African American Teenage Lobsters

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Caityln Jenner, et al, insist they are “she” rather than “he” on account of how they feel inside – as opposed to what’s between their legs (or was) as bestowed by nature.

In other words, reality is fungible.

In other words, there is no such thing as objective reality.

We are what we feel and say we are – and others are duty bound to accept it. To embrace it. Bruce – um, Caitlyn – is not mentally ill. An eccentric. A latter-day Dr. Frank N. Furter.

She is who she is because she says so. And we are obligate to share her delusion. Er, assertion

This raises a number of interesting questions. Is arithmetic also a matter of opinion, of feeling? Does 2 plus 2 equal 5 as much as it equals 4? If Bruce can insist that he is in fact a she – and if we are compelled to believe it – then why shouldn’t we also believe that 2 plus 2 equals 5?

This will have repercussions which transcend the cash register.

If Bruce can insist he – she – is Caitlyn and actually female and not a six-foot-two man in a dress then why can’t I insist – and others be compelled to accept on the same basis – that I am a crustacean? Specifically a lobster. I have known it since I was a shoft-shelled larvae but had to hide my true self from the cruel bipedalarchy and toxic mammalinity which has oppressed the crustacean minority lo these many years.

At last I feel free to “come out” as my true self. Do you see my claws? Are they not impressive?

It does not matter whether you see them. Or even whether they exist. I am not ill. Tetched in the head.

Just like Caitlyn’s lack of female chromosomes and natural bits and pieces are irrelevant – so we are told – to the question of male – or female – the fact that you can’t see my claws and exoskeleton and compound eyes is immaterial to my assertions that they exist.

You must believe – and accept.

Or else.

That part isn’t de jure – yet. But is de facto. To disbelieve in the femaleness of Caitlyn is to hate “her.” Which also implies a desire to harm her.

Or so the logic goes.

This “hating” – even if not accompanied by any action – will soon constitute an offense in law.

It is not enough to accept – as Libertarians do – that any of us is free (or ought to be free) to dress however we like, call ourselves whatever we like, even modify our bodies however we like. After all, they are ours.

The issue isn’t the freedom to be a weirdo.

The demand is that others accept the non-objective; that they deny reality and pretend that 2 plus 2 does equal 5 when it is asserted that it does.”

To disbelieve it is a failure to “embrace diversity.”

In fact, it is to embrace insanity.

At gunpoint, if necessary. As will probably be necessary. As has already become necessary in several countries in Western Europe and Canada where it is a officially punishable “hate” to deny that he is in fact a she.

Back to my lobster musings.

I insist upon equal treatment for my special needs – for example,  a brine tank made available to me and those like me (there will be more) at every “public” place.

Why not?

If Bruce – whoops, Caitlyn – can use the cudgel of the law to force the owner of a restaurant or bar or other such “public” place to allow her to use the women’s room then I see no reason why I ought not to be similarly accommodated.

They – and you – must accept my exoskeleton.

Unless, of course, the place is racist toward my species.

The rights of many other oppressed peoples – and things – have been under duress for generations by unfair social convention and insistence upon the existence of a one-size-fits-all tool of oppression called “objective reality” by those who use this construct to maintain their cruel hierarchy of privilege.

And by the way, I am also an African American lobster.

You may not be able to see my lovely ebony hue, but it exists in my mind (per Rachel Dolezal) and therefore – it exists. As real as Caitlyn’s homogametic XX chromosomes and forget what used to be between his (oops, sorry… her) legs..

What matters is her perception of herself – her feelings about who she really is. Not what she actually is.

Do not be a hater.

Hundreds of years of maltreatment must be redressed. Think of the boiling pot, the horrific spectacle of all my brothers through the ages, yanked from their kith and kin, caged and bound for the Dark Passage leading, ultimately to someone’s dinner plate.

To be chosen from a menu. To be put on display, in a tank. Our screams unheard, our pain ignored. . . I am thinking reparations are due. Some sort of compensation for our grievances, which are many and just.

I am also a teenage African American lobster – and I much prefer the company of teenage females, both crustacean and mammalian. I am not a bigot, after all. And neither should you be. Laws forbidding me to date my peers – to attend the junior high prom with my chosen date – are as vile as miscegenation statutes. We don’t beat up African Americans for dating white girls anymore and surely no mature, evolved person will object to lobsters dating outside their race – and age group.

All these outdated and mean-spirited notions rigidly defining who we are according to someone else’s or “society’s” perception of who are as defined by that ossified construct called objective reality must be done away.

Bruce – I mean Caitlyn – is showing us the way, like Harriet Tubman and Dr. King.

We Shall Overcome!

. . .

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  1. I really do believe you are what you say.

    So, the most important question here, Mr. Eric Crustacean, is: are you delicious in melted garlic butter? Also, do you have any friends that identify as Angus bovines? If so, I’d be happy to eat -er – meet them too.

    (this was a joke; I’d never eat a Libertarian) 😉

  2. I’m shocked we haven’t seen any nudes and/or sex tapes of Caitlyn yet. Just about the entire “family” has nudes and sex tapes posted online. I bet the pecker is still there…..

  3. Americans are submissive slaves that beg for their chains now.

    Everyday the elites build their prisons, increase their arsenals, loot the country, chip away at freedom, expand their wars, increase the debt, and become stronger and wealthier.

    Everyday the 99% becomes more weak, stupid, fat, divided, degraded, degenerate, dependent, enslaved, and immoral.

