Blown Away By Heroes

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Open Carry leads to Roadside Summary Execution:

Jeffrey Weinhaus was shot multiple times by Henry Folsom on September 11, 2012. Weinhaus was helivaced from the scene and later recovered. The incident was “investigated” by employees of the Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop C.


  1. A 1 million pound human dwelling. 230 miles above sea level. Moving at 17,100 mph in decaying orbital freefall. Circling the Earth every 93 minutes.

    This is perhaps the greatest structure human apes have collectively achieved. Many more like it are needed immediately and continuously.

    New goals must be set. New frontiers must be crossed. Or else we are all going to tear each other from limb to limb. Apes abhor a vacuum.

    • Knate Myers made that from stills. Impressive. Except for the all the surveillance equipment they put out with the cat, finally something my tax dollars paid for that I like.

  2. This trucker is doing his job, minding his own business, staying in his lane, driving the speed limit. Like some caged animal, he is under constant surveillance while at work by his employers/zookeepers. Upon demand, they turn over the tapes to the ruling swine of the police state.

    Up ahead, a pig has pulled onto the interstate going 3 miles an hour, thinking the world revolves around him, his porkwagon, and the stupid useless shit and oppression he inflicts on human victims all day.

    • Ah, Tor – Maybe you missed the description of why it happened. “The driver of an empty fuel tanker was using his cell phone to look at Facebook when he crashed into three police cars and two fire department trucks on Interstate 8 in May, killing an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer. Clover?

      • Amazing, how easily your mind adjusts to the new fake realities.

        When we drive, we are not automatons, with no other purpose but to scan the road like the terminator for some idiot’s car sitting on the road at a near dead stop.

        Are you Rick, or are you one of the zombies?

        Are you really that weak minded that you believe something because it is written in a newspaper by an authority?

        Look at the video. Think for yourself. Follow the North Korean police state theater to its logical conclusions.

        The problem is a broken system that relies on human attention to prevent disaster. It is not a given that interstates must be constructed the way they are.

        The video should never have existed in the first place, whatever it shows is irrelevant and inadmissible in any kind of human system.

        Are you really that psychopathic that you easily swallow the lie that any man who takes his eyes off the road to change the radio station, or to admire a mountain view is now a second degree murderer?

        We’re going to need billions more cops under this new zombie reality.

        Every IP packet is to be entered into evidence. What about his bloodstream contents? When did he last sleep. Is there any emotional trauma in his mind.

        The driver of the vehicle nearly stopped on the road is 100% at fault. Additionally he shouldn’t have wasted his life assisting the users of force, violence, and coercion.

        No death is a good death, but this loss of a man with some manner of private life which may have been of value, is partially offset by the gain of removing a public monster whose life of evil that was only a detriment.

        • @Tor – Sorry, but driving a semi tanker at 65 MPH while concentrating on Facebook and without looking at the road ahead is the drivers fault. The semi in front of him changed lanes and went around the scene no problem. The video is not clear if the cop car had lights on, but it is still the drivers fault for driving 20,000 Lbs @ 65 MPH with his head up his ass.

          • A public road is built without anyones consent or request. Comrade Eisenhower decreed interstates be built so he could win against his mortal Soviet enemies.

            This road, where so many deaths occur, should be returned to private hands, or else plowed over and removed.

            There is no amount of state power, that will ever make that road safe? Only a Pyongyang pussy would claim otherwise.

            Power to monitor and record your every breath and blink while on their roads? Steering wheel monitors of hand positions? At anytime there may be a crime, where does their monitoring end?

            So you admire Kim Jong Un’s dear little rapings and pillagings. You bring him a cookie and he pats you on your wittle head. And we are expected to also?

            With no due respect, I say Fuck That. and Fuck You and anyone else who claims that interstate is legitimate. That those safety vultures are legitimate. It doesn’t have to be that way. You should refuse to live like a caged animal with cameras in your cages.

            Put bread on your table how ever you like, but at least recognize the unspeakable evil that is involved in every bite you swallow. Try not to choke, when you think back to the time before you became a zombie.

            Only zombies in need of a mallet to their head think we need cameras on truckers. And smart phone logs of internet devices.

            And cops to watch the truckers and monitor the logs. And cameras and logs to watch the cops watch the truckers. Cameras and monitoring equipment bought with more stolen money.

            So in your addled mind, they have the right to gather any technological evidence without limit. Why not retinal scanners in our dashboards as well?

