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Legal Tender… Except When It’s Not

It still says, "legal tender for all debts, public and private" - but it's becoming clear the powers-that-be would much prefer you used something else. Besides cash money, that is. Increasingly, they...

Another Way EVs Will Cost Us

Lost in the fatuous fake news juggernaut about the supposed misdeeds of the relentlessly besieged Orange Man has been real - and important news - about the longest nationwide strike by...

Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 04/04/2023

Here's the audio of this week's talk with my friend Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah. We talked about the Look! A squirrel! doings of today as...

Riding Dirty Daydreams

Lately I have been giving serious thought to "riding dirty" - without insurance. Just cancelling all of it. The savings would be considerable - equivalent to eliminating my monthly electric bill as...

Horses for Courses

A team of miniature ponies jacked up on 'roids might be able to get the Budweiser wagon moving - but probably not for long. And it probably wouldn't be good for...

Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show 10/6/22

Here's the audio of this week's talk with my friend Bill Meyer over ay KMED Radio in Oregon! We got into the effect of scarce (and expensive) money on EeeeeeeVeeeeees, as...

It Begins

If you saw into the floor joists holding up your house, eventually, something bad is going to happen. This by way of analogy may help to explain the recent murders of a...

“Authentic, Uplifting Campaigns”

It used to be considered derogatory to suggest black people had different, race-specific likes and dislikes about cars, as cars were once upon a time just cars - just as we...

Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 12/1/20

Here's the audio of my weekly chat with Bryan Hyde, who hosts the Bryan Hyde Show in Oregon! We talked about wishful thinking - hopefully not - and the state of...

Taking When They’re Not Selling

Ford wants to build a new $5.6 billion EV battery plant - Blue Oval City - in Tennessee. It has every right to lose as much of its own money as...
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