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There are four things you can do to build wealth. You can grow and nurture things. You can extract and purify things. You can build, assemble, and engineer things. You can cooperate with the natural world, the civilized world, and with other people.
That’s what most of us are about. We want to increase our wealth to increase our options, comfort, security, sense of accomplishment, and enjoyment of our lives.

What we are not about is being forced to decrease our wealth through actual and
threatened violence. We are not interested in being placed into associations against our wills to build wealth for our enemies. We have no more tolerance for being fused and conjoined to be a part of a hostile unnatural world. To participate in an anti-civilization. To be commanded to malcooperate.

Starting in the 1860s, accelerating in the 1910s, and exploding in the 1930s, it has taken time for the shock to wear off and the clarity to return, but now it is evident to enough of us to matter. The more we Grow Extract Build Cooperate by the rules and laws of the American System, the less wealth we have and the greater debts we mount up.

Since the 1930s this nation has been running at an incalculable deficit. Like a black hole we take and take from each other until we have only unpayable debts. What’s been taken has multiple claims on it, dozens of times greater than what’s actually there. Always more comes in, empty promises multiply, and less goes out.

There is no reconciling what we have been doing the last 75 years. Whatever we once were is irrelevant. We are a monstrosity, there is no saving the brand. But what emerges when the megatyphoons and tsunamis all hit and the devastation can be counted and mitigated can be something good. We rebuild a new civilization from the pieces of the old, something those of us doing the building willingly choose to be a part of.

Our nation has 139 million workers who will earn 232 trillion in their lives. Will it be in $EastCoast, $WestCoast, $Mountain, $Plains, $Lakes, $South. $Netizen, $Business, $Worker, $Urban, $Rural, $Celebrity, $Anonymous, or some other brands of dollar?

One thing’s for sure, it won’t be in the involuntary currencies that are dying and going extinct today. Federal Reserve Notes, beaver pelts, wampum. All these once important mediums of exchange will soon be artifacts you can view on Wikipedia in the language of your choice, but no longer encounter in everyday cooperaion and trade.

Its hard to know what will become of the lost empire of America. The brand will be forgotten, but its wealth will remain, let’s look at the value of her estate:

Things you Grow: Cattle 74 billion(B), other livestock 7B, Timber 246B, National Park Land 1 trillion(T), rural property 2 trillion,

Things you Extract: Oil 768B, gold 20B, iron 21B, coal 660B, natural gas 816B, great lakes freshwater 25T.

Things you Build: Homes 16.5T, autos 1.5T, furniture 588B, dishes/tableware 220B, farm machinery 135B, luggage 118B, carpet 104B, computers 82B, bicycles 20B.

Things you Cooperate in: roads 3T, power grid 2T, factories and other 27.5T, sewers 586B, rail system 363B.ideas/inventions 5T, lifetime earning of 139 million strong workforce 232T.

Things you Build Mandatorily for Military: missiles 46B, aircraft 130B, ships 145B, other military 879B. These goods can be used to take all other wealth of this nation and other nations.

Things you Grow which can be taken by the Military or sold Suicidally or through a Living Will; scrap value of American human bodies 14000T (each person’s bone marrow 23 million(Mil). DNA 9Mil, lung set 120 thousand(K), heart 60K, cornea set 10K, other tissues 14Mil.)

The military/involuntary association deficit is 15T and present value of future promises is 100T officially. In reality these numbers are much higher and don’t include our obligations under supranational military/involuntary bodies and treaty organizations.

Hastening the orderly demise of military/involuntary organizations will free up the nation’s wealth to be used in more voluntarily and individually chosen methods of cooperation.

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  1. Tor, I read somewhere that stated our “obligations”, that being the State’s and not mine, come out to something over 200 Trillion! Not the 16 or so we’re shown bad enough as that is. The collapse of the MIC would be the greatest thing to happen to mankind but I’d prefer to be on another planet than sit around and convince all the knuckleheads on this one to wake up. If I were to lead a group of refugees to another world and some of them started clamoring for a government or way of doing things that we’d just fled from I’d toss their asses back through the portal and blow the damn thing up from the other side so they’d never be able to escape to bother me again.

    • The debt clocks don’t populate on my phone. Theres a world debt clock, state clocks and all kinds of other derivatives and Rothschild crap they say we owe. 200 trillion is certainly in the ballpark. Any voluntary galts gulch or moocherless society is going to require exclusion of the mindless stampeding herds, that’s for sure.

      I think America was that other world.for a time. The vikings up in vinland didn’t ruin it. Its Columbus the clover who’s to blame. Its the old world idiocies that have infected our fresh new world with their idiotic schemes and debilitating diseases of body and mind.

      Christopher Clover ran his main ship aground and then took one of the smaller ships back to tell Spain what he discovered.
      Theres gold and slaves here Queen Ratchet can I have a cookie for being an obedient serf? The men he left behind built Fort Christmas out of the wreckage of the ruined ship. They were aholes and lightly armed. The natives ended up killing them all in self defense.

