What Hannah Arendt Wrote About

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The once-famous author Hannah Arendt wrote about the Nazis, in particularly about the banality of evil.  What she meant was that the Nazi thugs – out of their threatening uniforms and defrocked of their authority to brutalize people – were almost to a man shabby little cretins, of inferior stock – their pretensions to Aryan godhood notwithstanding.

Today’s government thugs – law enforcers, as they style themselves –  are cut from the same cloth.

It is no accident that as that term – law enforcer – gained currency and as the idea of keeping the peace slipped into history – the outfits and accoutrements worn by these inheritors of the Nazi (and Soviet) tradition begin to look a lot like the uniforms and accoutrements once worn by their historical forbears.

They need this gear, one supposes, to make them feel tough – and to cow the cattle, of course.

But it says much about who they are – and the nature of their work – that  they must wear black uniforms, campaign hats and opaque sunglasses. That they feel the need to intimidate people.

These are not peace officers.

And it is no accident that the physical type attracted to this profession increasingly resemble Ernst Rohm.

One day – one hopes – they will also be shorn of their menacing outfits and placed in the dock, their flabby shabbiness and banality obvious to all.

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  1. Nobody ever asks the cretins “Why do you have a problem with me filming you? What are you doing that you don’t want the camera to record?”. I’d like to see that just once.


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