Another Tesla Exec Flees Sinking Ship

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Breaking news… another Teslian is fleeing.

Bloomberg News reported Thursday evening that Liam O’Connor, Tesla’s now-ex vice president of global supply management, resigned – citing multiple anonymous sources.

Tesla has experienced an executive exodus of late, including the chief accounting officer and three vice presidents, who were in charge of human relations, communications and finance. Tesla stock fell 0.2% to $298.33 Thursday, and was trading at similar prices in late trading as the report hit. The shares have declined 4.2% so far this year, as the S&P 500 index SPX, +0.78% has gained 9.6%.

Elon’s Musk is turning rancid, it seems.

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  1. Why someone would invest in a company that requires govt. subsidy to even exist, let alone has no sell-ability in the free-market economy, is beyond me. It must be greed, driven by the speculation that “everything Elon touches turns to gold” bullshit. King Midas had the “golden touch” too, until he starved from being unable to eat gold. I know that is just a fairy tale, but so is the EV, as far as being the pot of gold it has been prophesied to be. Fantasy can’t defy physics, at least not yet, but it can make a handful of con-artists very wealthy!

    • Hi Graves!

      Elon served his purpose – which was for Tesla to be the leading snout under the tent; to normalize the EV – in order to make it easier to force the mainstream car companies to embrace the EV tar baby.

      Now that his usefulness is at an end, he is being discarded like used toilet tissue. Which is pretty much what he is.


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