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Interest on What I “Owe”

Well, I just got my "second reminder" about my "shared responsibility" payment - which I have not paid and do not intend to pay. The letter states that " . ....

One Pic Says it All

Here's a picture that tells a story. It's a snapshot of Prince Harry and his new bride, Meghan Markle, heading off to wherever creaosan tax feeders head off to in a classic...

“Creating Jobs”

Both candidates for the consulship of America entreated the electorate with fulsome promises that "jobs would be created" by them once (s)elected. This goes unremarked - or worse, openly cheered. Yet...

The Red Queen Rules

One of the truly scary things about living in The Homeland, as it is officially styled nowadays, is that you are subject to punishment prior to conviction. Merely to be accused...

Do Away With Dealers?

Did you know it's illegal to buy a new car from the manufacturer? That's right. In most states (48 states) so-called direct-buys are unlawful by statute. It is a crime to not...

Diaper Report 12/29/2022

"There is no study in the world," says Dr. Ashish Jha, who is the Biden Thing's Coronavirus Response Coordinator, that "masks work that well." But wear them anyhow - all the time. "When...

Latest Radio: Real News With David Knight 03/07/2023

Here's the audio of my talk yesterday with David Knight! We talked about the EV as the vehicle for getting us out of vehicles (and into "freedom cities," perhaps) the decline...

Dealing with the Depression of Sickness Psychosis

It is easy to get down when it seems that almost everyone you see looks sick. When society is ill - and you feel hopeless about it. This happens to me, regularly....

Passivity in Motion

Here's a look at the result of 50 years-plus of "defensive" driving inculcation. Of the acceptance of the premise that taking any decisive action behind the wheel of a car -...

Badge Funging

You used to be able to easily tell a Ford from a Chevy from a BMW from a Subaru. Now it's becoming hard to know whether what you're talking about has...
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