The Most Expensive Traffic Ticket Ever?

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Imagine a ticket for “failure to display a front license plate” – not even a moving violation – costing you almost six figures. Nathan Cox of Mechanicsville, VA doesn’t have to, because he lived it.

Well, he paid it.


And it could have been worse.

Isn’t he – whoops! she – handsome?

Initially, he was looking at $1.3 million. Technically, it wasn’t the fine for not having a front plate – which in Virginia is a $75 hit to the wallet (plus court costs, of course). But the vengeful Virginia State (Storm) Trooper who pulled him over for the absent plate was determined to make Cox pay.

Cox, you see, is one of those pesky people who make a fuss over trumped-up laws and codes that empower Storm Troopers to hurt people who’ve hurt no one – but who’ve affronted the Authority of the government, which is the most unforgivable of offenses (ask VW).

Cox runs Virginia Cop Block – a web site that publishes the opposite of the usual North Korean Dear Leader-style hysterics in support of the “heroes” who enforce the state’s laws. “Heroes” such as campaign hat-wearin’ Melanie McKenney, who pulled Cox over for – Oh, the Humanity! – not having a second government-mandated ear tag (the front license plate) pinned to his car.

This became the pretext for a grossly over-the-top/felony-style Roadside Processing, including a pat-down, which Cox later described as a “molestation,” which it was. The dictionary definition (Merriam Webster, not Wikipedia) of molestation is as follows:

“To annoy, disturb, or persecute especially with hostile intent or injurious effect. The zookeeper warned the visitors not to molest the animals.”

McKenney’s treatment of Cox – and her motive for treating Cox the way she did – certainly fits that description.

Cox’s offense was trivial. And notwithstanding the usual mantra that McKenney was fearful for her “safety,” the state law enforcer knew perfectly well who she was pulling over – having run his tags prior to the actual stop. This is something the state’s enforcers of laws always do. So even before exiting her car, she knew it was Cox and that he had no criminal record and also that he possessed a concealed handgun permit – which means he passed a federal criminal background check and had no felonies or other major offenses on his record. CHP holders are the least likely people – much less likely than a state law enforcer – to use a gun in a criminal manner.

McKenney knew this.

Plus, she almost certainly knew Cox more personally – as the guy who runs Virginia Cop Block.

The relevance of that will become apparent shortly.

So she pulls him over – and proceeds to order him out of his car – Because Officer Safety, you see. Al Sharpton and his Race Card have nothing on the Officer Safety Card.

“I’m approaching, looking in the windows, and he’s got his back slightly toward me,” the Fearful Heroine timorously explained to Fox News. And here it comes: “For my safety, I felt he needed to step out of the vehicle.”

The guy is sitting in the driver’s seat of his car; how else is his back supposed to be facing from the point of view of someone walking up to the car from behind?

Another angle…

Ordering Cox out of his car was transparently punitive – Step One in teaching Cox a lesson. Remember: Cox had been ID’d, the car was not stolen, McKenney knew who he was – and the reason for the pullover was as trivial as it gets. Most people would have gotten their piece of payin’ paper and been sent on their way.

But McKenney wasn’t through. In fact, she was just getting rolling.

Having ordered Cox out of his car – a very threatening act that no doubt made Cox fear for his safety –  McKenney proceeded to humiliate Cox by subjecting him to a felony-style pat down, an invasion of his body. An armed stranger placed her hands on him, against his will – using the threat of violent repercussions if he in any way defending himself against being touched.

The very definition of molestation.

That sex was not involved (apparently, but one cannot know what was on McKenney’s mind and, she being nominally female and Cox male, it is not unreasonable to assume the possibility that she enjoyed touching his body, including his crotch) doesn’t change the fact that a molestation occurred.

By definition.

And so, Cox described his unwanted encounter as such on his web site.

McKenney sued him for defamation.

The original case – a fairly small change $5,000 case – got dismissed, but McKenney took it to the next level – Circuit Court – and sued Cox for $1.35 million. That case took three years to work its way through the judicial colon and it, too, was eventually dismissed.

But Cox had to spend the $94k defending himself against the punitive lawsuits filed by McKenney, who resented her molestation of Cox being described as such – and publicly aired.

As Cox’s lawyer noted, “Truth is an absolute defense against (an accusation of) Defamation.”

Cox was molested.

Every person subjected to such treatment is molested.

It’s interesting to note that, during his molestation, McKenney not only seized Cox’s cell phone – which he was using to try to video record the unwanted encounter – but can be seen on the in-car Cop Camera (video of which was recovered during the legal wrangling)  deliberately placing it upside down in order to prevent it from recording the unwanted encounter.

Of course McKenney said she seized the phone for – guess what? – her “safety.”

“There are reports of cell phones looking like guns,“ the fearful heroine explained to Fox News.

