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I have found out something interesting I think everyone needs to know about. It’s not merely my own “dangerous and derogatory” commentary which has caught the eye of sauron.

Your comments as well.

Many of you probably already know or have noticed that Big Media outlets – even CNN – used to allow free and open comments on the articles they published. They no longer do. Or they require you to “sign in” via Facebook before you’re permitted to comment. And the comments are heavily redacted.

This had to be done, of course – because most of the comments (when people were free to comment) were negative; they pointed out factual errors. They noted the obvious, deliberate one-sided editorializing in “news” coverage.

It looked bad.

More accurately, it shattered the illusion of agreement which the Big Media knows is vital to the centralization of everything which it exists to promote. They need to make refusniks feel ostracized, alone – freaks.

Keep in mind these Big Media outlets are owned by Big Corporations – just a few of them – and these Big Corporations operate as an adjunct of Big Government.

Their interests vibe.

So, the Big Media outlets eliminated their comments section or neutered them. They know perfectly well that in the Panopticon Era, people are terrified of posting a critical comment online – no matter the soundness, factually, of the comment – for fear of losing their job and never being able to get another job. Post something to the effect that you consider Bruce Jenner he rather than she – regardless of his insistence that his chromosomes have changed from XY to XX because he is wearing a dress – and you put your livelihood in jeopardy. The shock troops of the Woke Army will have your blood. Or at least, your job.

Hence the crucial importance of being able to comment anonymously. Without being forced to “sign in” using Facebook, the digital age analog of the East German Stasi except self-reporting.

On EPautos, people are – and always will be – free to comment without “signing in” via Facebook or any other organ of the Panopticon. But this the Panopticon dislikes very much – and is pressuring me to stifle comments in just the same manner as the Big Media organs already do.

The Panopticon wants me to force you to “sign in” via Facebook, eliminate anonymous comments and – most loathsome of all – “pull” any comments it considers “dangerous and derogatory.”

So, we are all in the same boat – and it will float or not depending on whether we let them scuttle it.

I’m not having it.

How about you?

. . .

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  1. Awful lot of comments on an article about comments. Lol.
    This is really the only site I comment on occasionally, because as you mention, you must “sign in with facebook”, a kool aid I do not partake in. It feels like family here, there are regulars here, the comments are usually intelligent and thought provoking, and I share a love of cool cars with this crowd of misfits.
    At this point, I am just regretting the fact that it is raining today and I am unable to break out my ’75 CB 750 for a long overdue rocket ride.
    Keep up the great work, Eric.

    • Hi Spkrman,

      This is, indeed, a family – once of choice, the best sort. The people posting here keep me going – and I will never stifle/censor or suppress anyone for expressing themselves intelligently… however heretically.

      Great bike, by the way! I have never owned a CB750 but always admired them. Old man Honda was one hell of a mensch, even if he was Japanese!

    • Mid 80’s I found a cheap CB 750 that was in great shape. I was sorely tempted but couldn’t spend the funds since I had already bought a couple of pickups. I had to trade my like new(3200miles)and aftermarketed Suzuki GS 1000 for a pickup. It’s tough to haul hay and pull trailers with a bike.

      • Hi Eight,

        The story goes that Kawasaki had a SOHC 750 in development when the CB750 came out… rather than bring out an equivalent bike of their own, Kaw began a clean sheet redesign internally known as New York Strip Steak (or something close) and developed the 900 cc DOHC Z1 …

        I will be forever grateful to Honda!

  2. The is always much discussion on this site about the increase in tyranny, the decline of the West, and the slothful ignorance of the masses. These things obviously affect us all, including atheists. Why did I bring up atheists? Because many of them seem to think that lacking a belief in a higher power protects them from religious beliefs. The vast majority of so-called Christians are way, way off base too; but they are at least aware of that specific threat. We keep asking what can be done to head off this upcoming global tyranny? Is it already too late?
    I had been learning a whole lot by listening to podcasts by Mark Passio, who used to be in a dark occult with those psychopathic cretins all around him, and who is now an anarchist. One of the things I learned is that the powers that should not be who are above governments are dark occultists. They certainly DO believe in a higher underlying spiritual power, and they are in open rebellion against it! They seek to become Gods over us, and wish to kill off 90% of us! They call us the dead, because nearly all of us do not see what surrounds us in plain site and are too lazy to learn important life lessons. Indeed: they laugh at us and mock! But they hate cops and the military even worse, despite the fact that they are being defended by them. They refer to the cops as their dogs. I remind you of the quote by Henry Kissinger: ‘Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.’ Yes, he really meant that!
    They have successfully used the media and the churches to make people believe that the word ‘occult’ means something so evil that people won’t even investigate it, which provides them with cover. The word occult simply means hidden knowledge. Like many other things, it can be used to do good or evil. There is the dark occult and there is the light occult. Mark believes that the only way for us to get out of this mess is for a very large percentage of us to learn how occultism works so that it disappears because it is no longer hidden, and I think he is right! He absolutely does NOT advocate joining any cults, just learning about their secrets. Is it too late? Perhaps, but we hope not!
    Jews have already been mentioned in this comments section as being a cause for many of the evils that have taken place. That is correct, but I advise us to not believe ALL or even most Jews are evil. A person (I forgot his name) who convinced Mark to start a podcast, and helped him do so is a Jew. He allowed and contributed to a show Mark did about Jewish cults. He said that most Jews are sheeple too!
    There is another group who is probably even more responsible for the evils that have taken place besides (some) Jews. Have you ever heard of the Black Nobility? Check out the names included there:
    What evidence exists that prove the dark occult controls nearly everything? Its pretty much everywhere! Look at the backside of a U.S. one dollar bill. It has pyramid with 13 layers of stones, the all seeing eye with light streaks, and other occult symbols. Look at he police officers 8 pointed hat. In some countries, the police hat includes a black and white checkerboard. The square hat that high school grads wear. The shape of the Pentagon. The phallic shaped Washington Monument. The street layout in many cities including Washington D.C., The Lincoln monument where he sits on a throne – look at that throne and his hands more closely.
    If you want to learn and see more, then go to which should be page 3 of Marks podcast pages. There are quite a few podcasts about occultism there along with numbered links to pictures. You can go through them all of course, but you might want to look at sample pictures first. I recommend podcast numbers 061, 062, 067, and 070 as an introduction.
    Here is a great link describing Natural Law:

