“At Risk”

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Now comes news that the CDC has promulgated guidelines for the establishment of places where “at risk” people are to be  – let’s use the historically apt term – concentrated.

Naturally, “at risk” has a very different meaning than most people imagine. It does not mean people who are sick, or elderly or immune-system-compromised, though concentrating anyone was something previously unimaginable in America – before it became a “homeland,” at any rate.

It means – it will mean – people who have refused to be Needled. They will be styled “at risk,” despite being perfectly healthy – as well as a threat to the health of others. And then be concentrated – for their safety.

Just as the perfectly healthy were presumed “asymptomatic” spreaders – and forced to wear a medically useless “mask” and are now being forced to wear them, again.

Dragooning anyone into a detention center who has not been convicted of some criminal offense, at the conclusion of due process – including the formal presentation of specific charges that must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, in  accordance with the law – is something that didn’t used to happen in America.

Well, not usually.

There was of course the disturbing – and largely forgotten – precedent set during World War II, when Americans who happened to be of Japanese ancestry were  Hut! Hut! Hutted! from their homes and into concentration camps, where they were kept prisoner for years. This was justified on the basis of racial collectivism, the conception  that every person of Japanese ancestry was sympathetic to the Empire of Japan and thus a potential if not actual enemy agent.

It was a less virulent iteration of the same policies applied in Germany, where anyone who was Jewish was deemed biologically hostile to Germany and a threat to all Germans. The difference being the Germans took things to their logical conclusion while the Americans didn’t.


How about now?

People who – for reasons that are rational and easily understood by any rational person – have elected to not be injected with “vaccines” they don’t need, not being at much risk – which come with no disclosure as to what is in them, that are known to have caused death and debilitating injury in thousands of people, that are made by dodgy companies that have managed to secure immunity from liability for any harms their “vaccines” may cause – are being painted as a biological threat to the general  population.

This being an interesting proposition given that the ululations are emanating chiefly from those who have been “vaccinated” themselves. Who – if they were rational – would be unconcerned about the “vaccination” status of others, assuming that the “vaccines” they took actually work.

In terms of warding off the biological threat, that is.

Which brings up another etymological dissection related to the first, above – regarding the “at risk” folks – who are the ones at risk of being Hut! Hut! Hutted! off to concentration camps by the government, for declining to be “vaccinated” for a sickness that does not ail them or greatly threaten them.

You will recall the phrase.

Stop the spread.

This has a superficial and – just maybe – another, much darker meaning.

The at-face-value meaning, that it was necessary to close the country down – to lock it down (excepting, of course, the big corporate retailers and, above all, the government – its apparatchiks having decreed themselves “essential” while decreeing practically everyone else, not) for just a couple of week, to stop the spread, seemed reasonable.

As in, thwart the further transmission of the putative illness that was supposedly sweeping the land.

Most people accepted the face value definition because it seemed reasonable, at the time. A couple of weeks. Ok. It’s not a huge price to pay in order to staunch what – so we were told – was a virulent respiratory plague that would otherwise kill millions of people.

It seemed less reasonable as the lockdowns transitioned from a couple of weeks to months, on end – notwithstanding the accumulating evidence that the bug was far less lethal than hyped.

Ridiculous and degrading “practices” were imposed. And now, something much more ominous. Something that – unlike a “mask” – you cannot take off, ever.

What if these “vaccines” – and the whole thing behind them, imparting the kinetic energy necessary to get to the point – are indeed meant to stop the spread . . .

Of us?

What if they are meant to hobble the reproductive capability of young people?

Why else the insistence that young people – of all people – be injected with a “vaccine” they manifestly need less than a sheep needs a closet full of wool sweaters? The people most aggressively pushing the point – people like Bill Gates – are people on record as favoring massive population reduction schemes, as by massively curtailing the birth rate.

Is it reasonable to harbor such thoughts? When the CDC is openly discussing concentration camps – and when the governor of TN is signing legislation authorizing people to be forcibly dragged from their homes after failing a “mandatory phone assessment” – it is arguably the most reasonable of thoughts.

The mind reels, thinking such thoughts. It is hard to maintain focus. To see it. To believe it might be so.

It makes one realize just how difficult it was for  German Jews to believe they were actually being sent to their deaths. No, it cannot be. This is a civilized country. They are merely relocating us. To keep us safe. It will be ok.

Except, it wasn’t.

Will we remember the lessons of history before we haver to relearn them?

. . .

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  1. Sadly, my dad told me last night that he caved, and received the jab. The “J & J”, as he put it.

    My mom had received the same jab almost immediately as soon as she was eligible. She is definitely “at risk” however, from ANY more serious illness, being in her 80s and having an autoimmune disorder. I gave her my thoughts at the time, reviewing the risks and the VAERS database with her, and she decided to go forward with it, anyway. Luckily, she’s been fine.

    My dad is, however, only in his late 60s. He has asthma, but is generally healthy. I’ve told him many times about the risks of the jab, the not-so-hidden agendas, and the alternative therapies, such as ivermectin, antiviral herbs, etc.

    Not to mention, I think he’s less “at risk” because he fairly hates being around people. He’s a bit of a misanthrope and find people annoying and disgusting.

    But, alas, he was continually pressured toward that jab by all others around him. So, as of yesterday, he’s Annointed. He’s fine, so far. Luckily, the “J & J” is probably the most innocuous (and useless) of the jab flavors.

    He told me that if anything happens to him, that I can “sue their asses off”, but, as I had informed him before, I CAN’T sue them, and no one can. As in Cool Hand Luke: “Some men you just can’t reach.”.

    Luckily, both his sisters/ my aunts have opted out of being jabbed, and looked to obtain ivermectin instead. Wish they had more influence on li’l brother. 😉

    • My brother and uncle both got jabbed too. I tried to warn them as well. My uncle is 71, so I can kinda understand him getting it, but not my brother. My brother runs; he’s physically active; he’s 53, so not in a dangerous demographic; and he’s fanatical about eating healthy. He still took it.

