Tsunami Alert!

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Next week, I’ll be on InfoWars again – this time, to talk about GM’s shivving of me for not being gay and something other-than-white and male. It’ll be Thursday, 10:30 east coast time. This story could – and should – go big. Not because Poor Me and no more GM cars to test drive (officially) but because this business has got to be stomped.

If it’s not, you could be next.

All of us are in peril. Of living in a retake of East Germany, with better gadgets. But the same Angela Merkel-esque fraus browbeating us (and perhaps worse). Have a look at Mary Barra – the head frau over at GM. She could be ex-Stasi agent Merkel’s doppelganger!

Anyhow, it ought to be fun. I am – like OJ – on the loose!

What else?

I’m going to order a fresh batch of EPautos magnetic badges, if we make it to the Green Zone this month. We are close. Have a look at the pie chart on the main page. About 40 percent to go and there’s about 10 days left in the month.

Remember: It’s not just about the cool nick knacks. You guys make it possible for me to expose what’s going at GM – and other such stuff. This would not be possible were I a galley slave at Road & Track or something much more awful, such as The Washington Post (is Warren Brown’s mummy still doing reviews?).

So, first, thanks to all who’ve stepped up. And – pre-emptively – thanks to those reading this who will.

What you’ll get in return for supporting EPautos is honest journalism. You may not agree with my take, you may find me outrageous at times. But you will never find me taking a check from the car companies (like that tool I wrote about last week, who might as well be an employee of Tesla) or taking a dive to save my press car privileges.

I’ll go the mattresses, every time.

And it’s you guys who make it possible.

So, thanks!

If you like what you’ve found here, please consider supporting EPautos.

We depend on you to keep the wheels turning!

Our donate button is here.

 If you prefer not to use PayPal, our mailing address is:

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PS: EPautos stickers are free to those who send in $20 or more to support the site. Also, the eBook – free! – is available. Click here. Just enter you email in the box on the top of the main page and we’ll email you a copy instantly!



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  1. I hope you meant the “wrestling mats’ and not the bedroom mattresses, lol! Much as I like you, I ain’t helpin in that department!
    BTW, if I haven’t already sad this here, Regarding our eastern-block-wannabe leaders, the Caucesceus, got theirs, and we can even watch it on YouTube, Yeah! The pricks here know that we won’t keep takin it up the arse indefinitely, so don’t think they don’t know they could get theirs someday soon, too!


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