The more relevant “report” which McKenney probably had on her mind was the one about Cox having successfully sued the state of Virginia for $10,000 after he was charged with the infamous catch-all, Disorderly Conduct, by another enforcer of the state’s laws, who got annoyed with Cox for telling him – via megaphone – “Stop harassing people, we pay your paychecks.”

Which is still – while it lasts – free speech, exactly what the guys who wrote the Bill of Rights had in mind when they penned the First Amendment. Cox was expressing a political point-of-view, criticizing the government.

Cox recorded the subsequent pull-over and hassle – and used it as the basis for a successful First Amendment/Free Speech lawsuit against the enforcers of the state’s laws.  

And became a marked man twice over.

This sort of thing is not uncommon. Get on the radar – so to speak – of the state’s enforcers and you can expect what happens in any state where there are enforcers.

As distinct from peacekeepers, which of course we no longer have.

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    • Hi John,

      We are all of us born into the Matrix – me included. It takes time to see the truth of things. Middle and upper-middle-class people especially are conditioned to practically venerate cops and to a great extent, do – but only because they are addled by an illusion. Lower and working class people have long known the reality that is “law enforcement” – and middle and upper-middle-class are beginning to understand it as well.

        • Hi Tor,

          Feminism is cancer.

          It may at some point have been about addressing legitimate grievances but today – like MADD – it is about something else entirely.

          It is about Perpetual Grievance – directed at men. It is about denying differences between the sexes, denying the complementary nature of the sexes, to create a false sense of sameness. It urges men to be more like women and women more like men – leaving both neurotic and unhappy.

          Lots of young guys have just given up – and focus their energies on work, gaming, hobbies. Older guys – like me – have given up, too.

          And we get the best of it.

          Women are valuable while nubile and attractive. But feminism teaches them to squander this – and then the day comes when they are no longer nubile but hagged out and used up and all of a sudden, no one wants them anymore. They become invisible – and very resentful.

          Toward men.

          It is not a coincidence that most feminists are physically unappealing.

          Meanwhile, men can get back in the game – so speak – at any time and at almost any age. It is not hard for a 50-year-old man to find a very attractive 30 year old girl to fuck. But it is not easy for a 50 year old woman to find a 30 year old guy to fuck.

          What feminism has done is to poison the relationship between the sexes – and mostly it’s women who get the worst of it.

  1. so, this guy who has made his lifes purpose to annoy cops,
    doesnt have a front plate, which he knows will attract attention from the cops, and then he doesnt have his car wired with cameras pointing in every direction to record the cops harassing him?Clover

    and if you register your car to a New Mexico LLC, the cops nor the govt can ever find out who actually owns it.
    either one would have prevented all this.

      • eric, Justin echoed my first thoughts on this. I understand how things should be and how they really are. Being on first name basis with half a dozen DOT denizens I could be ready for a brawl every time I’m stopped. Of course I’m always in the wrong….according to them and some ridiculous law so stirring a hornet’s nest isn’t my best defense.

        I’ve had some go out of their way in letting me continue on to somewhere I could remedy the problem and while spending my Sunday afternoon working on a big rig on the side of the road isn’t my idea of the good life, it beats hell out of setting out flares, locking it up and getting someone to drive a couple hundred miles to haul my ass home. I can promise you I’ve had my front plate knocked off in construction work and I did everything besides build a new front bumper to get it back up there so it could be seen even if it looked like shit warmed over. I’d never consider not having one just so they had an actual visual reason to haul my ass to the side of the road for a level 2 inspection.

        I’ve had plates stolen before but I didn’t just go on knowing I once had a plate but no longer did so I should be good to go.

      • eric, did you realize according to the UN this is “road safety week”? Yep, the UN is pushing for reduced speeds presumably everywhere but it’s thinly veiled to affect the speediest countries the most.

        This week is UN Road Safety Week, which highlights road traffic deaths and injuries and focuses on ways to reduce them. This year the week is headlined by the #SlowDown campaign, which is part of a plan to reduce road fatalities by 50 percent before 2020. Its suggestion? Lower speed limits.

        The logic behind the Global Road Safety Week #SlowDown campaign is fairly simple: lower limits mean shorter braking distances, resulting in fewer accidents and lesser injuries to those involved when they do occur. According to research quoted by the UN, it takes around 14 meters (46 ft) to perform an emergency stop to from 30 km/h, as opposed to 20 m (66 ft) from 40 km/h (25 mph) and 27 m (89 ft) from 50 km/h (31 mph).
        Lower limits also make a difference if the emergency stop doesn’t prevent an accident entirely. As you’d expect, hitting a pedestrian at lower speed could be the difference between a bruise for a few days and a trip to the hospital or morgue.

        According to the #SlowDown campaign, speed limits of 30 km/h (19 mph) in pedestrian zones, 50 km/h (31 mph) where there are crossroad intersections on the road, and 70 km/h (43 mph) on undivided continuous roads would reduce the chances of accidents in these areas. The campaign also suggests it should be easier for drivers to see what the speed limit is, through better signage and in-car technology.