    If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

    If you are not part of the resistance then you are the enemy.

  4. As for the African American part of the title — I was talking with my fiancee last night over dinner about the ethnic identity thing. My fiancee and all her siblings are fairly light-skinned African Americans because some of their male ancestors who owned other of their female ancestors imposed themselves sexually (aka raped) upon them.

    Anyhoo, one of her relatives, who was very light-skinned for an African American, moved to Florida in the 70s and married a white guy and passed for white. No one ever questioned this choice of ethnic identity, which allowed her to escape some of the prejudice that she would have otherwise encountered. But, to pass, she had to pay a humungous price. She had to cut off all contact with her family. No family pictures — no visting family members — never ever talk about her past or her relatives. She basically skipped town without telling anyone, so everyone wondered for decades whether she had died or what. The rest of her family only found out about it because toward the end of her life she sent letters with no return address to one relative who was sworn to secrecy.

    I’d suggest pondering how a column like yours would be received if a KKK member had copied it, changed the details to be about this person who passed and made it about ethnic identity instead of gender identity, but otherwise mostly left the wording unaltered.

    I have the uncomfortable suspicion that that revised column might, with some minor changes in word choices and sentiments and whatnot, be well received on white nationalist / neo-nazi websites.

    • Jim,

      While you’re at it, don’t you have a beef with lobsters being boiled alive?

      I fear you’ve completely missed the point of the article.

      • I apologize for the tone of my comment. It came across kinda harsh. My point was that the wording of the article made me feel like it could be twisted around by hostile leftists writing elsewhere, and unjustly denouncing Eric as a bigot for stating his sincerely held beliefs.

    • Jim, as it turns out, mostly known because of the Human Genome Project, we’re all “African-Americans” if we live in this country. Humans evidently at one time came from the same area in Africa.

      I mean man, I’m as white as you can get but I’m African DNA and live in America so………

      • Hi Eight,

        I really like this bit about transchronological-ism… I insist it is still 1976…. no seatbelt laws, I can fly without being fondled… real American Coke with sugar in it…

        • eric, the world in which I grew up bears no semblance of today, not one damn thing. There were drive-in eateries, grocery stores, service stations and truck stops, two lane highways and nice people everywhere with almost no badged people, and no such term as “law enforcement”.

          Friday and Saturday nights we did what we could get away with, which was fairly much anything that didn’t involve property damage. The sheriff would watch two guys duke it out and then maybe take them to the truck stop and buy em some iced tea and get em both laughing. It truly was a whole ‘nother world.

          I’m an expert on how many teenagers would fit in the trunk of various automobiles since we’d pool our money and present as few people visible getting into the drive-in theater. Once in you could do whatever you wanted as long as you were chilly and no cops roamed through looking to screw with you. When the movie’s were all done, probably you’d be much better off if you didn’t do a burnout leaving but it wasn’t an automatic ticket to jail nor was drinking and driving. Having the DPS or sheriff pour your beer out one at a time was a severe blow.

          Hell, we had real ice cream back then not to mention home made. Coke was really Coke and Dr. Pep was really Dr. Pep and we sometimes drank ROC Cola as we called it. I think that was maybe due to the influence of Brother Dave Gardner, a most irreverent comedian who poked fun at the South he’d grown up in. If you ever find the album(I think you can get it from Amazon(the enemy), Rejoice Dear Hearts, be sure and pick it up. I can guarantee you’ll laugh. He was a live wire, up until he wasn’t alive, which was pretty young, like 45 or so.

          And Peggy Sue…..lived just down the road from me…and inherited the land 200’ from where I sit and Help me Rhonda….was my cousin…who was killed in a pedestrian/auto accident last year, a really nice person. Nobody had even considered Shaniqua or some such name.

          One of my best friends was black, none of us were quite sure where Africa was at the time. He was naive and a really funny guy who went off to college in the metroplex where some sorry a-hole relieved him of his wallet and his life.

          I never said life was perfect back then but it was hugely more mannerly and honest. I miss shit out of it and am glad I won’t live to see the total shitstorm coming…..and then again, maybe I will. I probably won’t even be named other than that old man who held off SWAT teams sent to get my place(We Ain’t Comin Out). Fuck you Francis Scott Key and Abraham Lincoln…..George Washington too.

          • I know it, 8. Fuck Abe Lincoln especially and Alexander Hamilton too. BTW, did you ever hear tell of a cadejo? Maybe they only have them in South Texas, but they are supposed to be this big black hellhound looking thing with red eyes.

            • Ed, I have seen things that would leave most men speechless. Ok, that’s a lie but I have seen…..and killed, what, at the time, according to searches I did online, an animal similar to a coyote called a chupra cabre. This was in 2002 and I had never heard of such. I saw what I thought was a coyote with mange….but all fucked up. My Leopold scope, a 3x9x 50 showed me a really messed up coyote at 200 yds. I kill coyotes since they’re such a pest, killing my cats and calves. I shot it, with a .243 and it went down. I got to it and it was black with barely any fur on the sides but long, coarse fur on the back, jacked up rear legs, canine incisors that rested outside the muzzle. I didn’t know what to make of it but it wasn’t a coyote for certain. I do to the internet and the best thing I can come up with is the chupa cabre, a mythological animal(bullshit, it couldn’t dodge a .243)that blah de blah de blah. For reasons I couldn’t explain, I failed to take a pic of it. A couple months later, I see the same thing and shoot it. It’s a bitch whereas the first was a dog.

