Report: Feds Order National Guard to Close I-495 to Derail Trucker Protest

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Conservative group claims Department of Transportation source confirmed plan

Paul Joseph Watson
October 10, 2013

A conservative group claims it has spoken to sources within the Department of Transportation who admitted plans by the feds to order armed National Guard troops to close Washington DC’s Interstate Route 495 tomorrow in order to derail a mass protest and potential blockade being organized by a group called Truckers Ride for the Constitution.

The sensational claim is posted on the Freedom Leadership Conference website, as well as prominent conservative blog The annual Freedom Leadership Conference has previously been sponsored by the likes of Judicial Watch and Human Events.

According to Glenn Ryt, the plan to close the route that circles the nation’s capital will be implemented on Friday morning with the aid of armed National Guard troops from Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia who will use trucks, jeeps and armored vehicles to block traffic entering the Beltway.

“These sources at the Department of Transportation have advised off the record that the DOT proposal included the confident belief that the Capitol Beltway shutdown will successfully achieve the twin goals of thwarting the trucker protest scheduled for a three day period starting on Friday, as well as deal another punishing blow to what they call “the crazy wing of the GOP” which refuses to capitulate to their demands to approve a budget that includes Obamacare funding,” writes Ryt.

Demonstrators under the banner of Truckers Ride for the Constitution will arrive in DC tomorrow morning to snarl traffic as part of “a shot across the bow that will ripple across all branches of government.” 10,000 truckers are expected to continually circle the Beltway for three days, taking up two lanes and keeping a third clear to allow access for emergency vehicles.

A separate Million Vet March will also take place in DC on Sunday morning at the site of the World War II memorial which was barricaded and wired shut by the feds earlier this week.

On Saturday, Honor Flight veterans plan to break through barricades that have been placed around the Iwo Jima Monument just outside Arlington National Cemetery, setting up a potential confrontation with National Park Service employees. North Country Honor Flight executive director Daniel Kaifetz has asked for assistance from the Million Vet March protesters in allowing vets to gain access to the Iwo Jima Monument.

“Since Interstate 495 is clearly a federal roadway,” report our DOT sources, and “the federal government is now closed because of the crazy House of Representatives Republicans, it is within the purview of the federal government to add it to the list of government properties that are closed and may not be used by citizens,” claims Ryt adding that the I-95 and I-66 in Northern Virginia could also be closed.

The report seems somewhat dubious given that using National Guard troops to close the Beltway merely to counter a protest in the midst of a government shutdown could not possibly be justified by the Obama administration.

Many have accused the White House of acting spitefully in closing down numerous national parks, roads, hiking trails and memorials, and one Park Ranger even told the Washington Times that an order has gone out “to make life as difficult for people as we can.”

However, closing down a major highway surrounding the nation’s capital seems a step too far even for the Obama administration, which many charge has acted vindictively by using the shutdown as an excuse to punish the people as part of a political ploy to demonize its political opposition.

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  1. “government properties that are closed and may not be used by citizens”…. What utter bullshit. You’re fleeced to pay for their construction and then denied access to them.

    • MoT wrote, “then denied access to them.”

      Ya, it kinda cracks me up whenever I see a sign that reads, “State of ___ property, No Trespassing!”

      That’s when you know who the true owners of the land are, and it ain’t us.
      …And not even a ‘Thank-You’ from them for paying for it all. Just, Keep Out!

      • Roth. Sir….Sir!…..SIR!!!! You talkin to me? Sir, you can’t go on that land. Why not? it’s federal govt. land, no public allowed. Really? You can’t go on it, it could be dangerous. Oh yeah, what happened to it? It’s just federal land….off limits to the public. It’s not safe. It was plenty safe last year….and 50 years before that. Sir, I wouldn’t know about that, it’s just not safe now. Damn, it was fine last year when I owned it but now you’ve fucked it up and made it unsafe? When do you get off work? 5 pm sir. Who goes on after you do? Nobody. Ok then, have a good day. BTDT Ed, where’s that bucket of you know what?

