A Teslian Clover (and Another Variant)

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Here is a view from behind of a Tesla Clover, driving at not-“ludicrous” speed, in the left lane, pacing the car in the right lane – and thus making it difficult to get around the bottleneck he created.

Of course, the Teslian may have been trying to conserve the remaining charge in  his EeeeeeeeVeeeeee – so as to gimp successfully to the next EeeeeeeeeeeVeeeeeee not-so-fast charger. That is perfectly understandable. But why hog the left lane? Why not move it on over – and gimp in the right lane? Which is, after all, the right lane . . . for slower moving traffic. As in, keep right – if you’re not passing.

But such civilities aren’t taught any longer. In their place, signals about how to display one’s virtue. As by driving slow, in the passing lane. In an EeeeeeeeeVeeee that was designed to go fast – although admittedly not for very long.

. . .

Here’s another, though you have to wait a moment for it to appear. I was trundling along in the Range Rover I’m test driving this week, talking about what I perceive to be the mistake many (make that all) luxury car brands have made, to wit: Replacing analog gauges with LCD screens. This looked expensive five or so years ago, when only luxury-brand cars had LCD screens in lieu of analog gauges. Now – because electronics are the one thing that gets less costly each year – every brand of car has the same LCD screens. This makes the luxury-brands seem common in a way. Or at least, not much different. I think thought ought to be given to getting rid of these common screens in favor of something common cars cannot offer, that being high-end, chronograph-style gauges. Think of Bulova or Rolexes and you’ll get my meaning.

Anyhow, I was talking about this when I rolled up behind this:

A Clover (not in a Tesla, this time) doing circa 46 MPH on a road with a 55 MPH speed limit on which most drivers are doing at least that fast and usually 60-65. This one couldn’t bring himself to reach the speed limit. Or pull off the road, to let the line of cars assembling behind him get past him.

Oh no!

The Clover will – of course – say it is about “safety.” But this one wasn’t even doing the speed limit. And by dint of that, creating a traffic logjam, which is less safe than free-flowing traffic.

A Clover’s time is valuable. Yours isn’t.

I am encountering more of these creatures all the time. It used to be once in awhile and then only one or maybe two. Lately, it is every other one – or seems like it.

Could it be something in the water? Or maybe in those “vaccines”?

. . .

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  1. Keep Left, PASS Right…er…ah…I mean…
    How difficult it that to comprehend?.

    I dealt with this constantly on a recent trip from Pennsylvania to South Carolina.

    Call me crazy, but I firmly believe that the Trump Jab has exponentially increased this driving behavior.

  2. Oh the video rant – it was like a scene from Bullitt with you passing the evil Tesla 3 in the right lane, then the next car and the next. Aand the next! Then lane switch running the yellow (love this). All the while still ranting about the Tesla. You should start the Eric Peters Driving School. The kids would be thrilled to drive after taking this course and benefit enormously from watching your educational videos.

  3. We long ago departed from being a nation that values making, understanding, operation, and repair of machinery. Now that’s something dumb yokels do. Which means I don’t have to, regarding operation especially. And even more especially regarding operation of motor vehicles. They don’t know how, and have no intention of learning how, lest they turn into a dumb yokel. Maybe I’ll turn my moniker to “John Yokel”.

  4. Here in Florida on I-75 (it’s a 3-lane), if I’m really ticked,
    and someone in the passing lane is blocking me, I’ll
    get in front of them and reduce my speed to lower than
    theirs. They often get the message and move over.

    There are even highway signs here directing slower
    traffic to the right lanes.

  5. No question driving clovers are getting worse. I wonder if it has anything to do with high gas prices and the average joe thinking ‘I need to drive slower to save gas’. I can think of a few people I know, off the top of my head, that would think and act that way.
    I’m selfishly thinking I’d rather go back to the corona years where very few were on the roads. Man, did I enjoy that. And not a cop in sight that would pull you over. Loved it.
    Maybe I’ll start riding by motorcycle more, can pass in a nano-second, but it is getting colder darn it.

    • Hi Chris,

      My theory is that we’re seeing the flowering of the fruit of “advanced driver assistance technology.” It works the same as putting those leg shackles on that young Forrest Gump wore in the movie…

  6. What I see the most of is the 10+ second delay when the light turns green; don’t know if they’re staring at their sail fawns or Hypno Toad but it’s definitely aggravating.

  7. Eric. you should have also pointed out to the numbnuts one important function of carbon dioxide. All that green stuff in your video uses that element to survive and thrive. While in return giving off oxygen to balance out the atmosphere. CO2 is not pollution, no matter what some assclowns in judicial robes claim. Without it, no plants, no crops and no food. But, then again we have two generations of dumbed down Americans who know nothing about basic biology.

  8. I’m totally with you on the gauges. I remember when high end cars had more real chrome and real gauges on top of the expensive materials inside and out. Now it seems like the luxury stuff is just more of the same. Why buy a lexus when the higher trim toyota is exactly the same thing minus the pinched bumper? The bigwigs probably know a Mitsubishi Mirage is going to be a luxury few can afford soon so why bother actually designing something nice, just slap a $50 screen in there and let them eat cake.

    • Real gauges, that you can read in bright daylight! Damn 2018 Jeep and polarized sunglasses, half the speedo disappears. It’s a picture of an analog gauge, gack.

      Last car I had with the real deal gauges was my 1969 Alfa convertible. Giant tach and speedo, three dash mounted gauges black and chrome canted towards the driver.

  9. I think left lane hogging and clovering around under the speed limit are getting worse. Part of it has to be just the general societal degradation, which feeds on itself. It’s almost always the same cars too, Toyota Prius or Subarus. These cars are supposedly driven by the enlightened class, and their time is definitely more valuable than yours. So just wait, you plebe, where are you going so fast anyway 😉

    • Oh my gosh i agree, Subaru Prius and now Tesla drivers. Hubby has a choice rant every time we go a long drive and encounter yet another Subaru Outback hogging the left lane.


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