The Other Arm of the EeeeeeVeeee Pincer

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It’s not just new cars that aren’t EeeeeeeeeeeVeeeees they’re banning. They are starting to ban old cars that aren’t EeeeeeeeeeeeVeeeeeees.

It’s being done as it is usually done.

Not via an outright ban but via regulations that have the same effect. This is how they have succeeded in forcing EeeeeeeeVeeeeeees onto the road, as by passing edicts requiring the sale of ever-increasing-numbers of “zero emissions” vehicles. It just happens that only EeeeeeeeeVeeeeees qualify as “zero emissions” vehicles – never mind the fact that an abundance of “emissions” arise from everything peripheral to the manufacture and use of an EeeeeeeeVeeeee.

Everything that’s not EeeeeeeeVeeee gets harder and harder to get through the regulatory gantlet. The outright ban on the sale of new vehicles that aren’t EeeeeeeeVeeeeees – as in CA and most recently NY – thus becomes a kind of mopping up operation.

Similar tactics are being deployed against old cars, as in Nevada – where a bill is afoot that would effectively eliminate classic car registrations – and thereby, the ability to keep a classic car as anything other than a display piece.

Instead of the usual 20-years-old (in some states it is 25 years old) the qualification for “classic” carhood rises to 40 years old. The purpose of that being to make it much more difficult for people to avoid having to register their old car – or truck – the same as a brand-new or recent-vintage car or truck. And be obliged to jump through the same hoops – and pay the same fees.

Including – of course – successful passage of “emissions testing” as a condition of registration.

Traditionally, classic (and “antique”) cars registered as such are exempt from “emissions testing.” This saves their owners the hassle – as well as the money – that attends having to pass “smog check” as a condition of being granted registration (which isn’t granted, actually; rather it is another thing people are forced to pay for in order to be allowed to legally use their vehicles).

It’s a kind of vehicular grandfathering based on the fact that many classic cars were built before there were emissions controls and for that reason, testing them would be like expecting stairs to pass a test designed for elevators.

Unless, of course, the intention is to fail them. And thereby deny them registration. And thereby, effectively ban them from the road.

Now it’s true that many older vehicles that qualify for classic or antique vehicle-hood were made with emissions controls. Even those that are currently 40 years old. The first (very basic) emissions controls were installed – per federal decree – circa 1967, which is more than 50 years ago. These consisted of such things as a positive crankcase ventilation (PVC) system and an air pump (designed to continue the combustion event in the exhaust, to burn off unburned hydrocarbon). Catalytic converters arrived in 1975 – more than 40 years ago.

Some will say that requiring these old cars to pass “smog” as a condition of registration issuance or renewal is reasonable, since other (newer) cars must and why should these older cars be allowed to “pollute”?

How about because it doesn’t matter?

Even if a given 40-year-old car “emits” more than a newer car, there aren’t many 40-year-old cars in regular use as daily drivers.

But, you see, it is not about their “emissions.” It is about using “emissions” as the vehicle for getting these older vehicles off the road.

Even if they do pass the test.

Because the test will be changed – to encompass “emissions” that were never categorized as such 40 years ago or even 20 years ago. These “emissions” being of carbon dioxide – rebranded an “emission” during the reign of Barry the First  (but alas, not the last). This subtle but critical piece of legerdemain has been used ever since to confuse and gull the populace into unconsciously equating an inert, harmless byproduct of combustion that feeds plants and doesn’t pollute the air with reactive compounds that water the eyes, choke the breath and foul the air.

It was a brilliant maneuver, a prequel to the equation of a positive test with a “case.”

New cars are having a tough time reducing their C02 “emissions” as the only way to do that is by reducing the size of their engines. Old cars can’t do that. They “emit” what they “emit,” insofar as C02 “emissions.” So the legerdemain will be to enact regulations requiring them to “emit” less, which they can’t.

And be denied registration on account of that.

There’s more to this legerdemain, too. In addition to the “emissions” testing requirement, owner of older vehicles in Nevada will also be required to obtain classic car insurance, which de facto imposes an annual mileage limit since almost all classic car insurance policies are limited use polices. Just in case someone finds a classic car insurer that issues a policy without such a limit the bill provides one.

No more than 5,000 miles per year.

And most issuers of classic car policies will not issue one unless the registered owner of the vehicle also has a “modern” car registered – effectively forcing the classic car owner to have (and pay for) two cars, which many people can’t afford. Since they’re not allowed to drive the classic car regularly and are forced to jump through the same hoops and fees, might as well just get rid of the classic car – or take it off the road.

And there you go.

