Blown Away . . . for Not Complying

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In addition to “officer safety,” another de facto capital offense in this country is “failure to comply.”

This past fall, a Northern Virginia man named Bijan Ghaisar was executed by armed government workers after a brief car chase. Apparently, the man had been involved in a minor accident – no injuries and he wasn’t the driver who caused the accident –  but he left the scene regardless. It’s possible he had an expired license or some other thing on his mind and feared (rightly) what the “heroes” might do to him if he stuck around. Given the run-amokness of “heroes” these days, avoiding them is reasonable self-preservation.

We have good reason to fear for our safety.

This resulted in a car chase. Not a “high speed” or “reckless” one. The guy was simply not complying. He stops a couple of times and then thinks better of it as armed government workers begin to approach – and takes off. This of course really annoys the armed government workers – who end up surrounding the guy’s car and ending his life in a hail of bullets.

Their victim was not armed. He posed no “threat” to the “safety” of the “heroes.”

He was, however, non-compliant.

Somehow, the law has transmogrified to justify – legally permit – armed government workers to aim lethal weapons at unarmed people and shoot them to death for this offense.

Which makes sense, from a certain point of view – i.e., theirs.

No challenge to their Authority can be tolerated. This is the fulcrum of things. To allow any disrespect is intolerable, a crime worse than any on the books . . . from the point of view of armed government workers and, of course, the government they work for.

It’s been pointed out that police – armed government workers – have become functionally indistinguishable from occupying soldiers. Redcoats with body armor and automatic-fire weapons.

One of the characteristics of such is the countenancing of no “resistance” to their commands. A POW who attempts to get away is shot as a matter of course. This is exactly how this man was treated.

He was not an armed and dangerous criminal. Just a guy who got into a minor traffic scrape and then – for fully understandable reasons – failed to comply. For this, he was murdered.

A strong word – but the right word.

Take away the buzz cuts, the opaque Intimidator sunglasses – and most especially, the official uniforms and government-issued guns. If an ordinary man – a gang of ordinary men – had surrounded the car of another man attempting to get away from them after a minor fender-bender and then drawn weapons on their unarmed victim – who was trying to get away from them – and rained death upon him with their weapons, they would without question all be facing at least second-degree murder charges.

The part above about trying to get away is italicized for emphasis.

It is generally the law – for all but armed government workers – that one may only resort to deadly force when confronted with a pursuing attacker one cannot get away from. It is generally a legal obligation to retreat from such a confrontation, if reasonably possible.

For armed government workers, it is the reverse. They have been given a literal license to kill people who are simply attempting to avoid them. Which explains why they do kill them – and with such glib abandon.

It’s the perfect gig for someone who wants to kill people – and get away with it.

An ordinary citizen is chastened preemptively about the use of deadly force, if not by his own moral compass, by the knowledge that if he does use it and it’s sketchy in any way, there is a very good chance he will be spending many years in a prison cell.

This is good policy.

Ending another person’s life is as serious as business gets and when done, should only be done when one’s own life is in obvious and imminent danger. Not because one claims he “feared for his safety” – like a little boy hiding under his bed to escape the Bogeyman – and who probably at least believes in the existence of said Bogeyman – but on account of an actual and imminent threat, such as a person pointing an actual (as opposed to hypothesized) gun at you. The latest news on this and more.

We are urged to regard armed government workers as “heroes” who “serve” us. Well, in the first place, “heroes” are people who put themselves at risk for the safety of others. They are not people who bleat constantly about their safety – and use that bleat as the justification to blow people away . . . just to be “safe.”

In the second, they do not “serve.” Armed government workers are exactly that. They are the state’s mercenary troops, paid to enforce the state’s edicts – and their own, too. They do as they like – and are rarely even tongue-lashed for it.

Warpage of language has turned the world upside down.

Getting back to our now-deceased victim of non-compliance. The armed government workers in pursuit knew who he was – they had his license plate as well as the account of the other person (an Uber driver, apparently) involved in the initial fender bender. Why did this have to become a deadly encounter? Why couldn’t the armed government workers have backed off and de-escalated the situation?

The now-dead man would have gone home eventually and his minor traffic transgressions could have been handled without resorting to a hail of gunfire by the side of the road.

But then, the point would not have been made.

. .  .

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  1. Wasn’t able to “reply” on the thread, but wanted to mention something that seems quite relevant. I was recently watching a Stefan Molyneux video, and he made a couple of statements that caught me off guard. It’s been a few days since I listened, so I’ve had some time to come to terms with what was being said. Here it is: “Being happy around miserable, nasty people is not smart! Happiness draws aggression.” And, “Low-grade depression is better than high-grade assault.” It probably should not have taken me days to accept such truth- in fact, it resonated deeply. What I did not want (do not want) to accept, is the fact that peaceable people, those who want to be left alone to pursue their own happiness, draw fire. I think the exchanges throughout the week, made it even more noteworthy to me than it ordinarily would have been. Po is not a happy fellow, and sadly, odds are good, he may never be. Always looking at the other guy and blaming, leaves no time to look in the mirror and get going with what he does have the power to change.

    • Well, if I am blocked from participating in this forum (very libertarian I might add :), please have the decency to stop discussing me.
      But, thank you Pam for highlighting another aspect of the issue that I missed all along… projection. Clover
      You guys are doing a HUGE amount of projecting, assigning to others exactly that which is in youzz. As for me, I am happy..always been, always smiling…love every single being….care for all… won’t stop me from calling a spade a spade (truth teller is prophetic and caring)…
      But if telling you that you are right but that which you complain about now has been the lot of other people for centuries and you never minded until it is happening to you is sufficient to burst your bubble and traumatize you, then folks, being blocked is just the price to pay for it.
      Interesting that I blocked myself from democrats and republicans, and now the “libertarians” block me…!!!Clover
      Freedom is indeed lost on the free.

      • Clover,

        To begin with – and to demonstrate your lack of understanding as regards Libertarian philosophy – it is entirely Libertarian to decline to provide a platform for you or any other person and for any reason I so choose as this is my web site and thus my property to do with as I see fit. I do not owe you a platform. You have every right to post whatever you like on your web site or at the pleasure of the owner of another site.

        The reason I choose to block you is that your posts are racist vitriol. You seem unwilling or are unable to grok this. Instead, you rehash – and rehash and rehash – the grievances you’ve got and which you feel entitle you to impose grief upon others.

        You write that “freedom is lost on the free.”

        Yet you would deny certain people their freedom, based on racial group identity and grievances. You support sippenhaft – punishment of biological relatives for things done by biological relations but not by them.

        You have much more in common with Democrats and Republicans than with Libertarians because you – like they – are a coercive collectivist. You – like they -speak in “we” and (worse) presume to speak for “we.”

        • Eric,
          Very insightful and having followed this ongoing discussion, I tend to agree with most of those who tried to bring Mr. PO some reality.
          We are all influenced to some degree, by our own experiences. That said, we should not allow those experiences to shape us like silly putty.
          In my old age I’ve had many different exposures some good some, well, not so.
          Many years ago I was working as a warehouseman in Portland, Oregon which, has since morphed into a caldron of liberal socialism.
          During that time I was exposed to members of several different “races”.
          Mostly Italians, they became the butt of many ethnic jokes and some took it well. Others threatened to introduce us to an “uncle” who knew a lot about cement and fish. To this day I’m not sure if they were kidding.
          We also had our share of those we currently refer to as blacks.
          One such individual was Emerson Jackson, an outcast from the rest.
          I never understood why they shunned him, called him an Oreo, uncle Tom, etc.
          He was hard working, quiet, never said a harsh word and generally easy going.
          He had a 1956 Chevy 2-door hardtop that was immaculate which he occasionally drove to work…Mostly on sunny days which, are rare in Portland.
          One afternoon we were leaving work and there stood Emerson; tears were streaming down his cheeks, his shoulders drooped and he tried to look away from us.
          His beloved 1956 Chevy was destroyed, vandalized. Windows were broke, tires slashed, seats cut and someone with a sledge hammer had wreaked havoc on the body.
          Not one other car in the lot and there were several “rods” had a scratch.
          All of the warehousemen knew who did it and it was not “white” folk.
          I still wonder what Emerson did that caused them to think he deserved that.

          • Hi Doug,


            I would have offered my garage, tools and whatever skills I have to help Emerson fix his truck. And also offered to help him “fix” the people who did that.

            In my neck, that’s how we handle such things.

            Incidentally – and for Po’s benefit – my buddy who owns the repair shop had a black guy working for him as a mechanic; great guy. We all liked and respected him and considered him part of our group of “good ol’ boys,” so to speak. None of us would have tolerated anyone who gave Mike any shit on account of his being black, which was – and remains – irrelevant to all of us.

            And if Po doubts this, I will refer him to my “Samoan attorney” …

            • Eric, Nunzio,
              Perhaps I should have qualified/quantified when this happened. It was 1970. ’56 Chevy were plentiful and the warehouse found Emerson, (we called him “Emo”) another very shortly.
              I was dirt poor, living in a trailer.
              It was a short walk to homeless.
              The warehouse crew was at least half ex-cons but, amazingly trustworthy.
              If you will remember I alluded to the fact there were many Italians ( & Sicilians) in the crew.
              I was told later the problems had been “taken care of…if-ya-know-what-I-mean”.

          • OOUUCCHHHhhh!

            The typical modern entitled “blacks” hate people like Emerson- just like the affirmative-action do-nothing blacks who occupied the offices at the university where my black friend used to work hated her because she was competent and conservative. In short, the functional “normal” blacks are hated by the others because they make them look bad.

            They reason that “If these blacks can be successful and lead happy productive lives just by staying out of trouble and doing the right thing” it negates their narrative that their own problems are caused by systemic institutionalized racism rather than their own behavior and inability to lead functional lives.

            The fact that they hated him, is likely a shining testimony to what a fine man Emerson must be/have been. My black friend HATES niggers. I’ll bet Emerson does too.

            I used to know some good Italian jokes. My best friend back in NY- who is half German and half Italian- had a printed out sheet of ’em which his Italian mother had gotten at work, where it was being passed around. I wish I had that sheet today! I’ll have to try and remember some of ’em…there were some goodies!

            Or, if ya want to laugh….look on Youtube for the All In The Family episode entitled Archie Sees A Mugging – maddone! There are some GREAT Italian stereotypes and jokes in that one! I’m cracking up just thinking about it. They really nailed it!

          • This happens all the time in the public elementary, junior high, and high schools that are predominantly occupied by blacks. A black kid who excels at his studies WILL be ridiculed for “acting white”. Peer pressure among blacks is so great that there are many black kids who COULD do well scholastically, but do not because the black feral underclass that occupies most black majority schools DEMANDS that all black kids conform to their notion of “blackness”.
            Fox News financial commentator and expert, Chrales Payne, related his experiences going to a majority black school; he wore a suit and tie every day and carried a briefcase. He was ridiculed for “acting white”. He was able to resist the intense “peer pressure” put upon him to “underperform” by his peers. He is a successful role model for all, not just blacks. Blacks are their own worst enemy.

      • Dear po,

        You refused to respond to the central issue of GOVERNMENT COERCION and the NAP,

        The non-aggression principle (or NAP; also called the non-aggression axiom, the anti-coercion, zero aggression principle or non-initiation of force) is an ethical stance that asserts that aggression is inherently wrong. In this context, “aggression” is defined as initiating or threatening any forcible interference with an individual or individual’s property.[1]

        In contrast to pacifism, the non-aggression principle does not forbid forceful defense. The non-aggression principle is considered by some to be a defining principle of natural-rights libertarianism.[2][3][4][5]

      • Violations of the NAP by the government were responsible for legalized slavery of blacks in the US in the first place.

        You don’t seem to realize it, but almost everyone at this website is FREE MARKET ANARCHIST, and wishes the government had never existed in the first place.

        That means that slavery, Jim Crow, etc. would never have existed.

      • Po has clearly failed to connect the dots.

        Violations of the NAP are the ultimate crime against humanity.

        Flatout rejection of any violations of the NAP is the sole guarantee that individuals and groups will be protected from slavery, aka the loss of self-ownership and freedom.

        Anyone who advocates government coercion in the form of “government policy”, is advocating a greater or lesser degree of slavery. This clearly includes affirmative action and the entire Great Society morass of positive law.

      • PO,
        I’d like to suggest to you that the only way you could be blocked from this website is because of flagrant and repeated violations of TOS, which if applied fairly to all, would ban the owner as well as the members, unless the owner is exempt.
        There is much claiming to be libertarian online that wouldn’t test into the top of the Diamond Chart, and most people lack the courage to take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz to find out if they do.

        • Beeeel, [The way they pronounce Bill in the Mid-west…]

          Every time I’m about to start thinking mostly positive of you, you go and spoil it!

          My first inclination is also to think that “If we do not believe in free speech for our enemies, then we do not believe in free speech”; but that does not mean that we are obligated to tolerate the words or behavior of others, unhindered, in our living room!

          Eric (nor anyone else) is not advocating that Poo be silenced; only that behave HERE in a manner which adds to rather than detractsw from any discussions.

          I don’t think it so much much about what Poo says or advocates or believes, but rather just the fact that he posts mindless rhetoric, and fails to address questions which are repeatedly asked of him- i.e. he is not engaging in real thoughtful discussion- but is just mindlessly posting diatribes of what he believes.

          It would be as if you had a visitor come to your van, who would come in and just sit there and spew dribble about the “benefits” of socialism- and would just rant on and on, but would not engage in a meaningful discussion with you. Or even if he did engage in a meaningful discussion….are you obligated to let him sit there for 10 hours and just rant on about something to which you are vehemently opposed?

          Seeing that this is a Libertarian forum, why should we be obligated to entertain the rantings of an authoritarian collectivist who opposes our values? And even though he is opposed to our values, I’m sure that if he had participated in a genuine manner, by discussing the relevant concepts and engaging in real discourse, he would not be banned- but I’m positive that if I went to some nigger forum, I’d be banned before I complete typing my first sentence, just for the use of certain words or because they would consider my viewpoint invalid.

          • I’d be curious where you call the mid-west, because I have been in all of the lower 48 and I have never heard it pronounced that way, other than for pejorative reasons.
            I have never had a visitor in my van other than as a passenger, and there are very few people for whom I would clear the seat.
            The easiest way to solve the Po problem is to eliminate off-topic dialogues. This is one of the many things that WP has no solution for. The second easiest way would be for WP to offer a blocking feature.
            My use of that feature has increased significantly because of the massive increase in posters on Disqus sites that are forced to resort to ad hominem because they lack the intellectual ability to form cogent arguments for their specious premises. If I lose one more long post to WPs processing incompetence, I won’t bother writing them. Then I’ll be called a troll, which will be nothing remotely new.

            • I lived in “Missouruh” once for about a year when I was a kid, and I was friends with a guy named Bill…and his mother would always be calling-out for him: “Beeel?! BEEEL?!! Do ya have anything to put in the wursh?” (And you don’t put stuff away in Missouruh…you “put it up”!).

              I’ve never used a blocking feature, even on sites that offered it. The people who are most deserving of being blocked, are often the most entertaining sorts. I remember years ago, on one forum, someone named “Pat” would always post responses to people’s posts and just say “That’s interesting”. That’s all he or she would ever say! Every time I see such a post, it’d always just make me wonder what kind of person “Pat” could possibly be. A retard? Just somebody who could appreciate other’s posts but who had nothing to contribute? It was perplexing! That had to be a good dozen years ago…and I don’t think I remember anyone else from that forum, but I still remember the “That’s interesting”s!

              Beeel, just copy your posts before hitting the “post comment” button. I was getting lazy about that, and got effed just the other day, after not having had a problem for quite some time (It’s always gotta be on a long one, too! Never on the one-sentence ones!!!)

              Hey, if it weren’t for off-topic stuff, we wouldn’t have much of a forum. Early-on I’d stumble into heavily moderated forums where they’d insist on everything being “just so” and perfectly on-topic; and that everyone be oh so courteous and all that…. It wasn’t for me!

              The discussions we have here more closely mirror real life. One thing leads to another. We provoke each others thoughts and in turn provoke the next guy…which ends up generating yet other thoughts for us to contemplate and muse upon and share. That’s the whole beauty of a forum like this.

              This IS Libertarianism……

    • Yes, sadly, Pam, if the majority of the black community would address the cause of their own problems- i.e. their own behavior- they could solve those problems very quickly- at least for those of them who wanted to. Trouble is, the majority seem to not want to- which is why they have to hearken back to things which affected some of their ancestors long ago, because despite the fact that none of those conditions exist any longer, and haven’t for a long time, they HAVE to have something on which to put the blame for their failure to maintain a sustainable and civilized subculture.

      And plenty of their own realize that, and have stated just that- men such as Thomas Sowell [If you’re not familiar with Sowell, search for him on Youtube- he is awesome!] and Walter Williams…and even Roy Innes [former head of The Congress Of Racial Equality, who was marginalized for saying that blacks were the major cause of all of their own problems; and for not advocating leftist policies, such as “gun control”- Blacks don’t want to hear that, even from their own- so when other blacks speak such truths, they are then hated and called “Uncle Toms” by the majority of blacks and white liberals).

      And now that political-correctness and never-ending charges of “racism” have become universal, the common-sense obvious truths are easily censored, regardless of who they come from- and in the meantime, black culture is becoming more and more irrelevant, and alienating more and more people, to the point where all of this pro-black/anti-white liberalism is working strongly against them.

      Personally, I don’t “get” why people refuse to admit problems which exist within their own culture. If your house is on fire, you don’t deny it and let it destroy your house. So I’m Italian… I don’t have any qualms about denouncing the evils of Catholicism, or organized crime…or pork products..

      • Bill Cosby is being vilified because he stated in the past that Blacks need to man up. Now there are women of all stripes crawling out of the wood work to brand him a sexual predator. Coincidence? Nah.

      • Being a Libertarian does not mean being a butthole is acceptable, the arguments speak for themselves, the concept of Liberty is almost limitless. until it infringes on others liberty.
        When people finally mature and become contributing members of society (strengthing the whole) they can recover as many drug addicts attest.”We hold these truths to be self-evident”. I have Freinds of different color who finally recover, some Rebels are Rebels, well just because. One of my Friends has a clueless Son ( about of whom)” He is a Rebel without a clue “. many of us in our younger years seem to fit that description, how hard it must be for the young Man who doesn’t have a Father.

        • Hi Kevin And Critters,

          **”When people finally mature and become contributing members of society (strengthing the whole) “**

          That is not a Libertarian concept. We as individuals have no obligation to anyone but ourselves and to those to whom we might choose to obligate ourselves (e.g. by marriage or procreation, or voluntary charity) and only within which we have established, and not someone else.

          Nor does anyone have an obligation to contribute to us.

          What is society? It is just the aggregate collection of individuals. Once the emphasis is taken off of the individual and ceded to the nebulous concept of the group… becomes collectivism.

    • I’ve gotten to the point where I truly desire a block button be present on EPA. I can stomach some BS once in a while but Bill (not in Illinois) sometimes and PO are so abrasive that I just try to skip over their diatribe.

      I do realize it is oft times desirable to read what the opposition has to say but PO’s position is nothing less than the eradication of the white race. So let’s remind people some of the white race’s achievements.

      Whites invented the following sports of which there would be no rich black bazillionaires if they had not:


      There are other sports but for some reason black people are not interested. I will say that American Aborigines, of which I am descended, invented and perfected the game of lacrosse. :=)

      White people invented electricity
      White people developed transportation of all types
      White people developed long term storage of food via freezing by mechanical means. This also includes the invention of home made ice.
      White people developed mechanical means of harvesting crops.
      White people invented electronics to enable communication on a global scale. Telegraph, telephone, etc.

      Many of the above can directly attributed to Nikolai Tesla not Elon, the crony, Musk.

      Here is my take on technological progress. White people are supremely lazy. There is no other way to explain the remote control for many devices. Does that mean they refuse to work? Hell No! But that laziness translates into ways to make things much more effortless. This in my opinion has driven the white man to create and innovate items that benefit all people, black, white, red, green (adding this just in case there are martians here….) and yellow.

      I just want to point one other thing out. History states that at one time the Pharaohs of Egypt were of Nubian descent. That would mean that blacks aka Nubians held many individuals as slaves during their reign. This would include Greeks, Romans, Persians, Hebrews and such. Should they pay reparations to those they enslaved?

      Additionally, I do recognize achievements of blacks. George Washington Carver, a truly gifted individual, invented plastics. At the time, plastics was to be derived from peanut oil and not petroleum. Henry Ford (yes, a white man) thought so much of the development that he endowed Carver with funds to further the development of that. At Carver’s death he held more than 5000 patents of items, all derived from peanuts and all with the no strings attached help from Henry Ford. Was this genius? Who can say? I liken it to many things mostly, perseverance, intelligence and damn hard work. I truly do admire the man!

      I can’t leave out the philosophical contributions either. Much of my current thinking has been influenced by Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Wilton Ashton, Will Griggs, may he rest in peace and others that strive to further the cause of liberty. Of course, let us not forget Fredrick Douglas, who fathered the cause of liberty for all, black and white.

  2. Hello Poo, I can’t access the reply button below one of your posts, so I am starting a new thread here.
    You seem to be getting upset when generalizations have been made about black people, yet you seem to think that all whitie’s in the U.S. are indebted to the blacks. Are you aware of the fact that only a small percentage of whites owned slaves back then? Did you know that the public had no say say so in the design of the government? Are you aware of the fact that only white men who were land owners could vote in this country’s early years? My ancestors during that time period were Amish, and they had no slaves what-so-ever. The Amish is a passivist religion; therefore they did not fight in any wars. Is it your opinion that they owe black people restitution? What about the millions of people today who, after so many generations, have a mixed ancestry consisting of mostly non-slave owners, but a few slave owners? Do they owe reparations to the black people in this country? Did you know that some free blacks owned slaves back then? Does the mixed ancestry black descendants owe the rest of the blacks in the U.S. reparations as well?
    Lets flip some things around now. Do black descendants of slavery owe reparations to the descendants of white people who fought in the Civil war to supposedly end slavery? What about the descendants of white slaves, who were treated far worse than the black slaves were?
    Why do you blame only whitey for the evil things our government has done? It is not like we really have any control over this government. About a decade ago, more than 80% of all citizens opposed the bank bail-outs; you the government ignored us and bailed them out with our money. We also get lied to and manipulated by the media, so it takes individual research to find out what is really going on.

