Was Fainting Woman at Obamacare Speech Staged?

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President has used the fainting woman spiel many times before to play to crowds

Steve Watson
Oct 21, 2013

It seemed too good to be true. As the president was rounding off a speech on how Obamacare is “really good” and people should just sign up using the telephone and snail mail, a pregnant woman directly behind him began to sway and faint.

Super Obama to the rescue! The president caught the woman and ensured she didn’t fall over. Ahhh, hundreds of headlines. So, Obamacare works then I guess.

First of all, who in their right mind asked a pregnant woman to stand up in front of hundreds of photographers for a significant amount of time?

Secondly, take a closer look at the video. After turning to the woman, Obama actually turns back toward the microphone, raises his voice and says “I’ve got you.” He then turns back to her, turns back to the mic and again says “You’re ok.”

Who is he addressing? The woman who is behind him or the world’s press in front of him?

The quip then followed, “This is what happens when I talk too long.”

And cue the pandering ovation.

The president then wrapped up the speech within a minute of the unidentified woman being led away.

But, this is not the first time this has happened… or the second time… or the third time… or the fourth time… It happens ALL THE TIME. He pretty much has a prepared speech that he repeats.

Commentators have previously claimed that this could also be part an effort to appear like a kind of quasi-religious or Messianic figure.

At the very least, if these incidents are not staged, they serve to highlight how Obama routinely seizes on them to uphold his public image as a “great guy”.


  1. @ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N – good stuff, I hadn’t seen that, but it doesn’t surprise me that I’m trodding well-traveled comedic ground.

    1 UrkelObama

    2 President UrkelObama On Unemployment

    With TOTUS and BrokeBack Chris Matthews

    3 President UrkelObama On UrkelObamaCare

    4 Michelle Malkin Video About UrkelObama For Glenn Beck’s Site:
    “There’s this great graphic that floated around the internet a few years ago that went viral. And it said “the unemployment rate under Obama” [with hand gestures shows a declining Unemployment plot on the graph]. And it has Steve Urkel pointing up to it and saying: ‘Did I Do That'”

    No one catches the fact that a declining unemployment rate is in fact a good thing? This is why in 1957 Rand’s Atlas Shrugged came out. And why Chaplin’s King of New York came out. America became and continues to be the laughingstock of the world. A killing joke. These political meta-parasite shills are not legitimate humorists. This neocon gagfest is far stupider than what it attempts to lambaste.

    Right wing political clowns who make their living by commentary and mockery of left wing political clowns? That is absurd on its face. Legitimate clownery would make fun of the whole bread and circus nightmare. A circus where half the audience dies by gunshot, and the other half ruins their minds and bodies with over-processed GMO bread

    5 UrkelObama has great potential, but it is wasted. The production company that pays for Family Matters would never allow Urkel to explore what’s funny about his character. A black nerd, there’s a rare bird. But a real one nonetheless. Individuals are all that’s left to find the humor in UrkelObama. Push the envelope all the way on African violence, anti-intellectualism, difficulties in a forced culture ill-suited to their natural attributes.

    Only 450,000 slaves were brought into the US. Then they were bred like wildfire, because they were useful and profitable. Through hard work, they’ve progressed and surpassed their African counterparts. Don’t content yourself to evading the reality of the situation. The good and the bad about them. And don’t join the moronic neocons, who are often stupider and more worthless even than the lowest communist or african you can find.

    UrkelObama & FLOTUS http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3fhi6SRp11rotyko.jpg

    UrkelObama http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_TO8OGUZdN8U/SbNDAAW1kCI/AAAAAAAADhk/2iYwmp4vwu8/s400/obama-urkel.png

    PrinceObama http://i729.photobucket.com/albums/ww296/PheobesPB/ObamaHussein.jpg

    AntiTobaccoCommunists Mock Obama http://www.blogcdn.com/www.urlesque.com/media/2009/01/obama-marlboro-man.jpg
    Anti-tobacco people are far dumber than Obama. That’s straight up authoritarian/communist idiocy, to be anti-farmer/anti-farmer-industrial.

    6 Chaplin’s Tramp character explored the flaws of capitalism in a deep yet simple way. A tramp has more time for introspection and enjoying life. Philosophically, he may be a superior man to the working brutes and bosses that hold power in society, and provide for all.

    A flaw of America, is it can’t tolerate such a Tramp. The AmericanStasi’s had to kick Chaplin out of the country when he wouldn’t sign their Anti-Communist pledge. Prior to doing that, they had surveilled him, kept files on him, and attempted to destroy his credibility.

    For no other reason than he wouldn’t bow to their AmericanStasi demands. Makes you realize impoverished Communists are the lesser threat. American Bullies are the far greater menace, and still rich fodder for humor and satire as well.