      OTOH, I had COVID. I have natural immunity, which always trumps artificial (i.e vax) induced immunity. Even if I weren’t naturally immune, I’d order some of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s supplements (he has a special supplment he developed to help beat COVID), take them, eat healthy, exercise more, and trust my immune system. Dr. Zelenko, BTW, has successfully treated 6,000 COVID patients! He’s also trained many doctors to use his successful protocol. Seems to me our gov’t should listen to HIM, huh?

      • Hey Mark!

        I’ve heard of Dr. Zelenko’s protocols, and I’ll check out his supplements. Thanks.

        Also, there doing some kind of study, in which my mom is included. They did an antibody test, and it appears she’s negative! Which means, either she’s stopped producing antibodies, or the vaccine was a dud. I think the vaccine probably isn’t worth a shit, but she’s also taking immune-supressing drugs, so her immune system might’ve just shrugged off the vaccine.

  2. I’m simply stunned! How in the world did we survive for millennia of viral infections without the CDC, WHO, or FDA? Viruses didn’t show up until after they did? Wouldn’t that be interesting.

  3. Big Tom Woods fan here, but I’m very disappointed in his lack of forthrightness about his recent illness. As far as I know, to this day he has not come right out and said, “I had covid.” Did he? Maybe I missed it.

    In his daily email he first said he had pneumonia. Then he wrote one thanking the person who infected him with “the virus.” Still not clear. Then in an episode titled “My Covid Experience Didn’t Change My Mind a Bit,” he made a lame excuse about not wanting to be flooded with covid advice, but still didn’t say for sure that he was diagnosed with it. After saying a chest X-ray confirmed that pneumonia was the problem, he said a nurse told him, “Oh by the way, you also have covid.” Well did he? Again, he leaves me guessing.

    I’ve known Tom since his early days writing for lewrockwell. I would email him quite often, and was always delighted that he would reply immediately with a note that made clear he had read what I wrote. He no longer does that, which is understandable given his large following. So please, Tom, we know you don’t read all of your emails anyway. How would you be inconvenienced by well-wishers telling you to take vitamin D? Your assistant screens them for you, remember?

    Considering how much effort Tom has put into fighting covid lies, you’d think he would be absolutely clear about this. Say “I had covid.” Or “I had covid and pneumonia.” Again, maybe I missed it.

    • Since there is no accurate test to determine if he had COVID or not, how in the world would he know? He would be able to determine if it was viral or bacterial, and apparently it’s viral, so his absolution of whomever gave it to him is still valid.

      • But he still could have said clearly, “They told me I had covid.” He has been evasive, with his only excuse being that he didn’t want to get a lot of emails. Not good.

        • And validate them for the diagnosis? For that matter, its none of our business, which is a major theme of the campaign against.

          • He made it our business when he announced that he had pneumonia. Then he did a whole show about it, plus shared – both in his newsletter and on that show – a pretend letter he wrote to the person who gave him “the virus.” He could have said nothing and quietly returned to work after his absence. But he didn’t.
            Besides, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Tom has ever contended that covid is fake. His focus has been on the stupidity and destructiveness of government policies, and he seems to believe that arguing that there is no such thing as covid hurts our cause.
            So why such equivocation from a guy who demands clarity and honesty of others?

    • I found that a little weird as well. Thing is, though, a convid diagnosis has been defined to encompass almost any symptom of a typical cold or flu, sometimes combined with a notoriously fraudulent PCR test. It’s not like he’s bleeding from the eyes or limbs are falling off. So, downplaying the label may have been an ok move on his part. His points remain the same irrespective of the label on his illness.

      • It just struck me as so odd that he didn’t make it clear. If they told him he “tested positive,” but he believed it was BS, why didn’t he discuss that? Say, “They told me I had covid but I’m not so sure.” Something.

        • My two cents. I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Woods, but he likes to have things both ways and be taken seriously by the “respectable” people that despise him and his ideas. For instance, he wants to be a radical man of the people but constantly reminds people he’s a Hah-vahd grad. I’ve also found him, even prior to this episode, to be notoriously thin skinned regarding commenters or people who challenge him, to the point where he even advertises his extra special, paid, members only hosanna club as a libertarian “safe space.” Oh, the irony… So, his caginess in reporting his situation seems about par for the course.

          • Yeah, I recall that he was pretty slow to recognize covid hysteria for what it was in early 2020. His attitude was “Don’t be too quick to criticize the government; this might be really really serious.”
            I met Tom when he spoke at my daughter’s college about eight years ago. After his speech we waited in line to shake his hand, and I started to tell him that in the old days he and I had substantive email exchanges every now and then. He cut me off in mid-sentence to explain how he couldn’t possibly reply to every email because he gets so many. He assumed that I was a fanboy offended that the rock star hadn’t replied to my gushing messages. Oh well.

            • Hi Roland,

              I have been a guest on Tom’s show many times and he has always been gracious toward me; I have no complaints. That said, I think he is very much in business – not that there is anything wrong with that; we all have to earn a living. The difference between Tom and I is that I am content to make enough to indulge my passion for writing and that is plenty for me. No slam meant toward Tom or anyone else who wants to make more.

              I just never cared that much for the Big lifestyle. I am very happy with my country place, chickens and low-key life. I love my old truck and do not need a new one. For me, money is a means – and once the essentials are covered, I’m good. It takes off a lot of pressure, which Tom may labor under. I don’t need to flood this site with commercials or make sales pitches, which is something of incalculable value to me, far more so than any money it might make me.

          • “I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Woods, but he likes to have things both ways and be taken seriously by the “respectable” people that despise him and his ideas. For instance, he wants to be a radical man of the people but constantly reminds people he’s a Hah-vahd grad.”

