Georgia Heroine Goes Shopping!

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Sandra Putnam, a former “top agent” with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations racked up $87,243 on GBI issued credit cards. Not only did she use her own plastic for her lavish shopping sprees, but she also maxed out the cards of seven other employeesl.


Putnam, who was a member of the GBI’s Command Staff and ironically was in charge of the “Intelligence Unit,” managed to keep at it for at least three years. That means that she averaged close to $30, 000 per year during her crime spree. Reportedly, it required a tractor trailer to haul away all of her taxpayer-financed loot and the GBI agents who came to get it had to work through the night to complete the job.

Via the Rockdale Citizen:

Former GBI Inspector Sandra Putnam, 44, was charged on Aug. 31 with one count of RICO (Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organization) violation in DeKalb County, for the alleged misuse of a GBI purchasing card to the tune of more than $87,000. She turned herself in to the DeKalb County Jail Wednesday afternoon.

On Aug. 17, the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS), Office of the Inspector General (OIG), and Office of the Attorney General (AG) made the GBI aware of irregularities in purchasing card transactions on what is also known as a p-card. As a result of regular DOAS audits, they were able to determine that the p-card assigned to Putnam had been used in multiple transactions and showed evidence of suspected criminal activity.
Putnam, who according to her Facebook page is divorced with one son, lives in the Rosedown subdivision off of Elks Club Road. Late in the afternoon of Aug. 17, after she had left her house on Abaleia Drive, GBI agents arrived seeking evidence in the case. According to neighbors, they brought in a tractor-trailer, working through the night and into the next day, loading many items, such as house and lawn furniture, a television, and tires from her home into the trailer. After agents left, Putnam returned to her home.

On Thursday, August 18, at approximately noon, Putnam resigned in lieu of termination from the GBI.

 To date, the investigation has revealed over 350 transactions totaling over $87,000. Putnam allegedly ordered the items for personal use and had them shipped directly to her home. She allegedly altered the invoices to reflect legitimate type items being purchased and submitted those receipts into the p-card management system. depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us!

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  1. The link to the article had pic of her still using her high school hairdo. i’ve noticed lots of cops continue that long after they should have noticed they were no longer in high school. Of course now, the badges heroes have their badass look they all ascribed to……makes it hard to tell the cops from the speed freaks……but, I repeat myself…..I meant the speed freaks who can be arrested for such.

  2. I think she has a good defense if she cites the millions she’s been in the forefront of asset forfeiture. No telling what some of them have just stuck in their pockets so to speak and never reported. She’s probably learned the lesson, only rob your victims. Put her back in the job with no credit card and she’ll continue to stuff the coffers of the state. Just look the other way when she takes her “cut”.

  3. I think I prefer this straight-up theft to the normal shakedowns. Traffic law enforcement, vehicle licensing, asset forfeiture, etc. are abominations.

    At least this shit can be fought.

  4. You have to love how the heroes abuse their many, many privileges. I helped a friend out who had a coffeehouse (back before the economy died). He had a free daily coffee for uniformed or on duty heroes, the idea being we won’t get robbed if there is cops around often. Yeah right…..we still got robbed anyway……

    So how did they repay us? We would have this nasty overweight fifty something hero hitting on all the mostly cute teen- twenty something female baristas. Like they all wanted to go out with this three time divorced (we knew because he would complain about his ex’s) fat a**.

    He became a problem. So I called a meeting because it was getting dangerous for us. I had asked him to leave several times, I know my friend had too, and he would approach the women, customers too, in the parking lot. So my friend is like, how are we going to solve this? My answer, stop giving away free coffee to cops. I bet he won’t come in if he has to pay for his coffee (he never bought anything else).

    So we ended the free coffee. He stopped coming around.

    • Good story and a good moral. Don’t give free shit away and the crowd thins……quickly. It was a good way to populate this country in the beginning. Nobody got shit and if they couldn’t raise food, they starved. Of course we’re way beyond that now. The only people who do without now are the taxpayers like my wife and I who now, via the feds and state, have been robbed out the wazoo so we struggle along.

      A friend mother got the news she had cancer. Too bad for her she was 60 and white. Pay in advance or die. Her best friend was a black woman her age. She caught my buds mother crying one day and asked what was wrong. When she was told of the situation and being old and white you don’t get the same things an illegal alien who’s 18 years old with 3 kids gets……and plenty for the kids and the soon to be husband in country illegally. This nice black woman got on the phone to the same people my friend’s mother had been dealing with. 30 minutes later she walked back into the room and said “Honey, you’re all set up now”. All it took was an accent of a “minority”. This shit isn’t lost on anyone and the black woman is as incensed as anyone about it. Too bad everyone isn’t as incensed.


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