The Tsunami Approaches

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Tsunamis are nature’s surprise party. The sky is blue, the waves lap the shore gently as usual. No reason to pack up the beach towelmuch less run to the car and drive at top speed as fast as you can to the nearest highest ground.

But across the ocean, an earthquake. The wave is coming, even if all looks fine here – for now.

Such an earthquake hit the other day, across the ocean – in Europe. And the tsunami is coming. It will hit us about two years from now. And when it hits, you won’t be able to drive fast to the nearest high ground.

Or get away from a psychotic squeegee man.

The European Union has decreed – fatwa’d – that beginning with the 2022 model year, all new cars shall be electronically gelded, forced by software to hew to every speed limit, all the time. The same software – and hardware – that probably two-thirds of all new cars sold here already have – merely awaiting activation.

Helpful, convenient GPS mapping –  so much easier than having to read and handle a paper map, as people used to.

Helpful, convenient “driver assists” – such as the little cameras that enable your car to automatically brake itself when those electronic eyes see another car up ahead, moving more slowly than your car. These cameras also see  – and know, via the GPS mapping data, updated regularly – what the speed limit is on every road you drive.

And the car knows exactly how fast you are driving, in real time – all the time.

See the helpful little icon on the touchscreen? The one that looks just like a speed limit sign? Watch it change from 45 to 35, as the speed limit on the road you’re driving on changes. Now watch as it turns angry red, to warn you that you are driving faster – even if only by 1 MPH – than the posted speed limit.

For now, it is just a warning.

In Europe, it’s soon to be the cue for the car to slow itself down, whether you want to or not.

“Intelligent Speed Assist” will cut throttle – over which you have no real control, since the throttle is controlled by the car’s computer and not by your right foot, no matter how furiously you mash the accelerator pedal. Which is really just a throttle input sensor – “drive by wire” – which transmits data about how far down you have pushed the pedal, sends the data to the ECU – the computer that is in control of the engine – which then decides how much to rev the engine.

It can decide to not rev it at all.

And beginning in 2022, it will do just that.

“Speeding” will be countermanded at a stroke – for your saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety, of course.

But really for the sake of absolute control, just about, over your car – which amounts to control over your mobility. Which means, control over you.

“With the new advanced safety features” (“safety” features are always “advanced” – the marketers know how to make it all gone down easier) that will become mandatory,” eructs a loathsome termagant by the name of Elzbieta Bienkowska – who is Oberbefehlshaber der EU (European Commissioner, but it sounds so much better in German, which gives it just the right tone) “… we can have the same kind of impact as when safety belts were first introduced.”

Sure, of course.

Even more so by just walking. Or by herding the cattle into busses; much saaaaaaaaaaafer in there.

But this is close to that.

Every car suddenly equalized – dumbed down – to the level of the least common denominator, as decided by various termagants and Uncles. Your new Porsche 911 becomes the functional equivalent of an ’86 Yugo – since neither can go faster than the other.

This will almost certainly include getting going faster, too.

If a car can be electronically prevented from exceeding the posted speed limit, it can also be prevented via the same means from accelerating “too aggressively,” which termagant fraus such as Elzbieta Bienkowska will be certain to prevent, also for our saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety.

And she is right about seat belts. Like checkpoints, they set the precedent for what came next – as inevitably as sex leads to babies.

If the government can force car companies to install seat belts – and force use to wear them – it can force the car companies to install air bags – and force us to buy them. If it can force the car companies to install seat belts and air bags, it can force them to install electronic speed limiters – and us to buy them.

The car industry long ago gave up fighting any of these “advances” and is now fully onboard and with the program.

It has been anticipating what the EU just decreed, installing all the necessary hardware and software, bit by bit. GPS. Telematics, including in-car WiFi (to connect your car to the hive). Lane Keep Assist. Automated Emergency Braking.

Almost every 2019 car already has most of those.

All it will take is a flip of the electronic switch, so to speak.

It is no coincidence, by the way, that Volvo – a company which is owned by the Chinese – announced it would speed-control all its cars (see here) even before the EU diktat became public.  Volvo frontman Hakan Samuelssen is just that – a frontman for the Chinese authoritarians who control Volvo – and who plan to control every single Chinese and are doing so, via this and other methods – including a Brave New World come-to-life “social credit” scheme that simply ostracizes and economically cripples people who don’t conform.

Why use bayonets when software is available?

“We want to start a conversation about whether car makers have the right or maybe even the obligation to install technology in cars that changes their driver’s behavior,” croons  Samuelsson, one of your prospective Regional World Controllers,  a sort of albino Mustapha Mond come to life.

Oh, but not to worry. This is China’s – and Europe’s – problem.

Which is like beachgoers in California not worrying about the earthquake that just happened a thousand miles away, in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

Give it time.

Probably not much time.

The Safety Cult over here is just as potent as it is over there and anyone who believes there aren’t forces at work right here in the Heimat who are practically twitching with orgiastic ecstasy at the prospect of throwing that switch and controlling our cars, our mobility – and thereby, us – is as much a fool as the diplomats who came to Munich once upon a time to have a reasonable talk with that nice man with the funny moustache.

If this is not beaten back, it will be The End.

There will no longer be any real point to driving since driving will have become nothing more than transportation, as controlled and regimented by the fraus – and Uncles – as taking a ride on a city bus.

Which seems to be exactly the point. To extinguish forever the affection people once felt for cars and driving, for being in control of their own mobility. To turn them into a defeated, regimented proletariat.

You can be certain, by the way, that the speed of the armored chariots of the elite – EU and US – will not be limited in any manner whatsoever. It’s easy to find a great deal at this place.

This being about controlling our mobility –  never theirs.

“Safety” has as much to do with this as the TSA has to do with catching “terrorists.”

It’s us they’re out to catch – and not for “speeding.” That’s merely the pretext – just the same as “terrorists” at the airport and “drunks” at checkpoints.

Your Libertarian Car Guy has been telling you so for years – and here, at last, it is.

. . .

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  1. Congratulations American friends – you have just imported the congestion charge from the UK… as you say Eric replacement revenue plans are all ready…

    Just FYI – all the wonderful things they are telling you – how it will help the environment, fund “investment” in public transport (ie pissing more money into the endless bureaucracy at town hall), and help the disadvantaged” ….. they told us about the London Congestion charge 20 years ago…..

    but 20 years later everything is just as shit, and they need more money so have now come up with a “T-Charge” on top for any car which is more than a couple years old 😛

    Good luck….

  2. One more reason to maintain that old beast in the garage and keep driving it. I’ll hopefully reached my expire date before they ban old cars, or old white men.

    • My ’71 Custom 10 Deluxe will be the object of my weekly crime in the future, as I blast “Red Barchetta” through the speakers.

    • That Second is not to “prevent tyranny” but to assure “the security of a FREE state”. Subtle difference.

      In the run up to the drafting of that Bill of Rights, the COlonils had put up witih quite a bit of tyranny for a few decades…. stip nd frisk at will, take anything they want, walk on into your house, do the same and if you have three barrels of flour in September (shortlh after harvest, next August before you can get more) they call it “military stores” and take two of them. They would move into your hjouse when/if they pleased, demand YOU feed them (out of the one barrel they had left you last time), occupy whatever beds they chose, even if your Daughter was still in it, they’s accuse you on the flimsiest of excuses, charge you with sedition or treason or dishonouring the king, resulting in your arrest and transportation across the Puddle to London, where you’d stand for a mock trial, no way to call witnesses to support YOUR side of the story, nor could you examine or questioin any of their “witnesses” (who were rarely there when “it’ happened), they’d kicked out the honest judges and replaced them with their own Obama appointees, oh, wait, George’s appointees, sorry bout that one, sorta slipped a mite…. closed your colony’s legislature, prohibited any sort of public meeting for anything, made any meeting behind locked doors a criminal offense (they came round knocking the day they were trying to figure out what to do about the three privately owned commercial cargo ships docked at Boston Quay but could not unload the tea aboard them until the SHIPS paid the stinking tax, nor could any of them leave port until the tax was paid and tea debarked….. but there were fove hundred or so citizens in that room in Faneuil Hall debating what to do, and when the gummit poohbah came knocking up the door they told him to go away…… they demanded a stamp/tax on every sort of document, even a receipt from the grocer or haberdasher, and, after they “cured” the impound of the three ships holding tea, the stupid Kid King issued an order evacuating all of Boston… the folks living there had to go. Somewhere. It wasn’t until about a year after that the king issued his orders to disarm the colonists. Three unprofitable attempts, wherein nothing of any import was taken and kept (first time, the locals found out where it had been taken, raided that fort and “stole” it back.. HAH, imagine, stealing back their own arms after gummit first stole them!!! No clue as to whodunnit. Oh, and Gage never did find out WHO had boarded those three ships and turned his Harbour into a teapot that night…… not one hint could he find, though he had his suspicions. Pretty funny how he’d been flummoxed on that one.
      But the Colonists did not get serious until that order to disarm them got army boots put on it the night of 18th April. Word got out, two men got out of Boston (uncer heavy curfew.. one snuck past the naval ships in a rowboat, his rowlocks muffled by his sistern’s petticoats, the other connived his way past the sentries on the Nock, the last man to get out for a few days. And this time the Colonists were serious….as word went out “the Regulars are out”, it got REALLY spread….. so far and wide that every town village, crossroads, settlement within fifty miles got the word before daybreak on the 19th, and over FOURTEEN THOUSAND armed, “well regulated”, militia were in the field within twelve hours, ready to take on the world’s finest, most feared, best trained and equipped military force.

      Most knew such a confrotnation was coming fifteen years earler, but the time was not yet come. Revere had “smelled it coming” about ten days in advance, though he had no solid evidence. He had been spreading the warning, telling folks to be ready if it came. When it did, they were and did.
      when government come round to “Mr. and Mrs America, turn them all in”, some will fold and comply. Some may partially comply, turning in a few “representative” guns they’re sure gummit know about already. But most will have a number of guns that are not really traceable to them, and many that gummit has no idea even exist.
      New York’s Safe Act has, near as they who know can calculate, a compliance rate of less than five percent, so does Massachussetts. s far as I’ve heard so far, the total umber of bump stocks surrendered would not even amount to a decent sized gun store’s standard inventory back when they were a new curiosity and demand was, well, there WAS some demand.

      But the well above half million KNOWN to exist and have been sold to the American public? Nah. Kick that decimal point to the right a few places to get the percdntage of complaince somewhere in the correct range.

      I really think the BloomieGoons are testing the water right now, seeing just how much progress they can make now they think we’re on the ropes. So far they’ve not got much.

      The time is not yet.

    • Hi Paul,

      Some already are – quietly. By noncompliance, which is the first step. When the government takes the next step – attempts to cage people who’ve committed no crime, but who have been confected into instant “criminals” by legislative fiat – it will (I hope) trigger a more direct form of refusal.

      Speaking for myself in a related vein: I have not and will not “sign up” for Obamacare. I have not – and will not – pay any fines levied upon me.

      If they come for me on account of this, so be it. I have enjoyed a good life and will not bend knee to this outrage. I am not a “tough guy” and make no pretense to be one. But I will not stand for it.

      • Hey gutb,

        Paul has a pretty long history here and I’m confident that he is not an agent provocateur. His question, while snarky, is serious. The simple answer is that there exists an enormous power asymmetry between the individual and the modern State. To put it bluntly, early adopters of significant resistance get killed or imprisoned. This gives the State an enormous advantage because it is irrational to resist until the conditions are so bad that the consequences of continued submission are worse than those of violent resistance. Most people value themselves, their family, their friends, their enjoyment, etc… more than making an almost certainly doomed stance against the State.

        I’ve come to believe that the solution to this problem is delegitimizing the idea of centralized authority. Until people realize that it is absurd and anti-human to suppose that a single, central coercive authority can serve and protect the interests of hundreds of millions of people, things will continue to get worse. The reason that I’m opposed to the “get back to the Constitution” argument is that it fails to recognize the problem of scale. Those who believe that if an institution is properly designed it doesn’t matter how big it becomes, are simply wrong. US history proves this without doubt.

        I believe that we will eventually come to understand that the centralized State is the most destructive and dangerous thing that humans have ever created. It will eventually collapse because it is antithetical to human flourishing and unsustainable in the long term.


        • These sort of comments show up from time to time. My usual response is: “Just who do you suggest shooting today?” Have never got a reply to that.

          The fact is that Most People are not disposed to violence except in the gravest extreme. The exceptions (certain “groups” that shall remained nameless //wink) are those that jump to violence with little or no justifiable provocation. So maybe if us “gun-totin’ rednecks” burned down our trailer parks we could get some change – LOL

          Not to mention that a few people have been “stepping up” – does Bundy and Hammond ring a bell ???

          • Hi Inigo,

            I understand where you’re coming from. Most people are not violent, most people cooperate. But, when one group in society is permitted to commit violence, almost always without consequence, it is understandable that people get frustrated and angry.


          • no one of consequence,

            “My usual response is: “Just who do you suggest shooting today?” Have never got a reply to that.”

            I’ll bite.

            Some one of consequence. ?

            • A: Anyone who would kidnap/inflict violence or the threat of violence on those who have done no harm to others. THEY have incurred the ultimate penalty, whether one believes in natural law or God’s law. They should be brought to justice by the hands of their victim(s)/victims next of kin/witnesses.

          • no one of consequence,

            On a more serious note, is it necessary to shoot anyone?

