd says words are violence, but what’s forcibly injecting someone then? And it’s coercion is just a more subtle use of force in this case. It’s ultimately backed with government violence.

  13. Fuck the NAP.

    We have been aggressed upon ten fold already. Our oppressors don’t even pretend to abide by those principles.

    Assuming what Eric writes is correct as far as the reasoning for this, then good.

    About goddamned time, I say.

  14. I’ve feared this. Since our society is prone to people “going postal” and mass shootings, how long before some who have been denied their livelihoods will begin to deny livelihoods to many others. Would you want to be in the office when someone goes off? And then, what will be the fallout?

    • This society keeps people on edge and under stress deliberately. There’s pokes several times a day small ones and bigger ones. Rather than leaving people alone it is expected that people have infinite tolerance for this constant assholishness. Eventually everyone breaks to some degree.

  15. Mandates are nothing more than bullying by those in government abusing their power.

    Now some sabotage is going on out there, the saboteurs take action as a fair warning.

    Might be just the beginning. If the mandates don’t end soon, more aggressive action is coming sooner than later, me thinks.

    At the nascent stage of commercial oil business, how it got done, the Teamsters ripped apart oil pipelines, didn’t want to be left out in the cold back in 1865. Can’t make money if you aren’t hauling barrels of oil. It was a war.

    Governor Newsom received the vaccine clot shot and hasn’t surfaced for going on the twelfth day.

    You have to wonder what is wrong or is going on there.

    So I searched the internet for smallpox vaccine to find out when it was developed, discovered, and how. Vaccinia is latin for cowpox.

    The history is interesting on how the smallpox vaccine was distributed worldwide and did save millions of lives since ca. 1774, the vaccine worked to eradicate the disease. A farmer discovered what to do to prevent smallpox, rudimentary treatment, using cowpox, then a doctor by the name of Edward Jenner worked to perfect the smallpox vaccine.

    Ignore the Covid-19 vaccine plug at the end of the story.

  16. Tune in. Tune out. Drop out.

    Develop local community. Eliminate debt. Shrug out.

    I’ve been thinking about the Atlas Shrugged world. Understandably, given current events. Ayn Rand based it on what she observed living under the Soviet system. One thing that is often glossed over in the narrative is that there’s a clear decline in productivity across the board. Rand made it look like the titans of industry were responsible for cracking the whip, but I think it is much more subtle than that. Workers quit working too. Some perhaps because they bought into the exploitation idea, but many of the secondary characters surrounding the Atlases were able to see what was going on and fought just as much. But how many of them just figured they’d go their own ways? Maybe they had enough years in, maybe they could downsize their life, maybe they just figured their skills are universal and so starting over isn’t all that bad of an option.

    • “a clear decline in productivity” I remember reading a statement by a former Soviet working class fellow. “They pretended to pay us, and we pretended to work.”

  17. I must somehow check out of this beast system if I don’t want to take the jab, which I won’t. I expect a lot of your readers are in the same situation. This person blew away the NAP, literally. I could dig something like “throwing a wrench” into some high dollar equipment, but not what this person did. Hunting tyrants is one thing. I don’t agree with random acts of violence.

    • The fact that no one was injured, let alone killed, means that it just made a noise and perhaps damaged some equipment. Perhaps that was the goal, we don’t know. Nor do we know the real motivation.

      However, we DO KNOW that the employer IS initiating force on the employees in the form of a jab with chemicals unknown. They are also refusing to pay for any damages said jab might cause. Defensive force is acceptable. Initiating force is not. The NAP does not preclude a slave revolt.

      • NAP does not require pacifism. It requires restraint where it is due. Vaccine mandates are a direct physical attack. NAP justifies violent response to the same. We do not know with any precision what the motive or intent of this violence was. If, and when it comes to light, it will be shown moral, or immoral. If it does not come to light, neither will be apparent.

      • Very much this. I know if I thought that setting a bomb were my only way of making plain how serious I was, I would target only stuff. We know from The Summer of Peace that destroying property is not a crime.

        Rather than decry the violence, I’m grateful for canaries in the coal mine. That has a much better chance than some silly protest or letter to the editor stressing just how seriously we take this. If there’s a way to avoid a shooting war, it lies with the canaries.

        • This constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati says: everything done so far by the government is illegal (rights abuses, etc.), they have taken the law into their own hands, there are no laws being followed now.

          This lawyer says the people on the bottom have been badly abused, but so far have been very disciplined, restrained and patient.

          At the breaking point people will say: they took the law into their own hands, so we will too, then it will be very hard to stop.

          Galati is suing multiple levels of the government over the hoax, he has interesting things to say about rights violations. This lawyer hates the cult.


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