Nevada residents are by no means the only people threatened by such measures. In fact, it says something that Nevada residents are being threatened by such measures. The sickness radiates inward – from California in the West to New York, in the East. America is caught betwixt the pincers.

And will soon begin to look a lot like Cuba. Where cars more than 50 years-old are commonly in regular use.

But then, Fidel was a lesser tyrant than his inheritors.

. . .

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  1. Eric, this is for you. I’ve been trying all week to cheer you up. Maybe this will do it. It’s from Takimag: The Week That Perished. Go read the whole thing, it’s good.

    There’s only one problem with BYD’s electric vehicles: They keep charbroiling Chinks. Seven EVs a day catch fire in China, 680 in the first quarter of 2022 alone. Although the Chinese are hardly interested in environmental activism (a 2018 visit to Beijing from Greta Thunberg merely confused Chinese leaders, who’d never encountered a child outside a sweatshop), they do love domination. So in their drive to top the market in cheap EVs, they’ve ignored minor points like drivers being steer-fried behind the wheel.

  2. They are banning ice cars based on fake science, a huge lie, the CO2 myth…..

    This should be jammed down all their throats….lol

    A challenge for the global warming/climate change religious cult….

    This is a very simplified version of the 38-page technical paper written with Professor Wijngaarden which explains in detailed mathematics and molecular thermodynamics why we are not in trouble with carbon-dioxide.

    ATTENTION: For those who disagree with Happer, let us see your detailed mathematical / scientific rebuttal. Put up or shut up you morons/liars pushing fake science global warming bs….
    Remember that an attack ad-Hominem concedes that you have no logical rebuttal for the argument presented.

    How to Think About Climate Change…. William Happer….your chance to hear a real scientist

    The global warming green agenda pushed by ecofascists is based is purely political and religious, based on fake science, like the Climate change false narrative, the new GAIA cult religion, a big favorite of the communist, reset, one world government, satanic cult freaks,

    CO2 bs = insanity. another nutcase theory for low iq leftist morons

    Climate change just like bat germ bs is purely political and religious, based on fake science. Climate change, the new GAIA cult religion, like it’s brother bat germ hoax, a big favorite of the communist, reset, one world government, satanic cult freaks,

    People in the environmental movement are now just political activists, social activists, entrepenuers trying to make money, just a way to get a huge amount of cash, they have no formal science education, they just use fake science, their beliefs, so it is just a religion.

    They take more and more extreme positions to keep the good guy bad guy narrative going, like banning all hydrocarbons, which is impossible and insane.

    They hire the best PR firms to push their bs narrative and their main focus becomes just fund raising, just a racket.

    They lie and use photo shop to back up their lies, like the island of floating plastic in the ocean twice the size of Texas, ……it doesn’t exist it is another lie…….it is remote so it is hard to fact check

    They pick something that is invisible or remote or both, like CO2 so it is harder to fact check. Big pharma did this with the bat germ narrative (bat germs are invisible) they just used a cgi image…lol.

    All the environmental problems they talk about are all lies, it is all fraud. Some of them are being charged with fraud now.

    These green morons have zero science to back up their propaganda, (they quote crooked scientists not real science), all the claims they make are from corrupt, bought/rented loser low grade scientists who use fraudulent data and fake science to make these claims, they are intellectualy and scientifically bankrupt.

    All the very best top level Phd scientists say they are wrong….lol

    Watch one of the few un-silenced actual top level scientists in the world in this video…..

    • @ anonymous1 :
      You could also listen to the late Freeman Dyson:
      As well as my old rugby teammate, Ron Prinn:
      who has been involved in climate modeling for decades, and therefore knows very well the limitations of climate models. Ron is an actual scientist, who gathers actual data on a global scale, not some enviro-weenie who only jacks off computers and worships the questionable results.

      More data, please. Which is *exactly* the point made by the late Prof. Dyson.

      Oh, and let’s stop calling them “fossil” fuels, which is misleading, and possibly inaccurate. They are in fact *HYDROCARBON* fuels, which, if the Tommy Gold hypothesis proves to be correct (and for which there is experimental data which support his hypothesis), are produced abiotically in the Earth’s mantle, the production of which has nothing to do with biology, past or present. If that turns out to be the case, then *NATURAL* gas is, in fact, a *RENEWABLE* resource., and it is not a “sin” to use it.

  3. I was told by a friend that wrecking yards are being paid by the federal government to crush cars, about 800 dollars each, this will keep used parts needed to keep older cars going off of the market. The results are predictable.

    • Hi Dave

      All the auto wreckers are dying too because cheap after market crap parts are cheaper from china. Lots of parts aren’t available from china so if a car is crushed, there is no source of those parts.