            I think we are beyond that.

            And perhaps this is a good thing. The offspring coming out of the chute these days, while still homo sapien, I would not consider them human. At least not in a civilized definition.

            They are doomed. Life expectancy continues to decline. Their parents are idiots if not full blown retards.

            For fucks sake (pun intended), we live in a country where women under the age of 30 are grandmothers.

            AND the grandkids are going to public school.

            IMHO better to sit back and watch this all play out. If for no other reason than the entertainment value.

            • Or maybe move way out in the woods in Montana, pet your cats and ride your horses, and keep your guns loaded.

              If it wasn’t for my kids and grandkids, I wouldn’t care. I don’t care too much even as it is.

              • It is kind of pathetic to have to use ones kids and grandkids to justify tolerating things that one does not understand any better.
                It makes me remember how pleased I am that I ran my sorry wife off before she could have any legal meal tickets to hold me to.

                  • We both have the same particular reason for not knowing each other, having never met. It cannot be my fault for who you decide to use as scapegoats. Your taking offence is hardly proof of my non-existent intent to insult, unless I no longer have a freedom of speech.

              • “For fucks sake (pun intended), we live in a country where women under the age of 30 are grandmothers”

                Except for White feminist women who are over 30 or 40 and remain childless, choosing careers, status, cats, and the alpha cock carousel over marriage and families.

                • Hi Mack,

                  I’ve got two good friends in the same position as myself – recently divorced after many years of marriage. We find ourselves “back in the game.” But the game is different now. When we were in our 20s, women had every advantage; they had youth and looks and fertility. We were struggling to build our careers. Now, it’s reversed. The women (in our age group) have lost their youth and fertility – and most of them their looks, too. We, on the other hand, have established ourselves and now look pretty good to them. But we want youth, looks and fertility – and it’s available. Because our market value is higher now than it was when we were younger.

                  But we’re also very reluctant to get involved seriously with any of them, regardless. It’s too much like dancing in a minefield…

                  • Hi Ya’s, Mack & Eric!

                    Well-said, guys!

                    This is why, traditionally, from time immemorial, the practice was for a man- who started working in his teens, to get himself established in business/farming/a trade; be in the position of having a home and being able to support a fambly- and THEN find a wife, from the pool of younger girls, who lived with their parents and learned from their mothers how to do their part in so far as taking care of a home and family, and to be a good wife. So typically (from ancient times till quite recently) the manm would be in his early to mid 20’s or even older- while the corresponding girl would be in her early to mid teens.

                    Remnants of this still existed even in the mid 20th century here in America. When my mother was about 15 (1940) an older Dago- I think he was in his 30’s- asked her father for permission to court her- but mother wasn’t interested (She ended up marry someone else when she was 17- should’ve married the older guy- as the dope she married was worthless)

                    I used to know a couple (both deceased now) who married when she was 13 and he was 18. Married till death did them part.

                    Today, by comparison- everyone just whores around, from adolescence, on; and women most often marry guys who are around their own age- and who often have nothing, but maybe a few letters after their name, and a lot of debt- and thus the marriage is handicapped from day one, as the man is not established, and the woman has to work outside of the home; and they are both more concerned with earning a living and getting established, than anything else.

                    And thanks to the rejection of traditional values, today, the girls are corrupted so early; and so filled with unrealistic ideas, that even in their teens, they are already ruined, and will never be suitable wives.

                    And we are seeing the results of this egalitarianism and the “sexual revolution”- as the traditional home and family is essentially non-existent; and as we see, the world has quickly gone all to Hell, just since the traditional practices were abandoned, and the ‘modern’ ones adopted.

                    • PS: The Amish still largely operate the traditional way, in so far as these things go…and look! It STILL works….as they have none of the problems that everyone around them who have rejected those ways now has.

            • Tuan! You…you…you….are exactly right!

              As abhorrent as it may be for the state to legitimize the destruction of human life*, thank goodness that so many of these sows choose to flush their sprogs- thus somewhat lightening the burden that they would be in the future.

              [*=the state, by abrogating to itself the prerogative of dictating such matters, essentially puts itself in the position of either endorsing murder, or prohibiting the free exercise of medical choices/religious-philosophical ideals, etc.]

        • The government we were handed, and have failed to preserve, was decidedly NOT a “centralised” government, as those men framing the ‘rules” had just spent their lifetimes under a very nasty form of “centralised government” who had the audacity to believe he’d been appointed by God and therefore WAS god…. and could do whatever he pleased and did.

          No, READ the Constitution… FedGov were assigned a VERY few, specific, named powers. EVERYTHING ELSE was prohibited them, and left to the states, or the individuals comprising those states.

          Try and cram FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, BATF, EPA, FMVSA, Ed, FDA, USDA, USFS, TSA, ATC, the Fed, SS, DEA, EEOC, NLRB, BLM, ICC, into that mold.. one cannot.

          So the problem is NOT the Constitution. Nope. It is that WE have laid back ever since about 1860 and let FedGov do what it deemed necessary and proper. FedGov have become so deeply and firmly entrenched it is beginning to look frighteningly obvious it will only be trimmed back down to proper size and scope by revolution. Look at the attmpted coup just revealed with the MuleHead report……. many of us have known it all along, but now the rest have little to no excuse to continue denying it.

          Very few saw the deeper meaning of either the Hammond or Bundy “affairs” and their true import. I had hoped for a short season that the Bundy situation might escalate, but it was not yet time. Now ALL the “principals” who were illegally attacked, charged, arrested, tried, then ACQUITTED (any recent events seem similar.. Mueller, perhaps?) proving their guilt was not established. But until their persecutors (Bundys AND Hammonds) are brought to justice, (including those complicit in the murder of one LaVoy Finicum which most likely are a few FBI agents, including the one who fired unprovoked then lied about it, the cadre of OSP who actually fired the killing rounds, and the governess of the State of Oregon who personally ordered them deployed to interfere in what had been a local situation) the real conflict lies a long ways off yet.

          The powers that think they be are not yet sufficiently awake nor afraid of the just consequences of their illegal actions. If Oregon’s legislature manages to stuff the new witches caldron of antigun bills now pending, and using a dirty stinking deceptive trick to try and sneak it past the gun owners and libertarians in a hearing scheduled for this Moday, and thousands of rural Oregonians refuse to comply (most of the sheriffs in that state have openly declared they will not enforce it in their counties) and Brown and her Brownshirts get chuffed about it and begin arresting folks, there just might be some “unauthorised” use of those banned arms and ammunition in the near future. The Wierdoes in Portland and Salem have no stomach for hardship….. a small but well planned operation could easily have those two cities and everything in between isolated. I hope it does not come to that, but at some point someone will repeat the famous words of Captain John Parker at Lexington, 19th April 1775: “Don’t fire unless fired upon. We don’t want a war, but if they mean to have one let it begin here.” They did and it did. The reasons for that one still apply today…….. “They had a mind that they would tell us how we should live, and we had a mind that they wouldn’t” (spoken by one of the men under Parker who heard firsthand the words in the previous sentence. )

          • Hi Tionico,

            I agree with most of what you say. I have read the Constitution, as well as the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers. The Constitution did create a centralized government, that was its’ purpose. It did impose limits on the power of the Federal government and reserve competing power to the States but, it failed. The 10th amendment is a dead letter and the Federal government recognizes no limits on its’ power. Joe Sobran once quipped that “the Constitution poses no serious threat to our system of government”, and he was right.

            Where I strongly disagree with you is that “we” allowed this to happen. Of course, there are many who champion and welcome the growth of the central State. But, such growth is the inevitable result of the concept that scale does not matter. As long as “we” believe that “proper” institutional design can overcome the problem of power asymmetry between the ruling class and the people, government power will grow. Words on paper cannot prevent this, voting cannot prevent this.

            Big government vs. small government debates, in the context of the Nation State, make no sense to me. A government that purports to rule 330 million people is BIG GOVERNMENT. Scale matters. Your individual power, relative to the State, decreases in proportion to the size of the polity. Radical decentralization is the best hope for liberty


            • Hi Ya, Jeremy, and Tio,

              As usual, good thoughts and comments!

              One thing that is interesting re: those who put forth the idea that Constitutional governance would foster liberty, is how they ignore that the BEST possible scenario that could exist under a Constitutional government, would be a limited Federal government- but NO restraint upon the state governments to ensure that they would not trample individual liberties just as the Feds and also the various states all do.

              One centralized federal government with 50 sub-governments- or 50 largely independent smaller governments- human nature and the lust for power being what it is- would probably make no discernable difference- as ANY scenario that legitimizes a “state”/the idea of government, is a guarantee that individual liberty will be trampled- because government and individual liberty are mutually exclusive, as one hinders the other, as it requires liberation from the other in order to exist.

              Hey, there may not be much hope in this world- but it is certainly comforting knowing there are people like yous guys [sic via NY] who can see these things!


              • Hey Nunz,

                Likewise. But, I think “one centralized federal government with 50 sub-governments” is likely to be far more injurious to liberty than “50 largely independent smaller governments”.

                While I am a philosophical anarchist, I do believe that coercive government, as opposed to voluntary governance, is likely to be here for awhile. So, I am interested in “better” forms of coercive government. Note, I do not advocate for any government, but for the elimination of large scale centralized government.

                Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, etc… benefit greatly from the “one stop shopping” enabled by a large centralized government. The cost of rent seeking relative to benefits is much lower than it would be if they had to buy off 50 small governments vs one large government.

                Also, competition works. Repressive, high tax states would likely lose people to freer lower tax states. “Voting with our feet” is mostly irrelevant if you are subject to Federal requirements wherever you go. Absent the Federal government, “voting with your feet” would matter.

                The more I think about this, I am convinced that decentralization is the key.


          • The federation of the Constitution was and is decidedly more centralized than the confederation of the Articles was and is.

    • Hey Paul! “when are you second amendment lovers who keep telling me that the Mighty 2nd is to prevent tyranny going to step up, and resist tyranny?”

      Equally perplexing, where are all the US military members who swore (and are paid) to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign or domestic?

      • Hey Jason,

        Military members are not paid to defend the Constitution, they are paid to enforce the will of politicians. The few who take their “oath” seriously are punished severely.


      • They value freedom, so little, they volunteered to give up their own; take that of others who have done them nor theirs any harm; while taking money extorted from their own fellow citizens, to enforce the dictates of scum politicians, banksters and the UN.

        I’d wager that none of them would recognize the Constitution if they wiped their ass with it- which for all they care, may as well be.

  3. Fortunately, the GPS systems and data in the U.S. won’t support this wish by whoever.
    There will always be a Known Problem where the GPS software (of which there are 8 major sets of GPS data privately owned in the U.S.) may not have the correct speed limit, or in rural areas will not have any speed limit at all.
    In 2017, one GPS data set had 18% of the U.S. geography with no known speed limits.
    GPS data also does not capture most non-paved roads in the correct places, and those roads in the U.S have historically had no posted speed limit.

    It is trivial to disable GPS in any electronic device. One way can be done with a good used, 10-foot ethernet cable for materials.

    Then there is the updating problem. Because it is estimated that only half of car owners knowingly update their GPS maps (based on TomTom and Garmin data anyway).

    I hold out hope that the poor state of questionable data in our private Oligarchical businesses run by psychopaths, millenials, and H1B’s won’t be up to the task of complete control of We The People any time soon.
    They sure as hell can’t spin a conspiracy, and they are too morally void to stoop to functional collusion.

    I’m a tuner as a hobby. Used to run rat cars, muscle cars, and build autocross vehicles. We actively work to defeat all undesired vehicle technology and have been doing so for years.
    Its always easy once you find a way, and there has been NOTHING which cannot be turned off or disabled. (even black box stuff)

    My Hyundai has ALL electronic systems defeated, and 40% more power from the turbo. And all my future cars will as well.

  4. It didn’t seem to be mentioned whether the computer watching the speed limit signs was colorblind or not. This makes a difference since advisory speed limit signs and statutory speed limit signs are different colors, and legal limits only attach to the latter. Also unsaid was what happens when the camera is obscured, as are all of those on devices I own. I haven’t figured out, yet, how to obscure the microphone, or of what use the device would be if its function to transmit auditory information were precluded.
    The time may come when each of us has to make a decision about whether having fancy toys to play with is more important than having and exercising our negative rights. If that time has come, prepare to lick some hands.

    • There’s no camera or computer watching the speed limit signs. It’s simply programmed into the GPS software that certain sections of the road have a speed limit of “x”. So when one is traveling a certain section of road the software knows what the speed limit is there because someone programmed it to know the speed limit for that section of road. The GPS software makes it all too easy for them to implement this nonsense unfortunately. They only way around it would be for uber hackers to break into the various GPS software programs and alter the speed limits. Or drive older cars. But that will only be feasible for so long unfortunately.

      • This could be a good thing. The advent of mandated speed control could lead to a lessened presence of armed government agents manually enforcing speed laws. Soby hacking around the governance mechanism – and in America someone(s) will surely find a hack – we may be able to drive at our usual pace with less worry.

        • I’d imagine just the opposite RNotR2- Instead of speed, they’ll be looking more closely at the tiniest little things- blink your eye, and you might be suspected of “being high”. Speck of dirt on your mirror? Not looking in the right direction, because you’re bored because the car is driving itself? Woowoowoowoowoowoo!!!!!

          It’s practically like that now in some places….

