There Are No Socialists

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It is a mistake to speak of “socialists,” for there are only authoritarians. It is the genius of people who pretend to be “socialists” that they often get people to believe they are.

And aren’t.

These “socialist” leaders invariably live very well – in large homes, of which they typically own several (viz, Barack Obama; viz Bernie Sanders). They have plenty of everything and more than that, which they say others ought not to have. They pretend to believe there is no incongruity there – and hope you believe it, too.

In order that you don’t get angry about it.

“Socialism’s” more virulent variant cloaks this imposed inequality even more adroitly. As a matter of technicality no one owns anything in a “communist” country. The handsome dachas (plural) that Jospeh Stalin lived in were technically Soviet state property. Of course, those who control the state effectively own such property – and are free to make use of it as they like.

The “abolition of private property” (italics added) takes on a new and very different meaning in this scheme of things.

Would a “socialist” – or a “communist” – advocate for either if they, themselves had to abide by its tenets? Will John Kerry surrender the Heinz Ketchup family fortune he married into, ride a bicycle rather than fly in his private jet? Will Barack Obama open his Martha’s Vineyard mansion to the have-nots, so that they will have an equal share of what he has?

Who will eat ze bugs?

And who will continue to eat steak?

It is astounding that everyone knows the answer to these questions yet so many still believe the dissonant lie that there is such as a “socialist” or a “communist.” There are only people who use the lies propounded by those doctrines to appeal to the worst instincts of people who believe they will be getting something for nothing as part of the evil bargain. But the joke is almost always on them, for the same (inverse) reason that it is impossible to cheat an honest man.

Anyone who votes to have someone else’s property taken, so that it can be given (to them, of course) has just voted to have his own property taken. But he is blind to the consequences of his own collectivist cupidity. The “socialist” (and his more direct relation, the “communist”) relies heavily upon this.

What would otherwise be the appeal? Equality of poverty doesn’t sell.

If “socialists” and “communists” were honest and told people: We are going to take everything from everyone – and we’ll be the ones in control of it all. We’ll decide who gets what (and you guess how much of that what the “socialists” and “communists” will retain for their own private use) and your job is to work for it – it is doubtful there would be very many supports of either doctrine.

And that is why they never say it.

Instead, they claim they are “socialists” – and “communists” – with a chutzpah and effrontery (in view of their own well-padded existences) that is so extreme it is hard to believe.

This is probably why so many do not believe it.

Just as many of the people who worked closely with him and knew him on a personal level could not believe that the serial killer Ted Bundy actually was a serial killer. How could it be? He worked at a women’s shelter! He seemed to care so much!

Note the seemed part.

In fact, Bundy did not care. Or rather, he did – but not about women, except insofar as how he would use (and dispose of) them. “Socialists” and “communists” such as Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama – as well as others, such as Joe Biden, who pretend they aren’t but advocate for the policies that putatively define both doctrines – are the political variant of such psychopathy. They are smart enough to not actually kill people themselves. But they are just as eager to use them – and dispose of them – while (like Bundy) pretending to care for them.

At this they all excel. The performance is extremely convincing. Watch an interview with Bundy – and then watch Joe Biden tell you (to your face) that he knew nothing about his son’s business dealings. Listen to John Kerry lecture about your “carbon footprint” as he boards his private jet. Marvel at the evil insincerity of Barack Obama unctuously bray about rising sea levels due to a “climate crisis” brought about by the burning of hydrocarbon fuels – as he repairs to his Martha’s Vineyard estate that sits 100 yards from the sea and that has thousands of pounds of hydrocarbon fuel storage tanks on the property. Which he repairs to via armored V8-powered SUV that is – technically – state property but which he has unlimited use of.

Just like another pretend-believer in “socialism” – Jospeh Stalin – who was similarly chauffeured home in a state-owned private limousine.

Believe it – or not.

. . .

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    • I agree with you that socialism is legalized theft. I don’t understand your contempt toward women which seems to be pretty prevalent in your posts. Little kids? What the hell have children done that they are deemed parasites? They have no say on how the world is today.

    • Morning, Jack!

      In re Rand: If I am remembering correctly, she (rightly) subsumed all these “isms” under collectivism – which is necessarily coercive. It is functionally meaningless whether the individual is subordinated to “the people” – or the race – of whatever the collective is. The key element is his subordination. This requires force, of course.

      • Yes, the government – regardless of what kind it says it is – has a monopoly on the use of force. You the citizen is disarmed – not allowed to resist the cops – and thus at it’s mercy.

