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Zero . . .

Naming an electric scooter a Zero is at least editorially honest. Of course, Zero - the manufacturer of electric scooters - likes to pretend that it's selling motorcycles. And the scooters it...

Why The King Died

No, not Elvis. This old Kawasaki motorcycle I've got sitting in my office. It has a neat little engine of a type you don't see anymore - unless you're in the backyard...

A Not Clover for Once

Here's a video that's proof - if it were needed - that it's not the car (or the truck) that matters. It's who's behind the wheel of the thing. . . ....

The Consequences of Being Politically Incorrect

Well, at least they aren't sending us to camps... yet. That's probably next. One thing does follow another, like dominos. The logic of it being as inexorable, ultimately, as gravitational pull. So I...
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