            May anyone who thinks that way be similarly disintegrated by such a truck fully loaded with Karma and Justice.

          • GArysco, just because a cell phone went flying doesn’t mean he was facebooking. I have known accidents like this all my life, seen many involving trying to light a cigarette, others when insects flew into the cab, all sorts of reasons. 2nd degree murder is ridiculous on the face of it. And just so everyone will know, A “light” unloaded semi-is 30,000 lbs and not many are that light. Most are 33-35,000 lbs, a fair amount to handle anyway.

        • Tor, when one is driving, one drives. The end. American driving is defined by doing something else while driving. This is why we are supposed to go slow and other nonsense. It is a keystone of cloverism to accept this idea that driving can be done with something else. Not only does it end up justifying ‘speed kills’ but also all the clover laws about distracted driving and the like as they go after one thing at a time but not just plain bad driving.

          This is far beyond simply taking one’s eyes off the road for a moment. This is not paying attention. It’s a clear road, the obstruction should have been seen considerably ahead of time.

          Now I grant you that the charges are due to killing a cop. Killing a mundane probably wouldn’t be prosecuted so severely. But where is fault? We have to know why the police cruiser is stopped in the road. Without this information we cannot proceed to what degree the cop is at fault. Odds are he wasn’t parked in the travel lane for giggles.

        • Thank you for noticing that. They must have GMO fed precogs and postcogs in nearby crime center fusion pools solving crimes now or something.


          They can now miraculously reconstruct everything that happens. Just trust them on that. Why would they lie in favor of the organization that signs their checks?

          Truck GPS timestamp, matches to camera timestamp, matches to IP access log timestamp. He was on mundane dot org at mile marker 73 therefore you must convict.

          You become real via the multiplicity of crimes you commit and they detect. A drug free crime free world is now possible. Just a few more trillion and we’ll be there.

          New fingerprint and shoeprint analyzers can tell when you touched things. They can retrace everywhere you’ve been for weeks.

          DNA sniffers can find your DNA in the carbon dioxide you exhale. Retrace every room you were in for days and days.

          Nanochips. Nanocams. Nanosensors. It’s shaping up to be a very brave new world indeed. Xray satellites peer through your roof and match all the barcodes on objects in your home to all the purchases you made at all the stores.

          Any non-barcoded objects are flagged for visual inspection under suspicion of contraband.

          Once you accept their premise, there’s no limit to what they can claim to know. To how tightly they can control you.

          • Shit Tor, that’s been my nightmare for over 50 years…thanks for reminding me it’s gonna be next week before it’s all true, as if it’s not already if TPTB really want your ass.

          • “Once you accept their premise, there’s no limit to what they can claim to know. ”

            True. By the time a jury is assembled, the news media has already established firmly in the minds of prospective jurors that the truck driver was texting. Regardless of the fact that this is an unprovable allegation by the prosecution, jurors can be gulled into thinking that it has been proven already since they saw it on TV.

            A scenario that’s just as likely is that the trucker who wrecked had his view blocked by the rig ahead of him until that rig moved over far enough for him to see the retarded, suicidal porktard pulling into the traffic lane at 2 mph.

            2nd degree murder’s ass.

    • Hey Tor,

      Note also the charge: second degree murder. Because pork was slain.

      Were the roles reversed, and the pigs’ driving had caused a death, the gravest charge leveled would have been vehicular manslaughter or negligent homicide.

      • @Eric – You may have a good point there.

        Second Degree Murder
        Felony class 1
        Intentional, or “manifesting extreme indifference to human life” — but without premeditation.

        Felony class 2

        ” ‘Recklessly’ means… that a person is aware of and consciously disregards a substantial and unjustifiable risk …
        of such nature and degree that disregard of such risk constitutes a gross deviation from the standard of conduct that a
        reasonable person would observe in the situation” §13-105(9)(c)

        Also of note, defendants specifically cannot claim to have been unaware by reason of intoxication. (you can almost see this one playing out in court — “your honor, my client couldn’t possibly have been aware of the risk, he was really really really drunk!”)

        Negligent Homicide
        Felony class 4
        Criminal Negligence

        ” ‘Criminal negligence’ means… that a person fails to perceive a substantial and unjustifiable risk…
        of such nature and degree that the failure to perceive it constitutes a gross deviation from the standard of care that a
        reasonable person would observe in the situation. §13-105(9)(d)

        • Hi Gary,

          Yup, I think so.