    • Brian…
      you are wasting your time trying to build a case against me using your talking points, not mine. None of the arguments you raised above are mine.
      Reread my words and see where I asked for reparations and where I blame whitey (?)…

      • That is not true PO, you have stated “what goes around comes around” in one of your earliest posts under this article while vilifying American whiteys for aggressing against other nations and against blacks. It is absolutely true that our evil government has done those things, but we whiteys have no more control over this tyrannical government than American Blacks do. An armed revolt against those tyrants may or may not be successful; but will certainly result in the death of millions of us.
        Secondly, you have said in a very recent comment that “No one is asking for reparations (seriously), that is a boogeyman you guys are creating in order to get offended about.” That is an incorrect statement!:
        You have also stated that: “And please don’t bring up white indentured servants. The words indentured servants highlight the major difference between them and slaves. I should not need point it out.” Incorrect again!:Black slaves were a long term investment. White slaves were supposed to be only temporary (7 years or so), so there was good reason for the slave holders to find excuses to extend the slavery period, or to have white slaves perish before the contract became fulfilled:

        • Hi, Brian,

          No sense citing facts with regard to Poo. He doesn’t want to hear them; He just wants to imagine that others are responsible for all of his peoples problems.

          We bring up the fact that tyranny is in no way limited to racial or ethnic bounds- but is practiced by all people against all others. He refuses to acknowledge that his people, despite the fact that they are not oppressed any more so than any others, have severe and unique problems maintaining any semblance of a functional, civilized, productive society- be it in the epicenters of the first world, or the jungle; and in-fact, where his people enjoy the highest degrees of liberty and access to the infrastructure of prosperity, free from the oppressions of slavery and such of the past, they in-fact are worse off today, being left to themselves, than they were 100 years ago.

          He refuses to acknowledge these things, and prefers to just chalk-up all problems to some supposed “racism” (Never mind that virtually all groups experience some form of racism or discrimination in any environment where they are the minority- and that there is nothing wrong with that, any more so than than someone not liking someone for any other reason- as it is just freedom of association and the ability to control ones own property); and although I’m sure he’d claim that his people are “equal”, but yet he would have us believe that they are so feeble as to be the victims of everyone else in the world- including the French- and not because of his people’s failure to maintain a strong and cohesive functional society (Which in truth, is why they are easy pickings) butc because the whole world got together one day and said “Let us do bad things only to those whose skin is black”.

          It is impossible to deal with someone who is in the grip of a delusion. That is why his people never progress, but quite the contrary, regress- because they’d rather maintain a delusion and blame others, so that they can practice the dysfunctional behaviors which oppress them far more than any other group of people ever could.

          • hahaha,,,you are all over the place, nunsense…one minute you state it is not about skin color but about culture…and the other you speak wholesale about Po’s people… who are my people? is it about skin color or is it about culture…which is it klansman :))))
            Again, we are operating in different realms and different universes…mine is, once again, historical, logical, rational, social, religious and moral…yours is …well… repeating the klans’ talking points.
            makes sense you cannot comprehend me, nor can you comprehend simple facts… nor can you comprehend logic, cause and consequences…
            our debate refutes everything you have said about blacks and “my people”… I am more knowledgeable than you, smarter than you, more well read than you, less ignorant and certainly a greater humanist than you (which means little, I agree, considering the low bar you offer).

            And finally, you keep saying I blame all whites for this and that… why don’t you show once for all where I did such a thing? coming from someone who lumps folks in racial/racist groups, that’s fresh.
            so either stand your ground intellectually or have the decency to stop lying so blatantly… it is obvious to everyone watching and I would not want you to look any worse, if possible.

            • Hey Eric,

              I think it’s time to break-out that Clover graphic. Assuming you don’t have a Ringmeat Mongoloid Dickweed graphic (I’m sure Bill would be happy to give up the title- or just gift-wrap it and leave it in his van, and Po would probably steal it…. 😉 )

              • Neither designation has ever made any sense to me since they are personification cum redundancy. As usual, since everyone has been so busy performing ad hominem in the process of my pejoration, making sense out of their demonization has fallen out of favor. I’m sure that Lew Rockwell would be surprised by the state of affairs that his name has become associated with, but he has never answered any of my queries either. He obviously has more important things to do, as do I.

        • Brian…come on…
          Show me where I vilified “whitey’s”…
          this is unnecessarily complicated. I speak about the system, of america and its legacy… why do you keep feeling targeted?
          Can we speak of american slavery without speaking of black people?
          of american slavery without speaking of white people?
          Of holocaust without speaking of germans and jews?
          Does that mean I blame all white people then and now for slavery? No
          Do I blame you for slavery? that would be silly.
          Do I blame the white supremacist system that undergirded this country since its inception, sure.
          Would you feel similarly offended if I blame the Klan for its evils? Would you similarly defend it? I hope not.
          The oppression of black people what this country was built upon. That’s just factual. Which means that black folks are the survivors of trauma and oppression. Any extreme of it you can imagine. As such, they stand unique in the history of this country, besides native americans for the horrors that was visited upon them. You do not have the right to denigrate them their pain, nor do you have the right to try to reduce the extreme of their painful legacy. That is white privilege “get over it because less than that happened to me and I got over it”.
          So, when I say you folks now see what blacks have been dealing with, THAT IS TRUE, FACTUAL, HISTORICALLY DOCUMENTED, and it means only this: you folks now see what the system has heaped upon black folks for centuries…why you complain about the system now but defend it retroactively is pretty odd me think.

          • Hi Po,

            You have made that point that blacks suffered in the past. Agreed. You have made that point that blacks also suffer today – although obviously to a lesser degree in that they are not subject to legal enslavement. But, agreed.

            It is also true that whites and others of various racial and ethnic backgrounds also suffered – and continue to suffer. And not just here in the U.S., either. The history of humanity is riddled with examples of in/out group persecutions. Most of this premised on collectivism. “White supremacy” is merely one example. There are many others. Chauvinism is not the unique quirk of white people.

            Ask the the Koreans – at the hands of the Japanese. The Europeans subjugated and put to the sword by the Moors. The “untouchables” of India.

            They also have a “painful legacy.”

            Should this define the victim? How about his great-great grandson? Does it entitle the victim’s great-great grandson to victimize others?

            As I pointed out in an earlier reply, “privilege” takes many forms. Naturally superior talent/ability. Social/economic status. Having better parents. Blind luck. Hard work.

            Life is not fair. And won’t be made more so by unfair practices such as race-based policies that punish whites because they are white. Not because of any particular wrong done by the white person in question. Which reward blacks and other minorities simply because they are minorities.

            This is not helping.

            We can’t change the past. But we can try to make a better future by dealing with another as individuals, freely – without coercion. By holding those who cause harm to others responsible for the harms they cause – but leaving others people who had nothing to do with it in peace.

            • Indeed, Eric, again, I don’t disagree with the conclusions you offer, their premises however, I do disagree with because they stem from a fallacious point: “Life is not fair. And won’t be made more so by unfair practices such as race-based policies that punish whites because they are white.”
              This is the crux of the problem, you guys deem a corrective arc unfair simply because you are not the recipient of it. Clover
              Life is certainly unfair, but human beings are inherently fair and seek to correct wrongs when they can. Show me one instance of unfairness we inherited as human beings that we aren’t trying to redress somehow, including native american genocide and the holocaust.
              If the instance were that the US were started at once and all of us moved here together and in that case Blacks getting something others didn’t would be unfair, but, again, that is not how it went. It went that they were brought her as slaves and oppressed and terrorized and taken advantage of in ways greater THAN ANY OTHER ETHNIC GROUP IN OUR COMMON HISTORY. Then laws were passed making them lesser human beings, then sanctioning their lesser status. Then laws were passed making unlawful their subjugation and oppression…then laws were passed trying to correct things slightly (affirmative action to insure some spots are reserved to the few blacks in higher education? The few spots for blacks in governmental work? The laws that say since we have been excluding these folks forever, let’ s make sure to devise a system where at least all of them cannot be excluded ?)
              So those few spots in education and administration give blacks a leg up over white folks who are overly represented in each of those systems??Clover
              It is the same fallacy that folks throw out, let’s make it all about qualifications…give the position to the most qualified… well, if that were the case, none of us would have a chance to be president … the system benefits its own structure, the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. Qualification is legacy… Paul ryan got public welfare and grew up to be a legitimized asshole… his kids have a leg up on your kids, unless somewhere in the structure, there is an allowance made that your kid, though less qualified than ryan’s, and you are unable to afford the same university as Ryan, that your kids still attend the same university.
              But it is fascinating that blacks, with their traumatic history that STILL CAUSES MUCH OF THEIR SOCIAL ills, are still resented the meager crumbs they get.
              Do you think any black person out there would rather have their american history or yours? That any would rather get welfare rather than be middle class? Than any black kid out there would rather get in college through affirmative action or through having parents who can not only afford her room and board but also all the prep classes needed to ace the entrance test?
              In summary, whatever little blacks get that we deem extra, it is not wanted but needed and it is mere drop in the ocean of trauma this country inflicted upon their ancestors and the infinite gains it built upon their backs.

              • Hi Po,

                What is a “corrective arc”?

                Do you mean practicing discrimination against whites because they are white? Because – in your view – they are/have been “privileged” by dint of their whiteness?

                If so, you are just as much an advocate of racial collectivism as the Klan. There is no place for individuality – and holding individual people individually responsible – in your universe.

                I mentioned the example of the person who was victimized by a mugger redressing the wrong done to him by wronging another person – i.e., he mugs the next person who comes along to make up for his loss. This is what you advocate, doused in the rhetoric of racial entitlement/grievances.

                You write:

                “Show me one instance of unfairness we inherited as human beings that we aren’t trying to redress somehow…”

                I’ll show you several. And don’t presume “we” are – or ought to be – “trying to redress this somehow.”

                Some are brighter, more gifted than others. Sane – and fair-minded – people – accept this natural inequality. I don’t feel aggrieved because Mencken was a better writer than I am. I admire his work. I certainly do not begrudge him his success – or his heirs any money they inherited from him.

                Some are better-looking than others. This confers an advantage over others less attractive. It is “unfair” and amounts to a “privilege.” What of it?

                I am stronger and healthier than most men; should I be gimped because of this “privilege” of my genetic endowment? Should I be empowered to gimp those stronger and healthier than I am?

                You tub-thump for legalized, government-enforced racism and leveling by force. You espouse the Harrison Bergeron model.

                Libertarians reject all that.

    • And let me borrow your thread, Brian, to to answer nunsense.
      Nunsense says:”
      That is true- and pretty much has always been- but what you seem to be missing, is that by admitting that, you are tacitly admitting that it is not about race!

      Again, no one says people who possess certain physical characteristics, such as skin color, or big noses, somehow makes those people inferior.

      It is about culture and the behavior exhibited by the majority of certain groups- as I’ve been saying.

      No one gets upset when the Chinese move into their neighborhood, because the Chinese do not typically indulge in violent crime; subsist on welfare; engage in the drug culture; nor destroy their surroundings.

      But if you look at virtually every place where there are large numbers of blacks, and that is exactly the behaior one observes, time after time, place after place- on every continent to which they foul.
      oh, okay…finally we agree on something…what you seem to miss however is that premise you agreed with naturally comforts the original point I made that Blacks were/are targeted for extra oppression for centuries. Thank you for agreeing with me… 🙂
      So slavery was not about race: but slavery was built on blacks being inferior, racially, intellectually, morally, spiritually and even constitutionally…
      Jim crow laws were not about race but Blacks were specifically targeted for discrimination to get them off the voting booth…
      Housing discrimination was not about race but Blacks were especially targeted for discrimination in housing, and for threatening away of their neighborhoods when those neighborhoods were desirable.
      Unfair laws were not about race but blacks pay 3 times the price for same crime as whites…
      You are not making any sense, Nunsense…which is quite fitting, i must acknowledge…

      Large number of blacks…uh…have you read the link i posted above about black wall street? Do you know that the historical and social consensus is that blacks congregate in such places you deem shitholes because those are the only places they can afford after being kicked out of more desirable neighborhoods? Or after they fled the south and its lynchings? The same places, Italian and Jews occupied when they too were niggers for a while?

      More than that, however, this month should provide also us with an opportunity to learn more about the shameful legacy of white America’s treatment black Americans. By this, I mean, not just the major crimes – slavery, mass lynchings, Jim Crow, and segregation – that have defined our history. I also mean the countless lesser known but still devastating “little crimes” that have been inflicted on the black community.

      I recently became aware of one of these crimes. It took place a century ago, literally, in my own back yard.

      For the past four decades, I have lived in Northwest Washington. When we bought our home, we noted that in the deed’s historical record there was a “covenant” stipulating that the property could not be sold to “colored people”. That covenant had been overturned in the 1960’s by national civil rights legislation, but it remained in the deed as an uncomfortable reminder of my city’s racist history.

      What I didn’t know then, and only discovered this month, was that Washington’s past was marked by other troubling instances of racism. A neighbor sent me a copy of a fascinating piece of academic research entitled “Free Black People of Washington County”. It tells the story of the forced evacuation and destruction of two settlements of hundreds of free black families that had lived just blocks from my home.

      These settlements had been founded in the mid-19th century by the descendants of former slaves who had been residents of Washington for generations. They had built businesses, started schools for their children, and, during the civil war, many had served, with distinction, in the Union Army defending the Capital from the Confederacy. Back then, the areas where these settlements had been established were somewhat rural and so, in isolation from white Washington, these black American families prospered. All of that was to change in the early 20th century.”

      • My God… logic is your kryptonite, Nunsense.. painful to watch…
        The first link actually addresses your question… and your fallacy…so either you can’t read, or you can’t comprehend…
        please try again.
        By the way, logic 101, correlation is not causality. Blacks who mostly vote democrat not wanting to cut welfare benefits WHICH IS A CORNERSTONE OF DEMOCRATIC PLATFORM IS…well… makes sense eh?
        How do you explain that most non black democrats also do not want to cut welfare benefits?
        Wait, wait…let me get the popcorn and a blanket…I need to get comfortable …this is gonna be fun!

    • What Americans call football is not played anywhere else on the planet, where football is soccer, which is actually played with the foot. What difference does it make to anyone but a racist who invented the American version?

    • correction, it is nice in spite of france. We got our Independence in 1960, supposedly, yet France still takes our resources, occupies our land, forges our money and often elects our leaders. Our last president? Kicked France mostly out. This new president was elected and the day after he flew to france for a meeting. Now france is back in full. every dictator currently ruling in africa for decades is a dictator supported by france.
      wonder why africans are leaving their countries to Europe? to follow and hopefully recoup some of the countless riches the west stole from them for decades.
      Ever heard of 10 millions dead in the Congo to build Belgium?

      • Maybe America should do for Mauritania what we did for Vietnam after France granted it “independence” by removing its military invasion.

    • The most intelligent and cultured black man I ever knew was my boss when I was a taxicab dispatcher, and he appreciated the fact that I enforced his rules on the other drivers. When they’d complain about this white dispatcher, he’d tell them that I was doing as he had told me, and I was. He was a lawful immigrant from Senegal.

    • Only an idiot could be a racist. Only idiots could believe that racism exists on a broad scale.

      The problem today is that of cultural Marxists labeling those who merely observe and acknowledge reality as “racists”- especially when what they observe is perpetrated by certain cultural groups who possess physical characteristics which make them easily identifiable as likely belonging to that group.

      The cultural Marxists thus turn the tables and try to implicate the observers of negative behaviors, rather than the actual perpetrators of that behavior.

      It has gotten to the point where the observation needn’t even be a negative to qualify as making the observer a “racist”. e.g. despite the fact that KFC’s in the ‘hood do a thriving business, you will be labeled a “racist” if you observe that blacks like fried chicken.- unless of course, you are black- then it is O-K- just like the use of the word “nigger”- because the “racism” as defined by the cultural Marxists, is only racism when practiced by certain groups but not others- which in itself, in reality is racist.

      • All human beings are inherently racist. Some of them carry it to being the cause of discourse by expressing idiotic claims of racial superiority in the presence of those not of the supposedly superior race, usually as a form of pejorative. This usually terminates in physical injury or genocide.

        • Many human beings like to belong to the “Me Too” club.

          My nationality is better.
          My profession is better.
          My farts smell better….

          Anyone who indulges in group-think, will use inclusion in a given group to elevate their worth.

          Any person of even modest intelligence though, realizes that the value of a given person is based solely on what characteristics they bring to the table as an individual- and usually those who possess worthwhile characteristics are those who go through life thoughtfully, and not as mere members of whatever group(s) they belong to- be it by choice or birth.

          Racism is rare, as it takes a good deal of ignorance not to realize, that even in the general sense, whatever strengths a given group might possess over another as a whole, are usually moderated by equal deficits too.

          I have only personally met 2 people in my entire life who could be legitimately considered racists: One, a middle-aged illiterate piece of white trash I knew when I was a teen; and one more recently; a Klansman who was a friend of my neighbor’s- who was just a jerk, and pretty much nasty to all.

          True racism usually has little to do with the group which is the object of their scorn; but more to do with identity politics, just like liberalism.

            • Black neighborhoods, business establishments, and other black-owned enterprises were destroyed with the advent of the so-called “civil-rights” laws. Even the successful, popular “Negro League” baseball teams succumbed to the siren song of “civil-rights.
              There is nothing wrong with segregation, as long as it is voluntary and not enforced by government edict, statute or law. The only way out of this mess, (which will never happen) is to abolish ALL civil-rights laws, statutes, and civil-rights Constitutional Amendments and restore TRUE “freedom of association”. I for one, would not take offense, if a business owner told me that “he did not serve my kind”. I would merely take my business elsewhere.
              An early incident comes to mind. I grew up during the heady heyday of the civil-rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s, observing personally the marches and demonstrations, and in general supporting the black quest for “civil-rights”. My best friend who I hung out with happened to be a black person. I didn’t see him as black (or what was called “Negro” in those times), merely as a “best friend”. Race had no bearing on our friendship (so I thought). Things changed when there was an open invitation to a “cabaret” (a common term of the day for an open party). He told me in no uncertain terms that “the cabaret was for blacks only”, and that I would not be welcome. Things seemed to change after that day, more and more, he hung out with his black friends, and I saw less and less of him, eventually losing contact. This was my first experience with “black culture”. Back in the day, it hurt to be excluded, but being older and wiser, maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing. Recently, there was much “hoopla” over “people of color” wanting to establish their own exclusionary college dorm. I fully support that concept. There is nothing wrong with people who want to be “with their own kind”, as long as it applies to EVERYONE, even whites. THAT, my friends, is TRUE “freedom of association”.

              • What is missing, once more, is that you guys are conflating eras and concepts. Self-segregation, whether ethnic or gender based happens everyday, it is unavoidable, but not when it is enforced by government of violence (kkk comes to mind) because either would ensure some get more and others get less. The whole point of segregation was to separate the lesser from the rest, and the whole point of civil rights was equality. The fact we have to clarify that in this era is downright scary. When we speak of white privilege, this is exactly what is being referred to, the being so adamant in one’s comfort as the standard for society that someone else gaining a modicum of rights they are deprived of, and which would make all equal, is seen as unfair.Clover
                After slavery and through jim crow, and even now, black schools, black housing, black jobs, black transportation…everything that was left for blacks was below standard. And no, blacks did not make it below standard, they inherited as such. Separation would not have been equal, how could it be? Blacks would be officially second citizens as under south african apartheid and israeli apartheid…all doors to everything that makes up america, access to representation, to education, to housing would have been further closed off to them.

                • ***”Self-segregation, whether ethnic or gender based happens everyday, it is unavoidable, but not when it is enforced by government of violence “***

                  What about when desegregation is enforced by violence?

                  Ultimately, it comes down to property rights. If you want to exclude whites from your bidness or property, or I negroids from mine, but Biff or Deyshawn doesn’t comply, ultimately do you not have the right to eject the trespasser by force?

                  The sad thing is, we had the threat of violence from the government enforcing manyaspects of desegregation- with National Guard mercenaries and rifles (the government which you claim systematically oppresses you more so than it does others).

                  • You are correct. The forced “integration of the Topeka Kansas public school using federal troops did more to set back the “cause” of TRUE civil-rights–the right to “freedom of association”…the “right” that was taken away from whites and given to every other “group”. To this day, us whites do not have the right to freely associate with only our kind.
                    PO talks about blacks given substandard schools…nothing could be further from the truth. Blacks took pristine school buildings and turned them int sh!tholes, all by themselves. A good example of this is Detroit’s “inner ring suburbs” which used to have the most beautiful school buildings and facilities; almost all of them are trashed, as the school systems have instituted a “schools of choice program” which allows any county resident to send their children to any public school, as long as they provide their own transportation. This has resulted in blacks destroying some of the most successful schools. A question for PO…school funding in most of these districts are HIGHER than that of wealthier suburbs. How can you rant about “substandard” schools when funding is actually higher than that of wealthier suburbs?

                    • Exactly, Anarchyst.

                      I witnessed the very same thing, even as a child, in the private sector:

                      My older sister always lived in sketchy neighborhoods. While visiting her occasionally as a child, we’d sometimes have occasion to go into the local supermarket.

                      My first trip to that market- I must have been about 7 or 8- the place was beautiful. Clean as a whistle.

                      Over the next few years, the savages started moving into that neighborhood.

                      When I was about 10, we went to that store again…. What a stark difference!

                      The savages kids were taking things off of the shelves and throwing them at each other. Older kids and adults were shoplifting. There were open bags of cheese puffs and candy laying haphazardly on shelves, left after people had half eaten them while shopping.

                      People would just drop garbage on the floor. It was now a disgusting mess.

                      White people stopped going there. Another couple of years, and the place was closed and boarded up.

                      But the thing that amazes me, to this day, is that people have been so blinded by propaganda that they can not admit the truth. Within the last year, my own mother was just saying “It’s a shame how blacks always get the crummy stores with higher places, like that store where Carol used to live. They’re always being taken advantage of!” LOL!

                      I try to enlighten her, that THEY are the ones who make those stores crummy, and who occasion the higher prices because of the increased theft, higher maintenance, and the driving away of more lower-maintenance customers.

                      Those visits to that store were my first inklings that jigs were different, and NOT “just like everyone else”. Although very poor, I had the good fortune to grow-up in a very white area, and it was a big deal when in c.5th grade our school got it’s first “colored student”.

                      What a blessing that unintended segregation was, just 60 miles from the slums of NYC.

                      While I was enjoying a blissful childhood, a few of my cousins in NYC were not so lucky, being subjected to the heavily integrated schools there, which essentially mirrored the supermarket I mentioned above.

                      Now, 45 years later, in the rural area where I now live, the propaganda is going stronger than ever. The locals believe the BS they are taught- that “they are just like us”- and anyone “who makes any distinction is just a ‘racist’ “- merely because the people here have not been exposed to negroids in large numbers in their daily lives…so they believe what they are told, knowing no different.

                    • stop whining anarchyst… you and nun here making white people look bad by displaying the racism everybody knows is prevalent in this country.
                      How can forced integration set back the cause of civil rights if you do not believe in civil rights? And it’s not forced integration, it is stopping forced and unlawful segregation…huge difference.Clover
                      As for your claims blacks ruined schools, it is utter bullshit and your own subjective, bigoted view. Please provide sources and objective info of such.