          And when it’s lkike that, it’s not as if you can say “Well, I’ll just ‘behave’ and it’ll pretty much guarantee that I wont be assailed by armed goons”- because when they tighten the standards of what constitutes a ‘prbable cause’, everyone is guilty, and it just becomes the luck of the draw as to whom they choose to stop.

          They’ll just invent whatever excuses they need to, to justify threatening/using violence against peaceful people who have harmed no one.

        • Yep. Now you can be arrested in Va for sleeping in your car on YOUR property. If you are thinking the goons will bother you less, you are dead wrong.

      • You must have read a different article than I did, where signs were shown. It is irrelevant because someone cited for a violation of an advisory speed limit has an easy defense as long as the judge is honest.

      • False. Lots of cars, such as volvos of the last five years, recognize speed limit signs visually, even temporary ones. It’s one of the simpler recognition problems that companies like MobileEye solve. It’s not only based on GPS, or the fix is as simple as a tin foil hat on the GPS receiver. Now, you also need to tape over cameras too, and you get warnings about system malfunction constantly.

        • I have yet to ever receive a system malfunction warning from covering a camera. Even home security cameras are coming with closable lids on them. A tin foil hat on a GPS antenna is very obvious, and will eventually become a prosecutable crime. Find a weak place in the antenna lead and bend it back and forth until the innards disintegrate.

        • This is news to me. I thought it was all based on GPS. Using cameras seems like a dumb method to use and it would give hackers more options to defeat them.

  5. This is a safety issue. If a vehicle can cap your speed what happens when you need that higher speed to avoid danger? There are pretty much 3 things a driver has at their exposal to use as defensive driving measures: steering wheel, brakes, and the accelerator. This gimps one of those options.

      • I was going to include it but most people don’t have a manual. I do – that is all I have ever driven, but yes, clutch is good too – generally for slowing down. More or less a brake.

        • More or less like throwing an automatic in neutral, if that can be done with the vehicle moving. Eventually there will be a manual transmission endorsement on the Commercial Drivers License. After 30 years of driving nothing but manuals, I’ll be grandfathered.

  6. I got know what this will feel like:

    When I was young, and living in the borough of Queens in NYC, I used to occasionally take an express bus between northern Queens and the Rockaway peninsula. These buses were run by a private company, as opposed to NYC’s official MTA, and they were fast!.

    I’d often come back from the Rockaways late at night, and there was this one older driver I was always happy to get, as he was exceptionally fast- and at night with no traffic, could make the lengthy jaunt in 22-23 minutes. It was a blast!

    Then….the City took over the route…..

    Any time of day, now takes 53-60 minutes- as the buses lope along at 30MPH… Thank goodness I don’t have to ride those buses anymore! There is NOTHING more demoralizing than poking along like a cripple, when you have the ability to go like a sprinter.

    Experience that just once, and if you are not subdued with psychotropic drugs or mood-controlling slow “dead” music, you will never want to subject yourself to the feeling again. It’s unbearable.

    You think millenials have little interest in cars? When this crap is implemented, NO ONE will want to even be in a car anymore- let alone drive!

    The Third-world/wilderness is calling, guys…. It will be the only remainin g bastion of any semblance of freedom during our lifetimes.

  7. While I’ve driven many speed limited trucks they aren’t mandated by law…..yet. In Texas there’s already a law that was codified long ago as pertained to ticketing since must of it was done via helicopter and lines across the road. It was payday city and then the court ruled you couldn’t get a ticket on hearsay evidence. I thought that was great and so did the general driving public. Back then there weren’t monitors like now so who knows how it might stand up these days.

    There’s a downside law here though that makes it illegal to raise the maximum speed of any vehicle with a speed limiter. Probably half the pickups or at least the diesel pickups are “illegal” in this respect since hardly anyone leaves their diesels stock and probably all the EGR deletes have “illegal for Texas” software to go along with it.

    A guy I work with used to work for a company that (I may have said this before)had a brand new 379 Peterbilt that sat in the yard all the time. It would do 100mph and none of the drivers would drive it because it was “too slow”.

    I don’t see how the world is any safer than it was 50 years ago. We used to let er rip in the wee hours the DOT was at home and running 30 mph over the limit was common. Of course you didn’t do it just any place. But roads and conditions often allowed it “safely”. It wasn’t unheard of to get caught doing so and not get a ticket, just a “slow down”. No THOSE days are certainly over. It’s this control bullshit, not safety, that’s brought about ELD. If you cared about safety you’d let a driver do like they’ve always done and take a nap when they got sleepy and then go on their way once rested. I’ve seen plenty times two or three hours had you feeling great again. Now, a 30 minute break in the first 8 hours….which was easy to fudge with paper logs, and no more than 14 hours followed by no less than 10 hours downtime. I have yet to meet a trucker who could rest that whole time. Now you try to time it so you can do maintenance when you’re supposed to be “off duty”. There’s no way to know if someone is dead tired or not but ELD will break it off up your ass if you pass that 14 hour mark and don’t stop.

    As a matter of fact, I just read of a new study done on sleep that showed 8 hours left adults less alert and able to think plus physically worse than 6-7 hours…..but let’s not let reality enter into this subject.

    I love how the main supporters of these laws have never been involved in trucking in any other way than to dream up laws. Put that bureaucrat on the road for a few years trying to make a living and see the entire world change for “it”, since so many are women. Man or woman, none of them could tell you the difference in a KW COE sleeper cab and a purpose built yard truck.

  8. So what happens when you accelerate to pass a car on a two lane road. What happens is you get killed in a head on with a truck in oncoming traffic because you cannot go fast enough to get around the other car. Stupid! Why drive!

      • the only way to stop them is to put the fear of death into them or death itself. no body has the courage for that so the West will be turned into mestizo / afreakan sewer pit with barely any freedom of movement or liberty. the 2nd amendment was written for this and it aint about hunting and reloading

        • SPQ, while you are technically correct, it can never happen. We have lost the power long ago.

          It’s not just weapons, nor a group of despots and their cadre of supporters- but rather, it’s the vast majority of the people around us who have been steeped in the religion of “government” for generations- and who have personally been indoctrinated in the sacrements of ‘patriotism’, ‘obedience’, ‘dependence’, etc.

          Even if the whole of government around us were to fold tomorrow, these people would just build another one- whether an exact copy of what we have, or something equally as loathesome; or a grab-bag of smaller competing ones….

          Look through history. When have the majority ever maintained any semblance of liberty? It only gets worse as time goes on. There are always people who desire power and advantage over others; and always those who will tolerate them, and even abet them.

          Revolutions are very vague- “Lets all fight the common enemy”- and once he is conquered, the conquerers become the next tyrants- and so it will always be, unless people all somehow come to a common morality- but instead, what we see, is people on the whole becoming more fragmented- which is probably the plan, for the very purpose of ensuring the longevity of the tyrants.

      • The fascist governments that exist in Australia, run by large multinational companies with politicians as their bribed allies, are doing that now in Australia. Slowing traffic to a crawl to get us in public transport that is not capable of supplying the need. They are also out to steal your time, which is very valuable to them.

  9. Extremely sad – but I really dont see stopping this spreading around the world. The fundamental issue I see is how people in the west refuse to accept that life is even “possible” without government mandates around every aspect of life. And this will just be accepted by most as another such mandate by the benevolent government for our own safety…

    Here in London every day I face this – Infact with this whole Brexit – the masses just dont think that trade or business can even happen without government agreements and regulation for it to happen!!!!! Which the politicians are making the most of to ensure we remain in the EU!

  10. Well, I have a friend in Russia who used to make a living by hacking these stupid electronic boxes to improve performance of the engines by ditching the mandate compliant crap. I guess he could provide some pointers so as to where to acquire “updated” software if I ask nicely:)

    Really, all that automotive electronic junk is about as hacker-resistant as a two decades old Windows. Probably even less. By now you don’t even need to dicker with EEPROMs to replace the Big Software Nanny with something which does what you want it to do.

    Or, if I feel like it, I’ll simply hack it myself. It’s not complicated, it’s just takes a lot of time I’d rather be drinking.

    • Hi averros,

      My worry is that they will illegalize “off the grid” machinery of all kinds; that you won’t be allowed to drive anything not connected in real-time to the Hive and that they will know, immediately, if a vehicle has been disconnected from the Hive.

      This is no longer paranoia. It is pending fact.

      • How do you see them doing this? It seems to me that they’d have to phase this in. They’d have to do this not only to install the infrastructure to support the hive, but also to allow enough time for older cars to be removed via attrition. The two can happen concurrently. After 8-10 years, most of the older, non-grid cars would be gone anyway.

        Plus, the PRINCIPLE of this just pisses me off! Many of us have older, serviceable cars that still run well. Why should anyone give up a car that still functions well?

        • Hi Mark,

          If you accept the lunatic hysteria of “climate change” – and embrace the Safety Cult – it is very easy to imagine a ban on “noncompliant” cars issued by let us say President AOC.

          We are that close to the edge of the cliff…

          • I know what you’re saying, but if you live outside of the southwest and its warm, dry climate, cars are pretty well DONE after 12-15 years or so; the winters and the road salt simply take their toll by then. It’d be easier to just phase in the infrastructure (i.e. the transmitters, receivers, and computers) as the old cars ‘die off’, as it were. It’s more incremental like we’re accustomed to. If those in power do something that DRASTIC, it might spawn our own yellow vest protests over here.

            As for President AOC, that’s scary! Thankfully, she’s too young for that office. I think she’s ‘one and done’ anyway, because she’s too radical even for her own party. It’s not that the Ds aren’t that radical; they are. It’s that they’re not that HONEST about it, and she’s ruffling feathers in the establishment running her mouth off. NY State is due to lose a seat in the upcoming 2020 census, and I think they’ll redistrict her OUT of office. They’ll say oops, we’re sorry! Your district no longer exists…

            • AOC is probably not a natural born citizen per Minor v Happersett, and so, wouldn’t be eligible, like Obama wasn’t…

            • I haven’t seen a glimmer of hope in 20 years and it only gets worse. And I just heard about the flood in the upper mid states where an estimated million calves have died from flood waters and cows are being fed by the national guard from helicopters since they’re on recently made islands due to such huge flooding. Of course HAARP and DARPA are just silent agencies, not worth mentioning. Probably all the hot air from AOC has helped cause this terrible flooding. She could melt a glacier in a few of her tirades.

              • It’s 100% possible that HAARP and DARPA had something to do with this heavy rainfall. Designed to attack ordinary muricans.

          • Meanwhile, for those of us who live in the real world, here’s what the global warming scam is all about:


            “At a news conference last week in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism.

            “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” she said.

            Referring to a new international treaty environmentalists hope will be adopted at the Paris climate change conference later this year, she added: “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history.”



            “Ottmar Edenhofer, lead author of the IPCC’s fourth summary report released in 2007 candidly expressed the priority. Speaking in 2010, he advised, “One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. Instead, climate change policy is about how we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth.””

      • There’s always been those “social engineers” whom pushed the concept of “mass transit”, which ought to reveal their mindset. Yea…TRANSIT..for the MASSES (but not them, they’re “elite” and the only ones “worthy” of such perks as ability to freely travel wherever ones means can sustain)…herd we “Great Unwashed” onto buses and trains like so much cattle.

        Mass transit schemes, always “provided” by Government (and never come remotely close to being financially self-sufficient as a private business must be), only have a chance of viability in high-density urban areas that lend themselves to train and bus lines, and likewise pose difficulties for automobiles. Some, like SEPTA in Pennsylvania, are actually well-run, but suffer from constraints of working per dictum of politicians, whom impose union featherbedding and other costs that a private business ordinarily can disregard. But what’s really doomed mass transit, as it should be, is that in areas experiencing growth, most folks shy away from high-density living, PREFERRING the much-derided “sprawl”! Of course, this makes the automobile an imperative. Which isn’t necessarily a problem, as the numerous taxes related to operating a conventionally-powered automobile, not just fuel taxes, and tolls for some highways, make roads, highways, and even law enforcement on same a self-sustained operation, even when exclusively the domain of “Gubmint”. Also, things have gotten to more a 24/7 operating mode. Why, I can remember when all the stores were closed on Sundays! And TV stations signed off at midnight and didn’t come on again until 5:30 AM with the farm report! But many folks don’t work the 8 to 5, Mon-Fri schedule, which makes attempts to provide reasonable bus or rapid transit a dicey proposition.

        Technology in today’s automobiles is indeed a wonderful thing, but along with widespread cellular and Wi-Fi infrastructure, it’s led to the desire for those wanting “control” of we mundanes to impose it. OF COURSE they want to limit speed..and soon will come TIMING and ITINERARY? “Is this trip REALLY necessary might be more than just a slogan from ‘Dubya-Dubya Two, Da Big One!’ “. And, just as in the wake of 9-11 our “Benificent” Government imposed the Transportation Security Administration, with its feely, grabby goons waiting to put their grubby paws on our wives and kiddies, ‘cuz we just gotta fear some 93 y.o. granny as a potential “terrorist”, so TSA has already spread out to bus, subway, and train stations! Just as you or I can easily, without notice (i.e., Ex Parte) be banned from commercial air travel, so an “inconvenient” person might find his ride unable to start, or at least constrained to limited purposes, not unlike a DUI probationer. All, of course, in the interests of S-A-A-A-A-F-T-E-E-E!