          The trucker was texting – and took his eyes (and attention) of the road. Negligent? Yes. Second degree murder? I think that’s extremely excessive, especially given the cop car crawling on the highway.

          Yes, the trucker should have been paying attention. Yes, he probably could have avoided the wreck had he not been texting. But the cop was also recklessly negligent and contributed to the sequence of events. Anyone who slow-pokes onto a highway – and into the path of semis running 70 – is by definition (my definition, anyhow) a contributor to his own demise.

          • @Eric – The dash cam is not clear enough, but you can see the cop car in the traffic lane for at least 6 seconds before impact. So I assume the drivers visual is going to be better then the camera. It looks stopped there with the cop walking into the desert away from the car. Can’t tell either way from the video if it was moving or stopped. None the less (agreed) the cop car driver probably contributed some % civilly either moving or stopped. But it could have also been any other obstruction in the road that we have all slowed and swerved to avoid at one time or another as well.

            My guess is they charged 2’d degree for politics and to get a plea to a lesser to avoid trial. Charges aren’t a conviction if you know what I mean.

            • Agree, Gary…

              I don’t have a lot of sympathy for inattentive/careless drivers. But I also resent cops mulcting motorists, expecting endless deference – and contributing to (if not outright causing) so much of the problem.

          • Eric. Yup. That is why they used to make them drive cars that looked like black and white targets. So you could forewarned and take evasive action. But the rules have changed. In Tenn. they even hide in semi trucks to get more tickets for using cellphones.

          • Everyone is responsible on the road and cops are not exempt. Stupid is as stupid does in this case. No way would I have ever been run over like that because I do this little bit of recon every couple seconds while I’m driving, look into my damned rear view. I’ve seen this before first hand. I have nearly been a victim more than once of this very thing, the victim being a trucker who can’t/doesn’t stop. One of my very worst experiences was downtown Houston, middle of the night on I-10 when I come balling the jack over a steep, curvy part of the road only to find a bad wreck. Well, the wreck wasn’t difficult to avoid, the damned cop cars parked willy-nilly were almost impossible and I couldn’t stop. I’m trying to do Michael Schumacher stuff overloaded(yes, it’s illegal, sue me). I was surprised none of them came after me and if I’d hit a pedestrian it would only have been because I couldn’t avoid it. Cops like to play like they’re superman, have some sort of shield they can always be protected with. I’ve seen it countless times, been warned on the radio by other truckers of when they’re doing their stupidest. Of all the things I’ve seen on the road, cops pulling that crap have been some of the worst.

          • “Anyone who slow-pokes onto a highway – and into the path of semis running 70…………..”

            ……… intent on committing suicide by semi.

            “Fucking imbecile cop caused the accident!” Roars the last sensible American judge, as he bangs down the gavel,

            “The prosecution is being held in contempt for attempting to fuck with my courtroom and for insulting my fucking intelligence”, the judge adds.

          • Ed, ““Fucking imbecile cop caused the accident!” Roars the last sensible American judge, as he bangs down the gavel, “. Good psychedelics this morning? You’re ignoring the old “one hand washes the other” mantra for them all.

          • eric, another thing about it being a car, it looks like a car and you don’t think of a car being stopped in high speed traffic. Closing rate is very fast when one vehicle is stopped and not everyone has the same vision to notice it is not moving and of course different reaction times as well.

          • ” Good psychedelics this morning?”

            8, no I was having a flashback and hallucinating a sensible judge, which is as rare as the unicorns we used to hallucinate with good acid. 😉

          • @Eightsouthman November 3, 2013 at 10:54 am

            It’s not one hand washes the other….
            It’s a one hand fluffs the “other”… 😉

        • Dear Gary,

          Also of note, defendants specifically cannot claim to have been unaware by reason of intoxication. (you can almost see this one playing out in court — “your honor, my client couldn’t possibly have been aware of the risk, he was really really really drunk!”)

          Cue “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!”

          In the past, the legal system on Taiwan actually “reasoned” this way.

          Improvements have been a mixed bag. They always are under statism. For example, seat belt laws.

          Local taxis have government mandated stickers that read,
          “Buckle up, or pay up!”

          That follows the text that says,
          “Please… ”

          Since they say “please” they’re obviously being “reasonable” and not resorting to brute force coercion.

      • Why wouldn’t a regular driver be charged with incorrectly entering the road? Even if the brakes were applied at maximum force at the first opportunity, it seems unlikely the truck could have stopped in time.