                  • hahaha… nun, the more we go the more you make my own case for me… are you now suggesting that law and order is the same as lawlessness and disorder?
                    You are making the exact case for american racism, one by asking for segregation of races, two, by hinting that violence in support of countering an american law for equality is itself legitimate.
                    Well, either blacks are legitimate american citizens, in which case a little girl or 4 attending an american school is normal and legitimate, which logically, suggests that if the lynch mob gathers, rounded up by the klan and led by the gov’ner to use violence in order to stop that lil’ girl or 4 from attending an american school, then, friend, the natonal guard standing…well.. guard to protect that little girl or 4 is lawful and legitimate…no?Clover
                    No? you tell me!
                    Or are you saying that the lynch mob was legitimate in gathering to stop that lil girl or 4 from attending an american school, legitimately, lawfully?
                    that’s either or, no in between here.
                    And how clueless can you be to speak of property rights when we are speaking of schools? WHAT????
                    The good thing is this: most Americans of every skin tone, unlike you and the klan, want to attend non-segregated schools. We are all the better for it though your racist heart can’t stand it 🙂

                    • And forgot to add, that one your ilk bombed 4 little girls in order to prevent blacks from attending white schools…
                      I mean…come on guys… how many of such examples should i drag out the stained and bloody dustbin of american history in order to make my original point?Clover

                    • And there we have it, folks!

                      The admission we’ve all been waiting for.

                      Po reveals that like 98% of the rest of humanity, he is an authoritarian-collectivist who has no problem with violence being used to effect and impose control of others, as long as he sees it benefiting himself and his group.

                      THEN, in such cases when the state uses the threat of violence or actual violence against those who have not initiated violence against others, Po considers such oppression to be fine and dandy.

                      If, on the other hand, the state uses violence or the threat thereof to impose controls on Po or his group- when it comes to enforcing policies whic he is opposed to…then it is “evil racist oppression”.

                      It is so ironic that the people who complain about oppression the loudest, are the very ones who help to perpetrate it when they see it as serving their own causes. And so it is with most people, which is why tyranny prevails in this world, and always will, unless and until people cease to believe in authority, and cease desiring to rule others by force, and embrace t5he ideal that people have the right to be left alone and do as they please as long as they do not initiate violence against those who have done them no violence.

                      But unfortunately, the majority will just seek to use the state as a means to forcibly achieve their desired goals- not even realizing that that IS the basis of the very oppression which they claim to abhor.

                  • Dear po,

                    Voluntary segregation and desegregation are not a problem, either morally or practically.

                    Forced segregation and desegregation are both a problem, morally or practically.

                    All the evils of anti-black racism that you have listed at length, were the result of FORCIBLY IMPOSED OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT racism, not unofficial private sector, civil society race consciousness lacking enforcement through STATE VIOLENCE.

                    The culprit is the GOVERNMENT. The government will never redress the legacy of racism, because it was the chief culprit all along.

                    • Morning, Bevin!

                      Po seems fixated on racial grievances – and implies (but never directly states) that whites – all whites – must accept punishment for the sins committed by other whites.

                      How this salves the racism he objects to escapes me.

                      And: Your observation in re institutional (legalized) racial policies is dead on.

                      An individual can “discriminate” against someone else, but the individual is powerless to compel others to do the same. The “discriminated” against person is free to seek employment (or become an employer) patronize a different restaurant (or open one) and so on.

                      But Po’s “solution” is to force people to deal with one another on the basis of race. To make race the criteria for entitlement. As it was in the past, the past he decries. Only now, he thinks it’s better and right because a different race is being advantaged by racialist policies!

                    • Eric,

                      Po is a virulent racist, just as much so as any Klansman or Nazi. I’ve dealt with guys like him over the years, hate-filled, racist blacks with a big chip on their shoulder,
                      blaming Whitey for all the ills of the world. And, as you observe, he is a collectivist who wants to deal with people as groups rather than individuals. His mission is to punish people innocent of any wrongdoing because they may have a genetic connection to those who he accuses of various crimes, in many cases crimes that occurred centuries ago. Imposing this kind of inherited blood-guilt on segments of the population is part of a racist’s standard bag of tricks.

                      Of course racists like Po do turn a blind eye to the evils of people they see as their own kin. (For example, demands for slavery reparations never include “punishing” the descendants of the black Africans who actually enslaved their neighbors by force and sold them into the slave trade.)

                      Po is full of hate and spouting racist nonsense. You’ll never get through to him. Really, you’re just wasting your time with this guy and he’s turning this site into a platform for his racist, hate-mongering agenda.

                    • Hi Jason,


                      I tried to give him an opportunity to debate these questions reasonably – but as you and others have noted, he is unwilling to do so. He simply wishes to spew his racial venom. It’s worth letting such people reveal their true selves – which Po has done, amply. But now the time has come to shut it down.

                      I’ve blocked him – because I do not want this to metastasize into a racist rant fest.

                • Dear Eric,

                  Po can confirm or deny whether he advocates “affirmative action”.

                  If he does, then he has taken a morally untenable position, and cannot continue to claim the moral high ground.

                  He can do that only if he demands that past government injustices be acknowledged and discontinued. That is a legitimate demand.

                  Affirmative Action is a current injustice that cannot be morally justified because

                  1 it victimizes people who did not perpetrate the past injustices.

                  2 it is imposed by government, making it an inherent violation of the NAP.

                  • Bevin, I’d be willing to bet that Po does support “affirmative action”, since he supports forced integration/desegregation. After all, isn’t that ultimately what affirmative action is?

                    Both affirmative action and forced integration amount to the same thing- the very thing which Po claims to be an enemy of: Institutionalized racism.

                    But, as rightly observed, when such benefits them, then they do not object, but rather embrace it.

                    • Usually, if it is observed that one embraces one such concept, it is usually indicative that they embrace the whole philosophical smorgasboard from whence that concept originated.

                      Forced integration; entitlements; affirmative action; socialism….where you find one, you usually find the others.

                      And if someone seems to be lacking one or two of the set, just give ’em a little time, and they’ll usually embrace those too, because they are all part and parcel of the same belief/value system/philosophy, and it would be hypocritical to embrace one and not the others.

                      Consistency with their overall philosophy demands that they must embrace one as well as the others….just as our embracing any one of those concepts would be totally hypocritical and opposed to everything else we believe.

    • Racism is a humpty dumpty term. It defines exactly who Humpty wishes to. It is an argument from conclusion meant to stop all further debate.

      I would say their are libertarianisms. Not just one monolithic philosophy. In much the same way there are maths.

      Apollo 14 flag on the far right upper corner of the video is waving on the moon. Even though it is in a vacuum. It waves 8 times.

          • Perhaps Po’s seething hatred of white folk does have a point. Just take a look at how people of color suffered under the devastation of years of white bigotry and racism:


            Shocking!! Fortunately, although it took many years to repair the damage done by the white man, conditions are much better in Mogadishu today without the crushing jackboots of European oppressors.

            • haha, jason… fascinating how sensitive folks are… and same folks think everyone else is too sensitive..can you prove your assertion that I hate white folks?
              as for Mogadishu, thanks for the video…but have you stopped to asl what happened? (no, not just assuming you know, WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED HISTORICALLY?)
              Well,again google, some words typed on a keyboard…tada…)
              “In order to understand this chaotic situation, we must delve into Somali history. This country had been divided by colonial powers. In 1959, Somalia gained independence through the fusion of the Italian colony in the South, and the British colony in the North. But Somalis were also living in some parts of Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti. The new Somali state adopted a star on its flag, each branch representing one part of the historical Somalia. The message behind that symbol: “Two Somalias have been united, but three are still colonized”.

              Facing the legitimacy of those claims, the British – who controlled Kenya-, organized a referendum in the Kenyan area claimed by Somalia. 87% of the population, composed mainly of Somali ethnics, voted for the Somali unity. When the results were published, Jomo Kenyatta, a Kenyan nationalist leader, threatened the British to throw the colonists out if they gave a part of the territory up to Somalia. So Great Britain decided not to take the referendum into account, and today an important Somali community is still living in Kenya. You must understand that those colonial borders were a real disaster in the Somali case. The border issue was besides the object of an important debate among the African continent. ”

              As I keep saying, there is no upheaval on any part of the globe that doesn’t bear the paw prints of the west.

              • Hi Po,

                Our common enemy is that element in every society which would rule us. This element exists among whites, blacks, Asians and so on. These use divide and conquer techniques to keep us all in our place.

                What is white – or black power? It is coercive collectivism on a racial basis. What is the benefit to me, a white man, of being denied my freedom by white men rather than black or Asian men? What is the benefit to a black men of being lorded over by another black man?

                Remedying race-abuse with the same sickness – revenge racism, targeting the rank-and-file white (r black or Asian) for the wrongs perpetrated by a handful of people who happen to share the same racial/ethnic background is not unlike the sippenhaft – the practice, in Nazi Germany, of holding a man’s family accountable for the crimes he committed.

                • Well-said, Eric!

                  It’s the same for blacks, too. I’m sure that those who have been victimized by an Idi Amin or by Mandela’s terrorist communist ANC are not sitting around (or lying in their graves) saying “At least it wasn’t a white man who killed me or who ruined my country!”.

                  One thing though: Certain cultures do by-and-large seem to have less respect for the NAP- as manifested in a more universal and blatant disregard for the property rights of others and the rights of others to not be coerced or assaulted by violence- and I think it is pretty apparent which cultures tend to have majorities who lack that respect- both toward their own as well as members of other races/cultures.

                  • The problem with haters like Po is they always want to blame someone else for their misfortune.

                    It’s Whitey, it’s Western Civilization, it’s the French, it’s racism, it’s whoever or whatever, that is responsible. They just don’t want to look in the mirror, or at their fellow shitholers. None of it is ever any of their own fault.

                    He wants to rail about Negroes suffering under “400 years of oppression” while ignoring that oppression has been going on for thousands of years under the whip of oppressors of all races. (It’s like the Jews and their Holocaust industry – they act as though nobody else has ever been subjected to genocide before. Yeah, it was bad, but there’s a bigger problem here.

                    Blame the West for everything? Even in relatively recent times you only have to look at the way the Japs conducted themselves during the war (much worse than the Germans in many ways), what happened under Stalin, or Mao, what is going on today in North Korea, to see that it is not Whitey or the West that is the problem. Go further back and there is much more. We’re dealing with a pervasive flaw in human nature not bound to a particular race, religion, or culture.

                • Certainly, Eric, I don’t disagree with any of your points, in a vacuum. But this is not a vacuum, this a racist, oppressive society that has trampled on the rights of minorities for centuries and keep doing so. At least we can all agree on that? That would not negate the fact that people of every hues should not hate others, whether as action or reaction; it simply notes that when blacks complain that they have been mistreated for centuries, it is historical facts. It is not invented. All of american history is the documenting of black oppression. I am not inventing anything here.
                  Additionally, all of African history is the documenting of western powers stealing men and resources from the continent. That is historically documented.
                  Same in Asia, same in Central/South America/Middle east.
                  The problem we face is we trace the starting line arbitrarily, subjectively, “let’s forget the past and forge from here on…”, but that’s not how reality works. When African die in droves on boats trying to get to Europe, it is not random.
                  When Blacks Americans are more likely to be poor and uneducated, it is not random, that is the result of centuries of systematic dehumanization, including cutting limbs of those caught reading. When South/central americans die in the desert tryign to get to the US, it is not random, that’s the result of Nafta, the result of Us sponsored coups in EL salvador, Honduras… So we can accept all sides of the truth, that one should be held responsible for their own actions, while also acknowledging that they were done wrong historically, and that those who were wronged historically have legitimate grievances.

                  • Po, The problem is the modern narrative is bullshit. It tries to turn people into victims so they become beholden and dependent on the so-called elite and their political class servants. It tries to reclassify people to better pit the ruled against each other.

                    Many “white” people by narrative definition have many of the same experiences as recognized minorities these days but it isn’t talked about because it spoils the narrative. Also as I mentioned earlier, a century ago these “white” people weren’t considered white because they weren’t anglo-saxon mayflower stock.

                    They had to ‘pass’ like a light skinned black person would. Easier for many sure, but let’s not pretend they were part of the club that rules the country.

                    A vowel at the end of your name was every bit as a barrier as anything else.
                    Still is in some places.

                    I suspect Nunizo is from Italian stock because of his name choice. I apologize in advance if I’m wrong. His views are because Italians were treated as non-whites for the past century plus and now because of a narrative they have ‘white-privilege’ as if they are related to the Rockefellers. What a con job.

                    • Brent, as I keep saying, one does not negate the other. Though what you say is generally true, it doesn’t change the fact that what I say is also true. The difference between every oppressed group in US and Blacks (natives also)? The oppression ceased at some point…and the oppression was not official policy. The fact that blacks were the American victims is not debatable. I am offering historical facts. Telling the rape victim “get over it, whore” does not negate the rape, it simply compounds the trauma.

                    • Hi Po,

                      Fixating on racial grievances (or racial pride) is to accept the collectivist premise. You and I are not individuals. We are defined by the group to which we belong.

                      This goes both ways, by the way – if the premise is accepted. I am a superior creature because I am a white man and other white men built the Parthenon. Not because of anything I have created or achieved. I bask in their reflected glory. And – reversing this – my worth is questionable because other white men smoke meth and beat their wives. This is the same logic used by white racists to disparage blacks as a collective. It goes both ways – and both ways are bad.

                      No thanks.

                      Black slavery was an atrocity, certainly. But are whites living today culpable for what other whites did in the past? How about the Mongols and what they did – for much longer – to the peoples they subjugated? Should the descendants of the Mongols pay reparations to the descendants of the Great Khan’s victims?

                      Intergenerational sippenhaft is as morally unsound as slavery itself.

                      Individuals are individually responsible for what they do – not for what others have done.

                      By way of example: If a man is robbed by a mugger, he does not have the moral right to rob the next man who comes along to make up for his loss.

                      Life is often unfair. Ask the native American peoples, for instance. Or the Irish who came to the U.S. in the 1800s. Or the “poor white trash” who are picked on by cops and abused by the system just as poor blacks often are.

                      But even more unfair – because it is under our control – is demanding that people who didn’t do anything to you or any other person – “minority” or not – be guilt-tripped/punished in some way on account of what other people did in the past.

                      To perpetuate unfairness, as in my example of the mugged person who then mugs the next person who comes along. Someone hurt my grandfather (or my father, or me) and now I am going to hurt you.

                      We will never get out of the mess we’re in until we deal with one another as individuals, not as members of a collective.

                    • You are 100% correct, Brent- both about me (My grandparents immigrated from Naples), and about non-WASPs.

                      When my grandparents came here in the very early 20th century, Eye-talians were even still referred to as “niggers”- and even into the 40’s and 50’s, as my mother found out by living in SC for a while, being Italian, Catholic (I’m not, by my relatives are) and from NY. made you a 3rd class citizen- in many cases below the local blacks, even.

                      The Irish too. From their first mass migrations to NY in the mid 19th century, were looked upon as nothing but dirty cheap labor- hated even by the blacks, because they’d compete for the same unskilled manual labor jobs.

                      Thank goodness, back then, we didn’t have the loony liberals to convince us that we were victims because not everyone loved us; or that we should blame our problems on those who don’t like us.

                      Since we didn’t know these things, we just lived our lives; and those who did not conform to negative stereotypes and who did not perpetrate negative behavior, did well and overcame the negative stereotypes.

                      And if there was any blame to be placed, we placed it where it belonged, like on the greasy WOP or the ones with a penchant for crime; or the drunken Mick.

                      The WASPs actually had good sense to fear the dirty Italian and Irish immigrants, because they were of a competing religious system- one which is large and powerful and politically active, and which is opposed to many of the values the WASPs held dear and had worked hard to enshrine in the New World, after having suffered persecution in Europe under the hands of the Catholics. Their ancestors came to America to break free from the Catholic system, and now here it was…following them- and through the lowest slovenly motley hoards of new immigrants, who like the negroids, tended to procreate prolifically.

                      And their fears were not unfounded. NY quickly became a stronghold of Catholic politics and power- from which it has never recovered.

                    • Po, black american political groups aren’t demanding anything from the WASP mayflower ruling class. They are demanding that their neighbors of Irish, Italian, German, Polish, Slav, and other modernly labeled ‘white people’ pay and make way for them. None of them were even considered ‘white’ before except for maybe some of the Germans.

                      Black americans act like they have a monopoly on ancestors that were slaves. What bullshit. Some of my ancestors came to this country because they were effectively slaves for the land owners. That’s why they came here.

                      American slavery ended legally in 1865. Which was earlier than a good many others.

                      I’m tired of working to support the weaponized underclass and so are the black people I know. Town I grew up in, the black people that were there in the 70s and 80s have left or want to leave because of the underclass. Like I mentioned before all the working people have been largely getting along for a 150 years. It’s this underclass that’s the problem. And without forced subsidy it goes away. Before LBJ it was nearly gone, both black and ‘white’. That’s why LBJ did what he did.

                    • I forgot something Po, the oppression of white people of the wrong stock has not stopped. The ruling class is constantly pushing their controlled black underclass on them. That black underclass is never moved into the WASP neighborhoods where they live.

                      The schools are also used as weapons. The tax code. The central bank. and more. It’s economic class war and it has not stopped one bit.

                      You don’t see whites of the wrong stock rising in the corporatist system really any more than you see blacks doing so.

                      The difference is largely about not whining about it. But not whining about it doesn’t mean the reality of it isn’t understood.

                    • By the way, Brent, Black americans are not asking anything other than to be treated fairly. What else are they asking?
                      Are they asking for reparations? For 40 acres and the mule they are entitled to?
                      And no, they are not anti-white, as you are wont to believe.
                      As for whites of the wrong stock, which ones? Other than the Appalachian whites or throe of similar stock, there is no white in this country who is glass ceilinged based on his lack of proper whitey credential.
                      And yes, I agree that there are plenty whites that the corporatist system overlooks and keeps down, coal country comes to mind…and yes, they are whining about it, the result of it is a Trump presidency.

                    • BrentP, I’m glad you made the point not all slaves came from Africa or were even anything other than white.

                      As a very young man I was stunned to find out it was the moneyed crowd for the most part that first emigrated to the US and brought their indebted servants with them. So many of those servants were indebted for so long they could never make the change to a job other than working for their “master”. Others were literally thrown out on the technicality they had fulfilled their terms(sentence)when they could no longer work from old age or disease or both. It was no different than any other sort of slavery.

                    • Not to even mention the hoards of white Europeans who were nothing but virtual slaves and share-croppers, as serfs in Europe for 1000 years.

                      Most Eurpean immigrants who came here in the 19th and early 20th centuries, did so to escape the effects of European peasantry.

                      This country may have been started by the monied WASPs, but the great number of unwashed masses who later came to “the melting pot” were mere peasants, who had nothing, and who left their homeland and their ancestors in the hopes of making somewhat of a life here which they had no hope of in Europe.

                      Most of us here today, are the descendants of those people- be they from Italy, Poland, Hungary, Ireland, Scotland, whatever.

                      And then the next wave that came in the mid-20th century, came to escape communism, fascism and the Nazis.

                      In short, MOST of the people in this country are the descendants of slaves, serfs and refugees, whose struggles were more recent than that of black American slaves.

                      A far cry from Ivory Tower WASPs whom people like Po imagine most whites to be.

                    • Eightsouth, it is a fallacious argument you are making. The fact that some folks were subjected to lifelong indentured servanthood does not make the whole of them slaves. It is as illogical as saying that since some sex workers are sex slaves, therefore sex-working is sex-slavery. What determines the concept is one of rule and exception. Most blacks were slaves, some weren’t. Most whites were not slaves, some were.
                      Additionally, if the british system indentured folks for crimes or poverty, it does not negate the fact it engaged in the slave trade of blacks, but ALSO and ESPECIALLY makes the case that …ahem… that slavery and related oppression was a white supremacist system whose class-ist component would sacrifice other white folks to the machine.
                      In other words, in the process of dehumanizing black folks for profit, it also dehumanized some white folks for profit…which we are seeing increasingly today…which is all am saying.
                      Which is why in the war on crime/terror/drugs…and the building up of the prison industrial complex, all of which were targeting non-white folks primarily, white folks who did not used to be primarily targets will start becoming primary targets, which is how it has always been historically, the machine goes from the margins in. Which is also how change might happen, when white folks/middle class folks like you start realizing that you can no longer remain silent because you now are increasingly niggers.

                  • Gotta love it! Po’s always talking about “blacks being mistreated for centuries”.

                    What does what happened to anyone in the past have to do with you, Po, just because their skin was the same color as yours?

                    Are you automatically connected with every jig who has ever lived on earth, just because your skin is black? Do you have a kinship with the black skinned east Indians?

                    How does what may have happened to anyone in the past affect you?

                    Suppose your ancestors were rapists or murderers; or suppose they were doctors and businessmen? Suppose they were head-shrinkers and witch-doctors, or hunters swinging on vines in the jungle? Does any of that affect you?

                    If your ancestors were rich businessmen and not slaves, would you then stop playing the victim and in-fact wonder why you could not achieve what they did, even though they did so under severe and adverse conditions?

                    You’re always playing the victim- “Ooooo! The inept feeble French stole my country!” -so are you admitting that you people are the weakest, dumbest, most disorganized incapable people on earth, since you apparently believe that you are to be captured and enslaved at will by every other group of people on earth. (Better watch out! I saw a bad-ass looking group of Girlscouts eyeuing Nigeria the other day!)

                    • And pretty much, the history of mankind has been a non-stop series of wars, thefts and subjugations, between people of every ethnicity and race, whether among their own or others- but why is it that BLACKS are the only ones who have the audacity (or is it stupidity?) to invoke “racism” when anything which happens to them is perpetrated by anyone not of their own race?

                      And yet, they twist the tables, so that when whites are the victims of blacks, AGAIN they cry “racism” when the whites become fearful of blacks after seeing so many crimes committed by them!

                      “Ebrything be whitey’s fault!”.

                      They’ll protest when you mention what percentage of them are on welfare….and then they’ll turn around and scream “racism” when any politician proposes cutting welfare!

                      And yet they have no answer for how it could be that black and brown Indians come here and prosper. Yellow Chinese come here and prosper; Spicks of all shades, from white to black, come and prosper…. but apparently “racism” only affects the moulignons!.

                    • That’s the logic of the oppressor… I refuse you your grief, which is based on historically documented evils, but I demand you stop crying for it upsets me when i hear that folks of the same skin hue as me have done uncountable evil to you people… it is fascinating you do realize, nunzo that you are doing exactly what you seem to cry against… but hey, racist gotta be ignorant…can’t help it.
                      Hate to burst your narrative here but I rant against any oppressed people everywhere, matter little the skin tone, the religion or the locale. A whit eman blown away by cops, I speak up…an native woman raped and murdered, I speak up. I don’t call anyone names that offends them, I don’t speak of a whole ethnicity wholesale, I respect, unlike you friend, every single person as a full human being, give them credit for their morality, attack them for their immorality and inhumanity. Note that of the 2 of us, only oen keeps calling folks evil names, and it ain’t me.
                      What is you frame of reference? Mine is historical, social, moral and religious… yours is ethnic and racist…and ignorant… 🙂

                    • It is also fascinating how you keep quoting facts that you pull straight out of your rear end build, against, windmills to deploy against your much more truthful and rational, and less ignorant interlocutor.
                      Case in point, this trope: blacks and welfare. It is well documented, ignorant friend who, based on his own logic and his ancestors’ immigration from Italy, makes Italy a shithole country, that white are the major recipients of welfare. How can you not know that? How??????