      There is a problem here, china wants to push their EV’s (and all EV’s, 80% of their content are chinese too). so the supply could stop…..

      Sanctions could stop these parts being imported. A war with china (it is getting close), would stop the supply of those parts.

      another risk……80% of important EV parts and batteries come from china, in a war, no parts supply….. your EV is a brick….lol

  4. >Traditionally, classic (and “antique”) cars registered as such are exempt from “emissions testing.

    Not true in California. Anything older than 25 years is considered an “antique,” but all automobiles from 1975 forward must pass smog check to be legally driven on public highways.

    • Hi Adi,

      Yup. It’s ironic that California was arguably the place where “car culture” first took root… and now it’s a place as hostile to cars as imaginable.

  5. It’s time for all of us to let our inner outlaws come out and breathe.

    All of us who own classics need to keep them out and visible, talk to the people who are inevitably drawn to them, pop the hood and have a conversation. Let the public know their government’s plans. If you’re confronted with a leftist, tell them you identify as a “petro-sexual”, and watch them tie themselves in a knot, deciding whether to hate you or violently support you.

    Take the time to talk with the teenagers who show an interest – they’re the future.

  6. Look at this madness. California wants all diesel trucks off the roads by 2040. This means that starting in 2024, big organizations like the Port of Long Beach or Port of Oakland won’t be able to purchase diesel trucks, only “zero” emissions. Nevermind that today, there is no mass manufacturing of zero emissions big rigs, only prototype and demo vehicles. A good regulator won’t be stopped by impracticality.

    This is a dangerous move, because we depend on these ports for all the cheap imported crap that has been hiding our inflation through falling prices due to globalization.

    • The diesel engine might be mankind’s most important invention, it does most of the heavy work on the planet. In heavy equipment for construction and mining, in ships, trucks, trains, and powering generators for electricity.
      The entire military is dependent on diesel engines, in trucks, tanks and ships.

      These people are insane………How the EPA Spent 35 Years Killing the Diesel Engine

      • So, I was at the lumber yard today, and asked the young man driving the forklift what powered it. I expected him to say propane, but no, amazingly enough, these heavy duty lifts are electric. (This is an actual lumber yard, not Home Depot).

        Bottom line, though, every electric lift has an onboard diesel engine in case the battery fails.
        These are pros who know WTF they are doing, and cannot afford to have equipment out of service. Grab a clue, EEEElon.

        Just sayin’.

        • Hi Adi,

          Elon knows. Elon doesn’t care. Because Elon is making a lot of money. And – having a lot of money – he has the luxury of not being negatively affected by the way he made his money.

    • EV trucks could work as terminal tractors (the little trucks that switch trailers in the yard or loading dock); they’d be ideal for that kind of work. For long haul, I don’t see it, especially when having to ascend that long upgrade on I-5 going in to Bakersfield and the Central Valley…

    • It’s worse than that, ‘Lock.
      From what I have heard, they are even going after the small engines which drive the compressors on reefer trucks. Such bullshit.

      But, yes, we have no bananas today…

  7. Tucker Carlson: Things are falling apart very quickly

    Commenting on the huge destruction caused by the fake science global warming narrative

    “You control the food, you control the people. You control the energy, you control the continent. You control the money, you control the world.” Henry Kissinger who taught Klaus Schwab

    from comments
    I’m in the UK and I can confirm that what you’ve just seen and heard is true. We have inflation running at about 20% and I’m expecting my annual energy bill from October to be the equivalent of about $8000, up from around $3000. We will have large numbers of people who will be living without food and/or heating – and therefore many who will die this winter, including the old and vulnerable. So we die to keep a war and net zero going.

    It’s not about the climate. It never has been. It’s about bringing country’s to their knees and total control.

    Here in Sweden they just warned that in worst case the energy bill for a house could get to $4000-5000 a month in winter, so avarge people should just use these next 2-3 months to put away an extra winter buffer of $5000-6000
    to $4000-$5000 a month…this fake science global warming thing is getting serious…

    • Hi Bob,

      Amen. That’s my attitude as well. This whole business ends when enough of us say NO. Same as it would have with the “masks” and all the rest of it. NO. Followed by what’s next, if NO proves to be not enough.

      • The problem is that if not enough of us say NO… it NEVER ends.

        And right now it appears we’re being outnumbered. How many Karens and soccer moms out there are going to choose setting the points on a 1972 Buick wagon over driving an electric minivan?

    • Microwave your lunch in your EV when it is charging?….lol

      Sit in your EV when charging and get microwaved and if you are unlucky the lithium fire bomb battery will catch fire and incinerate you….

