Risk Reversal

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So many psychologically interesting things about the attitudes of the Jabbers. One of the many, often commented upon, is the logical absurdity of their demands that others be Jabbed to “keep them safe.”

Really? How does that work, exactly?

They concede – without saying so – that the Jab doesn’t work. Else why worry about getting more Jabs? About whether others get Jabbed, assuming you have been?

Aren’t you “safe” already?

If you buy car insurance and your neighbor doesn’t, will the policy not pay out if your neighbor crashes his car into a tree?

Secondary dissonance: If the thing doesn’t work – as you’ve tacitly admitted you fear is true, by demanding others be Jabbed, to keep you safe – then what is the point (as it were) of demanding others be Jabbed with that which doesn’t work?


Does wearing a leaky raincoat keep other people dry?

But there is something worse than illogic – than idiocy – at work here.

It is the risk-reversing of the Jabbers.

They aver that we who will not be Jabbed are “uncaring” about others. That we are indifferent to the risks they face. That we must roll up our sleeves, for their sakes.

Marvel at this!

We who eschew the needle eschew it precisely (well, partly) because of the risks which we’d otherwise be immune to. These include but may not be limited to heart inflammation, Bell’s Palsy, crippling fatigue and (the big one) premature death accelerated by one or several of the just-mentioned “adverse events” known to be not-uncommonly triggered by the stuff conduited into people’s bodies via the needle.

The bodies of people who are healthy – and thus not at much (if any risk).

This being especially “the case” – as it were – as regards children and young, otherwise healthy adults.

Healthy people, generally. They have never been much at risk – from a sickness with a recovery rate higher than 99 percent – if they even get sick. 

Such people are selfish and uncaring because they are not willing to put their lives at risk? The lives of their minor children, whom they – as parents – are morally obligated to protect from risk?

It is astounding.

It is evil.

These same people obsessed with risk demand risks be assumed – by others. And they have the gall to characterize those who chafe at this suggestion as being mean-spirited and small minded.

Maybe people who haven’t got cancer should sign up – be signed up for – experimental and risky cancer treatments.

To show how much they care about others.

There might be a moral argument to make if the Jabs were safe. If there were no (as in zero) risk attending. Mandating of the Jabs would still be an outrage – unless you take the position that you have the right to diddle with someone else’s body, a pretty sick proposition – but the mandates to Jab would likely be unnecessary since most people would probably agree to the Jab, if it didn’t put them at risk.

The Jabbers attempt to minimize the risk – only a few (tens of thousands) “adverse events”! But this is like minimizing child abuse.

One is too many.

Demanding that a child be abused – exactly what these creatures are demanding – is disgusting in a way that even normal child abuse is not.

For normal child abuse is not mandated. Demanded – and sanctioned – by the government, ostensibly concerned with preventing the abuse of children.

Of people, generally.

Government is now the abuser – who tells the abused it’s all their fault. Like the thug who beats his wife and says, look what you made me do!

It is inhuman, it is evil, to insist that someone else risk themselves for your sake. A person who so insists is the apotheosis of selfish and uncaring. Well, selfish – as they are literally placing themselves above other selves.

They care, all right . .  . about themselves.

Not much about you.

Each of us must deal with risks every single day. We each choose to act in certain ways, taking account of these risks, weighing them against rewards. Our decision is based on a calculation of likelihood. There is a risk in getting behind the wheel of a car and driving to work. One tries to mitigate this risk by driving attentively and competently but no matter how attentively or competently one drives, there is always a degree of risk. The car could malfunction in some catastrophic way. Another driver could run a light.

A deer could bound in the road.

But most of choose to run these risks for the sake of the reward – of being able to drive to work. Few of us would demand that others be prohibited from driving to work – in order to get paid, in order to provide for their family – on account of our being too afraid to drive to work. On account of our insistence that it is “too risky.”

What the Jabbers demand is far worse – because being forced not to drive isn’t potentially life-ending.

There is – or ought to be – an especially warm spot in Hell for people who not only believe they have the right to put other people at risk for their own selfish sake but are so self-absorbed, so-self-unaware that they can frame their demands as reasonable – and those who object to them as “selfish.”