    • Hi Averros, I suspect that there may be loopholes or ways to disable this – but like currently with stability/traction control, turning it off will invalidate your insurance. Yes – here in the UK it does happen. Learnt this myself when a couple months ago I was renting a car with a cousin. it was a Seat Leon (ie vw Golf) with a sporty trim. The guy handing it over knew his cars, and I asked him how I can turn off the traction control – he showed me but said to be careful because if anything happens and it was off, will invalidate insurance and will get me in trouble. He told me that most insurance policies here are like that apparently!!!

    • if you are caught doing 50 in a 40 zone they will bring the fires of hell onto you for disabling speed device. look at the poor VW guy they jailed

    • If getting people out of ‘dumb’ cars meets resistance, they will simply make the plates into small GPS computers. Self contained sealed units and seriously draconian laws for tampering. There will be little hacking.

  11. Well on the plus side this should cause the overlords some cognitive dissonance as their desire to control everyone clashes with their revenue stream. (speeding tickets) Maybe it’ll buy us some time until they can come up with a new shake down system.

    • Hi Nathan,

      I am sure they have already factored that in; that the “revenue” lost to traffic enforcement will be recovered via new fees applied generally- for example, mileage user fees.

      Wait. It is coming.

        • Who says there won’t be a delay just long enough to allow AGW to continue issuing speeding tickets? The response time of the system won’t be instantaneous, it will have to communicate with the satellite which is constantly readjusting itself to the vehicle’s current location unless there is some kind of anticipatory regulator that won’t allow the vehicle to reach speeds beyond the limit. I would imagine the vehicle will adjust your speed down, not prevent you from speeding. They’ll keep issuing the tickets plus the mileage user.

      • Yeah, I’m sure they have something planned to make up for it. But you can only charge everyone generally so much before you get push back. I’m sure they’ll take us right to that limit. But there’s more money to be made in the singling out of individuals, general resistance is lower, since “it’s not me getting it so who cares”, and “they deserved it because they’re breaking the law.” So the pigs will still need something to do and an excuse to charge the pennies in our cup holders with drug crimes to fund their pensions. Maybe they’ll get with the times and include some sort of electronic device that can knock out your tail light as you pass by. Nightsticks are so 1990. Or maybe they can have all new cars equipped with pre-planted evidence. Instead of a radar gun they can have a trigger gun that will drop the bag of weed in your truck.

  12. This can be stopped.

    There is a way.

    I can’t even mention it without subjecting myself or Eric to “hut hut hutting” and prison.

    But there IS a way to stop this.

  13. “You can be certain, by the way, that the speed of the armored chariots of the elite – EU and US – will not be limited in any manner whatsoever.”
    And you can bet your last shiny nickel that the excuse will be… saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety! We wouldn’t want any of our Dear Leaders to come under mob attack, no matter how deserving they are of it!

    • Like women don’t rate or objectify us?! Give me a freakin’ break! I remember reading an article on some years ago where the writer related how he got so much MORE female attention when he traded his trusty Honda Civic in on a Porsche Boxter. To put it another way, what’s one of the first questions a woman will ask you: what do you do for a living? The thing that pisses me off about articles like this is that if we objectify women, that’s bad; if they objectify men, that’s ok. If feminazis and libtards didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all…

      • Hi Mark,

        Exactly, those girls should have just created their own “most likely to be rich” list; balance and honesty would have been restored to the conversation.


        • EXACTLY! Believe it or not, that’s one reason why I like the chick rock group, The Donnas. They got their start in middle school or jr. high. There was a battle of the bands at their school, and they noticed that there were no girls in it. Rather than complain or raise a stink, they did something about it. They formed their own group, practiced in their garages, and took part. They went on to have a successful career, even making it big for a while. I always liked and RESPECTED that about them. Plus, they made good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll, and they looked pretty good doing it… 🙂

      • Mark, It’s funny how quick a woman’s attitude towards a man can change with a little money. Quicker than Rockford J turn. As to objectify, well just look at online dating.

        • Yeah Brent, I NEVER forgot that story in when I read it. All the writer said he changed was his car. I get that, because he’d graduated college and was working; he could afford nice things, and he wanted to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Anyway, he didn’t change his clothes or anything else; all he changed was his car. He related how chicks would come up to him, comment about his nice personality, etc. I never, ever forgot that story…

        • I was surprised as a young man just out of high school how many girls perceived me as being rich. I dressed nicely and had a really shiny car. My best friend and I figured how to eat a couple meals(beenie weenies)for 12 cents……living the high life and paying 22/gallon for premium. We were rich alright, rich with ways to save money.

          Those “girls” never saw me doing head jobs, cam swaps and tune-ups for my friends to be able to go to Furr’s family center, buy a big bag of pinto beans, some butter and milk and burger meat to have a big pot that would last us a week via “chili beans and cornbread”. I’ve always been a good cook, listened to my mother, observed and learned and eventually taught her some stuff.

          Not sure what the girls liked except to be invited to eat. They probably didn’t realize chili beans were cheap…..back when beef was really cheap….and so was cornmeal.

          My mother, bless her far-seeing heart, sent me to college with a new 10″ cast iron skillet. I learned how to get it “right” and it’s just better now than ever. 50+year old cookware….never gets old.

        • Hiya Brent!

          Have you checked out the online dating “scene”? It is a depressing vista of two-thirds overweight single moms with a laundry list of insolent demands, the first of which is invariably: My kid comes first. Well,fine – I understand that it is important to care for your child. But how do they expect to attract any man by immediately making it clear that he will be second-string from the get-go?

          • And why 90% of them are divorced in the first place. The kids are not first in good/great marriages. The spouse is, and should be, number one.

          • Yeah, right! If you date a single mom, you won’t even be second, either; you’ll be dead last in her priorities. Plus, you have the ‘fun’ of dealing with the kid’s dad on occasion, paying for everything, putting up with junior’s drink/drug addiction, etc. No thank you!

          • I’m really amazed at all the 50+ YO women who have no crow’s feet, no grey hair and the bodies of a 30 year old woman. Even with several children. Or they put up out of focus, dark, or Instagram filtered pics and we’re supposed to play along and assume they’re being truthful about themselves.

            • ReadyKilowatt,
              Makeup and digital image manipulation.

              Don’t forget the state that seeks to attach children to the nearest or largest male owed wallet.

            • RK,
              The interwebz equivalent of beer goggles!

              In real-life, I’m amazed at how many 20-somethings are flabby, bedraggled, worn-out, unhealthy, unfeminine, have no taste……

              • TELL me about it! Leave the USA though, and you’ll see feminine, sexy women. Because you walk everywhere and eat better in South America, you don’t see fat people down there, either.

                • There are exceptions. Walk around downtown Aspen or Vail and you’ll see some pretty amazing looking (and well-read, intelligent, fit) women. Problem is they’re so rare these days they can pick the man they want. And they want one that can afford to keep them in clover (no pun intended) even after they get traded in on a newer model.

                  • That, RK, is exactly how feminism has subverted all of Western culture.

                    Traditionally, it had always been the woman’s goal to make herself desirable to men, by demonstrating that she was adept at the skills of housewifery; motherhood; being of good and faithful character, etc. -as those were her assets, and the things which a man would value enough to want to make her his wife.

                    Now…pfffft! Now, thanks to the artificial powers given to women by the state to make them “equal” to men (LOL), things are totally reversed: The man must now convince the woman that he is worthy of having her- by providing her with entertainment; riches (Which become hers if she decides to leave); deferring to her, etc.

                    As a result, women have been debased; their only value now is that of their looks(while they still have them) and sex.

                    So, far from being more “equal”, they have condemned themselves to permanent sex-object status; have guaranteed that they’ll never have the jhoy and security of having a REAL man (Which is why they so often go for thugs- which act more like traditional men, but without morals or character).

                    And no one is happy. They have broken the most fundamental building block of society- the family- and here we are now- with a bunch of manly women and effeminate men; drugged-up children being rasied by government schools and strangers; bastard mulatto kids who will be nothing but slaves and peons for corps, gov’t agencies, and wars.

                    Oh, and the biggest thing those women- the “better ones” lack, is HUMILITY!

                    • Thanks, KH!

                      I also value the reader comments here; I believe we have an incredibly bright, articulate and civil bunch of people here. I learn something from them almost every day.

                      Good to have you with us, by the way!

                • So true, Mark!

                  I’ve been watching some videos by this young couple who have moved to Mexico- and while Mexico is noit on my radar, as it is also a police state in the larger things (Although does offer a lot more every day freedom, than the US) it is amazing to see the way it REALLY is, as opposed to what we are lead to believe in the mainstream.

                  They had to buyu new clothes, as everyone down there still has enough self-respect to take pride in their appearance, and the young couple looked shabby by comparison, in standard ‘Mercan garb.

                  And the food! They showed some popsicles at a local convenience store; they were made with real fruit and real cream and such! Nolt this sugar-laden artificial crap we see here- and that was just at a local little store- nothing special there; not “health food” or something- just what they eat on a typical day!

                  The differences are truly astounding- and that’s just one border south…. It gets better as you go further away!

                  If my 94 year-old mother were able to travel….I’d be gone already! Wish I woulkd have been able to do it 17 years ago when I left NY- although I can’t complain- life has been good here in KY for the time being- and hopefully I’ll make it out before it gets too much worse.

                  • The thing i like is that, south of the border, you don’t need prescriptions for a lot of the meds down there. In most cases, if you know what you need, you can simply walk in to any corner pharmacy and buy it.

                • Here in Australia, the white and black women are becoming fatter. Except the Oriental chicks, who eat properly, work, and look after their husbands and families. The Ori gals are defying the trend.

              • Hi Nunz!

                Eureka… I have found it!

                The basic problem – with women – is that most do not get married or look for a mate in their late teens/early 20s. Instead, they look for careers – but get jobs – and ride the Cock Carousel. Time passes. They are now “experienced” – read, hagged out and used up and beginning to hear the clock ticking, see the crow’s feet developing… so now they get serious about finding a mate at just the moment when their market value is depreciating like a ten-year-old Tesla. And the men aren’t interested in them anymore. Why should they be? When they can have much younger women. For sex, I mean.

                Feminism’s time-bomb and the joke’s on them.

                Men have the luxury of time because of biology. Women do not – but have been fooled by Feminism into believing otherwise.

                It’d be sad – were it not their own goddamn fault.

                • The glamorization of office work, especially women’s workplace work, in the 1980s and 90s was unbelievable. Everyone works in a fantastic high-rise office where their opinions are valued. The meetings (in the corner conference room that has full-length windows overlooking the skyline) always end on a high note for the protagonists and everyone defers to the smartest person in the room (who happens to be the protagonist). Any actual work to be done was delegated to a 3 minute montage with either a pop song (to be co-released with the movie) or a chip tune synthesizer composition.

                  What? Your job isn’t like that at all? Imagine that. Hollywood myths from writers who’ve never actually set foot in an office. But how many rom-com chick flicks and sitcoms were in an office setting that was nothing like reality? Don’t think for a minute that didn’t have an effect on female Gen-X psychology.

                  • Hi RK,

                    Indeed it did. I’m a Gen X guy, so I know lot of Gen X females; the affliction is general and – as they enter middle age – the results are not happy. Most are either divorced or never married – both trying desperately to find the “right” man, now that it’s too late for them – because the “right” men are all casually dating younger women.

                    • So true, Eric!

                      It’s funny- but now that I’m older, I could have my choice of women, from virtually every age group. 20-somethings who wouldn’t have given the time of day when in was in my 20’s-40’s, now flirt with me all the time (And I’m nothing special to look at- maybe it’s that people tend to think that I “have money”-LOL).

                      It was nice when I noticed that happening with the 20-somethings (Not that I care, or would do anything about it)- but in the last few years, the age-bracket has been expanding, so now I’m getting a lot more interest from the 40-60(!) crowd…..[puke]- I mean, it’s getting ridiculous, especially with the 50-and-up ones. Literally, every time I go to town; go to a store….some of them are falling all over themselves.

                      They must REALLY be getting desperate! I’d get a fake marriage ring if I thought it would stop lunacy- but the way people are today, they probably wouldn’t care!

                  • But consider too how low the bar is for women to be celebrated, considered accomplished, promoted, etc. I don’t think it is only an engineering thing either. Women don’t really need to do much to have a good work experience.

                    Men get shit on day after day. The expectations are always at least a little bit higher than what you do. Even if there’s nobody in the world who can do it better or you’ve accomplished more than 90% of men, well it’s still not good enough. Here’s the one little thing you weren’t perfect on, sorry, no promotion, no raise… or better yet downsized.

                    For women, well I’ve seen expectations so low that showing up to work every morning wasn’t even expected.

                    If a business treats a woman like they do men it’s discrimination.

                    • It’s funny, Brent- what you say is absolutely accurate- but to an a woman with a brain, and a conscience, whether they truly possess any ability or not, they find immense dissatisfaction with such an environment, which is essentially just patronizing them.

                      Not to mention, that if they don’t play the part, and mouth all the words and parrot the PC ideas, they will truly be discriminated against.

                      Friend O’mine- a CONSERVATIVE black woman, found this out the hard way.

                      She spent years in a “good position”: making 6 figures- in a job that wouldn’t exist in the real world, but does because of Uncle.

                      Not only was she utterly MISERABLE for many years- but when she had had enough, and objected to the “sensitivity training”, or defended people who were being dumped on because they were conservative and had expressed the wrong opinion or said the wrong thing, etc. suddenly, being black and a woman was not enough to make her an esteemed member of the club- and while they didn’t dare fire her, they made her life miserable (More miserable than it already was, having to work there).