        • Eightsouthman wrote, “it’s just not safe now. Damn, it was fine last year”

          The last, state no trespassing sign I saw was a brand new one under an overpass of a busy hyway.
          I wonder if they put it up so they’d have something to charge a homeless person with who’d set up for the night there?

          Eightsouthman wrote, “it’s just not safe now. Damn, it was fine last year”

          Also reminds me of the public gun rage that got a range master after decades of never having one.
          The guy really ruins the day.
          I saw ten people ask him which days he worked, which days he wasn’t there, M-W-F kinda deal.
          It just seemed to me everyone was planning on going when he wasn’t there.

          • oops, make that, Gun Range, not gun rage.

            Seems to me there’s no rage there, just fun.
            And silent contemplation.

    • @MoT – You mean your public body trespassing on public land? Like Ayn Rand said. The public is some future generation yet to be born, but it isn’t you.

  2. It’s a knot that cannot be undone? Three strings walk into a bar and order a beer. Bartender says just a sec, does a double take and then says “hey, you’re strings, you know we don’t serve strings” so the strings leave and regroup outside. One of them says “I gotta have a beer” so he fluffs one end up real good and twists himself around and walks back into the bar. Bartender says “What’ll it be?”, does the double take again and says “hey, ain’t you a string?” The string eyes him coldly and says “Frayed knot”.

      • Tor, dammit, I had a good one and realized you’d already used “tie”. I like to punch some old friends buttons who hold XOM stock by speaking of nationalization of oil. D’oh!!! Now if we could get the population down to 8 million… would only leave politicians… politicians see it. Through the eyes of the Koch brothers….and then there were two.

  3. When I was growing up. I Never knew anyone who wanted to be a Soviet.

    So I wonder why they rush headlong into being a Soviet now?

    • “So I wonder why they rush headlong into being a Soviet now?”

      Maybe they’re fucked up from drinking flouride, or from watching too much TV. It might not be a good idea to try to understand them. I just tilt my head to the side and look at their stupid asses. Hey, it works for my hound dog. That’s what she does when I act a fool.

      • Seems a good explanation as any. I used to love America, before she went evil. Even Nurse Ratched used to be just Veronica Ratched in her younger days.

        New York City used to be the freest place in the world. Viewed through the internet time machine she still is.

        Boz Scaggs performing “We Were Always Sweethearts” in Central Park in 1971

        Probably the best option that remains is to go on “take the money and run”

        • Hell of a deal ain’t it Tor? Enough crystal balls back then and that great sucking sound would have been all of US leaving. I didn’t sign up for this slavery shit but here I is.

        • “New York City used to be the freest place in the world. ”

          That’s so weird.

          From where I sit, NYC is the Heart of Darkness.

          It’s odd how things change out from under us.

          “New York City used to be the freest place in the world. ”

          I ask myself, “Really?”

          …What happened to those people?
          …And everyone else in flyover land?

          This thought will likely ring in my mind for a long time:

          “New York City used to be the freest place in the world. ”

          Those cows (and us in-between) are all cows now.

          “New York City used to be the freest place in the world. ”

          Used to be.

          • Roth, is that why I feel less bullish as time passes? Udderly lost now. Hell, I best go back to bed, have a sudden chill anyway. Go consider the sociological ramifications I guess. And it’s that damned noise. The old lady says I may not be insane, that there are places all over the world where some people can stand to be due to “that noise”. I found another. Glad CJ is asleep, it drives him bonkers, makes him look at me and whine. Yep, I want to whine back.

      • Ed wrote, “I just tilt my head to the side and look at their stupid asses. Hey, it works for my hound dog. ”

        I sooo get that.

        Gem thought of the day: “It might not be a good idea to try to understand them. ”

        Fu ck! Divert my worthless sociology background, will ya?