                    • And what is the point of playing the IF game??? The facts are clear, whatever you accuse others of being, is DIRECTLY LINKED to what the west has done to them. DIRECTLY…
                      Any border dispute around the globe? The west.
                      Nuking a people? US
                      10 millions in congo? Belgium.
                      Ethiopia/Eritrea? Italy
                      Much of Africa? France
                      Vietnam? US after France… And let’s not even mention the countless coups that removed a democratically elected leader and implemented an autocracy to serve their masters…(egypt just very recently).
                      And I wonder who enables Saudi arabia to keep existing and keep abusing human rights?
                      And you asked above what was the west’s (US) responsibility in this north korea? My God!!!
                      Are you really this ignorant or are you faking it extremely well? Are you?
                      Somebody please answer him, I am too speechless to address such emptiness of knowledge.
                      But, I leave you with this hint: millions of dead…yes, on the north korean side.
                      Yes, women and children.

                    • Nonsense, Poo.

                      I (and virtually everyone who posts here) rant about those who oppress anyone- That is essentially what Libertarianism/Anarchy is all about- we believe that people have the right to be left alone until and if they perpetrate violence against someone else, or infringe upon their property.

                      Oppression, to one degree or another, is perpetrated or enabled by the majority of people around us, against ALL others who are not a part of their group- be that group familial, or political or professional, or ideological or religious or pretty much any distinction. Sometimes even ethnically- but such, especially today in the Western world, is rather rare.

                      You, on the other hand, just want to make everything about race- both for offenses perpetrated against you through no fault of your own- only because you are a victim of man oppressing man; and for problems you have which you have caused, which you would like to blame on others.

                      The fact that you keep harping on your countries being “invaded” or “stolen” is a perfect example. Such has happened to virtually all people on the face of the earth; yet when it happens to a black country, it is suddenly “racism”!

                      The same thing goes for slavery. So a handful of you a few centuries ago were enslaved by some Jews and Englishmen who had taken up residence here in America.

                      As I explained before, that in no way affects you personally, any more so than anything which may have happened to my ancestors 200 years ago affects me. I did not cause your anxcestors slavery nor approve of it; and you did not suffer from it. It is of no relevance to us today- except to those who are looking for excuses to explain their own dysfunctional behavior.

                      And who here is justifying war? Note ot, that every time they throw a war, there are no lack of you people who sign up to be mercenaries along with everyone else.

                      Are you trying to say that wars are “racist” because they are fought against other countries, whose ihabitants tend to be different than the aggressors? If the US attacked Britain or Poland it would be O-K since the two sides would be of the same race?

                      And i suppose all of the niggers in South Africa murdering white farmers is perfectly fine?

                      Personally, I wish that the racism you speak of really DID exist! Because on the whole, you people contribute nothing positive to this world, and are nothing but a burden and I believe the world would be better off if most of you were exterminated, because wherever one goes- be it most primitive Africa, or the pinnacle of the modern civilized world, all one has to do is look at your people, and they will see the majority of you existing at the lowest most animalistic level, replete with violence, theft and filth, and always effecting destruction, while never creating, preserving or improving.

                      One day, this “racism” that you speak of may actually appear, as it is my observation that more and more non-blacks are getting disgusted with you- seeing your refusal to do anything positive to improve your own condition, and just leeching off of the system, while blaming those who have tried to help you for your problems, which are no one’s fault but your own. More people are starting to wake up to reality, as they see what a sham this “racism” nonsense is.

                    • Oh, so now I have to ‘splain to Poo that in a nation where only 13% of the population is black, that there are “more whites on welfare”….. (Because I’m the one who doesn’t understand statistics! LOL)

                      Here’s a hint for you: Since you will not believe what I say anyway, why don’t you look up what percent of blacks are on welfare, vs. what what percent of whites?

                      You may be surprised. (I’m not).

                      And again, if so few blacks and “more whites” are on welfare, why is it that EVERY time any cut to a welfare program is proposed, that the “black leaders” and black community scream that it is “racism” and “discrimination”???

                      And just HOW do you think all of these she-boons with 6 or more kids (and still in their 20’s, no less!) with no husband, are being supported? Often, in some of the most expensive places one can live in this country, like New York City!

                      Oh, yeah! I’ve seen it with my own eyes! Some nigress who can’t keep her legs closed, has 8 kids by 7 different men, and lives in a HUD subsidized apartment with 5 bedrooms and a terrace which few white people who pay the taxes which pay for that apartment could afford, moaning that it’s the white man that’s keeping her down! (Not that she was pregnant by homie when she was 13, and that if it wasn’t for whitey her and her kids would’ve starved to death and died of exposure, because homie has moved on to dozens of other women and or to jail, and she never got so much as a dime out of him…..and she’s just repeating what her mother did…..and her kids will do the same- that is, the ones who don’t die of a drug overdose; AIDS, or get shot in a hold-up….but it all be de ebil white man’s fault!

                    • Poo, you might be right about Italy though- Any place that contains Sicily and Palermo HAS to be a shit-hole! (Sicilians are the Italian versions of niggers!) eh, goombah?

                    • So he refers to the liberal rag Time as proof….LOL

                      So far, we’ve seen Time, The Atlantic; Ebony…. What’s next, Oprah?

                      How about the actual stats from the census?:

                      As if that isn’t bad enough, if we pared it down to eliminate old age beneficiaries, and just looked at those between 0 and 50 who relied on entitlements for all or a substantial part of their existence, it would tell a more accurate story, and look even WORSE for nigs.

                      Keep looking though; maybe you can come up with an Al Sharpton quote or something to “prove me wrong”.

                      And for the THIRD friggin’ time, I ask you: If nigs are not so dependent upon entitlements, then WHY do they scream “racism” and “injustice” every time a politician proposes cutting welfare benefits? Oh, you mean they’re concerned with a few white hillbillies in Appalachia who might have their food stamps (which they receive on behalf of the mulatto kid they had with homie) cut?

                      Oh, now I am enlightrened.

                      Dayum, Poo! You are really proving to be a perfect illustration of why your people are so messed up.

                  • When we speak of white privilege, we speak exactly of this, folks who simply refuse to acknowledge the infinite legacy of racial oppression this country has dished out upon some people especially.
                    It is fascinating that such obvious thing can be so relentlessly fought at every turn. In the name of refusing consequences, you guys are refusing causes.
                    No one is asking for reparations (seriously), that is a boogeyman you guys are creating in order to get offended about. Nothing exemplifies it greater than the furor over black lives matter, which is simply saying stop killing us. Meanwhile folks are taking offense to that?????
                    So Black people should take it in silence because white folks are also being killed by cops? How silly is that?
                    Jews should take it silently because other groups are targeted?
                    I am waiting for someone to show me one single group, other than native americans that has been oppressed longer and harsher than American blacks. I am waiting.
                    But that’s not the point. The point is in response to nunzio making a specific group deserving of abuse and oppression because of (false often) metrics that are caused primarily by said oppression and abuse.
                    Any other group that was lynched as matter of public policy? Enslaved as matter of public, religious and economical policy?
                    I am waiting.
                    And please don’t bring up white indentured servants. The words indentured servants highlight the major difference between them and slaves. I should not need point it out.
                    The bottom line is this and I am still waiting for someone to challenge it historically: yes, other white people are abused by the system, and yes other white people have traditionally been abused by the system, yes, the system swallows folks and spits out bones and will ultimately swallow each and all, but none of that negates my original premise: “you folks are starting to feel what black folks been telling you for centuries, the system is evil, immoral, violent and will seek and destroy you when it is done with us.”

                    • let me also make sure to point that i am no lumping everyone with nunsense here… he is a racist bigot and proves ith with every illogical combination of words he utters. At least he stopped posting statistics since they keep getting destroyed and exposed as lies, lies and damn lies 🙂 Bigoted Nunsense of the KKK

                    • Poo: “the system is evil, immoral, violent and will seek and destroy you when it is done with us.””

                      That is true- and pretty much has always been- but what you seem to be missing, is that by admitting that, you are tacitly admitting that it is not about race!

                      Again, no one says people who possess certain physical characteristics, such as skin color, or big noses, somehow makes those people inferior.

                      It is about culture and the behavior exhibited by the majority of certain groups- as I’ve been saying.

                      No one gets upset when the Chinese move into their neighborhood, because the Chinese do not typically indulge in violent crime; subsist on welfare; engage in the drug culture; nor destroy their surroundings.

                      But if you look at virtually every place where there are large numbers of blacks, and that is exactly the behaior one observes, time after time, place after place- on every continent to which they foul.

                      Slavery ended a LONG time ago, anfar from everything being “racist”, if one so much as says the word nigger these days, they are ostracized. Generations of your children have been raised on free food, free healthcare; free housing, even in New York City and San Fagcisco, where the majority of whites can not even afford to live; cops would rather pick on white people, because we pose little threat, and have no one (political organizations; the media; free lawyers) to stand up for us….but you stupid shitskins INSIST on harping on slavery from 200 years ago, and some segragation and injustices that may have existed in the US South for a few decades also well in the past.

                      What about today? When are you going to take responsibility for your own lives?

                      You would accomplish far more if instead of harping on things which happened before you born, you would shame members of your own culture who procreate prolifically, but who don’t take responsibilty for their offspring; and those who engage in violent or property crimes; and those who make themselves easy victims by breaking laws which, even if unjust (like drug prohibition) are easy enough avoided if you don’t want to end up in jail and relieved of your rights and ability to earn a legitimate living, etc.

                      In other words, if you’d behave like everyone else, you’d be treated like everyone else- and would stop making it so that good ones among you are looked upon like the rest, simply because they look like they belong to that culture which is so notorious for perpetrating negative and destructive behavior.

                    • Hi Po,

                      People are “privileged” as much by their genetic endowment and family/financial circumstances as by happening to be born into the culturally dominant racial/ethnic group in a given country. Not everyone can be “anything they put their mind to.” I will never play in the NFL, for instance – no matter how hard I train. And there are more blacks playing in the NFL than there are whites… .

                      What of it?

                      Do you demand leveling by force – along the lines of Harrison Bergeron?

                      I cannot play fuuhhhhhhhttttball but I can write – and make a living doing so. I do not have to go out and perform physically difficult manual labor to earn my supper. I am in a very real sense privileged by the intelligence and talent I was born with, which others less fortunate lack. Should I be punished on account of this? Does the fact that others are less intelligent/talented impose an obligation enforceable at gunpoint on the more intelligent/talented to “equalize” things? If so, then I surely have a claim to pick the pockets of people more intelligent/talented than I am.


                      A person who is born into a family of means, who is given access to books and good schools and so on, is likewise privileged. A gifted athlete is privileged. The children of Barack Obama are privileged.

                      One could go on, but the point is obvious.

                      Life is unfair because inequality is reality – and always will be.

                      The question is whether its existence justifies violence – the use of force to “correct” it. In particular as regards people who as individuals have not hurt anyone themselves but simply drew a better hand of cards, so to speak.

                      Were blacks abused on account of race? Certainly. Obviously. Are blacks still being abused today on account of race? Yes. Certainly. But they are also being advantaged on account of their race. Privileged on account of it.

                      As are women.

                      It is no longer legal to “discriminate” – that is, to choose – on account of race – if the race of the person at issue is black. However, it is legal to “discriminate” against white men. And encouraged. This is a fact. Inarguable.

                      It is being done on the basis of sippenhaft. Other whites (generic) abused other blacks (also generic). Therefore, specific whites, who had nothing to do with it, must be punished for the benefit of people they didn’t harm – and who may be more privileged than they are.

                      Note that in both cases above, the criteria are not the individual’s merits or lack of them but rather his race (and sex). The individual is submerged into a collective identity. Thus, the black girl who comes from an upper middle-class background (e.g., Malia Obama) will have a much easier time in life than the white boy who lives with his single mom in a trailer in the Ozarks because of legalized, state-enforced racial policies which regard them as different colored integers only.

                      At some point, this has to stop or it only gets worse. Note that the current legalized discrimination against whites is – quite understandably – fomenting racial animosity toward blacks and other “minorities.” How does this help dissipate racism?

                      There will always be winners and losers in the game of life because of natural inequality of ability and of circumstances as well as of simple hard work and also luck. But things are are made infinitely worse when people think of themselves as part of a herd and demand collectivized rewards and punishments, regard themselves as entitled and aggrieved – and seek to harm and punish people who, as individuals, have never harmed them personally.

                      When they base their dealings with others not on how those particular people deal with them but rather how other people dealt with them – or people (long dead) whom they never even knew dealt with their also-long-dead ancestors.

                      It is collectivism that is our common enemy. Yours and mine. Black or white.

                    • Hahaha, that got me thinking, Eric….

                      My black friend: She grew up in a rare functional black home, with a father (Who built their house with his own hands); she got a good edumacation and unlike most working-class whites, could concentrate on her studies, because she didn’t have to work her way through school. She got a good job making six figures, and in-turn, her daughter went to private schools and got to go to college abroad, and now also has a good job, making almost 6 figures.

                      I, on the other hand, growing up as a poor honky….. lived all of my early life in meager apartments; didn’t have a father; had to work to contribute to keep us alive, from my mid teens, and earned my living early on by digging clams out of the bay.

                      Where is this white privilege of which they speak? Wait…wait…it’s because I’m Italian! Yeah…that’s it! 😉 It was those damn WASPs keeping us down!

                      [Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I’ve had a GREAT life, and if I could do it all over again, would not change one thing- but there’s certainly been no white privilege….or privilege, period.]

                      And this “equality” stuff is just pure BS. All people deserve to be treated equally in the eyes of the law- that’s it. But Po will never be equal to Thomas Sowell, and I’ll never be equal to Steve Jobs [nor would I want to be]- I don’t want to be equal. I want to be unique.

                      Since it is impossible to elevate all people to the character and abilities of the best, the only way equality-by-force can be achieved, is by shackling the abilities of the capable- something which I’m sure the likes of Po would be perfectly fine with.

      • “An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.”
        If the flag was placed in motion when it was posted, there is no unbalanced force to prevent it if remaining in motion, aside from the 1/6th gravity of the moon. There is no atmosphere to retard its motion.

        • So there’s perpetual motion in space?

          That is used to explain the so-called orbits of the so-called planets; yet the very fact that those bodies remain on a fixed course with precise limits, means that they are being acted upon by a force….

          There is also a BIG difference between a piece of cloth which is merely exhibiting the effects of movement from vibration or movement, vs. one that is being blown by a breeze.

          NONE of this space junk makes any sense. What is used to explian away one absurdity, creates 10 more absurdities with their own contradictions- and when such exists, it is proof that functional, logical reality is not being described.

            • Things are different in space? And you know this how?

              And in space, bodies can remain in motion even when acted upon by an opposing force? And where does that force come from, if “space is a vacuum” and “there is no gravity”?

              Sorry, but any answer you can give to these questions would negate the very premises which are necessary to sustain what is currently accepted as standard astrophysics.

              • I am not responsible for your delusions.
                The absence of gravity and the concept of space as a vacuum are false premises long ago discarded by scientists with more training than you received in the public fool system.

                • Unfortunately, Bill, both scientists and educators still believe in those false premises. But I’m glad that you are at least admitting they are false.

          • Friction exists in space. Between fibers, in bearings, in bushings, where ever two things rub against each other.

            Thus if you turn an electric motor off it will eventually come to a stop. The force from twisting a flag once stopped will eventually have a flag come to a stop.

            Planetary bodies can vary slightly over time in rotation speed. Both speeding up and slowing down ever so slightly. These are currently blamed on mass distribution changes internally. There are also frictional forces that occur because of gravity due to interacting with other bodies. The tides are a product of that for instance.

            The degree of friction determines how much something slows down per unit time. Just because something keeps moving doesn’t mean there is a force acting on it to keep it moving.

              • I have and I didn’t.
                You need a clue.
                If the degree of friction is zero or close to it, there is no force required to keep something moving for a very long time. Does that help you?

                    • The force/friction/resistance necesary to alter the course of something with the mass of a planet, on a continual basis, would be a tad more than a little. And since nothing has been observed as maintaing perpetual motion for “billions” of years, nor even having been in existence that long, it is all mere conjecture, speculation, and guess-work. Unprovable.

                      These theoretical “sciences should be classed as literature or art.

                • I think Bill’s point is that the force necessary to constrain a planet within a perpetually repeating fixed loop would be a source of friction or resistance.

                  In other words: You can’t have it both ways. Either the planets can remain in motion because there is no friction/resistance in space…or, friction and resistance exists, as required to constrain those planets within the bounds of a fixed, repeating, and precise course.

                  But you can not have both unhindered movement, and orderly looped courses at the same time, because the requirements which allow one, also prohibit the other.

                  • Orbits can decay and we went to the Moon , Guys get on some real conspiracies like that stuff the government tries to have us believe, even though Trump may be a crony for now ,if He threatens the status quo , He will probably be removed or at the very least discredited.The PTB have grown in wisdom over the decades , now they know how to ruin people without taking them out .

                    • The Russians went to the moon before we did, according to James McCanney, and decided not to return because all of animals and people launched alive returned dead. They decided not to waste any time trying to warn a world that wouldn’t believe them.

                  • The rotation of the Earth around the sun is measurably slowing.
                    The same NIST that told us that the steel pillars melted in World Trade Center towers 1, 2, and 7, operate radio stations WWV and WWVH, and they add leap seconds to their signals to keep their more accurate hydrogen maser and cesium beam standards in sync with the planet. Leap seconds achieve the same thing with nanoseconds that leap days do with calendars.

            • Brent said: >”The force from twisting a flag once stopped will eventually have a flag come to a stop. “”Planetary bodies can vary slightly over time in rotation “”These are currently blamed on mass distribution changes internally.””The degree of friction determines how much something slows down per unit time. Just because something keeps moving doesn’t mean there is a force acting on it to keep it moving.”<

              Right-O, me buck-O! But now as pertains to planetary orbits and RMD Bill's initial declaration of the laws of physics which he now says don't apply in space….

              If a given body keeps moving merely because there is no force acting upon it to deter that movement; yet we see that that body is constrained within a specific and precise course, be it eliptical or whatever, which it keeps repeating in perpetuity for "millions of years"- then obviously there is a force acting upon that body, and it would shorten it's course; stray from it's course; and stop it's movement entirely in relatively short order.

              • Ooopps! My last post somehow got screwed-up.

                It was supposed to start with:

                “The force from twisting a flag once stopped will eventually have a flag come to a stop.”

                No argument. What I am disputing, is that while the flag is moving, it’s movement clearly is that of being blown in a breeze, as opposed to merely transmitting vibrations.

                “These are currently blamed on mass distribution changes internally”

                What were they formerly blamed on; and what will they be blamed on tomorrow? The thing is, since these mere theories and imaginations of men/rantings are mere conjecture; built upon speculation and the premise of other theories being true, and are impossible to conclusively prove right or wrong, all they are is conjecture- as evidenced by the fact that they are ever-changing- and not just in a way which builds upon former research or adds to previous knowledge- but rather, often in ways which contradicts all that came before the current surmisings- much- Much like that NASA “scientist- uh, was it Michio Kaku (The guy who’s cuckoo and full of ka-koo )? Who now postulates the Earth is pear-shaped with a bulge in the middle- not only invalidating all prior “research”, but also then necessitating that all former NASA images of earth, showing it to be a perfect sphere, must be fraudulent.

              • The laws of thermodynamics apply everywhere in the known universe, so how could they not apply in space, which is the majority of the known universe?
                An elliptical course doesn’t exist unless there is an outside force acting on the body.
                “If an object is moving along, untouched by a force of any kind, it will continue to move along in a perfectly straight line at a constant speed.”

                  • “A breeze is a low frequency vibration.”

                    Take a flag and put it out on a breezy day and observe how it “vibrates”- How it looks, as it is buffet by the differing velocities of the wind, and it’s edges behave, and how it’s flat surfaces are inflated by the breeze.

                    Then take a flag and mount it on a vehicle which will vibrate if you goose the throttle, inside a garage where there is no breeze, and observe how vibrations are transmitted- or pound a pole-mounted flag into the ground where there is no wind and see how it reacts to the vibrations. It is quite different to how it looks when affected by wind, and quite different compared to how the flag “on the Moon” looked; but you’ll observe that the flag in your experiment that was buffeted by a breeze, looks just like the one “on the Moon”.

                    • It’s hilarious, Bill. They STILL claim that the piece of cloth is still there- 50 years later, but can “only be seen with our special skookum telescopes”….

                      Meanwhile, the protective space suits used to protect the humans who supposedly put that piece of cloth there, have nearly disintegrated, even though they have been stored in a controlled environment at a constant mild temperature and out of exposure to air and sunlight….

                      Apparently that flag was made of the same material of the 9-11 hijackers passports….

              • Orbits are more or less stable and that is shown in the math. Most of the outer planets were predicted mathematically from the previously found planets. It was the math that told people where to look for them.

                With all the bodies interacting the planets are all in their own local ‘low’ energy location. That is they require a force, energy be applied to get them out of their current orbits. A stable state for just about anything is one where energy has to be applied to get out of it. My language here could be better but I am trying to explain the basic concept without getting too technical.

                Now lets say something moved Jupiter. Practically the whole solar system would then rearrange for Jupiter’s new orbit. It likely took a very long time of chaos before everything fell into this current stable condition. As things naturally seek the lowest energy state. Since then without forces applied they stay there.

                  • Hi Bill,

                    My understanding in re Planet X is that it’s speculative but likely (based on known gravitational perturbations) that there is another large planet occupying an extreme and perhaps elliptical orbit beyond our current ability to identify it.

                    This “planet” may, as I understand it, be a second sun. A brown or red dwarf. I’ve read that most suns are binary, so ours would be the exception – if Sol is solitary.

                    It’s interesting stuff to think about!

                    • You hit the nail on the head, Eric. That’s all any of it is- pure speculation.

                      They used to write it down and put it in comic books and call it “Buck Rogers”.

                      Now they write it down and put it in textbooks and call it “science”.

                    • It really is, something seems to upset the applecart every few thousand years , be it Planet X or an undiscovered comet .

                  • Planet X, the one talked about on shows like coast to coast am is fictional garbage.

                    The ‘tenth planet’ that is the planet people have been looking for since before pluto was demoted well I haven’t kept up on it. I do recall someone coming up with an answer mathematically that didn’t require it. Some people are still looking.

                • My point exactly, Brent.

                  Orbits are stable. VERY stable- for huge lengths of time. If no force were acting upon a planet, it’s movement would just be random or in a straight line. The fact that it orbits in a loop, proves it is being constrained by some force- and if so affected by some force, then the axiom that a body in motion will remain in motion….and all that- well, you get where I’m going.