        This is exactly what is going on in Israhell. The natives are disarmed and at the mercy of the state, which uses force against the citizen, for the objective of genocide, and the Palestinians are not allowed to resist. Yesterday, Israel told the released Palestinians they were not allowed to celebrate their release with their families. Israel also shot 2 of the released inmates during the exchange of prisoners.

        So a freedom fighting group is formed and armed and uses military force against the illegal occupiers, and the occupiers calls that resistance to it’s tyranny “terrorists”. It is an inversion of reality, the real terrorists are the Israelis stealing and brutally lording over the natives.

        Those people who believe in the State’s monopoly on the use of force side with Israel. Who are these people? Christian Evangelists indoctrinated in Bible memes about the all powerful God Jehovah who demands total obedience. In the minds of these god-state-power worshippers, the resistance to the all powerful state is equivalent to resistance to the all powerful God. God and State are indistiguisable. And the Bible even says God appoints your rulers so to obey them is to obey God.

        Thus many Christians are actually worshipping State power. They are commanded to vote and obey the military draft. And since the Jews control so many Christian nations, what is really going on is that the Jews play god and command Christian white boys to die in their wars of aggression.

        The Trump/Biden/Obama administrations are packed full of Jews in all the high level cabinet positions, who act in solidarity with Israel, or with their installed puppet the Jew Zelensky. Thus, to understand why we even have these wars, you must examine how Jews have taken over the state, and how Christians willingly obey these monsters.

        Basically the Zionists control all the western nation states and the Christians are the willing dumb mules who march off to Jews wars as cannon fodder. Christians are owned, because the believe in a Jew savior, Jesus, who like all the other Bible characters is fiction. The twelve apostles are the 12 houses of the Zodiac. Jesus is the sun god, the son of god given a personality, and pasted into a sun god myth.

        In the Ukraine Jew bloodletting, 500,000 dead white Christians boys (no Jews were sent to the front line), 2.3 million wounded, and 14 million fled in terror from the gay Jew demon Zelensky and his totalitarian rule. Ukraine is now a bombed out shit hole, a failed state, and the US Gov is keeping it alive, even paying for all the pensions. Zelensky now has 7 chalets, having become a billionaire while grifting all the war money, as well as the Bidens who got kickbacks.

        These wars are all being caused by Bible beliefs. It is belief in the Bible claims of God and covenant with Abraham that all these Jews went back to Palestine to take the land God gave them – which is ridiculous because the Bible is a literary hoax, Abraham never existed, it is a fictional character lifted from Hindu mythology, Brahma – who married his sister Saraswati. Abraham married his sister Sarah. See this:

        The Abrahamic religions, including Mormonism, are all a fail, because Abraham never existed. He is a fictional character in a rewritten Hindu mythological pantheon. No Abraham means no Covenant and no land deal from Jehovah.

        No Abraham also means no King David bloodline to Jesus. No Abraham also means no fire breathing sky god who judges man, and thus no need of salvation or the Jew man Jesus who undoes the father’s wrath.

        People ought to read Joseph Atwill’s ‘Caesar’s Messiah’, and Shlomo Sands ‘Invention of the Jewish People”

        Atwill explains and proves the whole Christ narrative was written by Rome, the 3 year Jesus ministry is the encoded 3 year military campaign of Titus. When Jesus starts his ministry at the Sea of Galilee, and made fishers of men, was really Titus in a battle with the rebel Jews, who chased them into the sea and fished them out.

        Sands is professor emeritus at Tel Aviv, and puts to rest the Bible myths of King David. For the last two centuries the world has searched the holy land for King David’s kingdom and found zilch. Nota single coin, artwork, anything. That is because he did not exist, David is derived from the Dravidians – a people in the south of India.

        The Apocalypse is the great unveiling at the end of the age, where we all come out of the religious spell holding our minds in slavery. As Bible beliefs fall away Klaus and his gang of technocrats want to sweep us up in a transhuman future, were we merge with machines and eventually disappear.

        First they take your car Eric, then they take any remaining freedom, then they take your body and your soul. The end game is totally absorption into Borg Hive.

    • Home sales fell to a 13-year low in October as prices rose

      From link:

      Tight supply kept pressure under prices. The median price of an existing home sold in October was $391,800, an increase of 3.4% from a year ago ($378,800). Prices rose in all regions of the country. These annual price increases have been getting larger for four straight months. Roughly 28% of homes sold above list price.

  1. The pic of Obama is at his mansion at Martha’s Vineyard, his latest sea level purchase.

    Get that address and go to a mapping service and you can get the exact elevation.

