Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Video Rant: A Tale of Two Bikes

Here is a quick look at the two bikes BW just left with me for a couple of weeks. One is the new 1600 B "bagger" - which is my kind...

Buick Invicta, 1959–1963

One of Buick's greatest early Dreadnoughts was the short-lived but extremely memorable Invicta series, which made its debut in 1959 as the replacement for the Century. The unusual name derives from the...

When to Say When?

How many vehicles is too many vehicles? I've got a working answer, based on experience: When you start having trouble keeping up with them. The other day I was out in the shed...

Another Measure of How We’ve Been Gypped (and Fooled)

Before I write a new car review, I like to do some background research - which helps provide context and hopefully makes the published review informative. Well, I found some interesting...

The Stinker: 1978–1985 Cadillac Seville Diesel

As the second energy crisis in a decade kidney-punched an inflation-addled nation, several automakers began to eye the diesel engine as a way to attract customers interested in high-mileage vehicles. The...

Retro Review: 1980-’81 Z28 Camaro

Arguably, the best second-generation Z28s were the first - and the last. While the Z's sister car - Pontiac's Trans-Am - rose to the occasion several times during the lowest points of...

Why Are New Motorcycle Sales in Freefall?

Harley sales are in free-fall - down 9.3 percent in the U.S. for the first fiscal quarter that ended this summer - amounting to losses of $258.9 million. The company has...

Bye-bye New Beetle

Turns out the second time's not the charm. VW's New Beetle only lasted 12 years in production (2010 will be the final year; 1998 was the first year). Though it arguably can be...

Mustang SVO, 1984-1986

Trying to keep the performance flame flickering in the late '70s wasn't easy. Big-cube, high-powered V-8s had been all but outlawed. Only a handful of smallblocks were still gimping along, their...

Classic Car “Accessories”

Last weekend I took my old Pontiac to a car show. It's a pretty reliable beast given it's pushing 40 years old. But it is pushing 40 years old and stuff...
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