            That’s why I don’t fully trust him. A true man of principle would never care about those things.

      • Yes, I read that in Tom’s email, and I mentioned it in my first comment. But since Tom has never been a “covid denier,” why didn’t he say bluntly, “I had covid”? Or “I was diagnosed with covid”?
        It’s just weird that he was so obviously evasive about it.

      • Plus, there is such a thing as viral pneumonia. At the time he sent his subscribers that open letter, all he had disclosed was that he had pneumonia. So was he thanking the person for giving him the virus that caused his pneumonia? Or are we supposed to assume that “the virus” means covid, or at least what the medical establishment is calling covid?

  4. ‘delusional-dissonant braying about “freedom,” especially as emanates from the “conservative” crowd. This is often attended by a bloodthirstiness for war’ — EP [comment to BAC]

    As the Taliban capture city after city in Afghanistan, advancing to within 90 miles of the capital, ‘Biden’ sent 3,000 troops BACK IN to evacuate the remaining Americlowns.

    This is a near-exact replay of the chaotic ‘last helicopter out’ from Saigon in April 1975 — another US war in Asia which bogged down for years, and then collapsed into panicky retreat in a few fraught days.

    Desperately, ‘Biden’ pleaded with the Taliban to retard their advance, and (like a robbery victim with a gun to his head) dangled the possibility of future US aid if only those nice Taliban lads would please kindly let us keep our embassy in Kabul to save face.

    Here we witness the squalid spectacle of impotent Uncle Sam, cravenly bargaining with ‘cave-dwelling medievalists’ as they comprehensively thump his (and NATO’s) ass and render his high-tech ‘air superiority’ useless.

    Big Gov can be epicly defeated and humiliated by determined resistance, as we are seeing in real time. Sap its will, then drive its occupiers out at gunpoint. Some day we may be obliged to do the same.

    • Indeed, Jim –

      I recall Biden saying something about the futility of defending against (he styled it “fighting”) the government with AKs and ARs… except it works.

      The tragedy here is the wastage in lives and money. On both sides. How many Afghanis were killed by American troops? How many American soldiers were killed and maimed in the doing? I’ve read more than $1 trillion was spent on this 20-year-debacle. Of course, it was all very profitable for Raytheon, Lockheed, et al.

      • Maybe Bin Laden was smarter than we give him credit for. He knew his attack on 911 would do some damage, but he knew we would destroy ourselves in the long run. He was right.
        Patriot Act;
        Covid-con response;

        • Add: FISA Amendments Act of 2008; granting retroactive amnesty to the telecoms that aided the President Bush’s five-year secret, warrantless wiretapping of Americans, and to expand the government’s authority to sift through U.S. communications, handing a key victory to the Bush administration.

          The terrorists (whoever they were, foreign or domestic) won and won BIG.

      • Not only are Afghani weapons effective, the US is far from the first to have this shoved in their face by them. Somehow, they have all concluded this could never happen domestically. I suppose because the people love them so much.

        • ‘Somehow, they have all concluded this could never happen domestically.’ — JK

          Indeed, ‘they’ occupy a different mental universe than we do:

          ‘About one-quarter of the current U.S. diplomatic corps have been posted to either Afghanistan or Iraq over the last 20 years and remain emotionally invested in the war zones in which they worked.

          “There was a lot of sacrifice,” Mr. Rubin said. “Everyone who served there for the most part served without their families, and under difficult conditions; at times under mortar fire. So it wasn’t easy.” — NYT

          Heroes in their own minds, in other words: ‘sacrificing’ in the hardship post of Kabul, for a front-row seat at a glorious colonial occupation (till it all went pear-shaped).

          A special shout-out this morning to George W Bush, who started this clusterfvck nigh on twenty years ago, and the Ego King Barky O’Bummer whose ‘surge’ into the graveyard of empires accomplished nothing except killing more soldiers and more Afghans.

  5. I am coming to the conclusion the recent hardcore scare tactics – passports, mandates, gulags, are a bluff by the globalists. Go ahead and mandate passports and see what happens when you cut off 30%+ of the population from most of the economy. Come to drag away me and my family to a camp and that likely won’t end well for all involved. Resist, keep calm and carry on.

    • ‘recent hardcore scare tactics – passports, mandates, gulags – are a bluff by the globalists.’ — Frank Rizzo

      I agree, Mr Mayor … if the brain-damaged twaddle emanating from hysterical New York Slimes stenographers this morning is any indication:

      F.D.A. Authorizes Third Vaccine Dose for Immunocompromised

      Jamelle Bouie — If You Skip the Vaccine, It Is My ‘Damn Business’

      Anton Disclafani — The Vaccine Refusers Are Testing My Love of the South

      And so forth: angry, demented, rear-guard gibberish from fleeing losers.

    • Once They mandate the Vaxxport to receive any medical care, almost every single person on Earth will comply.

      I would estimate the holdouts after that will be something like 0.00000000003%. (Not 30%.)

      If you doubt for a moment that such a policy is forthcoming in your own jurisdiction, you are simply deluded.

      The ones giving the orders are perfectly comfortable with some small number of casualties among the front-line enforcers who will be dragging people away, from that minuscule minority of holdouts. (All the better to justify more severe measures, you see.) They are also comfortable with the idea of Their enforcers murdering you and your family instead of hauling you to a pseudo-medical torture camp. They’ve locked up their victory so tight that every single human action and behavior from here on out only serves Their purposes. “Either way, really,” is now Their half-bored motto.

      • I have already given up medical care. I will not be a party to the transfer of medicine from service to industry. Any medical care I MIGHT get will be in an ER, broken bones etc. If they won’t let me in, I’ll die on their doorstep.

        • Medical care from the pill pushers? No thanks. I’ll die naturally with dignity before I become one of their experiments.