              I had heard(since my first kill) that chupa cabre were going north and finally had a pic on the net showing just what I had shot.

              So last year I was hauling out north of Albany, Tx. and came across one crossing the road. When I passed by it hid behind a bush so I just noted the place I saw it and kept on trucking.

              I mentioned it to the boss and he had a little smile so I described it and said I’d killed two others in 2002 near my home and if they were mythical they didn’t stand up to a .243 very well, eliciting a chuckle. I don’t care what anyone thinks about the damned things. I have killed 2 and last winter, one that had probably been shot and had a terrible wound on it’s neck came up to avoid terrible cold weather and established itself on the breezeway. The wife hollered “there’s a coyote on the breezeway(the thing between the barn and house) and then she said , It’s a chupa cabre. The breezeway is all glass so shooting isn’t an option. I use a shovel and other things trying to drive it out. I feel terrible about this. It’s just an animal that’s in bad physical shape and simply trying to survive. I managed to rope it and drag it outside where I put it out of its misery. It had a big wound on its neck and its anus was open and leaking badly. I take no pride in offing this animal but it was necessary.
              So yes, I believe in chupa cabre since I have killed 3 but don’t blow off the existence of other “mythical” animals.

              When I told the local vet about killing the last chupa cabre he had this shit eating grin on his face. All I can get from that is he needs to get out more. He’s taught me a lot over the decades but he needs to be more open to things he’s not aware of.

              I have no idea the creature you speak of is real or imagined but due to many YT videos I’ve seen of supposedly mythical creatures, I’m inclined to believe it exists.

              Lots of things make me believe something can exist if I don’t see it in person. Flights to the moon…….not so much and they had lots of shit to…..look at……

              • I don’t doubt you. People have made up a lot of stories about chupacabras, and I suspected that they were just another canine species that little was known about.

                I think that cadejos are some kind of spiritual beings, if the things I read about them are to be taken seriously. Some of the Tejano stories are more about spirits than about real animals I think.

                I was reading the account of a trucker who saw something while driving at night between China Spring and Whitney. The way he described it was like a human but as different from us as those things you shot are from a coyote.

                Of course the writer telling about what the trucker said opined that it was a skinwalker, but that’s a spirit from Navajo tales.

                It’s a big country out there and there’s lots that we don’t know.

                • Ed, being out in the dark of night a lot I see things almost nobody sees. I won’t swear to the authenticity of anything unless it’s where I can touch it. That’s the case of the chupacabre. Damned sure wasn’t a coyote, something I kill every chance I get. I was up a few days ago at 4:30, out there in the dark trying to shoot a coyote(a real coyote) after my cats. I need another hand or a flashlight mount on my AFR to be successful.

                  It was in the winter of 14-15 when I was hauling to a pumping station 10 miles NE of Midland when I came on this big red dog/wolf looking thing. I was going slow due to a rough lease road so I got a good look and it wasn’t scared in the least.

                  I mentioned it to the boss later who was already familiar with them. He said some a-hole in N.M. had cross bred a red wold and a coyote and had unleashed loads of them out there and in N.M. Yes, I know red wolves are supposed to be extinct but a buddy and I came across one NW of Sweetwater, Tx. in some really rough territory in 1980. What can I say? It was a huge red wolf. I doubt it had heard it didn’t exist any longer.

                  The TPWD seems to think they know it all but they’re not out there in the boonies day and night all the time. I was…and will be again. It’s fairly amazing the shit you see in the far reaches of the patch at all hours.

                  • I’m pretty sure I saw a red wolf, too, back in ’96. I was driving at night to go pick up a puppy that my wife didn’t want sent by plane. I saw the wolf just standing at the edge of a treeline on a slope.

                    The funny thing is that I was in Connecticut, driving to Rhode Island.

          • Hello 8. Funny that you brought up RC Cola after a recent discussion here at this site about Mexican Coke made with real sugar. It has been years since I have even seen any RC Coke cans in any vending machines or on store shelves (although I admit to not shopping for soda’s very often), so I did a little searching and discovered that you can indeed buy RC Cola made with real cane sugar at Amazon. It even comes in glass bottles. It is pretty costly though: .
            Also, you can view old Brother Dave Gardner videos on Themtube:

            • Brian, bless your heart man. I didn’t know about RC or Brother Dave on YT. I have to check both out. If anyone has never heard the Motorcycle Story, they’re missing some funny stuff. BD was a story teller deluxe. All the different voices he did were hilarious. I loved to hear him sing On Top of the World. He changed the lyrics but it was a toe tapping ride.

      • Right on, brother! Me too.

        My first cousin (maternal) had her DNA analyzed by 23andMe. I know, what was she thinking? Anyway, it turns out she has some African and Jewish ancestry on the mother’s side. I guess that means I do, too.

      • I love to piss off negroidal types when I remind them that Charlize Thereon, a white woman whom emigrated from her native South Africa to the USA to further her acting career, is very much an “African-American”, and likely more “African” (or at least Afrikaaner) than most of them!

    • Hi Jim,

      I tried to be – and hope I was – very careful to separate out “hating” anyone on account of their personal choices (assuming they cause no harm to others) or sex or who they have sex with (assuming adults and consenting) and ethnicity/race – which hatred would be cretinous – and hating being told I must deny objective reality about such things as a person being male or female else I am a “hater.”

      I see this business as very much of a piece with the efforts to demonize those who question “climate change” as deniers.

