Unanswered Questions About the Hard Sell

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Would you describe someone who chose not to purchase a new car equipped with an unconventional engine, that had no track record for reliability or safety and which was sold “as is,” without a warranty of any kind and made by a company that had somehow wrangled legal immunity from being sued if the car turned out to be a dangerous lemon as “hesitant” – or prudent?

We all know the answer, including those pushing hard to get everyone to accept being injected with a drug that has an unknown track record for long-term safety, that comes without a warranty of any kind, made by companies that not only have wrangled legal immunity for themselves but who also have a track record for purveying harmful drugs in the past  – and a billion-dollar profit motive to continue doing so.

Why is it that common sense and due diligence when it comes to buying a car is characterized as “hesitance” when it comes to drugs by the pharmaceutical cartels, the Pope of Science, his front man Joe Biden (whose father was a used car salesman) and other questionably motivated parties?

The use of that smear-tactic word alone is a sound reason for keeping one’s sleeve rolled up.

Beware any salesman who insults your intelligence for questioning what he’s trying to sell you. An honest salesman – there are some – will welcome your questions, if he has nothing to hide. And he will have convincing answers, if what he is selling is something that makes sense for you to buy.

If not, he’ll concede it’s not in your interest to buy – and he’ll say thanks for giving him your time and to come back later if you change your mind.

People who aren’t marks become immediately suspicious when a salesman becomes evasive – and questions them for questioning him – as the Pope of Science did, recently. Most people who aren’t marks would walk away from a salesman who began to insult or berate them, as the Pope of Science and his “team” have been doing, since the beginning.

If they kept on pushing – following you home, say – their weird desperation would not only annoy you, it would probably make you immune to giving the time of day to anything they had to say

The question arises: Why would any prudent person buy what these people are trying to sell given what we know – and do not know – about what they’re selling?

And about the sellers, themselves?

We know that the “vaccines” are novel – i.e., very recently developed and given an “emergency use” authorization that exempts them from even the iffy-scanty safety-efficacy protocols that usually apply.

We know that no one knows what the long-term effects of these “vaccines” may be. They are cross-your-fingers-and-hope-for-the-best. Most prudent people wouldn’t eat street food on that basis.

We know there are serious – and numerous – “adverse events” that have resulted from being injected with whatever’s-in-those syringes. These include death – at least 6,000 so far – as well as thousands of “cases” of palsy, severe blood clotting, strokes and other such unpleasant things that a prudent person can 100 percent avoid – by not taking the unknown risk of being injected.

We know that the manufacturers of whatever’s-in-those-needles are legally immunized from being held accountable for any harms their drugs cause.

We know that the manufacturers of these drugs have harmed people in the past. We generally do not trust people – or companies – that have harmed us in the past. This is prudent.

Why should we give such people or companies the benefit of the doubt now?

We know the manufacturers of these drugs have an enormous profit motive incentivizing them to push these drugs and that they are in a position to use the force of government and the collusive sway they have over corporations (including their shills in the media) to compel people to “buy.”

We know that drug-pushers like “Dr.” Fauci – who hasn’t practiced medicine in decades – have incestuous ties to the pharmaceutical cartels pushing the drugs and a personal profit motive to get people to take the drugs. And not just this drug. The cartels – and the government and corporations – have a financial and a controlling interest in establishing the precedent for making people take whatever drugs they decree to be needful.

Why is it that mentioning these facts, raising the questions they prompt – and giving voice to what the answers to them imply – is smeared as “hesitancy”? Would you buy a car from such a salesman?

On the same terms?

Some more whys bear asking – and answering:

Why on earth should a person who is not greatly or even significantly at risk of dying from a sickness that is known not to kill 99.8-something percent of the otherwise healthy population assume the unknown long-term risks as well as the known short-term risks of being injected with whatever’s-in-those-syringes? Knowing that if whatever’s-in-those-needles maims or kills him neither he nor his family will be able to seek compensation in the usual manner because the companies that make these “vaccines” are legally shielded from liability for the harms their products cause?

Why should children and young adults – who are at essentially no risk at all of dying from this sickness – be injected with a substance that we know has already caused the deaths of several previously healthy children and young adults and which may cause those injected grievous harm in the months and years ahead?

Why are people who’ve been “vaccinated” getting sick? If it “works,” then this ought not to be happening. And if does not “work,” then why should anyone assume the above-mentioned risks? 

Why should anyone trust the for-profit pharmaceutical cartels or anything that drug-pushers like Dr. Fauci – who have admitted lying to the public – have to say about the safety or efficacy of these drugs?

These are all reasonable questions that deserve to be reasonably answered. That those asking them are being smeared as “hesitant” – with the implication being that they are mindlessly spooked – is a titanic descriptive inversion. It is in fact the mindlessly spooked who are rolling up their sleeves to be injected with whatever’s-in-those-syringes, believing whatever they’re told, asking no questions.

Shady car salesmen love such buyers.

But at least all they’re selling are crappy cars with Motor Honey in the oil, sawdust in the transmission fluid and rolled back odometers. And they haven’t got the power to make you buy what they’re selling.

Nor feel ashamed for not buying

. . .

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  1. I got a *source* of a bunch more questions (i.e., not the questions themselves). I was reading Gary Barnett’s website and he pointed out how Trump signed Executive Order #13887 called: “Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States to Promote National Security and Public Health” in September of 2019.


    Clearly, Oranjeboom knew this shit was coming. As Barnett speculated, Trump kind of put everything in motion with that executive order and continues to advocate for the vaccine. Heck, vaccine “modernization” is Trump’s thing. Operation Warp Speed aka the last thing any sane person would do to an entire population is Trump’s heroic triumph… if you ask him or his deluded supporters.

    But anyway, that executive order talks about the formation of a “National Influenza Vaccine Task Force” which, if you’ve been following along with the play, influenza had been essentially “eradicated” during the last couple years.

    If you search up on “National Influenza Vaccine Task Force” not only will you discover that they are far away from ever being “done” but are just getting started. Not only that, every thing they’re talking about seems strangely similar to the covid hoax.