    I blogged about back when he bought it. Obongo lectured us about climate change AND SEA LEVEL RISE from runaway global warming.

    Uh huh. Then he bought a several million dollar mansion at sea level. I can only scratch my head why, you mean … he doesn’t believe his own rhetoric? LOL

  2. I’ve argued the old quote of ‘control is the important part of ownership’ to communists numerous times. They fail to grasp it deliberately and will argue around it pretending that isn’t an issue. That the collective won’t have self-serving management. It’s really quite a sight to get an internet communist on the ropes like that. Eventually it becomes an argument of new communist man. The magical people who will sacrifice for everyone else and not only keep doing it with no reward but won’t use it to steal either. It’s hillarious.

  3. All political people are Terrorists…ALL of them. They are parasite…Murderers thieves and vandals that demand others live for them. Literal Terrorists.

    Submit to Allah, or die.
    Submit to the State, or die.

    Whats the difference?

    • I completely agree, religion and state demand total obedience, and in fact the chruch beget the state.

      Man invents God, man says God is sovereign, then man says you must obey God, he has 10 commandments, like thou shall not kill.

      With the God meme lodged in everyone’s brain the belief evolves into the church, and the church rules like God, and the Priest says, he is the intermeaditary to God, so you have to obey whatever the priest says. The priest has rivals over the hill in the next valley, so the priest says, God commands you to go over the hill and kill them all, except keep the children as slaves, and take their women, who have not known sex, as your wives.

      Soon this God-Priest scam evolves further, now their are warlords with kingdoms, so the priest now says God has appointed the King, and does a fancy coronation ceremony to prove it and puts a fancy crown with jewels on the kings head.

      So then it evolves more, the God-Priest-King scam becomes a nation, many princes and lords are unified into one rule, and after the American and French revolutions, the Republic is born, and now the it’s the State, and they have a right to rule, because of the vote. And the state, now edges out the church, but keeps all of the functions, like the court, the cleric becomes the court clerk. And the state says you must kill the people over the other side of the ocean, because they did something, but really it was a false flag, but no matter, and everyone who believes in the Bible and thou shall not kill is now killing for the state, and getting fancy medals and parades.

      And none of it was ever true. No man has any authority over another and never did. It was all a lie to get power. And that catechism was replaced by public schooling, and that vote, well they cheat and just put in the psychopath who will war for them, the bankers.

      • Years ago I was in London with my girlfriend and stopped at a Burger King. I got her a paper crown and put it on her head and declared her Queen of England. We realized after just a little while that that “coronation ceremony” was just as legitimate as any other.

        • Hi Jim,

          Yup! The only difference is your girlfriend lacked the power to make everyone else pay for her crown. Authoritarianism is a strange business, isn’t it?

          • It’s good work if you can get it…it requires a retarded citizenry and some pretty ruthless, cunning, and relentless BS artists. She did wear it in the tower of london. Everyone there was so disrespectful.

          • Wearing of a “crown”, whether paper, iron, or gold…big deal. I’d rather exercise “LA Droite de Seigneur” as did Mel Brooks’ version of Louis “Sez-You” (Seize, Frog for “sixteenth”) in “History of the World, Part I.

            It’s “good” to be da King!

      • Sapiens are still a primitive species that still worship external authority. Until that changes, we will all be terrorized by politico-bankster terrorist organizations. More Redpills needed! maybe we can ask Pfizer to make them! LOL.

        • Hi QG,

          Years ago, I read about Chimps vs. Bonobos. The latter are also Chimps but different, both in appearance and behavior. They are not aggressive and settle their differences through negotiation rather than violence. I sometimes whether homo sapiens is similarly divergent…

            • Watched a satellite video of three chimpanzees chasing a monkey through the treetops in Africa. Two chimps were flanking the monkey while the third chimpanzee was in chase from the middle. Don’t know how it ended, but the chimpanzees were pursuing the monkey balls to the wall. Had to be infrared footage.

              A chimpanzee was a test animal at a Mayo Clinic research facility in Rochester, Minnesota; he was behind bars. It was a tour of the facility by fellow college students, a fact-finding trip, I guess.

              After a few minutes in the room, everyone turned to leave for another research area, the chimpanzee jumped to the steel bars which were caging him so he couldn’t escape, the chimp was ready to deal with the crisis. har

              A soldier in Vietnam shared his lunch with an orangutan while out hunting Vietcong, on the third day, the orangutan wanted all of the soldier’s lunch. The infantryman balked, got the snot slapped out him by the orangutan and the orangutan got all of his lunch.

