The Mafia Strikes Back

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Drivers in Virginia will soon be paying more for car insurance – because they no longer have the option to pay the state less, instead. Naturally, that means they’ll be paying more – to the mafia.

Or so the mafia intends.

But the mafia may have just succeeded in pushing its “customers” too far. The latter word is bracketed in air fingers quote marks to ridicule the misuse of the word. When you are under duress to buy something by the seller of that thing, you are not a customer. You are a victim. In their better moments, some mafiosi admit the fact. They do not hide from the nature of their work; of themselves. But the insurance mafia is less self-aware; it likes to think of itself as just another business providing a needed service.

It likes to pretend there is no duress.

And that makes it worse than the mafia portrayed in movies like The Godfather and Goodfellas. Don Corleone, in a very real sense, was a more honest man than Flo.

So what has the mafia – the one that uses the government rather than Luca Brasi to make people offers it can’t refuse – done to Virginia drivers? It has used its muscle (that is to say, its money power, largely derived from the proxy power it has to mulct drivers for “coverage”) to get the politicians it keeps in its pockets (per the Don) like so many nickels and dimes to rescind what had been the only legal way to avoid being mulcted by the mafia.

In Virginia, a driver could pay the state a $500 Uninsured Motorist Fee instead. For many drivers, paying $500 to the state each year was better than paying the mafia twice or three times as much per year. But it meant the mafia was being paid less – and not just directly. The UMF provided a kind of competition – and that is the last thing any mafia wants.

Or will abide.

It wasn’t just that the UMF enabled people who couldn’t afford to pay the mafia a way for them to pay less. It effectively forced the mafia to charge everyone less – because its “customers” were aware that they could pay the state less instead. The UMF, in other words, acted as a check-and-balance on the mafia’s depredations.

The UMF did not provide any “coverage,” though. You just paid the state to be legally allowed to not pay the mafia. And that fact is what the mafia used to do to the UMF what was done to Luca Brasi in The Godfather. As of this month, the UMF sleeps with the fishes. Drivers in the state no longer have the option to pay the state rather than mafia. They must pay the mafia, else the state says they’re not allowed to drive.

In fact, even if they don’t drive.

The law – that is, the state – says that every registered vehicle must be “covered.” Even if it is not driven. Which is interesting, given the putative justification for the requirement to buy “coverage,” i.e., that not buying it means others are put at risk by the “uninsured” driver. But how can a driver who doesn’t drive put anyone else at risk? And – going deeper – how does merely not being “covered” cause any harm to anyone else?

Put another way, driving without “coverage” does not mean the “uninsured” driver will wreck. And – going deeper – laws requiring drivers to pay the mafia do not assure they  will.

Especially when they can’t.

Many will continue to drive. Most especially the “undocumented” whoever-they-are’s from wherever they came from who are now here – and undeterred by laws requiring them to pay the mafia. The latter only having power over the people who have been here since they were born and who (stupidly) obey the laws.

That stupidity may be wearing off.

Because it’s become more than just stupid to play by the rules of a rigged game. It has become suicidal. When the choice is reduced to paying the mafia for “coverage” or paying the mortgage – or for food to keep one’s family fed – the decision to not pay the mafia is an easy one.

And its threats become less threatening than the prospect of living under a bridge – and watching one’s family go hungry.

We are at – or very close to – this point already. The average cost of “coverage” in this country is currently nearly twice as much as Virginia’s sleeps-with-fishes UMF, or nearly $1,000 annually. That’s for “coverage” that doesn’t provide any, by the way. It merely “covers” hypothetical damage you haven’t actually caused to someone else. The cost of “coverage” for yourself averages more than $2,600 annually.

Derek Wiley

How may can afford to pay that when what it costs to pay for food is now 30 percent (or more) what people used to have to pay for it not even four years ago? More finely, how many fewer will be able to pay more than that – for “coverage” – now that the mafia has succeeded in getting rid of the one way they could legally avoid paying the mafia for it?

It’s going to be more expensive, possibly than the $500 fine that people were paying previously,” says a soldier for one of the mafias named Derek Wiley. He likes to not think of himself as a mafiosi, of course – because excepting sociopaths – most people are uncomfortable thinking of themselves as thugs. It is why mafiosi wear suits and ties.

Like businessmen

Except their business is force – which makes them thugs. Whether they want to admit it to themselves or not.

Now going forward, everybody would be on a level playing field because everyone will be mandated to carry auto insurance,” says the soldier who likes to think of himself as an “agent.” 