      I was talking with a friend tonight and asked her: If I insisted I am Napoleon (and assuming I really believe I am Napoleon) is she obligated to address me as emperor? And if she doesn’t, is she a “hater” and “closed minded”?

  5. Hi Eric,

    I respect that these are your sincerely held beliefs. Like all beliefs, they are subject to a reality check from the physical world. Here’s my reality — my youngest kid, who was born biologically female, feels that dressing and identifying as a woman feels really weird and offputting. So, this youngest child, who is a teen adult, has asked people to be addressed as “him”, not “her” — has changed their name to a male name — has been taking male hormones for a couple years now, and now has a more androgynous appearance and voice — has had a double mastectomy to get a more male looking chest.

    As a firm believer in self-ownership, I supported him in all these changes after talking it over and making sure this wasn’t some passing fad he’d regret. The alternative, opposing him in these acts and triggering him and his siblings to exercise their right of free association and ostracize me was one consequence I really didn’t want to suffer. The fact that he endured a great deal of discomfort binding his chest with a tight band for several years until he was old enough to get the mastectomy was strong evidence that he really meant he wanted to do all this.

    Now, if he were to insist that I say that he has male genitalia and is incapable of getting pregnant — I’d draw the line there because that would be delusional. But the fact that he feels more comfortable acting and identifying as male in public and private — that’s not delusional, that’s him expressing his inner feelings. Basically, one could say he is a very butch looking lesbian who wants a male name, including a male pronoun when it would be awkward sentence construction to use that first name instead of “he” or “him”.

    So, here’s my respectful question to one of only two writers on my computer’s bookmark bar (the other is — would you have written this column if you had a biological female child who did the same thing? Would you have chosen ostracism by the entire rest of your family?

    • Hi Jim,

      Ostracism? Absolutely not. Nor shaming. My objection is the insistence (by some) on the denial of objective reality; that a person with an XY chromosome and a penis isn’t a biological male because he insists he’s not – just as Rachel Donezal is a caucasian female, no matter her claims to the contrary. Just as I am not a teenaged African American lobster! 🙂

      No “hate” coming from me; I assert no ownership over others and so respect that others are free to do with themselves as they wish, provided they aren’t hurting others.

      I think it is important – very important – to defend objective reality. If not – if 2 plus 2 becomes 5 because someone insists it is 5 and feels that it is – then 2 plus 2 can be . . . anything. And – as someone else astutely observed – once you cease insisting upon objective facts, you have ceded everything to … them.

      The control freaks who are using this business as another way to assert . . . control over us. Over everything.

    • I struggled with the idea around 2012 or so when the lead singer of Against Me began transitioning. Told my boyfriend at the time not to wait 10 years to tell me he thinks he’s a chick. After listening to Transgender Dysphoria Blues repeatedly (it’s a really goddamn good record) and checking out some of the interviews they did.. I wouldn’t hold it against them. I don’t doubt their reality. Can’t imagine going through some shit like that being terrified to tell anyone. Lost their wife who initially was willing to move forward with it, lost their long-time band members, risked losing their kid. It wasn’t a decision that came easily, I’m sure. Do what’s good for you. Biology and hormones and whatnot plays into it all. It’s not really a woke up one day and just felt like being the other gender thing.

      The argument here I guess isn’t all that different from back when people started getting sick of the rainbow pride parades. Jamming it down everyone’s throats. Gets annoying if you don’t agree with it. Worked with army guys who talked about the trainings they were forced to go through to be accommodating of it. They found it laughable. I would’ve been more sensitive to it having known what those folks go through.

      We can thank social media for the sensationalism of it all. Could probably all get along just fine if they didn’t have to turn everything into some self-righteous cause.

      No different to me rejecting piggies as respectable authority figures and heroes. They’re applauded by society and protected under hate crime laws now too. I disagree, but… what are we allowed to say about it really.

      • Morning, Moose!

        Per my back-and-forth with Jim: I have no animosity toward people who are “transitioning” – or any other such thing – provided I am not expected to deny reality, to really see that O’Brien is holding up five fingers rather than four. A biological male is biologically male. I would never abuse a man who decides to “transition” into female attire and assume the appearance of a woman. I would never support or defend laws against such a thing. A person owns himself or herself and has every right to do whatever they like with themselves, so long as what they do does not impose an obligation on me.

        This certainly includes things which are not “normal” or considered strange and which may even be indicators of psychological/emotional problems.

        But it is not abuse – much less hate – to stand firm and insist that a man who has “transitioned” is still a biological male. To force people to pretend otherwise by threatening them with the “hate” label is exactly of a piece with hurling “racist!” at those who dare to criticize Affirmative Action and a taste of Stalinism that is rancid on the tongue.

        In all seriousness: If Bruce is a woman because he says so and has made some modifications to his body, are people also obliged to call me emperor if I assert that I am Napoleon and wear the appropriate outfit, cut my hair – and so on?

        • The male/female biology isn’t that cut and dry, though. I mean, there’ve been women who’ve been banned from competing against other women in sports because their naturally occurring testosterone levels were higher than average. Doesn’t make them a man. Means there’s not one naturally set standard for men and women physiologically… the idea of it all being male/female was something that was decided by society before they knew what they know now. Sexuality isn’t all flat-out gay/straight. There’s more to it biologically.. studies keep coming out on it, someday you might see it differently.

          • Hi Moose,

            I think the biology is.

            XY or XX.