        You-are-spot-on with that, man.

        I need to write this down:

        “It might not be a good idea to try to understand them. ”

        “It might not be a good idea to try to understand them. ”

        “It might not be a good idea to try to understand them. ”

        That sure is a a difficult thing. I soo want to. Like unraveling a conundrum, or solving a puzzle, and figuring out a Rubix Cube.

        …It’s a knot that cannot be undone? !

    • It’s because they don’t consider it Soviet to expect “free” health care, to accept “necessary restrictions” in the name of “safety” (or for the sake of “the children”).

      They’re not conceptual mentalities. Therefore, they see no equivalence, despite the obvious. It’s a form of cognitive dissonance.

      We’re Americans – not Soviets.

      It’s the label that matters. Not the actuality.

      Team Red, Team Blue.

      Think fuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhttttttball.

      • eric, the package was that accepting the unholy tax(as if you had a choice)would result in your needs being taken care of when/if you could no longer take care of yourself. No telling how many millions or tens of millions of people are milking the system but that only happens because it’s set up that way. You need some disclaimer or otherwise to separate the people who won’t work from those tens of millions who have simply been displaced from the system at least from the time NAFTA was passed. Obviously no one listened to Ross when he spoke of all the jobs leaving and he was certainly made to look like the radical guy in the outfield by the MSM but he was correct and now everybody in the country, good, unfortunate or just plain lazy is paying the price although I say the lazy are making everyone else pay the price to some degree. But how many people that is is speculation since there are so few jobs that pay a living wage. BO has certainly done his part to help knock this country down but he is just another in a line of those who have. Maybe his worst sin has been to play the race card and he’s not really alone in that, just the first time it’s gone this direction. How anyone can support any politician at this late date though is beyond me. We wouldn’t be HERE if the voters had ever looked at voting records for anyone. Everyone sees their entitlement. I once suggested to my parents they and others who didn’t need their thousands of dollars per month SS could do a service to everyone else by not taking it. Explosion time, and I can see their reasoning. They’d paid in and this was Their money. Once again the few get rich and everybody else gets to support them. Just think about trying to attach a percent to the people who profit from war alone compared to those who pay for it. And that’s just another huge slice of the pie. Where am I going. Hell, I wish I knew, fought coons all night long. Second time I got up at 03:23 I finally caught them with their pants down….sorta. Turned on the big S barn light and waited for them to flee, 7 of the bastards and me with 3 shots….so that makes a total of 10 now. Excuse me, I’m wasted, killer headache.

    • Does ameriKan Plantation have a Gorbachev? Does exist courage to unhang the yanKee curtain and oversee dissolution of the unholy ameriKan Union?

      Mikhail Gorbachev On 20th Anniversary Of Fall Of Berlin Wall

      Gorb Quotes:
      “The market came with the dawn of civilization and it is not an invention of capitalism. If it leads to improving the well-being of the people there is no contradiction with socialism.”

      “I believe in the cosmos. All of us are linked to the cosmos. So nature is my god. To me, nature is sacred. Trees are my temples and forests are my cathedrals. Being at one with nature.”

      “The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.”

      “Americans have a severe disease. It’s called the winner’s complex.”

      “Peace is not unity in similarity but unity in diversity, in the comparison and conciliation of differences.”

      “Life is much richer and more complex than even the most perfect plans to make it better. It ultimately takes vengeance for attempts to impose abstract schemes, even with the best of intentions. Perestroika has made us understand this about our past, and the actual experience of recent years has taught us to reckon with the most general laws of civilization.”

      “I have long ago made a final and irrevocable decision. Nothing and no one, no pressure, neither from the right or from the left, will make me abandon the positions of perestroika and new thinking. I do not intend to change my views or convictions. My choice is a final one.”

