Saturday, June 3, 2023
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The Best Reviews Money Can Buy

Car journalists aren’t supposed to be car salesmen. Or at least - if they are - they have an obligation to tell you they are. Else you might think their reviews aren’t...

Uncle Again . . . or Me for a Change?

Ever get tired of being mulcted? Yeah, me too. So I decided to stop being mulcted . . . at least a little bit. And decided to spend some of my...

Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 7/9/19

Here's the audio of my talk with Bryan Hyde - host of the Loving Liberty podcast - earlier today. I'll be on KMED with Bill Meyer tomorrow at 9:35!

When “Assistance” Stops “Assisting” …

Almost every new car comes standard with various driver "assistance" technology such as Brake Assist, Lane Keep Assist and Park Assist. New forms of "assistance" propagate with each new model year...

Atlas Shrugging

It may be that Atlas is beginning to shrug. You remember Atlas. The mythical giant who struggles to support the world on his mighty shoulders. One day, his strength gives out. Or his...

Proletarianizing the Populace via “Mobility as a Service”

Toyota just announced it would be “investing” $500 million in Uber, the ride-sharing service, to further development of “autonomous” - that is, automated - vehicles and “mobility as a service.” The reason...

The All-American Camaro… 66 percent of it, at least

Well, this is going to get me in trouble with the "buy American" crowd, but I can't help myself. What could be more American than a Camaro? It's both a Chevrolet and...

A Tale of Two Bishops

Well, technically, one bishop and a cardinal. But the point made by both - separated in time by more than 80 years but nonetheless contemporaneous in righteousness - is the same. The...

Latest Radio: New American w/Veronika Kyrylenko

Here's the audio - and video! - of my talk about EeeeeeeeVeeeeees the other day with Veronika Kyrylenko, senior editor over the New American! . . . If you like what you've found...

Back Door For “Real” ID

You may have thought - hoped - you could dodge the creepy "real" ID driver's license the feds have been pushing since the terrorists who hate us for our freedoms gave...
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