        The rules and laws of men who subjugate other men have no foundational reality or validity. Why not triple strength sharia for a law. The trucker and two of his loved one’s should be murdered by the family of that cop. That’s just as nonsensical and invalid as any invalid laws we live have forced upon us by our brutal ruling class.

        There are objective physical laws involved in constructing vehicles and setting them in motion. To build flat surfaces.

        I am sure crows have their own rules and edicts too, but they are nonsensical to anyone but crows.

        As are all these man made laws of the usurpers.

        Advanced aliens from another planet with no conception of our languages, could nonetheless appreciate that we were able to construct and power vehicles to travel on long straight surfaces.

        As far as laws, and human vocal chirpings. Aliens would no more trouble themselves with our rules of conduct regarding these constructions than would humans worry about the rules of crows when building crow’s nests.

      • eric, you’re right, though it’s unlikely that any charge whatsoever would be brought against Porky, unless of course his negligence had resulted in the death of more than 12 of his fellow porktards or at least one politician.

  3. North Korean news subjects. Sports. War. Military. Government. Personality of leaders. Specific instance of law and public policy.

    Saint Louis MO news subjects.

    Federal funding of project.
    Teen holds fundraiser for first responders.
    Residents fight rezoning.
    Reunion bowl upcoming.
    Court decision about same sex benefits
    Missouri beats vols
    Jackson county voters decide about sales tax
    EPA listening tour precedes coal plant rule
    Police investigating shooting at Dellwood Market
    Election board short members as people head to polls
    Pension deal problem for state of IL
    Pair from war reunited in Bridgeton
    Our teams effort in World Series
    Global warming report
    Obama meets with Iraqi.

    Just like in North Korea 100% of the news is about the state. If it hasn’t already happened, soon you will be unable to say anything that doesn’t involve a dear leader or a collective activity.

  4. Weinhaus, a well known anti-government Internet blogger whose postings often were directed at law enforcement officers and judicial officials, had been charged in a Franklin County felony warrant with possession of a controlled substance (morphine) and tampering with a judicial officer, both felonies, and misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

    Two weeks ago, after Weinhaus allegedly made threats against officials in Crawford County on a You Tube video, the highway patrol Division of Drugs and Crime Control obtained a search warrant to seize his computers and went to the man’s home off Highway K, south of St. Clair.

    Then on Tuesday, troopers arranged to meet Weinhaus at the MFA Oil gas station on Highway K, south of Route 30, under the pretext of returning his computers and video equipment.

    When the man got out of his car, troopers told him he was under arrest. They noticed Weinhaus was wearing a holstered pistol and when they ordered him to take his hands away from the gun, he unstrapped the holster and began drawing the weapon, according to a patrol report. They then fired several times out of fear for their safety, the patrol said.

    Allege Threats

    Authorities allege that Weinhaus made multiple threats against Crawford County officials in recent months. That’s what led to the seizure of his computers and the Franklin County warrant.

    Weinhaus, who has described himself as a born-again Christian and both a political activist and a political prisoner, has been provoking politicians, judges and law enforcement officials in several Missouri counties for years.

    In a video post Sept. 9, he threatened to “occupy the courthouse” on Sept. 14 or Sept. 17. It did not specify which courthouse.

    That post led the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to increase security measures at the courthouse there, according to The Countian, a newspaper in Jefferson County. The newspaper reported in its Sept. 14 edition that officials in Crawford County were taking extra security measures as well.

    Weinhaus has claimed to have evidence of numerous murders committed by law enforcement officers in several counties.

    The Countian reported that Weinhaus had withdrawn as a candidate for coroner in Crawford County and said that was his third attempt at public office since 2000.

    The newspaper reported that in 2000 he ran for sheriff in St. Francois County and in 2006 ran for alderman in the city of Piedmont.

    He has been a defendant in a multitude of civil and criminal legal cases arising out of Jefferson, Franklin and a number of other Missouri counties.

    Weinhaus wrote about many of these incidents and other alleged corruption in small newspapers he published, including The Provocateur

    and The Bulletin which later evolved into his website,

    Recent posts to the site chronicled the recent confiscation of his computers which he claimed were being held “hostage” by the Missouri Highway Patrol.

    “If something should happen to me or my family I know that there are some REAL Americans who will deal with those who are waging war against the People. It is our goal to keep this peaceful but we the people are dealing with criminal thugs who don’t care about violence. Pray, people, pray,” he said in a post Sunday — two days before he was shot.