                      She finally quit, and was glad to do so- and had to start all over again at middle age- and is not very marketable now, despite her blackness, gender, and all the letters after her name- for she is forever branded as a non-PC non-conformist.

                      But she is happy now -even earning only a fraction of what she used to. (And another divorcee- who has already lived the majority of her life alone- and will likely remain so. She should give talks at “career days” about how great it is to spend your life and resources pursuing degrees and then getting a fabulous 6-figure job- and then ending up with absolutely nothing to show for it when you’re 50!)

                • Afternoon, Senor Eric, Me Hombre!

                  Exactly! You nailed it!

                  You’re right, too- in most respects, it’s not their fault. They are born into it, and thus it is just normal to them; they know nothing else; they have no reason to question the modern narrative.

                  They are led to believe that the alternative; the old way, was to be dragged-off by the hair, and enslaved in a cave.

                  The younger ones have no knowledge of the high culture that used to exist. Even the older ones who lived through the tail end of that culture, have forgotten.

                  How ironic. They’ve traded that high culture- and the joy of lifetime security and love, and of a stable home, and being able to raise a family and keep a home- for the drudgery of meaningless economic servitude; a studio apartment; and growing old alone.

                • Yo yo I hear ya brother Eric! Here in Australia the women are the same. Except the Oriental women who stand out as being real females, and look like real females. Men improve with age, whereas women sharply decline after 40, many even before 40. Very soon the joke will be on them as they look forward to a manless life.

                  • Since the male descendants of the Europeans that founded this civilization are becoming increasingly sterile by their own negligence, all the non-anglos have to do is wait, and they will be extinct from this continent.

          • Eric,
            You’re going to get me going saying things I don’t want to say in public. Yes, I’ve have. It is simply incredible what women expect especially when they offer nothing to negative value.

            • Morning, Brent

              As Sam Kineson used to say… say it! Hell, I have. Because I can. Now. No more walking-on-eggshells for me. At least when it comes to dealing with women I am – as The Prisoner said – a free man!

              • Basically what it is, is that women have their fun and then after their youth is gone, they have kids, or both, they come looking for a guy like me. It is insulting.

                Oh and the women looking for entertainment when they are in town. The one who called me autistic because I didn’t read through the lines of her message correctly nor did I jump at the chance to entertain her at my expense while she is in town visiting her family for the holidays.

                And then there was this day I came across this one profile… attractive woman, reasonable profile, well written, seemed like the unicorn, then I get towards the end, she’s a dedicated and serious satanist.

                • “It is insulting” -Ha! That’s it, Brent!

                  Kinda makes me feel good whren an attractive 20-something flirts, even though I’m not interested. But when some lower-case hag does…..someone who has absolutely nothing going for herself- it is damn insulting!

                  I feel like saying: “Are you serious?! I wouldn’t let you walk my dog!”- but of course, I don’t want to be one of “those people”; and nor do I think too highly of myself, so I act pleasantly, and don’t show my repulsion- but seriuously, I’d be less offended if some humble girl with genuine feelings in a wheelschair expressed interest, than I am with these worn-out hags who have bungled their way through life and still haven’t gotten it right after 50 years, but who are just looking for someone who appears available and looks like they may be game and keep them company and go spelunking for a while, just to give them something to do at night in the singlewide they share with their grown son or daughter and her collection of illegitimate sprogs.

                  Yeah, baby, I’m just dying to play daddy to your multicultural fambly!

                  • Morning, Nunz!

                    Something else I have noticed: Many of today’s women in theirs 30s and 40s have numerous health issues. At this age, they ought to have none; at least, the majority. But every other woman I have dealt with since my divorce is taking pills for something or other, seeing a doctor (or “therapist”).The ones over 45 are – for the most part – wrecks. Well on their way to being old. Not chronologically, but capability-wise. The differences in male vs. female strength/vitality really become apparent at this point in life – and this point in time.

                    Leaving aside sex appeal/reproductive capacity, I’m not interested in a worn out Depends candidate who can’t do much (physically) anymore at 40… imagine what she’ll be like at 50!

                    I take damned good care of myself – it’s my “Obamacare” – and refuse to get involved with a proto-invalid who already has to have Obamacare and can’t keep up with me or even close.

                    This is what comes of drinking a gallon of HFC soda every day and lots and lots of processed food.

                    • Morning eric. The late 60’s, early 70’s crowd that not a decade ago showed women living much longer than men is beginning to be stood on its head from what I see.

                      While my friends and co-workers of our age have some health issues, for the most part they aren’t dire…..for the men but the women are dying left and right.

                      I can’t count the number of COPD deaths I’ve seen in women in the last 20 years plus various forms of cancers.

                      I think a great deal of it boils down to women thinking they can smoke and drink like men while doing very little physical or mental work.

                      My wife will buy processed foods I won’t touch. I couldn’t eat some of them anyway due to the MSG they have in them I’m highly allergic to.

                      My previous job had me living 100 miles away during the week and eating with the whole crew every morning(Wild Bill and I skipped this part)and evening. It was always some eatery of varying quality. Pizza Inn had an all you can eat buffet on Wed. Unfortunately, their pizza’s sucked and I don’t like pizza that often. I just went to the house and ate something I’d brought I had previously cooked at home.

                      Thursdays same deal with a local Chinese place. I love egg drop soup and various other Chinese dishes but simply walking through the place to the back where the crew always sat had my throat closing up so that became another night I passed. This wasn’t a place that had the moniker of no MSG in their food like some other Chinese food places.

                      When I did eat somewhere, it was generally some place I could get a good salad and very hot pepper-wise food. Something that always fascinated me was Mexican food restaurants, with practically no exception, had the most bland red sauces and never green sauce.

                      I feel better not being forced to eat commercial food during the week. I bought the whole prime beef rib section and cut it into 2″ steaks. We can have 3 meals from one steak. Probably the worst thing I eat every day is some reduced calorie Gatorade since the regular stuff is sickeningly sweet and I need the electrolytes. Most likely the Shiner Bohemian Black Lager I drink has ingredients I don’t want to know but at least it’s tasty and soothing to your stomach. I did read in a beer making article that Black Lagers would be health drinks without the alcohol. The next time I’m in Estonia, I will try some A. Le Coq Imperial Kvass

                    • But Errriiiic [in monotone voice] don’t you know that women are “equal” to men?!

                      Never mind 30’s and 40’s; these days, teens and 20’s are all messed-up, healthwise.

                      I’ve heard teens, sitting around comparing illnesses, complaints and medications, as if they were arthritic 60 year-olds!

                      The hot 23 year old I had the option of dating a few years ago- I ran into her recently- now she’s 26. She has already started the decline! Getting flabby; lost that youthful healthful sparkle….

                      It’s disgusting.

                      A girl I’ve known for most of life, who was my ideal of beauty (but someone with whom I had nothing in common, so thus never pursued)- To see what she morphed into- starting in her early 30’s… Now in her mid 40’s, I literally would not recognize her if I didn’t know it was her. It’s like seeing a diamond morph into a turd! If that could happen to her….

                      And the ones who, by genetics and lifestyle manage to maintain their health and vigor? They;re the ones who never want to sit still!

                      I know such an one; Her and her husband run a couple of businesses; travel somewhere virtually every weekend; always have somne projevct going on at their house; entertain the grandkids; volunteer; etc. I’m sure they spend more on gas than the total of my income!

                      Come the day that they should ever have to cease all of the running around, and sit at home and have some quiet time together…I guarantee they would be divorced in a month.

                      From the time I was a teen, I thought being married was THE thing. But now, I thank God that IK never found a suitable wife, because I could not tolerate any of this nonsense. The more time goes on; the more I see, the more thankful I am to be alone and peaceful and content.

                    • 8-man, Just stand behind a Lithuanian, and the resultant fumes will give ya the same effects as the lager, but without the cost!

                    • 8! I don’t even have to click on that! I remember it from the early 80’s! “Woockin puh nub….”! LOL! Classic!

                      Right up there with “Beattlelos” (Spanish alternative to the Beatles)…with such songs as “Jesterday”……

                    • I’m glad that I learned to resist when I was young, ’cause if I hadn’t, I’d be in trouble now that such a wide array of women are so easily available, as we men age and become more desirable to the whole shit-load of ’em.

                  • Hi, Brandon!@

                    Hmmm…funny thing: There are pluses and minuses as pertains to getting old and fartly.

                    When you’re a young studly Guido [You are a Guido, aren’t ya? 😀 ) you get “triggered” for absolutely no reason, more often.

                    As you get older and fartlier, the frequency decreases a little (Mayube a lot, if you’re not a studly Eye-talian Guido!)….but on the other hand, the range of women that become readily available to you, kind of negates any advantages of the slowing down….

                    So, overall, I’d say it’s about the same.

                    I think what’s more important is how YOU think about it. I’ve seen guys in their 60’s and 70’s who can’t even rise to the occasion (if ya know what I mean 😉 ) who still pursue women, because it’s more of an acquired thing/habit/mental thing, than it is a physical thing.

                    Younmg or old, I think it’s more about how you look at it.

                    Me? Young or old, I’ve always ran a tight ship. I don’t “;provoke” things- i.e. stay away from things that might start me up(A perk of avoiding mass media!); I realize that whatever comes up, will subside- and you wont die if you don’t bow to it; and quite frankly, as time goes on, and I see thje true nature of women, and realize that there are no true unicorns out there- it DOES make it much easier, as I am more and more repulsed by the idea of becoming one with anyone who is not a kindred spirit.

                    I get so tired of seeing wimpy men who have no self-control and who are convinced that they “have to have a woman”.

                    You learn to control your appetite- just like you do with food, or playing video games or using intoxicants, etc. A real man takes control over his body, mind and spirit! Tyrants would rather that we let THEM control those things…..and they take pleasure in doing so, while not subjecting their own impulses to such control.

                    The scary thing is: I think “it” has a lot to do with physical fitness. When I was heavy into cycling, in my earlier 50’s….holy crud! I was like a teenager again! BOINNNNGGG!!!!

                    Maybe these obese guys who drink and smoke and watch fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuihtball for hours at a time, know something! I’m sure they don’t have to worry about wanting anything from their obese stinky androgynous wives! 😀

                  • Ah Brent, at least those bad experiences were good for something. It is easy for me now too, because of past experience and because women make no effort or initiation, which is great. But I see you all are getting much attention, and I fear later on, I’ll be an idiot, forget my past experiences, ignore the dangers anyway, and get into trouble, simply because they’ll make it easy for me.

                    Nunz, I don’t know what a guido is. I’m not from Jersey if that’s what you mean. And of course I’m a stud. I was just asking for a friend. 😉

                    • Brandon!

                      What’s a Guido?! Well, there’s one in this song:

                      [Sorry- the friggin’ music’s annoying!]

                      Uh…well….that was from before your time….but Jersey has only deteriorated even more since the song was made in the early 90’s.

                      Hey, believe me Brandon- for anyone with a brain, by the time ya get old enough to have all the babes (and hags) start hitting on ya…you’ll be so disgusted, you really won’t be tempted (Well, I was a little tempted by that 23 year-old…but thought about it, and came to my senses! -THAT’s what ya gotta watch out for- the “last chances”- For me, they started in my early 30’s – funny too, ’cause thius one girl I dated a few times (and then she actually dumped ME!) when I was 32 and she was…..23 (That seems to be a common number) I remember thinking to myself “She’ll likely be my last shot at someone that young” LOL! 30 years later….I was thinking the exact same thing for the umpteenth time (Only at least I don’t actually datye ‘;em anymore!)

                      But just wait till some 50-something hag flirts with ya! Instant salt-peter! Kinda ruinbs it for the rest of your life, even when the nice young’uns give ya attention.

                      Ands funny thing with me: I’ve never been the kind to chase girls. Not chasing ’em seems to help keep them at bay when you’re young….but as you get older and better….they get more desperate and more regretful of past bad choices…and try and chase you! You might be thinking ‘cool!”- but believe me, it’ll give ya the heenie-jeebies!

                      It must be like what a celebrity feels: The first time someone asks them for an autograph, they think it’s great. The 1000th time, they’re like “Will someone just shoo Hortense and her husband/father away!”. 😀

                    • Dear goodness, Mark! That video makes one realize how hopeless the future of the Western world is! Yikes!

                • Satanism is merely a jack form of Christianity, Satan being a Christian deity.
                  With 200+ sects of Christianity out there, there is no more reason to disdain satanism than any other Christian cult.

                  • Vonu, most “Christians” ARE philosophically Satanists…they just don’t realize it- just like military enlistee who believes that he is “fighting for freedom”, because they believe the words of others at face value, and never look any further nor think about the obvious contradictions they see- like the Bible-toting churchgoer who sits there saying ‘Amen!’ as the preacher ridicules the Laws of God……

                    • It took 30 years to create Christianity after Christ was gone because it was and is totally a human construct. It was the first MLM, constructed to be self-funding and dedicated to mindless loyalty, as all MLMs are.
                      That is why I am a Christian atheist. Jesus is my lord and an adept, able to do anything a god would. Miracles are a walk in the park for him.

                    • Wow, Vonu- The Jews must’ve been bad businessmen in those days.