      Health damage from EMF radiation from EV’s

      Since Tesla is an electric car with a large battery and an electric motor, it emits high amounts of EMF radiation. The latest models emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation.

      Dangers of EMF Radiation from Tesla Cars and Other Electric Cars
      According to a study by Scripps Clinic Research Foundation, high levels of EMF from EVs make the drivers drowsy and sleepy while driving. Based on the study, drivers who are exposed to high levels of EMF while driving are likely to sleep 52 minutes faster than those exposed to low levels of EMF. Is this why there are so many tesla, EV, crashes?

      In addition, exposure to radiation while driving can result in headaches, neck stiffness, and dry eyes or blurred vision. Long-term exposure to these sources of EMF radiation may have long-term health complications.EMF Radiation from Electric Cars
      blurred vision… this causing crashes?

      According to Dr. Joel Moskowitz at the University of California Berkeley, hybrid cars and other electric cars have increased levels of ELF that cause cancer, increase the level of oxidative stress that leads to DNA fragmentation, cause cell damage, fertility issues, drowsiness, etc.

      So drive an EV and get…..damaged DNA , cell damage, get sterilized, get drowsiness and crash….lol

      Electric cars, including the Tesla EV do emit a dangerous amount of EMF ……….Electric cars do emit more radiation compared to standard fossil fuel vehicles.

      If you sit in your EV when connected to the super charger/ high speed charger you get microwaved, stay away from the car when it is charging.

      Stay out of the car….lol……….this will be interesting in the middle of the night, in a dark parking lot, when it is snowing and freezing out….lol….these Ev`s are a safety hazard in many ways…

      Avoid Sitting in the Car While Charging the Battery
      When supercharging the battery, a high amount of EMF is emitted, therefore, do not stay inside the car.

      Charging the car creates substantial amounts of dirty electricity (DE). When you charge your car in the garage, you are putting extremely high levels of DE onto the wires of your entire home. turn your house into a microwave oven….lol

      To supply electricity for EV`s the electrical grid has to be expanded by 500%, so the EMF radiation from the transmission, distribution lines will increase 500%, destroying people`s health.

      This is especially problematic as most people charge the car overnight when the occupants are sleeping – the time of day when we want our EMF exposure to be as low as possible.

      they went on and on for 2 1/2 years about a mild flu, relabeled as a dangerous bat germ, but haven’t said a word about this health issue, that is actually real and 100 x worse then a mild flu.

    • Hi night,

      I tell myself the same, though it’s only a bit more than half… still, it’s something I am grateful for. And it’s why I won’t give it up with just a sigh, either!

  8. Check out comedian Jim Breuer “Somebody had to say it…” I posted with link before but know it’s gone. Must be spam filter blocked it. Check it out you won’t be disappointed.

  9. We will all be Outlaws, so be it.

    I am an Outlaw, I was born an Outlaw’s son
    The highway is my legacy
    On the highway I will run
    In one hand I’ve a Bible
    In the other I’ve got a gun
    Well, don’ you know me, I’m the man who won

    Outlaw man the eagles

  10. You what, I’d bet my last dollar that every fucken dump truck, work truck, moving van, and other commercial vehicle — that spews MAJOR shit into the air — is given a pass by these fucken lunatics!! Bet you anything.

    I’ve always been amazed at the absolute filth spewed by commercial trucks on the road, meanwhile my ass has to be squeaky clean. Bullshit if they’re gonna cut into that situation!

  11. Eric,
    My first thought after reading your article is that anyone with an unregistered classic should get it tagged ASAP (myself included).

    Conversely, wait until the post-apocalyptic society emerges, and run it at will.

  12. Eric,

    IIRC, emissions are measured so many grams/km or mile; as long as a vehicle emits less than that, then why can’t it have a bigger engine? Also, could you provide links for the regulations stipulating smaller engines? I think a 2.0 liter engine in any luxury car is a JOKE! My Focus has one, TYVM; though it’s a fine engine for my car, it doesn’t belong in a Mercedes, Beemer, et al.

    • Hi Mark,

      It’s not the emissions you are thinking of. It is C02 “emissions” – which cannot be reduced except by reducing engine size. There are no regulations requiring smaller engines. The regulations just have that effect.

      Also “fuel efficiency” regulations. How do you get a car – any car – to average close to 50 MPG (the new CAFE standard)? I think you know the answer without my telling you!