And in a way, he’s right about that “level playing field,” which is the same one you get to play on when they send you to prison. At least there, people are aware they are in a prison.

But he may also be wrong.

Just as – even in prison – there isn’t a  level playing field the same is true in the prison we’re living in. The “undocumented” will not be buying “coverage” – because they’re not stupid – and so why would they? And those of us who have a right to be here – who were born here – are beginning to understand that it’s stupid to obey laws for me but not for thee.

And to be mulcted for harms we haven’t caused because some ninny fears we might.

. . .

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  1. Here in the state of Louisiana, we are being ass raped by the insurance mafias. God help you if any of your property is damaged by a hurricane.

  2. Its enough to almost fed post and utter those two words that will get you investigated faster than big mike can whip out his dong…sov3&$#@* citi4$*. It was but a dream, a whisper that was once America.

  3. Enough whining fellow libertarians!

    Time for a travel commercial 👍😂

    Just did a comprehensive “road test “ ….
    Of the Puerto Rican Karst country…

    Using the nestle crunch example…..
    The area of CRU….
    Is Absolutely loaded with world class “Tower Karst “…….
    A YouTube…. Is worth a 1,000 words 👍

    J bond man with the golden gun final duel
    Railay beach drone

  4. NASCAR goes woke — the EeeVee Mafia strikes back:

    ‘NASCAR unveiled its first electric race car Saturday in downtown Chicago. The top motorsports series in North America partnered with Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota and electrification company ABB.

    ‘Eric Warren, who heads global motorsports competition for General Motors, said “We’re committed to electric vehicles.”

    ‘Burning gas pollutes the air and produces carbon dioxide, which warms the atmosphere and leads to more extreme weather. Burning one gallon produces about 19 pounds of carbon dioxide, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Racing events consume thousands of gallons in a weekend.

    ‘ABB is now NASCAR’s official electrification partner. It will help NASCAR bring in more electricity from renewable sources.

    ‘By 2028, NASCAR says it will introduce sustainable racing fuel, recycle at all events and use 100% renewable electricity at facilities and tracks it owns. By 2035, it aims to cut operating emissions to “net zero.”

    ‘That’s why the number 35 appears on the black, white and red car, along with ABB. The auto body is made from plant-based materials, a flax-based composite by the Swiss company Bcomp, rather than the typical carbon fiber composite.’ — APe News

    AH CHRIST, just stop! NASCAR is committing suicide along with wokester auto makers. All that’s missing from this appalling screed is a rainbow flag, a tranny driver, free covid vaccinations for racing fans, and a Kamala endorsement. Shun fake, gay organized auto racing. It’s joined the dark side.

    • Hi Jim,

      I was just going to say it – but you beat me to it!

      This is gay – and no one except fags will be interested in it. Do they really not get it – that racing is on the outlaw edge and that is why people who like to watch races watch them?

      A “safe space” race is like taking your sister to the prom in a Prius – with a chaperone.

      • Hard to think an organization founded by “outlaws” (moonshine runners) has fallen to this nonsense. But it has.

        It’s just been slow over decades, going to “standard” cars instead of allowing any innovation to come from some race team (like it used to). Makes for a more boring “sport”.

        Woke people don’t give a shit about racing, so once they lose their current fans, they are kaput.

        • ‘Woke people don’t give a shit about racing.’ — richb

          So we’ll give them Beyoncé, Shakira and Billie Eilish, to fill the numbing dead air of EeeVees silently orbiting the track:

          ‘If NASCAR pursues electric racing, John Probst, NASCAR senior vice president said he thinks they could reinvent the fan experience. One option could be a DJ.

          “It’s our goal to entertain our fans,” he said. “If our fans tell us this is what they want to see, we know how to create a racing series around pretty much anything.” — APe News

          Anything except actual, you know, RACE CARS. Just kill yourselves, losers.

    • But, Jim H, at the gate to the track, and even at home, the electric car racing fans could get a handheld pistol-type squeeze trigger thingie children used to use to throttle their AFX electric slot cars. Just think, each pull of the trigger could make a rumble sound imitating a hot rod and the fans could all pretend “we” are winning!

      What super duper fun that would be, eh?

      [… For a child, maybe.]

  5. The insurance Mafia are actually pretty stupid which greed has a tendency to do.
    We here all realize that the PTB want us out if our cars. They were bleating for decades about how to “end America’s love affair with the private automobile ”
    The method they chose was to make private transportation too expensive for everyone but the elite and hoi-polloi. The rest of us will take the electric bus, Nomex optional.
    What the idiot insurance Maria needs to think about is not how much money they can squeeze out of us now, but how much will they make when 90% of the country can no longer afford to drive if the master plan comes to fruition ( it won’t).
    A variety of recent developments suggest that their future prospects will not be favorable.