    So OK, how in hell is it that people want to attribute what they call “vaccine hesitancy” with Trump? Trump is a huge advocate and it’s his last signature deal. He still won’t shut up about it. Nowadays, every single person that doesn’t want to take part in this experiment are conflated, not only as being “conservative” or Republican, but they go so far to say it’s some kind of symbol of loyalty… to Trump?

    I think the entire “Trump experience” was a double cross — yes, I’m that suspicious. They knew Hillary Clinton stood zero chance, they wanted a one-term wonder to bring in the “stupid redneck republicans” and Trump’s over-the-top bullshit was a great way to make it seem as though anyone in their right mind would vote for a senile bag of shit to be POTUS.

    This shit has been in play for decades. The social distancing bullshit was first signed into some Bush (the dumber) executive order sourced by some random kid’s high school science fair project.

  2. …dude. It’s the Diversity Genocide. It will kill so many people with so many different comorbidities that they will be able to claim for 100 years that…”they didn’t know, so many different comorbidities”. Legally convict them all for crimes against humanity…then legally dangle them from a rope.

  3. Eric, what’s funny (actually creepy) is the similarity between the “sell” on electric cars and the jab. The electric cars are being subsidized and “forced” on manufacturers despite the fact that when the grid goes down, you won’t be able to drive — not to mention requiring an entirely new replacement grid infrastructure. And you need to re-charge every hundred+ miles or so — like the jab, which requires constant “updates.”

    • Indeed, Lawrence – I’ve noticed this parallel as well.

      Of course, we’re not zombified by the TeeeeVeeee and so can still think. And therein lies the rub!

        • Or else… Anyone else notice that the head of the WEF looks (and sounds) like a Bond Villain, right out of central casting? One wonders who is behind him? He is way too obvious, to be the real source of all of this nonsense (looks at Nunz and rolls eyes, in preparation for the expected response… ^^).

        • My stepdad, who was literally inducted into the German Hitler Youth, used to always say “You vill… und you vill like it!” (in his thickest German accent possible) Obviously for anything that one would clearly NOT like.

          Yeah, he used to beat us kids savagely but was not a Nazi at all. In fact, he sympathized with and became great friends with Jews.

          But still that “Any you’ll be happy” has those episodes coming back to my mind. The days of being viciously beaten by a former Hitler Youth that told us that we should have listened… to those things… that we should have liked.

  4. When the makers of said products, mRNA gene altering nano-particle spike protein injections, refuse to take any responsibility for their products, that tells you all you need to know. Never mind that the makers of these products refuse to be truthful when telling us exactly what they are made of and what they will do to your body. You know like…what’s inside the box or in this case the injection.

    These are products, completely experimental and unproven even during the squishy 4-6 month trial periods, that cannot be returned for a refund. Once inside your body, there is no way to eradicate them should they prove to be destructive. No truth=no trust, it is as simple as that. The price you pay may be your life and the FDA, CDC and big pharma couldn’t care less.

    In my mind, that goes for the entire medical establishment which has surrendered its purpose and intention to do no harm and to help people become well in favor of profits now and who the heck cares if we murder hundreds of thousands in the process.

    Did you know that medical mistakes and drug errors is the 3rd leading cause of death in this country? And rising up the list with a bullet, soon to be #1 in a year or two.

  5. Some of my friends and I have been going to a local farmer’s market every Saturday since mid-May and engaging patrons in polite conversation. Thousands of people go through this market and cannot miss seeing us. We have signs made up with provocative slogans to draw attention.

    “My health is my concern. Not yours. Not the government’s.”
    “Force is not freedom. Say ‘No!’ to mandatory vaccines.”
    “Covid-19 might kill you. The Shot might keep you safe. The Truth will set you free.”
    “If we all get the Shot, no one will ever die. Until next season. Lather, rinse, repeat.”
    And speaking of used car salesmen–“Would you buy a used car from these men?”, with caricatures of Fauci, Trump, and Biden below the question. The obvious follow-up question is, “If you wouldn’t buy a used car from these men, why would you buy anything else they tell you.”

    We get reactions all across the spectrum–from “I love you” to “I hope you die a horrible death.” Most people studiously ignore us as if we weren’t there, but some stop and talk, including a large contingent of young people, some as young as 12 or 13. We meet people from all over the US, who have stopped in for a visit, and take a minute to speak with us. Every week, numerous people take photos and, I assume, post them online. I have no idea where they end up, but it is certain that our influence is spreading far beyond our own locale. No one has ever threatened us with physical violence.

    This is a really good, positive way to reach people who are leaning on the fence and can be persuaded. It is a low-cost, low-key, non-invasive method of sparking conversation, which is needed more than anything else at this point. I encourage anyone who wants to do something to try this. My slogans are available to use free of charge. Just do it.

    • Excellent, Roger!

      I do the same with my Plague Doctor T shirt, My Bio Moo T shirt and my cattle ear tags, etc. I agree that many people are on the fence and simply either too timid or not sure what to do and that is why it is so important to provide an example of what not to do – i.e., submit to this dangerous hysteria.

    • This might be a tad bit, uh, “aggressive”, but how about a sign with a picture of Fauci, and below it reads “Jim Jones was an amateur”.

    • Hey Roger, have you seen the red inverted triangles with the big black “U” in the middle? Sew them onto your clothes, and whenever you see someone staring at it in the checkout line at Home Depot, or wherever, tell them that the unvaxxed have to wear them from now on. Ever notice that the segregationists are always the same people?

  6. A close relative was mutated by the jab, the suspected harmful injection, wanted to have travel privileges and you have to be vaccinated to cross the border. Got sick right away and doesn’t feel so good, feels terrible. Not news anyone needs to hear.

    This vaccine quackzine is going to get on people’s nerves.

    Eric Clapton also had an adverse reaction and isn’t too happy about it.

    Somebody is culpable, guilty, there has to be consequences.

    Another day of outrage. Medical malpractice that is criminal.

