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Drives Me Up The Wall

Some people are mad at GM (and Chrysler) over the bailout bucks. I'm not happy about that, either. But lately, I'm mad at Ford - which bequeathed unto us the idiot...

One Third as Far

Scientific American has made an astounding discovery about vehicles that aren't capable of being driven very far because they don't go very far - and take a palsifyingly long time to...

Ear Tag Update

My ear tags are a hit! So far, all of the responses have been positive - smiles and chuckles and open comments in the affirmative. I take this as good news,...

Diaper Report 7/21/21

Some good news to report today. Yesterday, I was able to see my mom for the first time in more than a year. The doors to the prison for the elderly...

Gas Tax Gouging

Imagine a 40 percent tax on food - or some other essential. People would be out in the streets. Such a tax would be two things that Americans generally don't like - disproportionate...

“Vaccines” as Palliatives

Now that "vaccines" have been redefined as palliatives - they "help protect" rather than confer immunity - how long will it be before new "vaccines" are trotted out that "help protect"...

Cart Before Electric Horse

Here is an interesting statement from an auto industry kahuna, Michael Sprague - who is North American Director of Lincoln, Ford's luxury division: "We’ve got to keep evolving,” he told the trade publication...


Government is nonsense and force - assembled in either order. Those mandatory "safety" inspections most of us are forced to deal with every year, for instance. The presumption underlying them is, of course,...

The Reformation Begins?

It took a few hundred years for the volk to tire sufficiently of the corruption of the Catholic Church - political popes and cash-for-indulgences (i.e., hand over some money and all...

Like Cordwood

The old lady in the iconic Wendy's commercial used to screech Where's the Beef? Well, where are the bodies? Of not-elderly/otherwise-healthy people stacking up like cordwood. I drove by my local hospital yesterday...
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