    • Hey, Brain![sic- on purpose! 😉 ]

      I just wanted to respond to a few excellent points that you made, very briefly for now, as I’m pressed for time this week, and still owe Jeremy a reply to another great comment in another thread…

      What you say is true- EVERYONE has a god- whether they realize it or not. I used to debate evolutionists on the web- and once was invited to an atheist forum to do so. Bear in mind, that I would only debate people, such as academics or scientists who actually had a good understanding of the theory which they advocated, because the “average person” was usually quite clueless- and I’d end up having to first explain to them what their theory actually stipulated….and then why it was contrary to observable fact or reason, etc.- which kind of defeats the whole point, as they get lost. [The same scenario is true of many “Christians” as well, when it comes to a knowledge of Creationism]

      Anywho, I was invited to this atheist forum by an intelligent young man who was impressed by my arguments on a general forum, and who wanted to see how I’d fare amongst some highly edumacated types. I go there, and at first it’s like everyone’s groaning “Oh, here we go again with some Christian peddling some drivel”.

      I got right down to basics: I said, since it can be proven that matter is not eternal, where did matter come from? Even if we assume the existence of matter, where did life come from? Where did the energy to cause any of the processes you say resulted in the existence and creation of life and matter, and to sustain the current processes we see operating in the universe come from?

      Ultimately, they could not answer these questions without making reference to an unseen, unquantifiable intelligent pre-existing entity which they kept refering to as “nature”- their invisible person in the sky- only an impersonal one, which did not reveal itself to men, nor cares what men do.

      At least those at that forum did have the intellectual honesty to admit that I was right, and that at the very least, their belief was as much as a religion as anything else.

      2)The Jews (Not all, of course- but enough of the cultural leaders to ensure that most of their institutions and culture conform) have been into the occult since their stint in Ancient Babylon. This is what Rabbinic Judaism is all about- and why Jesus condemned it. A perusal of their Talmud and the Kabbalah will reveal this unabashedly.

      Occultism is another attempt to deny any revelation of a personal God and Creator, for multiple gods(demons) which not only don’t require moral conduct and a restraint of human nature, but which can be manipulated and controlled by the “worshiper” through the mere use of ritual and utterance of words and numbers.

      • Hi Nunzio,
        I think you misunderstood part of my post. I wasn’t trying to convert atheists into believers of God. I was warning them that their disbelief does not make them immune from the actions of the dark occult members who rule over us all. To put it another way: Disbelief in gravity does not make one immune from falling to ones death when he steps off of a building.
        I am not going to get involved in fruitless debates about differences in religious beliefs, but I do know that many members of mainstream churches are pro war and do not at all live as Jesus did. In fact, atheists tend to be better people than many Christians because atheists believe that their present life is their only chance to be remembered fondly by their friends and family. Many so-called Christians have the attitude once they are baptized that they can treat people badly and be automatically forgiven once they die, and they have the mindset that they will be good people once they are in paradise where nothing ever goes wrong.
        Nunzio, I already know that you have different beliefs from mainstream so-called Christians, so please do not think my criticisms are aimed at you, because they are not. I really like you.

  3. Hi Eric,

    Long time reader, first time poster here…

    I wish others besides yourself would speak out on the death of online commenting. We are of about the same age, and certainly have the same views – which are becoming harder and harder to express without risk of digital (and physical) attack.

    I used to use Disqus frequently – suffice it to say that my views were not popular with the PC snowflake crowd. I ceased using that platform after threats of revealing my offline identity and having physical violence visited upon me. The mods shrugged their shoulders and said they could do nothing – but they wasted no time in pulling down posts of mine the SJW crowd found “offensive”.

    Out of spite, I suppose, I signed up for CBC’s comment section today (yes, I’m a Canuck – please don’t hold that against me). Out of 12 posts, 3 ended up in “review”, and 2 were “disabled”; no profanity, no threats, no personal attacks involved in any of them. I guess disputing “climate change” and “transgenderism” will do that nowadays…

    I am presently working with a friend in buying some property abroad and escaping this gong show. I see our freedoms going down the drain – and no one cares. i don’t plan on being here when Red Guard redux breaks down my door, I will watch it all burn over a carafe of wine from a patio in the Greek islands…

    I don’t recognize the West anymore; it has become everything my parents taught me to despise.

    Keep up the good work, Eric – cars and liberty must not perish!

    • Dave,

      As George Orwell said many years ago, in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a REVOLUTIONARY act! How true it is…

    • Hi Dave,

      If I had any sense, I’d be on that patio in the Greek islands myself. But I have never been especially sensible (ask my ex-wife) and besides, someone’s got to turn off the lights when the party’s over! Besides, I feel a compulsion to do what I can, while I can. It may be futile, but Lost Causes have always appealed to me.

      One of the many funny things about our predicament is that many of us on this side of the aisle are far more “tolerant” than those on the other side. Example: I don’t care whether Bruce wants to wear a dress and mutilate his body; it’s his body, after all – and I am very willing to leave him be, to pursue happiness according to his own lights. I would never harm him, at any rate.