  7. The local weatherman wrote this today:

    “Older and younger people will need to be monitored when not in air conditioning…”

    I’m sure he had good intentions and all that, but man O man, in light of the direction of things, that sure is sorta creepy. … And, of course, totally mind boggling -> beware the extreme heat and humidity,… but just you never-mind that monster holding the syringe over there and the crazed segregationist crowd cheering him on.
    Useful Idiots, indeed.

    • Well, I know it is the least I could do but I’m willing to make the sacrifice. I volunteer to monitor the younger adult women! 😈😁

  8. Totally off topic, but I hear the Cleveland Indians are now the Cleveland “Guardians”.

    I pay baseball zero attention, but the closest I’ve ever been to being a baseball fan was the movie “Major League”, featuring the aforementioned Indians.

    I though that maybe the Cleveland “Crackers” might have been fun, perhaps with a saltine as a mascot. Might even be approved by the “woke”.

    Being a white man, I would take no offense. In fact, nothing you could do with a baseball team would ever offend me, though I know that’s crazy talk.

    • Some “woke” wag designed a alternate mascot and logo for the Cleveland baseball club, calling them the “Caucasians”. It backfired, as WHITE fans of the erstwhile ” Indians” LOVED it!

  9. A red-state Republiclown goes nuclear on the unvaxxed:

    “Folks are supposed to have common sense. But it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. It’s the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down,” Gov Kay Ivey told reporters in Birmingham.

    Let us consider an alternate hypothesis: widespread vaccination exerted selection pressure on the virus, causing it to mutate in the direction of greater transmissibility and reduced vaccine effectiveness.

    If this hypothesis is true, blame resides with vaccine makers — and indirectly, with vaccine takers — rather than with the great unwashed … errr, unvaxxed.

    In any case, note the troubling parallel to doomsday cults. When their predictions of the world’s end fail, history shows that cult leaders actually double down, insisting that the failed prophecy actually was a test of faith for straying cult members.

    Likewise, with early data suggesting that the wily mutating virus has compromised first-gen vaccines, Big Gov becomes even more fanatical about promoting last year’s bargain-bin merchandise. Too bad that it’s already exceeded Mother Nature’s unappealable sell-by date.

    Confronted with the aggressive ignorance of Depublicrat politicians, voters may conclude that the only remedy is to shrink their playpens, making them responsible for simple janitorial tasks such as sweeping the streets, and nothing more.

  10. Accept the fact that tens of millions will be dying from the vaXXX over the coming year. Prepare yourself mentally for that. What it will entail. What you will need to survive. Who may take advantage of this situation. The last one is the big one….who may take advantage of millions of Americans dying of the shot?

    • Most on our side seem to believe that the shot will “kill everyone” who takes it. That’s a sweeping assumption and a gross generalization. So far, it’s killed a tiny fraction of the 150 million or so Americans that have taken it. What happens if most of them are still here a year from now? It’s going to make our side look like fear-mongering fools (much like the MSM is now) and will give us one less leg to stand on in our “vax” resistance. Instead of making the unfounded claim that it will “kill millions”, why not just reject the shot on basic religious, moral or human rights grounds?

      • There is little evidence that ALL will be killed. The plain simple fact is we have no idea if they will or not. Which is reason enough to refuse vaccination, and makes those who take it look like morons.
        It’s also true that the virus has killed a tiny fraction, even using the wildly exaggerated numbers given us by PCR tests with 40+ cycles and rewriting the protocol for assigning cause of death.

      • Yep.

        “People dying off en masse from the vaccine” is a worst-case scenario.

        It might happen, but I personally think it’s a little far-fetched.

        It also might not happen. Best case scenario is that all of the premature deaths/injuries happen essentially at the currently observed rate, and occur within the first few months as observed so far.

        (Also note that the more time elapses between the shot and death, the harder it is to attribute cause of death to the jab—even if it is linked. This is part of why a control group is so important to have, in a properly designed experiment. But I digress.)

        As a general rule, in real life I find that you usually see actual events unfold in a manner somewhere in between the best and worst case scenarios. Which side it’s tilted towards is anyone’s guess.

        As a corollary to the rule above, it is wise to beware of anyone who is pitching either the best or the worst case version. They are usually trying to manipulate you somehow by doing that. That goes double if they couple that with emotional or other types of appeals.

        Stick to the facts, and be cautious with extrapolations. Especially other people’s. Demand justifications for why they chose the model that they chose.

        Trust me, I’m a scientist. And I say, trust no one.

        • “the more time elapses between the shot and death, the harder it is to attribute cause of death to the jab”
          Unless people DO start dying by the millions. So far both COVID and vaccines have killed a small fraction of the general population.

      • Yes, Jim, you’re right.

        This is conjecture, but I suspect that actually, most will survive. There will however be a considerable cross-section of people with bizarre symptoms and heretofore unknown maladies. This will all be disregarded, however, and the vaccination scheme, possibly a perennial ritual, will continue and be considered successful. Eventually those killed by the vaccines will stretch into the millions, but it will hardly be noticed, and swept under whatever dirty rug can be found.

      • Most likely will be shortened lifespans caused by spike protein generated by micro blood clots (heart disease, cancer, dementia, Parkinson’s) and infertility over the next 5 – 10 years.

      • Good points Jim. But keep in mind that this isn’t a short term problem. Given the possible health impacts, it could take years for this to play out. But you can bet that any increase in various diseases, and health conditions will not be linked to the Jab. Its not in the best interests of those involved.

        What if various heart issues greatly increase over the next 5 to 10 years, do you really think its going to be tracked back to this? That takes a lot of talented people, doing expensive research. Some how, I doubt that would be considered a good investment of time and money…

        Keep in mind, that its not just the Branch Covidian Cult, that has nut cases. We have some fine examples on our side. You likely wouldn’t believe me, if I told you some of the wild, dark fantasy nut case stories I’ve heard. I really wonder how people come up with some of these. In any event, only time will tell this tale.

        Speaking of which, there is a fascinating book out on this topic, called When Politicians Panicked by John Tamny. That deals with the political and economic implications of the last 18 months. I highly recommend it.