      On the way home Columbus wrote an account of the Taino and Arawak he encountered in Hispanola.
      They were naked and lived beneath huge communal huts with pure sterile sand floors. They bathed several times a day and had no body order. They were fearless attractive people without visible sickness scars or deformities.The women did most of the work out of a sense of domestic ambition.
      The men were generally content with their simple slow paced life.They were of childlike innocense always wanting to trade their golden jewelry and bone adornments with the new objects of the spanish crew, rather in the way of children wanting to play with each others toys.

      The men had a wife and sometimes several. Either party was free to terminate the relationship as they felt the need. Children and property were divided by agreement. Rarely an elder was called upon to adjudicate divisions that reached an impasse.

      War was rare, being more of a phenomenon further north where fields of corn leeched and depleted the soils bringing tribal competition for rare fertile cropland.

      When the soldiers priests and officials arrived on Columbus’ second journey Columbus was imprisoned for his failure to found a colony and for the great loss of spaniard lives.

      Columbus had blown an unbelievable opportunity to live a life of freedom we can only dream of.
      Like a typical feeble clover he lost control of his ship and then went running home to the nanny authorities.
      The waves of spaniard conquistadors quickly decimated this new planrt. Seats of government were taken and catholic missions were built from the stones of America’s celestial observatories, libraries, art museums, and temples/ruling houses.

      The vast networks of streets and canals were left to ruin, The catholics burned and destroyed every vestige of written knowledge and culture it found, they despised competition and anything that conflicted with their infantile narrative.

      Most of the ideas we brought since then from the old world aren’t worth keeping. We are better off forgetting all their garbage and reverting to being simple people who like to create things and trade with one another in peace including high tech and defensive goods.Like the way asian tiger countries make things the world wants but doesn’t want to get too personal with the marauding round eye savages.

      Simple people who enter and exit relationships of our own free will. People with a high living standard due to cooperation and trade.

    • MoT,

      In regard to your $200 Trillion remark, Gary North has been quoting a study out of Boston University that states that the present value of America’s debt, including unfunded liabilities (welfare), is $222 Trillion. This means that the government would need $222 Trillion in the bank earning interest to meet all future obligations. This is the basis for his hypothesis that America will default. You can monetize sovereign debt, but you can’t (easily) inflate away welfare obligations.

      • The welfare state was invented in the 1890’s in Germany. Its rooted in the French Revolution delusional ideal that governments can end poverty and bring lasting prosperity by mere words and paperwork.This war on human’s natural productivity is fairly similar to Colony Collapse disorder you see in bees, I think. We feed useless eater Pauls today through transfer from todays PETERS AND SLAVE MORTGAGES ON THE LIVES OF FUTURE GENERATIONS. Low birth rates in fiat currency benefitting nations is due to parents having a subordinate claim on their children. The state has superior title. Birth control and abortions abound in recognition of this brute reality.
        Let’s pretend we surrender and choose to work for a less evil nation state. Our only demand is hard currency with bullion content engraved on the face. We need 100s of trillions in actual new wealth to to get ahead of these crooked books.
        Let’s say we back Korea, Brazil, and French Quebec as the new supervalue creators.

        Forget military and welfare schemes. They just rearrange chairs on the Titanic or unperson 2/3rds of the passengers so we can pretend no one drowned.

        What if we turn the mediterranean and black seas into freshwater lakes.

        Expel the animals and salt water. Let the rivers fill the reservoirs back up with 100s of trillions of dollars worth of drinking and farming water. We have new nations do this the old guard is to corrupt.

        Goodbye Sahara desert and Sahel. Hello rich africans working for stable precious metal currency. Goodbye starvation goodbye rise of fascists, socialists, jihadists, christian fundamentalist luddites.

        The Earth is a hive for 7 billion bees. This collapse can be avoided.

        Forget meaningless votes with no real effect. Forget inflation races. Forget welfare warfare race to the bottom. Our system, soviets system, eurosocialist system, muslim thecracy system, african union euro clone system. They are all equally evil, why fight to maintain one over the other?

        Merica has failed and become just as evil as any other evil empire. It needs to be toppled from its fiat pedestal. Let’s go to the sun and bring back a chunk to learn to harness fusion. Let’s go to the molten core of the earth and build power plants worth 100s of trillions.

        Let’s build cities underwater. Out on the surface ocean. Deep in the artic.A new venus colony near the thermal vents of the ocean. The surface of venus is 800 degrees and equivalent pressure to being 1 kilometer deep in the ocean. We can find a way to live like that and then get away from this prison planet for good.

        The hive belongs to the bees who deliver the honey. Let’s abandoned the collapsed colony of america and start new useful hives that result in true sweet honey and a sweet life for all who are willing to cooperate.


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