    In a 2006 radio interview, Weinhaus said that the American people needed to get off their “duffs” and take back their country, starting at the local level.

    “We are now in a military state and I am living proof,” he said. “Look what they have done, but I will never be silenced. If God is on my side, then I know I can never be harmed.”
    More Coverage

    Weinhaus Trial Set to Begin April 30

    Right or wrong why does a guy with his history and claims against the system show up armed to a meeting with cops? It doesn’t appear that Weinhaus is wrapped too tight in the thinking department.

    • The article above is not totally correct. But it does reenforce my opinion that all cops should be mandated to wear cop cams to document what they see and their actions.

      • The dynamic seems to be:

        Create an incident (no victim or harm caused; just a violation of some “law”)… maneuver the victim into providing a pretext that will justify escalation… and then grossly escalate.

        • It didn’t use to be the case that they lined busy highways with stopped vehicles.

          There used to be common sense and getting everyone to safety far from speeding traffic, and then dealing with the situation.

          Americans should either keep themselves, or be put down on the spot whenever they demand someone else interact with some stranger.

          Stupid Americans become exponentially stupid, the more you find them in one place trying to accomplish some kind of socially mandatory task.

          The world watches with amazement as we are increasingly being fried like bugs beneath the a false reality bubble magnifying glass.

          I can only hope they are learning from our mistakes and finding ways to avoid them, since we seem incapable of learning ourselves.

      • Always seek to make the tragedy of the commons more tragic, why waste an opportunity eh Rahm?

        Why only double down on failure. Why not triple down.

        Because cops and civilians retain human cleverness, nothing you come up with will solve the problems. That is praxeology 101.

        Robbing the productive class to adorn cops with cameras will have new unforeseeable consequences. Violent takings only make things worse, never better.

        • How is that Tor? If the shooter had one we could confirm his story or call him a liar and prosecute him. As for now it is a he said he said case.

          • Where do all those cameras come from? Who pays?

            The cop cars, the gas, the uniforms, the weapons, the bullets,
            the radar guns, the computers, the breathylizers, do you think that all makes its way to the patrol car for free?

            And who is asking for anyone to do any of this good pig bad pig squeal circus kangaroo courting in the first place? Anyone who claims the American criminal court system is contributing to society is delusional.

            Using your logic. There really should just be one crime. Murder. Even jaywalking could first be charged as murder. Then we’ll have to plead it down and more money will change hands, more people will be put in cages, and what? What good comes from any of it?

            What’s needed, they’ll say is to give the bed shitters laxatives. That way they can shit everyone’s beds more thoroughly and increase society’s overall level of shittiness. That is what demanding the bed shitters be given cameras to record their bed shitting is equivalent to.


            Do you deny the mass insanity that has us 1 million in debt per taxpayer because of our endless gifts to our local Kim Jong Uns and their troops.

            That’s before the unfunded liabilities which increases the debt of each of us at least 20 fold. Where are we all going to come up with this 20 million from?

            Also the US ruling class designates itself the world policeman glorifying all other policeman everywhere and showering them with gifts throughout the world.

            Perhaps we should buy all 7.1 billion people crime monitoring cameras and mandate they be worn 24/7. Why not.

            Maybe we can identify the one’s responsible for letting 21,000 children die each day from hunger and poverty. The ones who rather than provide food an water, would rather see the money spent on the real necessities, cameras.

  5. Why does this guy meet cops in a parking lot to get his computer back?
    There was no way that was going to turn out well.
    Either have the cops ship it UPS, have a go between, or just consider them gone because meeting cops in parking lot means getting hurt/dead and arrested.

    • Morning Brent,

      Of course, I posted the video to highlight (once again) the brutality of “Law enforcement” rather than the not-so-smart actions of the victim. The common thread seems to be that these thugs are itching to pull the trigger; looking for an excuse – however slight – to escalate and become ultra-violent.

      • I know why it is posted. I don’t understand why a guy with the bio he has didn’t understand he was showing up to be murdered.

        Need to meet cops for something? There is only one place to do so at the office of a lawyer you’ve hired.

        • We’ll never know, I suppose. Perhaps he was simply sick of it – and decided to stand his ground (or at least, decline to tuck tail or roll over and present his belly).

          They were going to get him one way or another.

          As they will probably attempt to get us, too.

    • The articles say he’s from a city of 8,000 in central MO. I couldn’t find exactly what city they meant after considerable digging.

      It seems right that only 0.75% of our neighbors are calling all the shots and keeping us miserable. What does Sun Tzu recommend in our case?