            Yes – absolutely – some women have more (or less) of a given hormone; look and act more or less feminine. As also men. But Chaz Bono is still biologically female. “She” has XX chromosomes and was born with a vagina. Bruce is biologically male. XY, penis. If their bodies were found and had to be identified post mortem (as in a crime case) there would be no question as to their respective sex. MRIs of their brains would also be (IIRC) determinative as far as establishing sex.

            I understand they feel differently. But that is not the issue. One can feel almost anything. It does not make it so in fact.

            The only in-between is the case of the hermaphrodite – but that is a birth defect.

            I agree with you on sexuality – but that is also a different thing. A woman (or a man) can be attracted (in varying degrees) to both sexes (or just the opposite sex) and I agree that every point on the continuum exists and is probably normal…regardless, it does not change the sex of the individual. It is a question of orientation. I’ve dated bi women. But the fact that they were attracted to women doesn’t make them not-women, nor sort-of men. They are women who are sexually attracted to both men and women.

            This seems straightforward to me. If I’m off base, I’m open to convincing… and (again) I don’t criticize anyone’s orientation or even their decision to pretend to be a man when they are biologically female or a female when they are in fact biologically male. So long as they don’t demand I share their belief and call me a hater for sticking with the facts.

            Otherwise, I may insist I am in fact Napoleon – and demand that they treat me as if I were! 🙂

            • But that’s what I’m saying, there’s more to it than XX and XY, it’s not what folks were brought up learning it was..because the studies were less evolved..because society was less open to even the thought of it.


              It’s not much different than any other time when you’re a kid and you’re ready to crawl out of your skin because you know something’s off with your body but your parents and teachers tell you that you must be faking it just because they can’t see it for themselves..and now the science starts coming out to prove all the hell those people had gone through before finding the nerve to make peace with who they are.

              • Hi Moose,

                I am fine with anyone “identifying” as whatever they like – even the lobster-identifying! 🙂

                The issue I have is with the attack on objectivity – on reality. If Bruce is a woman – really is female, as much as any other – because he feels he is and says he is – then I see no reason why 2 plus 2 cannot also equal 5 or 10 or anything at all, provided one feels it does and insists that it does.

                And – per O’Brian – if everyone agrees it does, then it does.

                But I am with Winston. Objective reality is real. Sanity is not statistical. And 2 plus 2 equals 4.

            • Both Bruce (Caitlyn?) and Chaz are unfortunate, mentally diseased persons whom deserve to be pitied, ignored, and AVOIDED, not celebrated for the freak shows they’ve become.

    • Your FEMALE child’s dysphoria is the result of social engineering (mass psychological manipulation) that started before you were born, and enforced by the indoctrination system known as public school, and supplemented by television. God help HER if SHE ever reverses the psychological manipulation after the permanent mutilation you subjected HER to, because SHE will surely resent you forever for the CHILD ABUSE you subjected HER to. You should be imprisoned for inflicting such grievous harm on an innocent person whose care you are responsible for.

      Statistics show HER suicide is coming, so you better get ready for that.

      • So that thee is no misunderstanding, I don’t care what a person who is 26 years old or older does to their body, so long as it does not harm anyone else (spouse, dependent children). Why 26? Because that is the first year a human brain is BIOLOGICALLY capable of making sound decisions, not any years before that.

  6. Everyone’s heard of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Well, as all major forms of cancer, heart disease, child diseases and …well, everything… has evidently been cured, Mayo is now the country’s premiere care center for “gender dysphoria”:

    Here’s a local story in Rochester singing Mayo’s praises:

    Yes, for all of your “gender dysphoria” needs, think Rochester, Minnesota and the vaunted Mayo Clinic!

  7. This article has set my mind to wandering (as it is prone to do), specifically wondering how this push toward the subjective and/or complete abandonment of reality can be worked toward a positive goal. I believe that I have come up with a solution to a multitude of problems shared by my automotive inclined confreres, as well as myself.

    Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to step forth and utilize the system against itself, by simple manipulation of their own precedents: We were assigned to the wrong time period by nature. Our systems cannot tolerate laws and restrictions placed upon our cars (which we have a genetic attraction to) after 1979 (or earlier – my personal clock stopped in ’74 with the 351 Cleveland). As transchronological beings, it is Uncle’s civic duty to cater to our whims, is it not? I believe that Uncle must now mandate that Ford resume production of the Fairlane Thunderbolt, as I need it to preserve my mental well being.

    If Bru….Caitly……Whatever can play this game, so can I. Am I on to something?

    • A 351 eh? An engine with no adjustments and shitty breathing. That clack clack clack is the shitty valve train and lifters. Put your foot in it for a long time and it breaks down with……..heat. Nothing like adjusting valves with various lengthed pushrods. Of course GM did the same with adjustable valves via a nut on a stud and much better breathing heads. But don’t let facts get in your way.

      I noticed early in life Ford owners used a shop, often the Ford shop while GM owners, rarely needing a shop, did their own. I used to have a list of clients wanting me to adjust their valves. It was easy on GM engines and a bitch(plus big costs)on a Ford. And Ford engines were heavy as hell and not conducive to high revs…..but that’s just my inclination……based on 50+ years of wrenching..

      Ever watch a small block GM twist up to 7500 or 8000 time and time again? Ever see a Cleveland engine twist up to 7500? I rest my case. Air in, power out. Shitty flowing heads, small power seen.

      • Hi Eight!

