Reader Qs (July 28, 2017)

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Here are the latest Reader Qs – long with my answers!

Mark asks: 

What is your take when our “Heroes” use the “driving is not a right but a privilege” BS – and then proceed to violate our rights with impunity?
My reply:
This is a two-parter. There is a legalistic and a moral answer.
Legally, driving – technically, operating a motor vehicle – has been decreed a conditional privilege, subject to regulation and so on. But it is a tiered privilege – with one set of rules for us and another (more lenient) that applies to the “heroes” who enforce these rules (laws) on the rest of us.
For example, mandatory “buckle up” laws, no window tint laws, laws forbidding “speeding” and so on. Those who enforce these laws routinely violate these laws – and do so with impunity. The old saying, who watches the watchmen comes to mind.
And the answer is, unfortunately, no one.

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