      Yet he insists on harming me. I must share his delusion that biology is fungible, according to state of mind. If I disagree, if I insist on maintaining he is he and not she – then I am to be made to see it “her” way.

      This scales.

      Example the second: I don’t care whether people wish to live as communists – provided they do so among the willing and leave those unwilling out of it.

      Who is the gentler soul?

      Thanks for the kind words!

      • Eric,

        We are of the same mind on this. I am more than willing to leave people to quietly enjoy their delusions, but refuse to be expected to stand up and cheer – let alone accept their (subjective) reality as fact…

        If this lands me in the gulag someday, so be it.

      • Eric,

        I gave thought to leaving the USSA. I had a GF in Peru and went there 8 times with an eye to living there. I lived down there for over two months last year. Anyway, here are my observations…

        There is more personal freedom down there-for now anyway. Many drugs requiring a prescription here can be bought over the counter down there. The food is better; it’s locally and organically grown, then sold in the local market every day. Unless you do something MAJOR (and we’re talking rape, robbery, murder, etc. major), the cops leave you alone. Most officials, particularly the immigration people, are more pleasant to deal with vs. the ones here. The culture itself is warmer and friendlier, especially outside of Lima. I have more friends there than I do here.

        Now, for the downsides. The culture is changing down there. More nuisance laws are being passed, such as you can’t feed the pigeons. You can see divorce and domestic violence laws coming, because they’re playing the same PSAs on radio and TV that we used to hear here 25-30 years ago. Big chain stores are quickly displacing the small corner stores. FORGET about driving in Lima; it’s a zoo that makes NYC or DC look good! Finally, the airport security has tightened up NOTICEABLY since my first trip down there in 2014. When you check in for a flight, you have to remove your shoes, belt, etc., just like here; you don’t get groped-yet-but that’ll be next. In 20-30 years, Peru will be just as degenerate as America is now.

        IOW, even going to a non-English speaking country, you’re only buying yourself some time from the high tech panopticon and soft tyranny we’re seeing here. I shared these observations on another thread here, and Nunzio chimed in to say that his missionary friend, who’s traveled extensively in South America, made the same observations as I did: to wit, this stuff is worldwide, and there’s no running from it. I’m not saying I won’t leave, but after what I’ve seen in Peru over the last few years; after getting to know the country some; expatting doesn’t seem to be a panacea. Just my thoughts…

        • What you says sounds spot-on, Mark.

          I consider S. America now to only be viable as a temporary place- as they seem to be on a continent-wide push towards socialism, through the auspices of the US and the Calf-lick church. Although a good deal more freedom will still be available in the more rural/remote areas, because they just don’t have the infrastructure to impose minute-level control outside of the larger cities and surrounding areas; and the old culture which is still be practiced in many places will not tolerate overnight change

          For me, S or C America might be a temporary jumping-off point- a base from which to explore, but I think to guarantee any stability, one has to get to a truly hard-to-get-to place, with virtually no modern infrastructure.

          Then again, S. America may hold out a little longer, once the global economy takes the big crash, and the US starts faltering, things will likely slow down, down south.

          Just like here, the US’s “War On Drugs” is being used as an excuse to ruin S. America.

          • My ex blamed our gov’t for the tightening airport security; she said it was under the guise of catching the drug smugglers. Another Peruvian woman I knew told me the same thing.

            It wasn’t so much the change that alarmed me; it’s the PACE at which it’s happening down there! When I first went to Peru in 2014, I’d have never guessed that it would change so fast. Based on my first couple of visits, I thought things would be good till I died; after August, I’d give ’em 20-30 years.

            Sooo, where do you think IS a good place to go? Why?

            • Hi Mark,

              There’s the dilemma. Where to go? At least here, one is still a citizen – a native – and that has its advantages vs. being a “foreigner” without legal standing in the new place. If Switzerland weren’t so stiflingly controlled – and expensive – I’d consider it because I could otherwise feel at home, almost.

              Argentina is another place I have thought about because it is a beautiful country and has a sizable ethnic German population; there are towns that look like they were dropped there from Bavaria!

              Aber, I will likely just stay put, for all the reasons I’ve previously adduced. But if I had a wife and kid, I might change my mind. This is no longer a place to raise a family.

              • Being the foreigner is the biggie. Even if I’d gotten citizenship down there, I’d still stand out. One, most Americans are lighter skinned than most Peruvian people are. Two, you’re a lot BIGGER; I have half a foot on most of the men down there.

                I was in a neighborhood that was isolated by the fact that it had major thoroughfares on all sides of it; these thoroughfares were also its formal boundaries. Even though it was part of Lima, it was like living in a small town. Between that and being American, my ex would tell me all the time that so and so had seen me here; so and so had seen me there. If I were to set foot there right now, the whole neighborhood would know within an hour or so that I’d arrived. So yeah, there’s that to consider.

                If you’re in Miraflores or Lima Centro, foreigners are no big deal; there are thousands of ’em there every day, so they don’t raise any eyebrows. Once you get away from the tourist and typical expat areas, you’ll stand out, big time, because you’ll likely be the ONLY American around…

                • Heh….I know about being a foreigner!

                  Lived here 3.5 miles from a town of c.250 people for 18 years…..and still, every time I open my mouth in this county, I get “You ain’t from around here, are ya?” LOL.

                  That, and being a warm, animated Dago amongst a bunch of Scots…..

                  That was the one thing I liked about the NYC metro area: Anonymity!

                  But there’s no comparison: The freedom and improvement in quality of life, and even finances (even though I make a third here of what I did in NY) is just unquantifiable it is so great.

