They’re Coming for Bikes Next . . .

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Most people who ride motorcycles do it because they want to. A motorcycle is – usually – not the primary instrument of transportation. It is what the rider uses when he doesn’t have to drive.

In other words, it’s for the fun of it.

But what fun will it be when riding a bike is like driving a car? More precisely, a modern car – embedded with an array of “advanced driver assistance technologies” that put the driver in the back seat?

That put the car in charge of the drive?

Those who follow this column already know all about it. “Technologies” that are marketed as providing “assistance” are in fact designed to exert control. To overrule the driver and – in time – to replace him as the driver.

To turn him into a passenger.

This controlling isn’t total – yet. But that is clearly the eventual goal. They are merely acclimating the driving public to being controlled, little-by-little. Just as the public got acclimated, little-by-little, to the transition of the right to travel unmolested into a conditional privilege, dependent upon the traveler’s acquiescence to serial and arbitrary molestation. As for example at roadblocks that force every traveler on the road to prove they aren’t “drunk” – and are all buckled up – before they are allowed to proceed. As at airports, where free people used to be able to freely travel. Now they must queue up for admittance, in the manner of the just-arrested being processed. Stand here. Raise your arms. Cue the patting down.


Those younger than 30 will not remember a time when the controllers had to have a reason – other than you just being on the road – to stop you. And interrogate you. When you could board a flight at the last minute, with a cup of coffee you bought outside the airport and without being subjected to degrading invasions of your person and personal belongings. Not to “keep you safe”- but to use “safety” to control you.

The same principle is being elaborated in cars by embedding it in cars. You need assistance to steer and brake; also to drive no faster than the speed limit. You are not allowed to do certain things with what you – amusingly – consider to be your car. Try listening to the radio while reversing. Try reversing with the driver’s door open.

Try driving without buckling up.   


That’s not just coming, it’s already here. It is an inevitable elaboration of what’s already been accepted. That being the relentless pestering to “buckle up.” The “technology” that assaults you with loud and relentless ding! ding! dinging! until you relent – and buckle up.

Soon, the ding! ding! dinging! will be supplanted by the car not moving. Until you do buckle up.

And it will stop moving – come 2026 – when you attempt to control the car in ways contrary to the way the controllers demand. This assertion of control – by you – will be framed (is being framed) as impaired driving. The naive may be believe the term will apply only to those impaired by alcohol. In fact, it will encompass any driving that the controllers characterize as impaired, just the same as it is already “impaired” to have the slightest amount amount of alcohol in your system if you’re not at least 21.

“Impairment” will be expanded to encompass such violations as passing slower traffic – which often entails driving faster than the speed limit and driving in a manner that will be characterized as aggressive  . . . which will become synonymous with impaired.

Just wait.

But car drivers are already used to such conditioning as it has been embedded in cars for at least a decade now, to one degree or another – and much farther back, if you include controlling technologies such as anti-lock brakes and traction/stability control. Note that none of these assistance technologies are optional – that is to say, features people who feel the need for them are free to buy, while those who don’t are equally free to not buy them.

Everyone is forced to buy them  – because every new vehicle comes standard with them. This is not because everyone – or even most everyone – desires them.

Consider the implications . . .

Bikers ought to.

Because motorcycles are next.

They are the last (largely) uncontrolled form of transportation that’s still available brand-new. This includes more than just riding them. Motorcycles aren’t – yet – electronic devices serviceable only by the dealer, who “services” by replacing failed electronic components. But that will change, too, as the same “technology” already embedded in new cars is embedded in bikes.

And some of it already is.

Most bikes excepting a few entry level models offer ABS, for instance. Most mid-priced and and up bikes come standard with it – along with other “technologies,” such as traction and stability control. As in cars, such features have their uses. That is not the issue, however – just as it never was with regard to cars.

The issue is whether bikers will be free to opt out. Put another way, will they be free to choose not to buy these “technologies”? And will they be free to turn them off? Not partially – but all the way off, if they wish?