  2. Maybe they need to overdo it a little. Obomber could catch three or four real fat heifers when they faint and really look heroic. Imagine if he tried to catch ol’ Sasquatch Michelle when she faints and she just falls on his ass and mashes him like a bug.

    That’d be worth seeing. I’d even watch the video. Imagine it, he’d be on the floor hollerin , “Help! Somebody get this big collard green eatin bitch off my ass!” The SS would be tryin to drag him out from under her. His fuckin suit would be ruined. ahaha.

    • Obama could use some Urkel glasses. And a catch phrase. Maybe he could use Urkel’s – “did I do that?”

      Everytime he fucks something new up. “Did I do that?”

      Fox News: “Mr President, the Obamacare website is broken. Millions of people have had their insurance rates rise dramatically. The health sector of our economy is in terrible shape.

      Obama/Urkel: “Did I do that?”

      Urkel/Obama’s Funniest Moments

      Urkel Funny Moments Season 1 & 2

    • Ed, collard green eatin my ass. What they don’t show in that garden is the hogs eatin the collard greens and MO’s smokehouse around back with all that hangin pork. I’m not tryin to put on airs myself, that makes me hungry just thinkin bout it. I bet they have one hell of a smoker pit and their own black they imported from e. tx. Back when we used to go to grain harvest, plenty black guys be selling Q they’d cook and you’d have to try to get to your motel room without buying some. Too much for me to pass. Don’t know how we ever survived w/o that govt. inspector. We just struggled though somehow.

      • 8, the best barbecue I ever had was in a little screened porch dining room of a place on the way to Marshall from Longview. They had brisket, Pittsburg hot links and whole turkeys. The “plate” the served you on was a sheet of butcher paper on top of a flat basket looking thing.

        A brisket plate had half a pound of sliced brisket, a scoop of tater salat, a fat slice of Texas Sweet raw onion and, if you asked for them, a handful of crackers. A hot links plate was just hot links (little natural casing sausages made of beef sweetbreads), raw onion and crackers. The sauce was always served in a cup on the side, never cooked onto the meat, and it was hout and sour, not sweet.

        That’s barbecue. All that sweet pork and chicken bullshit we have back east just sucks out loud for a fat man’s ass, compared to East Texas BBQ. As they say in E T, “you can’t barbecue a pig or a chicken”.

        • Ed, wish everybody here could have some of the wife’s bbq. We have a high dollar pit, a barrel lined with firebrick and my “secret” openings strategy ha ha. She cooks a brisket you can cut with a fork and uses the drippings, without the grease, to make a killer hot sauce, no sweet. People eat it till they fall out, part of her “valium” food she’s accused of making. Hell, if you’d just stop with a decent amount you wouldn’t have to pass out. Family gatherings left none nor any of the turkey I’d smoke, hot links, ribs or anything else. People would argue over it. We started making an extra so they could split it up. I pity the fool can’t bbq…..and that’s most everybody, cooked too little, too fast, too much and some old sweet sauce with no zip. without the red peppers from our garden we can’t make the really good stuff. She’s from a family of Catholic women(Waco, Czech’s), never had beef till she married me and that’s all I ever had. I taught her my version of brisket and she perfected it, took it over decades ago and I just do what I’m told. Cut this wood here, this long and split it like this. I can’t touch the wood after it’s cut and don’t even want to get too near the pit for fear of a butt-chewing. She builds her own “one match fire” and you’d better stay away and I do till it’s time to slice, generally about 10 hours later. That first half inch is purple-red and the sauce is in the bowl, take it or leave it. You don’t HAVE to go to e tx but we’re sorta hard to find.

          • 8, sounds like your wife has it down pat. On ET BBQ, that’s all I’ve ever had while in Texas. I worked all over East and some of South Texas, but didn’t go up on the high plains or into west Texas.

            I did go to Pittsburg for hot links once, but found out that you can get’em at any country store in ET anyhow. Mt Pleasant and Pittsburg are a kind of odd part of ET. I keep meaning to send off for a 20 lb package of hot links shipped overnight express. Nobody here has ever had ’em.

            The eastern sausage they call hotlinks is this awful red dyed peppery hog sausage that would gag a maggot. A man would be better off eating a damn chicken hot dog than to eat that red sausage crap they call hotlinks here.

            I would purt’ nigh whip a preacher’s ass for some Pittsburg hotlinks right now. Should never have started talking about them.