                  I dread to imagine what my life would be like today, had I not managed to escape NY.

                  • Nunz, I could give you enunciation lessons and learn you up!! ha ha

                    Move here and you’d soon understand Come and Take It, Don’t Tread on Me and The Bloody Arm Flag.

                    • Them’s fightin words MM. But we have a couple dems going for Cornyn’s job in the senate and money is funneling in fast. I never liked Cornyn or the laws he passed but it was once again the matter of voting for the lesser of 2 evils.

                    • Well, considering Bob Frank O’Rourke, aka Beto, lost to Ted Cruz by 3% tells me you all are too close for comfort to being Californicated…

                    • Hi Mark,

                      Most people are unaware that there are street battles going on in certain cities – e.g., Portland – between Reds and Browns (communists vs. racial/nationalist fascists) just as in 1920s Weimar Germany which – socially and culturally – America increasingly resembles. A time may come when all of us are forced to pick one side or the other. Or await our fate. Or expatriating, while it is still possible to do so.

                    • MM, I can’t deny statistics. It’s the 12 districts Republicans lost to the dems.

                      I am and have never been a rep and only a dem very young and barely locally even then.

                      I’m to the point of hunkering down and keeping a low profile while being armed to the teeth.

                      I’m of the camp there are worse things than dying. This includes of lot of Texans but not so much the commies.

                      Oh, they’re for killing, via govt. of their opponents but having no guts nor abilities, they depend on govt. to get what they want. That’s a big difference from the way Texans see things.

                    • Eric,

                      I’m aware of what’s happening in Portland. Did you see The Battle of Portland, in which Rufio Panman of the Proud Boys totally CLOCKED that Antifa radical? It was great! I’d like to see more of that. If I were younger, I’d go after these commie bastards!

                      These street battles are happening in lib/dem controlled cities for the most part; these battles aren’t happening in cities not controlled by the libtards. What happens is The mayor tells the AGWs to stand down, and they let the Antifas run amok.

                      If I had to pick a side, I’ll go with the nationalists. I sure as hell can’t go with the commies.

                      I remember back in September, I went to DC to take part in the Walkaway march. Since it was in DC, I thought Antifa would come out to play. Is there a more liberal bastion besides DC? I brought my cane with me, not that I’ve needed it recently; no I brought it to have a weapon in case the Antifas came out to play. Much to my chagrin, they didn’t. I was SOOO looking forward to cracking some Antifa skulls…

                    • Some choice- commies(Antifa) or Nazis(Nationalists)!

                      The KKK or the SPLC….

                      CA. vs. NY.

                      Muslims vs. Pat Robertson[shudder]

                      France vs. soap.

                      No matter who wins- it’s the same collectivism- and we lose.

                      Instead of picking which enemy to side with, it’s better to get away and let one destroy the other- ’cause no matter who wins, we lose. If we participate, the price we’ve paid for our tyranny just increases, because we have what we already have now- or maybe worse….only we’ve fought, and lost things for it…….

                      Two vultures fighting over a dead possum.

              • Mornin’ Eric!

                You know, I’d like to check out Argentina. It’s such a big country, with so many very rural, rem,ore places, far from any city- I’d imagine one could easily find more liberty there, than here.

                Funny thing: Years ago, I dated this girl whose mother was from Argentina. They seemed just like “my people”- I reallyt felt like I was amongst my own with them. No wonder- I come to find out that the majority of Argentinians are descended from Dagos, who long sago took up residence there! (She was a sweet girl- but ultimately, after a few dates, I determined that she just didn’t do it for me; was uninteresting and mundane- which is why I never consciously dated Wop girls!)

                That place definitely warrants some exploring.

              • Hey Eric,

                Are you taking about those Antifa creeps? They seem to wildly outnumber the few actual white nationalist fascist types that exist in America. So, they have to invent an enemy. Pretty much anyone slightly to the right of 70’s era Jimmy Carter qualifies as “Fascist” to them.


            • Mark, I wouldn’t presume to say where to go, unless I had been there personally….and I ain’t been nowhere yet. I think the biggest thing is just to get out of here. Every place has it’s pluses and minuses, and there is no truly Libertarian place; It’s more a question of degrees- how far out you’re willing to be; how much convenience/infrastructure you’re willing to give up, etc.

              By choosing carefully, I’ve still been able to maintain a great deal of freedom here, in police-state USA- so imagine what one could do in places where the culture has not yet been destroyed by propaganda and indoctrination; and where a gigantic infrastructure of many levels of government and police-state control has not yet been established?!

              I think just getting out of here, and seeing how things are- life as it used to be- in such places, once away from the cities, would giv e us a different perspective, that we can not have from within this police state.

              I’ll bet even in Peru, it you were to go to a more remote area, and avoid the airport (infrastructure!) things would be a lot different… (Although Peru was never on my radar- as that country always seemed rather authoritarian and militaristic- with internal “checkpoints” on the roads and such….. Which is after all, exactly what we’re seeking to escape here)

    • I’m with yuou, Dave!

      It’s masochistic to stay here in the US/Canookistan/OZ/Europe any longer, and live life constantly dreading everything ya see happening around you, as they keep tightening our noose; to spend the majority of one’s energy trying to avoid the traps they’ve set for us; and to live as though we are the bad guys, when all we want is to be left alone to live our normal livces, and to not be forced to practice that which is contrary to our culture, beliefs, finances, etc.

      It’s sad when the most functional members of society are cut down, while the crazy, violent and reckless are exalted; but there is no reason to stay and live like this, when there are plenty of places one can go and enjoy a better quality of life, and have some peace….eat good local food, and all for a fraction of what it costs to live here- even for those of us who live cheaply already.