        Here is an interview that may be of interest.

        • “But you can bet that any increase in various diseases, and health conditions will not be linked to the Jab.”
          If anything, they might decide we need a vaccine against these “new diseases”.

  11. Anybody who voted for Biden should be forced to be vaccinated.

    Once per month until they die will be the mandate.

    All of a sudden Biden voters will decline by millions, disappear overnight.

    Might as well go whole hog on the vaccine campaign. Be gulttons for punishment, obviously are.

    Go get the vaccine, see what happens.

    Wait three years for full results.

    Alfred. E. Newman has more sense.

    What? Me worry?

    • You could say the same for trump voters. He brought us warpspeed and lockdowns. Voters are complicit in organized crime and legitimize the syndicate.

      • I know that (based on recent writing) that Eric disagrees with this but… the wife and I sent in our “cancel voter registration” forms to the state of Maryland today.

        We can no longer legitimize the fraud that people call “elections”. Sorry Eric but I’ve played my last hand of Three Card Monty this past “election”. Besides, voting red (never mind THAT leaving a bad taste in my mouth to begin with) or voting not-blue (the rare libertarian on the MD ballot) in a blue state like MD is just pissing in the wind.

        And the price for the “privilege” to play Three Card Monty is jury duty. While that could be “fun” (in terms of disruption) they’d never let a person like me get away with it. So it’d just be a waste of time, money and a huge hassle.

        • Hi Eure,

          I don’t see the situation as either-or. What I mean is, I don’t foresee it ever being the case that we have the “perfect” candidate – which would be no candidate at all, since in a “perfect” world, there would be no elections of people to dispose of other people’s lives and goods. Thus, we face the ugly practical fact that we must accept the better rather than the worse – while also working toward the best, even if it never materializes.

          Thus, I would (and will) vote for a Gorbachev over a Stalin, while never ceasing to advocate for a Ron Paul.

  12. To add to the new car analogy:

    Sign up for warpspeed govcar, it’s free! Govcar is so safe all user controls have been removed. It’s fully self driving and destinations preset.
    Non-warpspeed drivers torture mewing kittens in archaic rituals to cause global warming and drown our cities.
    Sign up for an appointment to receive your free warpspeed govcar today!

    Fine print:
    Users accepting govcar can no longer revert to the use of alternate transportation. In rare cases warpspeed govcars climate control malfunctioned causing full body skin sloughing. In other uncommon events the use of govcar has resulted in sudden unexplained death from heart attack or stroke. Materials used to manufacture your govcar occasionally cause neurological damage to occupants up to and including full body paralysis. The longterm effects are unknown but completely tested, safe and DOT approved. No warranty expressed or implied. User accepts all liability.

    • More fine print:
      GovCar may not travel to “unauthorized” destinations, for reasons of “passenger safety.”
      You wouldn’t want to go somewhere “dangerous,” would you?
      We’re from the government, and we’re here to keep you “safe.”

  13. “establishing the precedent for making people take whatever drugs they decree to be needful”
    Too many people. You must take your contraceptives, and the next morning abortion pills.
    Too many drinking and smoking marijuana, take these opioids instead.
    Too many resisting the state, take these psychotropics.
    It’s a Brave New World.

    • Just to clear up a common drug misconception, the morning-after pill is also a contraceptive–just a high-dose contraceptive. Contraceptive pills can serve their purpose but I would never recommend taking them regularly since hormones play a huge role in our wellness and the synthetic shit disrupts the endocrine system. But there is no abortion pill for the next morning, that is the one you take when it’s a month or more down the line and you want to prevent decades of pointless suffering. If only my own mother understood the difference or had at least shunned the social stigma associated with exercising ones bodily sovereignty to the fullest extent, I would have never been absolutely guaranteed any harm at all. Ah well. Making the most of it in the time before things go full apocalypse, at least we still have EPautos.

  14. Excellent article Eric!

    If the product is sooooo good, they wouldn’t have to resort to medical apartheid…as many are already proposing.

    Sadly, as I foresaw, now that there are more jabs available the pressure to get jabbed is ramping up. Here in Panama the MSM, the Fraudcci-equivalents, social media influencers, gov officials, and even a restaurant association have suggested QR codes, AKA vax passports to enter certain venues. Worse is that quite a few of the populace is on board with the idea.

    And this is what irks me. Population vs population, exactly what governments want. Also, many people won’t be able to resist such coercion as their job depends on that, and given the current economic situation in my country, having a job right now is a luxury.
    Oh, and unlike in the US, there isn’t something remotely similar to VAERS to report adverse effects. And no mention of who would be responsible for side effects. A very bad deal, if you ask me!

    Now, the good news is that this was a huge red line for many here. Even quite a few of the vaxed have expressed their disgust at such a thing. And I have seen that a few that were on the fence regarding the jab, now won’t get it.
    So yes, those of us here who value liberty are going to resist to such an abomination!

  15. Pharma has been immune from liability for ALL vaccines since the mid 1980s. The difference here is that so is the federal government, which pays out to the victims of other vaccines, with someone else’s money of course. Not so in this case. If you get hurt by one of these, you’re on your own.

    • I seems like a persons own health insurance isn’t covering the cost if someone has been harmed by the jab either. They truly are on their own with tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. I wonder how many will be putting up go fund me pages to help with those medical bills.

  16. The level of marketing and also gaslighting and slander toward the genetically original is reaching unimaginable levels and increasing by the minute. Their obsession and desperation is obvious.

    It’s “the new cool” to blame people who choose to live as normal human beings have for 3 million years for the existence of disease, when there has never been a disease-free moment in human history. How quickly people forget this simple fact.

    In their eyes, they must stop living to prevent dying (even though a miniscule percentage of people actually die).

    Up until 2020, we cared for the sick, had compassion for the sick. Now we use them as a pretext for demonizing and punishing the entire human population with human rights abuses.

    If you had discovered on your estranged wife’s computer that she was searching for ways to poison a husband, would you drink any of the freshly made lemonade she had to offer you?