          • Ed, it’s almost comical but I know how she feels. I don’t remember what I was cooking a while back but she “touched it up” for me and really fucked up what I was doing. A big row ensued and I reminded her of how I don’t even open the pit when she cooks….and for a good reason, you can mess up what a person is doing. Never second guess the cook. E tx. is where the Kaintuck, Tennessee and Alabamans for the main part settled, different from the later immigrants that came to mid and S Tx. and different still from the ones who settled west and even more different from the ones who settled the highplains, lot of Prussian, Russian people there as well as those Slavic countries. Lots of people from Mississippi region settle E. tx. so it’s a bit different from here for sure. There is good bbq in w tx. but you can’t count on it like e. tx. where johnny come latelies don’t do it. Too often out here you get overcooked, dry, not really good tasting, all the fat is gone stuff and horrible sauce. A black guy in Slaton used to sell some righteous stuff and we’d stop there on the way back from Lubbock, even in a time pinch, just grab some and haul ass, gives you a good reason to clean hell out of the car in the next couple days since it won’t all make it back to the house, cold beer in hand, smelling that Q, perfect recipe for vehicle interior disaster….oops, grab that, goddam, grab that beer, watch whereyou’re going, eeeee, jerk, brake, grab that other beer, sauce is spilling, lots of cussing, a steering wheel that will remind you the next day if the smell doesn’t when you open the door. Don’t leave the windows down unless it’s real cold, no need to add flies to the mix…..I’ve chased a single piece of onion for two weeks…..there it is 1/8″ little cube of it. GM used to make this heavily insulated, easy on your feet flooring you could wash out with a hose. I ripped the carpet out of a Silverado and put that in, worked great.

          • Roth,sorry but I”m in the same boat. It’s 1202 in the PM as Nathan Arizona would say and all I have is meat thawing and don’t have a brisket on the place. I’m going to cook some sausage of various sorts and some home grown ground pork/beef combo burgers as well. Wish I had a chicken too, beer butt chicken, think Homer mmmmmmmm Roth, apologies again but I’m dyin too. I’ll let my mesquite get down to coals and cook 1/2 lb patties for 1.5 hrs, still be running red and juuuuiiiicy, makes me wish I had some bread, the only thing I miss eating primal.

            Ed, on TWD, a friend loaned us the DVD’s for 2-3 seasons. We’d never seen it, didn’t know anything except the basic premise. 1/2 hr into it, no commercials or breaks and we’re hooked. It gets better as it goes. When the sheriff comes up on the little girl holding her doll in the parking lot and puts a .357 between her eyes you know for sure it’s no game at that point. Your beer might get hot but not likely since you’ll need something to drink but set the Bakenettes a bit out of reach ha ha.

  3. There are no accidents in big politics. That is what all the highly paid advisers, audience and stage managers are for. And they said Reagan was a good actor.

    • GArysco, “they” say a lot of shit don’t “they”? I’ve seen several RR films, never noticed he could act for crap. He was better scripted as prez though. I just realized I missed a story I wanted to read yesterday about a tiff between MO and Okra. Anyone know where that is?

      • @8 – I liked him when he was in charge of the Screen Actors Guild and when on the campaign trail. If you can find those old talks, they were pretty good stuff. I liked watching John Wayne’s movies better though.

  4. Kim Jong Un events are more convincingly cosplayed than this.

    Barack and Michelle shilling Guiness in Moneygall, Ireland – shilling the illusion they’re a plainfolks couple just like you – 1:22 Michelle seems like a wax automaton replica of herself.

    Another whore at the capitalist gang bang and if you do a commercial, there’s a price on your head. Everything you say is suspect and every word that comes out of your mouth is now like a turd falling into my drink…

    I’m Bill Hicks and I’m Dead Now

    • Dear Tor,

      Gotcha beat.

      Former ROC President Chen Shui-bian. He used to routinely carry his paraplegic, wheelchair bound wife onto the stage in his arms during campaign rallies.


      “Not a dry eye in the house!”

      The Myth: She was deliberately run down by a “mainlander” KMT agent.

      The Fact: She was accidentally struck by a local who was a life long supporter of Chen’s own Democratic Progressive Party.

      Hold on. I think I got a “what if.” What if the main character, what’s his name?


      Terrible. Change it.

      What if, during the cave-in, he gets hit on the head and goes blind? That way, during the rally, his faithful dog who saved him

      Leads him there to give the speech. Oh, my God, I’m choked up.

      I got tears. It’s great.

      Better than great. It sings.

      Not a dry eye in the house.

      Let’s ask the writer. What do you think, Pete?

      Wow, that’s just… just about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

      Story conference scene in the film “The Majestic”

      • Bevin, Tor, Obomber’s scriptwriters may abandon the fainting woman and substitute a farting woman. Just think of the possibilities……… 😉


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