  6. “Yeah. Police. FBI. Highway Patrol.”

    Police critic “bulletinman” is shot in run-in with Missouri patrolman

    The Pig Henry Folsom brags about cold blooded attempted murder

    Henry speaking to his buddy, “George, George… I ordered him down on the floor, gun in his holster. He challenged me to pull the gun out of his holster and shoot him.”

    Sgt Folsom, with pride in his voice, tells his buddy George: “I shot him right here”

    20-minutes into the audio clip a few more gunshots are heard in quick progression. Probably they came from Scott Merten’s pistol as a way to generate the seven shell casings found at the scene – four fired earlier from Folsom at Weinhaus and three more to make their story sync to the evidence.

    Another Innocent Citizen
    Hit With Bogus Felony Charge
    By Greg Szymanski (a catholic-conspiracist, anti-Vatican, anti-social justice blogger)

    The charges against political prisoner and former candidate for sheriff, Jeff Weinhaus, have escalated to felony assault, as he also has been held in custody for 13 days for psych evaluation, being called delusional by local judge for questioning authority.

    Jeff Weinhaus was literally “railroaded” by corrupt officials when he was charged with trespassing for merely walking over the railroad tracks in the small Missouri town of about 8,000 he calls home.

    And with bogus charges being leveled against this innocent American, he becomes a perfect example of the fascist American military system “gone hog wild,” as well as becoming another in growing list of political prisoners in the American gulag system.

    While innocent citizens are being nailed left and right in all parts of the country for harmless things like speaking out at city council meetings, putting up anti-Bush posters and talking against the illegal Iraqi War, Weinhaus now joins the list of imprisoned Americans for simply walking across railroad tracks.

    And in the shocking case of Weinhaus, who ran for sheriff on the ticket of “justice for all and not ‘just us,’ the railroad trespassing charge was just the beginning of his problems that have now escalated from a misdemeanor to a serious felony.

    Not only was Weinhaus fingered for a bogus crossing the railroad tracks trespassing charge, but the local activist trying to clean-up corruption was then beat-up and manhandled by police after being handcuffed to a chair at police headquarters.

    But instead of out-of-control officers being nailed for abuse of authority, they turned the tables on him, lying about the incident and charging him with felony assault.

    And to add injury to insult at a recent May hearing on the charges, Weinhaus was ordered to take a state sponsored psych evaluation where he then spent 13 days in custody, the judge claiming he was delusional for saying America was “turning into a police state at the hands of the New World Order.”

    “I am pretty well known in my town for trying to make people aware of how they are losing their rights,” said Weinhaus Wednesday on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal. “I ran for sheriff and then for alderman and I am positive the election was stolen from me by the Masons in this town. It’s either their way or no way and I am living proof of that.

    “I was walking across the railroad tracks with my two children when I was arrested for trespassing. The at the station after I was talking to the officers and handcuffed to a chair, I was assaulted by them, punched in the face four times, thrown to the floor and then taken to the hospital.

    “Although I never laid a hand on the officers, later I found out I was charged with felony assault. I am now facing felony charges and it is related to my activism, as well as running on a ticket for sheriff that seeks justice for all not ‘just us.’ I’ve also spent 13 days in custody for a psych evaluation and they have shut down my web site as well as turning my wife against me.

    “But this is how the military state of America operates now and it is going to get worse. Look at what happened to me and that is why I want to speak and warn others if we don’t stop the fascism now, what happened to me is going to happen to hundreds of thousands of others across the country.”

    Weinhaus began his activism about 10 years ago when he realized before many of his peers that something was going terribly wrong in America.

    Being the type that takes action, he started a small newspaper called The Bulletin where he began exposing local corruption in Illinois and Missouri. From publishing, Weinhaus turned his attention to running for office, first for sheriff and then alderman, but losing both times in what he calls “fixed elections.”

    Since being charged on a felony, Weinhaus remains working for his family’s auto salvage business, but refused to bow down or be silenced by corrupt officials.

    “The American people need to get off their duffs and take back their country, starting at the local level,” said Weinhaus. “it doesn’t take as much as most people think. For example, in my community there are about 60 people controlling everything. We simply need to replace this corrupted authority with good people, but we can’t wait any longer or we will lose the country.

    “We are now in a military state and I am living proof. Look what they have done, but I will never be silenced. If God is on my side, then I know I can never be harmed.