        In Texas pedestrians are people simply in need of roadside repair. I can just imagine the economy that’s already on the verge of collapse slowed down to 31 mph. Soon, we’d be tithing the Pope, taking extended siestas and lusting for that younger, faster burro. Hauling cotton and grain from the Panhandle to Galveston would introduce new nomenclature into the culture, The Agricultural Pilgrimage. Of course this is what the UN is committed to doing, bringing everyone into 3rd world status.

      • Morning, Bevin!

        It’s striking isn’t it? Clovers are literally all the same, as if stamped from a mold. They invariably use the same hackneyed non sequiturs; they never respond directly to a specific query about – for instance – authoritarian collectivism. It’s as though they have a switch in their heads that automatically re-routes their train of thought away from anything unorthodox … just as Orwell described.

        SRV, Gail – all of them.

        They never openly defend what they support. It always has to be couched in euphemism and evasion.

        This ought to at least get them questioning, internally, the morality of what they support. But it never seems to.

        Gail, for instance, is a mish-mash of theocrat and corporatist-fascist – in other words, a “conservative” Republican. But she cannot face up to what she is. She pretends she is a defender of freedom… not noticing the impossibility of defending freedom when one is a theocrat and/or a corporatist-fascist!

        SRV is a socialist. That is, a weaker beer sort of communist. But he shares the principles of communism. Yet he will not concede it or defend it.

        • Dear Eric,

          You summed it up so nicely I don’t have much to add, except to affirm your observation about mental evasion.

          There is obviously some dim level at which they are aware of how untenable their arguments are. Otherwise they would not know when to start tap dancing around the logical implications of their own premises.

          What always gets me is, “Why?” Why would anyone, upon being presented with the truth, upon being confronted with reality, acknowledge it and admit they were wrong?

          At one time I held a self contradictory belief in top down urban planning for the sake of “beauty”, even though I professed to be a minarchist. Eventually though my respect for moral consistency forced me to acknowledge the error of my ways.

          But these people… go figure.

        • It’s because they were stamped from mold. Industrialized government schools. They create fungible human resources. It’s the entire point of the system. Mix it with the puritanical in your neighbors’ business undercurrent of american culture and there you have it.

        • Eric – Gail also helped get the 55 mph speed limit repealed as you know. Please cut the lady some slack.

          • Hi Swamp,

            I know – and I know Gail personally, too.

            Still, I have this T-shirt with a picture of Der Fuhrer and the caption: What about all the good things Hitler did?

          • Dear Swamp Rat,

            The problem is that the oppressive government that imposed the 55 mph speed limit exists only because people such as Gail on the right and her counterparts on the left, “manifested” it in the first place.

            As Etienne de La Boetie noted,

            The tyrant has “nothing more than the power that you confer upon him to destroy you. Where has he acquired enough eyes to spy upon you, if you do not provide them yourselves? How can he have so many arms to beat you with, if he does not borrow them from you? The feet that trample down your cities, where does he get them if they are not your own? How does he have any power over you except through you? How would he dare assail you if he had no cooperation from you?”

            Statists who keep the machinery of oppression in place through their continued support, do not magically become good guys by occasionally “giving us a break”.

            A mugger who leaves you a few bucks to call a cab to get home is still a mugger. He shouldn’t have mugged you in the first place.

  2. So, the citizen was doing something while you were following him?

    Officer: You give cops a bad name.

    Couldn’t avoid noticing that one cop kept looking into the innocent citizen’s car. Did he have a search warrant to look inside? He wasn’t under arrest at that point, and I didn’t see a search warrant presented. Oops…he was just checking the quality of the paint job.

    We need more Andy Taylor, and less Barney Fife (or Roscoe P Coltrane).

  3. Scene from “Deliverance” Lewis, the “survivalist” played by Burt Reynolds, has just shot and killed the hillbilly who raped Bobby, the insurance salesman

    Anybody know anything about the law?

    I was on jury duty once. It wasn’t a murder trial.

    Murder trial? I don’t know the technical word for it, Drew, but I know this: You take this man and turn him over to the sheriff, there’ll be a trial all right. Trial by jury.

    So what?

    We killed a man, Drew. Shot him in the back. A mountain man. Cracker. Gives us somethin’ to consider.

    All right, consider it. We’re listening.

    Shit, all these people are related. I’ll be damned if I’ll come back and stand trial… with this man’s aunt and uncle… maybe his mama and his daddy sittin’ in the jury box.

    What do you think, Bobby?

    How about you, Ed?