      • Eric,

        I can’t wrap my arms around the Feds declaring CO2 an “emission”! WTF?! I seem to remember something about photosynthesis from 7th grade science class, where plants breathe in CO2, and they exhale O2; IOW, CO2 is to plants what O2 is to us; for plants, it’s the breath of life! IOW, more CO2=more plant growth. Also, CO2 is but a small trace gas, in the Earth’s atmosphere; it’s 0.04%. Compare that to N2 and O2, which are about 78% and 21%, respectively, in an ideal case; along the coast, the percentages become 74% N2 to 20% O2, with the balance comprised of water vapor.

        The gov’t has NO RIGHTS telling anyone how many mpg a car gets! I remember that, as a kid, economy cars were available. Toyotas, Datsuns, and VWs were available, and they all got great mileage. They didn’t sell in huge numbers though, because most Americans wanted bigger cars; many wanted station wagons, and they were once the staple of every suburban neighborhood. The fact that SUVs became popular after wagons were regulated out of existence proves that the market, as a whole, wanted larger vehicles. If someone wants a bigger vehicle and is willing to pay the extra costs associated with it, then that’s their choice, not Uncle’s…

        I don’t object to EVs. In fact, I’m fascinated with them, as if you couldn’t tell! That said, I don’t think that they should be forced on anyone. There are plenty for whom they won’t work. They won’t work in cities, where off street parking, let alone garages, are in short supply. They won’t work in rural areas, because of the vast distances involved. If a reasonably priced one were available, I might buy it, because the vast majority of my driving is local. Unfortunately, they’re not there yet. But yeah, let them compete on their own merits. I think that Tesla, at least, could; their cars compared favorably to their luxury, European ICEV counterparts.

        I don’t know how you get any car, save a few hybrids, to achieve 50 mpg. My brother has a late model, Lexus ES300h, a hybrid. It gets 45 mpg, which is great for that size car; it doesn’t get 50 though…

        • A second gen automatic honda fit can get 40+ mpg on the highway. I do it every day, no mods, 55-65 mph. The current mitsubishi mirage can manage the mid 40’s. How do you get over 50 without rube goldberg contraptions? Reduce weight. Improve aerodynamics. Reduce rolling resistance. Reduce parasitic drivetrain losses. Atomize/vaporize gasoline to get the most energy possible. Dump cat converters that NEED wasted fuel in order to reach operating temp.

    • A 2.0T in a luxury car ABSOLUTELY is a fucken joke. That I can tell you from first hand experience. They will look you in the eye, keep a straight face, and lie their asses off about how that somehow makes sense. There’s no actual reality where it does and people are just getting fucked… pardon my French… plain and simple.

      • my wife had a MB E350 with a nice V6 and pretty peppy. She went to get new one, came back without it. She said it was slow, sounded bad, and sucked (it had a 4T). She told the dealer why too. They said we weren’t the first one to complain about it.
        She ended up getting a V8 grand cherokee and loves it.

        • Hi Chris,

          I cannot imagine spending more than $50,000 (base price for a Benz E or BMW 5) and owning a car with a four cylinder engine the same size as those used in $24,000 cars and not much stronger, either. This is being done in order to make $50,0000 IC cars unappealing. In order to make EeeeeeeeeeeeeeVeeeeeeeees seem more so.

  13. Eric, this may help you feel better. Haven’t read the article, but plan on doing so.

  14. I have a few classics, my insurance coverage is limited to no more than 1,000 per year. I’m pushing it if I get 300 miles on any one of them. I drive them when I want to and enjoy having that piece of history. Take my 1949 Ford F1 that was a body-off restoration. When I take that old pick up to get gas or anyplace where I have it parked, people always come up and want to talk old trucks with me. This is Texas and Texans and Pick ups go together. Believe it or not many times an old classic makes people’s day seeing it and getting to talk with the owner. I don’t believe the old classics will be outlawed or forced out because this country will no longer exist as the USA as it is today. If not than Brandon’s F-15 used nukes on the fly over of America so it’s not going to matter after that. Believe me, those manics have no issues doing something like that being Godless. Maybe we Americans should chip in and buy some large piece of real estate in China to send over America’s communist so they can live the life of their dreams. Which would be the vast amount of American’s dream also.

  15. I have a few classics, my insurance coverage is limited to no more than 1,000 per year. I’m pushing it if I get 300 miles on any one of them. I drive them when I want to and enjoy having that piece of history. Take my 1949 Ford F1 that was a body-off restoration. When I take that old pick up to get gas or anyplace where I have it parked, people always come up and want to talk old trucks with me. This is Texas and Texans and Pick ups go together. Believe it or not many times an old classic makes people’s day seeing it and getting to talk with the owner. I don’t believe the old classics will be outlawed or forced out because this country will no longer exist as the USA as it is today. If not than Brandon’s F-15 used nukes on the fly over of America so it’s not going to matter after that. Believe me, those manics have no issues doing something like that being Godless. Maybe we Americans should chip in and buy some large piece of real estate in China to send over America’s communist so they can live the life of their dreams.