                      Look at the Apostle Paul: Was a ‘somebody’ in one of the biggest Jew sects; had the authority to drag Christians off to the gulag for being Xtians; Gave it all up to be a Christian- and unlike the so-called Xtians today, instead of mansions and private jets, he spent the rest of his life doing meager work to support his evangelism; was in jail for years; and had nothing….and after numerous persecutions, was finally martyred….

                      If that’s MLM, he must’ve had it backwards- as did all his contemporaries and successors- until of course, Constantine came along, and applied the name of Christianity to the old Paganism/Satanism- whose purveyors quickly became the rich and powerful….

                      Q: What do you call two faggots named Bob?

                      A: Oral Roberts! 😀

                    • Vonu, you didn’t read the history. The fist church was in existence wihtin days of Jesus coming back from the dead, and got a HUGE jump start fifty days after He rose again. FIVE THOUSAND joined that first day. That ain’t no MLM scam. Three thousand more not long after.

                      Don;t look at what westerm “civilisation” has made of those who follow Jesus. They’ve done no better with “the church” than they hve with our government. hence the state we’re in with the car stuff, the sort of raison d’etre for this column.

                      Man can mess up anything, and usually does. Few churches today are truly built on the pattern laid down in The Book, just like few government entitnes are run by the principles laid down in our “paper’, the Constitution. Same heaert to corrupt has messed up both categories, along wiht a few others.

                      But that is not the fault of the “pattern” laid down to follow. Its the fault of the ones building per their own wishes and ignoring the Pattern.

    • Every guy and his friends has always made a list of the top 10 girls. Most just don’t write it down. Sad that the book was found and i’m sure the whole school could already guess who was which rank.

      • Too bad that mangina let the cat out of the bag and told his female friend! If he’d kept his yap SHUT (bros before hoes), none of this would have happened…

      • Yep. It’s what we hetero guys talk about a lot. How the women look. What size their tits are, the amount of ass they have, how much skin they show, how long their hair is, whether their panty lines are showing………………………………..

  14. Automatically enforced speed limits.
    The result will be traffic congestion and crashes. Without the ability to accelerate to avoid a crash that leaves only braking and braking is often the wrong answer. Either it doesn’t avoid the crash or results in a different crash.

    As to traffic congestion, in the Chicago area sometimes the weather is just bad enough to force people to drive the posted speed limit. The congestion that results is often crushingly bad as the roads can no longer get enough vehicles to their destination fast enough and more and more pile into the system until it’s all just stop and go crawling.

  15. In the USA there is a problem with automatic speed governing. The revenue of the traffic ticket industry. Speed limits are not kept low for safety in the USA, they are kept low because this is how a lot of people support themselves and their families. It’s a racket with a lot of people involved.

    First the elected office holders at the top of the food chain. They use the revenue for their projects and to buy votes. The next layer down is the court system. The courts need that court cost revenue and its cut of the fines to pay the judges, recorders, bailiffs, clerks, etc. Next step down on the food chain are the prosecutors and the traffic ticket lawyers and their paychecks. Below them are the cops and the police departments who need nearly everyone speeding not only for department revenue and their own paychecks but to make stops to fish for more. A traffic stop is just the beginning for the possibilities of plunder and making performance objectives. Off to the side are the crony companies that build and operate the speed cameras.

    If the cars themselves enforce the speed limit many of these people will be out of work. They’ll have to compete in the productive sector. They will need to provide actual value to customers. Speeding is the bread and butter of the traffic ticket racket. The piece that makes the DUI and Civil Asset forfeiture rackets go. Without speeding these people will have to work for a living.

    So will uncle put them out of work?

    That’s the question.

    • I believe you have the right of it there.

      Best plan for that model is to simply refuse to participate. I’ve done that… I rarely drive the posted limit, but am vigiland and cagey enough to never get the blue blinkin light escort to the side of the road My last moving violation was in 1994, since which time I’ve likely driven close to a million miles.

      I adopted as a mantra years ago in California this:

      And I uphold that strongly.

    • That’s ESPECIALLY TRUE in the smaller towns that don’t have much of a tax base. They derive much of their revenues from ‘traffic enforcement’…

  16. Two 737 Max 8’s crashed because of “safety” features within 5 months of each other. ~ 400 people disappeared because of AI – and because Boeing was selling the solution to their “safety features” as a paid option. I bet Boeing gets in bed even more than before with the US government and, like most other big business these days, profit becomes irrelevant because the taxpayers/government/central bank guarantee the outcome.

        • It only adjusts the rear flaps. The problem comes from the fact that it operates independently of the autopilot and can’t be easily turned off. Add to that the fact that the pilots aren’t told about it or how to manage it, an a crash is inevitable.

          • Vonu,

            “It only adjusts the rear flaps”

            Unless you are privy to some new aviation design, I think you are mistaken.

            Flaps are on the wings.

            The horizontal stabilizer has an elevator attached which makes the nose go up and down.

            Because pilots are a lazy bunch, they put a rather small trim tab on the elevator so they don’t have to hold the elevator.

            It’s sort of like cruise control in that you can set the elevator for climbing, level flight, and decent.

            Really lazy pilots who fly for a living have these trim tabs on the rudder and ailerons as well. That lets them “set it and forget it.”

            Apparently the good folks at Boeing got rid of the “set it” part but kept the “forget it” part.

            So the pilots of the doomed flights set the elevator trim to takeoff/climb while they were still on the ground. During the climb to cruising altitude, the computer moved the trim tab so the elevator was pointing the nose down.

            The law that says that no two things can occupy the same space at the same time then overrode the computer.

      • I didn’t mean that it is technically classified as AI – only that it outsmarted experienced pilots and nosedived two full planeloads of people into the ground. It is, however an excellent example of why AI NEVER really will exist. Anything that flies a plane against a pilot’s will…I will consider that to be something that considers itself smarter than it’s human master. That has proven itself to be a disastrous assumption for all those people directly involved. Computers will only react how they are programmed to react. They will never be able to show true intelligence or creativity beyond what they are programmed for.

      • A couple years ago the govt. decided (for wall street I’m sure)to declare that they and Lockheed-Martin were joined at the hip and were working together for the “greater good”. Since Allan doesn’t get new off the internet, he was first to mark this up to my machinations and distrust of govt. But the deal was, and not probably, shown on Fox, it made news all over the internet>

        Some like to leave their head in the ground so they can take, what they[ll think of, as the moral high ground, all the while not acknowledging the role govt. plays in our lives 24/7.

      • Morning, Doug!

        In re: “Boeing and the Federal Government are practically one and the same…”

        Yes, and the same can be said of GM and the car industry generally. The last time the car industry put up opposition to government mandates was way back in the mid-1990s (air bags) but since then, it has anticipated mandates and now actively “partners” with the government for the sake of their mutual profit/power.

        • The lure of “Uncle Sam’s” money (‘multced’, as you’d put it, from we great number of ‘unwashed’ fools) is too great for the automakers, themselves multi-national conglomerates (Good ol’ “Generous Mother” has as strong financial interests in Red China as it does here in the “good ol’ USA”, Toyota, a veritable joke in this country some 50 years ago, is now the #1 DOMESTIC manufacturer, with the multinationals becoming practically governments of themselves, all we need is the Trade Federation from Star Wars imposing its own blockade of Naboo to make it complete!) to even consider DEFYING them. It’s gone well beyond the days of Henry “Scoop” Jackson, aka the “Senator from Boeing”, whom couldn’t necessarily be blamed to assert Washington State’s interest in aircraft back in his time. It’s even more than the considerable fleet sales to GSA and the military, and I’m not even counting the VERY lucrative combat vehicles. Just imagine all the lining up for the M1A3 tank upgrade contract, worth more, even factored for inflation, than the initial purchase of some 8,000 M1A1 Abrams some 35 years ago!

          What also needs to be considered is that somehow, the market out there finds a way to keep these rides running. “Gawd” bless ’em, they drill out the dzus fasteners on “engine shrouds” in order to do what used to be relatively simple projects like replace a leaky valve cover gasket or an malfunctioning alternator. If one can’t get a replacement PCM for the 2005 Chrysler Mini-Van which otherwise is perfectly serviceable, the aftermarket comes up with a workable replacement where FiatChrysler won’t pony up for fear of killing the new car market! Of course, how is something like THAT answered? Via legislative and bureaucratic fiat! Just try to get said PCM in the once-great State of Cali(porn)ia, and you find your supplier on the Internet won’t ship to the once-“Golden” state due to CARB (California Air Resources Board) restrictions and the specter of huge-assed fines. Sure, my #1 son and I have an easy work-around, having a good friend in Carson City to make a straw purchase at Summit Racing or order the item shipped to him, that works…FOR NOW. Since we go every now and then to exercise our Second Amendment rights in Nevada (leaving some of our better toys with him as what hasn’t already been (il)legally proscribed in the People’s Republic of Californicate may yet be, and any transit of weaponry runs the risk of arbitrary confiscation by the road pirates with badges), it’s no great inconvenience to make arrangements for pickup. I do anticipate that even THAT will some day put my boy and I in legal jeopardy. Not too long ago, we acquired a FREE big block Chevy “Rat” motor with a Turbo 400, salvaged from a wrecked Suburban. Said engine and tranny (as if Californicate doesn’t have enough ‘trannies’) were palletized and wrapped in plastic, the state inspectors, ostensibly at an AGRICULTURAL checkpoint on Interstate 80 near Truckee, and the CHP delayed us for a half hour while they consulted whether or not our bringing this automotive hardware was “legal”. Finding no reason to stop it, they let us carry on, but it was one annoying experience…and once I fear may be the norm. What bothers me is the cops refused to let us pass without taking down our licenses and, of course, doing the customary “warrant check”, which there was NOTHING. I guess our papers were “in order” that day!

          • Hi Doug,

            I hear you – on all of the foregoing. I have family in CA, too – and urge them to flee at every opportunity. The state is gone; those who remain are doomed – fodder for the Free Shit Army.

            • eric, I can’t help but think of The Jerk at some point in passing about Ca. It was stupid enough to be a true Ca. story. It also had my favorite actor in it, M Emmet Walsh whose performances have practically seared themselves into your brain such as “Mack” in Cannery Row, and “Bill” in Raising Arizona and many others in countless films.

              The Jerk was astute as a Ca. legislator when he said “He hates the cans”.

            • Same with NY…. It was already bed, even well before I left, it is MUCH worse today- to the point where even many who thought I was nuts for leaving nearly 18 years ago, are now leaving themselves, or at least desire to- and these people are not even libertarians- they’re just experiencing the consequences of the continual communism that is continually being heaped upon them- and are finally starting to realize, that even if they don’t care about their rights and personal freedoms, that if nothing else, the state is consuming everything they have- from every cent of their incomes; to their children.

              In places like NY and CA, this garbage started back in the early 80’s – and like a bad cancer, it consumes any healthy tissue and multiplies exponentially- and then starts spreading inward- to other states.

              These states, which collectively (when you include all of the loony lib ones) contain about half of Americas population- and their ways are completely unsustainable, and it can not go on much longer this way- they are becoming literal third-wold countries- but with much greater tyranny- and unlike a third-world country, their residents are rich- on paper- yet live like slaves and paupers, while the state consumes all of their wealth.

              I’d say that the US is going to be involved in a MAJOR war real soon (Hell, we’re threatening everyone) because they are not just going to let these states crumble, and admit their colossal failures (How they’ve mismanaged their extorted wealth; how all of their so-called philanthropical programs have not produced the results they promised, etc.)- so a war will give them someone else to blame, while providing the excuse to steal even more wealth, while any still remains.

  17. Well, as I’ve said before, gonna start collecting classics so I can avoid it

    We here know the Tsunami’s coming, time to leave rather than keep heading back

  18. Hi Eric,

    I posted this elsewhere, but it’s more appropriate here.

    Are the auto companies supporting this? If so, there must be some plan to retroactively mandate such limiters on older cars in order to be licensed. After all, why would any sane person buy a new car with this feature rather than a good used one? As for the reassurance that “drivers will be able to override the device simply by pushing hard on the accelerator”, what makes anyone think that this feature won’t be eliminated, or that it will allow a reasonable “out” from the nanny car programming?

    “The speed limiter device, called intelligent speed assistance (ISA), uses GPS data and sign recognition cameras to detect speed limits where the car is traveling, and then will sound a warning and automatically slow the vehicle down if it is exceeding the limit.”

    So, if you stomp on the gas it will let you “speed” but it doesn’t say you can turn the fucking thing off. So, will your car be constantly beeping at you and fighting with you if you want to “speed”. Is there any evidence that speed limits enhance safety? We do have a good historical case study suggesting otherwise. When the 55 MPH speed limit was scrapped, all of the safety hysterics insisted that mass carnage would be the result, didn’t happen. I’ve read studies that show that red light cameras increase accidents. All of the evidence suggests that speed limits are set to promote revenue generation and have nothing to do with safety. If they were about safety then they’d need to show data that showed at least a strong correlation.

    “Safety campaigners described the move as one of the biggest leaps forward in 50 years and said it could save 25,000 lives by 2037.” They just pull these numbers out of their ass. It’s like the ludicrous claims of lots of people harmed by VW emissions or the straight up fraud of thousands of deaths caused by exposure to ETS. These people are never held accountable. They never have to prove, or even show evidence for, their asinine assertions. Even when their claims are exposed as fraudulent, it makes no difference. In 1992 the EPA released a report claiming that ETS caused 3,000 deaths per year. This report was based on knowingly fraudulent research, and was severely rebuked by judge William Osteen in 1998. Did this make any difference? No, that study is still cited as valid and most anti-smoking organizations offer estimates that vastly exceed even those absurd claims. After all, as the vapid, petulant, mental adolescent AOC recently opined, “it’s more important to be morally right than factually correct.”