                  • Ah, Hale Bop, mighty good memories. Very early morning viewing was the ticket…..but we kept having cloudy skies and it was unusually cold at the time.

                    We were all fixed up with cameras and a telescope adapter but no soap and the mornings were itbitterly cold so we never got a pic

                    It was disappointing but we knew there would be pics so no loss to not seeing it at all, just not seeing it in person.

                    So a couple friends and I go fishing in the dark one morning and weren’t thinking about HB.

                    We fish a bank at the edge of a flat and a deep dropoff where we’d done well before.

                    I caught 2 9 pounders quickly back to back. Since we were still close to the boat ramp we returned to there and took pics of the fish before letting them go to thrill us again as larger fish.

                    We went on to have a good trip and thought nomore of HB.

                    A couple weeks later we got the pics back and there, over my left shoulder was a great shot of Hale Bop, a two fer as it was.

                    So, which direction was I facing?

    • Bill wrote:

      “Bill February 1, 2018 at 4:56 pm
      Libertarianism and racism are incompatible.”

      I’d have to say that libertarianism and racism are not incompatible. Libertarianism allows the individual to choose his or her own values, but eschews the use of force or coercion in promulgating those values. But, ultimately, libertarians tend to view others as individuals….for me, if a person’s total identity is wrapped up in race, sexual preference, “gender” or whatever victimhood group a person can choose, I will generally find that individual fairly uninteresting. Use of government force to effect social change is not defensible on libertarian grounds. Nor does it work very well.
      A good example of this is the case in Oregon of the Christian bakers who refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple and who were fined out of business. IMO, as a libertarian, those bakers have a legitimate right to choose whatever services they are willing to provide to whatever customers they choose..that said, I’d never frequent their business, and ultimately it’s those non-coerced market choices that are the most effective, and least divisive ways to effect real, voluntary changes in social mores and taboos. As always, YMMV and OALA, EHOATAS.

      One other thing, people who mention that the various accomplishments of individuals who were of one race or another miss the point, IMO, that those people were individuals and one cannot extrapolate the accomplishments of say, white men, to the general population. That’s sort of counter to the whole point of viewing people as individuals. I think Thomas Sowell, for example, has compelling ideas, not because he is black, but because has mastered the intellectual craft of economics and is a very good communicator.

      • Morning, Giuseppe!

        Agreed. A person does have the right to discriminate – and for whatever reason, including racial bias.

        Because no one has the right to use force to compel another person to interact with him contrary to his wishes. Thus, a racist has the right to refuse service to blacks (or cops or women or whomever, for whatever reason) since to say otherwise is make a slave out of him. A man’s person – and his material property – are his, to do with as he wishes. He does not impose a harm on another by declining to engage in business with, or serve him. The other person is not owed anything he has not paid for or which the other person has not voluntary agreed to provide.

        Racism may be irrational. It may be morally indecent. But to suggest that a person hasn’t got the right to be racist in terms of his own life and property and what he may do with them is to assert that his life ands property do not belong to him but rather to others, who may simply take it from him.

        In a free society, a man has the right to be an asshole – to put it bluntly. Provided the asshole isn’t actually harming others or their property. Hurt feelings do not count.

        And the remedy for assholeness is to avoid the asshole; to interact with and do business with people who are not assholes. By this natural selection, assholeness tends to wane, because it imposes its own negative sanctions and does so naturally. Racists cannot complain that they have been the victims of “reverse discrimination” when there is no such official policy. They are simply shunned by most people and this by itself solves most of the problem.

        • AHhhhh! You guys; Giuseppe, Eric, The truth is beautiful! So good to see it annunciated here; yet so sad that it is so rare to see anywhere else these days.

          I can not add anything to what you guys have already said, because you have NAILED it, comprehensively and yet succinctly.

          What goes on today in the name of “civil rights” for some, is in reality the destruction of property rights and the right to choose, of others. True rights do not come at the expense of the others.

          The government has taken that which was intended to control IT, and which was supposed to constrain it from abridging our rights, and has turned it so that it now uses that which is supposed to constrain it, to instead constrain the legitimate rights of we the people, for the benefit of establishing illegitimate rights of certain groups, whom it artificially defines 9e.g. where you like to stick your dick can now determine whether you are a member of a special protected class, or of the larger group whose true rights are trampled in order in order to give those who possess a certain preference special standing and privileges.)

          And…by so doing, the government is seen as the hero of those to whom it procures special privileges, so that the various groups who receive such special treatment end up becoming supporters of the state, and enemies of those whose true rights are being trampled.

          And so, by assembling many divergent minority groups under the banner of “civil rights”, the state creates an army who all rally around the common cause of supporting their hero, the state; while fighting the common enemy of those who merely wish to exercise their legitimate natural rights, and who do not care to give up those rights just because they may conflict with the wants of the divergent groups.

  3. What I find disgusting is these armed enforcers (LEO’s) feel they have some automatic right to intimidate us, and they act accordingly.

    And for most people who exhibit fear, compliance is not the normal response. Running away is.

    However, the LEO’s don’t want us to have the ability to live for another day. Hunting us down has become the objective. What has happened to the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

    I guess they don’t teach LEO’s or their masters how to read anymore.

    • Is it okay to distinquish against LEOs as long as one isn’t discriminatory?
      Why would they be educated more, less, or differently from the rest of the hoi polloi?

      • The education I was referring to was at the Law Enforcement Officer academy. As for discriminatory: I don’t see a difference between them, so any distinguishing would help. But I’ll be very non-discriminatory when I say that the attitudes described in the article are the norm.

  4. Reading this story and the comments here, reminds me of a story one of my senior managers once told me. This guy is the kindest, softest spoken, most proper English gentleman type of person you will ever meet. He is a physicist by profession (from Oxford), and back in the 90s was working out in the US on a research project at (at Harvard) on a team that went on to win the Nobel prize. Such is the calibre of the guy.

    Now his story is once he needed to rent a car and go somewhere, and the rental guys gave him a brand new car, so new that it didnt even have the front plate on or something. But they told him its not an issue they have some months to do so, and gave him a document to prove it and show incase he has any trouble. So lo and behold he was driving down when a hero approached him with lights flashing. He pulled over, and the cops asked him about the plate situation. He explained, and without realising wanted to show his efficiency by reaching over to the glove box to get the papers out. Now in Britain, cops dont have guns, so it was the surprise of his life when the “hero” pulled the gun on him !!! He froze and went into shock…. so much so that after his research was over, he never actually went back….. just said he couldnt live in a place where he can have a gun pulled on him and his family like that……

    • Morning, Nasir!

      This sort of thing infuriates me. I wish it would infuriate more people. Someone posted here – and I agree with this – that it ought to be prima facie felonious to draw/point a firearm at any person who has not clearly drawn a lethal weapon on you first. This goes for everyone, but especially “heroes” – who should be held to a higher standard than ordinary citizens for all the obvious reasons.

      This business of literally shooting first and asking questions later is outrageous. No ordinary citizen would ever get away with drawing a gun on someone “because he feared for his safety” – absent physical facts to back that up.

      Think how crazy it is.

      I “feared for my safety” because I didn’t like the looks of some guy at a bar, who was giving me the fisheye. So I drew my gun and pointed it at him…

    • I know a guy who bought a brand-spanking new Chevy truck and in about three days the electrical system fried outright on him on the side of the interstate. He was on the side of the road trying to figure out WTF happened when a cop pulled up. The cop came up to him and he opened the door to tell the cop what was going on because he couldn’t roll down the window without any power. The cop freaked out and stuck a Glock in his face until the guy explained what was happening.

      Seig heil!!! “Land of the free,” my ass!

  5. This article and thread has delivered.

    +1776 to all.

    “There are no “good” cops, since there ARE “bad” cops”

  6. They keep this shit up and Society will have ‘open season on cops”.
    Remove their weapons and they are a bunch of “pussies”.Same bullshit in “israhell”

    • Saeed, look at what tens of millions of people will endure at the hands of the TSA, and yet they gladly continue to fly, without so much as a thought of boycott.

      Americans are now brainwashed cult members- they love their captors. They’ll praise them and call them “heroes” and say that they are “protecting their freedom”, even as their ‘heroes’ are killing them.

      • Morning, Nunz!

        Yes, indeed. I have a group of friends who urge me frequently to travel with them to Mexico, where one of my friends has a vacation house. I tell them I can’t – because I can’t abide the “security” degradation and point out that if enough of us simply boycotted air travel until the government ceased treating us as presumptive criminals, we would soon be treated as citizens again.

        Mind, this is not business travel that’s very difficult to opt out of. This is elective, vacation travel. I love my friends, but it depresses and defeats me that they – and so many millions of others – aren’t willing to sacrifice such a small thing (optional vacation travel by air) for such an important thing.

        • Exactly!
          I quit flying soon after the TSA police state was instituted. Had a really bad experience on a business trip when a TSA (Totally Stupid A**hole) dumped my briefcase full of paper work on the floor. He the ordered me to “pick it up”.
          If my wife had not been there I would have been in jail (at best).
          Even so, I decided right then I would never fly commercial again.
          This aggravates my wife to no end.
          I won’t go to markets (by air) won’t vacation and will not even attend family funerals if flying is required.
          Eric, you are right on target. In fact you hit the bulls eye on this one.

      • I haven’t flown for years for the same reasons… I will not allow myself to be treated “as guilty” when I’ve done nothing wrong. It is pathetic to me to read about the multiple indignities folks are willing to endure for the “privilege.” (I also get to avoid the radiation blasting.) And, you know what? I really like feeling the miles, understanding the distance I’m going, when I drive. I have to live with my self, and subjecting myself to such weasels acting out their power struggles would make that impossible.

        • Well-said, Pam!

          I find there are no places within the US where I’d want to go these days, anyway; and if I went outside of the US, I wouldn’t bother coming back. I live in one of the more decent places- very rural, and about as free as one can get within this country these days- and even when I go to the next county to go shopping, I always brighten up as soon as I cross back into my county on the way home! I wouldn’t even want to go to the city where the airport is, 2 hours away!

          And like you, I’d rather drive and feel the miles and see the scenery. Heck, when I was young and things weren’t even so bad, I took the Greyhound bus from NY to CA once!

        • What kills me is that more time driving increases the chances of a traffic stop, including one that might be fatal.

          It’s plain Kafkaesque.

          We who cherish our freedom, are entrapped by the Sheeple, who make the nightmare tyranny possible through their submission to authority.

          • I know, right, Bevin?!

            The thing is, if you fly, you’re guaranteed interaction with the goons every single time. Driving? You can at least minimize your chances. I’ve only been stopped 2 times in my life thus far….but granted, the odds get worse every passing day.

      • I often wonder what security theater would be like if the 9/11 hijackers didn’t target government buildings. What if they attacked megachurches or synagogues? After all the single most effective deterrent has been to lock the door to the flight deck. Everything else is just because Uncle is scared and wants us to be scared too.

        • I often wonder what would happen if everybody didn’t accept the bullshit lies of 911. There’s so many holes in the fuckin story I can’t help but wonder why those who don’t get it……don’t get it? Pulling a 47 story building over and I can’t even get some soft limestone to bust with a D6. How does that happen……again?

          • 8, even with my pessimistic attitude of the cluelessness of the average Mercan, even I can’t believe that they actually got away with that and managed to fool so many people.

            I think the answer is that people don’t WANT to know; they don’t want to even admit the possibility that their beloved god, the government, could do something like that; for to even slightly entertain that possibility would destroy the sacredness of what they believe in- and the belief in state and authority is indeed a sacred and mystical thing which it’s adherents must not ever question, lest they brand themselves as thought criminals and heretics.

            “It’s better just not to think about it”. “All those people we voted for and all those scientists can’t be wrong!”.

            And think of the culpability: At least 50% of the people vote. If they were to admit that that those for whom they voted- or even those whom the “democratic process” elected, they and their neighbors would be partly responsible, as well as having to admit that they were fooled beyond a level ever before achieved in the history of the world.

          • Dear 8,

            9/11 really did open the floodgates, didn’t it?

            Once the Sheeple bought the government fairy tale, the imposition of a Brave New World could and did proceed full steam.

            Remember the shocking beat down of Rodney King? That was 1991, the same year as Desert Storm.

            Now, “merely” getting clubbed half to death instead of being riddled with lead seems almost tame.

            The speed of America’s descent into tyranny is truly alarming.

            • Morning, Bevin!

              Mencken – whose writing I admire almost as much as his insights – noted the poltroonery of the typical American. The desperate urge to conform and be a member in good standing of the herd. He therefore avoids heretical thoughts – crimethink! doubleplusungood! – and is convinced he is “free” because he’s told he is.

            • Dear 8, Eric,

              I so want to believe that this isn’t happening to America. I used to believe firmly in the American Dream. The way America was portrayed in Hollywood films in my youth during the 50s, in Frank Capra films. The way Ayn Rand believed in America.

              In fact, civil society in America was once more or less true to the American Dream. But unfortunately there was more to America than merely civil society. There was the federal government.

              I knew of course it was flawed. But I never realized the defects would turn out to be this appalling, and most shattering of all. congenital and inevitable.

              The Federalists, particularly the Hamiltonians, effectively staged a counterrevolution that set America up to become the UK/US Zionist bankster ruled police state of 2018.

              America was supposed to be the shining model for the world to emulate, including China.

              Now how can anyone demand that other nations imitate America?

              I too hang my head and want to cry.

              • To think, that not very long ago, both America and Britain represented the pinnacle of Western society, in which civility thrived; in which more people than ever before were free to prosper and in which to indulge their intellect, spirituality, and their quest for anything their heart desired, with the assurance of being left alone and of having their most fundamental rights upheld.

                I was very blessed to have gotten in on the tail end of this, having grown up in the 60’s and 70’s. And sure, the elephant was already in the room, as the machinery of the police state was being erected- but few noticed, as life was still normal (And that is exactly how the police state was able to grow so large and intrusive- being implemented ever so gradually).

                And now here we are today. All vestiges of freedom and normalcy are long gone, to the point where no pretense is even made, except perhaps for the use of a few vestigial words; and instead of that beacon that the world envies and emulates, we are now hated and laughed at, as we export our culture of filth, perversion, and tyranny around the world.

                The parallels to Nazi Germany are amazing- and perhaps, as our mad rulers and those who are so eager to serve them threaten to unleash more nukes on sovereign nations and start WW3, so to might the rest of the world get together and do as we once did to Germany- but just as in Germany, such will not save those who remain here.

                • In the late 60s a friend who was a teenager was arguing with his dad and finally said “It’s a free country isn’t it? ” to which his father replied “No, it isn’t “.

                  Maybe we just Thought our parents didn’t get it.

          • Hey 8, try at least a D8K or 245 next time, if that don’t work try some good ol’ anfo or 40% NITRO.
            I too cannot believe in the story of the collapse of the buildings of 911.After I discussed one of my Hypothesis with a well Heeled friend( about the time I was supposed to get Hammered), He told Me to “stay out of dark places for awhile” want a belly laugh? Watch some of the supposed debunking videos of the Kerosine melting the steel and making it twist( well not exactly melting and it will distort under heat{they never did address why there was melted steel in the buildings remains, maybe some alloy constructs igniting} but its total bullshit these half-ass lame explanations( can’t believe they pay good money to research centers for this pablum)Another thorn in the side about the buildings collapse is this-why didn’t more of the central core survive ? As a Country, we are screwed and it’s not going to improve, save for the small “Bones” tossed our way occasionally.
            We can find solace in our pets, not from the government.

        • Which government buildings were targeted on 9/11?
          The Pentagon is a military building, mostly occupied by employees of the military-congressional industrial complex, and the only part destroyed was where the documentation was kept for a investigation they wanted to go away.

          • Amazing how Cheney had just spilled the beans about the missing billions and then the computer containing the information was the only thing destroyed by that “plane”.

      • Nunzio,I am an immigrant and I love this Country and the people dearly,however, it is heart breaking to see incidents where “our heroes valiantly slaughter my fellow citizens with reckless abandon”.

  7. You folks are now experiencing what black people have been yelling about for 400 plus years. As for everything, once done with the lesser and demonized, they come for the middle class and the majority.
    Cops are our greatest and most present danger. At least until the military takes over.
    But every insight that doesn’t take in consideration these elements is failing:
    1- America is built on violence, violence heaped upon the weak and the brown…but violence grows hungrier and more chaotic, and like fire ultimately devours both victims and priests.
    2- The structure of the universe is one of macro and micro, of what goes around comes around… “America is the greatest purveyor of violence”, raining fire and brimstone on every single bit of the globe; wholesale destruction, making unchecked profit out of waging war and massacres, polluting lives and earth… unavoidably, those winds turn and move westward, full to the brim with the darkness of centuries of mass scale pain and murder, the ghost of lives sacrificed to the capitalist machine.
    3- It isn’t random that our police departments are trained in Israel, whose system of repression and oppression has been perfected upon their 60 year long Palestinian victims. What we see now done to us by our cops is exactly what Israel does to the Palestinians daily.
    Shoot first? Check!
    Plant a knife after fact? Check!
    I was fearful for my life? Check!
    We haven’t seen nothing yet.

      • Bill
        There is a logic to the universe that is clear to those paying attention, the signs abound, be blind, deaf and dumb he so chooses.
        Some of us knew Bush would win and start the decline, and those same ones also knew Trump would win and complete it.
        We also knew that Obama ultimately would put another nail in the coffin…both Syria and Libya were under his watch.
        What makes you think that America is immune to the laws of cause and effect…when greater empire came and fell?

    • PO? Really? White people die by COP more than blacks. Do something intelligent, google it.

      Black people comprise 13% of the population.

      Current stats state that male and female ratios are nearly equal.

      From the 13% that means 13 / 2 is (you guessed it 6.5). Currently 49% of all murders in the USA is committed by kneegrows aka blacks. There again those same kneegrows kill other kneegrows. The number of kneegrows that commit murder comprise the 6.5% of the population. YET! more white people are murdered by government thugs than kneegrows.

      All this is available via the internet. So why so you continue to spout B**LS**T?

      • None, look it up. Those statistics you quote have been debunked ages before, before even Trump quoted them.
        “All this is available via the internet. So why so you continue to spout B**LS**T?”
        Great question: 🙂

        Let’s even play along and allow them true, does it negate my point that Blacks have suffered those “at the hands of authorities” for centuries: false charging, lynchings, summary executions, unlawful imprisonments…”

        • Hi Po,

          While there is a race element, there’s also a class element. If you’re poor and white, expect the same sort of treatment meted out to poor blacks. But even this has changed to encompass almost anyone – including formerly safe (or mostly safe) categories of humanity such as slightly built women, old people of both sexes and children.

          We should realize it’s us – all of us – against them.

          Focusing on “black lives” is a distraction. It’s not racism that is the fundamentally the problem.

          It is tyranny.

          • Eric
            My point all along… that it is tyranny and has always been…but was not our problem until we realized we too are being tyrannized. “You folks are now experiencing what black people have been yelling about for 400 plus years. As for everything, once done with the lesser and demonized, they come for the middle class and the majority.”
            Nunzio exemplifies it perfectly… while finally acknowledging he could also be a victim of cops though he is “a law abiding citizen”, he is justifying cops abuse of Black people as deserving.
            Focusing on black lives is only a distraction to the privileged who do not live in black people’s shoes. It is akin to saying that Jews should focus on all isms, not just antisemitism; or MLK shoulda focused on all racism, not just anti-black racism…(though he did that too, focused on violence and class… and recently when white people were unlawfully murdered by cops, Black lives matter took on their cause because black lives matter does not mean, as we keep being told that only black lives matter, but that black lives ALSO matter, especially in a society where black lives were/are snuffed for sport) It is high privilege to dictate how one ought to address his oppression.
            Though I see your general point and agree with it.

            • >”Nunzio exemplifies it perfectly… while finally acknowledging he could also be a victim of cops though he is “a law abiding citizen”, he is justifying cops abuse of Black people as deserving. “<

              What do you mean "finally admitting"? My goal in life has been that of preparing to leave this country to get away from the tyranny and threat of government violence.

              My overriding concern for half of my life, has been that of being the victim of brutality and injustice- which is a very present threat to all people living in a police state.

              And I am not justifying pigs abuse of anyone- blacks included; but what I am saying is that oftentimes what we see reported in the media, are cases where the pigs were interacting with dangerous violent criminals, as opposed to victimizing innocent people who were merely minding their own business.

              White or black, I'm not too concerned when some career criminal with a rap sheet 30 pages long gets blown away. But I am concerned, white or black, when some guy is hassled or harmed or has his rights infringed upon, or is robbed or killed, while just minding his own business or because he was speeding or breaking some idotic arbitrary law.

              And as far as "law abiding"? I couldn't care less about man's law. That's why we are Liberatrians/Anarchists here. We don't believe that because some guys got together somewhere and wrote down some rules which they made up, on paper, and then had some other guys sign it, somehow obligates us to obey their BS.

              When I speak of "criminals", I am not talking about someone who transgresses some stupid rule made up by other men; I am speaking of those who transgress the fundamental rights of others- by initiating violence or the threat of violence; or depriving them of their liberty or property, etc.

              This is why I especially despise cops, because cops make their living and spend the majority of their time doing nothing but those aforementioned crimes. And many blacks aren't far behind them.

              All I was saying in my initial post to you, is that a good percentage of blacks have indeed necessitated the violent and pre-emptive treatment which they received, and which has now been extrapolated to ALL people; and have in-fact created aan atmosphere where the police state istolerated, because the average person perceives the pigs as being less of a threat to them than the black criminals which they imagine the pigs are "protecting" them from. [Although such is a faulty perception, as the pigs are MORE of a threat to the average person]

          • Exactly, Eric!

            A great example of what you point out, is when a white person drives a ratty-looking old car. He can obey the traffic laws to the letter, but the pigs will follow him and hound him, and “find reasons” to pull him over every time he goes out.

            Now, you really have to consciously think about what you drive, as far as it being a pig magnet. Too old and ratty-looking? “You’re probably a meth-head”. Too new and expensive? “You’re probably a drug dealer or have assets worth seizing”.

            Pigs are like any other criminal: They case their intended victims, and pick the best prospects, unless of course, if no one else is around, then they’ll just take whoever happens to come across their path.

          • I agree with you Eric. The oligarchy exists in every country, and is the enemy of all of the common people. Is Appalachia a shit-hole region of the U.S? The elites would answer ‘yes’:
            What about the Ozark Mountain region where I live? I own land in a rural part of it, but finding a job that pays decent is nearly impossible. There certainly are wealthy farmers around; but most of them have inherited the land which was purchased by ancestors during an era where land prices were cheap, farming paid well, and the middle class had excellent income. You have to already be fairly wealthy to buy acreage now.
            Aside from theft; crime is very low in rural Missouri if you discount drug use and Meth production. Nunzio is right about the importance of keeping certain cultures out. It is bad enough here already! PO is right about western governments causing “shit-holes”, but I would expand upon that by blaming ALL governments for causing and/or allowing that to happen! There has never been any such thing as a good government! Voluntary societies are the answer. How to get there is the big challenge!