  6. Here in New England the auto rates have become insane. For three older normal cars(2011,12,15)and base liability I’m paying close to 3k/year. When my son gets his license in less than a year we’ve been told that’ll be closer to 5k/year…. On top of around 2k in property taxes that I have to pay every single year on these cars to the state..

    I do ok financially but this inflation trajectory in every expense cannot be maintained much longer. Our family lost half it’s income for refusing to be needle raped a few years ago. The center cannot hold….

    • Indeed, David –

      I think we’re fast approaching the Fulcrum Moment when people (not all, but a lot) just start opting out of all this, by no longer paying for it. I encourage this. If enough of us just stopped paying the mafia the mafia would lose the power to make us pay.

  7. Post accident, illegals run, they always run. Rarely get caught even with the K9s, drones, searchlights, copters. And why bother? Combine no assets, no insurance, sanctuary state (WA) and “equity justice” it’s a waste of time and resources so you better insure your own stuff if you have enough left after paying taxes that support your sanctuary status border jumpers.

    Better be ready with $$$$$ if you tap one of them though! About 20 years ago a relative barely smacked the rear end of a car, everything ok? “Sure sure señorita !”
    Three days later State Farm tells her they’re claiming neck injury from the “severe accident”. You get it coming and going US tax slave.

  8. My grandfather is rolling in his grave how the insurance companies he used to sell to his clients are corrupt mafia and love to collect premiums and deny claims. That being said:

    On the other hand, California is about to get a lesson in mafia tactics and marketplace pricing when there are less and less providers of services in a market. California has miss-managed their forests and underbrush conditions in a high fire state. California used to manage this back up to the late 70’s early 80’s but no longer and diverted funds to other Marxist causes. PGE the power company has done the same by diverting funds from replacing 50–75-year-old infrastructure to investing in green Marxist ideologies. There have been a lot of disasters under Gavin’s watch which were human tragedies such as the Paradice fire caused by PGE equipment failing (and no one thinking to build a fire break around the equipment areas). This has been going on for a long time: my grandfather’s house burned down in the Oakland Hills fire which was at the time one of the most expensive fire disasters in the USA which was caused by stupidity of the Oakland Fire Department run under early DEI hiring practices.

    California being a Marxist state has an Insurance Zsar who sets prices. State Farm has decided enough is enough and using their mafia learned tactics by issuing an ultimatum to the Insurance Zsar; either allow a significant increase in homeowner rates or we are pulling out. This will leave only (2) insurance carriers covering home insurance. These companies might take on the added risk and write more polices but likely not. They will hold out and watch people lose their homes to the banks who will insist either insure or they will close the loan and take the property.

    Ultimately the people will get fleeced in this deal as always.

    • Hopefully people will rise up. No sympathy for California or State Farm, they deserve each other… Forty+ years of forcing us to buy their product, now they want to cherry pick which pieces of business they write. If all the homeowners carriers all leave the state, the state should tell the companies, ‘write every line of business, or GTFO.’ If no homeowners is available, and the banks threaten to foreclose for lack of insurance, people should stop paying their mortgages and refuse to leave. All while these insurers throw away billions on tax deductible advertising and woke pixie dust. And of course you can pay premiums for decades, but when it comes time for them to pay, they try to jew you over every single penny. Insurers and states should be forcefully reminded of this when they come around begging for the next bailout. The answer should be DENIED, its a word insurance companies like, they should hear it more often.

  9. Not long ago, authorities in Maryland were complaining about there being so many vehicles in the state that are registered in Virginia and about how Maryland is losing out on registration fees. That, and their plan to crack down on residents with vehicles registered out of state. But I guess they won’t need to bother with that now….
    Of course, that also illustrates how such money grubbers get mad when people try to save a buck….

  10. Nowadays simple fender bender repairs are multiple thousands of dollars. Modern plastic cars, brought to us by federal bureaucrats, don’t lend themselves to simply popping out a debt, prune, sand, and paint.

    In order for the insurance mafia to remain profitable they have to increase both rates and the pool size.

    Except for illegals. Not migrants. Illegal aliens.

  11. Auto insurance makes no sense to me. Insuring a car is one thing, as it is a piece of property. If I want to insure it against a tree falling on it or running into a phone pole, that would be auto insurance.

    But most minimum insurance is liability only. How is that tied to a car? Is the car going to do something itself?

