Video Rant: Sub Sandwich Saaaaaaaaaaaaafety!!

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Better buckle up your laptop – or footlong from Subway!

If you put them on the passenger seat without buckling them up for saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety, it’ll probably trigger the occupant sensors built into the seat, which are there to detect unbuckled occupants and when they detect that, you get nagged with a buzzer and light show until the occupant– or laptop/sub – buckles up.

Of course, a laptop or sub or book bag isn’t an occupant. Both are inert, non-living things – so there’s no reason to buckle them up.

And none of them weigh more than couple of pounds, which no occupant who isn’t still in its mother’s womb weighs.

But the sensors are so sensitive, they trigger the nanny buzzers and lights when as little as three or four pounds of laptop/lunch gets placed on the passenger seat.

Can’t be too saaaaaaaaaafe!

Only it isn’t. The distraction/aggravation of being pestered by lights and buzzers for no good reason – and then trying to buckle up your laptop or sandwich while the car is moving – is itself a saaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety hazard.

Just like air bags themselves. But never mind.

Thinking is bad for you. “Derogatory and “dangerous”!

. . .

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  1. Then the sensors would not be able to see a skinny lean person or a small child. Having been set to detect obese yankees!


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