Heroes Beat The Shit Out of Kid

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..and release the hounds, too:

All this started over “underage drinking” – and because the kid mouthed off a little.

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  1. Yet another blatant piece of evidence showing how corrupt police are. The kid was saying words….so they (4 of them, at first) beat the shit out of him…the whole “sicking the dog immediately on him” thing is just the cherry on this fucked up sundae.

    2:47 of this video… The k9 officer had 15 other complaints against him and he was exonerated on all of them…. Jiminy frickin’ christmas….

    • Yup.

      This kid threw words – and they threw punches, kicks (and unleashed a vicious dog).

      Sadists. Insecure, pathetic little thugs who enjoy physically torturing a helpless victim.

      Karma’s a bitch, though.

      Or so I hope it will be.

      • One of us has to take out their hypno-transmitter.

        “They Live” communicates a powerful message about the elite and its use of mass media to control the masses.

        Fighting back is a step by step process.

        1 See the Truth
        2 Look for Others Who Know the Truth
        3 Attain Full Separation – Ruling Aliens Best Understood As Different Race Hard At Work Making Us Their Inferiors
        4 Get Behind Enemy Lines – Know Your Enemy
        5 The Disinformation Agent – Know Your Enemy
        6 Taking Down the Aliens – Damage Enemy When Given Opportunity
        7 Find A Different Way. No Ruling Class. Or Proper Ruling Class of Producers With Willing Buyers and Patrons.

        They Live – The T V Transmission

        They Live – Vigilant Citizen

        Constantly making viewers oscillate between “Wow, that was genius!” to “Wow, that was corny!”, from a “message” point of the view, They Live is gold.

        Despite its unimpressive special effects and odd dialogue, They Live manages to describe the world ruling elite’s motives and strategy in a way that can be understood by all. And that is no simple task. However, in order to fully understand the movie’s message, one must be wearing truth-seeing sunglasses. Do you have yours on?

        • The flaw in “They Live!” was the theory there was a transmitter and it was aliens.

          In reality, “they” are inhuman humans, and they will ALWAYS look just like us. Hence the real problem, that they can and do simply absorb someone into their “inner cabal”, from time to time. (Looking over at Bill Gates as an example…)

          There’s no transmitter to take out, and there’s a real problem with the “nobles” thinking they are enriching us poor unwashed heathens by f*cking us. (Compare to the old “tradition” of the peasant woman’s first “married” night with her husband’s Lord, not her husband. Notably in Ireland and Scotland, by the British.)

  2. YouTube comments:

    inetpcpete 1 week ago
    This is not about punishing a spoiled brat. This is about the police taking away the rights of the public and performing criminal acts themselves.

    Yes this kid is more than likely an idiot/brat, but the police should not and cannot ever, under any circumstance, break the laws and take away our rights.

    What word did this kid use that set them off? Should that word be outlawed? What other words will set the police off into a rage that will result in you getting beat? This is about our rights. ·

    That entire department needs to be investigated! This is absurd, all of the officers did not even hesitate to beat this unarmed guy and commit criminal acts.

    The Chief is standing by his officers, “oh, absolutely” he says. The Chief has seen this video, and he knowsthere is absolutely no defense for this. To stand by these officers (now criminals) is immoral and disgusting! Which furthers my case that the entire department needs to be investigated!!

    M Fitch 2 weeks ago
    It is the nature of control to employ the gutless, the gutless will always migrate towards power, the gutless will always say I was only doing my job, and the gutless always get braver when in multiple numbers, and given guns and freedom to do as they will. The gutless make up most of the enforcement services all over the world.

    jefftodd66 2 weeks ago
    Wake Up America!! We live in a militarized police state in every state of the union…. Police Tactics have changed and are backed up by judicial system and government. K-9 officer’s record is proof of that….. Oh Say Can You See????? American citizens we are the only people who can make real change for our country. We The People! It means exactly that….
    God Bless America!!! Long Live The Republic!!!

    • Dear Tor,

      Added my 2 cents.

      Bevin Chu 29 seconds ago

      Q: What did the kid do?

      A: He spoke words. He did not physically strike anyone. He did not physically harm anyone. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”

      Q: What did the pigs do?

      A: They committed multiple crimes, most obviously Assault and Battery. They abused their authority. They were supposed to enforce the law. Instead, they broke multiple laws. They engaged in criminal behavior. They are literally criminals.

      • Yeah, I like it.

        The name pig should be popularized again.

        I’d like to see all the old hatreds and prejudices fade away.

        To be replaced by one new blazing universal hatred and prejudice. The hatred of the non-contributory ruling class, who rule by force.

        If were talking contributory New Deal projects, where a Three Gorges Dam is being built to provide power for everyone. Where everyone’s wealth increases as a consequence. I don’t take issue with that.

        It’s when people are forced to support uniforms, weaponry, monuments, expensive office buildings, free vehicles, and unlimited freebies for violent freeloaders. That’s when I become angry.


        Parents: Terri and David Castellani. Son: David Connor Castellani

        Terri Castellani said her son still wore those handcuffs when, hours later, she visited him in the hospital after authorities allowed the 20-year-old to call home. His back and head “looked like Hamburger Helper,” she said, with more than 200 stitches needed to close his wounds.

        David Connor Castellani has nerve damage, a loss of feeling and permanent shoulder damage as a result of the incident.


        Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford released a statement, saying that he has asked for the state’s Attorney General’s Office to oversee the investigation into the arrest of the 20-year-old Linwood man and for the United State’s Department of Justice to be involved.

        Langford says that he found the images on the surveillance video disturbing.

        • Tor wrote, “It’s when people are forced to support uniforms, weaponry, monuments, expensive office buildings, free vehicles, and unlimited freebies for violent freeloaders. That’s when I become angry.”

          Oh shit, Tor, you’d freak at some of the conversations and facts I’m privy to.

          They don’t even care about the laws, budgets, or anything, I mean, … sorry, I can’t say anything more about that.

          Maybe someday there will be a book? [Lotta good that’ll do though, eh?]
          I’m not sending a libertarian to jail just to say, “Look! See here.”

          I hate to say it this way, but it fits: I feel your pain. Magnified.
          Oh boy do I ever.

      • Dang, Bevin. That’s a silver Dollar you threw in there!

        This, is ten Cents:

        “The following report contains images that may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.”

        Man, if that ain’t the motto of our age, I don’t know wHAt is.

        eric wrote, “All this started over “underage drinking” – and because the kid mouthed off a little.”

        I’m not so old I don’t recall being his age (20’s, even younger) and his actions are what I’d expect.

        Now that I’m older, I see how the cops in this video have failed at being the older generation, those over the age of 10.
        It’s too bad that Lou Palumbo has conveniently forgotten what it means to be twenty years old.

        Oh shit, what am I saying? I’m trying to anticipate normal behavior from psychopaths. What was I thinking?

        You might as well think of the cops as a different species. The killer species.

        …We’re surrounded.

        It’s too bad the young man who was attacked by a dog as if he were in a WWII film is so propagandized to say his experience has not shaken his trust in law enforcement and he’s not saying All cops are bad. Psft, he even says, the majority of them are here to protect us.
        As if it was a script that was written for him?

        As it goes, I guess that means he wants to be one of them?

        I pity that boy.

        The only solution is to abolish the police.

        Again, cognitive dissonance is a bitch.

        Thanks for posting the comments, Tor.
        Interesting stuff.

        In america’s classroom’s today, I imagine they sing this song to glorify their masters The State:

        “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will always hurt me. I am so weak, so protect I must, and in The State I trust, it is my God before me.”

        That’s the ‘new’ american’t way, isn’t it?


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