      • The ridiculous amount of crime committed by jigs is actually partially responsible for the erection of the police state. The media gets to make it look like jigs are the only victims of the pigs, which tends to moderate any sympathies the public might have for innocent victims, since the vast majority of jigs involved were involved in perpetual patterns of violent crimes- so the pigs come off as looking like the good guys to except liberals, because the average person sees their actions as being their protection from such criminals.

        Sure, PO, the statistics are “lies”. If anything, they are lies because they are understatements of the reality. Why is there not ONE all-black neighborhood in this entire country that is not high-crime? If the black community would put the blame where it lies- on a good percentage of their own community- and seek to deter the negative stereotypical behavior, instead of blaming whitey for their problems, they might have actually accomplished something.

        And we see the same thing playing out where ever schvatzes go in sufficient numbers- be it here, or England or increasingly, Canada, etc. etc., once sufficient numbers of them exist to form large communities, we see rampant violence and street crime (most of which is against their own people); men fathering scads of children by a harem of different women, while supporting none, financially or otherwise; dependence upon every entitlement known to man; degradation of culture to the point where all emphasis is on drug use and random sex, etc.

        In short, YOU are helping to create sympathy for the pigs, because many people see it as a positive thing when a jig is retired early- and if that jig is truly an innocent victim, no one believes it, because such are so rare. (Even my highly educated black friend laments that she would NEVER date a black man, because it is virtually impossible to find one who is not a criminal or has a criminal record; or who does not lie and cheat, use drugs, etc. -In her late 40’s, with 4 degrees and having previously earned a six-figure income, she is essentially WGTOW )

        • Sorry nunzio, with such feelings against jigs(???), you cannot have a black friend. But typical I am not a racist, I have a black friend irrationality…meanwhile you are a racist…and necessarily you are ignorant and intellectually/morally deficient.
          Sorry friend.
          The odd thing, when the cops take you out, someone else will look at you and justify it with a variety of the words you just offered… karma is a bitch bro.

          • Well, Po, I know you must be used to dealing with liars, but I do currently have a black friend (She is actually discriminated against by other nigs because she is a registered Republican); and in my younger days in NYC, at one point I had nothing BUT black friends, and used to even hang out in the East New York section of Brooklyn- so I KBOW the black community first-hand; and my observations have been formed by personal observation and experience.

            Well, yeah, if I don’t get out of this country soon, a pig may just blow me away, because I’m not the type to play kissy-ass and take crap- but no one will think of that as being a good thing, because being I’m a honky, it’ll never be rpeorted in the media; and those who know me, know that I have never been in trouble a day in my life; have never perpetrated violence upon anyone; never transgresswed anyone’s property rights, etc. In fact, if they blow me away, it would at least wake up those who know me- most of whom don’t realize the gravity of our current pig problem.

            And no, I am not a “racist”. I am a realist. If I’m a racist, then so is Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams and Dr. James Manning, et al….. (Oh, wait- they can’t be racists, because dey be black, and we all know, only whitey can be raciss!)

            I just don’t like niggers. (I have no problem with “blacks”)

            • nunzio, i just opened the dictionary and under racist…yes…you friend!
              I suspect you may not know the definition… you keep making the case for your racism better than I could.

              • Well, po, I don’t care what you call it- everything’s “racist” these days- but the legitimate definition of racism is the belief that certain races are inherently inferior due to being a member of that race.

                I don’t believe that- for if such were true, we would not have people like Thomas Sowell, or my friend Karla, etc. And in-fact, the TNB [Typical Nigger Behavior] we see commonly today, was not so common 100 years ago.

                The problems we see among the black community, is largely cultural- not racial; just like Chinks being smart, or Iraqies tending to go BOOM!- There is nothing inherently genetic about such traits- but rather they are the result of culture and generations of certain practices.

                The thing with blacks is: They can easily be identified as being members of a certain culture, because of the color of their skin color- and THAT is mistaken for “racism”.

                Also, the fact that so many members of that culture repeatedly engage in negative behavior, to the point where such behavior becomes a stereotype, tends to reflect badly on all members of that culture.

                To observe and acknowledge that behavior, has nothing to do with racism, just because it so happens that the practitioners of that culture are black, any more so than does associating us Dagos with organized crime have to do “hating Italians”.

                If I see someone ragging on Italians about organized crime, I don’t blame THEM for complaining; They are just making a legitimate observation! I blame the members of my own ethnic group who engage in that behavior!

                And so it should be with blacks. Stop blaming everyone else for legitimately criticizing those of your own who perpetuate negative behavior. Calling people “racist” because they don’t want their environment turned into Detroit, does not help anyone. Living responsibly and not turning every place you go into Detroit, does help.

                • Me thinks the racist protesth too much… but that’s racism for you, erected on alternate facts and false statistics…a a-historical perspective and a very limited ability to extend intellectually…

                  • ….he says, as he completely disregards my entire premise- presumably because it does not comport with the narrative of victimhood you would like to believe in.

                    But I’ll gladly accept the label of “raciss” rather than that of the typical modern kissy-ass jig-sucker.

                    • Yep…couldn’t say it any other way… typical racist, picks same debunked talking points from same garbage pile of anti-intellectualism and ignorance. If your statistics are wrong, then your conclusions are too wrong, friend, ergo, your whole point is wrong. Most crime is committed by whites. Most whites are killed by whites. Did I hear you speak on white on white crime? No??? Oh. Why not head to the FBI website? “Real” statistics could be found there. But then that would burst your racist bubble and, no sir, no, we would not want that. But here is an article addressing some of those issues.

                    • Since 90% of violent crimes are committed by non-whites, it would be pretty hard for most crimes against whites to be committed by other whites.

                      I only worry about state-sponsored crime, anyway- as the random criminal, be he white, black or “other” will end up in the sinkhole if he plies his trade around here.

                      And yes, yes, we all know, the statistics lie, and in reality, all of the homies in the ‘hood are just one big happy family, all loving each other, and there is rarely a crime.

                      I guess there’s really no sense in debating with you, since you don’t seem to care for reality if it doesn’t suit your needs.

                      One day perhaps, when you pull your head out of your rectum, you may realize that the semantics your captors have taught you to react to aren’t important, and that in reality, it is people like myself and most of those here on this site, who are really the ones who are advocating for the freedom and autonomy of all men [and maybe even some advanced monkeys 😉 ]- although that is not what most of your people want, as such requires personal responsibility, and means living by one’s own merits, with no politicians to rob others to redistribute their wealth; nor dictate their choices and conduct, so as to force them to interact with you and make you artificially “equal”.

                    • “Since 90% of violent crimes are committed by non-whites, it would be pretty hard for most crimes against whites to be committed…”
                      Once more, if your premise is wrong, makes it almost impossible to derive a right conclusion… why don’t you share with us where you found that statistic? We can go from there.
                      Unless, speaking of rectum…

                • Bring all the niggers here from the Caribbean; Africa, and all those other nice warm paradises that they turned into shit-holes…..every single one of them. Let ’em have this wreck of a country, and we can go to those paradises and clean them up and enjoy them.

                  • Too late for a reverse-reverse colonization, nunzio… this reverse colonization will have no sequel. every shithole you speak about was made a shithole by western countries. From peopling them with slaves for cotton/tabac exploitation to dropping bombs on them to supporting autocrats to plunder those countries on your behalf to spewing toxic gases in the atmosphere that causes global warming resulting in those countries being swallowed by raising sea waters… you have done enough. You don’t clean anything, everything you do brings death and dehumanization …
                    Step back and appreciate the evil fruit of your labor. Ignorance and racism, what a combo 🙂

                    • It’s pretty evident you are the worst ignorant racist here, bunky.

                      Please name for us a few countries that have been “swallowed by rising sea waters” due to anyone in the West “spewing toxic gases.” (CO2, the purported scapegoat for the natural process of climate change is not even a toxic gas. What a maroon!)

                      As far as “death and dehumanization” go – don’t forget who the actual slavers were, that is, the people who actually enslaved others to sell to the slave traders. It was their own black brothers that enslaved those unfortunates.

                      You are so full of shit it’s oozing out of your ears. You really have to be a troll. It’s hard to imagine anyone actually being that much of a numbskull.

                    • “You are so full of shit it’s oozing out of your ears. You really have to be a troll. It’s hard to imagine anyone actually being that much of a numbskull.”
                      Know thyself they .said…glad to see Jason embracing it…
                      okay, turn on google then type, nation island under seas… then type: how did africans go from being in africa to being in america, in haiti, in trinidad et al?
                      ALso type: what made america he richest country on the globe? was it off the back of slaves…cotton…etc… free labor..etc..?
                      Then read (attempt) then comprehend (attempt)…

                    • >”ALso type: what made america he richest country on the globe? was it off the back of slaves…cotton…etc… free labor..”<

                      LOL! Yeah…..some slaves picking cotton for a few families 200 years ago is what made America rich (Not to mention that what riches did exist then were destroyed in Loony Lincoln's war].

                      Slaves weren't very efficient. 50% of what they produced went to their own upkeep.

                      Many of the "riches of America" were/are made off of the slavery of of EVERYBODY, as the government takes the 50% of the fruit of our labor above the 50% we need for upkeep- and if anything, much of those riches are used to support your prolific offspring through entitlements.

                      Your slavery ended long ago. Everyone else's is ongoing.

                      Not to even mention that YOU and yours benefited incredibly from the price your ancestors paid, since if not for them, today you would be living in a mud hut and crapping on the ground in Africa, since your people have not managed to advance beyond the most primitive conditions when left to themselves.

                      So your ancestors did all the work, and you reap the benefits, but can't stop complaining about it.

                      So your ancestors endured slavery, and now we have to endure you, and the ruination of every once-great city in this country. We got the worst of that deal!

                      Too bad your ancestors were so primitive that they were able to be caught like animals in a trap, and sold by Jews. Yeah, it sucked, and it was before my ancestors even came to this country, and is not the fault of anyone living today…nor is it a detriment to you. For you, since you did not have to endure it, but yet get to enjoy all of the benefits of living in civilization, it was a boon!

                      And I suppose Donald Trump's and Mark Fuckerberg's riches came from slaves? But of course, NBA players and rap "singers" riches don't, right?

                      Dude, you are just adding to the stereotypes about your people. And it's not a black or white thing. Walter Williams would kick your ass if you advanced your crazy arguments to him.

                    • And stop the “racism” BS! It’s just an excuse.

                      Yellow people come here and prosper.
                      Brown people come here and prosper.
                      Black-skinned Indians come here and prosper.

                      Only you shiftless bastards who have been here for a few hundred years, lay around making babies and taking drugs, and then blame everyone else for your own problems.

                    • Damn, nunzio, the depth of your ignorance, racism and attached intellectual deficiencies is concussive…
                      Not sure how to handle it… my people…? what is my people? no wonder the US is going down the drain… with folks like you, what hope is there to be found…:) ignorance, bigotry and anti-intellectualism, the trinity of the crumbling empire

                    • Dear Nunzio,

                      “Only you shiftless bastards who have been here for a few hundred years, lay around making babies and taking drugs, and then blame everyone else for your own problems.”

                      That is a modern development, the result of the Great Society welfare state program.

                      Before that, as Sowell and Williams point out, black Americans were hard working, family values people.

                    • Hi, Bevin!

                      What you say is largely true. It started even earlier than LBJ’s Great Society though; back under FDR and the establishment of welfare states. LBJ and the Civil Rights movement just put it on steroids.

                      Before the welfare states, things like divorce rates and single-parent homes among blacks were pretty much the same as they were among the rest of society.

                      That too was somewhat of an anomaly though- as the more common behaviors we see among blacks today, are more typical of their traditional behavior, as can be seen today in places in Africa where they still live in their traditional manner- where the men seem to spend most of their time pursuing intercourse or napping, while the women do whatever work gets done.

                      My cousin took a business trip to Kenya a while back. He was shocked by observing this behavior [I guess prior to that, he had believed the propaganda that “all people are the same”]- What he observed is pretty much exactly what the author of the following article did, only in Senegal:


                    • Well, being from senegal myself, nunzio, i can gladly tell you your story is bullshit. simple. And keeps reflecting how ignorant and dumb you are. take your advice to heart and type something on goggle, then read it. Racist, ignorant, doesn’t wanna learn…that’s typical American for you. No wonder this country is a shithole… with people like you? how could it not

                    • Yes, po. That is why you are here, instead of over there with your starving disease-ridden relatives in that filthy toilet- but you call this a shit-hole.

                      And I suppose it’s de ebil white man’s fault that the Senegalese live a few notches below the standards of the silverbacks?

                      It’s kind of ironic that you do not possess the capacity to appreciate the ludicrousness of your own remarks.

                      What do you call a Senegalese with half a brain?


                    • So , nunzio, if living abroad is the standard for shitholiness, then why are more and more western folks flocking to africa, to senegal, to south america? the only conclusion is that the US is a shithole country… By that standard, again, Italy (where i suspect your ancestors came from) is a shithole country as Italians have emigrated to the US non-stop 🙂
                      I am a word citizen, which you don’t know what that is… I have lived in various places, and readying to move back to senegal… by the way, if you want to see what senegal looks like, go to the cia site and read up, or watch antony bourdain’s episode on senegal… as i keep saying, you are ignorant and bigoted, can’t see, can’t think and therefore can’t learn…
                      Additionally, africa was robbed of their fittest men and women for centuries, then occupied by the west which robbed them of their natural resources, then currently control their finances and their governments… as i said, the only legacy of the west is murder, destruction and mayhem… and now as you exemplifies so readily, ignorance and anti-intelectualism… when the shit hit the fan and you can’t find food, ring me up and I’ll host you in senegal.

                    • Dear po, Nunzio,

                      The problems that plague all of us, regardless of race or nationality, are the handiwork of the globalist elites, not “mere mundanes” such as you and me.

                      We must not let them pit ourselves against one another like roosters in a cockfight, otherwise we are being played by them while they laugh behind our backs.

                      As 8 mentioned earlier, 9/11 was the signal for the NWO to implement its next phase of “divide and rule”.

                      Domestically it would pit SJWs against Alt-rights.

                      Internationally it would pit the US Imperium against Russia and China.

                      Don’t fall for it.

                    • Sorry, po[s], I don’t consider the CIA nor TV shows a reliable source of information. (And he calls me ‘ignorant’! ROTFL!!!!).

                      I know people who have been to Africa- including my cousin.

                      Yep…just as expected, “It always be de white debils fault” Poor helpless jigaboos, always being victimized by everyone. Everything’s someone ele’s fault! Your plight is never the result of your own dysfunction, debased culture, and ignorance…’re just always the victim. Guess you’re not so “equal” after all.

                      Yeah, Mr. Peanut came to steal your freaking peanuts!

                      But you’re right. Anyone with any brains is leaving this country, as I will be myself. Some shit-hole in Sud America or Africa is preferable to a police state; and I can maintain my desired quality of life and standards where ever I happen to be- just as I’ve been doing since moving here to KY. You’re people, on the other hand, whether they’re living in an unmolested paradise or a highly civilized and prosperous society of abundance created by others, always default to the same primitive behaviors.

                      And let’s get our definitions straight: A police state is not necessarily a shit-hole. Comparing places like the US and Italy, where the standards of quality of life, health and culture have been among the highest in the world at any time, to places where people shit on the ground; where theft among themselves is a way of life, and is far worse than any robbery any foreign power could ever effect; and where they let their own kids starve to death because they don’t have the ambition or sense to even grow some vegetables, is the height of absurdity and foolishness- and only proves how desperate you are to try and deny the reality of your people’s ingrained culture.

                    • Ah, Dear Bevin,

                      While what you say is technically correct, methinks that perhaps you have never lived among po’s people.

                      Sometimes, the “divide and conquer” you speak of, is accomplished merely my forcing divergent groups of people into contact with each other. (e.g.- just for one example: Obama’s plan to distribute minority welfare recipients into high-income areas).

                      And Obama’s plan is merely a rehash of similar past plans.

                      When I was a kid growing up on Long Island, many of my neighbors were poor working class whites who had to flee Brooklyn and The Bronx, because their once nice working-class neighborhoods, were ruined virtually overnight, when the local government erected housing projects and started inundating existing buildings with “minorities” by providing them with rent subsidies.

                      Literally overnight, these neighborhoods went from bustling safe low-crime areas, to dangerous garbage-strewn slums, where the original residents could not safely walk down the street.

                      These often poor whites had to walk away from their homes, as they became impossible to sell for any price, because the “minorities” did not have money to buy them with, nor the need, as all of their needs were provided for by the government.

                      My nearest neighbor when I was a child, was an older lady on Social Security, who walked away from her long-time home in Brooklyn, and was now living in a rented apartment, with no car in a place where was no “public” transit.

                      Her elderly brother remained in his home in Brooklyn, knowing that he would not have many options on his paltry income if he left.

                      He only lasted a few months. On the street right in front of his home, he was mugged for the few cents he had on him. The niggers knocked him down and ripped his pockets open to help themselves to his “valuables”- breaking his hip in the process. He died two months later from complications from the injuries.

                      Here are some images of what “they” turned that once-nice neighborhood into [and bear in mind, this place is within a few-mile walk of downtown Manhattan!), within 6-7 years.

                      All this, merely by flooding an area with a certain group of people. We see the same type of plan being played out on a much larger scale now by diluting the culture here in America and Europe with Muslims- and while some generally aren’t a problem- e.g. the Turks- the black African Muslims are truly destroying every place they go to.

                      My point: Pitting people with cultures and value systems which are compatible, against each other, is all that is necessary for the elites to divide and conquer in that manner; for some of these bottom-of-the-barrel cultures are ready-made, and do not even need any manipulation in order to undermine and cause strife wherever they go. Couple that with an atmosphere which protects and elevates them, while at the same time neutering their host cultures, and there we have it.

                    • I agree with you, Bevin. The problem is folks like nunzio who are doing the globalists bidding. If there is such a thing as a shithole country, it is because the globalists and oligarchs raped them dry, with the help and moral support of racists like nunzio who to “hat him” they yelled “how much?”. Who benefits when he goes aroudn using such vile racial epitheths? No thim, the dummy, but his masters who are laughing in the shadows as they the villagers looking for a monster to lynch. America has always relied on folks like nunzio to respond, white hooded or not, badged or not, uniformed or not…and a long as they exist, are willing to point finger and demean the other, it’s gonna keep sinking below the level of a shithole country.

                    • As i keep saying, it is ironic nunzio asks me to use facts when the facts disagree with him so…:) Can someone here help me force him to read this? Perhaps he would comprehend a lil’ bit of it?
                      some more reading for you…if you can read that is 🙂

                    • Dear Nunzio, po,

                      What’s revealing is that the real source of these clashes are Big Brother and the Nanny State, which deliberately undermine social order by throwing different subcultures into the same cockfighting ring, hoping to create chaos.

                      The chaos enables them to say “We must intervene”. At which time they have achieved their purpose, control over all of us.

                    • Very true, Bevin.

                      The interesting thing will be, when certain subcultures which have been used to destabilize others and to create the “problem” for which the tyrants propose the “solution” [i.e. more “security”/tyranny] have achieved the goals for which those tyrants used them, and the tyrants then turn off the tap- i.e. the entitlements and special privileges on which they’ve become dependent; and or just stop shackling the rest of society, so that people may defend themselves against the savages, we will be looking at a wholesale disposal of some groups who are of no use to anyone, other than that of being used as a catalyst.

                    • Po,

                      You don’t have a clue. Your enemy is the so-called elite. Not great bulk of people who’s ancestors came here in the 18th and 19th century. Who’s ancestors in some cases were socially ranked below black americans. The elite don’t care for their kind any more than yours.

                      When you demand from people for something that was before even their ancestors’ time here in the USA from them you’re only going to generate the hostility and infighting the so-called elite want.

                      Furthermore, culture makes most countries shitholes. Culture that breeds kepto and strong arm governments. Culture that breeds socialism.

                      The so-called elite have made relatively few countries into shitholes, they’ve preserved quite a few as shitholes, but most were and continue to be shitholes of their own accord.

                      The same is often true of neighborhoods in the USA.

                    • If I may add to your excellent points, Brent:

                      OUR enemies are most often those who are the most controlled by the “elite”- be they members of our own cultures or others, who become mercenaries in the service of the hierarchy of the elite [the state] by becoming cops and soldiers and government workers; or be they mundanes who indiscriminately procreate and breed hoodlums and leeches and those who are easily controlled by the giving or withholding of free goods and services; or those who simply exist at the most basic level and create burdens and strife for all around them.

                      Things like social engineering and control are not overly complicated highly structured disciplines. They can quite easily be accomplished by making a few indirect appeals to most basic instincts of those at the shallowest end of the gene pool, and then just sitting back and giving them the space to follow their natural inclinations.

                      Certain groups of people resist control- like we Like we Libertarians and anarchists- since we value freedom and independence, and oppose the robbery of our fellow man, even if such robbery would benefit us. Other groups merely will take whatever is offered- and not give a thought to the privacy and freedom which they give up, nor to the robbery of their neighbors and even their own children that their participation in the Free Shit Army entails.

                    • Nunzio while there are some actual enemies in the servant classes, the muscle carrying things out they are by large useful idiots. Useful idiots created through this scientific management of society.

                      You make a good point that social engineering isn’t that complicated. The basics go back thousands of years and modern advancements in it happened in the 1930s or before.

                      Earlier you mentioned neighborhoods being deliberately ruined. In the town neighboring the I grew up in a foundation (which I should trace because dollars to doughnuts it goes back to the so-called elite) and a paid off city government conspired to put up low income housing.

                      It’s one of those places that people of the wrong stock but considered ‘white’ today (but not a 120 years ago and still not by the powers that be) and middle class black people have hung on to. We’ve all been getting along for a 150 years now, and have the same enemy. The elite and the weaponized underclass.

                      The people fought back and were called racists of course. But it has nothing to do with race, it has to do with the very thing the so-called elite concern themselves with, class and culture. More the later.

                      The people that are to be brought in will make a desert out of it. As is the plan from above. This shit isn’t done where the so-called elite live and work.

                  • Watch for the former Puerto Rico to become the new gambling and prostitution mecca after the elites get done buying and stealing the entire island for their enjoyment.
                    The elite always have the best upholstered shitholes.

            • I have come to the conclusion that enacting of the so-called “civil-rights” acts were mistakes. The more “rights” these minorities demand, the more they complain and make additional demands not available to whites. When whites become a “minority” in our own country, do you think the “civil-rights” acts will benefit us? I think not…

              When whites become a minority, this country is finished. All one has to do is look at Zimbabwe, South Africa, and other black-run “basket cases”. This is our future…

              That being said…

              The term “racism” was invented by communists, and is used to destroy cultures and defuse (and render impotent) those with differing points-of-view on “racial” issues.