      “We have retreated from the perennial values. I don’t think that we need any new values. The most important thing is to try to revive the universally known values from which we have retreated. As a young man, I really took to heart the Communist ideals. A young soul certainly cannot reject things like justice and equality. These were the goals proclaimed by the Communists.

      But in reality that terrible Communist experiment brought about repression of human dignity. Violence was used in order to impose that model on society. In the name of Communism we abandoned basic human values. So when I came to power in Russia I started to restore those values; values of “openness” and freedom.”

      “With Yeltsin, the Soviet Union broke apart, the country was totally mismanaged, the constitution was not respected by the regions of Russia. The army, education and health systems collapsed. People in the West quietly applauded, dancing with and around Yeltsin. I conclude therefore that we should not pay too much attention to what the West is saying.”

      “We had 10 years after the Cold War to build a new world order and yet we squandered them. The United States cannot tolerate anyone acting independently. Every US president has to have a war.”

      Gorbachev Resignation / Soviet Union Dissolution 12.25.91

    • Tor, really excellent post. Thank you. Not only is this a great article by dom but the people here are truly outstanding. eric, you have to be a bit proud of this at the least. I’d make it go viral if I could….and I’m trying.

    • “Urgent Call to Action! Calling All Oath Keepers and All Veterans”

      Yeah, well….I saw a big, shiny new pickup the other day with a ‘thin blue line’ sticker and an oathkeepers decal right above it on the back windshield. Let’s see now. Would he actually disobey orders to do evil to us, or would he value his place in the thin blue line more? I don’t think I want to find out.

      • RE: the thin blue line

        I read that book.
        I walked across the unitedstate/Mexico border and saw how it all was.
        And all points in-between.

        “Would he actually disobey orders to do evil to us, or would he value his place in the thin blue line more? I don’t think I want to find out.”

        I’m soo with you, Ed.

        ..But you already know what the answer is, don’t you?

        It’s plain as the Pro Libertate is day. Eh?

        “They” talk the talk, but “they” don’t walk the walk.

    • “Islam”?

      No – that’s just another bogeyman.

      The people tearing the country apart are internationalists and their god is power.

      • eric, just so that. I’ve watched a concerted effort from the immoral cabal in DC to demonize Islam. Ronnie didn’t get enough feedback to demonize S.Americans so they had to look elsewhere, people who were much less known, with unknown ways to the unwashed masses here, voila, Islam. Back in the early 70’s a couple friends(women)married a couple nice Saudi guys who needed some reason to stay in the country for the INS. It was marriages on record only but these guys were nice, worked their butts off trying to finish their engineering degrees at UT, the same thing everybody else without big bucks was doing. Another friend last year who knew OF these guys but didn’t know them personally started in on me about where they were, what they were doing, etc. as if they might be part and parcel of 9/11. It pissed me off to say the least. I finally told him they were surely married, old like us, had grandchildren and probably retired from Lockheed if they were still alive. Of course the mulcsters (my new word) in money from the sky land want everybody to paint everyone else with the same brush. Are you a staunch right leaning Christian? You must be a radical element, quite possibly a white supremacist…etc. etc., ad nauseum.

      • ““Islam”?

        No – that’s just another bogeyman.

        The people tearing the country apart are internationalists and their god is power.”

        Yeah, that needed saying again. Imho.

  4. dom, good article and thanks for it. I’m too jaded to disbelieve anything any govt. might do these days. It was a completely different thing when we shut it down in ’75 by just voluntary cooperation between the public and truckers. Everybody was on our side. There was very little negativity from the govt. back then although they attempted to denigrate our whole movement, just with words though and reluctantly even agreed we(and everyone else)had a definite beef even if they wouldn’t admit we were right.(elephant in the room: oil company subsidy) FF almost 40 years and the elite just ain’t gonna take no guff from the people of this country. Better to pit us against one another. Pointing fingers at various groups only serves the initiatives of those who seek to totally enslave us all. Don’t buy it.

    • Half of me hopes those truckers win whatever it is they hope to accomplish.