    Then why would you accept a DNA altering vaccine from an establishment that never ceases to inform you that the world is too populated, you’re using too much fossil fuels and all of this is affecting the climate that could soon cause a planet catastrophe?

    • “there has never been a disease-free moment in human history.”
      Hell no. We are surrounded my new and different viruses all the time. Unless you are wearing a BSL4 environmental suit or similar, you just breathed some in. For that matter, we NEED to get sick occasionally to keep our immune system working. It’s much like a muscle. If you don’t use it, it will quit working.

    • She articulated well the thoughts of millions of people. Amazing what profoundly ignorant and low brain wattage people can come up with when they use Google.

    • Katherine J Wu does not even say what kind of mask she pulled out of her bin. A JAMA article she linked marvels that ‘In recent laboratory experiments, multilayer cloth masks were more effective than single-layer masks, blocking as much as 50% to 70% of exhaled small droplets and particles.’

      How effective N-95 masks are against a microscopic virus is debatable. But cloth masks are a risible joke compared to an N-95, as anyone who’s ever spent a day sanding drywall compound can attest.

      America’s pathetic experiment with cloth masks happened because real N-95 masks disappeared from the shelves for a year, and the CDC was unwilling to tout functionally identical KN-95 masks since they are made by China Bad.

      One is not surprised to learn that The Atlantic hired Katherine Wu from the New York Slimes. It’s an incestuous little club of gov-worshiping scribblers. And we, thank Dog, are not in it.

      • Jim,

        I concur with N95s.

        I always have some around for yard/dirty work, especially as I have allergies.

        A surgical, cloth or paper (dust) mask would be nothing but an additional annoyance, and I would most certainly be sneezing my ass off after a little weed-whacking. An N95 is decent, however, and keeps the respiratory misery at bay. Also, always use the ones with the valve, so I can BREATHE, which is important, no matter what Herr Doktor says.

        • To my knowledge NO mask or respirator works with a beard, for any purpose. In my mind, shaving is an exercise in self-flagellation that I’m just not interested in. Especially since I don’t need a mask.
          I suppose an environmental isolation suit would work with a beard, just to keep my argument in order.

          • JK
            My grandson works for a company that monitors industrial and environmental problems: chemical plant fires; ship collisions; etc. He was always bearded but the job calls for masking and, at times, respirators. The beard had to go. It was just a poorly filtered airway.

      • >Katherine J. Wu is a staff writer at The Atlantic, where she covers science.
        Doesn’t mean she know anything *about* science.

        I once dated a woman who told me she “loved science.”
        Then she asked, “What’s a flywheel?”
        I guess Newtonian mechanics wasn’t covered in her “science” classes.

    • Ah, yes, a brilliant lady she is! I knew so right away when she said she pulled an old mask out of a bin, in a cat defiled house, and just immediately put it on her face. Now THAT’S a thinker.

      Also, checking her mask efficacy literature:


      There are gems such as Gallaway et al. (Arizona): “Temporal association between institution of mask-wearing policy and subsequent decline in new diagnoses.”

      Yeah, also, simultaneously Gov. Ducey shut down all of the bars and clubs, which were hoppin’ at the time. The kids wanted to play, and they were getting trashed, dancing en masse, and making out with strangers like never before, having been cooped-up for so long. I was a GOOD thing. Had the ‘Rona had its run of the young and vibrant, herd immunity would’ve come upon us much more quickly. Masks had nothing to do with the decline in “The Cases!”. We know that because the winter brought us far more “cases”, among a much more mask-adherent populace.

      • ‘Gov. Ducey shut down all of the bars and clubs, which were hoppin’ at the time.’ — BaDnOn

        Our gov strikes a ‘middle of the road’ stance:

        “Thanks to the miracle of modern science, we have something we didn’t have last year: a vaccine,” Ducey said.

        “We will not be listening to the lockdown lobby,” he said. “Businesses will stay open. Students will be able to attend school. There will be no mask mandates. We have a proven solution with the vaccine.”


        Well, the good Governor is at least half right.

        Did Mitt Romney issue a memo to all R-party governors to shill for Big Pharma?

        (Just asking.)

        My own off-beat theory is that crippling, couchlock doses of tetra-hydro-cannabinol-delta-9 kill covid dead as a doornail.

        *blows dancing smoke ring into the cloudy monsoonal sky*

        • Hey, Jim!

          You’re here with me, are ya? Celebrating the arrival of great Zeus, are ya? Excellent!

          Even if the good ol’ Delta-9 doesn’t kill the virus, I think for many it will powerfully neutralize the fear propagation. 😉

          And Mitt Romney, Ducey and others from the GOP are all given the same script, though sometimes their Kabuki styles differ.

        • I don’t know exactly where you two are but here in Verde Valley we just got close to two inches of rain in thirty minutes. Along with the attendant thunder and lightning, a truly spectacular show. I could use some cough lock to go with my double JW black on ice.

        • Not so oft-beat red-headed step child theory.


          The doi.org link is where to go from there.

          “The rapid spread of COVID-19 underscores the need for new treatments. Here we report that cannabidiol (CBD), a compound produced by the cannabis plant, inhibits SARS-CoV-2 infection. CBD and its metabolite, 7-OH-CBD, but not congeneric cannabinoids, potently block SARS-CoV-2 replication in lung epithelial cells. CBD acts after cellular infection, inhibiting viral gene expression and reversing many effects of SARS-CoV-2 on host gene transcription. CBD induces interferon expression and up-regulates its antiviral signaling pathway. A cohort of human patients previously taking CBD had significantly lower SARS-CoV-2 infection incidence of up to an order of magnitude relative to matched pairs or the general population. This study highlights CBD, and its active metabolite, 7-OH-CBD, as potential preventative agents and therapeutic treatments for SARS-CoV-2 at early stages of infection.”

          Washington State is where the original skunk was genetically developed.

          It was introduced to the LA area ca. 1986-87.

          Pull the meter, jump the wires to a direct connection, all free electricity, fill the basement with Mumbo Dumbo Colombo.

          You’ll be driving a Corvette to check out the grow-ops in the Seattle area. A van equipped to do maintenance from grow-op to grow-op, you’ll need to work at it.