    The “Just Us” system is even worse than described by Lewis, the survivalist portrayed by Burt Reynolds. The entire system is on one side, and the mere mundane is on the other

  4. It cost me 3500 to prove that I was innocent in a seat belt infraction so it is a lot of effort with no return

  5. That is a very masculine woman and definitely she is cross-dressed with the pants. Females (?) in cop occupation are likely more dangerous, as they know they have been gifted with less muscular power than average men—look at the female cop in Oklahoma yelling “shots fired” after massacring Terence Crutcher with gunfire. Yes! That one is also cross-dressed as in, a transvestite. Make female cops wear skirts again like they stopped doing in the late 1950s. Other women in pants? No need to object. The thing is to push back and give these persecutors a hard time, any way we can. Jewelers! Charge cops more!

  6. I don’t “like” anything govt does, all their roads lead to serfdom. Fuck them all. That is the top level response.

    The bill removes a trillion in taxes, including the mandate penalty. Surely a good thing. As to all those other thousands of pages of boilerplate fatwas, I’m unsure and foresee future malice and mayhem.

    On a reality level, we’re living amid unpredictable predators. Virtue signalling about non-aggressive morality feels good, but is ineffective without purposeful action.

    Trump promised a full deconstruction of the administrative state. This Sept the FY 2018 will become law, and we’ll have an indication whether leviathan can be brought to heel, or whether he’ll finish eating the Western World.

    I don’t like Leviathan but he is reality to many, and reality is not optional.

    • I’d like to see if Trump keeps his promise of doing a REAL 911 investigation. Bet we never hear of that again, ‘specially now, with all the Jews in his cabinet.

  7. I can tell you after 20 years of fighting the local police at my mom’s house that you can prevail if you remain calm. I can now speed in that area (doing 15 over) and they let me zip right on by. The key is to make it clear to them in act and statement that if they pick a fight with you it will be a long drawn out process which will end in suit if they even so much as violated the smallest of laws (Most cops don’t know the law so they make a lot of mistakes).

    The thing is in order to do that you can’t just spout out your U.S. constitutional protections. You need to know the State and Local law in detail. You need to keep up with court rulings that affect those laws/protections. Above all else though is you need to maintain your calm when the cop goes off the deep end (which they will).

    When it comes time to go to court make sure you have printed copies of all the applicable laws/court rulings that support your defense so when it comes time you are forcing the judge’s hands (he will try to protect the cop). I have seem judges berate the cops for violating the laws a few times once I took away all the defenses for their actions that could be presented.

    Once all is said and done you just become more trouble then it is worth. If it costs them $1,000 dollars to extract $100 the police will soon be pushed by their higher ups to let it go. They will go pick on the targets that prostrate and lick their boots.

    • Matt, how much time have you spent in jail? How much time taken away from earning a living/other areas of your life to stay abreast of their unjust laws and precedents? How many ulcers do you have? Is it worth it? Maybe you’re lucky, if you still live in a place (as do I, now) where most of the pigs aren’t as overboard as they are in some places, and there are still some good judges at the local level, who still have some respect for the law- but try that stuff in many locales today- ‘specially the blue states, and ‘specially in and around the big cities….and they’ll just laugh and bang the gavel and cart you off.

      It’s just not the same as being left alone; or even flying below the radar. Always having to fight- be it in a court or elsewhere. Some places now, you become a “problem” to the local pigs, they’ll just find a way to take you out. It doesn’t take much in these days when they’re not held accountable, and when juries always side with them.

      Having to play kissy-ass to a judge every week in court is not any more freedom- nay, is less freedom, than flying below the radar.

  8. Guerilla warfare!
    It is nearly impossible to overcome a true guerilla force.
    That said, the fight does not need to be about firearms, explosives or bio-chemical.
    Being an old guy at 69 I made a promise to myself years ago at the age of 16: Never let the bastards win, no matter what!
    At that age I assaulted over a hundred parking meters with a couple rolls of pennies and three tubes of Liquid Steel.
    How much profit do you think that town netted on a five dollar parking ticket?
    That is only a snippet of tactics I have implemented over the years to punish those who would punish me.
    With today’s cameras everywhere systems there is more danger but, there is also more opportunity.
    How much do you think just one of those cameras costs?
    More systems more opportunities!
    For the government I have been a very expensive date.
    If you want to screw me, I will make it appear to be easy.
    But when all is said and done, your rump will be sore, not mine.

  9. Surely VA, being almost as ‘snow-flakey’ as CA, has anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Particpation) to counter this BS. Also, I’m quite doubtful that any law firm would devote this to this frivolity on behalf of this ‘fleamale’ donut-scarfer herself, but the one on retainer by her UNION would! This form of legalized harassment for defiance of police bullying is precisely what anti-SLAPP legislation is about.

  10. America, one of the most crime-free nations in the world, now has the highest ratio of cops to serviles (1:300) in the free world. They’re absurdly over-armed and armored

  11. This is exactly why, In communities where this happens ALL THE TIME, they have started shooting cops. So, SHE is RESPONSIBLE for the deaths of her brother cops. We went to WAR against the biggest country in the world over un-warranted rousting. It is truly unfortunate that citizens who are sick and tired of the 4th being violated only recourse is to shoot cops. It is not the cops fault. They are trained to roust people, we beg them to roust more people. It is the Supreme Courts fault for allowing all these stupid excuses (like, “for my safety”) that have evicerated the 4th amendment.