      The other half of me thinks about the results from this post, and the final line:

      Adam Kokesh: Almost All My Money Has Been Stolen

      “And so goes the life of those attempting to directly confront the state. ”

      And of course, everyone should always have the title to this article in the back of their minds at all times, a scary retarded scene, if ever there was one:

      Zombies With Guns!

      No link required, imho.

      One other thing, the statements by the “Independent” truckers associations was lame as hell, they should have just kept their pie-hole mouths shut. They come off as such rule-following-obeying panzy assed suck-ups, it’s not even funny.

      They might as well rename themselves, ‘The Dependent Truckers Association of Willing Obeyers’. Or, ‘Those Who Pray to the god of Safety’?

      I better stop, much as I can hear my former trucker friends words of discontent ringing in my ears. …Oh yeah, I know those guys too. Just a bit.
      I guess I’m well rounded?

    • 8, the idea expressed elsewhere is that this thing about the Guard being ordered to block I- 495 was bullshit. Announcing it and emailing it around was done to suppress participation by truckers.

      Anyway, who knows whether it worked or whether there are just so few independent truckers left who can afford 3 or 4 grand in fuel and a week off to make the demonstration.

      • Ed, from what I saw from NC and other places I don’t think it worked as a suppression tool. You make the point I was recently speaking of. In ’75, 75% of independent truckers went out of business and again in ’76. There has been a bit of resurgence due to some companies wanting owner/oper. in the last decade and a half or so but I doubt it’s anywhere near what it was in those days. The cost of the trip would have kept me home. On another note, I was just bs’ing with the RRRT and the subject got on marriage and how simple men are to please, a fairly funny e. Oh, BTW, I sent you an e yesterday but am not sure I had the right email so let me know. Here’s my reply to one e I think everyone here will get a kick out of. It’s the abridged version.

        Corollary for Thought for the Day
        A man should forget her mistakes, no need in him being wrong…..again

        An example of such. I spied a piece of trim off a vehicle the other day on the far side of the tank so I picked it up. Hhhmm, what in hell did those boys do now? No, it was a piece off the Cutlass door. I brought it back and tossed it down. G— says What is that? Trim off the Cutlass says I. Where was it? Other side of the tank. Bullshit she says. No, no bullshit, just a piece of trim half buried from being run over by big pickups. So how did it get over there she says? Well, I reckon it came off when you backed into that power pole that was lying on the ground. Fuck You(I know D can just hear this), I never ran into a pole….when? When you drove over…and nearly drove over me when I broke my leg. Bullshit. Ok, how do you think it got there? No answer. I never hit a pole. Oh, I beg to differ since my foot was doing that plumb bob thing and it stopped us cold. Bullshit, you’re the biggest liar in the world. Ok, I’m caught. I ripped it off the car several months ago, took it over there and half buried it just so you could call me bad names. Fuck you, you’re the biggest liar in the world. It’s a failing I have dear.

        See, we believe what we want to. Next she’ll say she didn’t decide to not go to the emergency room cause it was too late at 5 pm. And here I never knew they had “hours” until I needed them.

        Fun’s not over yet. 11 am next morning we show up at the ER after “we” are finally ready. Doc says, So when did you do this? Me, yesterday. Decide it wasn’t going to cure up? Yeah, something like that.(I’m sweating bullets, greasy ones) Doc, you look like you need some rest. Me, that would be nice. Doc writes out a couple scripts, hydrocodone and lorazapam, thanks doc, I needed that. I get to wait in the car while they fill them….all the way across town.

        We tear off, gas, brake, gas, brake brake brake. Gee, this is fun. Only 60 miles to go. STFU she says(always the lady). Ok, pull into this convenience store, I need a beer(No, I didn’t WANT a beer, I NEED a beer…or grain alcohol). Want me to go get some? Gee honey, I hate to make you get out since we just left WM where you could have gotten plenty. Let me just hop on in there. Could you just point my foot in the right direction?