    To those who think the war on smoking is irrelevant, it is not. The fraudulent case against ETS created the excuse for regulatory agencies to become public health crusaders, vested with enormous, unaccountable power. The assault on personal freedom and property rights (in the name of saaaaaaafety) owes its’ “legitimacy” to the success of the anti-smoking crusades.

    Hopefully, there’s still enough of the vestigial remains of independence left in the American soull to resist this shit here, probably not.


    • You are correct sir. I said it then and still maintain that the anti-smoking campaign was a major step in government controlled health even (especially) when it is unneeded and only benefits government. It slowly went from smoking areas to now you cannot even smoke in your home if children are present. They’re after the vapors today. Also the vaccination campaign that wants to force mercury and aluminum into your body even with minor diseases like Measles. Autism has been sky rocketing and they have zero proof that vaccinations eradicated major diseases other then the BS data they put out. Over 50 shots before your seven these days. Guestimating $20 per shot Corporations is seriously raking it in. Same with the cars,,, They require it, we pay for it. It’s soooooo bad that UPS (Brown Truck) will soon be going door to door helpfully giving mandatory vaccinations. (A shipping company, for God’s sake!)

      I am 70 years old and am glad I won’t live in the dark period coming soon.

      [Hopefully, there’s still enough of the vestigial remains of independence left in the American soull to resist this shit here, probably not.]

      I don’t think so, Tim….

      • Hi Ken,

        Thanks. As Eric often points out, once you establish a precedent, anything in line with that precedent becomes acceptable. The early anti-smoking campaign was primarily focused on education and had quite a lot of success. But, for the authoritarian control freaks, those results were not nearly good enough. At the time, many Americans resisted smoking bans because they believed that it was really none of their business if people hurt themselves. This drove the control freaks mad so they invented the supposed harm caused by ETS to justify the war on personal freedom and property rights. It was only by claiming that smokers injured non-smokers that smoking bans became accepted and commonplace. Of course, the Clovers of the world say this is a good thing and, without it, we would all be forced to breathe smoke at every restaurant, bar, etc… But, even this is false. Private restaurant and bar owners began responding to customer demand by voluntarily banning or limiting smoking. When Santa Fe passed a citywide smoking ban in restaurants, over 90% of them were already smoke free.

        So, a precedent was set. Any personal activity that could be portrayed as “harming others” was now subject to any regulation, and anyone who disagreed could be dismissed as a selfish asshole. Even voicing questions was tantamount to heresy. Demanding proof is also heresy, likewise suggesting that a cost/benefit analysis should be required is also heresy.

        The demonization of vaccine critics is justified on these same grounds. Any skepticism is heresy because “you don’t have the right to endanger my children with your lunatic conspiracy theories”. Look what they did to Andrew Wakefield, who is not dogmatically anti-vaccine. He merely claimed that the vaccines, specifically the MMR vaccine had not been sufficiently tested and that there seemed to be a correlation with autism. Also, look at massive expansion of recommended vaccines. Through 1954, smallpox and the combination vaccine DTP were recommended. These are the current recommendations from the CDC

        I’m not even anti-vaccine, I just think people have the right to make informed choices. This is unacceptable to the control freaks. Back when P.J. O’Rourke was still cool he wrote an essay claiming that”safety nazis” posed the greatest threat to freedom, he was right.


        • [Any skepticism is heresy because “you don’t have the right to endanger my children with your lunatic conspiracy theories”]

          For entertainment I sometimes ask these people “If your child is vaccinated then how can my unvaccinated child do your child harm?”.

          They get the deer in the headlights expression which morphs to name calling and accusing me of child neglect which still doesn’t answer how their child is at risk. Then I tell them to read the insert provided with the vaccine,,, They reply ” What insert”. lolol.

          Most Americans are so cognizant challenged I find it a challenge just talking to them.

          • The media and experts just lie to people and they never ever ever look at the source material to find out for themselves.

            People don’t even read the Wakefield paper. They repeat what they were told about it. It is nothing like we are told. In fact it is pro vaccination. Just doing it slower. I found one person on the pro vaccination side of the argument that had read it and he argued it was still fake because Wakefield was working on his own Measles only vaccine and wanted to profit. So what are establishment vaccine makers doing then? So shouldn’t they aim to ruin him if his work wasn’t fake?

            • Hi Brent,

              You’re correct, Wakefield was not anti-vaccine. He believed that until there was more and better research testing and confirming the safety of polyvalent vaccines, monovalent (single) vaccines should be preferred.

              His critics claim that the “vaccination scare” he supposedly created is responsible for the rise in measles in the UK, beginning in the late 90’s. What they never tell you is that the NHS eliminated single vaccines around the same time his study was published. This fact is a more plausible explanation for the rise than “disinformation” pushed by Wakefield.

              The pro-vaxxers have made any reasonable debate about vaccine schedules, types, numbers, other ingredients, etc… impossible. To the extent that vaccine skepticism may have caused harm, I believe the blame falls mostly on the pro-vaxxers who condemn any skeptic as either a moron or a corrupt fraud.

              If ad-hominem attacks from one side dominate a narrative, sane and normal people begin to distrust the assertions made from that side.


              • Yep. Some people stopped vaccinating when the government medical systems pulled the certifications for single vaccines because it was too costly for them to allow that choice. Had the single vaccines been allowed people would have stuck with them.

                In the USA there is has been no dip in vaccination rates. It appears that anti-vaxers are being blamed for vaccine failure. Outbreaks in vaccinated populations.

                There can’t be rational discourse because rational discussion starts with vaccines not being risk free magic potions. But even mentioning that vaccination is a risk/reward calculation is enough to be strung up as a witch.

                6000 years and nothing fundamentally changes.

                • ****”6000 years and nothing fundamentally changes.”****

                  Aint THAT the truth, Brent!

                  Over and over again, in every sphere of endeavor and life.

                  I was reading some works of the Ante-Nicene “Fathers” last night. A couple of arguments 2 were refuting, I swear, are the very same thing you’d hear today- almost 2000 years later- verbatim!

            • Which Wakefield paper are you talking about. He has written several, and the one that got his medical license pulled didn’t mention autism or the vaccination schedule.

      • Hi Ken,

        I’m a member of Gen X – so I and my entire cohort grew up with smoking; none of my friends had asthma or other issues; there were a handful of chubby kids in my high school class of 600-plus. I knew no one with autism. We were healthier than today’s sheltered/coddled/safety-seated/vaccinated and no-smoking kids, every other one of whom is obese/asthmatic/autistic.

        • I smoked around my children,,, that would be Gen X. I stopped when they were teens but not because of the hysteria,,, The gov increased taxes so the price went to $11 per carton. I was damned if I was going to donate more of my earned money to the takers in our society. Today they’re about $40 per carton,,, probably mostly tax.

          My father in law is in his 80s, still smokes. He says his Doctor said it will eventually kill him.

          We allowed our children to be vaccinated until I read the insert, saw the Mercury and all the complications that were possible. No more vacs for them.

          I have to tell you,,, Your articles are great. A breath of fresh air these days to read cognizant, logical, and sensible writes verses mostly gibberish coming from what is today laughingly called news outlets. Thanks.

          • Thanks for the very kind words, Ken!

            I was whupped/beat the past couple of days; very little sleep – which messes with you more than a vicious beatdown. But I am firing on all cylinders today. And feeling good, too. I think I may take Little Stinker out for a ride… and post a video!

          • Ken,

            I think you and my aunt had the same doctor! She smoked- in moderation- all of her adult life. The doc said it would kill her. He may’ve been right- she died 2 years ago- at the tender age of 95 -and was actually starting to get a touch of COPD. Those doctors sure are smart! 😉

            Who knows; had she forgone the pleasure of having smoked for 3/4’s of a century, she might have lasted another month or two. (She died in her sleep- I wonder if her doc will now say that sleeping kills?)

        • I am mildly dyslexic, mostly when it comes to math. I’m also supposedly very intelligent. So although a few of my teachers suspected something was wrong, they just told my parents I was lazy. Despite my spending hours in front of computers, riding/repairing/modifying bicycles, and playing music. These days I would have been tested and my malady would have been discovered much earlier than 30 years old. Probably in first or second grade. My parents may or may not have homeschooled me, but given that my aunt and uncle were pioneers in homeschooling my cousin it would have been discussed I’m sure. Of course had my dyslexia been discovered I probably would have ended up in the SPED class and never heard from again.

          I don’t accept that children are “learning disabled.” They don’t fit into the standard one-size-fits-all teaching model. Uncle’s indoctrination centers may have correctly identified the problem, but turning to chemicals as a fix isn’t the answer. The real solution is online. Even in the 1970s and 80s it was clear that if the cost of video conferencing and distribution came down enough the truly good teachers of the world would go online. Now that has basically come to pass, and kids are being held back by Uncle’s minions. Every so often someone bemoans the fact that entertainers get paid more than teachers and somehow that’s a failure of capitalism. What they don’t mention is that we take the best teachers and expose them to the same number of students as the worst ones. No scale means no rock stars. Before the invention of mass-produced recorded sound there were very few performers known by name. Composers were the stars because they could print up sheet music. Once everyone could own a Caruso performance and play it back in their homes it was the end of the mediocre musician.

          And smoking was pretty cool until it wasn’t. And I was able to quit. Wasn’t fun, wasn’t easy, but looking back I think it made me a stronger person. Unlike sugar which continues to be a constant struggle, although the battle is easier if you cook your own food.

          • Well-said, RK- on all counts!

            I love too, how they say “failure of capitalism” while talking about the communal edumacation system; which is as far removed from the free-pmarket as one can get, and thoroughly hobbled/controlled by politicians. How could THAT be a failure of capitalism, when it is the diametric opposite of capitalism?! The stoopit bunch of ignurnt maroons!

            Yeah, thank goodness they didn’t dianose you as ‘learning disabled’ or some such! They may’ve convinced you that you were! They might have have insisted that you were ‘special’, and doped you up with various drugs, and today, your sentences would be peppered with ‘dude’ and your IQ might’ve been stunted enough to enable you to be a cop or a soldier! (And you would actually want to be one!)

    • The new work vehicles all have speed governors installed. If a driver exceeds the preset limit the vehicle will drop down to 60 and stay there for some time. From what I understand it does so violently. My guess is you’ll have a limited time of overriding the system and then that’s it. At least with version 1.0

    • The 25,000 deaths are from all traffic related incidents, even according to that dubious study.
      There is (and can never be) no breakdown as to how many were caused by “speeding”. IMO distracted and incompetent drivers account for a huge percentage of traffic accidents.

      • following too closely is the single biggest cause of traffic fatalities on highways, and one of the highest in cities.

        Last time in the SF Bay arrea, I had driven across the Richmond San Rafael Bridge, poking all the way from San Rafael, finally got onto 80 ear the SF Bay Bridge approaches… its aobut seven lanes wide in there, everything had been ca crawl since leaving the 101 in San Rafael. It finally broke as my clump of traffic passed the problem… a five car pileup in the fifth lane over… all cars hideously crunched, the five cars now taking up less length oh the lane than four whole ones would need. Several people were standing, leaning up against the far left lane barrier, all with the cat in the headlamp glaze…. warmisn afternoon, my window was open, I hollered as I crept past

        “STOP TAILGATING” The Chipper heard mel and glanced my way. I was simultaneously murdered by about fifteen pairs of piercing eyes, bitter at the fact I had identified their reality.

        This practice, that of tailgating, is not only NOT taught against in the mandated driver training scams, but never enforced by those charged with keeping our roadways safe….. (a relative term, I know,,,,) The wierd look I got from that stater told me HE knew I was right.
        Rule number one is.. DON”T RIN INTO ANYTHING. Rule number two s, if you DID run into something, you were following too closely to be able to stop before you did hit it. That means it is YOUR FAULT.

        My car liabilty insurance recently jumped thirty percent. BECAUSE of the rotten safety record of drivers in my area. Two plus million miles and I’ve yet to hit anything. Had a few tag ME, always their fault. I’ve probably saved a bunch of lives by exlpaining to dear friends, after riding with them, about the dangers of following too closely and how to tell when you are not. NO ONE had ever talked to them about that. Amazing…..
        I even make a point o f putting the tailgators in front of me, so when they DO hit someone it will be the poor sap I’ve BEEN following. When someone is trying to read what size trailer hitch ball I have on my ballmount, I simol ease back and leave HIS folloing space in front of ME…. and this has paid off multipe times. And gummit want ME to accept THEIR “safety devices”? Hah!!!

        • Yeah, speed is usually only dangerous when combined with some other dangerous act, like tailgating or reckless lane changes (most often both of those together).

          Only exception is the preponderance of single vehicle fatalities that we have in Montana.

        • Spot-on, Tionico. When it comes to driving, there is nothing wimpier than not having your vehicle under control. Tailgaters are the biggest wimps on the road. In fact they are not drivers at all, but helpless passengers. Pathetic.