. . .

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  1. Funny how all the areas with high vaxed rates are experiencing rising “cases” but the MSM propaganda machine insists it’s a “pandemic of the unvaxed.”

    • Hi Brent,

      This is an excellent video. Dr. Been explains this in everyday layman terms with no political bias….just straight facts. I expect YT to ban it shortly. 🙁

      • Hi Anon,

        I will give what Klaus has to say about “climate change” and owning nothing when he owns nothing some weight. Let’s see how “happy” he is, then.

        • Hi Eric,

          Yes Klaus, the elite nobility and .0001% billionaires get to own everything we get nothing, because they are special. Their great reset using covid and climate change as an excuse, they think is an easier way out then trying to explain where all the money went that they stole.

  2. I’m deeply touched that the CDC and Anthony Fauci care so much about my well-being. I just wished they cared as much when they were funding a communist Chinese military lab to do unethical experiments on a benign bat virus, which was then either released or allowed to escape.
    Fauci himself said that the research they are doing is worth risking a pandemic. I never got a say in that, although I apparently helped pay for it, just as I don’t seem to have a say in whether or not I want their ‘cure.’

    • The deceivers don’t care how you come to accept their premise of the “one virus”, just that you accept it. Then you’re stuck arguing about the “origin” or the particulars and appropriateness of this or that “measure” and ultimately they’re off the hook because “who coulda knowed”?

  3. More bafflements:

    Kale-munchers who wouldn’t have dreamed of drinking milk from cows injected with bovine growth hormone now delight in having an experimental mRNA concoction injected directly into them.

    Business-hating socialists now cheerlead for some of the biggest corporations on the planet.

  4. Will the “parents” (essentially sperm and egg donors, not really moms and dads) who end up buying coffins for their hapless children ever realize they were an accomplice to murdering the one thing they were here to protect? I hope it was worth it – killing your own child because you were a fearful ignoranus, or just wanted to go along to get along, or wanted to travel.

  5. “Government is now the abuser – who tells the abused it’s all their fault.”

    But they’ve always done that, government has always been the wife beater, y’all know that. That’s why the serfs were defending them long before demanding children take experimental clotshots, it was always “No you don’t understand, they’re different when I believe they’re providing me a service 😭”

  6. I keep challenging the jabbers with the NHTSA safety defect reports and Takata airbag parallels. They claim the jab adverse side effects are rare, yet they won’t buy car with similarly rare safety defects. They don’t defend Takata airbags, which with 67,000,000 installed have rare instances of death and injury yet were recalled. Products of science vs. products of engineering.

  7. This nonsense about the not-a-vaccine was played out a few years ago with respect to measles jabs for kids. A jabbed kid would come down with measles, and the parents would condemn the unjabbed kids who must have given their precious darling the disease. The principle was the same as here. I have to wonder if that situation was a trial run for this one.

    • The massive vaccine dosage imposed on children has a far less than stellar record. In each and every vaccine there is Aluminum and Mercury to stimulate an immune response to an otherwise harmless substance. Given compounding of these metals in the 30 or so vaccines that they take, is it any wonder they suffer ill effects?

  8. A comment I found online, IDK if the commenter knows anything or is just theorizing, but here it is:

    “You all need to remember that this experiment they have different amounts – like 10,20,30 & placebo. Plus I think there are different target zones”.

    So that means they give different people and/or different areas of the country various concentrations of the quackcine. So when some people seem to be okay after getting quacked, it makes other people think the quackcine is safe… but everyone is not realizing that the people that survived may not have actually gotten the quackcine at all, or a very weakened version of it. SUCKERS.

    • The goal is the system of tracking. A singular ID permanently attached to every human being that cannot be removed or altered in any way. An embedded rfid tag that could be read remotely from a great distance would be ideal.

      The goal is this Beast system. Everything else is gravy.

      Once this is established and the proles just accept their needle rape “boosters” on command, the rest of the cull is easy peasy.

      They don’t want to kill or sterilize all of us, just most, but in a slow and very targeted way leaving critical skills and infrastructure intact.

