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Another Kid-Diddling AGW

A Missouri armed government worker named Brandon Michael Hopper has been caught - and actually charged with - the creation and dissemination of kiddie porn. This AGW really wanted to be around...

The Real Killers

Back in the ‘90s, a movie came out accusing GM of killing the electric car. The movie was wrong. The real killer wasn’t GM. It was a tag team of the market...

Shopping Amongst the Diapered

I went shopping at Kroger today; everyone but me was Diapered. It's unsettling not seeing so many faces. So many people afraid of the Bogeyman Virus - which isn't going to...

Our “Defense” Industry: The Great Untouchable….

The (not "our") government says it is broke; that it must cut back on essential services to citizens, including police and fire protection - and raise taxes. It is threatening/hinting that...

Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 10/18/22

Here's the audio of this week's chat with my friend Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah! We talked about Duck Smiting, Pay-Not-Your-Pal and other sundries: . . . Got...

Breakin’ The Law….

You can't fight city hall, the saying goes - and it's true. You're at their mercy - and are forced to play by their rules. When you get a traffic ticket,...

The Orange Car Guy

Some people are single issue voters; if a candidate is in line with them on guns, for instance, they’ll support that candidate even if on other topics they’re as far apart...

“A Sense of Responsibility to Society”

As bad as things are here, they are even worse over there. In the UK, Toyota ads for the Hilux - which is the export-variant of the Tacoma pick-up and the 4Runner...

To Vote – or Not to Vote?

It's said that if elections mattered, they wouldn't allow them. There's truth in this. Even Stalin allowed elections. Because, of course, he knew who the winner would be before the first...

AGWs Eruct: Kill the Cameras!

A family in Chicago - the wrong family, as it turns out - was Hut! Hut! Hutted! by a feral gang of armed government workers who didn't want their doings seen. A...
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