The controllers’ answer will be – of course not. That would be unsafe. It is the same answer given car buyers who didn’t want to buy a new car without ABS, traction/stability control and the latest-generation of advanced “technologies” – such as forcible steering (and acceleration and braking) intervention.

Will riders be as passively acceptance of such “assistance”?

It’s doubtful – one hopes – because riders (unlike drivers) are a less passive bunch. They ride because they want to be in control; it is the main point of riding. Take that away and what remains is – essentially – just sitting, as in a car. With the breeze in your hair, perhaps. Assuming you can feel it underneath the helmet most riders are already forced to wear, also for “safety.”

Try to imagine a bike that balances itself. That can’t be dropped. BMW displayed just such a prototype not long ago. Imagine a bike that won’t wheelie. That won’t let you slide the rear tire – either by “excessive” throttle or braking. One that takes almost no skill to ride, that replaces the rider’s judgment with . . . programming. Here’s an interesting – and depressing – article that goes into alarming detail about what the controllers are planning.

It makes one want to just take the bus, doesn’t it?

And that’s just exactly what the controllers want.

. . .

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  1. I ride and learned to ride bikes where the main CPU was YOU, not a computer. To this day I can modulate both brakes faster and better manually than by any anti lock braking system, regardless of road camber and surface conditions. It has nothing to do with being a superior rider, it’s just how I learned. In fact I don’t ride ABS motorcycles because thier mode of braking is dangerous to me because my muscle memory is based on brain use, not computers. I’ve heard many berating tirades by so-called safety experts (whose livelihood depends on them shilling the latest “safety” items).. I instead just keep on practicing/honing the skills that work best for me.

    • Ditto, Bob!

      Same here. One develops a feel – whatever you want to call it – for a purely mechanical bike that is lost when electronics take over functions such as braking (as well as acceleration; many new bikes have programmed throttle control that works with the ABS to limit front end lift and rear traction loss).

      I can walk up stairs by myself, too!

  2. Yes i remember what flying was like before 9/11. It was so nice not to have to take off your shoes and be treated like a criminal but a customer. I never had the feeling I do today about dirty airports, like you need a shower after having been at one or suffering surly flight attendants like the old female flight attendant who berated everyone on our flight to San Diego that she would have the pilot turn the plane around if one more person pulled their mask down. All this scanning, smirking TSA will they let me through or will they go through my bag? Young people today will never know this unless they fly private. My friends who smugly advise to “just buy global entry and you can avoid the lines and scanning” yes after you provide every itty bitty detail anout yourself and pay a fee. And yet I do not feel one bit safer today than 25 years ago.

    • Hi RS,

      Yup. And we’re not “safer.” We’re in far more danger … from the terrorist who are the government. I point out to people who object to that the fact that Security Theater is absent from private aviation. You do not have to submit to a TSA battery of your person nor perform various idiotic and degrading rituals. You just board your private/chartered plane and go, like we all used to be able to. Well then, if this Security Theater at commercial airports isn’t theater, why does it not go on at the general aviation terminal? Are the “terrorists” too poor to be able to afford to charter a private jet?

  3. I’ve been thinking about getting a new Honda XR650L mostly due to things that this article points out. I don’t even particularly like dualsports as a sportbike/woods bike enjoyer but the fact this thing is still sold brandnew is amazing. It’s basically the same bike they sold 30 years ago. I’d actually put it to good use with how bad some of the roads are getting.

    They already got the KLR650… it’s FI’d now and weighs as much as a supersport literbike. Figure it’s only a matter of time for the big XR.

    • Being air cooled always seemed to me to be the better option,… unless you spend a lot of time idling in heavy traffic, then, KLR.

      I used to look at getting a Honda as well. I never had the extra money for it though, and the used ones around here always had a high price tag.

      The other reason I didn’t buy one: Winter.

      • Hi Helot,

        One of the best – most fun, least hassle – bikes I’ve ever owned was a Honda XL250 dual sport. It was unstoppable. It was cheap. And I had a ball riding it. Air cooled single. As simple as a lawn mower.