    • This is excellent, David – thanks for finding/posting. The more people see, the more of them will see. When enough of them do – a critical mass – this insanity ends.

  6. I like Del Bigtree’s weekly The Highwire podcast, even if I only have time for my favorite segment, The Jaxen Report. But this week (Episode 228) I watched nearly all of it. Some good, powerful food for thought. From the CDC’s manipulation of the narrative (43:10) to Catherine Austin Fitts’ economic perspective on ultimately what’s behind this war against humanity (1:16:00).

    Enjoy as you have the time.


  7. My current personal covaids story:

    My wife and I, my daughter and son-in-law and their two little girls are unvaxxed. We live in two separate houses on a 6 acre farm. We mingle a lot.

    Daughter and her husband tested positive a week ago. Daughter got the coof first, then passed it on to her husband, kids got a little bit of a malaise, tiny fevers and lack of appetite. My daughter got it the worst, but over it in a week with a slow lingering recovery. Fit and trim husband got a fever one night and day, and then one more round the next day, but then it broke and he’s fine today.

    My wife (age 71) had a fever yesterday and felt crappy a couple days prior. Her fever broke last evening. She’s in and out of it today. She’s feeling incrementally better. Won’t be getting tested. We’ve all been taking Ivermectin.

    I’m fine (age 67), no symptoms. I got the coof pretty bad last March 2002 (three weeks sick, three weeks recovery), so maybe I’ve still got antibodies. Curious that.

    In my experience this is just the periodic flu/cold, but strange for being in the summer time. Lots of other people are getting it around here now, but no hospitalizations. IMO, it is a minor flu. Maybe we’ve been isolated and thus protected on this island for a period, but now it’s running through the community before we reach some kind of herd immunity.

    Here’s to hoping it scares the tourists away. Sucks to be inundated with a revolving door of strangers all the time.

    • Hi Andy,

      One of the pernicious side effects of all this is that now any sign of a cold is enough to cause a lot of people to get very freaked out. Getting sick is – was – a normal thing. It happened – and happens – all the time. Most of us get a cold or the flu once every several years or so, depending. It was never considered cause for freaking out. A “case.” Now, it is – even if the “case” is just a cough/sniffles and mild aches. The things people used to grouse about and take as part of normal life.

      Now we live in a strange, abnormal world in which the premise is that any sickness – a sneeze – is cause for freaking out. In which people are obsessed with sickness, the possibility that they might catch a bug and frantic over measures to prevent it. This is the very definition of hypochondria, which has been weaponized to a degree I’d have not thought possible.

      • People live in their own bubble of safety. They’ve never known any of the hardships that are common in other places and times, but all those mental circuits are still there, ready at any moment. So now sciurophobia exists.


        Back in the 19th century squirrels were often kept as pets. Folks in Eric’s neck of the woods would consume them as a source of protein. Now they’re basically just a pleasant annoyance for most. But for some people stuck in their own personal hell, they are a terror that must be dealt with.

        • Tree Rats are the spawn of Lucifer. Jihad I declared after we had a clan/tribe decide to target our attic and invade. Oh they caused as much damage as they could and we were woke every morning to their scampering feet overhead, but we endured! I visited Hell upon their kind until now only a few remain on the property.
          A doe looked up from eating whatever it is deer seem to like near the pines in my back yard and asked me the other day “We’re still good right?”
          Pretty sure she sees the madness in my eyes.

          • Hi Manse,

            For me, it’s moles… I probably have hundreds, if not thousands, of these burrowing beasties underneath my lawn. They have made mowing it fun and gardening all-but-hopeless (hence the greenhouse-in-process). I’d nuke them if I could but then I’d have no lawn, either!

      • Even when I was a young and very healthy young man, I remember having a couple of flu episodes that were quite serious. Taking a week to start getting better, with symptoms persisting for a month. Never thought anything about it other than “that really sucked”. Party because of the propaganda, and partly because of the outrageous actions of our Sociopaths In Charge, half the people are on the edge of hysteria at all times. Which compromises their immune system. So now a common cold IS serious, and is likely to produce a positive test as well. Poor suckers.

      • Thanks Eric for the reply.

        What I notice personally is what you pointed to: People are freaking out about their physical illnesses, when in a previous era you’d just ride it out and try to handle it without stressing. I was a bit disappointed with my daughter who milked it for all its worth, calling all her friends, having them bring her food and run errands. My wife said that she noticed the extra level of freakout and worry, as well as the anger of being inconvenienced.

        It actually has caused my wife to plan a sit-down with daughter to tell her to buck up, and remind her of extreme privations that my wife previously experienced in her life. Kids these days mostly haven’t been through the school of hard knocks.

        Also, am seeing previously stalwart people buckling under and getting jabbed, in the face of people near them getting sick. It is really pushing everybody’s buttons.

        This really calls on our inner resolve to get right with god or the creator or higher power. This is a spiritual battle and I am feeling so good about myself in my path of resistance. I’m not getting sick right now despite lots of close-in folks dealing with the coof. Do I have some spiritual armor that I hadn’t known about?

    • Interesting that so many seem to be coming down with colds/pneumonia this time of year. I now know of a mother (70’s) and daughter (50’s) who both got sick recently and “tested positive.” Mother was in ICU. Of course, our church must meet to determine what next steps to take (/sarc), since they were both in services on Sunday.

      I say, pray that they receive ivermectin. I believe both also were jabbed.

      I know another 70ish lady who I know was jabbed, also recently “had co[n]vid” (after the jab, of course). She is fine.

      Not sure what is happening. I don’t believe in convid, as the PCR is not a test nor indicator of illness nor infection. But there is something very strange going on. Perhaps dual fronts, e.g., a real bioweapon being launched, coupled with a parallel phony “pandemic,” characterized by falsehoods beginning with the PCR, phony treatment protocols, the supercharging via the jabs, and withholding of cheap and helpful meds/information on Vit D, zinc, etc.