  16. I had an old ’67 VW van when California started smog testing. I think everything from say earlier than 1970 (ish) was exempt, because “classic.” They took that exemption away soon enough.

    • Hi Jeff,

      When I lived in Northern Virginia – and my ’76 TRans-Am was still registered as a “normal” car – I got it through smog check without cats, by tuning it. It Looked like it had cats, though! Now it’s an Antique – and I preserve it as a relic from that better, vanished time Rush sang about.

  17. Americans are oft-beat red-headed stepchildren. No good deed will go unpunished.

    Congress should ban war, give peace a chance.

    All vehicles on the road and in the sky need to pass emissions. No exceptions.

    The last B52H was delivered in October of 1962. All 744 B52s need to pass emissions tests and grounded if they fail. You’d think they’d be obsolete by now.

    B52s belong to the American people, they paid for them. What makes the US Air Force think they own them?

    Have to give back what isn’t yours. The US gov steals everything that isn’t locked down. No kidding around, Kissinger even said so. The illegal gets done immediately.

    B52s are too old to be in the sky. They need to be scrapped, can’t have some old machine in the sky, they’re dangerous to the general population. B52s might even have bombs on them, can’t have that.

    Sell them to Putin, he’s the one with all of the money.

    Still your fault and you are the victim to boot.

    • There’s only 78 B-52Hs left in the inventory. And they’re being re=engined with modern, high-bypass turbofans to replace the thirsty TF33s, as the supply of that venerable jet engine is finally being exhausted. Go ahead and TRY to find a bomber with the payload, range, and loiter time of a “BUFF”.

      What does “BUFF” stand for? Big. Ugly. Fat. F(ellow).

  18. These control freaks just won’t quit, it’s death by a thousand cuts. They know an outright ban on older cars might finally get some pushback from the serfs so they’re slowly raising the temperature on the frogs. I will never buy an EV, and I’m not fond of newer IC cars either, with all the nann/surveillance crap that comes with them. I intend to keep driving my 22 year old Corolla until either one of us croaks. Might happen simultaneously if AGW’s ever show up at my door to take it away.

  19. It’s long past time that we stop ignoring the greatest CO2 polluters in the world. The CO2 emissions from people breathing far exceeds the CO2 pollution emitted by cars. Why is this threat to our very existence being ignored!? It must be stopped!

    • Plants need CO2, the watermelons (Commies posing as greenies) wanna starve the planet and thus make it like every dystopic sci-fi movie ya see

      Time to find some shade tree mechanic who’ll pass your car for the right price and also move somewhere without inspections

  20. And OBTW… have you been to Nevada? It’s an arid desert with zero air pollution, not that that matters to the maniacs putting this shit in place.

    • ‘It’s an arid desert with zero air pollution.’ — EM

      Most of it. About 40% of Lake Tahoe’s shoreline (the eastern side) is in Nevada.

      Probably Lake Tahoe residents don’t need an emissions test, required only in ‘urban areas’ of Washoe County (Reno), and not at all in Douglas County.

      But with Demonrats taking over the state, Nevada’s alpine paradise imposes rising political risk, long term.

      • Tolerability undoubtedly exists on a spectrum.

        Libertarians probably feel it first, then far right conservatives, and so on down the line (broadly speaking).

        Some people (certain conservatives included) basically worship all forms of earthly power, and never will feel it—they will comply with anything and everything.

        Mostly all I hear is bitching…including about how come no one is resisting yet.

        Probably not enough of the spectrum has been captured to be able to do anything about it, yet.

        Give it time.

        Seen elsewhere but worth thinking about…Go ahead, grab your guns, put on your body armor, and go outside. Look around. Are you the only one so attired? If so, then it’s not time yet.

        Also seen elsewhere, but worth considering…in the end, it pretty much depends on what the military/police do. This is a historically well grounded perspective.

        • Here’s another thought:

          Focus on getting yourself ready. Mentally, financially, and otherwise.

          Then, when it comes, if it comes, you will be well positioned to lead the others.

      • While it’s probably just a matter of inconsequential semantics, it reminds me of previous struggles in my life that included the words “let” and “letting”.

        “Are you gonna LET that happen?”

        I have always told people, “Whattaya mean? LET? I’m not ‘letting’ shit anything ‘happen’! They’re just doing it anyway. Nobody is asking me.”

