VW Exec Gets Seven Years, $400,000 Fine

Oliver Schmidt, the VW executive convicted of "cheating" Uncle.
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Oliver Schmidt, the former VW executive adjudicated guilty of “cheating” Uncle but harming no one has been sentenced to 7 years in federal prison and a $400,000 fine. Meanwhile, the illegal alien who fired a gun into a crowd and killed an actual person – Kate Steinle – walks a free man.

Schmidt will serve his sentence at the federal penitentiary in Milan, Michigan, where he has been behind bars since March. As part of the sentence, Schmidt will get credit for the nearly 11 months that he has so far been incarcerated.


If you kill someone – provided it’s not a government worker – the system will go easy on you. But if you challenge the authority of the government, expect the world to come down around your shoulders.


  1. They have to set an example; you will not even THINK about end-running bureaucratic fatwas, or you will have your life ruined. Message received loud and clear?


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