Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Tickets/Driving Stuff

Anything related to speeding tickets, driving & stuff like that.

The Prions Are Strong . . . Again!

The prions are really doing a number on drivers - if that word can accurately be used to describe people like  the one I encountered yesterday. Who was driving 36-ish MPH...

Out of Towner Clover

One of the incongruities of our age is the gratuitous wastage of capability, as regards cars. The average late-model car has twice the horsepower of a typical '80s (or even early-mid...

The Realistic Rebuild

As America goes Cuba, politically, it is becoming Cuban - vehicularly. You have probably read about the aging of the vehicle fleet - that the age of the typical car in service...

The Art of Bad Driving

Have you ever seen a line of cars waiting in one of the left turn lanes - with no other cars in the adjacent turn lane? They are like elephants at...

The Passing Gear, Remembered

People used to mock bodybuilders for posing. All those mighty muscles - but what do you actually do with them? You show them off. Well, inflatable muscles would serve just as well...

The Collectible Manual

Electric cars constitute a small fraction of all new car sales but they are outselling non-electric cars by a margin of something like ten to one. This being so because almost...

Prionic “Driving”

Prionic Driving is becoming a thing. What is Prionic Driving? It is "driving" - finger air-quoted to emphasize the absurdity - practiced by people who've been Needled. Or at least, there seems...

Multiply Liable?

Some people insist that everyone who drives ought to be required to maintain at least liability insurance, so as to protect other drivers from the possibility of their being left holding...

What Driver’s Licenses Aren’t

What, precisely, is a driver's license? It's certainly not a certificate of demonstrated competence as a driver. That much ought to be obvious given the pervasive incompetence of "drivers" who possess a...

Radar Math

Good radar detectors aren't cheap - but it’ll cost you more to not buy one. And not just in terms of the money. But let’s start with that. A top-of-the-line radar detector -...
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