Where’s The Punisher When You Need him?

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Watch this clip – a pack of feral animals assault a 50-year-old teacher:

And here’s how these creatures ought to be handled:



  1. Jim Addleberger works for the machine that manufactures the men you see in that alley.

    http://pps.k12.pa.us/14422021113410213. – jadler430@yahoo.com

    The same caliber of goons in uniforms shakedown local residents, so Jim can prance about at CAPA prison academy swinging his briefcase like little red riding hood on her way to an encounter with the big bad wolf.

    The fairytale of Jim being a blues guitarist and Kerouacian traveler ring false and fall flat. He’s just another victimizing victim on the FSA dole in the prole eat prole nightmare America has become.

    This is where the demagogue hits the road. All the prattle about no thug left behind and gender and racial sensitivity study fades away as the flatulence it always was.
    The massive prohibitions have brought the same type of violence that was witnessed during the prohibition era of 1920-1933. The slogans and police phone numbers once again prove a sad farce of justice.

    There are 1 million Americans in street gangs. Often as a second job, with a legitimate one by day. The more commerce is prohibited, the more profit there is in vice and crime. These may also be hangers on. There is a whole subculture that views knockouts and beatdowns as an enjoyable pasttime.

    Only a demagogue imagines that showing no fear will ensure him safe passage. Only a demagogue thinks having footage of a crime is just as good as having a society where such violent attacks are rare.

  2. Excellent clip. If this is for a new Punisher film it looks very promising.

    I do not hold too much hope for catching the thug that punched the teacher. Only if someone IDs him will the police find him.


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