Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Anything related to speeding tickets, driving & stuff like that.

A Different Standard For Heroes

A guy drives his Jeep with extreme recklessness, swerving around cars stopped at a red light to try to bully his way through the red light and piles into a car trying to...

Reader Question: HOV Ticket Good?

Here's the latest reader question, along with my reply! Pete asks: I like your website but you are way off base on the guy driving in the car pool lane (story here)...

Viewed from the Proper Angle

Speed limits are as much about saaaaaaaaafety as George W. Bush's invasion of Poland - whoops, Iraq - was about (beady-eyed squint into the camera) "weapons of mass destruction." This is easily...

Slow Going

If speed kills, why are people always  in such a hurry to get to the hospital? It seems to be the only time they're in a hurry. American drivers are marinated in...

Why Just Sell You a Car When They Can Sell You?

There’s less and less money to be made selling you a car - the net profit earned on the sale of the average new car is only about 3 percent -...

I’ve Got a Golden Ticket

I use the bike as my Willie Wonka golden ticket to get me away from/around anything annoying – and to a better place. Nothing – nothing – beats a speedy bike...

Road Trip ’95

Almost everyone enjoys a good road trip - but not many road trips are like the one I made in two hours and 23 minutes back in the late summer of...

Crashworthiness vs. Avoiding the Crash

Running head-on into a tree isn't sound policy - even if you are wearing a helmet. Better to avoid running into the tree. Then you won't need the helmet.  The government -...

Airstream Clover

Ah, the Airstream Clover... aka the RV Clover. This is the Clover who loves to drive an oversized, underpowered house on wheels that struggles to keep moving on the mildest incline. If the rig can't...

Measuring What We Can’t Do

Almost every new car I test drive - even the humblest hybrid - has a speedometer that reads to at least 120 mph. 140 is common; 160 not unusual. Some cars have...
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