              Still have to make an effort to have a free lunch.

              An orangutan will spit right at you and then take action.

              There was a big glob of spit on the glass right in front of me at a zoo, have to keep the orangutan from spitting at and on people. What the glass is for.

              Orangutans will become indignant if not treated fairly.

              Have disdain for humans.

              Humans are animals, too, you know.

              They just deny it, always do.

    • Actually, Progressing to mass starvation, aka, Communism.

      Socialism doesn’t end when you run out of other peoples money…The central bank counterfeiters can print all the money they want at zero cost. Socialism ends when there is nothing left to steal…and then everyone starves to death. Socialism is just legalized theft.

  4. It’s pretty simple why leftists are authoritarians. You can’t have leftism without it. Our nature is to work to better our own lives, those of our families, and maybe those of our friends or local community, that’s it. A working, productive person doesn’t think about bombing brown people half a world away, or whether the tools he uses emit too much plant food into the air. Taking their labor to do that requires force.

    I think about this a lot, having grown up in communist Poland in poverty without running water or reliable electricity. We had the standard communist regime; everyone was poor, our infrastructure, built earlier, was in terrible shape, and each generation had it worse, as whatever wealth left behind by prior generations was consumed. Society, where wealth isn’t created, consumes what it’s got and falls into a survival horror where the only functioning economy is the black market (aka, the free market). We’d have starved without black markets, but the risk was, that people would get unlucky and get caught and punished for circumventing the non-functional, communist economy.

    We came to the US as political refugees in the early 1980’s, and the culture shock was hard to describe. Where we came from a bleak world of shortage, cold, and no color (everything was concrete gray). When you’re poor, you don’t have the spare resources for paint, or even maintenance. The US was this vibrant country, where someone could work and reap the rewards. My parents worked their fingers to the bone, but managed to buy a home in a few years. I got my first job at ten years old (God bless 1980’s NYC), and felt so empowered by that. I managed get a good education, and when I went to college, at an Ivy League, I’m ashamed to admit, it was possible for a moneyless immigrant only half familiar with English to put himself through college while working nights. It was grueling, but now I’m successful.

    If a young person with $100 to their name shows up in the US today, what are their prospects? If they’re a hard worker, it’s still possible to succeed, but the winds are against them. The barrier to being hired is far higher because of the minimum wage, which is your only competitive offer when you’re unskilled. You can’t get your first job and experience work until you’re 18, because the risk is far too high, and tons of people have a disdain for manual labor. The cost of a house is so divorced from income, that the notion of owning a home isn’t in the cards, and the cost of an education is also uneconomical. Some very specialized degrees, like electrical engineering, or computer science, are still a huge net-positive for your life, but not everyone can get one of those, and other scientific fields aren’t economical anymore either, it’s crazy.

    We got into this situation since I’ve come to the US on the back of politicians promising cheaper health care, cheaper education, affordable homes, “living wages”, etc. Every single thing they’ve attempted resulted in the opposite of the stated outcome, because each of these things is actually making the market less free, less competitive and a step in the authoritarian direction and towards a centrally planned economy, which has been proven to be impossible.

    I’ve discussed this with many friends, they nod and smile, and then vote for more authoritarianism. Living in the very left leaning SF Bay Area, my friends are now hoping that Newsom runs for president, because they actually like and support the guy, while Biden is no longer cool enough, but they’ll still vote for him, because a Republican would take away abortions, and libertarians would result in the whole world being like Mad Max.

    • Your perspective is always interesting, OppositeLock.

      While reading this part, “Where we came from a bleak world of shortage, cold, and no color (everything was concrete gray)” I couldn’t help but think of the fairly recent paint color/scheme change of the McDonald’s here, gray & bleak looking, like a prison,… or a Communist ideal?

      The vivid colors, all gone. …A sort of predictive programming of the Plandemic/Technocratic world, I suppose. ?

    • Your anecdotes like this are the kind of thing that need to be broadcast widely, to young people especially. Your comment about our (human) nature is spot on. Jeffrey Tucker had an excellent piece titled “what is anarcho-capitalism?” On 0hedge the other day.

      In he notes:

      Many anarchists of the socialist left have made similar observations but Rothbard’s spin was one of an analytical prediction concerning what would take the place of the state in its absence. Rothbard said that a society without a state would not be a community governed by perfect sharing of resources and egalitarian sameness, much less some magical elevation beyond human nature, as the left-utopians said. Rather, it would be one of ownership, commerce, the division of labor, investment, private courts, stock markets, private ownership of capital, and all the rest. In other words, a free economy would thrive more than ever without the state, and we would see an ordered liberty brought to its highest possible level of realization.