      Just to get out, and enjoy a the remainder of my life away from the lunacy and constant assault of government, is all I want. What is there to stay for? We’re certainly not going to save the several hundred million people who have been brainwashed by the media and it’s billions of dollars; and by the government schools, for generations now. We can’t even save our own families/relatives. All we can do at this point, is be glad that we can still escape….while we still can.

      • Nunzio,

        I go back and forth on that one. As you know, I spent a fair amount of time in Peru. Though it’s better than here, I can see the same SHIT happening down there that’s happened here. I give ’em 20, maybe 30 years at the most, before they’re as degenerate as we are here. Yeah, there more freedom down there-for now. But even since my first trip in 2014 to when I left there the last time in August of 2018, I’ve noticed a change down there, and it’s not for the better; it’s also happening faster than I expected. I don’t know.

        I just want the same things you do: to be LEFT ALONE to live my life. That’s it! I’m not giving up on the idea of leaving, but it’s no utopia, either. I just don’t know…

        • I agree, Mark. It wasn’t long ago (a decade or so) that there used to be no property tax in Central or South America….now that’s gone. That’s why I say, it’s a jumping off point. There are degrees of course, just like here, where there’s a big difference between NY/MA/CA vs. rural KY/MT/etc. but I do agree with ya- 20 or 30 years tops- maybe sooner, as the US seems to be ramping up interest/activity there…..

          Thing is though, of everyone I’ve known who’s left here and gone there (And most have been there for a decade or more now)… one ever looked back. They love it. But my ultimate interest is in the island nations of the Pacific- places where there are literally hundreds of small out-islands…most of which don’t even have electricity- or have it for only a few hours day via a small community generator. (Big infrastructure and tyranny/statism seem to go hand-in-hand)- but hey, at my age (57) even if I pick an out-of-the-way place in C or S America, I’d probably be good for the rest of my life.

          Ya have to remember to, the difference in the culture there. The people are not as brow-beaten and subservient there, as we are here. They can make laws down there- but it is the norm to ignore them- and away from the cities, there is no infrastructure in place to force compliance; even local officials laugh at many of the laws, and don’t even attempt to enforce them. The people down there have not been beaten down yet, like we have here.

          • You’re right about the people not being brow beaten down there. When I was there, they let former dictator Alberto Fujimori out of jail. Without going into detail, the people either love him or hate him. Anyway, when he was let out of jail, Lima Centro was almost immediately crowded with thousands of protesters angry at his release from jail, and the protests lasted for days.

            AFAIK, the nuisance laws aren’t stringently enforced because the police have better things to do with their time; goodness knows there are plenty of robberies for them to deal with. That said, my GF’s elderly father has had passersby threaten to call the police on him because he fed the pigeons at the park where he lives. Given his failing health, it was one of the few joys the poor guy had left.

            I don’t know if these laws are by district/neighborhood, or if they’re citywide in Lima. In the less affluent and poorer neighborhoods, I don’t know if the nuisance laws are in effect; if they are, I doubt that they’re enforced; it’s more of an issue in the affluent neighborhoods of Lima. Once you get away from the city, things would be different.

            I don’t know where I read it, but there’s a story about a man who saw what was coming back in the 1930s. He left what we call the western world before WWII started. He looked for and found a Pacific island and moved there. The island was Guadalcanal. Not only didn’t he escape the war; one of the war’s most viciously fought battles came to his doorstep…

            Again, I’m not ruling out leaving; it has its good points. Right now, I’m going to regroup and figure out my next move. I’m the same age as you, and I would like to enjoy whatever years I have left…

            • Yeah, Mark, I can’t see living the rest of my life here, where things are not only already so bad…but getting seriously worse by leaps and bounds. Things are changing fast here. We’re already past the point of where any place in S. America will be in 20 or 30 years.

              I’m sure what you mention about nuisance would be confined to the affluent/expat areas. People bring their tyranny with them. Just like NYers moving into S. Carolina- They’ll buy a house in an HOA where they have toi klive under greater tyranny than they did in NY- or they’ll work to enact code enforcement in towns which had none before. And the m,ore money they have…the more Naziistic they’ll be.

              Then there are places in Peru like La Rincanada- definitely no do-not-feed-the-pigeons laws there! (Not that we’d want to go there, though…)

  4. When “derogatory and dangerous” came up I knew it was more the commenters than the host. I’m right up there at the top. With such as “the stupid govt. schooled commie shitheads that want to take guns and reduce a non-toxic gas are nothing more than idiots who have never had to make their way in the real world…..and now I’ll return to do some much-needed reloading”.

    Or along the lines of “I call them Armed Govt. Predators since that describes to a t what they really are”. I stand by that…..and feel the call of the reloader. I’m thinking of buying a new reloader the commies should really like since it’s called “Progressive”. Ok, I’m actually too broke to buy one.

    All this makes me think of the Hitleresque govt. character in Radio Rock when he said “We’ll shut them down along with their audience of drug takers and bottom bashing fornicators(whatever the hell that means)”.

    • A Progressive Reloader, 8? Isn’t that the 3″ flex tube that runs from Hitlery’s rectum to her mouth, so ensure that she has a never-ending supply of what she spews?

    • Sic Semper Tyrannus!!! Molon Labe!!! And 12 other “tacticool” phrases to indicate that the USSA and ZOG are alive and kicking poor ol’ Lady Liberty’s tuckus (and ours) from here to hell and back!! How do we fight back and reclaim our constitutional rights? Like Kenny Rogers used to sing, you gotta know when to hold and know when to fold ’em. Fight only when you can’t afford to lose, but disobey civilly whenever possible. Go Galt when you can. Starve the USSA Beast when you can or do like the illegals all do and load up on bennies to help crash the system sooner. It’s going to happen, you may as well get something out of it before it crashes violently down. PREPARE ACCORDINGLY. YMMV.