          Now you can go to Wenatchee and buy some of that one hit wonder, no questions asked.

          Times change.

          In Vietnam, soldiers used shotguns.

          In California, they use 16 gallon wet and dry vacs to consume copious amounts.

          In Colorado, there is Air Force One, Colorado Cabbage, Big Buddha Cheese, commercialized cannabis is now an industry.

          Panama Red was an incredible strain, if you really want to know.

  17. I HATE grifters, hustlers, con-men. There are very few things lower than these scum.

    The key signs that you are being grifted are:

    1. You are hastened to make a decision without being able to take into account all of the ramifications.
    2. You are told that not taking the “deal” will result in dire consequences or a missed opportunity.
    3. “The deal” is often “too good to be true”.

    1. We are being pushed like no other to take the jab, without any of the usual precautions or even time to witness the repercussions of doing so.
    2. If you do not take the jab, the dreaded ‘Rona shall befall you, and you are given reminders of the people on ventilators and all of the other horrible fates that await you.
    3. The jab is “free”, safe and effective, and was miraculously engineered and mass produced in a matter of months, unlike any vaccine that has ever been.

    • No other medical treatment has ever been ALLOWED to remain available with the extraordinary adverse event record of these vaccines, and yet we are expected to ignore such.

    • My favorite would be an ad for a software license, which could be had for a “special” price, “while supplies last.”

      Hurry, folks! Download now, before we run out of electrons!

      Brought to you by Spoilsport Enterprises, a Nocturnal Industries company.

    • Spot on!
      Unfortunately, obvious con is not so obvious to many who worship at the great altar of passivity called TeeVee and are afraid to be “left out”.

  18. ‘establishing the precedent for making people take whatever drugs they decree to be needful’ — EP

    Happening right in front of our eyes:

    ‘The Italian government announced on Thursday evening that the use of the country’s certificazione verde or ‘green certificate’ health pass scheme will be extended from Friday August 6th.

    ‘People in Italy will soon need the pass to enter gyms, swimming pools, museums, cinemas, theatres, sports stadiums and other public venues, including indoor seating areas at bars and restaurants.

    ‘Business owners are expected to enforce the rules, with the government stating that “a fine of between 400 and 1000 euros can be applied to both the operator and the customer” if rules are broken.’


    How clever, tapping into green (as in ecologically virtuous) sentiment to name Italy’s vax passport. Straight outta the ‘color revolution’ game.

    Not having the actual boots on the ground to enforce its laws, Italy dragoons business owners into serving as their goons to exclude willing customers, costing them sales and good will.

    Given the Italian penchant for Sistema D (evading bureaucratic nonsense), this seems like a great time for Italian businesses to go full black market and just cheat like m***** f*****s. This way to the back door, folks — it’s marked Ingresso D.

    ‘You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant’

    — Arlo Guthrie, Alice’s Restaurant

    • Damn these devils.

      But yes, I’m sure La Cosa Nostra will be happy to provide said Green Certificate to anyone for a small fee.

  19. Did ya see sleepy joe stumble (mumble) through the recent “Town Hall” questions.

    The whole world is …… laughing.

    And then, there is the nuclear trigger.


    • yeah, they used to poke fun at Reagan for being a befuddled slack-brained idiot with his finger on the nuclear trigger, too.

  20. Eric, great article Re: Sales. First of it’s kind that I am aware of. Hope it gets lots of attention.
    I’ve been in sales 30 years, and sell expensive, technical stuff, so the buyer and seller must engage at a high level to make sure it does what they want and there are no mistakes. Of course this is never absolute, but we try our best. I’ve trained many successful salesman as well, so I like to think I sort-of get it.
    This whole vax crap sales pitch starting 6+ months ago hit me with a 2×4 it was so apparent. And was the leading factor to why I said no-way early on.

  21. Saw Stew Peters in the left half of the video thumbnail and scrolled right hoping the guest in the other half would be Dr. Jane “total babe” Ruby breakin hearts and droppin truths. But I do love Dr. Peter “balls-of-steel” McCullough too

  22. ‘Why are people who’ve been “vaccinated” getting sick? If it “works,” then this ought not to be happening.’ — EP

    Pfizer and Moderna reported that the ‘case’ rate among the vaxxed population declined by 95% compared to an unvaccinated control group. If 100 out of 1,000 people in the unvaxxed group tested positive within a year, then 5 out of 1,000 in the vaxxed group also would test positive within a year.

    That was last year, with the original strain of the virus. Now data from Israel show the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against new cases may be as low as 40%. As for preventing hospitalization, the effectiveness of the vaccine is now 88%, according to the Israeli Health Ministry (quoted in Haaretz).

    But today, the New York Slimes still is prominently headlining 97% effectiveness against hospitalization. The link points to a White House press briefing, in which Weeping Walensky asserts the 97% figure, with no source given.

    The difference between 3% of the vaccinated getting hospitalized (US) versus 12% (Israel) is a factor of four.

    CDC itself reports Hospitalizations* of 5,189 vaccinated patients since May 1, 2021.

    *1,456 (28%) of 5,189 hospitalizations reported as asymptomatic or not related to COVID-19.

    ‘The number of COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infections reported to CDC likely are an undercount of all SARS-CoV-2 infections among fully vaccinated persons.’


    This data is a hot mess. To translate it into vaccine effectiveness, one could divide 5,189 breakthrough hospitalizations by cumulative new Covid-related hospital admissions during the period, and indeed obtain a low single-digit percentage. But CDC themselves have not done this calculation, even as Weeping Walensky implies otherwise.

    Science, comrades — the ink-stained scribblers of the Lügenpresse have no interest in it. They are just mindless stenographers for government officials muttering about ‘Saddam’s WMDs’ and ‘TWA-800 central fuel tank explosion’ and ‘97% vaccine effectiveness.’ Stuff a sock in their flapping pie hole.

  23. One of your very best Eric. Your demonstration that logic and reason have been reversed is exquisite.
    Indeed, the logical and reasonable are being persecuted.

