Traffic Ticket Paid with Pig-Shaped Origami

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Prankster Pays Ticket With Pig-Shaped Money

Here’s an “artistic” way to pay your parking ticket. This YouTube video by user Bacon Moose shows the man paying for a $137 traffic fine with 137 origami dollar bill pigs. To really turn the knife, he brought the pigs in two doughnut boxes

Video here:


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  1. I would have just said, ‘woah, dollar bill pigs, awesome!’ And asked for the design. I would have made a pretty crap traffic infringement officer, all things told ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Several (if not most) municipalities have laws/ordinances on their books that limit the manner they can be paid.

    ie money is to be neatly organized or a limit on number of coins used for payment.
    coins used must be wrapped in bank style rolls (50ยยข/roll pennies, $10/roll quarters, etc.)
    no more than X number of dollars in coins
    dollars cannot be crumpled

    In some cases you can be cited for contempt if you refuse to comply.

    I disagree with this, but those with power make the rules.

    If I would guess how this came to be.

    People pay in loose coins or unorganized bills (probably as a protest to injustice). The workers collecting the money spend a large amount of time counting/collecting money. They get yelled at by superiors for not getting other work done. Superiors go to council to get a law/ordinance passed to list how they get paid. Judges go along with the sham and impose contempt of court citations for violators of ordinance.

    One would probably need (time/money/some law knowledge) to appeal this up the chain to possibly get this changed. I doubt many judges at any level would be sympathetic to the Its legal for all debt argument.

  3. If I had time to do that (he said 4.5 hours), I think I would have requested to see the judge and tell him that I attempted to pay the fine and the clerk wouldn’t accept it.

    “for all debts, public and private.” Doesn’t say a word about how they’re folded.


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