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More DWV (Driving While Vaccinated)

Here's another one! Every day, there's another one. Every time I go for a drive I encounter one. Or more. Here's one more:

Driving While “Vaccinated”?

Here is another case of what appears to be Driving While "Vaccinated" - the latter always placed in air-fingers quotation marks to mock the fact that these drugs aren't vaccines. But they...

A Teslian Clover (and Another Variant)

Here is a view from behind of a Tesla Clover, driving at not-"ludicrous" speed, in the left lane, pacing the car in the right lane - and thus making it difficult...

Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety First! . . . Again

If you've ever wondered why it was so easy to get so many people to Stay Home - and "mask up" - when ordered to by government Safety Nannies, go for...

How “Safe” They Aren’t

The other day, I published an article about passive passing. About how people have been conditioned to regard a safely executed fast pass as "unsafe" - and for that reason, most...

Passivity in Passing

Oner of the reasons why traffic is so bad has to do with so many drivers being so bad at passing it. Passing used to involve something called acceleration - a thing...

Aiding and Abetting

People ask why car culture is dying. It is being helped along by car journalists. They have become not far removed from the vapid-in-the-background guitar-strumming infomercials for insurance companies that tell...

Corrupting the Youth

When you're facing a really big project - something like a total house remodel - it can be psychologically helpful to not look at the whole thing and instead concentrate on...

Counterprogramming . . .

There is a saying credited to the founder of the Jesuit order, Ignatius Loyola, about the impressionability of children. "Give me a child till he is seven years old and I...

How We Used to Drive

When you put your car in reverse, do you look back - or look down?  The answer will date you. If you look back, it is probable you learned to drive before...
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