        Where you headed? I’m going to drive the back roads since they’re curvy, bumpy and take a lot longer. Good thinking, hand me another beer.

        And you single guys wonder sometimes why you’re not married, just keep this for reference.

        This is the abridged version.

        • 8, yeah it’s hard to tell if it worked or not. The fact that it came from the “conservative” sites is the point. Nowadays, at least to me, the only things worth getting involved in are the little things: defense of my family, provisioning, looking out for my property, etc. I’m small time, for sure, and nothing the big shots like to drone on about matters to me. Fisheads for all of ’em.

          The “big things” like protesting this and that and fucking around with all the public circle jerkoffs of political “speech” will just fucking drain a man’s war chest and whittle his ass down to a nub for absolutely nothing. There’s no effect to be gained with all the public chest pounding or breast beating, whichever the intent happens to be.

          Yeah, boys. Go try to create a traffic jam. That’ll show their asses, won’t it? Especially since the news media will put the worst possible face on what you’re doing when they aren’t completely ignoring you, and you’ll spend most of what you need to take care of your families for several months in a pointless fuckin fart in a whirlwind “protest”.

          Goddam, has everyone lost their fuckin minds? Shitfire. Feed your younguns first, truckers.

          • Ed, drain is the correct word. I still hold my rep’s feet to the fire, probably to excess for my own good. I can’t do much more. I am and always will be highly unpopular with all these people. I’ve been hounded for what I did during the 60’s. Freedom, eternal vigilance and all that but I’m tired, don’t have the fire or fight you really need….or maybe they just learned me up a bit. Let the younger set carry the mantle for awhile. I’ll continue my tirades but should probably shut up for the old lady’s sake…and my own. I understand their frustration and it’s why I have other skills. Flat spot on my forehead And my ass.

          • 8…

            my first job, age 13, was on a pig farm / feed store operation. i chased a hog once, that i’d let get by me (same as any nfl linebacker could have…), onto, & all around, an adjacent property, which happened to be a brickyard.

            as me & the beast were running each other, the old owner of the farm could be heard bellowing after me, off in the distance, which only increased my resolve to turn that hog back.

            after about an hour, running & brick lobbing, i was done in. “drained.” the hog had more than plenty in reserve. i left it there, in that maze of brick stacks, & trudged back to the farm to “own up”.

            the old farmer was sitting in the shade, drinking something with ice in it, waiting to laugh. which he did. loud & long.

            “son,” he said, “you ain’t never gonna’ outrun a pig. so don’t even try. & don’t worry about it, either. it’ll come on back when it’s ready to have its next meal.”

            “Consider the excellent example of an absurd world captured in the following suicide note: ‘Imagine a happy group of morons who are engaged in work. They are carrying bricks in an open field. As soon as they have stacked all the bricks at one end of the field, they proceed to transport them to the opposite end. This continues without stop and every day of every year they are busy doing the same thing. One day one of the morons stops long enough to ask himself what he is doing. He wonders what purpose there is in carrying the bricks. And from that point on, he is not quite as content with his occupation as he had been before. I am the moron who wonders why he is carrying the bricks.’ ” (now parse hunter thompson’s suicide note….)

            old hands’, the relative few who manage to rediscover (not reinvent) the wheel, advice to the younger set is, or should be, along lines of that old farmers advice to me, & the advice implicit in that suicide note. not because it does much propagation/good. but because it’s the truth.

            the intergenerational disconnect, catch-22, is that advice is not discovery, & “they’ll hear it, maybe, when they can touch it…provided they believe it when they see it, & not the other way around”.