      Enough proles need to exist to pull the levers and push the buttons and dig the ditches.

    • I think the only people who didn’t get the production jabs were high profile where an adverse reaction would be severely damaging.

      The jab itself is not likely the weapon. It’s to set the precedent. It’s just another poorly designed and tested product of science. People aren’t fungible so some people tolerate it well and others don’t. Then there’s the mechanics of it. If it’s injected into muscle tissue it’s far less dangerous. But if it’s injected into a blood vessel then look out from what I’ve pieced together. There’s a way to prevent injection into a blood vessel but the CDC and other government orgs throughout the world say not to do it. Surprisingly the manufacturers apparently say to do it.

      Anyway it’s not often that people get jabbed into a blood vessel, probably one out of thousands. But those that do…

      In engineering there is a practice called Failure Modes and Effects Analysis or FMEA. A poor score on any particular question of a possible failure mode is not to ship the product. Well I had a few FMEA like questions for these jabs. For all but one the answer was: DO NOT SHIP.

  9. According to a new peer-reviewed paper in Science, by Sep 2021 the VE-I (Vaccine Efficacy against Infection) dropped to 13% for Janssen (J&J); 58% for Moderna; and 43% for Pfizer.

    That is, two of the three jabs no longer met the 50% VE-I threshold established in the FDA’s Guidance to Industry of June 2020. And at the projected rate of continuing decline, by now Moderna is below 50% too.

    These are three failed medications that don’t meet the FDA’s own criterion for licensing, and are unprecedentedly dangerous as well.

    Take this poison off the market. Prosecute the fake-vaccine pushers like meth and fentanyl dealers. MAKE THEM PAY.

    • Furthermore, how would they know anything is effective unless it gets at least ~80% success in testing. Because there are ALOT of variables that can be the cause of why a person feels different (better or worse). And, if you only have 50% success rate, then that’s basically a random coin flip — 50% is the point of being completely random. Nevermind they have lower success rates than even that. OMG. No-one can do simple math or logic anymore LOLOL. Brain damage nation.

  10. Breaking news — Everyone who gets their free quackcine, gets some free beachfront property in Arizona! And a coupon for a free notary public to notarize your last will.

    How many died or were horribly paralyzed/injured from the lethal injection today? Maybe 30,000 or so? That’s about ~1 million per month. Could be alot more though, if half the population got their lethal injection, then that would be ~278,000 per day (150 million people divided by 18 months divided by 30 days per month).

    Dun dun dun.. another one bites the dust.

  11. Not only that, but those willing to kneel and roll up their sleeves are free to travel around the world, in spite of the well known fact that these vaccines do nothing to prevent transmission, and may in fact increase it due to a higher viral load. The only “reasoning” that makes any sense is pure evil.

  12. The question isn’t “Why are the pushing the vaccines?” It is “Why won’t they admit they don’t know?”

    Doctors and scientists are stumped all the time. They try something, it might work, it might not. So they try something else. That’s how discoveries are made. It’s how science is supposed to work. Trial and error. Clearly what has been attempted hasn’t worked, but instead of trying something else, they blame the victims of the disease. Pathetic excuses for scientists for sure.

    • In the town where I reside, the county health department had a tent set up in the Dollar General parking lot with a sign at the entrance stating “Free shots here”. From my observation driving by, there were no takers. Only two government drones wearing face diapers were waiting for victims.

    • Hi RK,

      The thing I hone in on – to establish bad faith – is the fact (the actual science) that it is not necessary to “try something” – as regards most people – when the recovery rate is 99.8-something percent for otherwise healthy/not elderly people. I would understand a campaign to encourage – not force – older people and people in risk categories to consider taking the Jab. But this business of forcing everyone to submit to the Jab is simply, inarguably, evil.

      There’s no valid reason for it. If I’m off base, I’d happily entertain arguments/explanations toward that end.

      • I don’t think you assume that the vaxx has anything to do with anyone’s health, any more than I do. It does not, or it would be outlawed. It has to do with submission, and political division, and nothing else. If you do not submit, you deserve to die, so say many who are a party to the political division. No different than loading your political enemies on a train to the extermination camp. No different than loading those who won’t submit on the train to the Gulag. We’ve seen this show before, and I pray that enough of us realize the unavoidable end result before we experience it.

