On Air With Bill Meyer, 12/1/16

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the audio clip from yesterday’s appearance on the bill Meyer Show in Oregon. We talked about self-driving cars, which really means cars driven by the government. Who else do you think is going to decree the programming?

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  1. my friend across the street owns and operates a toy store in her 150 year old train depot. She even has an operating dial telephone. A VA Tech College student came in the other day and wanted to make a local call while she was shopping there. Megan told her where to find the phone, but this college kid had no clue how to operate it…….a finger dial……couldn’t even figure out how to operate a finger dial! This “adult” was familiar with the phrase “dial a phone number”, but had no clue what it meant, or what to do. We are talking about a motor skill that was frequently practiced by 2-year-olds, really? Talk about an infantile adult, and one who cant even figure out such a simple device when looking at it!
    The animated film WALL-E was supposed to be a parody of what we DON’T want humanity to digress to. And Yet, this is precisely what our children and their peers are turning into. My children are in their mid-to-late 20’s, and fortunately spent enough time with me to actually lean how to master their environment, and why they should be able to do so, rather than to be manipulated by everyone, and everything around them. If i don’t live long enough to be the first to be incarcerated for thinking and doing things for myself, they will be. And I can tell you right now, they do not like to be bullied, and they will fight back!


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