    • When I first began my duties as a Marine MP- I was astonished when told that we i.e. MPs could search for weapons for “our safety” per a supreme court case that ignored both the 4th and 2nd amendments. First of all the people have the right to keep and bear arms- and secondly the right to be secure in their papers, persons property and effects from illegal and unreasonable searches and seizures. It is unreasonable to search a U.S. citizen for arms he naturally has a right to police-in the U.S.- already assume people are armed if not searched anyway: searching them to confirm it one way or the other should not matter in the least. The U.S. citizens right to arms is- and should be- outside of government’s authority anyway.

      • Well-said, Jeff…

        Unfortunately, the Bill of Rights is a dead letter; portions of it are obeyed, kinda sorta. But the clear lines in the sand drawn by each Amendment have been rendered into – at best – minor impediments. The government does what it likes and “interprets” the laws to suit.

  12. And how many of the fine citizens of his community came to his aid? None. So why bother to be a hero when no one will back you up. If I burn you all burn, that’s the way I figure it.

    • Hi None,

      Eventually, it may come to that. But it will take time. And, before that happens, it is necessary to disabuse a certain critical mass of the population of the Myth of Authority – the idea that it’s acceptable for people with special outfits and titles to lord it over them, without their consent.

        • Dear Guerrero,

          Whoever first got the idea of ridiculing gubmint issued uniforms by calling them costumes deserves a place in history.

          I first came across it at Anarchast, but I have no idea if they were the pioneers.

    • Violence isn’t the answer. You have to remove the need for these cops, politicians and judges instead. Try to convince your neighbors to be self sufficient, don’t go crying to government for help whenever they want something to change. Rather than begging the city council or whatever, see if there’s reason to open a company, or do a temporary neighborhood action.

      I’ve found that people in this country have become helpless, always looking to others to solve their problems. Coming from an ex-Communist country, this shocks me. We always knew the government was the enemy, so we interacted with it as little as humanly possible.

      • +OppositeLock — You nailed it. People in this country are helpless. They’ve been conditioned since childhood to tattle and complain to “authority” about things other people are doing that they don’t like, or that makes them uncomfortable — starting with teachers, and in adulthood, the cops. I live in a nice neighborhood north of Dallas, Texas and anytime someone posts something on the neighborhood page of FB or the NextDoor app, the overwhelming response is to just “call the cops”.
        This is one of the reasons we’re where we are. Americans are a fearful, lazy, and cold-blooded people who would rather the local cops wipe their noses than do it themselves.

  13. All cops are cunts and women cops are even worse! If this cunt was in fear of her safety, why didn’t she call for backup? And her comment that she “heard” that some cell phones look like guns is proof positive that she’s a complete moron… perfect cop material in other words!

    • The citizens beg cops to roust people, the supreme court gives them all the excuses they need to completely ignore the 4th amendment, AND they are TRAINED to violate the 4th. The cards are stacked against a good cop. His boss says “how many did you stop? How many popped?” and if he doesn’t violate the 4th – he gets fired.

    • Cops know perfectly well that whatever object isn’t a gun and can’t be a gun. They just want to use their powers and the declaration allows it. Americans love magic words, magic devices, and props. Like the drug dogs. They are just a prop so cops can search us whenever they feel like it. We are put through a ritual where a dog does what it has been told to do and presto magically no more right protecting us from government search and seizure. Easy as that. Through the magic of canines.

      Saying “he’s got a gun” is equal to “it’s coming right for us”

    • What is revealing about the cunt cop’s “I heard cell phones look like guns” is that she has it exactly backwards i.e. there are guns that are made to look like cell phones. Dipshit in a costume cannot even get her lies straight.

      • Harder to remember a lie….lemme see. ….says the Shrub…..screw me once uh uh well duh you shouldn’t screw me again “little punctured balloon over his head (why do they always give me the tricky stuff? )”


        And yes, I hold a grudge

        • Morning, Eight!

          Me also. Hate The Chimp. Forever. That inbred half-wit poured gas on the fire, can be credited with almost single-handedly turning what had been a very imperfect but still very livable America into the miserable, fear-addled Police State we’re stuck with now and probably forever.

          The warntr is his doing. The TSA. The “homeland.”

          All The Chimp’s doing.

          We got Obama (and Obamacare) because of The Chimp – as I never tire of pointing out to Republicans.

  14. I still have (and use) an old-fashioned videocassette camcorder. No doubt Missy Yellowstreak would have interpreted it as a rocket launcher.

    It’s truly sickening to listen to all these cops pule and whine about officer safety. If they’re too cowardly to do their jobs right, then they should go into other fields.