        • RE: “No different than loading those who won’t submit on the train to the Gulag.”

          Gawd, I mentioned this to an 80+ yr old man so blind he said he’d get on & then look for a way to get off.

          I’m guessing he’d never actually gotten onto/into a rail car. Those things are almost bullet proof. There’s No friggin way out of those things! …Short of a portable blow torch or cutting wheel. Yeesh, if ya got one of those, why would you get on in the first place?

    • One world government with their GAIA cult religion….

      People line up for the killshot, supplied by the GAIA covid cult, to be exterminated. They say people that don’t want it are evil, unclean, bioterrorists.

      a modernized form of human sacrifice carried out under biological/ecological camouflage that is rooted in the sacrificial oak imagery of ancient paganism. Klaus Schwab says there is global warming, depopulation is required. Is it just a satanic sacrifice?

      Today we have the killshot depopulation agenda….looks like it is rooted in the sacrificial oak imagery of ancient paganism….. their new religion/cult GAIA……
      GAIA = climate change cult religion.

      The vaxxed killshot people are proud to be fighting the never been seen germ, the forces of evil. There must have been a great marketing campaign. They think they are returning to their old life, that is gone now, never imagining they are being exterminated (unless they temporarily got the placebo).

      White coats, smocks, and masks are priestly uniforms. The stethoscope replaces a cross. The needles are sanctification and communion, extermination vessels.

      Slaves and Aztec citizens went willingly to the sacrificial altar. To give your heart to Huitzilopochtli was a tremendous honor and a guaranteed ticket to a blessed afterlife fighting in the sun god’s army against the forces of darkness.

      In the book Aztec the indigenous when he was burned at the stake said it was an honor to die on someone’s altar.

  13. Virtually everyone has made up their minds. Critical, independent thinking is long lost to the sheep.

    If engaged about forced vaccination, I simply ask, ‘Do you support rape?’ They then lead themselves into Eric’s excellent analogy of ‘medical rape’ in ‘American Surrender Monkeys?’ July 19, 2021. It doesn’t change their minds but at least it pisses them off.

    • I engage vaxx cheerleaders with questions. “Why would I take a vaccine with no long term testing at all”? “Why would I take a vaccine with such a poor adverse event record”? “Why would I take a vaccine that isn’t what we used to think a vaccine was, that does not provide any immunity”? “Why is it that many of the most heavily vaccinated nations also have the most cases per capita”? Usually don’t get far down that list before the political aspect erupts into a fit of rage. But, and it’s a big butt, perhaps they will go home and think about it.

  14. I’ve commented before that I got the vaccine earlier, and did so based on my understanding of the science, and would do so again. I would encourage other people who have grey hairs on their head, or some extra fluff around the middle to get vaccinated, but I would never argue for a mandate.

    Anyhow, I’ve got a young son, who is now eligible for the vaccine, and the risk/reward equation is totally reversed for him. Being a fit, young athletic boy with no health issues, the vaccine risk is greater than that of covid. His odds of dying from flu and pneumonia are higher than from covid. So, I’ve not vaccinated him and don’t want to.

    Through out the whole pandemic, we’ve had a group of families whose kids played together, without masks or drama. Now that the kid vaccine is available, all these families went to get their kids jabbed, and are now saying that my son can no longer play with his friends until he gets jabbed. So, I asked, what has changed? Your kids now have the vaccine, if you believe it works, they must be safer than before, right? The CDC is saying that the vaccine doesn’t protect against transmission anymore, right? So, what’s the benefit to YOU from my son getting vaccinated? This makes them rage, because they have no answer. My poor kid now can’t see some friends because their parents are morons.

    I think people have become too dumb for society to continue to thrive. The enlightenment, which started centuries ago, is now over, we’ve got a new dark age coming.

    • > we’ve got a new dark age coming.
      Hunter S. Thompson said that a looong time ago. 🙂
      I agree with you both. Idiocracy is here, and right now, folks.
      Increasingly, issues are couched in terms of dogma (“do you believe?”), rather than an ongoing free inquiry into the facts, a.k.a. the *scientific* method.
      Too bad, so sad.

