EP on The Tom Woods Show

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Here’s the audio from my appearance on the Tom Woods Show this past Monday:


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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen it, since it’s either a liquid, gelatin, or into paper, from what I’ve just read.

    I just like the freeing effect it seems to have on some people’s minds.

    I have known many who do enjoy using it, and other things, and I find their descriptions of their experiences very interesting.

    Maybe I’m imagining things, but I’ve found myself able to closely emulate “users” just by careful observation and keeping a calm open mind while in their proximity.

    I’m a full spectrum open minded anarchist who believes there’s ample space for tweakers and teetotallers alike, if only we’ll each upgrade our humanity a little.

    Let’s imagine abstainers outperform partakers ten fold. So what. Why does that necessarily mean the higher achievers get to tell the doper ne’er do wells how to live.

    Why must that mean some sewing circle society ladies get to hire thugs to force the winning class to give aid and assistance to the stoner class.


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