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Anything related to speeding tickets, driving & stuff like that.

Seatbelt Laws Can Be Deadly

Not "buckling up for safety" can get you killed all right. By a cop. That's what happened to Deland, Florida resident Marlon Brown about a week ago. Brown was killed - run...

Clover Taxonomy II

What exactly is a Clover? Probably, you already know - having met him (or her) many times already. Or rather, been delayed, impeded or imperiled by one. Clovers are the pebble...

It Begins

If you saw into the floor joists holding up your house, eventually, something bad is going to happen. This by way of analogy may help to explain the recent murders of a...

Clover Conditioning

It is not enough that we break the heretic. We must make him one of us. Words to that effect, as spoken by the character O'Brien to Winston Smith in 1984....

Just Say No . . . to Cops

Few of us like to interact with cops - like scabies, they are best avoided entirely. But when do you have a choice - and when don't you have a choice...

Clover Taxonomy III

Just as entomologists are always discovering some new species of beetle, new forms of Clover are constantly being identified and cataloged. Here, fresh from recent field research, are a few of the...

Creative Resistance

About two years ago, I stopped renewing the registration for several of my bikes (I have five). Basically, all the ones that aren't antiques (which have one-time-fee "permanent" tags in my...

Ok To Speed… When You’re a Cop

Here's a video taken by me of a speeding cop: This cop was on the median of I-581 (an Interstate spur) running radar when I passed him on my way to the...

Kyle Reese… and Reinhard Heydrich

In the original Terminator movie, Reese - the heroic resistance character sent to our present from a horrific future in which machines tyrannize humanity - displays a bar code embedded on...

“Your” Car Won’t Be Beginning in 2015

After a certain point, it's not paranoia. The latest brick in the wall is the predictably named "Moving Ahead For Progress in the 21st Century Act," also known as Senate Bill...
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