  15. You don’t get it, Eric!!

    The effects of the vakseen don’t magically kick in until the last person is hauled in for his shot, you uncaring bastard!! /s

    We’re all in this together ….

    • Yep that is precisely their argument. The un vaxxed are the source of their profound resentment and rage. After all THEY have already sacrificed for the good of mankind. They are your moral and intellectual superiors. Their lives should be at this point worry free. They were promised they would be back to living carefree prepandemic lives, tripping to exotic destinations at their leisure. But they cannot and it is all because of the moral degenerate conservative conspiracy theorists. So unfair that the smelly unwashed socially backward racist dullards should be able to hold them back. I have heard them say this over and over. “We could have been back to normal by now if it weren’t for these selfish anti vaxxers!” They believe that when every human has been vaxxed that covid will virtually vanish and everyones lives will return to normal. They think that unvaccinated people the sole source of the covid that vaccinated people are contracting. Because although breakthrough cases are possible, they occur because the unvaccinated are as mentioned before somehow inherently more disease prone and if the unvaccinated were not out there continuing to spread covid, covid would be gone. And then there would be no more covid to create breakthrough cases. This is all your fault and they despise you.

      • RE: “This is all your fault and they despise you.”

        I love them. And will treat them like the crazy people they’ve become.

        Back. The Fuck. Off!

  16. “the logical absurdity of their demands that others be Jabbed to “keep them safe.” The vaccine has become a political weapon, having not a single thing to do with anyone’s health, and a great deal to do with one’s willingness to kneel.

    • When they herded the victims into the showers they couldn’t be honest with them, they probably said they were going to have a nice shower to get clean.

      clean…..the same excuse with the nazi needle now, it will make you clean……

  17. The recent “approval” for using the vaccines on 5-11 year old children, and the eagerness of delivering them, is perhaps the most egregious sin of this psyop. Given the very slight risk these children suffer from the virus, and the obvious risk they suffer from the vaccines with the worst adverse event record of any vaccine ever allowed to remain available, and ZERO long term testing, this is pure child abuse, if not child sacrifice to the Pharma Gods. 12 year olds and up were quite bad enough, thank you. If there was any reference to truth, there is no justification for anyone less than about 25 to even bother with thinking about it. We are being lied to hourly, by anyone the MSM deems worthy, and the technocrats don’t censor.

    • John, not sure if you followed how the UK approval went for 12-18 year olds. The government vaccine regulator and other advisors (the same crooked and in the payroll of big pharma who approved for adults despite the questions) advised against it in children – I guess it was a step too far for even them to stomach, and even they have a soul I guess. So the ministers and other political leaders sent it to a couple other quangos and even more crooked scientist, our chief medical officer (our version of fauchi), to consider the “other benefits” without saying what they could be.

      And sure enough a week later they came back with many other benefits and recommended the jab be approved for children. Which the government went ahead and did….

  18. ‘Does wearing a leaky raincoat keep other people dry?’ — eric

    It’s as nuts as Big Gov mandating the universal use of condoms with the tips snipped off to fight a gonorrhea epidemic: insane, intrusive, and patently unacceptable on multiple grounds.

    ‘Injections,’ I call them. Or ‘seasonal covid shots.’ Anything but ‘vaccines,’ a hijacking of the language which resulted in CDC changing its definition of ‘vaccine’ on Sep 1 to accommodate these failed, fading seasonal injections.

    In an Oct 26, 2021 interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business, Moderna chairman Noubar Afeyan stated, ‘It may well need an annual booster, potentially varying from year to year as the virus varies, similar to what we do with the flu vaccine.


    Note Afeyan’s calculated, nefarious substitution of ‘flu vaccine’ for ‘flu shots,’ which are NOT vaccines.

    In concert, CDC, Big Pharma and the MSM are redefining the meaning of ‘vaccine’ right in front our faces. As Lewis Carroll and George Orwell both foresaw, they are changing the meaning of words to render Wrongthink impossible.

    And they ask me why I consume ethanol vaccine.


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