      • Hi Saxon,

        Agreed – sadly. As a fellow Saxon, I’m becoming angry, too. It’s a tragic testimony about just how bad things have become that simply wishing to be left in peace isn’t enough to avoid being threatened with murderous violence in what was once a relatively free country.

          • Hi Mark,

            Indeed. Many of the men fighting to establish federal hegemony were German and Irish immigrants, fresh off the boat and often not even speaking English. They knew nothing about the ideals articulated by Jefferson but rather were imbued with the instinctive authority-deference of their homelands, especially the Germans – the Prussians.

            It is a measure of either the imprecision of the average person’s thinking – or of his insanity (cognitive dissonance) that he can read Lincoln’s beautiful gibberish about “government of the people, by the people” and not laugh, throw up or throw punches.

  5. Thanks for having an open comment section Eric.

    I think the problem libertarians have is confusing bad government with good government and then preferring no government.

    You like to ride your motorcycle helmetless, at high speeds on country roads. Seriously, its sound like a lot of fun. In cities like Detroit and Baltimore they are hobbyists whose passion is to customize off road bikes and ATVs and display their skills by speeding through busy urban streets doing wheelies and handlebar stands.

    • Hi Reef,

      I don’t mean this as snark. Can you provide examples of any good governments that don’t become bad governments?


      • Switzerland isn’t too bad, although Uncle Sam seems hell bent on ruining it for them.

        Note that Switzerland’s constitution was based on the US, but with enhancements that dispersed the power even more.

          • Hey guys, there’s nothing Libertarian about Switzerland.

            They have mandatory military service.
            Must have a license to buy and p;ossess a firearm;
            No automatic weapons (except for militrary members, who can keep there issued firearm at home).
            Compulsory education.
            Purchase of private health insurance is compulsory.
            Car safety/emissions testing.
            Progressive income tax (Rate is low, but there are NO deductions, and everything is taxable- from pensions to gifts)
            VAT tax
            Property (real and personal) tax.
            Federal Withholding Tax.
            Consumption Tax (Liquor; some products; automobiles)
            Profit Tax (No deductions for debts or expenses)
            Virtually all trades and services are highly regulated/licensed.
            They even have “tool control” (Very heavy customs duties on the importation of toiols to the point of absurdity- because by equipping someone with a tool, you may be enabling them to do something for themself, thereby “taking work away” from a tradesman”. (No kidding- I used to associate with a church which had a congregation is Switzerland- and our minister was going to visit the Swiss minister [and this was many years ago] and was planning on bringing him a circular saw as a gift- but learned that the customs duties on such would be about 150% of what the saw costeded[sic] )

            Sorry guys….I fail to see the Libertarianism…..

            • Hey Nunz,

              Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I’m not claiming that Switzerland is an example of “good government”, or “libertarian” merely that, in some ways, they seem less bad. Anyway, I know that you disagree, but I think decentralization is the only likely means of moving towards liberty and achieving a freer society.


              • Nah, I know what you mean, Jeremy. Yes, decentralization could be a little less bad- like The Donald may be a little less bad than Hitlery and Switzerland may be a little less bad than the US*; and being stabbed could be less bad than being shot… 😀

                [*=Although, I think it is probably easier to side-step the system here in the US than in Switzerland]

                And of course, it works the other way, too- as places like CA, NY, MA would likely be even more oppressive under decentralization.

                Don’t get me wrong: I’d liove to see decentralization and a lessening/elimination of federal power; It would definitely be an improvement- at least in some states; in some regards- but then again, might also nullify any gains by removing some constraints. (Like the corruption of a local police department here, which has only been addressed just recently by the FBI).

                Ultimately, if the majority of people do not cherish liberty and resist tyranny, we will never have any semblance of liberty, no matter the mechanism of government.

                You and I are on the same page (I usually assume that we are), Jeremy, I think we’re just keeping each other honest! 😉

                • Hey Nunz,

                  Yep, decentralization is not a panacea. We’re simpatico and I enjoy keeping each other honest.

                  I hope you had a good Easter.


        • Hi Ed,

          Yep, I should have written “good government” as good and government are mutually exclusive terms.


    • Hi Reef,

      Can you define “good government”? To me, this term is another example of a vague pleasantry – like “society,” used to establish a premise not defined, in order to obtain agreement with something not stated.

      I see no good in the use of force against any peaceful person – ever. I cannot grok any legitimate taking of other people’s money, nor their stuff – absent harm caused (i.e., to compensate a victim they’ve harmed).

      Government is force. There may be less-worse and more-worse varieties of government, but “good” government? I don’t see how.

      • My career was as a mid-lever manager in a fairly good government agency. Our job was to give money to people who met requirements. You had to give the bad news to those who did not meet the requirements, that was a special skill.

        • Hi Reef,

          Let’s parse this a bit. Your ” job was to give money to people who met requirements.” Meaning, your job was to redistribute money taken by force from the people who earned it/had a right to and “give” it and give it to those who did not earn it and had no right to it.

          Bureaucratized theft, in other words.

          My intent here is not to insult; it is to have an honest conversation. If I am in error on the facts, please show me how.

          You’ve mentioned “good” government. The above is, in my eyes, an example of very bad government – or rather, what government in fact is.

          • I love the “meet requirements” part, too! Usually, the requirements amount to something along the lines of “prove that you are a pathetic, incompetent, irresponsible bottom-feeding leech, and we will give you money that we stole from competent, productive, responsible people”.