  24. Absolutely brilliant first paragraph. “As-is,” indeed.

    It is a testament to the power of the mass hypnotic spell blanketing the population that the very plaintiffs’ lawyers who typically scour the media for automotive recalls, salivating at the pecuniary promise of “Unintended Acceleration Events” and other inherent defects (however fanciful), have become among the most vocal and devoted proselytizers of The Vaxx. The loathsome Rex Parris, ambulance-chaser extraordinaire and autocrat of Lancaster, California, went so far as to creepily bribe teenagers into volunteering for vaxecution with the promise of “scholarships” from the municipal till. There is no question that if there was no corporate immunity, his ilk would already be running TeeVee ads to the tune of, “If-you-or-a-loved-one-has-experienced-a-Vaxx-related-injury….”

  25. The harder the sales pitch, the lesser the product, and the greater the markup. I’ve never seen any product pushed so hard, and so broadly, up to and including actual coercion to buy. And yet very little product information available, and any that pops up is immediately censored.
    Only a natural born sucker would buy such a thing.
    “It’s worth the risk”, but no evidence provided to demonstrate that opinion except “we say so”.
    Practically all the statistics being fed to us are from the very same sources that pumped up the COVID stats last year by invalid numbers of cycles used in and already insufficient test to produce extreme numbers of false positives, and simply changed the rules regarding protocol for assigning cause of death from “with COVID” to “caused by COVID. Truth has been a rare item throughout this psyop, and hasn’t typically come from the “trusted sources” that aren’t in the least bit trustworthy.
    This is a personal, physical, real world attack on people. We are entitled to defend ourselves from it by any means available. That’s God’s law or natural law, whichever you prefer. Man’s law is nothing more than the opinions of professional liars called politicians, written down and enforced by goons with guns.

    • Great post, John. Just one of many great posts I’ve seen from you. People like you give me some sanity and solace by knowing I have company. I discovered this community via a Zerohedge post and Eric and all of you are great.

      It’s harder and harder to keep my spirits up as this evil spreads at such an alarming pace and people are so resigned and accepting of this new way of zombie-ism. I’ve always known it was there but for the most part the evil didn’t really penetrate our lives in such a direct and visible way. Now it affects us all day, it seems.

      The problem is that the opposition (secret globalist cabal organizations, heads of state, pharma, media, police, military, central banking, etc.) has organized, planned, and simulated this for years, while we were unaware and now are just trying to pick ourselves up off the ground after being sucker-kicked, and forced to figure out our next move with no benefit of planning or organizing. Our disadvantages are enormous.

      They have built the rat trap and the door is nearly closed.

      • My primary lament is that in the coming economic destruction, I’ll be 67 or older with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and won’t be of much help. Likewise won’t be if it comes down to a hands on fight.

  26. ’tis a pity our own Governor Meemaw (aka Kay Ivey, republican gov of Alabama) doesn’t read Eric Peters Autos. Instead of congratulating Alabamians for having some bit of rebellious independent spirit left, Gov Meemaw laments on alleged rise in cases, “Folks are supposed to have common sense. But it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the vaccinated folks. It’s the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down,” she said. “I’ve done all I know how to do. I can encourage you to do something but I can’t make you take care of yourself.”

  27. Two thoughts.
    First, the Texas Fleebaggers reveal the vaccine fraud in big bold letters, as multiple of that small sample set are “vaccinated” and have come down with the WuFlu. It’s not a vaccine if the breakthrough rate is that large (of course, it really isn’t a vaccine in the first place, it’s something else, but not a vaccine).

    Second, the more I see this whole “GET JABBED NOW!” mess, the more it reminds me of Minority Report, and Pre-Crime. Next we will see Stasi jumping from choppers with halos and sick sticks to round up unjabbed citizens and take them for stasis jail. Even the sickening ads for Pre-Crime in that movie remind me of the current pro-stab ads. In the end, the whole mess came down when the founder was shown to have committed a murder that Pre-Crime missed. The current situation has been similarly revealed in big bold letters by the Fleabaggers, and cold, hard factual data out in public to be a sham, just like Pre-Crime. So, when is the Samson-smash moment coming?

    Third thought, can you imagine a movie being green-lit in 2021 in which a Stasi-like operation is revealed to be a sham, and shut down?

    • Crusty,

      I just had a thought. We can’t sue over harmful effects of the vaccines, because they are statutorily exempt from liability for that.

      Can we sue them for false advertising?

    • “can you imagine a movie being green-lit in 2021 in which a Stasi-like operation is revealed to be a sham, and shut down?”

      Absolutely! Hollywood has always depicted such stories specifically to train the Herd to believe that “The System Works.” It allows the Spellcasters to show the masses exactly what is being done, but leave the masses docile and complacent when the credits start to roll. (We rogue ratiocinators call this technique “Revelation of the Method.”)

      Recall that V for Vendetta was released while Britain was still reeling in the aftermath of the hokey “Seven-Seven” government make-work stage production!

    • Interesting that the meaning of the word “breakthrough” is getting inverted. It used to have a positive connotation; as in a breath of fresh air, an opening, a success. Now it’s used more like a “breakout,” a failure to contain, a hole in the dyke.

      They won’t stop with this inversion until all terms point to a life of suffering. No more old style breakthroughs for you, so give up your hope!

  28. Many golden nuggets of analysis in this article. I particularly like your outline of what an honest salesman IS an ISN’T:

    “Beware any salesman who insults your intelligence for questioning what he’s trying to sell you. An honest salesman – there are some – will welcome your questions, if he has nothing to hide. And he will have convincing answers, if what he is selling is something that makes sense for you to buy.”

    Also solid is your observation and articulation of the concept of DESCRIPTIVE INVERSION:

    “These are all reasonable questions that deserve to be reasonably answered. That those asking them are being smeared as “hesitant” – with the implication being that they are mindlessly spooked – is a titanic descriptive inversion. It is in fact the mindlessly spooked who are rolling up their sleeves to be injected with whatever’s-in-those-syringes, believing whatever they’re told, asking no questions.”