    • Couldn’t agree more Ross, being a cop isn’t even in the top ten of dangerous jobs; if they’re such fraidy cats they should seek another occupation. Of course the only reason they’re cops is because they get to lord it over us mundanes like the sociopaths they really are.

  15. Since the case was tossed out by the courts, he needs to press for his costs of defense. Sue HER personally, as it was the banSHE who came after him on the bogus charges.

    She’s really got her panties in a tight twixt over this guy. That kind of behaviour tends toward things like HIGH blood pressure, brain aneurisms, manic depressive bouts, etc, Can’t be good for her health. Anger management treatment IS available, and her eployer’s Workmen’s Compensation, er, squeeze me, WorkPERSON’s Compentation, maybe she should sign up for some…..

    It also seems fairly obvious that she used her “authoriteh” to harm him far beyond any plausible cal of duty.

    • Read about Chicago cops having a 60 % higher suicide rate than the national average. Turns out the law Obomer passed to get civilian guns if you seek counseling applies to cops too. Easy to understand why they wouldn’t seek help so they pay and civilians pay also.

      Yall gotta love all the great things the antigun crowd does.

  16. RJO’Guillory,

    I’m not saying woman don’t work in support positions for dangerous jobs. Sometimes their positions even have moderate risk.

    They’re not interested in doing certain things. Especially low status grunt work we all require to enjoy our first world lifestyle. I’m glad for that, but feel betrayed when they help enslave those who did right by them.

    Women are great at holding the stop sign on the road crew. But if you need 10 miles of Hot Mix Asphalt laid down in Las Vegas in July. You aren’t going to find any feminists who want to make that happen.

    The entire internet was built solely by men. And now some thugs and thuggettes are hijacking it and invading it and making it into another govt controlled shit show like radio and television.


  17. Eric,

    Check out what these burning platform bootlicking cunts have to say about you.

    IndenturedServant says:
    May 4, 2017 at 4:03 pm
    Peter’s strikes as the kind of a guy who will eventually get AND pay a $94,000 ticket of his own. I’ll bet he even gets a 30 day contempt of court charge on top of it.

    starfcker says:
    May 4, 2017 at 4:26 pm
    IS, I’ll bet you’re right.

    • Oh god, Tor… my teeth already ache. Luckily, I have the antidote… a 350 hp Ford Focus RS… but I’ve only had it up to 130-ish so far… must correct…

        • If you’re a real libertarian, you wouldn’t like this bill. It is just a revision of government controlled healthcare. Federal tax dollars should never go toward healthcare in any way.

            • Good morning eric. About an hour and a half back I got to thinking about this very subject. Some saw it coming way back when. I’ll admit I didn’t but I’ve had few surprises since mandatory auto insurance hit town. Obamacare simply showed us we had no rights left and they could prove it the hard way.

              I suppose my next doctor visit will be via Medicare since I’m now retired(such a joke, I’ll never quit working as long as I’m above room temperature). It’s all be figured out to such a degree you can’t be known to be alive and be exempt. The wife and I have been paying every year to Not participate. We’ve also been paying medical expenses “payment is required when you check in” up front. It’s been cheaper than paying premiums but that won’t last for us geriatrics….shit!

                • Ridiculous video! Once they get you on their radar, that shit won’t save you because you can not force them to abide by their own laws and former precedents; nor the Constitution.

                  The jails are full of those who have tried such stuff. They fly for a while, and think it’s good- until they come after them- and I think the IRS purposely waits a while before doing so, just to make a bigger case, with bigger fines and penalties.

                  Only way to not pay is to keep your income below taxable levels. And you still have to pay property taxes; sales taxes; excise taxes; etc.

                  Instead of annoying music at the beginning, these videos should come with a disclaimer, so that well-meaning people don’t end up in a cage and/or lose everything they have at the hands of the biggest organized crime ring on earth: The IRS and it’s minions.

          • Yep, Pyssed- it’s just part of the last few final touches of imposing total socialism/communism on the USA. ….and the idiots scream for more.

          • As an intelligent real human being I am happy to see the original bill walked back, regardless. Government giving up power is rare, and any power that Trump loosens up towards the states is a victory. Ideological purity kills every movement from ever entering the popular mind without violence to force it into place. Baby steps.

            • Hi Freedom,

              But have they? Given up power? I don’t see how. The principle that it is the “role” of government to dictate terms and conditions of our individual medical decisions has not been challenged. Note that the new law dictates a 30 percent surcharge if you go “uncovered” for any length of time – as due to financial hardship (for which you will now be punished) and dictates to the insurance mafia that it must cover pre-existing conditions, which means higher costs for the healthy and responsible to subsidize the care of the not-healthy and irresponsible.