    • Hi DeadNuts,

      I say go for it. I’ve owned Honda dual sports and they’re superlative – if what you are after is a very low maintenance, extremely reliable bike that you can beat the snot out of and it just won’t break. And if you somehow manage to, you will be able to fix it.

  4. “Safety, safety, safety.” It’s all we hear now. All “safety” means, is what’s legal today, will be illegal tomorrow. And once all the boomers, gen-x’ers, and maybe even us millennials are gone, life will be reduced to a mere spectator event, where the remaining pansies simply watch the elite have all the fun, all from the comfort of their “smart” gadgets.

    • Hi Blue,

      There’s a movie called Elysium, that shows where we’re headed. A binary society in which the vast majority are poor and enserfed and the tiny minority that has everything. That is the necessary end result of us “owning nothing.” Because they will then own everything.

  5. Peter Gabriel sung about “Games without Frontiers” and we get offered bikes that don’t fall over. Sounds like a bad deal to me as I can see that gadget will cost a fortune to fix once it breaks.

    • Hi Landru,

      Learning to maintain balance is one of the most fundamental skills a new rider learns to develop. A bike that does not require this learning means a rider who will be in trouble when the “technology” glitches. A boat in the ocean is a fine thing; being able to swim even more so.

    • Bryan,

      Given that the author of that piece of garbage compared people who refuse to get an EV with those who refused to “Take a vaccine to protect themselves”, they could have easily written a similar article about “Anti-vaxxers” who refused to be part of that mass vaccination experiment that has turned out not only to be a massive failure but very profitable for Pfizer & Moderna.

    • An, “EV Revolution”?

      …A thought I had: so stuck, on stupid. …&, so stupid, it’s ain’t even funny.

      …A mom at the gas pumps, making notice of the high price, saying stuff. I replied, “They’re gonna ruin us all.”

      “They are.” She said.

  6. The control group going after the bikes….a fun bunch….

    New movie…

    Killers of the Flower Moon

    See the feemasons in action….

    The old pharaoh kings are now…..the globalists….The Swiss/davos/templars/freemason/vatican/banksters/ control group at the top….which includes the WEF, the BIS, the U.N., NATO….which are part of their machine….

    the templars are the military wing, the freemasons are the political wing, the vatican is the religious wing, the financial wing is the swiss banks, they are the banksters….they invented banks and fiat money

    • The pharaohs had their feudal king with slaves system from 4000 BC to 30 BC….at least back then the slaves knew they were slaves…it wasn`t hidden…..

      the slaves today are so brainwashed…stupid they aren`t even aware they are slaves….it makes it difficult to have a slave revolt…

      “The best slave is the one who thinks he is free”
      — Johann von Goethe

    • the globalists….The Swiss/davos/templars/freemason/vatican/banksters/ control group at the top….which includes the WEF, the BIS, the U.N., NATO

      ….their goal is worldwide communism…..

  7. Don’t think we can escape this unfortunately. Much like the smartphone, they package the “cool” stuff with the control functions too. I’m a fan of technology but it can (and will) be massively abused. Tesla is very far out front in this regard.

    Self-driving is a -very- helpful feature on long road trips for instance. So long as it can be toggled at driver will then its nice to have. But I’m guessing there will be a day when as Eric is pointing out you are ‘impaired’ and will be forced to sit passively while the car nanny drives you either home or to the local police station.

    This is not science fiction BTW, it exists –today–. There is a scene in the movie Minority Report with Tom Cruise where he is being chased by the police on an automated ‘future’ highway. Once they ID what vehicle he is riding in the car basically takes over and starts to deliver him to the cops autonomously.

    We are building that capability and infrastructure right now. Teslas can be disabled remotely anywhere there is cellular signal available. They can also be driven by the same method through remote commands. Do they currently do it? No, but the capability exists. When you take a Tesla to a dealer they need no key from you, the minute it gets within a few hundred meters of the ‘geo-fence’ system they can remotely open, start, shut off, and basically operate the car.