        Seems like the same thing with “tolerate”, “tolerance”, “intolerable”. Fuck no, I am not tolerating any of this shit. As many (I’d guess *most*) people aren’t or wouldn’t… if they’re being ASKED! Nobody is asking. They’re doing it anyway.

        It has to become a certain “critical mass” of intolerance or it doesn’t matter me, you, or who the fuck isn’t “tolerating” it individually.

      • General of the Armies George Washington would probably say we’re LONG past the “intolerable” stage and probably call into question the collective MANHOOD of the menfolk of this country, for not rising up and throwing the corrupt bastards out of the White House and the Capitol, and pushing them into the Potomac.

  21. Depending on what number of years determine a classic car I either have no modern vehicles or just one, for sure I’ve got two classics. One big problem is how picky they would be on the visual side of an inspection. As we all know old cars engines got swapped in and out, parts aren’t available for rare model’s, newer engines got swapped in and are now just by themselves obsolete with unavailable parts, Chevy engines into Fords, Chevy engines into Jags. The permutations escalate from here.

    Just wait till your HOA bans older vehicles (claimed eyesore) then bans older EV’s as a fire hazard.

  22. They hate you. They would prefer you die. Since you obstinately refuse to do so, they will make your life hell, so maybe you change your mind.

    • John,
      That sums it up pretty well. And it’s working. Suicide and deaths of despair show no sign of slowing. It seems like nobody’s having kids either. It won’t take too long for a top heavy aged and despondent society to topple and disperse like a jumbo jenga tower.

      • No one can afford to have kids. Much less put them in their insurance for 26 years.

        The whole “save the planet” BS is just noise, except maybe for a very few true believers.

        • Hi Publius,

          I agree. There has been a deliberately dysgenic effort to discourage responsible, intelligent people from having kids while at the same time encouraging the irresponsible to have as many as they can produce. Result? More people who “need” government “help.” But there’s another side to this coin: Fewer and fewer responsible people, to pay for all that “need.”

  23. “it’s also the case that U.S. carbon emissions declined 22% between 2005 and 2020, global emissions were flat over the last decade, and weather-related disasters have declined since the beginning of this century.”

    The US is actually reducing CO2 emmissions compared to the rest of the world, but that’s not good enough? This smacks of Sunday school “All sin is sin.” Sure, me telling a white lie to make a friend feel better is exactly the same as mass murder. OK. Me replacing an old boiler that was EOL anyway with a more efficient but also more expensive one because it will save me money in the long run? Nope, doesn’t count. Installing solar panels to “prepay” 20 years’ worth of electric bills and get a tax dodge? No way, man, still not enough. You gotta get out of your car. You gotta feel pain, man! We have to live like hunter-gatherer tribes, but with cell phones. Becuase societies that spend all the daylight hours foraging for food have plenty of time to develop that new killer app!

    Never mind China still building new coal plants, Germany burning lignite even when Russian gas was flowing, and the millions of lives saved by switching Indian cookstoves from dung and wood to propane. Nope. Doesn’t count.

    • I don’t know how many times the door-to-door solar panel salesman has come at me with “So, you don’t like to save money?” And I’ve just answered a simple, calm, “no” and kept a straight face. I’m not gonna get into a “debate” with a salesman that’s for sure.

      I think next time, I’ll add in something like, “No, I like to *spend* money.” And see if that makes their head shake any worse/better.

      • EM I have no idea who would ever make a large building-altering purchase based on a door to door salesman. I guess the people who are dumb enough to fall for the rent-to-own scams they usually do. I paid cash for a slightly undersized system for the tax rebate and to prepay the next ten years of my electricity. It made economic sense. And seeing what other investment options I was considering at the time, probably a good decision.

  24. ‘In fact, it says something that Nevada residents are being threatened by such measures.’ — eric

    Indeed it does. A generation ago, no-income-tax Nevada looked like a libertarian paradise. Live in the desert, or in the pine forests around Tahoe, and be left alone. Even visit the bunny ranch, if that’s your thing.

    But paradise went to hell as Demonrats took over: figures such as the late ‘Senator’ Harry Reid and the current ‘Governor’ Steve Sisolak.

    Nevada’s dark side, going all the way back to the 1940s, was Mafia influence over casinos. Since the D-party is the very definition of institutionalized corruption, Nevada’s politics inevitably drifted in their direction … helped along by unions who are catered to by the D-party, and Californicators fleeing their Workers Paradise by the Sea.

    Such a shame. Hard to see Nevada turning around now, as ‘California values’ swallow it up.