              True “racism” is desirable as it merely cements cultural and social bonds that are necessary for a society to function and flourish.

              True “racism” merely denotes commonality of purpose and advancement within each respective racial group.

              Blacks have the NAACP and Congressional Black Caucus, Hispanics have La Raza and Mecha, Jews have the $PLC, ACLU and ADL. These are all “racist” organizations that serve to promote the interests (and political power) of their respective races.

              It is only whites who are castigated and threatened for attempting to show any signs of racial solidarity.

              Let’s look at what us “evil, privileged” whites have done for Western society and the world:

              1. “Civil-rights (for some)” laws (that effectively destroy “freedom of association” for whites, but not for other races) and do not apply to whites–only “people of color” are covered by these so-called “civil-rights (for some)” protections.

              2. “Affirmative action” policies (that push better qualified whites out of positions and jobs that they would ordinarily qualify for) in favor of lesser-qualified minorities. In fact, “affirmative action” policies actually damage those minorities who are quite capable of “making it on their own” because they get “lumped in” with the groups that cannot make it on their own without “help”,

              3. “Contract set-asides” (that are specifically targeted for minorities (that white people are prohibited from bidding on) and immigration policies (that specifically exclude whites, most of who have skills that would benefit the USA) in favor of those from the third-world (with no marketable skills).

              4. Scholarships that specify particular ethnic groups are looked upon favorably by most people, save one–scholarships that are intended for whites only are looked upon as being “racist”, and therefore impermissible and improper in today’s racially-charged climate of “political correctness”.

              NO OTHER RACE (BUT WHITES) HAS (EVER) BENT OVER BACKWARDS to assure that all non-white races receive a “fair shake” in being a part of American life, even to the detriment and social well-being of “our own kind” (whites).

              Whites possess an externalized altruism that no other races possesses. This externalized altruism that “looks out for the other guy” will be the demise of the white race. This altruism needs to be internalized and focused inward, just as other races have done. There is NO SHAME in looking out for one’s own kind.

              “Multiculturalism” and “diversity” are code-words for white genocide.

              I blame those of the “greatest generation” for selling out our birthright with the passage of the “Civil-Rights Acts” of 1957 and 1964, and the “Hart-Cellar immigration act of 1965”. To those of the “greatest generation” (who are still alive) thanks for NOTHING…

              Let’s not forget that “freedom of association” (but only affecting the white majority) was eviscerated by the enacting of these clearly unconstitutional acts.

              As whites comprise only 6% of the world population, it is us whites who should be the most protected and cherished of minorities…

          • All humans are potentially jigs.

            Just start living mostly outside in the hot tropical sun and in only 100 generations or so you too will have descendants as black as the ace of spades.

            Conversely, any fambly of jigs can start building shelters and living indoors. Or move to more northern latitudes and in a 100 generations or so they too can be as white as the whitest gueros around.

            • Hi Tor,

              The issue – of course – is that we are all being treated as “indigs” …

              Black “heroes” can be and often are just as bad (or worse) as white ones.

              This isn’t about race, fundamentally. It is about tyranny.

              • The DC Federales are as out of control as ever. But I never expected it to be otherwise.

                I console myself with learning about actual indicative knowledge. I see no path to satisfaction through spending much energy trying to parse the infinite layers of subjunctive hypotheticals about how things are going to be in the future.

                Or what altruistic role I can play to influence how me and my neighbors live.

                I choose to make my own future. I use deep discount carriers like Sprint Airlines and a backpack to fly to places like Mexico City for 150 bucks roundtrip.

                They’re too cashstrapped of a business to do much to me one way or the other.

                Not flying would have as much of an effect as not buying prescription medicine from the US Pharmaceutical Cartel and walking meds across the border to take one example.

                Expecting to influence the DC Feds is no different in my eyes to trying to influence the Sinaloa Cartel by not buying their drugs.

                Being a man of virtue is a great thing. But expecting your virtue to somehow influence the world at large seems a bit grandiose.

                Calibre 50 – Siempre Te Voy A Querer

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                Melanin is produced by the oxidation of the amino acid tyrosine, followed by polymerization.

                There are three basic types of melanin: eumelanin, pheomelanin, and neuromelanin. The most common type is eumelanin, of which there are two types—brown eumelanin and black eumelanin.
                Pheomelanin is a cysteine that contains red polymer of benzothiazine units largely responsible for red hair, among other pigmentation.

                In the human skin, melanogenesis is initiated by exposure to UV radiation, causing the skin to turn tan.

                Melanin is an effective absorbent of light; the pigment is able to dissipate over 99.9% of absorbed UV radiation.

                Because of this property, melanin is thought to protect skin cells from UVB radiation damage.

                However; the relationship between skin pigmentation and photoprotection is still being investigated.

                • Tor, it’s not a matter of trying to influence the Feds or anyone else. It’s a matter of what you will tolerate; where you will draw the line; and whether you value freedom and privacy more than mere convenience.

                  I wouldn’t piss on any TSA goon if they were on fire; and I certainly wouldn’t stand idly by as they rifled my possessions and asked ridiculous questions and treated me like a criminal.

                  In my opinion, any man who would knowingly and willingly tolerate that- be it in regards to himself or his family, might as well not even make a pretense of resisting all lesser intrusions, and just declare that he has been conquered, and that his mind, body and possessions are now property of the state.

            • Tor-ski, it ain’t the color of one’s skin that makes one a jig. Many Indians (The Dot-head kind, not the “Wampum” kind) have skin as black or blacker than many schvatzes…but they don’t lay around procreating with 10 different women and require others to support their spawn, while destroying their own environs and committing violent crimes…..

              And if the sun were responsible for skin color, then Central American Indians and Pacific Islanders would be black, and Inuits would be as white as Limeys.

        • Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams have done a great job of showing how the government created broken black homes and any subsequent antisocial behavior.


          But many successful political careers have been built on giving blacks “favors” that look good on the surface but do lasting damage in the long run.

          One of these “favors” was the welfare state. A vastly expanded welfare state in the 1960s destroyed the black family, which had survived centuries of slavery and generations of racial oppression.

          In 1960, before this expansion of the welfare state, 22 percent of black children were raised with only one parent. By 1985, 67 percent of black children were raised with either one parent or no parent.


          As George Mason University professor Walter E. Williams puts it: “The welfare state has done to black Americans what slavery couldn’t do, what Jim Crow couldn’t do, what the harshest racism couldn’t do. And that is to destroy the black family.” Hoover Institution Fellow Thomas Sowell concurs: “The black family, which had survived centuries of slavery and discrimination, began rapidly disintegrating in the liberal welfare state that subsidized unwed pregnancy and changed welfare from an emergency rescue to a way of life.”

          In short the problem was racism, but a very different kind of racism, double standards.

          • Morning, Bevin!

            I’m also a fan of both Williams and Sowell. Both of them wrote smartly. Particularly about the effect of government becoming the Baby Daddy of millions of people. This business has had a similarly hideous effect upon white poor people as well. It’s not as noticeable because it’s not as concentrated. Poor blacks tend to be urban poor – and these are very visible. Poor whites, on the other hand, are frequently rural dwellers and more spread out.

            • Hi Ya, Eric!

              Government-as-daddy sure is becoming noticeable among whites! It’s just that since white comprise a much larger percentage of the population; and a much smaller percentage of whites pursue that “lifestyle”, they’re just not as apparent as those among a smaller group, who indulge in the same behavior, but who constitute a very large percentage of that group.

              Also, since the Caucasians involved have no distinct physical characteristics, such as a different skin color, to differentiate them from others, it is harder to determine which are involved in that lifestyle, unless one can observe them over time where they live.

              Funny too, how as this has become more common among whites, that so has the practice of white women playing baby-mama to black men. I guess they figure, when in Rome…. Plus, who else would service these typically obese fugly drug-addicted white beasts?

            • Neither Williams or Sowell have never had a problem separating true niggers from the general population of hard-working Americans, regardless of their origin or race.

          • Dear Eric,

            Quite right! We mere mundanes must not allow the statist/collectivists to divide decent hard working people by race or any other criteria.

            Such divisions are the 1% bankster elites’ way of “divide and rule”.

            They do it domestically, and they do it to abroad as well, with CIA color revolutions and regime change.

            They are the real enemy of all decent people everywhere.

  8. Highlanderjuan asked:

    “So, tell me – why are American cops so murderous in the 21st century when they were not so murderous in earlier time periods?”

    As I mentioned in a previous post: it is the result of the use of force guidelines being changed.

    Twenty years ago cops were held to a “rules of engagement” or vertical force continuum that was less likely to result in deadly force being used right out of the gate. A cop was (in theory and legally anyway) only permitted to use whatever force was needed to stop a suspect from using force against them and achieve compliance. Simply put, if you used your fists a cop could a nightstick and no more.

    That has all been thrown out the window post 9/11

    The use of force continuum is now circular, with the cop in the center, and any and all means of force in a circle to choose from at any given time, as long as the magic phrase is uttered: “I feared for my safety”.

    This has created the practical reality that means that cops can pretty much blow you away ANY TIME THEY FEEL LIKE IT, for little or no reason at all: “He twitched strangely and I feared for my safety – BOOM”

    Why has this training been adopted?

    Two reasons: the feds push it from the top, the better to manhandle us and push us around.

    Second and more important: it is the deadly side of the “Cult of Safety”. Officer Safety trumps the life of any single Mundane. They are trained day and night that they are at war with us, that only their quick thinking and fast action will be what saves them every day.

    Lawyers and the insurance mafia love this as well. Simply put, it is cheaper for the state to pay out whatever pittance they have to, to pay off a dead Mundane’s family, than it is to pay for the medical and disability claims of a privileged porker that threw his back out wrestling some suspect to the ground rather than just blowing him away.

    This is a volatile and deadly combination, which is why you see more and more of these stories.

    Your best defense is to avoid cops like the plague, have nothing to do with them, do not call them for any reason, and do everything in your power to get rid of them if they do encroach on your life, as annoying as it is don’t escalate or confront in any way, get them down the road and away from you.

    MGTOW for cops.

    • Great response above, especially the MGTOW comment !

      To amplify, blaming cops for their behavior is like blaming a chain saw for cutting off your hand. The problem is operator error, not the tool. The operators of the cops are our politicians, and not even the police chiefs. What makes this problem much worse is the intrinsic criminality in society and the fact that the police protect these criminals, not we the people. This corruption drives some people off the reservation, and the cops are then brought in to push back by any means they chose. Consider that all sorts of things are not crimes, but are illegal. You will be locked up or worse for consuming a plant product, but if you are part of giving away our money to people who hate us, or funding stupid projects while taxing us into oblivion, you will be worshiped. This makes people crazy or rich depending on your position in the Matrix. The cops enforce the Matrix.

      All this comes back to the fact that “The Operator” of this tool is corrupt, debauched and immoral, and that is not the police. We have lost control of our own destiny, albeit not without a fight. We have been whipped and hog tied. Our mission now is to get lose…

      • Hi JAC,

        I also really enjoyed the MGTOW comment – it’s spot on.

        But, that said, I also think you are being too generous to the “heroes.” These people are culpable – and contemptible – because they choose to do this to their fellow human beings. I have much more sympathy for a Nazi death camp guard, who had to choose being a guard… or an inmate.

        These costumed cretins we are being systematically abused by, on the other hand, could elect to do honest work. No one is going to put them in a camp (or put a gun to their head) for refusing to cage and assault people on the basis of outrageous, immoral laws.

        But they choose to do so – and often do so with relish. They are grotesquely rewarded monetarily – and given a despicable de facto (and de jure) legal immunity for acts that would put any of us in jail and ruin us financially.

        I have no respect or sympathy for any person who “serves.”

        This argument I hear that “not all are bad; some are very good people” doesn’t hold water for me because these “very good people” are enforcing very bad laws. Whether they do so in a “fair” and “gentlemanly” manner doesn’t make what they do any less loathsome. What would you say about a Nazi who was “nice”? Etc.

        • I’ve felt for a long time that those who want to be cops are psychologically unfit for the job. It is control freaks who want the job, and as you have pointed out so well, they are dangerous to us. They enforce with equal enthusiasm both malum in se and malum prohibitum laws. I’ve said to some women that the guy who would sell you cocaine (a malum prohibitum crime) could likely get a longer prison sentence than the man who raped you (a malum in se crime). That makes no sense.

          Maybe at one time in the past, the police were peacekeepers, but now they proudly announce they are in “law enforcement.” I welcome peacekeepers, but law enforcers who will kill just for failing to comply are the enemy. In a more advanced society, they would be hunted down and eliminated, and all who support such behavior as well.

          Most people have the good sense to avoid people who are members of gangs like MS-13, and the like, but the police are far more dangerous because they have the weight of society backing them. If a gang member were to attack or kill a person, there likely would be an attempt to bring him to justice, but if a cop does it, that’s a different story. Rather than being punished, he’ll likely be promoted. In no way are such people “heroes .” They are criminals of the first order. It is good advice to avoid them whenever possible. I advise all who will listen that the police are not your friend. Never trust them.

          The police are out of control. The question is why does society tolerate it?

          • The same thing applies to military members that commit genocide under orders and use those orders to justify what they did as just.
            Society tolerates what is endemic to it.

        • Well-said, Eric!

          JAC’s argument the old “Just following orders” excuse- and it holds no water, especially when those who are following the orders put themselves in the position to be subject to those orders, and can leave at any time.

          Those who do evil are responsible for their own conduct, whether they chose of their own volition to do the evil, or were commanded to do so by someone else, and did not resist.

          The willingness of men to follow orders without regard to conscience, morality or respect of those around them, is the very thing, and the ONLY thing which allows tyranny to exist in this world- because without such unconscionable clods, the dictates of any tyrant or despot would be utterly powerless.

          Men who follow orders are truly the very worst of the human species- the lowest of the low; the scum of the earth; the embodiment of the forces of evil, harnessed for the use of the most powerful evil men.

          • Excellent point Nunzio, the “ just following orders” argument didn’t work at Nuremberg, too bad that’s been shoved down the memory hole. Very convenient to label a few men as mass murderers without giving thought to how they carried out said murders. Neither Hitler, Stalin, or Mao could have singlehandedly killed millions, they had more than enough willing and eager scumbags to carry out their evil. Today these same psychopath personalities join the military or become cops so they can lord it over us mundanes. I hope I live to see the day when we all start to shoot back, but i’m afraid the sheeple have been brainwashed into believing the status quo is normal.

        • I still would have happily voted for Hunter S. Thompson had I been living in Aspen at the time. Hell, maybe I’ll write him in next time I vote…

    • Take the Guns away from the Porkers and their fancy vehicles and charge these murderers -Capital Murder, pure and simple.They need to get away from this “swat team” paramilitary bullshit.I could almost bite nails after seeing this video,I understand now when I first met the “instigator-investigator” this fucker creeped Me out( He was later instrumental in sending Me up the road ) the Police have too much friggin power in this country pure and simple( Land of the free? only in your dreams) It rather fitting that we choose a rather nasty Bird as our national symbol( the One Ben Franklin wanted, would have been better.” Oh, Brother Ben where art thou now in this nations time of travail and sliding into the slimy jaws of Plutocracy?”

    • AF, you hit the nail on the head and your recommendation to not call the cops is one I adopted as a kid. I’ve been broken down on the road, hurt in automobile accidents and truck wrecks, cut, and shot at…definitely with intent to kill. The very last thing on my mind in every instance was to call a cop. I’ll take my chances with speed freaks, drunks, stupid aggressive people or anything else that comes down the pike….but the last thing I have ever needed or wanted was somebody with a badge and a gun.

      When I was growing up there were virtually no cops in west Tx. We had a sheriff who wore no gun and a part time deputy. Mainly what they did was respond to the very infrequent call for somebody to remove a rabid skunk or something along those lines, cattle in the highway, etc. They often enlisted locals to help and I doubt ever wrote a report. The main crime was cheating on your spouse and those things generally got fixed at home or by some birdshot rarely in public.

      DPS were infrequent and mostly guys who almost never shot a gun with their .357 mag being the least one used. They sat on the side of the road being bored to death and waited for that errant car to blow by them they would likely not ticket if they even responded. The way to avoid speaking with them was just by slowing down as you crossed their beam, wave and smile and go on.

      We have a new $8M law enforcement center in my county, illegally created by county commissioners who love that public coffer. Of course we rural landowners get to pay for this and it’s so wildly popular nobody mentions it in mixed company due to the streams of cursewords it will invoke. Last I knew there were 2 people in jail, probably for DWI or one of those other “substance” charges.

      • Same here. Never called a cop. Can’t understand why anyone would think that summoning a little armed dictator who makes his living enforcing Caesar’s decrees would somehow make anything better…..

  9. Why do we tolerate agencies with depraved organizational cultures that create, nurture, and condone killers in their ranks?

    • Because the media and government schools have created a nation full of retards who are so far removed from reality that they actually think “the policeman is your friend”, and have no hesitation about calling the pigs to intervene in any matter, including their own family/household…and even then, when they are victimized, they just chalk it up to “a few bad apples”. You can even show people thousands of incidents of brutality; cold-blooded murder and oppression and sadism; lying under oath, and lying to protect their own even when the truth is on video for all to see, and yet the brainwurshing is so pervasive, that the retard you’re trying to enlighten will still say “just a few bad apples; they’re not all like that” (even if you show them procedural policy which shows that what they did was actually business-as-usual department policy].

      And any who might be headstrong enough to realize the truth of the matter, don’t5 want to admit it, because to do so would be to admit that this is not “America, home of the free and land of the brave”, but is in-fact just another despotic police state.

        • Hi Rossen,


          I posted an article about an experience I had a couple of years ago. I went for a motorcycle ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway with two friends. We are all middle-aged, middle-class white guys. No criminal records. No tickets in years. We all have concealed carry permits, so have passed federal background checks, etc.

          Well, we were riding around 55 or so on the Parkway, which has a 45 MPH speed limit. A “hero” Park Porker appeared, coming at us in the opposite lane. We could have easily rotated and disappeared before the “hero” even got his SUV turned around. But instead, we all pulled off on to the grass and parked, waited for him to turn around and come to where we were. We figured he’d check our licenses, find them all valid, check our records, discover we weren’t wanted criminals, have a polite chat and be told to slow down. After all, we were only doing a few MPH over the under-posted limit and our DMV records were all clean as snow.

          We should have rotated.

          The little dick – and that’s just what he was – barked orders at us like an SS trooper, even after we politely said hello and he’d checked our IDs. He threatened us with a gun if we dared not merely to get off our bikes but to turn around and look his way.

          That did it for me.

          I will never give a “hero” the benefit of the doubt again.

  10. The behavior of former military policemen who were deployed in foreign countries that our military invaded without provocation or a declaration of war by Congress is completely predictable when they are returned to an American urban area that is probably as unfamiliar to them as their foreign field of operation was, after having been told that it is under continual terrorist attack. There is a good reason why police departments prefer former MPs with sub-normal IQs.

    • I must respectfully disagree with your assertion that military veterans are “loose cannons” in American civilian “law enforcement”. Combat veterans are not permitted to “shoot first”, but must wait for incoming fire, in order to respond–not so for American “law enforcement” where “I feared for my life” is the standard “excuse of the day”.
      In fact, military veterans operate under “rules of engagement” that are much more restrictive than the (nonexistent) “rules of engagement” that American “law enforcement” works under. Military veterans are “reprogrammed” by American “law enforcement” trainers (who are themselves trained in Israeli police tactics) to abandon their military “rules of engagement” and replace it with an “anything goes” attitude…

      • That certainly explains why the Pentagon has had a long-standing policy of announcing its desire to commit a first strike nuclear attack on Russia as soon as they feel we have an advantage sufficient to prevail, at the same time that they can’t understand why Russia objects to being surrounded by NATO, which is continually engaged in war games.
        I remember the rule of engagement that the FBI used at Ruby Ridge and Waco, and they shot first in both cases.

      • Just disarm the police, the FBI and all other law enforcement agencies. This will lead to recruiting people who actually have courage when unarmed, people with empathy, people from the local communities to be policed.

        • The old Dicks on the “Beat” big Ol’ Irish Lads didn’t need no stinkin Glock to intimidate. Now a lot of the Police mostly just set in Vehicles armed to the teeth.It was rather comical to watch the COs patrolling around the outside of a Triple razor wire fence in a vehicle for hours on end polluting the air and spending the taxpayer’s money on fuel. Virginia is patently ridiculous on these matters, they should be made to patrol on a Bicycle or Golfcart, the 300#plus COs need the exercise.

          • Hi Bill,

            This whole “LEO” thing is precisely the problem. Law enforcers. Well, the Nazi thugs enforced laws, too. The question that needs to be asked is: Are the laws being enforced morally legitimate? Or is it simply a matter of “the law is the law.” If the former, all that’s needed are peacekeepers. If the latter, the verdicts of the Nuremburg Tribunal should be thrown out and we might as well warm up the ovens.

            • Eric,
              Does it matter if the laws are enforced if the entire regime is globally infected with moral turpitude? When technical traitors come back from fighting in wars that were never declared by Congress and are immediately lionized as heroes, much to the discomfort of many of them, we shouldn’t be surprised that they are killing themselves.

          • Well, Bill, if you had 2 of ’em, you could drive a stake through their hearts (Albeit, it’s a miniscule target.) and stuff ’em under your front wheels when ya jack your car up to do an erl change, in case the jack gives out.

  11. Maybe it is time to disarm and/or disband American cops altogether. I suspect that if the people were universally armed (which they are not) that these problems with armed cops killing unarmed civilians would not exist.

    If we look at foreign countries in which the police are not armed (e.g. Norway, Iceland, Ireland, etc.) the problems with police brutality are minuscule or non-existent. Isn’t that what we want in America?

    So, tell me – why are American cops so murderous in the 21st century when they were not so murderous in earlier time periods? We know that governments always base their controls over the people on force and violence, but in America, cops used to be our neighbors, not our prison guards. Is this change due to police training in zionist israel? Is this change due to the lowering of police hiring standards and the poorer training provided to the police? Is this change due to uncontrolled former military ground troops and militarized weaponry being found in modern police departments? Are Chicago PD black sites the way of the future? has all constitutional law and protections vanished in America?

    When, exactly did the American police become the universal murderers of American civilians? Who asked for that change? Who authorized that change? Why don’t the cities rein in rogue killer cops? Is all of this civilian murdering due to changes in basic government? Is government always this violent?

    Remind me again why we need government. I just don’t get it. Why do we need someone to rule over us with force and violence? Do any of us ask for or like that treatment? Is this really a necessary change caused by the ruling elites because the people are becoming aware of the idiocy and criminality found in all governments?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Juan, that was the way it was supposed to be here- armed citizens and no standing army/no military used on our own shores or against our own people (and that’s what police forces are- just another name for a domestic army).

      In places like Ireland and Iceland, et al, the reason the porkers are largely disarmed, is that they’ve already disarmed and conquered the citizens- so the citizens no longer pose any threat to the state’s authority; and the state is thus fully in control.