      • Hi Anon,

        Part of what is going on is uncertainty – so as to keep everyone on edge and anxious. Conflicting/constantly changing information – designed to erode any sense of stability and to undermine trust in information, from all sources. This is done to paralyze people and make them wish for something – anything – that will just stop it and restore peace to their lives. Even at the price of giving up all control over their lives.

        • Agreed. This is a psy-op intended to break the will of each and every person worldwide. It must be met with a firm resolve.

          None of my immediate family is jabbed, nor intend to. The con-jab is a scam, intended to harm the willing victim.

          My course of action has been to ignore/debunk all info., whether from the media, friends/acquaintances, politicians, etc., and it is not hard to do. It just requires persistence and a firm belief in what I know to be true. The FDA, CDC, NIH, and many other sources actually contain the truth, but they continually contradict themselves publicly and with the assistance of the media, bureaucrats, politicians, sheep, etc. It is not even important to me that I get anyone to agree, just that I know what is right and continue to walk in the truth. I have peace about it.

          Haven’t been jabbed, haven’t been sick. In over a year. Son recently recovered from fever, sore throat, etc., just fine with a couple of doses of ivermectin. No testing, tracking, nor jabbing required. (None of the rest of the household even had a sniffle.)


      • My bride had viral pneumonia several weeks ago; it made my heart sink. Two years ago she was diagnosed with a neurological disease that’s essentially a death sentence. Pneumonia, UTIs, everything else is exacerbated by the disease. Upon the onset of coronocrazy we said we’re not living in fear & to hell with those who do. In her case life is literally too short to waste on weaponized hypochondria.

      • We’re still getting colds and flu because of all the super sanitation and isolation inflicted upon us. Herd immunity mechanically delayed, and immune systems compromised. Which would also explain why hospitalizations are high. Apparently, the “experts” and ” officials” are determined to make this last as long as possible, and increase the severity. Either intentionally evil, or just plain stupid. Medicine stopped being a service long ago. Now it’s an industry.

        • That makes sense. All of the hyper-sanitization, even if we aren’t ourselves doing anything differently, could create weakened immunity in a considerable segment of the population.

          On a different note, I have noticed in my area that NO ONE uses the curbside pickup designated spaces for any of the stores. I have seen NO ONE doing this since the “mask mandates” were lifted. Funny how, when given the choice, people prefer to go inside to interact in air-conditioned environments, or choose the drive thru as they have always done.

  8. Supreme Court turned down an appeal of the students who challenged their university’s vaccine mandate. New Trump appointee Barrett made the call.

    More and more cities across the country are adopting the vaccine passport. Now Los Angeles and New Orleans. More will follow. It goes unchallenged. The courts wouldn’t stop it anyway. People will all just fall in line, like there’s nothing they can or should do about it. At least the French, who Amerikan tough guys like to poke fun at, are out there doing something.

    What is the infringement that people of this failed nation won’t accept? Not to mention that no one is asking for any of this.

    Thank you, fellow countrymen, for being a bunch of blood thirsty pussies. For being easily manipulated fools. For hating freedom and those who loved freedom. For destroying everyone else’s future. I hope you like it when they come for you, though I’m sure you will continue to be too selfish and stupid to notice.

    • Hi BAC,

      Amen. Land of the free? Home of the brave? Who can say either without sounding like a fool? I do not say there are no brave Americans; I know for a fact there are. But America is afflicted by poltroonery, the herd instinct that characterized the old Soviet Union and every other authoritarian system that has ever existed. What distinguishes America, though, is the delusional-dissonant braying about “freedom,” especially as emanates from the “conservative” crowd. This is often attended by a bloodthirstiness for war, provided it is fought by others and so long as no bombs are dropped upon us.

    • If I’m not mistaken, and I could be, SCOTUS won’t hear a case until there is damage done. Mandating vaccination does not incur damage, until the vaccination begins. But I wouldn’t hold out any hope they would act then either. In fact, I would stay the hell away from the SCOTUS, and initiate civil damage suits in local courts. If the SCOTUS makes a decision its binding across the nation. Of course that can’t happen either until there’s damage, as in adverse events.

      • The Supremes can and will sweep aside claims. Look into Riegel v. Medtronic, decided in 2008. Medtronic was accused of making a defective heart catheter and the plaintiff sued under state liability law. SCOTUS ruled existing federal rules on medical devices overrode state laws, so no recovery for the plaintiff. And this decision was a precedent that prevents future claims against many medical companies in state courts.

  9. Click on the link Eric provided at the start. Then scroll down to the Summary. In the second sentence they admit there is NO “empirical evidence” as to what, if any, impact these measures will have. They’re wanting to set up the structure and do this while admitting they haven’t a clue as to the outcome. Well, I think any rational person knows what the outcome will be.

  10. I’m 67. I have an autoimmune disease. They could prove to me these vaccines actually were “safe and effective”, and I would STILL refuse to take one if told I had to. Violently if necessary. I will not kneel. Not for my life. I’ve already given in far too much to lesser non-COVID “orders”.

  11. It’s interesting that you mention “concentrating” people for two reasons, Eric. First, Cuomo killed 15,000 elderly by concentrating them in nursing homes where they contracted, rather than avoided, COVID. But he didn’t lose his job for that… he lost it because he “offended” some women.

    Second, the analogy of the concentration of the Jews in National Socialist Germany is very apt, but probably not for the reason you think it is. In point of fact most of the camp deaths were caused by infectious diseases, particularly typhus, which claimed the life of the celebrated Anne Frank, for instance. (Now, I am certainly not going to deny that the Germans were guilty of extrajudicial killing of Jews, and they may have even gassed some, but in no way did they gas six million). The spread of disease and malnutrition in the camps as the Germans were losing the war was the chief cause of death.