        • Why are there requirements at all? Why is gov’t giving ANY money to anyone? Is this a legitimate role of gov’t? Finally, if gov’t were smaller and, as a consequence, took less of our money, couldn’t people give more to charity? Couldn’t they engage in acts of kindness and charity themselves?

    • There is no such thing as “good government”. It is a contradiction in terms. The best you’ll ever get is “tolerable government” – which never stays tolerable for very long. Governments grow like weeds, choking out everything in their path.

      The fundamental nature of government is criminal, and is based on violence and coercion. Governments arose when violent bands of robbers found it expedient to live near or amongst the people they were abusing. Little has changed. Government is organized crime and racketeering on an immense scale. The “vote” does nothing to change this basic fact. Just because a gangster has been elected that does not make him or her any less of a gangster.

      Wheelies and handlebar stands? Give me a break! Government’s passion is to steal, enslave, torture, imprison, and kill en masse. The same government that will “save” you from the horror of wheelies and handlebar stands will be all too willing and able to kill you over some violation of their mob rules if it deems such action to be necessary or even merely desirable.

      Wheelies and handlebar stands my ass.

      • Hi Jason

        “Governments arose when violent bands of robbers found it expedient to live near or amongst the people they were abusing.”

        The conquest theory of government is not even controversial, at least among political theorists. But, they never seem to step back and consider what that means. Namely, there must have been a “society” worth conquering, which must mean that beneficial social organization predates government.


    • Hi Reef,
      “I think the problem libertarians have is confusing bad government with good government and then preferring no government.”
      I think libertarians libertarian anarchists see the State for what it really is: A Mafia writ large!
      The U.S. government founded itself long before the first public sham election was held; therefore the only choice remained was to vote for the lesser of two evils, or to not vote! There wasn’t and still aren’t enough anarchists to force the State to collapse due to lack of support.
      Long ago, I used to work for the government. I was in the Army for 8 years. It might surprise you to learn that quite a few anarchists are military veterans. At some point during or after the so-called service something happened that caused us to rethink our philosophical beliefs. Now, there is no way in hell that I would join the military service!
      Consider this: It would be wrong for me to point a gun to your face and demand that you give me money on every payday, right? Would it somehow become moral for me to do that to you if I got help from a few friends? How about if I ran an election, making promises to share the stolen money from you with the voters if I win? What if, upon winning the election, I delegated the force to rob you to armed and badged thugs in uniform? The only way you could avoid the robbery would be to promise to send me the money every payday. Hmmm.
      If you have a desire to understand what it would take to build a moral society, I highly recommend reading the free e-book entitled The End of All Evil

      • Brian, like you, I served too. That said, I was in the Navy (iron men for iron ships, hahaha!), not the Army. Anyway, I have a theory as to why many vets turn libertarian or anarchist: those of us who have served KNOW what bureaucracy looks like! What is the military service but bureaucracy on steroids?

        What do bureaucracies do? They seek to perpetuate themselves, of course. They also make petty, BS rules for EVERYTHING! For example, one of my favorites was if we wore our utility jackets, they HAD to be zipped up at least halfway if worn. I was like, WTF?! When I went through basic electricity and electronics school, we had to march to chow after class was done. I could go on, but as a vet, you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, because we’ve SEEN UP CLOSE & PERSONAL what bureaucracies are like, we seek to stay away from them. We also know that nothing good con come from them. Just my thoughts…

        • MarkyMark, you might be right about the cause of the transformation to libertarianism by some veterans, but those reasons by themselves didn’t immediately cause my transformation (it helped later though). I was an M-60A3 Tank (Hull) mechanic from ’82 to ’90 (I included a youtube link to one, but Word Depressed thought it was spam). I was unaware of the existence of the brand new M-1 tank when I enlisted, therefore I got stuck working on that old crap. I usually drove or rode on a M88A1 Tank Recovery Vehicle (another Word Depressed link blocked).
          We had ridiculous rules too. Our boots were supposed to be laced with strings crossed left over right. We had to have a straight gig line in dress uniform, which means having a straight line going down from the buttoned shirt front edge, straight with the crease of your brass belt buckle, straight with the fly on the front of your pants. We also we not allowed to have our hands in our pockets to keep our hands warm- we wore gloves.
          I became an NCO and saw first hand the hypocrisy and corruption in the officer core. I then knew that I had to leave the military as soon as my term came up because I knew that I was going to get in serious trouble and probably get demoted by mouthing off if I stayed in.
          I just happened to go on 6 weeks of terminal leave before Operation Desert Storm occurred. I fully expected to get called back in, but wasn’t. I very very concerned about my former troops though, because they did go. I became very furious at the government when I learned about the Gulf War Syndrome! I had thought that the government had learned its lesson about poisoning its own troops during the Vietnam War. Yes, I was young and naive.
          But the real game changer for me began a couple of years later when the news media reported that the politicians voted to give themselves pay raises-effective immediately, which I knew was unconstitutional. I fully expected a public uprising, but only heard crickets. This told me that something had gone wrong with our constitutional government. This was during the same time period that the check bouncing scandal in the congress occurred.
          It took a couple of years before I managed to buy my first computer and was able to conduct research as to what happened to our so-called constitutional government. I found and bought a book online entitled ‘Hologram of Liberty’ by Boston T Party. In it I learned the the entire Constitutional Convention was a farce! We were never meant to be free! My research also lead me to the discovery of the Anti-federalist Papers, in which the authors correctly predicted the development of our present tyrannical government! I was soooooo furious about having been lied to for my entire life! One of the very reasons for my enlistment was my belief in the history I was taught in government school about the high morals and bravery of our so-called founding fathers!
          I have now been an anarchist for 20 years as the result! Lew Rockwell’s site and Strike-the-Root dot com also helped.