      FWIW, years ago, I had a secretary, an older woman of European descent who grew up in British Guyana in the 50s and early 60s. She told me stories about how the communist insurgents vying for control around the time of independence from Britain considered her family and others like them “colonizers.” When they took power they literally stole everything from her and the other Europeans and murdered her father in front of her in the middle of the night. Many other men were killed like this. She escaped to America with female relatives and just the shirt on her back. She hated socialism and communism with a passion and was bewildered by how so many Americans were sleepwalking towards them or downright embracing them. In so many words she said communists will kill you, either fast or slow, if you oppose them or for any reason they come up with.

    • I drove from Nuremberg to Berlin in 1991. The border was down but you knew where it was because the scenery turned from pastel color to shades of grey. I will never forget that.

      • Here is the kind of place that people who managed to get an apartment lived:

        You have to wait like 20 years to get a unit in one of these apartments, but you didn’t pay anything for it, except for the HOA-style fee to maintain common areas once you got one.

        The rest of us lived in villages outside the cities. The houses looked quite rustic and varied, not like those apartment blocks, but we weren’t connected to any kind of infrastructure. Electricity came in the late 1970’s, but wasn’t reliable, then once communism collapsed in 1989, the water mains arrived in 1990, sewer service sometime around 1995, and trash collection maybe around 1998. Unlike the US, it’s funded locally and not via property taxes; if you want it, you’re paying for the service. The government could never deliver utilities so quickly.

    • Work, it makes you free! Maybe not at the concentration camp, you are there not by choice, sorry.

      I was an employee for a furniture company, you traveled around in a sales region to deliver appliances and furniture. A co-worker drove the 3/4 ton GMC with a flatbed. The damn dumb fool sped the truck to 105 mph.

      Made me nervous, but I was a hapless fool along for the ride. Don’t want to die at 19 years of age. You’re very vulnerable at times, people don’t think.

      A job has some serious risks at times.

      The co-worker did die in a car accident, didn’t surprise me one bit.

      Buy Benjamin Moore paints, they have never used lead in their paints.

      Benjamin Moore covers the world.

      Lots of pinks and oranges in the evening sky after sunset.

      Flying Colors was a band from Saskatoon up there in Manitoba.

      Did a heckuva job on Savoy Truffle by the Beatles.

  5. A government large enough to give you what you want is also large enough to take everything from you.
    Observe the infant in Great Britain whose “health system” would not allow him to travel out of the country for alternative medical treatments. Despite incurring no costs to the government “health system”, the bureaucrats refused to allow the infant to leave the country.

    • I suspect that All the phone companies do this, not just AT&T.

      From your link:”…there is no law requiring AT&T to store decades’ worth of Americans’ call records for law enforcement purposes. In fact, AT&T has been voluntarily cooperating with the authorities and even training them on how to use the program.”

      …Now, why would they be doing this in the absence of a law? Could it be, for the money? Or,…who owns the phone companies? The same power hungry people who own the mainstream media outlets?

      Remember this video, from The Before Times?:

      …Such a tangle, of spider webs.

      • Dont kid yourself.
        This thing in my left hand is DEFINITELY more a tracking device than the metal tag on a dogs collar ot the tag in a cattles ear.

    • Problem is, all the networks share circuits with each other. AT&T, along with the former baby Bells, own all the long-haul fiber networks in the country. As long as they “share” with anyone who wants access (and can extend their network to the point of presence (POP)) they can use the network.

      As long as the cost of leasing is at least a penny cheaper than building out your own network, it will make business sense. These days most of the big ISPs like Comcast lease out optical wavelengths instead of active circuits but once the fiber is in an AT&T facility they can do whatever they want.

      Recall room 641A, where the NSA taps the undersea cable termination in SFO.

      Problem is, electronic communication somehow falls into the same category of privacy as speaking to someone in a restaurant or on a sidewalk. You have no assumption of privacy. This lets the ISPs and phone companies off the hook (no pun intended) for anyone listening in to your call, like in the old days of party lines.

  6. There are primary psychopaths and secondary. Primaries experience some form of trauma during birth (from what I recall), whereas secondary psychopaths become psychopathic in their behavior because of the environment they work in and their close association with others exhibiting psychopathic behavior (think of anyone who works for the government).

