Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Ford’s Boondoggling It Up, Too

GM has been criticized - rightly - for boondoggling it up at taxpayers' expense. For "investing" - on someone else's dime, taken from them by force, it always bears repeating -...

We Can’t Drive 55 – Even Though 75 (or Faster) is Legal Again

Americans' love affair with the car may be headed for divorce court, according to a survey done by the Pew Research Center. It found that the number of people who still...

Esurance Is Watching You . . Or Soon Will Be

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo just signed off on a "plan" (you know there's trouble brewing whenever a control freak politician announces he has a "plan") touted as a way to "discourage"...

The Elon Exemption Passes

Colorado just passed a new law specially designed to advantage Elon Musk, Rivian and anyone else "selling" electric cars. They will be permitted to "sell" them directly to "buyers" (in air...

Thrown Under the Driverless Bus

You have heard the expression: He threw me under the bus! The updated expression will be: The bus threw me under it! The automated bus. Maybe it sees you. Maybe not. In Vienna, Austria...

Winning Arguments

The speech Morpheus gave to Neo in the original Matrix was elegant - and eloquent. But we're not in a movie - and most of us are not masters of verbal...

A Catalytic Conversion

California is a hot spot for curbside theft of catalytic converters - the main component of a vehicle's emissions control system. It's big business. The platinum and palladium within each cat...

Diaper Report: 7/21/20

There is something even more absurd than being told you must put on a Face Diaper in order to be allowed to eat - as at most restaurants in "re-opened" America....

The Inscrutable God

I get periodic emails from Goo-guhl, the deity who lords over the online universe. He is - apparently - angered by something I've posted on my web site. He threatens repercussions,...

Free Convertible Teslas

Elon Musk is probably taking a knee right now. Not because Black Lives Matter - but because riots on that pretext have shunted attention away from another Auto-piloted crash. And death. Last year,...
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