        While we’re being clannish about our preferred engines…. 🙂 I have been arguing for years that two of the most under-appreciated American V8s were the Pontiac 428/455 and the Buick 455. Both make fantastic street performance powerplants, especially in heavy American cars with automatic transmissions – because they are both capable of producing 500-plus ft.-lbs. of torque with a relatively mild camshaft. As an example of this, a ’70 Buick GSX is capable of running high 12s in mostly stock condition, with a few tweaks and good tires out back. That’s with stock iron heads. Ditto the ’73-’74 SD-455. Neither of these engines likes to rev high – but then, they don’t need to!

      • Used to have a Cougar with a Cleveland…..something about that car just endeared them to me. Windsors are really a better platform, but the Cleveland just had more attitude out of the box.

        Nothing at all against GM, but Chevy plants always just had a boring “corporate” sameness to me. I prefer to see an Olds, a Nailhead Buick, built Ponchos, obscure Fords or anything else that stands out.

        • Seems like the few Ford gearheads I knew to build their own always built Clevelands.

          Since I had always been a road racing fan, I was always looking for the lightest car and drivetrain.

          It was back in the 60s when GM and BMW colluded to perfect Lost Foam Casting and engine weights dropped and cylinder heads gained efficency.

          We had an ongoing competition starting in high school about how much you could best the posted safe speed on curves. With larger than stock Goodyear Eagle tires it became a game of how much faster than double the speed you could take a curve but Polyglas Eagles didn’t appear till 70 or so, long after high school….but the curves never changed.

          My oldest sister was a speed freak too and occasionally on Sunday mornings when the pigs were asleep, we’d go out in my Malibu sport and run 20 miles of twisty Farm Roads. I’d drop the dumps and we’d run as hard as it could be pushed.

          Lots of folks would tell me they could hear us from over 5 miles away.

          My mother used to make a point of it with a sour look.

          My sister had to get someone to keep the kid so it was a helluva release for her. She’d be laughing long after getting back to the house.

          My dad never turned down a chance to drive that car. I took the pickup (55 Chevy) to work and if my mother wanted their car he’d drive mine to work.

          I got off work one day and was immediately notified the ahole DPS was after my àss for the two blocks of burnout marks starting at my parents house and culminating with sliding tire marks up to the highway. I heard all about it before I got home and the people telling me would be laughing since I was driving the pickup.

          Once I turned onto that road I started laughing. This had to be a result of a major row. I could see my dad was lucky as hell. He definitely got several hundred miles of tire wear in a half mile of driving.

          I knew it was my mother chewing his àss for the life I led, not that I did anything bad but didn’t conform to what she wanted.

          I was surprised she was that naive. I’d been the rebel all my life. Friends and family told me since I was a kid I was born a 100 years late. It just didn’t make sense to me why perfectly moral ways I conducted myself were almost always illegal in some aspect.

          My dad and I didn’t really get far into conversations about it since I was living out a life of liberty as he had done. It’s another story of the apple dropping from the tree.

          • Hi Eight,

            I will admit to a liking for the Ford 289/302. The sound it makes is almost sexual to me. And it revs! Broke my heart when Ford abandoned it in favor of the 4.6, which isn’t a bad engine but not a great one. The 289/302 was…

            • eric, no denying it was a good engine and some of both came from the factory with a lot of power. Ford did some things that defied logic though, like the 428. Why they dropped the 429 I could never understand. It was the best big block they ever made.

              • Almost all of them were lost to Uncle’s enviro-totalitarianism. I’ve never known why Ford tends to overreact to the governmental fatwas like they do, and reinvent the wheel rather than take a more measured approach.

                I mostly just miss the days when they all had their unique personalities – you knew the make just by the exhaust note…hell, you could spot any of the big 3 just by the sound of the starter. That’s why I choose to occupy a different time period than the one I have been assigned by nature.

                • Amen, El Guapo…

                  I miss the character/personality differences that used to define a Chevy vs. a Pontiac vs. a Dodge vs. a Ford.

                  I, too, suspect that I am chrono-transitioning…

      • Yes Eight, I have seen a Cleveland rev past 8000. The (original) Boss 302 has Cleveland heads, it was built for the Trans Am series racing in the 60’s and 70’s, it was built exclusively to rev.

  8. As a heterosexual Superhero stuck in a job which is at best tertiarily (probably sp? Although as someone who doesn’t have to conform to any conventions, who cares, I can just make one up) related to the sadly liberally dominated profession I once regardered as noble, I feel your pain.

    Although my across the street compatriots are not currently enjoying the same success as I am, I recognize the struggle of the DC Universe Superheroes.

    Of note, I feel absolutely Affleckian (yes, I made that up, it’s your responsibility to accept it) in my approach to nail down actual Justice for my assumed and completely not invented political stance.

    How dare anyone not accept me as a flight powered, radioactive spider bitten, genius playboy billionaire philanthropist, son of Krypton, Dark Knight Detective?

    My only hope is to appeal to the political Left and their penchant for allowing the invention of whatever identity you like.


  9. Fisrt thing I thought of reading this was South Park season 9 ep 1 Mr. Garrisons Fancy New Vagina, circa 2005. It is this exact issue but 13 years ago, I cannot believe we are here again.

    • What you witnessed in “Mr. Garrisons Fancy New Vagina” is called “predictive programming”, which is mass social conditioning designed to make human brains more readily accept future events. I encourage everyone to learn more about “predictive programming”.