  7. Ted Bundy was a fast rising nascent Young Republican.

    You can’t continue your sordid business of killing forever, you will eventually die and the killing spree will be over.

    Tuesday is Fry Day – words on the poster displayed outside the prison the day Ted was given a jolt or two of electric wizardry

  8. Kerry met Teresa Heinz at an Earth Day rally in 1990. One year later (almost to the day), Senator John Heinz is killed in a freak general aviation disaster. John, being the only heir to the vast catchup and pickle empire, left the whole company to Teresa and his children. Many believe John was on the short list for future Republican presidential nominees due to his popularity in a largely democratic state.

    There’s a lot of coincidences in Washington DC.

    • Heinz is now part of Kraft Heinz, the largest single stockholder in that listing being Capo Gecko, another one of his partially-owned rackets even though he has considerable influence on decision making.

      The Gecko engineered buying the Heinz company in 2013 with 3G Capital and then merged the firm with portions of Kraft’s product lines to create Kraft Heinz.

      • It’s a big club and we ain’t in it.

        That same club is the one they use to metaphorically beat us over the head with when they tell us what to believe.

        -George Carlin.

      • After voting against the congressional authorization for the war in Iraq on October 11, 2002, amidst a tight election, Wellstone is said to have told his wife, “I just cost myself the election.” That he did!

        You know a politician has been whacked when they throw a big, nationally-televised memorial service afterwards and talk about his death as such a great and tragic loss.

  9. The US is a mixture of all socialist wings. Of course we like to pretend we are Capitalist but that ended decades ago. Real Capitalists like Eli Whitney and Henry Ford no longer exist. They made America great and did so without governments interference. Those type of entrepreneurs today are indoctrinated that only government and government money can produce the things needed by society in sufficient numbers where all people can afford the product at a low price. Government management Doesn’t, never has and never will work. Today government is destroying all that capitalism achieved. The supply chains are being purposely broken, printing volumes of money, wage inflation combine to jack prices so high that only the wealthy can afford. Their theft of our earnings via taxes, fees and what have you only serve to exacerbate an already bad situation for the us commoners. Joe Biden has already tripled his wealth,,, Obama went into office a pauper and came out as a multimillionaire. These are called… clues of the never ending raping of our societies. We are living the horrors of past civilizations. Now they are down to eliminating our cars, cooking and heating appliances and have intentions of feeding us insects like they do cattle, pigs, and other livestock. Not only that but they want to eliminate most of us with their weaponized medical system and their wars. In Ukraine for example children, older adults and women now man the front lines. Worse, our government is forcing them to go to younger and older conscripts while simultaneously feeding Israel the tools and protection needed to genocide Palestinians. All for a canal to the Red Sea and offshore oil. Wars are almost always to steal someone’s wealth.

    We seem to accept all this and more apparently with a ‘ignore it and it might go away’ philosophy . No,,, it’ll only worsen to a point where it may be impossible to change/stop it.

  10. Some death row inmates linger in Florida for decades, but even the Dems knew that Bundy needed to be strapped into Old Sprarky, the state’s electric chair (I’m not kidding about the name) as soon as possible after conviction lest he pull off some appeal and escape his sentence on a technicality. A retrial would have been problematic given Bundy’s charm.

    Not well known outside of Florida is that Jim Cramer, John Corzine media chore boy and close personal friend of Elliott Spitzer, first rose to fame covering the Ted Bundy trial as a newly minted Harvard grad working for the Tallahassee paper back in the 70s.

  11. What we have in numerous Western governments today is not just AUTHORITARIANS, but TECHNOCRATS pushing the technocratic agenda from the likes of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, etc., disguised as “Saving the planet” or “Improving humanity”. There are a lot of wolves out there disguised as sheep, and many of them are politicians, bureaucrats, or CEOs of largr corporations pushing DIE or ESG.

    • The wolves you refer to, and not just western, are Psychopaths, just like Bundy. They care only about themselves, and will do ANYTHING to maintain their privilege, and satisfy their desires. However criminal they may be. They are apparently becoming more and more common in both governments and corporations, which are essentially the same thing. Which is why there has never been “good” government, never will be. They are a perfect environment for psychopaths. Any delusion of such is exactly that, a delusion. However small they may start, they will grow as more and more psychopaths flock to them.
      All economies are capitalist. It’s just a question of who controls the capital. Those who create it, or those who steal it. Governments create none, but are very adept at stealing it, and convincing you it’s for your own good. No wonder Jefferson recommended tearing it down every 20 years or so and starting over.


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