    If the idea is to insure against the liability of a driver, wouldn’t it make more sense to purchase an umbrella liability policy?
    Those can cover $1,000,000 for a few hundred per year.

    Need less, pay less. Wouldn’t $100,000 be plenty for most of us? And it would cover non driving acts also.

    Try getting $15,000 minimum of liability only for auto insurance for $300/year. Good luck.

    Auto insurance is expensive precisely because it is mandatory.

    • I have never understood why a vehicle was required to have liability insurance. I have two vehicles. I can only drive one at a time. Yet I’m required to insure both of them. The vehicle is not the party responsible. I am. There is only one of me.
      I forgot, MONEY.

      • Comprehensive makes sense, I could be out driving car A while a tree branch falls onto car B

        But I don’t know of any state that requires anyone to have a comprehensive policy.

        Banks usually do, while you have an outstanding loan, but otherwise it’s strictly optional.

  12. One question I have is that if an illegal alien causes an accident but has no insurance or drivers license what happens them? I’m guessing not much which is interesting because it violates the concept of equal treatment under the law.

    • Can’t get blood from a stone. Can’t get damages from someone who has nothing.

      Some people point out that the border runners “left their homes” for a better life in the United States, so we should welcome them. Problem is, they had no home after el presidente confiscated all the property. You remember, the guy they voted for because he promised to stick it to the gringos? Sure, the gringos were terrible too, but at least there was food. How long will you play along to get along before el presidente liberates your property too?

      Imagine coming to America, because your cousin knows a guy who has a place in Gypsum or Carbondale, and he’ll let you crash there for a while until you get on your feet. You speak no English, you have no idea how the first world works, no concept of a bureaucrat that isn’t on the take. But your friend knows a guy who will pay you under the table, if you can get yourself to the restaurant. Someone hands you the keys to a car. Now, you’ve driven before, around the dirt roads and city streets, where speeds are still governed by horse carts and walkers. And a run-in with the law is a 200 peso bribe. But now you’re on an interstate with the crazies. And you get busted. No insurance obviously, but also no license, and you were speeding. The gringo cop doesn’t want money, he’s already making more than you can afford to bribe. You give them your passport as identification and try to tell them your address, which doesn’t take mail because it doesn’t exist. The cop hands you a ticket, maybe confiscates the vehicle and you’re back on the shoe leather express. That’s ok though, your buddy will pick you up, as he has done for everyone else in your situation.

      Will you show up in court? Will they come looking for you if you don’t? Will you keep driving until your trial date? What’s the risk? Jail? well, you’re already in a rusty old trailer with 5 other guys, jail might actually be a step up.

      Still better than living in the sh*thole country you came from.

      But you have a house that you don’t share with anyone other than your family. The most annoyance you have to put up with is that week when the in-laws won’t spring for a hotel. You get pulled over, can’t find the insurance card, and now you have to go see the judge. You take time off work to do it. You call your agent to make sure everything’s in order (guess what, it wasn’t quite right). The judge throws out the case but only after a plea deal that gets you guilty of something. You pay the fine and get on with your life. At this point you’re wondering how that would have played out in some sh*thole country, where you just pay your $200 peso “fine” and get on with your life. Outcome’s the same either way.

      And there’s the chain.

      • I live in that “Shithole” Country directly South of the US Border. Mexico has a MUCH better System. You pay the Cop and you’re on your way – eliminating all the Middlemen. Everyone understands how the System works and those who are familiar with the US System know it’s much more efficient and cheaper. Many Gringos remark how corrupt Mexico is but it is no more so than the United States which has only legalized its corruption.

  13. ‘Many will continue to drive.’ — eric

    Indeed. The high cost of uninsured and underinsured ‘coverage’ (I pay about $140 per vehicle, for multiple vehicles) suggests that mandatory insurance is widely flouted.

    Going ‘uncovered’ leads to evasion mechanisms, such as the epidemic of fake temporary tags to slide by the ever-vigilant ALPRs flagging unregistered vehicles.

    Evidently, the ‘authorities’ are barely clinging to power in the face of widespread defiance. Now and then the mask slips off entirely — as in a recent spate of brazen robberies in high-end NYC restaurants, in which one perp holds a gun on diners while the other relieves them of their jewelry. It’s over in less than a minute. Then they speed away on an unregistered moped.

    It’s rather surprising that we are not yet obliged to buy ‘coverage’ for social unrest, militant hooliganism, and insurrection of the undocumented. This dystopian movie is brought to you by HIAS-sponsored Alejandro Mayorkas, our first ‘Latino’ [sic] Homeland Security secretary.


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