    The point being that any attempt to quarantine or incarcerate the unvaxxed will likely have a similar effect, creating a real-life Catch-22: you either take the vaxx, or you get “concentrated” by the government into a situation where you are more likely to contract some form of communicable disease, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy for the government and the COVID neurotics…

  12. The Biden Regime and Dr. Death (Fauci) have been working hand-in-glove with major corporations to force the poison on the population. So where the government can’t force, it has enlisted companies to force. I unfortunately am starting to see the employer that I work for building up to the jab or your job. The CEO has fallen in line with BLM (millions donated) and the “equity” bullshit and will soon fall in line with the forced or else jabs. The plant manager is no better being eat up with leftist theology and constantly panics over the CASES with advisory emails. I’ve already made up my mind to tell them to ‘ef off, they can fire me. My health is more valuable than anything they can ever pay!

  13. Some nutcase professor in California was arrested for arson and is suspected of causing the Dixie fire. Might want to make other decisions, re-arrange priorities. Caused plenty of damage, but it’s California, so it is normal stuff out there.

    On a sunny day in the forest under dry conditions, a magnifying glass is all you need. If you choose to be a firebug, if you get caught, there are consequences. Don’t need no stinkin’ gas.

    Just don’t do it, you won’t get caught. You won’t fix stupid, no matter how educated.

    Firefighters are just lying around doing nothing, put them to work, all emergency services in full gear.

    Insurance companies aren’t happy.

    All because some dumbass shithead arsonized the place.

    Dumbass nonpareil. Good riddance, nobody will care.

    How it all begins:

    “The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it. Power is what all messiahs really seek: not the chance to serve. This is true even of the pious brethren who carry the gospel to foreign parts.”

    ― H.L. Mencken, Minority Report


    The Holy Religion of Science goes all vaccinepapers, please.

    Jabs über alles!

    Snafu! Fubar!

    From 2:30 am to 3:30 am, approximately, if the sky is crystal clear, the Milky Way is stellar. Also some satellites can be spotted, the smoke haze was a good mile high, so there has not been as many clear night skies. Pegasus is in the southern sky at those times, Venus and Mars are out there.

    Some crazed notion that a tenth planet is going to crash into the earth and wreak havoc is the latest rumor.

    Holy Cow! We’re all gonna die!

    There is no gravity, the earth sucks.

    Flip flop it never stops.

  14. Unlesd uncle has enough forces to take everyone by surprise at once i kind of see this playing out really badly. That first wave of souls will either go meekly or fight bravely and die quickly out numbered 20 to 1. That 2nd and 3rd wave will organize quickly and start to put up resistance. Small at first but ever growing . That is when things will turn ugly for everyone. I pray this does not happen but the more you hear the hypochondriacs talk, the more this looks like an already smoldering powder keg with one side willing to douse the flames and the other firing roman candles into the smoke.

    • Nothing like what you describe ever happened in the Soviet Union, where they had decades of rolling mass arrests. Solzhenitsyn describes the process in great detail. He calls it the Great Game of Solitaire, where political prisoners are processed according to a very precise manner, comprising sprawling convoys and rail systems, and then endlessly shuttled and shuffled throughout the Gulag Archipelago.

      You know what the “second and third waves” of victims did after the “first wave” of arrests?

      They kept doing their jobs, and going to work, struggling to pay the bills and feed their families, until the day that the NKGB came to pick them up too. The fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth waves did precisely the same, as did every subsequent wave, for decades.

      People don’t organize to fight back in real life. That’s Hollywood fantasy. Human nature is timid and short-sighted. There is no powder keg, or bunker of figurative fireworks ready to burst. There are only terrified people. Some terrified of a “virus”; some terrified of the government. Some just terrified for their tentative livelihoods and fragile economic comfort. All of them far too scared to “organize” or “resist” or “rebel.” Also, too busy making ends meet.

      • Excellent point, and unfortunately I agree. Americans like to talk a good game about our Founders and our revolutionary heritage, but in reality Washington et. al. were considered traitors and criminals by the Crown. They would have been found guilty of capital crimes and hung had they lost.

        The American Revolution was a one-off, world-historic, almost miraculous event. In point of fact if some guy today proposed we all start shooting the King’s troops, I can guarantee you the first people to turn him in would be the flag-waving, Pledge-reciting, cop-worshipping “conservatives” who are still deluded into thinking that they live in the “freest country in the world.”

        It is truly a grim irony that the Imperial, troops-in-the-street, chain-link-fenced hive where our overlords and their drooling, senile puppet live is named after a man who would have rallied common men to engage in guerilla warfare against it.

        • Meh. Washington was just an agent of an elite clique, with Freemasonic backing, who used propagandized plebs as pawns in what was essentially an internecine squabble of Anglo aristocrats over a burgeoning tax fiefdom.

          King George was not a menace to the plebs–he was merely inconvenient to the revolutionaries, who fancied themselves suitable oligarchs, and rightfully entitled to the booty, bounty, and limitless tax-plunder of the New World. It was a war of opportunism–not a true reaction to tyranny, in any reasonable sense.

          What the whole world is in now is, like the Soviet Union, true, untrammeled tyranny. Real tyranny, like that of the Soviets or the Nazis, have historically only been neutralized by an outside, countervailing force. (Usually, when viewed independently, those outside forces are also characterized by ruthlessness and efficiently authoritarian, hierarchical structures, which despite its rhetoric, yes, the United States under FDR and the CIA cabal that ran the Reagan-Bush era, was.) The tyrannies were never toppled by a disenfranchised internal dissident movement. The White Rose is barely a footnote, as is any of the systematically liquidated factions of revolutionary Russia.

      • People won’t organize…. Till they see no other choice. We are not the soviets, and people here seem to hold on to some of those revolutionary tendencies. I look at the bundy ranch issue where the hussien blm had to back down because they could not outgun their opponents. I don’t think all is lost yet i think we put up wit a hell of a lot because we would rather live in peace. Backs against the wall many will choose to resist.

