Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Your Card Key

The latest thing is a “key” that isn’t even a fob - the thing which has largely replaced the physical keys that used to be the way you started a car...

Cashing Out

A moment came when Captain Smith knew the Titanic was doomed - and from that moment on, saving the ship was no longer important. Surviving the inevitable sinking was. This seems to be...

Emotion About Motion

The fixation on speed - and only speed - as the Number One Road Safety Issue is emblematic of the emoting that drives policy in this country. It’s of a piece with...

People as Poultry

We live in a lunatic asylum ... the lunatics being us. For believing we ever lived in a "free" country. As long ago as the reign of His Rotundity - the second...

That First Taste of Freedom

Riding a bicycle has changed - and the change may account for the waning of interest in driving as well as the waxing hostility between cyclists and drivers. Cycling is mostly an...

Insurance & Extended Warranties

I get asked about extended warranties, which I regard much the same as I regard health insurance. Both are mostly of psychological value only and - often - of negative value,...

Fighting Coronaphobia?

A reader sent in a question that is the question of our times; I post it and my reply in the hope that it may cause people to breath and think...

Unnatural Disaster Strike Again

A mile-high tidal wave could not do more damage to human beings than the unnatural force called government. In terms of outright mass murder - line 'em up at the edge...

Throw (Clean) Diesels in the Woods?

Diesel engines could deliver us - from high transportation costs. There is no reason - well, no technical or economic reason - why consumers couldn't have access to $15,000 subcompact economy cars...

The Diesel Dilemma

The last time people began to sweat the cost of gas, they were able to turn to diesels. The cars delivered tremendous mileage (e.g., a VW Rabbit diesel was capable of...
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