              • Exactly, Eric. Why (ostensibly) would the government even need to be involved in such matters, unless it was for the express purposes of redistributing wealth (Forcing the healthy to pay more, so that the unhealthy can pay less; and penalizing the financially responsible, so that the financially irresponsible can have what they are unwilling/unable to pay for)?

                Why would the average American care, or be in support of such nonsense, unless they thought that they would be gaining an advantage at the cost of someone else?

                I had just read an article to enlighten myself as to some of the details of the RINOcare, and the article turned out to have been written [of course] by a whining leftist, who was going on and on about how it is going to “take this away” and “take that away” from “the poor” and “those least able to afford it” [Let me get out my hanky….NOT!]- I was wishing that there was a comment section to that article, because I would have liked to have asked how it is possible to take something away from somebody which they never possessed to begin with? And: Why did the author not care that property was being taken from people who rightfully possessed it, to pay for some skank who has 6 illegitimate kids and no means of support other than redistributed wealth; or some faggots, who, although only comprising 2-3% of the population, have more than 50% of the AIDS cases, and 83% of gonorrhea cases; anal cancer, etc.?

                These are the people who scream “prejudice!” and “bigot!” -but yet they think it perfectly just to rob one class of people to enrich other groups- i.e. special rights.

                And these jerks won’t be happy until everyone has “free” healthcare, for their entire life….just as long as someone else makes it free for them. They couldn’t care less about the person who ultimately has to pay for his own, AND for theirs, so it can be “free”.

                They’re advocating slavery, while being the ones who decry it the loudest, and while condemning the lowers of liberty as being tyrants, because we advocate that all men should be treated the same- which of course includes not forcing some at gunpoint to pay for others.

  18. One minor quibble (though I am an anarchist so don’t believe in limited government either): we might be slightly better off if the controlling law were the Virginia constitution’s equivalent of Leviathan’s first amendment. But all that was snuffed out in Lincoln’s War and by El Supremo’s incorporation doctrine.

  19. Oh, those freak’n “campaign” hats. Anyone outside the military that wears a “campaign” hat is not only psycho, but a laughable, untrustworthy little sphincter.

    Jesus, those freak’n hats should be bitch-slapped off the heads of these flaming cowards. But sadly, you’d be murdered for doing so.

    How in the Hell did we ever let things get this far?

    • … and the “women” are the worst. They all have that man-hatin’ chip on their shoulders; gotta prove they are Tough and you will obey.

      Hut! hut! hut!

      • Lots of those bitchy cunts work for governments throughout the western world. They were an obama favorite type to hire, esp. when they could get their fugly faces plastered all over the media. And women out there, these bitchy women drag you down, it’s time that women fix their own problems rather than blame men.

        • There are lots of places where women are nowhere to be found. Oilfields, fishing boats, mines, garbage dumps, trainyards, construction sites, and many more.

          If these areas and surrounding property could be designated as off limits to costumed heroes and busybodies. Because when You’re risking your life, you
          should decide what to risk during your time off.

          Everything would be a lot better for us. And women and pencil pushers would be even richer and more spoiled than they already are.

          • …I know women who work as short-term medical providers in oil-fields and offshore oil-platforms, as well as for rich folks with yachts, etc. There are plenty of jobs that females fill in the fields you indicated. Back in 1978, when I worked as a deck hand on a tow boat going down The Mississippi into The Gulf…we had a women who lived on the boat and served as the cook. As construction becomes more automated…(cranes, bulldozers, etc.)…women have filled all those roles. Perhaps not in the same numbers as men, but they are there.
            RJ O’Guillory

            • No where even close to the numbers of men. They are the exceptions, you hardly see any women out there. When I worked on railroad construction crews we had one woman, she left after the first week of doing nothing more than keeping the spiker’s supplied with spikes.

            • We understand, ALL PEOPLE understand, except the terribly autistic, that there are exceptions to the rule, this does not disprove the rule. Stop being so obviously and outrageously obtuse. Some humans are rich too, some have AIDS, some are anorexic, but in all those cases that has nothing to do with the other 95% of humanity.

    • But AljerHyss, they are a military force in the eyes of the state. Why else would all of their main offices be named ‘Troop (x) of the (state) Highway Patrol’? Why the hell our ancestors allowed their state government to establish these “Troop” forces is beyond maddening! The establishment of these police forces was clearly an end run around the constitutional prohibition of standing armies!

  20. > There are reports of cell phones looking like guns

    The Samsung Galaxy 7 – a phone so dangerous it has been banned from airlines around the world, is only
    7.9 mm or 0.31 inches thick. A .22 rimfire is .272 inches at the rim which doesn’t leave much room at all for a chamber to hold it. The “cellphone guns” are pretty obvious as to what they are, just based on their size. I would think a trained officer could tell the difference.

    • Hi Chip,

      We all know the “feared for my safety” thing has become the cop-equivalent of Al Sharpton shrieking “racism”… 🙂

      • Worse, Eric because sharpton has never pulled a gun or molested anyone of the opposite sex for no reason whatsoever.