      Here, they are still in the process of subjugating us.

  12. There will come a point in this country when law abiding armed citizens …shoot FIRST to any approaching ‘danger’…we have not reached that point yet…but it will be sooner than many think…self preservation and one’s own safety will certainly come to the fore front….imho….Semper Fi

    • d,

      That point would already be here, but for the media giving people a false impression of reality. The media makes it out to be a racial thing. Some black thug gets shot, and they make a big stink. Meanwhile 100 innocent whites get shot or abused, and you never hear a word about it in the mainstream. So the average person either sees it as a problem which “doesn’t affect them”, even if they are repulsed by black thugs being shot; or they see it as a good thing- as if the pigs are keeping them safe from the black thugs- not realizing that it is far more likely that they will be victimized by a pig than by a black thug.

      This disconnect from reality has allowed the police state to grow so large and powerful, that it is virtually impossible to overcome it now.

      • Black Lives Matter may unintentionally be the “canary in the coal mine”. Although most police murders are of white citizens, it is blacks who have spoken out about these unconscionable murders by police officers “under color of authority”.
        Perceptions between blacks and whites concerning “law enforcement” are telling.
        Blacks see police officers (correctly) as “oppressors and occupiers” while most whites see police officers (incorrectly) as “protectors”. This disconnect in the way racial groups perceive police officers gives police officers latitude to continue their murderous behavior.

  13. It is always very sad to here of these summary executions, giving ‘cop killing’ a reversal of meaning. This situation appears to be a nation wide phenomena so the American citizen must consider that something has changed and a green light for these actions by the state’s henchmen has been signaled and is being backed by the state and the power it weilds.

    As the state devolves towards a militarized plutocracy the control of the population to comply with the new normal, as logic would suggest, must be implemented. What we see as the surveillance state has real outcomes and consequences for the people. There has been the development of Fusion Centers that track individuals and groups within the general population that appear of interest for treatment by the state as well as hands on assistance during incidents. This whole scenario is a soft carbon copy of the Phoenix program used in the Vietnam Genocide to pacify the civilian population there, or in El Salvador, or Iraq and other counties and peoples throughout American interventions. What the ‘Empire’ has used to oppress others aboard it eventually imposes on its citizens at home.

    “The state exists to enforce the dominance of elites, everything else being propaganda, misdirection or obfuscation.”

  14. As I always say, police should not be allowed to fire at a suspect until they see the suspect actually point a firearm at someone (which could be the policeman). No exceptions. If this is violated, criminal charges must be filed against the officer. If found guilty, he should never be allowed to “serve” again.

    • That’s the way it used to be, when this was America. That’s why cops carried “throw down” guns- to plant on people, in case they executed someone who wasn’t armed. And they’d often get caught when pulling that stunt.

      Today…pffft! No need to even carry a throw-down gun. Execute someone, and get a free vacation, and maybe even a promotion after the jury lets you off scot-free.

        • Fun fact – an empaneled grand jury can require that ANYTHING be brought under their purview. So, and empaneled grand jury in the jurisdiction where this murder took place can request of the DA that they wish to have that case brought before them. The DA has to comply. Of course, the first time this occurs, the lawsa will be retroactively changed to limit what a grand jury can stick its nose into.

  15. well, WHAT is a federal gummit employee doing going about in public armed, and playing law enforcement? This is verboten per our Constitution.Worst he could have done was to call in the local county mounties and have THEM deal with it. A motor vehicle accident is NO BUSINESS of any fed agent.

    • Per the Washington post article linked above, this is what the wise black toned ones have decreed:
      “The Supreme Court has ruled that such shootings must be judged by the officer’s perception of the circumstances at the time, not an objective analysis in hindsight.”
      So all the cop has to say is he/she was afraid for their life, no matter what the facts are.

      • Hi Escher,


        And if I shoot someone and use that argument.. I’m going to prison for the next 20.

        Even more despicable is the fact that these “heroes” are supposed to be “trained” and have better judgment than a Mere Mundane, who – arguably – is more apt to “fear for his safety” and make a bad decision in a tense situation.

        Yet the got-damned “hero” is held to a lesser standard of criminal culpability than an ordinary person.

        • Which means that we should rebuild the well-regulated militia to the point where it obviates the police department and prevents the government from predating the public.

          • Yes, instead of a well-regulated militia being considered “radical,” it was intended to be a simple matter of due diligence.

            Two years ago yesterday, we lost LaVoy Finicum in not too different circumstances. Now, THERE’S a cowboy to miss…

            • Pam, I agree. LaVoy was a true guy. He wanted nothing more than to see the Constitution be obeyed. Recently the case against the Bundy’s was thrown out with prejudice since the prosecutors had handpicked evidence and left out 3000 pages that didn’t jive with their premise of misconduct of the Bundy’s. The federal judge was one in a million though. Mostly this type of thing is simply upheld by appellate courts all the way to the almost highest federal court.

              • For real solutions, obtain and read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross. In it, is a compilation of laws, historical lessons, and solutions for today’s “law enforcement” problems. When this book first came out, sellers were routinely harassed by ATF, DEA, and FBI types. Sorta tells you something.

              • Eightsouthman,
                I was relieved to hear that, initially, until I listened to Cliven Bundy, after leaving the courtroom, speak about how many details of the case will never get an opportunity to be known. All the outrageous acts and omissions from the BLM, etc., which, had they come out in a full hearing, would have informed the public in ways they, generally, would not be able to continue to deny. It seems to me, the worst feature of our times, is the inability for most to grapple with what is at hand. The reluctance to believe what is true, and the holding to what is utterly false, simply because one wishes it to be so. With LaVoy, at least he gave us a bit of history by doing his y/t videos so we could see how things were building up, and how delirious the ptb were to quiet him. And that they did. It’s got to stop.

              • That same judge disregarded not only double jeopardy but triple jeopardy taking place before her eyes. She finally acted when it became clear that her ass was the next to be caught in the trap, if she didn’t.

  16. reading this stuff makes me realize how close I was to dying that night they surrounded my house and tried to kick my door down over some scrap metal that I was not connected to in any way and finding out the next day that they had me on the news and a few months earlier dragged from my antique car for not wearing a seat belt

  17. “No challenge to their Authority can be tolerated. This is the fulcrum of things.”

    It always is. The basis of all government is a claimed monopoly on the use of force in a given geographic area.

    It is a measure of the perceived legitimacy of any government, how fiercely they respond to any challenge to this authoritah. The ramping up of THEIR violence says that a growing number of citizens do not believe in said legitimacy foisted upon them in government indoctrination centers (aka public schools) — that they do not consent any longer.

    The tipping point that led to the american revolution was when about 1/3 of the populace withdrew first consent and then acquiescence. I think we’re at single digits currently.

    • “… when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government”.

      It’s definitely getting there.

      • Bevin,
        That is my favorite part of the Declaration! Can’t get much clearer than that. What wisdom and foresight. Yet, even reading it, one may gasp for a second, comprehending exactly how much is at stake.

  18. Yet another infuriating incident. I drive quite a bit at night and am hassled from time to time, so much so that the local sheriff’s department even knew when I got a different car. I don’t trust cops here in Happy Hills.

    I wonder at what point do the the caribou turn on the wolves?

      • The picking of the weakest is more important than ganging up, both in hunting caribou by wolves and controlling non-threatening citizens by pumped up and bored police officers. Rookie cops are more dangerous than experienced officers.

  19. Hi Eric – Real glad to see someone speaking out for stuff like this. Dont know whats happened to the US – when I was a kid in the US, always remember how people saw the cops – A bumbling Chief Wiggum at best, Rosco P. Coltrane at worst….

    Suddenly when I returned to the west after a short decade – police were “heros” like no other…. criticising them is a crime….. All over the media its about how hard their life is and how they need more money and we need to pay more taxes…..When here in the UK they dont even actually catch criminals and just send you a letter for insurance for a “low level crime” like your house being burgled, and of-course we cant defend ourselves – First they banned guns, now the last time someone beat up a burglar with a cricket bat – the HOMEOWNER got jailed as he took “very violent revenge” (read here:….

    Yes but wait till our Dear leaders come out, or around their houses…. Cops are in full force…..

    Slowly, it seems more and more the police in the west is going the way of the police in the other banana republics around the world, just a force to protect our political masters, and keep the rest of the sheep herded….. The thing is however at least in the banana republics people realise what the police are for and treat them or stand up to the accordingly…….. Thinking of that picture of the guy in front of the tank at Tienanmen Square…. if it was Britain today people would have actually come out and rolled out a red carpet for a “hero”…..

  20. The cops are just meat shields for the lawyers that run them and are the ones making all the money off the cops actions.

    Time to start going after the liewyers instead. That would stop this BS.

    • Good point, the courts always take the side of the “hero’s” no matter how egregious their conduct, up to and including cold blooded murder. It’s time to administer some street justice to the costumed thugs.

  21. My hometown hero’s just recently moved into their “State of the Art” 42 million $$$$ Facility. This in a town of 50k.
    First arrest was a homeless guy urinating on it the day before the “Grand Opening”. Their sensors picked up the guy and sparked a video making for an Ironclad case. No word on what followed afterwards. It sickens me how the folks in my town worship these people. But then the residents name their children Scooby and such. I’ll not go down the full list of names for brevity’s sake. And yes, Brevity would be on the list too…

      • “Chastity”? That’s nothing! Here, they can’t even spell. “Chassity” is a quite common name. Apparently, one illiterate copies from another. I guess Chastity is big with hipsters, as it would be very ironic applied to just about any girl over the age of 12 these days…..

    • haha KB…. your government sure spends your money in interesting ways….. 42 mil for a fortress thats protected from even homeless guys pissing on it….. Here in the UK they somehow spent a billion on an “embassy” complete with its own moat….. or just heard a story of 24 mil for a new fridge on the presidents plane, which will be delivered 2 years before the plane is decommissioned….

  22. Another “officer safety” story.

    Why don’t they spray paint over the “public safety” messages they falsely advertise on their cars and make it “officer safety” instead? I had never heard the term “officer safety” prior to about 2000.

    Ah yes – the “heroes.”

    Funny I don’t see them on any of the top 10 most dangerous jobs list:

    For the record, the most dangerous jobs are:

    1.Logging workers
    2.Fishermen and related jobs
    3.Aircraft pilots and flight engineers: As jobs in aircraft and aerospace increase through 2020, fatalities are likely to temporarily increase as well.
    5.Refuse (trash/garbage) and recyclables collectors.
    6.Farmers, ranchers, and other agriculture jobs.
    7.Iron and steel workers.
    8.Truck drivers and other commercial drivers.
    9.Electrical power line workers.
    10.First-line supervisors of construction trades and extraction workers

    Why is it that neither hose heroes nor cop heroes are shown here? With all the “hero” talk you’d think they’d be #1.

    Conclusion: You should respect your garbage man far more than any “law enforcement officer” for risking his life every day.

    Why is it that only people who get their paychecks via force (taxes) are ever referred to as “heroes?”

    • Because they do it for you. They’re living in damn near poverty sacrificing their lives to protect you! A six figure salary and a six figure annual pension after retiring at 55 years old is just horrifically low paid. Well according to them anyway.

      • Who is forcing them to do that? I would never ask them to, let alone force them to.
        I have never made more than $25,000 in any year of my life, and I don’t have to worry about someone shooting back at me.

    • Your pointing out that these people do NOT have the “dangerous” job that we’re constantly lied to as having, is best reflected and proven in workers comp insurance rates.

      These rates, which are completely non-biased and accurate, reflect the truth. And the glaring truth is: Copping is not nearly as dangerous as everyone thinks it is.

      And you cops out there will want to keep the rest of us from looking at these rates, because they make you look like a gaggle of whiny, wimpy, panzy asses.

      People working with livestock…people working with propane….working with neon signs…manufacturing stockings…good grief the list is so long….scads of people…every day….do far more dangerous work than you mopes.

      Good God…..the American “cop”…at all levels…. is a freaking joke.

      (The above opining was based on the 2017 workers comp rates for Minnesota)

        • Manning a cash register is becoming less necessary with 70% of transactions being done with plastic. AI will eliminate many convenience store cashiers entirely. That was done in Japan decades ago by vending machines for everything from gum to high-dollar jewelry.


        Bureau of Labor Statistics. Fatal Injuries per 100,00 full time equivalent employees.

        This is not murder rate per 100,000 full time equivalent workers, but highest risk jobs overall.

        This should mean that life insurance rates for these occupations should be much higher than any LEO of fire department worker.

  23. At the risk of alienating some police officers and their supporters, the “Black Lives Matter” movement DOES have a point, although some of the examples of police brutality that they promote as “unjustified” actually were “justifiable”. “Black Lives Matter” could be considered “the canary in the coal mine”.
    Blacks and Whites have totally different attitudes toward police…Blacks look at police as “occupiers” and “oppressors” while Whites look at police as “protectors”, despite the fact that MORE Whites are unjustifiably murdered by police than Blacks. Add to the fact, that innocent Blacks ARE rousted by police with much greater frequency, utilizing “stop and frisk” procedures, which are allowed in many jurisdictions; one can easily see that their resentment is justified.
    The problem arises when a “critical mass” of citizens starts to act against what they see as police brutality. It will not help the situation when “good” police officers are attacked, as those who are aggrieved will see only the uniform, and not the police officer wearing it.
    “Blowback” is something that ALL police departments should be concerned about as it will affect ALL of their police officers, as well as us citizens, not just the “bad apples”.
    TRUST of the community toward police officers must be EARNED, not demanded, as some police departments expect. Demanding instant and immediate “compliance” based on fear NEVER works, is counterproductive, and is responsible for the unnecessary, unjustified murders of citizens by police officers. Blaming police shootings on an “adrenaline rush” is never an excuse. “Poor training” is also never an excuse.
    What is needed is a “Bill of Rights” that police officers will adhere to, when interacting with citizens, as police power is extensive, and is easily abused:
    1. We will treat all citizens with respect; we expect to receive the same respect in return
    2. We will not enforce blatantly unconstitutional laws and statutes
    3. We will not abide by department and political citation “quotas” when enforcing traffic laws
    4. We will not execute warrants at night or with SWAT teams unless immediate loss of life is evident
    5. We will not enforce CPS and building code violations as they are administrative in nature
    6. We will treat mentally challenged citizens with care utilizing specially trained officers
    7. You are our employer; we will take all complaints seriously and act on them with deliberate speed
    8. We will adhere to and abide by ALL laws that are expected of ordinary citizens–no police “carve outs”
    8. We will not use “professional courtesy” to avoid sanctions for unlawful behavior by police officers
    9. We will utilize the use of body and dash cams 100% of the time
    10. We consider ourselves to be a part of the community; there is no place for an “us vs. them” attitude

    Of course, there are police departments and officers that will object to some of the suggestions in the “Bill of Rights”, but that is to be expected.

      • My uncle is a cop. He’s the jolliest old guy you’d ever want to know. When you start indiscriminately putting labels on people you’ve lost the moral high ground. The issue is the system. In case you haven’t noticed, EVERY bureaucratic system in this country is tragically broken. The reason is complacency. Its someone else’s problem until its yours. Then when its yours it suddenly becomes crisis.

        The answer is juries. Everybody who wants to scream ‘unfair’ will simultaneously grab for any excuse to get out of jury duty. You want to fix this problem quickly: Start VOLUNTEERING for jury duty. Start an organization of ‘professional jururs’. Study the laws around these events, get on juries, and either nullify the laws, or send these cops to prison. Embarrass any judge who thinks the laws against murder, dating back to pre-biblical times, can simply be waived by legal precedent. Stop electing them. Disrupt their proceedings. Openly protest these kangaroo courts IN the kangaroo courts. Elect new judges to replace those who bend the law to accommodate shady cops. Elect new sheriffs to replace dirty ones. Hang the juries of ‘cop killers’ who were mostly just defending themselves. Or anyone who killed a cop in revenge for one of these government sanctioned killings of a family member. And more than anything SHUN. SHUN the cops in your community who think they are held to a different standard. Prove them right. Don’t serve them in your restaurants. Don’t engage with them socially. Make their kids ride the bench on the baseball team or cut them from the basketball team. No-show when they call needing a plumber, electrician, roofer, etc. Remember these guys are still people, and many of them are very fragile, weak and broken people. Likewise reward the good cops with the exact opposite of this. A good cop who protects and serves with integrity is still to be admired. Embrace the good ones. Stick together. Be a community. Uphold standards in that community and go to bat for the victims among you. This is what has been lost in America and the void has been filled with rogue LEOs.

        You have these options available to you. Just you have the right to complain after the fact. But they are not the same thing and one is far more effective than the other. I’ll note that article feature mostly the ineffective one (complaining), with not a word of the effective one (doing what is within your rights, or just plain right). Its a common case here. People get the government they deserve. People get the police they deserve. And they get it because they sit around and complain rather than act. These things NEVER happen where I live, despite living only about 4 hours from Eric. We send bad cops to jail. We scorn them in our communities. Shoot somebody here under these circumstances and their entire family, friends and church members will be at your door with pitchforks at 4AM. Cops here know and respect this. As a result we have one of the finest sheriffs departments I’ve ever seen. And in return they get the respect they’ve earned. This is how you keep and/or restore balance.

        You will only ever get what you pay for. And talk is cheap.

        • Cop sucking noob defending cop that is his relative.

          Let some one question jolly ole uncle while uncle is on duty and find out just how fast uncle becomes a murderer.

          Fact all LE members are hired killers for the state. Without the threat of death the state can’t control the masses. LE members are the armed thugs of that control.

        • @Dutch
          To some extent, and if our justice system was actually on the up-and-up, I might agree with you. Having said that, we have a justice system that is controlled by the same people who control the jackbooted thugs and is every bit as corrupt. Your suggestion only works in an honest and legitimate legal system (is there even such a thing?!). Hence, this article and discussion. We are past the point of voting anyone out. Literally every level of local, state and federal government has been infiltrated and trying to go against “the man” while playing by his rules is an effort in futility. I do not have the answer, I just know we’re are beyond what you have suggested. Does your sheriff’s department receive federal funding in any way, shape or form (be it financial OR military equipment? If they do, they are not on your side.

        • Your Uncle is a cop but you also have no idea how he acts or reacts on the job when you are not there to witness those actions. The cops are a gang and have a gang mentality.

          Growing up my buddy’s dad was a cop. He worked the vice squad traded in his car every year for the newest model. I lived next to a cop. We dinned back and forth and played a lot of cards together. We also played ball hockey together with a cross section of players, from kids to 40 year olds. During a game I saw this 6 foot plus 210 pound fit cop body slam a thin 14 year old so hard the kid instinctively got up and swung his stick at the cops head. I watched him after that and noticed he never got physical with anyone who could hit back or voice a complaint but the kids were open season. A bully. I can imagine what he was like on the job. Cops have been corrupt across every rank and file, though not every cop, for as long as public policing has been around. They are just like any other group, teachers, doctors.or municipal workers, they mean to take care of their business as best they can. Only thing is cops are the hired guns of the state. The state gives the cops their terms of reference and the cops either obey their master’s edicts or get out or are pushed out.

          Perhaps your uncle’s jolly nature has more to do with reasons that are not simply visible to you?

          • Serpico comes to mind, a cop that tried to end corruption in the police force only to have to go into hiding once the rank and file made it plain that Serpico was dead meat.

            • Remember the Serpico case was during the 1960s. It is plain that police aka leo has always been corrupt. Even from the very first implementation. One need look no further than murderer Wyatt Earp from the 1800s

          • Well-said BRF, except that cops are not the same as other groups. You tend to get a certain mentality among cops because of the kind of people to whom police work appeals: People who are seeking power and respect which they can not earn by their own merits or legitimate social interaction.

            So you get bullies; those with axes to grind or chips on their shoulders; those who could not make anything of themselves on the free-market or in legitimate society, etc.

            Couple those things with some military training; powerful weapons, and an utter lack of conscience, so that they have no respect for the sanctity of someone’s home or privacy….and you have MONSTERS.

            Take members of most other grou;ps- even if they overtly cop-suck, and put them in the career path of the pig, and many would quit over issues of conscience.

            Picture the average teacher being plunked down at a police academy and being taught how to lie and trick people out of their Constitutional rights; or how to use words out of context against someone; or how to “find” a reason to stop an innocent driver.

            Or picture them at a daily briefing, when quotas are being “strongly suggested” although they are not supposed to exist….

            Only the lowest of the low would tolerate crap like that; only those who desire to acquire power and prestige at any cost; those who accept as a religion that their enforcement of the state’s decrees is a righteousness which justifies any transgression of any other moral code.

            The only groups who are like that, are cops, soldiers and politicians.

        • Blah blah blah. We’ve all seen the photos of Hitler and his high command hugging and playing with children. Why, they even look like Jolly good fellows. See Sheriff Mack for a Great example of a Man with a Strong Moral conscience. To witness injustice by your fellows and then turn a blind eye to it sears the conscience and makes one complicit by default….IMHO

        • Yeah…LOL. I have/had relatives who are/were pigs too. Sure, around family and friends, they act like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth.

          Juat talk to them a little though (I don’t bother with any of mine, ’cause I might accidentally shoot them) and you hear how they tell of the things they were taught when going through training- things which no decent human being would tolerate- but which would cause any person with a conscience to get up and walk out.

          Or how they are “doing good by protecting children” because they barged into some poor slob’s home with automatic weapons blazing (inches from those kids whom they were “protecting”) and kidnapped the parents; executed the family pets; and sent the kids to the home of some stranger who later turned out to be a pedo- all because the people involved were growing a plant which the government decreed to be a “crime” [except in some states, where some men signed a piece of paper, and now is not a crime].

          Does your jolly uncle refuse to participate in such things?

          Does he refuse to interfere with people who are merely minding their own business and going down the road and harming no one, because they are not wearing their seatbelt?

          Does he refuse to accept the paycheck which is comprised of monies extorted from his fellow countrymen; which, if they don’t hand over, will occasion your uncle or one of his partners in crime to haul them off to a cage, for not submitting to their master, the state?

          When called to a “domestic dispute” does he refuse to say “Someone has to go to jail”, and then pick a victime based on purely circumstantial evidence?

          Wow….I’m sure that the 95% of his victims- the average person whom cops deal with on a daily basis who have committed no real crime (i.e. no rape, assault; murder; theft; property damage) probably think he is Saint Nick himself, as he subjects them to the fear of dealing with an armed government agent, while relieving them of more of their money for having failed to dot some “t” or cross some “i” [D’oh!] as he enforces some arbitrary nonsense penned by a little man in horn-rimmed glasses who leeches off of the public, as he says to them “I don’t make the laws, I just enforce them…ho! Ho! Ho!”.

        • I refrained from “volunteering” for my recent stint of “jury dooty” in my CA county, more due to work pressures, otherwise, I’d have loved to ‘serve’, I got out of it by telling the Judge that though the situation probably wouldn’t demand it (it was a case involving burglary and sexual assault