        • This morning on the way to the job I spot a string of on ramp crawlers, all bumper to bumper. I get over in the passing lane, having played this game before and not wanting to slam on the brakes while the front car doing 40 screws up one of the simplest activities you can do while operating a vehicle. Of course someone wants to pass me, and sits on my tail. I look over and by now there’s a guy #2 closing the gap I was going to use to get out of the tailgater’s way. I signal. He continues to close the gap. I get over anyway, forcing him to slow down. Guy passes me. Remember, I was nice enough to get over and “let him in” even though that’s not how it works. The guy in the passing lane proceeds, and guy #2 decides to fly past me, and glares on the way past. If I didn’t have a company logo on the side he would have seen my salute. They both proceed to tailgate a vehicle further up the road and each other.

          This is out in the sticks, not downtown Denver. Plenty of room on the road for everyone, no need to clump up or force everyone else to clump. It ain’t NASCAR and you’re not drafting.

          • Something about Colorado …

            Everything can be all pleasant and decent 500 miles from Montana down through Wyoming, and about the Colorado state line everybody is crazy.

            It would be a fine and pleasant drive if we just turned around at Cheyenne and came home.

            • I think it’s that critical knee inflection. No one snowflake is responsible for the avalanche. I need to spend more time in WY, it seems like it might be like Colorado was when I moved here. Out here on the western slope the fight continues, but enough California crazies have moved in to make it a little harder, and of course the front range can push through whatever legislation they want.

              • Wyoming is nice. I’m sort of wishing now that we had moved there instead of Montana when we left Gunnison in 1997. But here is where fate led us, and at this point it seems a terrible amount of effort to sell one rural place and try to find another in the Cowboy State, not to mention moving again.

                We’ve got a good chance of getting a Republican governor in 2020, which means likely Constitutional Carry in 2021. That’s how it is now in a third of these not-so-united States, so not all trends are going the wrong way.

                • If you are going to stay that far north, it is time to start looking into building a four season hydroponic cogeneration greenhouse. Wyoming has had constitutional carry for many years. They’ll begin licensing snowmobiles shortly.

                  • “Many years” = almost 8, since 2011. In MT it is only prohibited within city limits. The legislature has passed it I don’t know how many times now but DemocRat governors keep vetoing.

                    • Amazingly, here in KY. starting sometime in June, we can conceal-carry without a permit.

                      My .357mag snubby is smiling!

                    • Yeah, MT is becoming an embarrassment to the Freedom/Gun Rights movement.

                      However, there are “workarounds” //wink

              • Choler-raddo is one state I’ve never been to- but I think I know all I need to know:

                Denver + Colorado Springs = a bunch of loony lefty communists from California, recreating California in a different location, thus ruining a once good state for everyone else.

                • The “Springs” has actually always been pretty conservative, but getting less so I suppose. The military is a Big Deal there.

                  But the rest of the front range, plus Aspen/Gunnison/Telluride – yuk!

            • Now that Colorado is thoroughly Californicated and Texas is on the way, Montana is next. You’ll know it has gone too far when Ted Turner starts whining about destitutes squatting on his ranch. Charles Schwab is conservative enough to have seen to security on his gated community, but he’ll need a whole lot more muscle, someday.

      • And the main cause of distraction is driving way too slowly… and complacency.

        Speed saves. Seat belts kill. Cops write tickets so they can make $250,000/year off the tax paying victims.

      • Hi Escher,

        I agree with that. But, I was commenting on the claim made in one of the linked articles that speed limiters “will save 25,000 lives”. My point is that the control freaks just make shit up and never have to justify their claims.


        • Hell, Jeremy, that’s that’s their “raisun deetree”. What? You want them to deal in fact? Say it isn’t so. Besides, to quote somebody in the Bush/Cheney cabal, a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth….just ask Ralph Nader, Bill Clinton, etc. etc. etc….

  19. Face it; it is over. Cars are now appliances. It will become a federal crime to hack any of these systems. Your car will rat you out to the government. After a few high profile convictions, people will step in line. Very sad but true.

  20. I don’t know where you dig up the pics of these bureaucrats, Eric, but they really do hit the mark! Ever notice how they sneer down at, or don’t even make eye contact with the peasantry? The have had wealth and privileges stuffed up their asses for so long I doubt they even have a clue what it means to EARN a living, let alone WORK. These are pricks that belong in prisons and concentration camps, making license plates and laying asphalt in the middle of summer.

    • Those that are evil tend to want to rule over others. Hence, those that want to rule over others tend to become lawmakers, politicians, or any such similar job. Those that are evil but too stupid to make the cut vote to empower other evil. Those that are evil get pleasure in diminishing the freedom, happiness, and wealth of others, with the ultimate pleasure being others’ literal enslavement.

  21. Read the story on Zerohedge. The article said you could override the software by pressing hard on the accelerator. If true, that won’r last long. They are using the Baby Step conditioning process so the cattle can get used to it slowly,,, like they do everything. I assume if you overide it you can expect a ticket in the mail or worse. Also said ‘Emergency Braking’ and ‘Electronic Data Recorders’ were to be Fatwad at the same time.

    I have always maintained that Digital is the worse invention of Mankind. Digital is the antonym of Liberty/freedom. Yes it has some good points but the bad far outweighs most things good. Anyone with more than one brain cell could see this coming. Digital is custom made for the evil among us,,, notably government.

    Oh,,, also,,, many were FOR this fatwa. One said he/she/it couldn’t wait as it would keep from accidental speeding. Impossible to win against stupid as stupid is as stupid does.

    • Years back I was driving my trusty old Mercedes diesel sedan, happened to have an older friend with me, a sort of know it all busybody type. He needed a ride to somewhere so I said hop in. Driving along in town, lost in anmated conversation, I suddenly poked the brake pedal sharply, reduced speed by about ten, resumed that slower speed. He commented “must have gotten a ticket recently, eh? I said No. But being aware of MY speed and POSTED speed is what has kept me from getting caught. Just after that we passed a reasonably well hidden radar cop….. who WOULD have gladly presented me with paying paper had I not seen him and poked that big pedal on the left.

      In those days HE was getting one or two tickets per year… I got fewer than one per decade and a half. And I probably drove more than he did, too, and did so far faster than he did.

      Situational awareness works for staying safe in dodgy areas, it also works for keepong Smokey at bay…..

  22. Not sure if this will fly in the “Land of the Sheep & Home of the Slave”. I can’t see GovCo and the Insurance Industrial Complex (or do I repeat myself?) wanting this. Without the constant grease of minor traffic violations the entire Criminal Justice System would grind to a halt. Without the ability to jack up rates over nonsensical speed violations the insurance scam might collapse.

    No, this will never work, too many useless/parasitic jobs would be on the line.

    I’m sure to be proven wrong…

    • There is no limit like that on GovCorp. After years of programming people to “conserve” water, electricity, etc….it actually started reducing GovCorp’s real inflation adjusted income from taxes on these things. Their response, surely planned from the start, was to hike the prices up so your “conservation” just means you end up paying more for less-and your lifestyle takes the hit. GovCorp will either lower the speed limits intentionally to hike their highway robbery taxes, or just raise the speed taxes. In many places, it now cost over $1,000 if you are “caught” talking on a cell phone while driving. That didn’t even exist just a few years ago. GovCorp will continue to make it up as they go.

  23. It’s only a short (and inevitable) step from this that when the cops pull you over, they’ll be able to electronically disable your car. It will also be quite easy to make it impossible for your car to run a red or yellow light.

    I guess if you have some kind of emergency and need to get to the ER quick, you’re SOL. Or if you end up inadvertently driving into urban riots, or running from a carjacker or road-rager, this technology will insure that you end up like Reginald Denny.

    • Indeed, X…

      The other shoe about to drop is how “noncompliant” cars not subject to these “safety” measures will be treated. I expect proposals to ban them from public roads unless retrofitted with the tech – which of course amounts to the same thing, because it would be technically not feasible or simply cost too much.

      The Motor Law is almost here.

      • Sooo, they’re going to outlaw my 13 year old Nissan that doesn’t HAVE any of this nanny tech? I couldn’t sell it, but maybe it’s a blessing in disguise; the only concessions to modernity it has are: 1) brake interlock for the shifter; 2) two airbags, driver and passenger; 3) a digital odometer and trip meter.

      • I don’t think that the US gov’t will have to force the car companies to install this nanny tech here; they’ll do so on their own. How? The car companies will simply say that, because Europe is such a big market, that all the cars will be built with the ISAs to save on manufacturing costs; they’ll say that they can’t build European market cars with it, while leaving it off of North American market cars. It’s no different than GM selling cars with DRLs here because they were required in Canada.

      • Soon you can commit enough crimes to qualify for the egregious 3 strikes. Your car, your Bump Stock and your 20 round mag. And they can show up just because somebody hates you enough to turn you in on a “red” gun law.

        • Morning, Eight!

          Yup. I have guns, refuse to “contribute” to Obamacare and have old motorcycles… a triple threat. Eff them. Let them come. I’m angry and tired and haven’t got kids or a wife, so I am ready. If they won’t just leave me be, here I am.

          • If you’ve never read this, it’s frighteningly accurate. It’s from Alexis de Tocqueville’s “Democracy in America,” 1833.

            “What Type of Despotism Democratic Nations Have to Fear:”

            “I seek to trace the novel features under which despotism may appear [in democratic nations]…

            The first thing that strikes the observation is an innumerable multitude of men, all equal and alike, incessantly endeavoring to procure the petty and paltry pleasures with which they glut their lives.

            …Above this race of men stands an immense and tutelary power, which takes upon itself alone to secure their gratifications and to watch over their fate. That power is absolute, minute, regular, provident, and mild. It would be like the authority of a parent if, like that authority, its object was to prepare men for manhood; but it seeks, on the contrary, to keep them in perpetual childhood: it is well content that the people should rejoice, provided they think of nothing but rejoicing. For their happiness such a government willingly labors, but it chooses to be the sole agent and the only arbiter of that happiness; it provides for their security, foresees and supplies their necessities, facilitates their pleasures, manages their principal concerns, directs their industry, regulates the descent of property, and subdivides their inheritances: what remains, but to spare them all the care of thinking and all the trouble of living?

            Thus it every day renders the exercise of the free agency of man less useful and less frequent; it circumscribes the will within a narrower range and gradually robs a man of all the uses of himself. The principle of equality has prepared men for these things; it has predisposed men to endure them and often to look on them as benefits.

            After having thus successively taken each member of the community in its powerful grasp and fashioned him at will, the supreme power then extends its arm over the whole community. It covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate, to rise above the crowd. The will of man is not shattered, but softened, bent, and guided; men are seldom forced by it to act, but they are constantly restrained from acting.

            Such a power does not destroy, but it prevents existence; it does not tyrannize, but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd.”

            • Indeed, X…

              His observations abut never-ending parenting – with the object of perpetuating childhood forever – were among his most acute.

  24. I think it won’t work in the US. They can try it, but there would be an uproar (i hope). Even though the limits are 65 here in most of the NE, the normal speed is 75+. The people doing 65 are actually creating traffic jams.
    And one good thing millennial’s can do is hack stuff. The computer may tell the throttle what to do, but it can be defeated as well. Just another pita to fix if you get a new car, like trying to defeat the ASS on cars today.
    Turns out for my newer F150 it just took a jumper wire to defeat ASS permanently.
    I’ve recently been through this with off-road motorcycles. Long story, but in order to do a sanctioned ‘race’ in certain areas, some states say “if you cross or use one of our roads, your bike has to be DOT registered and insured”. So some bike Manufacturers had to make their race bikes DOT approved, which added all kinds of crap and programming that made the bike not work well. Well, you can now get a ‘fixed’ ECU, problem solved. Expensive yes, but it’s pay to play against the state overreach and stupidity. BTW, this crap only happens in some populated states, it does not happen in rural states.

    • There is no uproar today. Most people are either blissfully ignorant, or too scared to even acknowledge what’s happening already. If only a small number acknowledge the danger now, I don’t see where the uproar is going to come from. There will always be a few like you (and me) who are able and willing to modify the increasingly complicated tech. Most people’s eyes glaze over when you even bring the subject up. I removed the fuses for ABS on my 10 year old Hondas because that system is a safety hazard, especially in the winter when one wheel hits an ice patch. You’re not stopping under that condition until you either hit dry road or coast to a stop. I only wonder how many people have been killed under that circumstance.

      Even Trump isn’t fighting for constitutional freedoms except for the occasional tweet. This crap will surely happen when AOC (or a more acceptable socialist) becomes president/queen of the republic.

  25. Anyone who’s spent any time watching dash cam video from Eastern Europe knows that it is a car culture, albeit not quite the same as in the west. Ascetics seem to take a back seat, for one thing. With the open borders anyone can drive their Lada across Poland and onto the Autobahn. Does Poland have the same strict emission laws and inspections as Germany? Is that 80s era BMW modified with a bolt-on Chinese blower and NOS injectors going to have the speed governor installed at the border? No self-respecting German would dare modify (question?) the Munich-designed drivetrain, but in the anything-goes East, why not? Everyone OK with that?

    Any bets on how many of the Middle Eastern nations will get behind this? Russia? Any of the third world countries? Hell, how many refugees will bother buying the new vehicles with the automatic speed control? Do you think that someone who has nothing else to lose or is hell-bent on pillaging Western Europe will go get in line and comply with the system?

  26. Guess, I’ll be keeping that old Nissan of mine that I couldn’t sell. It’s an ’06, so the only concessions to modernity it has are two airbags and a digital odometer.

  27. And you can bet that the ZILs and Chaikas of the Dear Leaders and the Volgas and T-34s of the AGWs will be exempted from these fatwas…the better to Hut Hut Hut you with, my dears!


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