      There is quite a lot about “predictive programming” on YouTube.

  10. I am convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that is the prime directive of the weirdosexual movement, why it is promoted by the Monolithic State Media, by government, by the powers that be in every corner of society: to make you think you are losing your mind, to make you accept that 2+2=5 and that 2+2=4 at the same time.

    Makes what they have planned for us that much easier to brush off and disregard, when your mind has been so broken that you are convinced that grown men parading around the streets in ass-less chaps while fellating dildos is something to be “proud” of.

  11. Dr Jordan Peterson writes extensively on “Compelled Speech” and I can’t add to what he has already written.

    I do wish that the PostModern Social Marxists would quit using Fictional works such as 1984 by Geo Orwell as their guidebook…I doubt the ending will change! The non-fictional works have a similar ending…see the newest in Venezuela…

    “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”
    ― Edmund Burke

  12. Call me old fashioned. But I’d rather just be a Teenage Werewolf. If you hear me knocking at your door, better not let me in.


  13. So what you’re saying is we should emulate the lobster…. (it’s obligatory)

    Jokes aside, there are those who create the deception, those who perpetuate the deception, and those who believe in the deception.

    I find it remarkable how these leftists will intentionally fabricate and hang arguments on others as well as how they will intentionally misrepresent things. For instance, there could be a trend that has a strong upward linear fit trend line but they will use an average instead to disguise the true nature of what they are arguing for. The right is bad but the left is despicable.

  14. There was a Star Trek Next Generation episode where Picard was held captive, tortured and repeatedly asked how many lights he saw. There were four lights. His captor insisted that there were five lights and wanted Picard to say that there were five lights. If you can convince someone of a reality different from what they perceive with their own senses then you control them. You have the power to tell them what to think because they have lost the ability to use their own mind. Though it seems quite paranoid to say so, it feels sort of like that in our world today. How many lights do you see? Four lights. No you see five. The torture will continue until you see five lights. Is Jenner a man or a woman? He is a man. No, he is a woman. And the episode ends after Picard has been rescued and he confesses to Troi that at the end, he actually SAW five lights.

    I might also note that the episode aired in 1992. When the Federation insists that Picard be treated as a POW and therefore subject to a Geneva like convention prohibiting torture, the Kardassians insist that unless the Federation recognizes that Picard was acting under Federation orders – which would be an admission of open war – then Picard is a terrorist who isn’t subject to such agreements. This was long before 9/11 or any of the CIA justifications for torture and the reasons why the Geneva Convention didn’t apply to terrorists. Quite remarkable.

  15. I have enjoyed watching you progress in your libertarian ‘coming out’ over the last few years. That said. I have a difficult time understanding people who claim they are free adults or want to be pissing on others who want to live as they so chose. For me being a somewhat free person means you can do what you please with your own body. What to shoot heroin, go ahead it’s your life, drink until your ruin yourself? Fine by me. “Change your gender” knock yourself out. The only problem I have with anything is if it affects, me or mine badly. Then I will fuck you up. my 2 cents. Love your site Eric, hope to keep watching you evolve ! ~ Libertine

    • Hi Libertine,

      Couple of thoughts:

      I should have including something in the article stating clearly that if a guy wants to wear a dress and get breast implants – or assert that he is an African American teenage lobster – that is certainly his (her/its) right. But they do not have the right to force me to “accept” (that is, pretend to believe) that they are in fact a woman or a teenage black lobster.

      That’s what grates, I think. Caitlyn isn’t just doing her/his own thing. She/he pressuring us to pretend that objective reality does not exist – and (next, it’s coming) sanction us if we dare to not believe it.

      Which brings me to the core problem I have with this business. The assault on objective reality. If Bruce can claim he is a she and if that is valid, then why is not also valid to insist that 2 plus 2 equals 5? Or that gravity is just a “construct”?

      What is at issue here is the dissolving of sanity – nothing less.

        • Hi Libertine,

          Another issue that trouble me – and ought to trouble them (the Caitlylns) is that forcing themselves on others, using force to compel others to “accept” them (that is, to pretend to believe he is a she and so on) will only replace goodwill with enmity. As has happened with race relations for the same reason.

          I do not “hate” Dr. Frank N. Furter and – as such – wouldn’t care much if he/she moved in next door – so long as he was a good neighbor and minded his/her ow business. But I will not pretend its not a man, man – and to be called a “hater” for that – for refusing to say that 2 plus 2 equals 5 – and threatened with (for now) loss of work and so on on account of it is outrageous as well as dangerous for all involved.

  16. The question that bothers me is, “Where does it end?”. What is to be the denouement?

    It looks to me like a distraction from what’s really going on. Things insane and absurd, things so offensive to 99+ percent of the population that are so awful they have to be addressed, like victim disarmament as a response to random mass murder, like forcing private businesses to serve offensive customers? Calling the ancient right to travel (formerly called liberty) a privilege revocable for no reason at all? Mandatory seat belts, helmets, vaccines, crotchless panties?

    What is so monstrous that we must all be distracted to madness? Could it be as simple as divide and conquer?

    • The end of it comes when the productive are too few in number and/or too overburdened to support the system. Either that or math simply catches up with it. These are not sustainable structures and thus they will collapse sooner or later.

      What are they hiding? Ultimately hiding when all the layers are peeled away? I am convinced it is the nature of life and the universe. It is what they’ve been hiding for thousands of years. Without that secret the power structures would simply collapse and not be replaced.