            “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” ~ napoleon, leader of the pigs, “animal farm” ~ george orwell


          • ozy, I really enjoyed that. I grew up with hogs, learned right off they were smarter than me in many ways. (I realize this is a bit off the subject but bear with me). I had been to many local, regional and inter-regional livestock shows, mainly showing hogs so I was fired up when we first went to the Ft. Worth show since it’s a big one. The first day we’re showing pigs and we all have to use the same wash barns, people from everywhere. My hogs were always chilly so it was easy for me but some of those guys, esp, the ones with little sense and no patience could be driven crazy because, quite literally, their hogs were smarter than they were. After witnessing a big row(among competitors, started by what I’ll simply terms as “Okies”)that nearly turned into a major ass-stomping(their asses), I turned to my Ag teacher and said “I never realized so many hogs were smarter than their owners” to which he replied “Shhh, don’t say it too loud, we don’t want to get another one started” and then turned and laughed. I saw him several months ago and even though that’s been 50 years ago I reminded him of it and we both got a big laugh. Yes, I know the very definition of stupid is doing something over and over and expecting different results….but then again, I’m just that fuckin stubborn. Problem being, I don’t have the proper ‘feed” to get those politician hogs back in the barn so I just try to get their attention. I guess that’s why they come after me.

          • @Ozy – Did the old man tell you about the two steers grazing on the hill? The young one looks down at the bottom, sees a group of good looking cows, and says “let’s run down there and get one for each of us.” The older steer says “let’s walk down there and get them all.”

          • gary…either you meant “bulls”, or you’ve got a subtle mind.

            the pig in my story steered me, alright. made me his steer, too. ☻

          • ozy, call me an ambulance. Ok, you’re an ambulance. Leave the 02 on, I’m dying….My dad, about 30 something year old nephew, and I are working on some project at dad’s house. We need some actual professional tools so I send N and D to my barn to get what they want. Show up later with my dad still in stitches so I have to ask the joke. My nephew’s protesting just cause he’s embarrassed. My dad says they’re looking at the herd and my N says So, why you have so many bulls? Dad says Well, we just have two. So my N is silent for a long time and then N says But all those big cows with horns are bulls aren’t they?

          • 8…. am i too relaxed, or does that sorta’ sounds like some of the women-subject talk in here! (“But all those big cows with horns are bulls aren’t they?”)

            gary…. now you’re just a little bit (more) country, & a little bit rock & roll. lol….

          • ozy, I so wish but my dad was trying not to laugh too hard and my nephew was sorely embarrassed. A city boy without a clue. He was raised in Abilene, Tx. and should have picked up something but he had a pubic education, not too many cattle on campus. I just wished he’d have stopped when I yelled “Stop, Stop, Stop’ as I saw him applying a socket to a stud holding a thermostat in an aluminum manifold. Hey, It came right out he said. Yep, only cost me several hours of going from one size to the next bigger trying to get some damned threads to take in that manifold. Him and his mother, sheesh.

          • Should have made him retap it so he’d learn something 🙂

            But speaking of thermostat bolts in aluminum get an impact driver. I started to put a socket to the ones on my car and felt immediately they would snap… so I borrowed a cordless impact driver from work and it broke those bolts free perfectly. I then purchased the corded version. (I don’t like battery upkeep)

        • 8,
          I feel your pain.
          But every woman out there seems to think that no man would ever stand for it.
          OTOH, if we look at her cross-eyed and Princess is feeling vindictive, we can end up injured and in prison.

          For all those NOT married: Build yourself; enrich yourself; the women will find YOU, believe it or not – until you’re late 30s, even early 40s, and sometimes longer than that.
          When you’re in prime time game stages (you haven’t been IGNORING women, just not dealing with their shit), you can pull the early 20s still – AND lock them down, if you want – and game her until she grows up.
          And if she never grows up – well, there’s a million girls at least turning 18 every day…

          Don’t EVER live with them. Don’t tolerate their bullshit. NEVER share the bank account.
          They wanted equality, let them earn their own way.

          See how much they like doing everything themselves, watching us grow wealthy and happy with the next generation of carousel riders.
          I hope they like cats.


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