Reader Rant: Buy an “Affected” Diesel VW? Hell Yes!

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Here’s the latest reader rant, along with my reply!

Michael writes: You might want to advise her (Mike refers to my broke friend, described here) to buy a VW diesel. I did. Plenty of them around. After watching the Dirty Money episode 1 on Netflix, where they accused VW of attempting to re-create Auschwitz . .  well I had to have one of those. So I could do my part to gas out the enviro-Nazis. I went out earlier this year and bought one. Had only 47 miles on it. Best car I have ever owned. It gets 44 miles per gallon average.

My reply: Excellent  . . .release the hounds! I concur – and encourage anyone looking for a superb car that is a better car than any hybrid or electric car on the market to do exactly as you suggest. I have mentioned this before, but one more time:

Over the course of 20-plus years of test-driving new cars, the only cars which outperformed the EPA’s city/highway estimates were TDI-powered VWs. I test-drove several TDI-powered Jettas that delivered 50-plus MPGs on the highway, nearly as good as a hybrid Prius but with better performance at lower cost and with less hassle. And the TDI Jetta could go 700 miles on a full tank – and refill and be on its way in 5 minutes.

Try that with a Tesla or Leaf!

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  1. My cousin’s step kid loves his. So much he felt it worth rebuilding after the timing belt went. He says it’s like a brand new car again (which in a lot of ways it is). Pretty good for a car with over 200,000 miles on it. Still doesn’t have the DEF tank on it. Gets over 50mpg in some types of driving. Doesn’t drive it like an old lady either.

    Wasn’t a cheap rebuild, but still far less then a new car. He will get another 200,000 miles out of it.

    • Hi Steve,

      Yes, a big mistake.

      The car would pass AZ or any other state smog test. The issue was with federal/EPA compliance testing – a whole ‘nother thing! No state has yet said it will illegalize a TDI-powered VW

      • Indeed, my state doesn’t require diesel autos to be emissions tested. And I get 40 mpg on mixed driving AFTER the “fix”.


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