Intermittent Leaking — Gas, coolant or?

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1995 Plymouth Voyager here — six months ago and again a month ago a fellow motorist pulled me over to tell me that I am leaking gas from underneath. I take the car to JiffyLube where they put it up on the rack and find nothing. Could it be AC runoff? Coolant? ??? Thanks…


  1. It’s usually pretty easy to identify automotive fluids by putting your fingers in the puddle and looking, feeling it between your fingers, and smelling it. The brave can taste. The only thing that should drip on a car made in the last 30 years or so is water from the AC. Old cars without coolant recovery tanks could drip coolant on the ground out the overflow, which is also normal.

    Gasoline on a fuel injected car would spray out of anything but the return line and the tank due to the high pressure nature of the system. The smell can’t go unnoticed.

  2. Hi. If all the fluids are topped off and you don’t smell any gas, my money is on condensation/AC runoff. Totally normal if it is. Just like having an ice cold beer and seeing the condensation collect and run down the sides of the bottle.


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