        • The political prisoners under the Soviets were by and large genuine hard men. Actual, literal revolutionaries who had just finished fighting brutal wars of attrition from the Revolutions to the World Wars.

          You think Current-Year Gaymericans have “held on to some revolutionary tendencies” from the 1770s that makes them more formidable than war-hardened actual revolutionaries?

            • That’s a big part of why this Agenda is being overwhelmingly implemented through bureaucracy, rather than martial enforcement. They can just whittle refuseniks down with fines and administrative penalties, systematically marginalizing and using touches torture to wear us down and starve us out. It’s more of a siege operation than an assault.

              The Rulers’ mentality is, “Our policies can remain irrational longer than you can remain nourished.”

      • FP,
        Perhaps the most succinct description of the current situation I have read to date!

        Being retired, I’m heading to the Dominican Republic in the very near future to simply unplug from the Matrix.
        I will pick up some cool land already “agriculturally seeded”, along the near north coast ( Puerto Plata area) within a year or so.( 6.5 Teras=1 acre)
        Two reasons I am doing this:
        1) I think the US has gone insane. e.g.
        White people are banned from TV commercials?????
        -SAT and entrance examinations are kaput???
        -60% of the US population is “White” and you mindlessly swallow this Woke abject nonsense???
        – The Billionaire class does not need most of us anymore.

        2) I’m simply finding more comprehensively brainwashed fellow tellurians in my local area ( and the infection rate of (NEW head CASES!!!!!)) appears to being overrunning the remainder of civil society..the country formerly known as USA is now , “Stupidlandia”
        the calculated divisiveness is simply too expensive in the USA for ALL the Horseshit you have to pay for.

        Therefore I will simply devolve to my Caribbean hideout …as long as it lasts…Watch for the Aholes to start “Germing” money handling next.

        Good Luck…you will need it.


  15. The elites are steamrolling now. Between the Red China virus, phony IPCC climate propaganda, and police-state pork in the “infrastructure” bills being pushed by Senile Joe, they’re coming for us, and fast. The more pressure they put on though the more I’ll resist. No Holy Jab here, not going along with this crap, no way, nohow. Push comes to shove they’re going to have to kill me to “save” my poor old “at risk” ass. Hopefully if it comes to that I’ll be able to take some of the bastards with me. (Gordon Liddy had some sage advice on that score.)

  16. the global birth rate is already below replacement and has been for decades

    attrition kicks in to gear in the 2040s

    the population will decline 25% each generation (18-20 years) thereafter ‘naturally’

    of course the corralling of the remaining populace will be well underway as agenda 2050 phase of A21 will be half way complete

  17. Eric,

    You might find this Daily Mail article of interest! The military has approved the use of 11 bases in proximity to major US airports. You can read about it here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7992909/amp/Military-approves-11-COVID-19-quarantine-camps-1-000-people-major-airports.html?__twitter_impression=true

    The closest major airport for me is Newark, NJ. I don’t know the geography of all areas of the country well enough to comment on all the bases, but I was stationed in Pearl Harbor and San Diego; I know the geography of NJ and surrounding areas; I know the geography of Oahu; and I know the geography of Soutthern CA. Pearl Harbor and Hickam are near HNL; Hickam is right next door! OTOH, JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst isn’t that close to EWR; it’s over an hour away and up to 2 hours, depending on what part of the base you’re talking about. The same applies to March AFB, which is 1-2 hours away from LAX.

    JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst is spread over hundreds of thousands of acres in southern NJ. You have LakehurstNaval Air Station on the east; Fort Dix is just west of Lakehurst; and in the middle of Fort Dix is McGuire AFB. McGuire is in the mddle of Fort Dix because it started out as Fort Dix Army Air Force Base in WWII. Anyway, depending on which base you go to, you’re talking over an hour’s drive from EWR-assuming there’s no traffic! As one who used to work as a chauffeur in and out of EWR, that’s a generous assumption!

    Again, as someone who grew up in NJ and drove professionally there, I can tell you that there are plenty of places to quarantine sick people that are a lot closer to EWR than Lakehurst Naval Air Center, McGuire AFB, or Fort Dix! Why does one have to transport people so far away? Lakehurst is almost on the edge of the NJ Pine Barrens, and Fort Dix is smack in the middle of ’em. Much of Fort Dix is in the woods-literally.

    I just did a Google Maps search on how much time it would take to travel from LAX to March AFB. It’s OVER TWO HOURS! Why do those needing quarantine need to be transported so far, when there are other available facilities (e.g. hotels) much nearer to LAX?

    Again, I can’t comment on all 11 bases, as I don’t personally know the geography of the areas. I do know three of them though. The question that pops up in my mind concerning two of them is: why is it necessary to transport people so far from the major US airport? Is it to imprison them? Fort Dix would be a splendid place to imprison people. It’s big; it’s in the middle of nowhere; and there was a prison already on the base!

    Those are my disjointed ramblings and thoughts on this. I find recent develoments rather OMINOUS! Oh, if you go to the CDC page on “shielding” and click on the footnotes (1 and 2 come to mind), it’ll take you to a pdf document that discusses all the physical characteristics in more detail. I’d encourage everyone to click the footnoted item, and to read the pdf. Those are my thoughts…

    • > LAX to March AFB. It’s OVER TWO HOURS!
      March is much closer to ONT than it is to LAX.

      Where I live, Corona, ZIP Code 92882 in western Riverside County, most of the public school yards would make excellent open air detention facilities, as they are enclosed by tall and sturdy iron fences. The school children are growing up behind bars. All that is missing are the guard towers, which could be quickly erected of timber framing.

