Friday, March 31, 2023
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Anything related to speeding tickets, driving & stuff like that.

More DWV (Driving While Vaccinated)

Here's another one! Every day, there's another one. Every time I go for a drive I encounter one. Or more. Here's one more:

Slow’s the Word

What is the common denominator that accounts for almost all bad driving? It is arguably the passivity-fearfulness that’s been drilled into so many American drivers - who were taught that “good...

To Shift For Oneself?

Leaving aside the fun, is there a stronger argument to be made for the manual transmission vs. the automatic? It depends on your perspective. There is inherent simplicity, certainly. A modern manual transmission isn’t...

Why We Can’t Drive Faster. . .

Almost everything about cars has changed over the past 50 years - except for how fast we’re allowed to drive them. In 1970, you could legally drive 70-75 MPH on most highways...

Buying What They Can’t – or Don’t Want – to Sell

There are still at least a few affordable - and so, appealing - new cars on the market.  Some with manual transmissions, like the base trim ’22 Subaru Crosstrek. Some that...

A Not Clover for Once

Here's a video that's proof - if it were needed - that it's not the car (or the truck) that matters. It's who's behind the wheel of the thing. . . ....

Whatever Happened to The Ricers?

The ‘90s/early 2000s was the last time messing with cars was a common thing among teens and 20s. These were the “ricers” and “tuners” - kids who worked on mostly Japanese stuff,...

It Begins

If you saw into the floor joists holding up your house, eventually, something bad is going to happen. This by way of analogy may help to explain the recent murders of a...

Breaking Through

Lenin asked, "What is to be done?" The question facing liberty-minded people almost 100 years later is the same. But our answer should not be Lenin's answer - violent lashing out. I get...

Passivity in Passing

Oner of the reasons why traffic is so bad has to do with so many drivers being so bad at passing it. Passing used to involve something called acceleration - a thing...
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