    • This will be the last time in human history (in this era) that people will willingly bend to the will of fascism. If people end up dying from the jab to the degree that some are predicting, a wake-up call to end all wake-up calls will ensue. Who will trust any governmental or corporate orders for generations to come?

      This is a good thing, but at the cost of much sorrow and pain.

      The few of us that see this coming will be protected in spirit, but we too will have discomfort in seeing the vaxxed we care for incurring much physical and emotional suffering. Hold steady my friends!

  29. The jab causes your body to create trillions of spike proteins that your antibodies are to then recognize as invaders and create more antibodies. Problem is these spike proteins cling to your circulatory system walls and create places were build up causes less blood flow and damage to key organs. This will become evident in the next couple of years.
    My guess is the pharma industry will have a blood thinning drug to sell to all who had the jab which must be taken the rest of your remaining life. The Jabbed will be tied to government to provide and pharma to make these drugs. Better vote for the party most likely to provide free stuff to ensure your drugs are coming.

    • And because the losers who injected themselves are all broke, they’ll demand the productive in society pay for it, and during elections, the Democrats will obviously promise free everything, and the loser Republicans will too, just not as vociferously, and the Leftwing hashtags will start: #RepublicansRTrynaKILLUs

  30. Why the need to sell/push vaccines at all, with effective treatments available?

    Why are health care providers only about 50% vaxxed, and/or willing to be fired over this?

    Why suppress evidence of the lack of efficacy?

    Why suppress evidence of the dangers?

    Why are these being pushed, in part, by a megalomaniac software geek?

    Why pay celebrities to endorse or push a product, when almost none of whom could articulate what a spike protein is?

    Why weren’t the companies transparent with their initial clinical trial data – what were they trying to hide?

    Why are politicians playing doctor?

    Why push an experimental vaccine on pregnant women, without testing it, something that’s never been done before?

    Why are we even in a position to have to ask why?

  31. The diaper was my line in the sand. For some, forced needling and/or vaccine passports will be the signal to start looking at tyrants in a predatory fashion. If a goon in the fusion center is reading this, then yes, this means you.

    • Amen, Slave –

      I was willing to forgo flying commercially ever again to avoid being gate-raped. I can live a reasonably normal life without ever getting on an airplane again. But Diapering invaded my space. It made living a normal life impossible. I therefore refuse to do it. I will not be a party to this disgusting “practice” – a party to the lies and cruelty it embodies – and also because I know that Diapering is Needling. I’ve been saying so since the get go. Accept that thing on your face and you have no defense against that thing being jabbed into your arm. Only a fool cannot see this.

      It is heartbreaking that so many Americans are fools.

      • Boy is it ever. When the lockdowns first began I thought people would get pissed off and see this as a political sham within weeks, then slowly I experienced disbelief and horror seeing colleagues, friends and family become obedience slaves. The worst were the intelligent ones with some medical background who constantly researched hospital and infection rate stats and patiently explained in detail how the vaccine worked and why it was so safe, in a slightly condescending tone. Not only was that depressing but I lost some of the trust I had in these people as well.

        • People have always been slaves. So much so that a great many of them describe themselves by their occupation before anything else and view their value and status in society by how obedient they’ve been in their highly credentialed careers. It’s so ingrained that “what do you do for work” is generally the first personal question that comes up in conversations. Not “what do you do for fun” or “hey do you ride motorcycles”. It’s sickening. Humans truly are a born and bred slave race.

          • Slavery has been the normal condition of people for almost all of human history. The last few hundred years are an exception, if you discount wage and debt slavery.

  32. If the Biden regime and his radical communist party ever achieve total power with their goons taking control of the military from enlisted to generals to turn the guns on Americans ,the national “vaccination” PSA would be; “Get the shot or get shot”. As a side note, with the politicians getting the jab, just how many are actually getting the poison and how many got are really just getting a saline shot to fool the masses?

    • Biden and his phony “administration” are downstream of the military junta running the country from the shadows. Both he and his absurdist neo-leftist “policies” are all just the latest phase of the long-running “weaponized narrative” PsyOp by which the Military-Intelligence-Industrial Complex has commanded and controlled the US body politic since the Wilson administration. Operation Warp Speed is a PsyOp and Kill-and-Maim military campaign that continued seamlessly and autonomously during the transition from Trump (the “Covid I Administration”) to Biden (“Covid II”). https://unlimitedhangout.com/2020/10/investigative-reports/operation-warp-speed/
      In other words, “Get the shot or get shot” was ALWAYS the nature of the program.
      (The enlisted men are just under orders, so they are completely downstream of the brass running the junta.)

      On your side note, I doubt the TeeVee-puppet politicians are dumb enough even to trust the Strangeloves to use saline. (In the world where spies are running the show, any given politician will never know when they have gone from being an invaluable asset to being an expendable one.) Therefore, I don’t think they will agree to sit in the vaxecution chair until it has been demonstrated to them that it is a retractable, fake needle, with nothing inside the syringe. (Did you see the giant Masonic belt buckle on the “nurse” that supposedly jabbed the Queen? It was big enough for that blind old bat to see clearly that, “Ah yes! We’re finally doing this cheeky caper! Jolly good!” If the Queen had really believed she was about to get injected with “mRNA” bug juice, we might have seen one mean queen scratching some nurses’ faces on the old Beeb.)

  33. Talk about a sales jab….er, I mean job. Just watched a Health Insurance advert on Pittsburgh TV with former Steeler running back Franco Harris as their vaccine pusher. Harris made sure to tell us he had “no side effects to the vaccine.” Up next, free autographed footballs with every shot????

    • If donuts, beer, lotteries, coffee and all the other freebies didn’t work nothing is going to get us to take that poison. Hell the more politicians that come out and blame the un-jabbed for the jabbed getting sick with what they got jabbed to not get sick from the more i’m digging my heals in the sand and saying no!

      • Indeed, there are is no “hesitancy”. Enough time has passed, with the vaccines abundantly available for all the former “hesitants” to either take the vaxx, or never will.


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