      ONT is about thirty minutes via auto from Corona, as is MARB, formerly MAFB.
      MAFB formerly based B-52s, and later, KC-135s.
      Chino airport can accommodate jets as large as 727, and is nearby both CIM Chino and CIW Frontera.

  18. These “promulgated guidelines” were late updated in July 2020, when Covid mania/mask hysteria was at its peak. Hopefully, they’ve since been relegated to the dustbin where they belong.

    • This was going to be my comment but you beat me to it.

      To be fair to the Communist Dictatorial Center, I can see they may have been planning for a worst case scenario. If it were ever to be implemented, I think the plans would have to be quickly modified.

    • RE: “These “promulgated guidelines” were late updated in July 2020”

      What does that mean?

      Are you saying this TN bit is old news? Or, something like that?

      I find myself always questioning info from Natural News these days, with a Big grain of salt. I seem to recall a number of times… ah, well, it doesn’t matter. What matters is, what actually happens. Eh?

      I did hear about the recent parent/teacher/school board dust up, some sparks flew there, it seems. Turning the tables on the bastards, is what I heard. Idk.
      I suspect/hope we’ll see more of that going forward.

      … “What they are attempting to do is scare as many of the herd past that point of hesitancy before the whole thing is shut down,” says Clif High.

      … The CV19 jabs will never be approved. …

      This is a bluster. They are doing exactly what they did with the ‘get vaxed or get fired’ as they did with the ‘door to door’ campaign. This I know because of the nature of the linguistics that I run at its core for the emotional tension value of the data. I can tell you right now there is more mass and more energy in words that are anti-Covid vax than there are words and energy that are pro-Covid vax.” …


    • Ya. They’re going to intern 130/150 million people in camps. 11 camps, near the airports. Uh huh. When I first got interested in libertarianism and alt-media, there were guys like Dave Hodges and sites like “ before it’s news” that predicted some version of the FEMA or concentration camps things almost weekly. After the fifth or sixth time, I stopped paying attention. AJ does the same thing at infowars periodically but I still pay attention over there to half of what he says. Recently, he was saying Biden was gonna declare federal lockdown on 8/11. Nothing happened. On to the next thing…

      For some positive thoughts on things, have you seen this?


      • Hatteraszek,

        I took a quick gander at that Lew Rockwell piece, and I have a problem with it. They say that The Holy Jab won’t get full FDA approval, and I CALL BULLSHIT! I wish it were true, but I don’t see the FDA backing down at this point. The FDA has too much invested; they have to approve it. Two, as beholden to Big Pharma as the FDA is, they can’t walk back the jab now. Three, the FDA is so corrupt that it’s already borken its own rules WRT The Holy Jab. Exhibit A is the EUA. An EUA isn’t supposed to be issued unless there’s nothing else available to treat X; even though there are proven treatments for COVID, the FDA still issued the EUA anyway. No, the FDA will approve The Holy Jab; it’s only a question of when, not if, at this point.

        • I agree, Mark –

          The FDA will approve the “vaccines,” this being critically necessary to mandated them by law as well as psychologically. Approval will be used to attempt to undermined the opposition to experimental “vaccines” and to legitimize their imposition. It matters not that they are both unnecessary and ineffective (for the stated purpose). What matters is that the precedent be set and cemented.

          • Maybe. Maybe not. I see the issue as possibly of a piece with “mandates” for things like diapers and passports vs. actual laws passed by duly elected legislatures. TPTB are actively staying in legal gray areas to attempt to ward off legal challenges through normal procedures. We’ve been living under the “emergency law” here in NC for 15 months now. Could it go on forever? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe they don’t feel the need to codify all the unconstitutional behavior into actual law. Just like the Feds might not feel the need to actually approve the jab.

          • The FDA’s act of approval will discredit them completely. There is no way to hide from the fact they approved a vaccine with no long term testing. They are guilty of numerous crimes, well hidden crimes. This one won’t be. I have no doubt they will do so anyway.

  19. Because I have a Jewish surname, I will admit that I have always had a latent mistrust of government. Even without facing any overt discrimination, I never felt comfortable in light of what I have heard and read of history (not just 20th century). I wondered if (when) our family would receive a knock on the door and be taken away…

    Now, being a “dissenter”, those unnerving thoughts from childhood are making their way into my consciousness again. The difference is, I am prepared to fight. Maybe those childhood fears created in me a kind of resolve. I am resisting every mandate, diktat, decree, “recommendation,” “executive order,” and all tyranny by any other name.

    This is, to me, a spiritual battle, to be won only by those who do not waver.

    • Amen, Anon –

      I have made my decision. While I will do all I can to avoid confrontation – and want nothing more than to be let alone and to let other alone – I will fight, if the fight comes to me. We must all decide what we will do if – when – we are faced with this horrible decision.

    • As a man with native American blood coursing through his veins, I too know too much about past atrocities to ever trust anyone in government who proclaims to have my best interests at heart. For now, I consider myself lucky to live in Oklahoma (where, ironically, my ancestors where forcibly relocated), where sanity mostly still reigns (excepting the larger cities).

      I have made my decision also.

      “I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest.”

      • You identified the real problem, government. The government has done things I wish it hadn’t done and still does things I do not wish it to do. It has always done so. It simply robs me of my earnings and does what it wishes.

        If your ancestors are Cherokee, dunno if sanity is always the case. The only place I was forced to diaper in the recent past was bordering a Cherokee res in NC. The forced diapering reminded me of the South Park episode about SARS blankets. I dunno if it was a decree of the res to diaper but I was treated as if I needed removal to a far away place none the less.

  20. “Die Ungeimpften sind unser Unglück.” Where have we seen that before?

    (Hint: replace “Ungeimpften” (unvaccinated) with “Juden” and see what results turn up in a search.)

    Am I comparing the Branch Covidians to Nazis? You’re goddamn right I’m comparing them to Nazis. If the shoe fits…


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