EP on The Chimp and the “heimat”

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The Chimp is from Texas, but he loves Germany….

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    • To borrow somewhat from Chris Rock. There are rich people and there are wealthy people. The difference is the political influence. Rich people are often attacked by the government. Wealthy people are not, or at least very rarely and then only by their political opposition.

      Remember when Bill Gates wouldn’t buy political protection? What did the government do to his company? Now Bill plays ball. He buys protection. He has a foundation to shape society in ways acceptable to old money. He went from rich to wealthy.

  1. What is being selected in November 2016 is the Prime Decider of the majority of the world. The naked misanthropy of such a barbaric pretense should give us all pause. Perhaps that is the true nature of our existence.

    We tell ourselves we are rational and understand how things work. That we know the Earth is round and that is revolves around a star.

    But what we don’t consider is that the sun itself revolves around something we can’t even see or measure. A super-massive blackhole radio source at the center of our galaxy called Sagittarius A. These radio waves are the result of ancient dead stars.

    Our unit of time is flawed. It matters not whether it is day where we can see only the single nearest star. Or that it is night, where we can see the other 200 billion stars of our galaxy.

    How is it that our sun, our “governor” is itself governed by something hidden and unknown that’s 26,000 light years away. This unknown is our governor as well. This dark order that eats stars is our true natural governor.

    The earthly nations, religious and financial institutions should not be thought of as points of light that provide us energy and light our way.

    They should be understood as bottomless devourers who will eat us up and destroy us if we don’t struggle against them every moment of our lives.

    Disaster Recovery Minister Hero Get’s A Piggy Back Ride Over A Mud Puddle

    Wry Tribute To Piggy-backing Minister Shinsuke Mutai

    Never forget that anyone who has power to rule you is most like the unquenchable devouring black hole that rules our sun as well. You can empathize with your celestial predators above you in the food chain, but you must never sympathize.

    Those who don’t read newspapers are ignorant. Those who read them are misinformed. Here’s the least worst English News in the world.

    • These cycles, including the sun around the galaxy center, were all worked out very very long ago. Something that was passed down to the ancients by those even more ancient that weren’t supposed to exist.

  2. It used to be called the Department of War. But it was only the Army. Navy had its own department, and Air Force did not yet exist.
    Now, in addition to the Department of ‘Defense,’ we have a whole separate Department of ‘Homeland Security.’ If ‘Defense’ does not provide ‘Homeland Security,’ what are they good for?

  3. I immediately said Sieg Heil at the announcement. How soon we forget (or don’t notice or care).

    But Bush, The Younger, was not alone.

    (On Truman’s Newspeak) I have always loved “Department of Defense” for the organization that bombs the hell out of anyone who annoys us (or has lots of oil, excepting Saudi Arabia, of course). Couldn’t we at least get honest about it and rename it “War Department”?

    (On Obama’s Marxist Leanings) How about that campaign slogan of “Forward”? Of course I had just read “Lenin in Zurich” by Solzhenitsyn so it was fresh in my mind. But I bet Obama read it elsewhere.

    I remember how evil the Nazis were with their night-time, no-knock search warrants and arrests. And how evil the Japanese were with water tortures. And how evil the Soviets were with rewarding informants. And “Paper, please!” where the ! was well understood. Who even remembers “Those who cannot remember….”? Everything will all be better when all us old farts croak.

    • Nazi’s eh? It goes on night and day in the US without letup……only anyone is fair game for it except the really wealthy. If you’ve been considering installing new doors and frame and parts of the wall it takes the wait out of it.


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