Another Hero in Action

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Listen to this tough guy berate a woman:

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  1. Erugene Stahl is a 12-year veteran swine, he aggressively interrogated this 23 year old female in Jan 2013. No Miranda. Only intimidation, lies, and bad acting as he reads verbatim from the Agenda 21 snuff film script all LEO’s memorize during their anal and oral cavity creep academy training camps.

    Pehlam Pig squeals for his Job

    Erugene Stahl dolls up and sings a swine song at Kop Karaoke

  2. Heroic rendition of Blueberry Hill by Vladimir Putin

    At a St. Petersburg fundraiser for a children’s charity, the Russian Hero played a little piano and sang a little song. Audience included Kevin Costner, Goldie Hawn, and Kurt Russell.

    Putin heroically demonstrates his black belt in Judo

    Obama, the lite-in-the-loafers-hero, limp-wrists three gutterballs and then softly hits three pins that barely fall over on his way to bowling a 37

    – Who’s up for an Obama vs. Putin one on one cage match to settle this whole Syria thing once and for all?


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