    Since being released from custody, Weinhaus has had his web site dismantled.
    – – – – – – –

    “In this country we embrace the myth that we are still a democracy when we know that we are not a democracy, that we are not free, that the government does not serve us but subjugates us.

    Although we give lip service to the notion of freedom, we know the government is no longer the servant of the people but, at last, has become the people’s master. We have stood by like timid sheep while the wolf killed — first the weak, then the strays, then those on the outer edges of the flock, until at last the entire flock belonged to the wolf.

    We did not care about the weak or about the strays. They were not a part of the flock. We did not care about those on the outer edges. Now we must look the wolf squarely in the eye. That we did not do so when the first of us was ripped and torn and eaten was the first wrong.

    That none of us have felt responsible for having lost our freedom has been a part of an insidious progression. In the beginning the attention of the flock was directed not to the marauding wolf but to our own deviant members within the flock. We rejoiced when the wolf destroyed them for they were our enemies.

    We were told that the weak lay under the rocks while we faced the blizzards to rustle our food, and we did not care when the wolf took them. We argued that they deserved it. When one of our flock faced the wolf alone it was always eaten. Each of us was afraid of the wolf, but as a flock we were not afraid. Indeed, the wolf cleansed the herd by destroying the weak and dismembering the aberrant element within.

    As time went by, strangely the herd felt more secure under the rule of the wolf. It believed that by belonging to this wolf it would remain safe from all the other wolves. But we were eaten just the same.

    No one knows better than children of the Holocaust how the lessons of history must never be forgotten. Yet Americans, whose battle cry was once, “Give me liberty or give me death,” have sat placidly by as a new king was crowned.

    In America a new king was crowned by the shrug of our shoulders when our neighbors were wrongfully seized. A new king was crowned when we capitulated to a regime that was no longer sensitive to people but to non-people – to corporations, to money and to power.

    The new king was crowned when we turned our heads as the poor and the forgotten and the damned were rendered mute and defenseless, not because they were evil but because, in the scheme of our lives, they seemed unimportant, not because they were essentially dangerous but because they were essentially powerless.

    The new king was crowned when we cheered the government on as it prosecuted the progeny of our ghettos and filled our prisons with black men whose first crime was that they were born in the ghettos. We cheered the new king on as it diluted our right to be secure in our homes against unlawful searches and secure in the courts against unlawful evidence. We cheered the new king on because we were told that our sacred rights were but “loopholes” by which our enemies, the murderers and rapists and thieves and drug dealers, escaped.

    We were told that those who fought for our rights, the lawyers, were worse than the thieves who stole from us in the night, that our juries were irresponsible and ignorant and ought not be trusted. We watched with barely more than a mumble as the legal system that once protected us became populated with judges who were appointed by the new king.

    At last the new king was crowned when we forgot the lessons of history, that when the rights of our enemies have been wrested from them, our own rights have been lost as well, for the same rights serve both the citizen and criminal.”

    From the book entitled:”From Freedom to Slavery” by Gerry Spence

    Jeff Weinhaus Archive of 23 Articles on Copblock

    Shooting in St Clair MO, Union, MO, western outlying cities near St Louis MO.

    • That STL article is a real hit piece. The author makes Weinhaus sound like an unindicted ax murderer who was finally “brought to justice”.

      • Definitely. Just one more reason they’re dinosaurs in the long run.
        Americans are North Koreans, except deeper in debt, and having more trinkets to keep them distracted from their reality.

        Older empires are farther along in genetically emasculating their male populace. Look at those adorable teacup French poodles and yippy British lap dogs. They’d easily fit in any American’s purse or stow conveniently in the overhead compartment during flight.

        Still, the rapid pace of the American gelding must be a true horror to witness. Best to demonize the Americans and not look into the mirror and consider that it happened to your ancestors too.

        Looks like the pigs decided to only partially purge and unperson him for some reason.

        Here’s a sniveling little small fry Jefferson County MO paper article on him.

        There’s been a deadly detour all right. Just not the one this POS thinks there’s been. Things don’t need to get that bad here. There are plenty of mindless cowards ready to go Full North Korean with no state coercion necessary whatsoever.

  7. Holy shit, that escalated insanely quickly. I haven’t finished the whole video yet, but for everyone who wants to skip straight to the action, start the video at 5:05.

    Yet another blatant piece of evidence of how corrupt law enforcement in this country is.

    • Dear Jacob,

      Conservative advocates of “law and order” really have to be willfully blind not to recognize the signs.

      It can happen here.