    Other manufacturers are also taking note of these nifty control mechanisms and so it won’t be long before all cars operate like that.

    Tesla has a camera INSIDE the car watching you at all times. You could cover it up or disable it, yes, but it automatically shuts off many systems in the vehicle to ‘punish’ you for not being compliant. Teslas also send a -massive- amount of telemetry data back to Tesla at all times. Far more than any other car, there is a 3rd party app that allows you to view and also fiddle this data to some extent.

    But its alarming how much of it is sent. Not just the typical cellphone tracking staff like GPS location, how long you were at location, what route you took, etc. but very specific info like real time speed, average speed, high and low speed. Braking force, lateral G-force, overall G-force, avg distance between you and other cars, etc etc. Anything you do in the car is basically sent bac to Tesla for… reasons.

  8. Here’s a little life pro tip:

    Never try to tell a biker what to do or where to go, unless you are suicidal.

    Hey, that gives me an idea: Maybe we can 5150 these morons on the grounds that they are a danger to themselves and others.

  9. The current Harley is a 2018 Road King. Windshield only so no fairing which means no screen, no stereo, no distractions. It came with ABS which knowing what I know now, would have skipped. Requires a every two year trip to the dealer for brake fluid flush including the ABS module that you cannot activate at home thus the trip to the dealer. Skip the flush? That ABS module can fail and I’ve heard of “no brakes” as a result. Hydraulic clutch too, although recent years they went back to cable clutch so that’s a step forward in my opinion.

    The good? EFI it runs perfect cold to hot. True tap up/down cruise control is a big plus on long runs. The bad? There’s a lot of wiring, sensors, connections that will age out. Buddy’s 2011 spent months at the dealer sorting out a misfire limping engine. Fractured sensor wire, throttle sensor, and a new MAP sensor finally back to normal.

    Keep your old cars and now your old motorcycles too!

    • Yeah: I have a 2000 Dyna, and got it expressly b/c it was the last year of the carburetor! All I did to it was carb jets, new ignition black box and pipes. Runs great! It has been the most reliable bike I have ever had.

      • Yes, “gravity always gets you home”. My last Road King was carb, and of course Harleys with a carb = no fuel pump. I also replaced the vacuum fuel valve with a manual old school, one less thing to fail. Watch your tank lining for flaking mine did it at year 12.

  10. Hell’s Angels won’t be buying new motorcycles.

    Motorcycles aren’t even motorcycles, just scooters.

    Won’t be worth riding. You’ll be driven to distraction.

    The roads to Sturgis in August always result in motorcycles colliding with other vehicles which inevitably leads to a number of deaths on the highway.

    Hunter Thompson spoke to students at a local college back in 1970 or so, don’t remember why I was there, heard Hunter was going to speak, so was there too. Hard to understand what he was talking about, he was speaking so fast, couldn’t comprehend what in the world he was blathering about, somewhat incoherent, but I probably wasn’t listening.

    Never have forgotten the statement he made about everyone needing an internal passport to travel between states. That I did hear, must have been listening at that moment.

    Cars you can’t drive, motorcycles tethered to all and sundry to the digital chains shackling your ability to go. Freaking pain in the neck, constantly.

    Are we there yet?

    • “I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.” — Hunter S Thompson


      “My central memory of that time seems to hang on one or five or maybe forty nights—or very early mornings—when I left the Fillmore half-crazy and, instead of going home, aimed the big 650 Lightning across the Bay Bridge at a hundred miles an hour wearing L. L. Bean shorts and a Butte sheepherder’s jacket … booming through the Treasure Island tunnel at the lights of Oakland and Berkeley and Richmond, not quite sure which turn-off to take when I got to the other end (always stalling at the toll-gate, too twisted to find neutral while I fumbled for change) … but being absolutely certain that no matter which way I went I would come to a place where people were just as high and wild as I was.”

      Make mescaline, not war. Oh, and FJB!

