LAPD Hut! Hut! Huts! Kid for Failure to Defer

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Here’s a charming video of LAPD armed government workers Hut! Hut! Hutting! a kid for the “crime” of Failure to Defer (to AGWs).

Of course, there is no such crime . . . on the books. But that doesn’t mean it’s not enforced. As 19-year-old Robert Cortez recently discovered. He dared to film the arrest of a friend of his and the AGWs violently objected to this. Cortez was violently assaulted, thrown to the ground and tackled by a pair of LAPD AGWs.

Filming is neither violent nor illegal. Yet illegal violence was done to Cortez by the enforcers of “the law.”

The good news is the taxpayers of LA will be paying for whatever the probably huge settlement Cortez will eventually be awarded – and the “heroic” AGWs will be placed on paid leave for a few days, before they are turned loose to Hut! Hut! Hut! another innocent victim.

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  1. Is it just me, or does the building (LA City Hall) on the LAPD badge look like it is “giving the bird” to the world?

    What else should you expect from a gang of thugs which dresses pseudo-military and refers to the general public as “civilians?” Next thing you know, they will have a Police Airborne Unit, pretending to be the U.S. 82nd Airborne.

    Glad I do not live in (Total) Los(s) Angeles.
    Venture there at your peril., I guess.

    • Hi Michael,

      Yup. These “heroes” are so well-trained they can barely handle a scrawny kid. Of course, the question arises: “Handle” him? For what? Why? It’s sickening to see this happening so often, so regularly. Obey my authority! Now! These AGWs are scum of the Earth.

  2. “What goes around comes around and bullies get theirs in the end. So why be a bully? A bully’s not a friend.” – Lyrics in song in an old cartoon

    Those no good filthy swine!

    Mean spirited, a cruel, foul deed with malicious intent.

    Bushwhacked, ambushed.

    Pure Evil at work, Satan is happy in Los Angeles, City of Angels.

  3. I’ve lived on and off in the “greater Los Angeles” area. These aggressive assholes are subpar for the course… in terms of being an entitled, aggravated asshole. No joke. I can’t really explain the jaw-dropping degree of the unbridled hostility that I have personally witnessed from LAPD officers and I’ve never done anything “wrong” more than traffic violations. Those people are out of their fucking minds. The guys in the video, that’s a mild day… they were probably in a good mood.

    I lived in the San Fernando Valley which was under the rule (aka jurisdiction) of the infamous Rodney King beaters known as “The Foothill Division”. There just are no words to describe that level of brutality. Nobody I knew was surprised about Rodney King outside of the resulting riot. The beating… heck… I knew a guy that was beat to a pulp in his parent’s living room for talking shit and never charged with anything.

    People just don’t know… don’t have any clue… how far these absolute animals allow themselves to go. And then they demand respect. They are treated as the “ruling” gang in the area. The state-sanctioned gang that face zero consequences for anything outside of super-rare circumstances.

    I’ve been frustrated about this my entire life. The same people telling everybody how bad and wrong they are, are the same ones that are scary vicious and criminal. Criminally insane if you ask me.

  4. Eric,

    There are numerous court decisions, both state and Federal, that say that recording police in public is okay; we have every right to film them.

  5. The cops know they can’t do this, yet continue to because they are never sent to jail.

    I am a firm advocate of mandatory liability insurance for police & removal of qualified immunity.

    Can’t get insured, can’t be a government wiseguy.

    • Hi Dan,

      I have never understood why any conservative would object to personal liability in the case of established abuse of power by a co. Perhaps someone will explain it to me. How it is that, if I act recklessly or criminally, I am subject to being held personally (civilly) liable. No one else pays the judgment. I do. But a cop – who is supposedly trained in law and in managing situations, is exempt from the same discipline…


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