Denver Cops Forced to Wear Cameras, Unable to Delete Footage

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Who will watch the watchers? Apparently the watchers..

Adan Salazar
March 12, 2014

Police in Denver are testing a solution they hope will give a much-needed boost to their public persona.

Denver PD is acquiring new guns and armor, and for the next six months will engage in a body camera pilot program in attempts to ingratiate themselves to a police-corruption weary public.

The cameras will be smaller than Go-Pro devices and are part of a public relations effort aimed “to restore the relationship between Denver police and the public, especially in Lower Downtown,” according to CBS Denver.

Police are reportedly “hoping the tiny cameras will bring a big dose of credibility to the department.”

“Individuals make allegations … ‘The officer did this or the officer did that.’ Or the officers make allegations, ‘I did this, or I did that’ based on the incident,” Police Chief Robert White told KCNC. “It’s right there on the camera.”

The cameras will not, however, automatically begin recording an incident. They must be initiated by the officers themselves, basically still allowing them to selectively choose what they want filmed.

“Essentially I’m the producer and director of my own video involving my police action and interaction with the public,” Detective Tony Weathersby said.


But, once filming has started, it cannot be deleted. The camera synchs to the web via an officer’s smartphone and gets uploaded to a police server, preventing an officer from deleting his footage.

As numerous citizen journalists can attest, police officers through either sheer ignorance or defiance will often stop citizens from filming incidents, confiscate their cell phones or cameras, then delete the footage.

Last month, one man claimed he was beaten by an NYPD officer and arrested for filming an incident. The officer who arrested the man neglected to mention in his police report that the man had been filming and that the officer had deleted the footage, which the man was fortunately able to recover.

In September 2012, Dallas police shot a man 41 times, then confiscated another man’s camera, which was used to film the bloody event, and also allegedly proceeded to delete the incriminating footage.

And recently it also happened in Fall River, Mass., when a man recorded a police officer who was shouting profanities across the street from his home. The man was arrested for “surreptitiously” filming the officer and his footage was mysteriously deleted while in custody.

“From my perspective it’s a safety issue and will clearly identify the truth,” Police Chief White claims, but this will only hold true if officers choose to press the “record” button.


  1. Tomorrow, if you’re a college student, you’ll need to have a signed sexual consent form from your partner, otherwise, you’ll be a rapist.

    You’ll also want to invest in a bedroom cam. In case you later need to prove the sex was consensual.

    Making Men Rapists & Affirmative Consent

    “Women have taught us that when we band together to advocate for our highest ideals, we can advance our common well-being and strengthen the fabric of our nation.” Dear Leader & Valerie Jarrett

    White House Council on Women and Girls

    The articles conclusion is pathetically weak to my ears:
    Males should not be stripped of due-process rights, on campus or in courts. They must be presumed innocent until proven guilty; they must be allowed to face their accusers in the company of counsel. And the accusation of rape needs to be judged by a standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

    Who the fuck wants due-process rights and court intrusion? How is all this going to be paid for? How about no process rights. Only services you pay for with your own money? You either takes steps to stop crimes. Or you pay people to obtain restitution. If at absolutely has to involve a state, then it can’t be one more open ended and impossibly expensive boondoggle.

    – No More New World Executive Order

  2. I have grave doubts about demanding millions of slave overlords behave in a certain way, or else. Especially when it is going to be hideously expensive and require many multiples of workers to watch the watchers.

    They’re getting armor? Seriously? And you’re going to go to work tomorrow in Denver, and keep paying your taxes there?

    Here’s a story about Denver’s deficit.

    If you look at any newspaper, 60-70% of the articles now are about officials, police, government experts’ opinions, etc. If you look at old newspaper articles, this was close to 0%, except when there was a war or disaster.

    Why? Because Americans all became Soviets, and never even noticed it. Everything is about the state. State problems. State solutions. Agitprop pieces about state criminals committing state crimes against local, state, and federal states.

    Basically, you’re further restricting the overlord slave class which watches over consumer masses slave class and productive worker slave class. Productive worker slave class has to pay for all the equipment and salaries of the overlord slave class. Now they pay twice or three times more. Because the watchers have watchers.

    Certainly this will stimulate the economy in the short term, as forced economic transactions escalate and become 2, then 3 times the voluntary economy. But it further crowds out all the new innovation and products we were going to get.

    It would appear you’ve all learned to think like Soviets. Congratulations.

    That is what you had in Russia, China, and Germany when millions of people were massacred. A forced economy. Forced labor. People won’t be as productive under force. This means America will have to further plunder other nations, not under such burdens, to produce for us, or else go without.

    That is the exact reason the Soviets remained so poor even after industrializing. All the new revenue went to the loan sharks who provided the equipment and the expertise.