      • The dybbuk that possesses Satanyahu’s despicable, foul mind can’t be erased nor exorcised. Too bad, such a waste of a human mind, Ben can’t do anything else, indoctrinated and brainwashed, Bibi’s mind will wane to a vestigial shriveled useless appendix.

        Waxing philosophic one more time.

        Jean Piaget, the child psychologist, the originator, studied infants to puberty, when first encountered Noam Chomsky, was not impressed. Noam Chomsky in the beginning had no known academic credentials.

        All recorded on video way back when when there was something to see on recorded video 3 hours in length.

        • REW: “when there was something to see on recorded video 3 hours in length.”

          …Care to fill us in?

          …A short version. If you would.

          Dunno why I’m curious to know.

          • helot:

            There is or was a television broadcast company named World TV, it aired through satellite feeds, had a satellite receiver back in those days. You could subscribe to a few channels, not the whole package.

            You did have a choice. You can’t have a population of consumers paying six dollars per month for the channels they choose to have! Are you nuts? They can pay for it all. How you run the bidness.

            Probably 1998 or so, it was a program that aired in the middle of the night and actually was more than four hours in length.

            I have a copy of Noam’s published book “Psycholinguistics”.

            Noam is a bullshitter non-pariel.

            You asked, here’s an answer.

  11. I am so very, very glad my car does not “ding” for the thrice-damned seatbelt. I still get a red light, but at least it doesn’t ding.

    The console is a sealed unit so I can’t even go in a remove the red light. Nor can I disconnect the seatbelt sensor without tripping the airbag alarms.

    It seems my 2003 car is the newest I’ll be buying, ever.

    • Hi Bob,

      Amen! One of the things I love about my ’02 Nissan pickup is that it has no seatbelt buzzer. A little red light comes on in the dash, easily ignored. People sometimes chasten me for never wearing a seatbelt – which they often say is in my best interests. I say – it’s in my interests to defy being parented by people who are not my parents and who do not have my best interests in mind.

    • My husband has worn out the dingers in several vehicles over the past several years, including the ones in the work vans he drove. If you ignore them long enough, they do wear out! He’s worn the drivers side one out on my 2014 Honda CRV, and also the one on the 2011 Dodge Ram.

      • Sorry….but I died laughing when I read your comment, Lee. It reminded me of a two year old throwing a temper tantrum, and who finally just passes out from exhaustion.

  12. Riding a motorcycle might end up being my last outlaw way of telling these Marxist tyrants to F-off. Do you think the Hells Angles and or Mongols will take a 65-year-old who rides vintage British bikes?

  13. We are still getting used to the nanny tech in the 2016 Jetta which we bought from a family member. Yesterday’s discovery was that just the weight of a sail phone absent mindedly placed on the passenger seat will result in a nasty beeping from the car and the seat belt light activating.

    The one that really bugs me is that the car will not move at first when put into reverse. Put the car into the gear, take the foot off the brake, and the car jolts, beeps, and flashes a message to check the rear view mirror. The only way to get the car to move is to apply the brake briefly and then press the gas pedal.

  14. “ That can’t be dropped.”

    My dad used to say there are two types of riders: those who have dropped the bike, and those who will drop the bike.

    Self-stabilizing bikes may be safe but part of the fun is the risk.

  15. Eh, motorcycles or ATV’s. I think it’s (sort of) a toss up. Of which are there more of? Yes, streetbikes. But what do you think about all the safety stuff coming in large/side-by-side ATV’s? Yes, the cynical answer is, “they’re coming in both”, and you’re not wrong there. Sad. My thinking is streetbikes first, since they have Dept of Transportation regulations applying to them, so that bureaucratic hurdle is already made. Not so for anything off road. But who knows? I know one thing: I put nothing at all past these people.

    Off topic: My MSN newsfeed (yes, sorry about that one…) clickbait says Isr@3l is now patrolling submarines. I am very fearful of the USS G3r@ld R F0rd becoming the next USS L!b3rty!!!!