      • BrentP, I’m inclined to agree with you. Paths, figures, whatever you want to call them that are cut into the earth so you can only see it all from space is one sign we’ve been snookered for a great long while.

        Paintings on cave walls depicting what can only be assumed, not proven, but assumed reveal creatures wearing something similar to an astronaut’s suit.

        The pyramids all over the world including the South Pole are evidence of some technology no longer known to everyone.

        When Thor Valiant(the man from Venus)offered the end of human suffering and a limitless power supply for next to nothing, he was turned down by everyone in power who met with him. The Pope was not swayed to end suffering nor limitless energy since his job would effectively be over.

        • As for the Egyptian pyramids, the answer is simple, no high technology required:
          * A square can be fit into a circle of appropriate size. So, square stone blocks had fixtures attached to each of 4 sides to form a cylinder
          * a pair of ropes were tied to the highest part of the growing pyramid structure, led down to ground and under then over the cylinder, and back up to the top of the growing pyramid, where it is tied to a winch and cranked up.

    • Well Ernie, I have your answer to “Where does it end?”

      The purpose of normalizing transsexuals is ultimately to facilitate the acceptance of transhumanism, whose eventual goal is mass extermination of humanity. No joke. I know that sounds bizarre and insane, yet I assure you it is true.

  17. This is the result of people thinking they understand particle physics. Years ago I got into a passionate discussion with a philosophy degreed friend (who was thinking about becoming a minister in the Methodist church and later went to jail for breaking into the pharmacy where his wife worked and stealing a bunch of painkillers, but that’s a tale for another day) about quantum physics. He extrapolated that because at the particle level, the lines between energy and matter are blurred, he could, using only the power of his faith conjure up a barcalounger. And that’s how God created the universe. At the time I played along (not knowing I was having a conversation with a drug addict), mostly because I wanted to be a good dinner guest. He really thought he would be able to somehow tie faith and quantum physics together. Again, drug addicted mind. Which might be another reason for all the insanity, given the percentage of the population on anti-depressants.

    Once you think you can understand particle physics without the math background, or with an average (and remember 1/2 the population has below average) IQ, it’s game on for anything. The quantum universe isn’t understandable by any of us, our brains aren’t up to the task. Even Einstein got it wrong. But reading a book dumbed down for the masses that uses a bunch of false analogies to sound smart at a dinner party isn’t a justification for your twisted logic.

    • The further out physics goes the more it resembles the paranormal.

      As to materializing a barcalounger, that’s above our access level. Give me the root password to the computer running this simulation of god level access within the simulation and maybe I could do it. Ahh the world of computer games where I could just summon things into existence by coding them.

    • Our brains aren’t wired to understand quantum physics. Whether you believe we arose from the primordial ooze or through supernatural means we do not experience reality at that level and are not evolved/designed to deal with it. The best one can hope for is to understand the mathematics that say “this is the way the world works.” As far as intuitively comprehending quantum mechanics the way we do everyday objects and situations in the macro world that is just not going to happen.

    • A competent philosophy major might be more interested in an exploration of the realist versus the instrumentalist understandings of quantum mechanics- that is, is our quantum model really how it works, or is it just an accurately predictive statistical model of how it works? Surely a philosopher could get all wrapped up snugly and contentedly in grappling with that distinction (and the underlying implications regarding classical Greek versus contemporary/scientific empiricism), rather than blathering on about the power of the mind and faith and (presumably, at some point) magical pyramid energies?

      FWIW, most modern physicists would just say that instrumentalism is the reality of verifiable/falsifiable scientific inquiry, so there’s stuff a dedicated philosopher would love to explore there, too, I’m sure.

      TL;DR Your friend sounds like an average philosopher, by which I mean an inept philosopher, if he was totally ignorant of the philosophies that already historically and conceptually underpin science *as he was talking about a field of science*.

      • Hi Mike,

        I submit that what’s being wrestled over here is who gets to define reality. The is He a She thing being a convenient camel’s nose under the tent. If they can force us to agree that, indeed, He is a She then they control reality because they control the meaning of words, which meaning they get to decide.

        That is what’s at issue here. Not poor Bruce.

        • Oh, I understood the point of the article just fine. I was more pacing out my amusement at the would-be philosopher in ReadyKilowatt’s comments.

          Anyway, even if you do an end-run around absolute objective reality like a pragmaticist might, that still *doesn’t* mean total and variable subjectivity of common definitions is an acceptable or useful method for discerning useful information.

          You are correct in saying that a person can do with himself/herself whatever (s)he pleases, but that others are not to be compelled to express accord, let alone affirmation. Kind of an extreme version of the idea that you can go ahead and tattoo your eyelids and pierce your nasal septum, but I can go ahead and call that bizarre and ugly if I like, too, and am not in any way obligated to tell you how lovely it makes your face look.

          Generally speaking, I’m happy to accommodate some eccentricity or another, and will do so as a measure of courtesy, but I get awfully stubborn and obstinate when someone tells me I *have to* do something that doesn’t seem to rest firmly upon verifiable fact.

  18. Awww shucks. Eric did you have to mention that twit, or whatever it is, on this site? The only site in the world free from the transgender crap.

  19. Thanks for giving me the courage to come out myself. I’m no longer ashamed, and I want the world to know that I am a lesbian, trapped in a mans body.

    • Nice. You get all the oppressed minority brownie points and you are no longer tainted by toxic masculinity, yet you still get to fool with girls.


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