    Now Americans and the much of the world are working for loan sharks. The worst part of TSA is all the salaries. The benefits. The buildings. The supplies. The scanners.

    When you normalize and accept this. Which it appears most of you have. You’re doomed. When you have any opinion about how your police state operates, and want it to spend even more money than it already does, you’re doomed.

    When you want your military to go to other countries and spend trillions, getting back at supposed terrorists, you’re doomed. When you want everyone to pay their share of taxes. Especially the FSA. You’re doomed.

    When you want Wall Street thieves locked up. When you want bad police and politicians locked up. You’re doomed. Because locking people up is ruinously expensive.

    It’s disheartening to see the new consensus economical model everyone is on board with now. I’ll call it should-have-ism.

    We are good nation of slaves, so we hear on TV, so all our slaves should-have health care. The medical industry is hereby enslaved to produce it as we dictate.

    Our police should-have cameras that hold them accountable, therefore the wealthier members of cities will be forced to pay for cameras for all the police.

    Stalin, Mao, Hitler were just puppet nobodies. The evil came from the entities that supplied all the equipment and weapons. And paid all the forced labor to build to build the camps, shoot the peasants, steal the crops, pillage the villages. Tyranny isn’t free.

    And now you’re failing to distinguish the difference between free labor and tyrannical labor. Free goods and tyrannical goods. You’re going to keep getting what you deserve. You’re going to keep getting it good and hard.

    • Tor, it all comes back to govt. I’m amazed to this day that everyone overlooks the basic premise of war with Iraq, specifically, with S. Hussein. Truman said back in WW11 the US was committed to ensuring the continued oil production of big oil in the middle east no matter what the costs.

      I was trading stocks when 9/11 came along and afterward there were many people who recognized that Saddam would be a target when he did. Why? He was the forefront of trading oil for dinars. He had Libya, Iran(yep), Afghanistan and other “stans” aligned to trade oil for dinars instead of dollars. He had in fact, already made some oil for dinar trades come about and was gaining traction throughout the middle east.

      Right there is your reason for invading(what was supposed to be 7 countries at the time…..unknown to the US public)Iraq and Afghanistan. Now we know that the CIA was part and parcel to the bin Ladens, Ossama in particular. They had and still have great trade relations in GB and the US and even are in high positions in the GB govt.

      No way could displacing dollars for dinars stand. It must be stopped at any cost, hence the unending lie parade of George Bush 11 as opposed to the non-ending lies of his dad. Wow, I made it almost sound like they are real people… bad.

      I have said this again and again because it is the truth. Whether you could find evidence and all the articles confirming it on a search engine now is doubtable.

      It doesn’t take a genius(that would leave me out)to figure why Iraq was targeted after the mass deception fostered after 9/11 to understand not following what the CIA and FBI already knew, the Saud family was the force behind the attacks. Gee, wake up sheeple. Follow the money. Of course Israel was involved also but AIPAC wasn’t to be denied their due lies.

      • Eightsouthman, in light of what you wrote, is Russia the ‘new Iraq’ for the very same reasons?

        Should we expect the ‘Shock and Awe’ to begin on Monday?

        Monday *was* the latest deadline, per sell-out Kerry?

        Or, do sanctions have to be in play for awhile before the ‘Shock and Awe’ begins? As it was for Iraq.

        Sometimes, I think of the Russian thugs as being bullied, and instead of waiting to get sucker punched like the other two-bit tin horn dictators who have fallen before them, they’d just prefer to react – before – they get Sunday punched?

        Who knows?
        They are all crazy.

      • Yes, that’s the worst potential development of all for them. The threat of a return to honest money via the Muslim fulfillment of the commandment of Riba. (Allah only allows honest money. Zero interest loans must be given to any fellow Muslims in good standing.)

        Worst case. An honest precious metal backed currency and coins becomes available to all nations and peoples.

        Russia, China, India, Mexico, Portugal, Iran, and many other nations are all in collusion to create alternative non-US/UK non-petrodollar world trade and value storage systems.

        Parallel Silver Coin System – H.S. Price

        The smallest of these nations: Libya/Syria/Venezuela are the ones the US has already actively undermined and regime changed with their CIA/MI6 military industrial cartel.

        Second worse case, is the rise of the Euro, and the decline of the dollar.
        – – –

        The reason for the Iraq war is simple yet shocking – it an an oil Currency war.

        These Arab Springs and Invasioins serve the US strategic goal of preventing further OPEC momentum towards the Euro as an oil transaction currency standard.

        To preempt OPEC, they need to gain geo-strategic control of Iraq along with its 2nd largest proven oil reserves. This essay discusses the macroeconomics of the “petro-dollar” and the unpublicized but clear and present danger to US economic hegemony from the Euro


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