  16. What are they going to do about Adventure Bikes, arguably the hottest segment at the moment. Part of the their appeal is you can take them off-road, where being able to turn off some of the current nannies are important (and safer!)
    I, once, had to slide the rear around to intentionally lay the bike down to avoid me and it from going over a cliff. My fault for going too fast, but if ABS was on, I’m not so sure it would have ended as well as it did.
    Most higher end adv bikes are coming with a lot of this e-stuff now, but they are all manageable to suit your desires, even custom ‘modes’.
    I have two of these and can turn on-off wheelie control, traction slip percent, etc…. Pretty cool stuff, but also why I was going way too fast in the example above. I have heard of a few ‘accidents’ with damage and riders hurt because of some if this e-stuff (my opinion on why). I’m theorizing that in a similar example to mine above they didn’t know how or couldn’t (abs) lay the bike down on purpose.
    Interesting times ahead. We will vote with our wallets.
    Hopefully not being ‘forced’, or new bikes are done. It’s a pastime, pleasure thing, and most won’t buy one if you can’t enjoy it.
    I recently sold one of these ‘high-tech’ bikes, not because I didn’t like it, but because of it’s inherent un-reliability that is sure to come soon. I am buying a less e-tech bike.

    • Re: offroad

      Slaves will be confined to their 15 min city..prison…walking only….all wilderness will be rewilded…no slaves allowed only…. the .00001% control group marxists will roam free…

      the slaves favorite thing was their cars….the control group marxists are sadists…to knife the slaves in the back…to torture them…. they will ban all ice cars…then all cars…

        • RE: “. they will ban all ice cars…then all cars…”

          RERE: “ChrisIN October 22, 2023 At 10:36 pm
          “Ain’t going to happen in rural america.”

          No doubt. Howevah; If they make gasoline & diesel cost $20 a gal.,… same danged thing, eh?

          End run, run-around?

          • Our society would not be able to function. Even at 10/g it would strain it to epic proportions. Think basics like heat, food, etc…

  17. Oh, you’ll still be able to ride, but only at a Federally Recognized Exception Area (FREA). This will be a private location, perhaps a club owned or rented facility, where you and your pals can engage in “reckless” activity in a safe and controlled enviroment. Away from any possible conflict with other, non-motorcycle riders. This will be necessary because of a few bad actors (who uploaded their poor decisions to YouTube) who, although they didn’t cause any harm to anyone else, might cause harm. Or, perhaps they will encourage others (especially children and terrorists) who might not have the same skill or decision making ability, to perform these acts. Monkey see, monkey do. By cordoning off a “safe space” for you, the DOT is sticking to the letter of the law, you see. Much like the “free speech” zone often seen at political events.

    It can’t happen here, right? Tell that to the model aircraft nerds…

    In case you don’t know, flying model aircraft is an extremely safe hobby. There have been no, as in zero, deaths from civil drones or R/C hobby aircraft, although there have been a few boneheaded air-to-air incidents, none of which were caused by an Academy of Model Aircraft (AMA) member. Yet the FAA and local law enforcers have demanded hastily implemented Remote ID regulations to be rolled out, grounding many aircraft that aren’t worth upgrading at $300 a pop. There are a lot of other issues that I won’t get into here, but suffice to say if the FAA can do it, why not California or the NHTSA? I’m sure there are far more motorcyclists on the road than there are drone and R/C pilots (maybe a fair bit of crossover), but if they can do it for one group (for mostly arbitrary “what if” reasons), why not another?

  18. That little Chevrolet video of a car displaying a message on the instrument panel telling the teenage driver to “Buckle up to shift” is creepy. What are the odds that Pfizer & other vaxx manufacturers will want in on that and make a deal with automobile manufacturers to have them install reminders to drivers to take their latest “vaccines” (for Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety) to drive, particularly once those kill switches become MANDATORY in new cars, using the flimsy argument that people who don’t take the latest “vaccines” are akin to drunk drivers? I don’t know if anyone here has seen it elsewhere, but at the height of COVID jab mania, there have been people who tried to compare drivers who never took that COVID jab with drunk drivers. Such an argument was a flimsy one at best and an out and out LIE at worst.