      It already has.

    • Dear Jacob,

      Both left and right, but especially the right, identify state power as “our power,” as “American power.” They revel in it. They swell up with pride thinking about it.

      But unless one happens to be a top ranking federal official, that power is not “your power.” It is their power.

      That power is not something that will be used for you, but against you. Conservative Chickenhawks who cheer while watching Seal Team Six infiltrate Abbottabad in “Zero Dark Thirty” are clueless.

      They don’t realize those very same measures used against Arabs in the Middle East, are now being used against us by militarized police department SWAT teams at home.

      Note: It may well be that OBL died 10 years ago. Doesn’t change the moral of the story.

      • The government can go fuck itself. That is fo’ shizzle. (Translated: the government can go fuck itself, that is for sure).

        Freedom is within individuals. Everything else is in the hands of the sociopaths.

      • Bevin wrote, “Both left and right, but especially the right, identify state power as “our power,” as “American power.” They revel in it. They swell up with pride thinking about it. ”

        That is exactly (!) how I would describe watching my co-workers talk about football today.

        They kept using the possessive word ‘our’ when they talked about the strategy or the players. As if the team and the spectator were one.

        It was gross.

        Beyond that, the way they referenced the players, it was as if the players were plastic people molded for their enjoyment, as chess pieces.

        As I listened to my co-workers obsess about their teams I kept thinking about how this was pre-conditioning in order to view all soldiers, and civilians in other lands, the same way. As nothing more than lumps of plastic.

        • Dear RAH,

          My thoughts exactly!

          This collectivist mindset effect is found in every society, sad to say.

          As you aptly noted, it is not harmless. It has very real and very negative political implications.

          Its impact is worst in Amerika at the moment, because Amerika has the most military might that it can abuse.

          A transformation in global political consciousness is essential and long overdue.

          Scientists and engineers have provided politicians with the mentality of savages weapons they are not psychologically equipped to handle.

          ironic that these sociopath politicians presume to deny ordinary, non-sociopathic individuals of the right to keep and bear arms.

        • RAH – I see the same thing myself. When they would attempt to engage me in their goal post / backstop / hoop humping I used to just laugh and “Say I don’t know anything about ice hockey.” Well that annoyed them, but not enough. So my next progression was “My only interest in sports is for those I participate in. Wanna’ talk about shooting? Weight lifting? Motorcycle riding?” That shut them up (usually) so they’d go away.

          But now, when they’re humping “their” teams goal post, I ask “Your team? So you own stock in that team?” Then I typically elaborate to the tune of, “No? Then it ain’t your team? It belongs to some rich jerk that laugh his ass off at you all the way to the bank.” I then relate my last experience of watching a pro football game (under duress at the in-laws’ house) back in the eighties. The game was so obviously rigged and the officials so obviously paid off, that even my goal post humping (ex-) father-in-law had to acknowledge the truth of it.

          Then I ask the thermonuclear question: “With all the billion$ in gambling money riding on each game and especially the super bowl, do you honestly believe these games are left purely to chance? You can see the farce that is professional wrestling. Do you really believe fuhhtballl is any different?”

          At that point the conversation is invariably over, if for no other reason than they can’t prove a negative. But the real kick in their jock strap is the logic of it. Would the mob, the NFL, the team owners leave all that loot uncontrolled? Regardless of their lack of morality or ethics, these groups are comprised of businessmen. They aren’t going to pass up easy money. The game is rigged, the fix is in, just like it is with the false dichotomy of the Republicrats and Demoplicans. The fact that the majority of Amerikans can’t see it or refuse to accept the mere suspicion of it is one key reason this country is in sad shape it’s in now. Most of their grandparents believed paper money was “as good as gold” too.

          • Got-damn it, Boothe!

            You’re gonna owe me some coin for the keyboards you keep making me ruin… another epic coffee slosh courtesy of this morsel of magnificence:

            “Then I ask the thermonuclear question: “With all the billion$ in gambling money riding on each game and especially the super bowl, do you honestly believe these games are left purely to chance? You can see the farce that is professional wrestling. Do you really believe fuhhtballl is any different?”

            Also loved the riposte in re asking them to limit conversation to sports they actually participate in.
            Hat tip, sir!

          • Dear Boothe,

            That was already a good comment.

            But this clincher,

            “The game is rigged, the fix is in, just like it is with the false dichotomy of the Republicrats and Demoplicans.”

            as Emeril would say, really “kicked it up a notch!”


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