    • Not to mention nearly 90% of the land mass is federal government property. I imagine a large number of the residents are employed by Uncle Sam too. Anyone running on a “smaller government” platform isn’t going to be popular with the employee/voter.

      Ironic that the same federal government that’s obsessed with enviromental protection also created one of the most toxic places on Earth. And thanks to the underground tests most of the aquifers in the area are contaminated for millions of years, insuring the desert will never bloom.

      • Ready,
        “Not to mention nearly 90% of the land mass is federal government property”
        Which the Constitution does not allow. It allows FedGov to possess land needed for “forts, magazines, and other needful buildings”, with the permission of the State legislature. Which of course does not include vast tracks of open land, nor national parks.

    • the D-party is the very definition of institutionalized corruption

      The most concise, accurate, and truthful comment made yet.

      • Hi RT,

        It’s even worse than that, I think. The Left – there are no “Democrats” – isn’t merely corrupt. It is evil. It wants more than just money. It demands dominion.

    • Yeah. I moved to Nevada in the early 70’s partly because of its Libertarian attitude but mostly because it had no Speed Limit. Now it’s just a Shit-Hole. The Elite Politicians and those who enforce their Dirty Work are well taken care of while the Immigrants from New York, California, Illinois, etc. continue to vote them into Office. The only thing that Cesspool has to offer is no State Income Tax. They even Fucked-up Hot August Nights. I would never cross into that State again if it weren’t for SEMA and my Cousin.

    • I’ve driven through various parts of Nevada…my favorite part is to take the purported “Loneliest Highway in America”, US 50, across it from Tahoe, through Carson City, Fallon, Austin, Eureka, Ely, and to the Utah state line. Yes, there’s quite a bit of “desert”, but there’s also a lot of forest and high chaparral…most of that drive is between 5,000 and 7,000 feet in elevation.

      But the Vegas valley has become largely a ghetto shithole. There are still some decent neighborhoods, but even in them you’ll see tons of “gangbanger” types loitering about at a convenience store.

      When #2 son lived there, I had an idea to buy some property in the Pahrump area…if you remember the “Mars Attacks” movie, it’s pretty “deserty”, but a whole lot of folks have moved in, about 40,000 of them, in the past 25 or so years. But there’s still land to be had, though the prices have shot through the proverbial roof. Since a lot of commercial flights from West Coast locations make their final approach into McCarran International over Pahrump, I had me an idea to get about five or so acres there, put up a double-wide and a Butler building, and then build a garden of red Begonias, with solar-powered yard lights for night viewing…all arranged in the shape of a SWASTIKA. That’d put the local “movers and shakers” into a TIZZY!

  25. They forgot old farm tractors without the government juice (DEF). Lotsa farmers switching back to iron from the 70s-90. What about old semis? Glider trucks? Construction equipment?

    • In many states it is becoming illegal for commercial operations to have any diesel equipment that is not compliant with the new rules and outfitted with DEF and DPF and periodic DPF regen cycles. Contractors are selling old excavators and other “big equipment” on the public market as they are required to replace them with newer and “compliant” equipment.

      Eventually there will be too many and they’ll start shipping them to third world countries and turning them into scrap iron.
      In the meantime, I’m taking advantage of the problem by being able to cheaply buy earth moving equipment and other “old iron” for use on the forest, field, and topsoil and gravel pits of our community farm.

      Eventually they’ll come after us as well – we do get NRCS funding for some of our projects, as we aren’t for profit but are for community sustainability and community food sovereignty – (the price of food trucked in is becoming outrageous. We provide locally grown ‘at cost’; and yes, costs are going up, but not as much as food “from away”.)

      So we do “worry” about “the test will change” problem that the author pointed out.
      But until then – we’ll keep going.

      God is good.

    • How about all small engines? The craziest thing I see are battery powered snow blowers. I stick with gas engines because as long as I maintain them well they’ll outlast any rechargeable battery unit out there.

  26. “Because the test will be changed”

    This is the MO in many areas:
    boys are girls & girls are boys
    Trump voters are now domestic terrorists
    Citing American revolutionary texts & slogans are anti government
    Can’t take $10,000 of your own money from a bank
    TSA gropes you to get on a plane

    Keep changing the rules to drive us toward the final solution

    • Dan,
      Even the Betsy Ross flag is now a symbol of “right wing extremism”. They’ve basically come out and said america no longer exists. The government is occupational. Its purpose is to subjugate the natives for the benefit of foreign interests.

      • The Gasden Flag, an important piece of history from the Revolutionary War, is likewise considered “extremist” and a harbinger of “White Supremacy”. Egad.


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