    • I’m glad(?) to see I’m not the only one who thinks that, “Buckle up to shift” is creepy.

      I’ve tried to get a feel for what it must be like inside the minds of those who think that ad is just super-duper great.

      …I. just. can’t. All I can picture in such a mind is a darkness. Like a Blob. A lifeless, fun-sucking, helicopter parent, Blob. Idk.

      • Hi Helot,

        What makes me want to retch is the kid in the commercial. What teenage boy whose balls have dropped smiles at being prodded by his car to “buckle up”?

        • Good point.

          And, probably why that ad is so creepy.

          Sorta reminds me of Rolf in, ‘The Sound of Music’ ratting out the Von Trapps.

          Couldn’t find the exact scene, but this is a close second when the young girl’s smile fades:

          ‘The Sound Of Music Rolf 2’

          “We make it our business to know EVERYTHING about EVERYONE!”

          • “The Sound of Music” used to air every year on NBC. Not anymore.

            I believe about half of the white population in the US and Western Europe secretly desire to be Rolf.

          • Live in an HOA in Florida and you will meet wannabe Rolfs.

            The irony is that many are miliatary, defenders of our “freedom”, wanting to make a post-discharge score from their off-base housing allowance with at least one primary domicile and a rental or two at previous postings if possible.

            The allowance went up in a huge way this year. Bribery to look the other way on Keeeeev.

              • I doubt many of the current active duty people believe that they receive these perks because they may be asked to die for The Biden Thing and preserving “10% for the Big Guy”.

                • Does anyone, who ever signs up, think this?:

                  “…many of the current active duty people believe that they receive these perks because they may be asked to die for The Biden Thing”

                  …Could you imagine a more worthless reason?

                  I can’t.

                  “to die for The Biden Thing”

      • Hi Helot,

        There’s an uncle of mine from out of state who was visiting earlier this year, and during his visit he was driving a rental car that had a backup camera. Whenever he had the car in reverse, the view of what the backup camera was seeing would pop up on an LCD screen in the middle of the dashboard with a message that said something like “Look around for safety”. Uh, isn’t that what a driver is SUPPOSED to do when they’re backing up? But I suppose some people who drive cars equipped with backup cameras rely solely on the camera instead of their own eyes out of a false sense of security from thinking that all the “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety features” and Nanny State stuff in newer vehicles will do the driving for them.

  19. Things are just a little bit more clear, for me anyway, after watching OffGrid Doug’s take on the happenings in Israel & Gaza & in Hong Kong in 2019:

    ‘No one will Talk about this!…Did You Know?’

    The whole, “It’s a 3000 yr. tribal fight” bit, or, the seemingly neverending comments about, “It’s all Da Joos fault” being spread everywhere are just two small parts of One Big Fat Bamboozlement. O.B.F.B.

    In reality, it’s All a part of the WEFers actions to further their worldwide Power & Control over people. …Just like the safety mantra is also about furthering their Power & Control. …Or, depopulation tactics. …Or, attacks on individuals, families & traditions & livelihoods.

    If something, anything (like bikes) gives you a sense of freedom, they hate it. …& it must be crushed.

    Long live real motorcyclist, everywhere.

  20. All the real bikers I know ride older bikes, no ABS or other bull. I bought my first ever non carb & cable bike a few years ago, and I’ve been riding nearly half a century. If the powers that be mandate that nonsense on bikes I’ll go backward, buy or build an old school monster and put a finger flipping skull where they want the plate. At that point look for me and my boys on the news.

  21. Final paragraph of the ADV Rider article:

    ‘I think we’re already seeing some movement in those directions [more off-road riding], but as always, time will tell.’

    Arrggghh! No editor should publish an article that ends in a clanging cliche — time will tell; c’est la vie; que sera sera; and so on and so forth. Gag me with a spoon …

  22. Governments only do one thing well, and that’s kill people, and they do it VERY well. Ergo, the first thing it should abolish for “safety” is itself.


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