      • It takes a special kind of delusional half wit to a. Be a cop and b. Assume anyone isn’t armed. I may not always have a pistol or a knife on my person but I’m most assuredly always armed. Having a gun to display simply makes it less likely a problem will escalate. One carries concealed for sound tactical reasons and for the psychological shock factor, being able to reveal a violence ending tool.

        • Hi Ernie,

          I don’t think most are delusional; rather, I think the work attracts a certain type of person. A bully, basically. Someone who doesn’t feel ashamed to hassle people who’ve done nothing to anyone, as a routine part of his work day. Imagine driving around in a car with a little machine that you use to “catch speeders” – and then pull them over using lights and siren and the always-present threat of violent repercussions if they fail to Submit and Obey… then demanding their “papers” and handing them a piece of paper that amounts to an extortion demand. You have just stolen $100-plus dollars of some poor schlepp’s money on behalf of your employer.

          I’d feel lower than whale shit.

          And that’s just traffic stuff. How about putting people in cages because they “possess” an arbitrarily illegal substance?

          • eric, or end up in prison over a non-jailable offense(traffic ticket)simply because you can’t pay the blood money. We have so much of that in Texas it’s a crime against humanity in its own right. At least the Texas Justice reform movement is going after this. Not only have some judges come out against not imprisoning these people but the bailbondsmen have been the most vocal…..imagine that.

          • You got it, Eric!

            The Day I Felt Like A Dick

            When I was a kid, I took a job as a security guard. It wasn’t anywhere near as evil as being a cop- but it was bad enough. I quit after the first day, and to this day, more than 35 years later, I still hate to even think of the few hours I spent doing that! Seriously, it pains me to think of it.

            For some paltry sum, you become a mercenary whose loyalty lies only with those who are paying you. Forget right vs. wrong, it’s just “do as you’re told”. And those who last and prosper in such endeavors are those who have no problem blocking out any pangs of conscience (if they ever had a conscience) which would dictate any reasonable behavior or use of judgment. No- just follow protocol, no matter what. Being human or using any common sense or exercising any judgment at all, is verboten- which is why we hear of so many of these absurd stories when it comes to the costumed, because to be one, one must essentially give up any humanity, conscience, compassion, or judgment.

            “Zaire is a rule in zee book for evry zitchu-ayshun! Zjust follow zee rules!”.

    • A friend has one of those new Sig Sauer phones, a P 226 I think. When the red dot plays on your nose….smile, you’re on candid camera. It has a really fast shutter speed.

      • Yup, One “bark” from that puppy at that copper-with-a-chip-on-her-shoulder and it woulda shutter down, alright Real quick

  21. When is everyone going to realize fighting these people on their terms is never going to win. Did he honestly spend $94k to fight this? Is that even possible? Is he able to counter sue her for defense costs? This is not a win and honestly just proves that all his work on cop block does no good at all. They win, they will continue to win. You can’t fight the king and his men and win.

    Stand up for your rights, blah blah. Get beat, get broke, they win every time. Nothing changes.

    • Unfortunately very true Todd. As Marc Stevens styles it, it’s damage control. You can never truly win once they have their claws on you. Regardless if you get the ticket/case kicked because you’ve spent time and money fighting. But fight them we must. People just need to understand you can never “win” once they get in a legal battle with the state. It’s all about damage control.

    • Exactly, Todd.

      Our Founders knew this, which is why they didn’t try and reform England; they knew that when it gets this bad, all you can do is leave, because you’re not just fighting a king or a few people; you’re fighting the majority around you who approve of such BS, and who support it, and serve it and make it possible.

      Entire sovereign nations can not even win. How any individual thinks they can beat the system while operating within it’s very belly, and seeking redress from it’s unjust judges, is beyond me.

      Do what you can to steer clear of their system at all costs- even if it means not claiming all the “rights” we are supposed to have, because once they have you, even if you do somehow manage to win, it will be at such a great cost that it is not worth it- and they really win anyway.

      The real value in what Nathan does, is to make people aware of the true nature of our oppressors. The average idiot doesn’t have a clue. They think cops are “keeping them safe”….until it happens to them or someone they know. Hopefully, as people become aware of what is going on here, they will learn that we are really in the same boat as if we lived in Bolshevik Russia or Nazi Germany- You keep a low profile and operate underground until such time as you can escape.

      That’s what it has come to. We must accept the fact that it is not going to get any better- just worse. And even after it all implodes, the survivors will just rebuild it into (as the Bible calls it in the book of Revelation) An Image Of The Beast”- just like when we were kids, and we’re establishing a play world with a few friends, and one says “I call mayor!” “I call governor!”. This is how we were all programmed, and few have given enough thought to it to question and reject the system of ruling others by brute force, and practicing crimes, but having them be declared as “public services” when done in the name of the state.


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