Latest Radio: “Investing” in EVs

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Here’s the audio clip of yesterday’s chat with Bill Meyer over at KMED radio in Oregon. We talked about the car industry, through its lobby, urging states to “invest” in electric cars – on the California model:




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  1. The state of Kalifofnicatia Needs a king-size condom to keep it’s diseases from infecting the rest of the country! What do expect from the home of the City of Sanfran-faggots?

    • Hi Graves!

      The gays don’t bother me (as such). Leaves more women for us, eh? Assuming we wanted them, of course!

      But, seriously: My objection is to the economic and engineering illiteracy. No, it’s worse than that. Ignorance has an element of innocence; they know not what they do. These people know exactly what they do – and that makes them especially contemptible as well as culpable.

    • Graves, it is a shame what it has become. Of course you can say that about all states to some degree. In the 50 years that have passed since I first saw Ka., it’s really become an eyesore, esp. on the coast that needs a good cleaning. The worlds largest twister that picks up all that litter along the coast and takes it out to see, should make some good fishing in a year or two.

  2. Right, and try to tell Law Enforcement that Utah, specifically S.L.C. (home of the Morons), doesn’t dictate the legal B.A.C. nationwide!


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