          • Brian,

            That’s quite a story! In my case, I was too young for Vietnam, and I’d gotten out before the Gulf War. I didn’t see as much as you did, but I saw enough. I mainly joined the Navy to see the world, which I did. My parents divorced, and we were lucky if we could go out for an ice cream cone, let alone travel. I knew from the example of one of my buddies’ older brother, that, after a certain point in life, I wouldn’t be able to travel; I’d have life and its responsibilities to worry about. So, I joined up out of high school, saw a lot of the world, and got out.

            That reminds me though. I DID see corruption, though not directly; I saw it from putting 2+2 together and getting 4. I’ll explain…

            We did drug patrols in the Caribbean a few times. During one of our patrols, the water was too shallow to use sonar, so I stood some radar watches in CIC. It was there that I learned that we’d only call in the small time drug smugglers, not the big timers. We had certain altitude and speed parameters WRT northbound aircraft coming out of South America, and those parameters would mean that only the small timers (guys flying small planes like a Piper Aztec) would be called in; the guys flying bigger, faster equipment (the Mitsubishi MU-2 was popular with smugglers) would be allowed to go on their merry way.

            There was also the MANNER in which we prosecuted the drug war. During one of our patrols we were only a few miles off the Colombian coast. Naturally, all the local pot smugglers laid low; they went into hiding and stayed there until we left. Unlike coke or heroin, pot is a bulk cargo (it’s baled, for goodness sake!), so it has to be transported on ships. Anyway, while we were off the coast of Colombia none of the pot smugglers came out of port.

            If you look at the geography of the Caribbean, you’ll note that there are three major choke points between South America and the USA. The first is between the Yucatan Peninsula and the western end of Cuba. The second is between Cuba and Hispanola. The third is between Hispanola and Puerto Rico. Granted, you have the Virgin Islands and Leeward Islands to the east of Puerto Rico; you also have the Bahamas off of FL.

            Now, the logical thing to do would be to post one or two destroyers or Coast Guard cutters in the three major choke points; they’re narrow enough so the surface search radars on board will catch ANY surface vessel heading north through those choke points. Could they go around PR? Yeah, but you could cover the Leeward Islands with a couple of ships too. Off the south FL coast, you could deploy 3-4 PHMs (patrol missile hydrofoils). If you have a dragnet set up like that, then anyone coming out of Colombia will HAVE to pass through it.

            Now, if I, as petty officer 2nd class working in sonar could figure this out, I knew damn well that the Admirals could too. After all, they’d been to the Naval War College, studied strategy, etc. The fact that they weren’t deploying our assets in a logical manner (as outlined above) told me that our government was not SERIOUS about fighting the drug war. The speed and altitude parameters we used for tracking aircraft told me the same thing. Why weren’t the upper echelons of gov’t not serious about fighting the drug war? The only logical answer I came up with was that they were on the take; they were getting a piece of the action, and they weren’t about to kill the proverbial golden goose now! Plus, the ‘War on Drugs’ has given the gov’t pretexts to take away our rights and liberties.

            Anyway, those are my thoughts…

            • Hi MarkyMark, Your story is quite interesting as well. I can see how you became cynical about the military command and the government so early since you saw all those exceptions to aircraft interceptions and the intentional lack of strategic placement of forces. I had no idea of those types of events occuring back then. The corruption I witnessed as an NCO involved lying about was a soldier did in order to demote him.
              I was too young to go to Vietnam too, but I remember seeing the coverage of it in the news on my parents black and white TV with knobs. I think our times in service overlapped. Like I had said: I was in from ’82 – “90.

          • ***”One of the very reasons for my enlistment was my belief in the history I was taught in government school about the high morals and bravery of our so-called founding fathers!”****

            I was very fortunate, in that I got to see that I was being lied to, as far back as elementary school (and also to witness the absurdities and evils of bureaucracy and silly rules), when I asked “If we’re ‘free’ then why do we have toi pay taxes?”. The dingbat unionized teacher assured me that payinbg taxes was ‘voluntary’- which I didn’t buy for long, as I’d see all of the adults around me being ever so careful to fink on themselvces by reporting thgeir every financial transaction to thge IRS, and dreading an audit. How could this be, if it were “voiluntary”?

            Which also illustrated the stupidity of teachers; I mean, if you can’t lie successfully to a 10 year-old……

            That incident; along with the very idea of compulsory schooling; and that of not be able to work until I was an age specified by the state, and had ‘working papers’, made me completely aware of our plight, and set the tone for the rest of my life. (I could have actually had a job when I was 11- the parents of several of my childhood friends owned small businesses, and I’d sometimes do little jobs for them, and they were always impressed)

            I remember, in 4th grade, I rebelled. When the teacher would ask me to do something, I’d say “No!”. “Where is your homework?”- “None of your business!”- what right did she have to tell me to do anything or to make me do ‘work’ or even require me to talk to her?! I just wanted to look out the window; smell the grass; draw pictures, and go home and ride my bike asnd play with my Marchbox cars and my talking parakeet- that’s what 9 year-olds do; that’s how we learn!

  6. Remember, all this stuff is going over FCC regulated systems. Sure, for now the FCC is pretty benign, but that can change at any time. Rules were established during the Clinton administration with the DMCA. It changed during Bush II’s administration because TERRORISM!, it changed a little more during Obama’s admin because of the mere mention of Orwellian Net Neutrality laws.

    What’s really strange is that for the most part nothing government has threatened to do has had any effect at all on the Internet as a whole. Net Neutrality was never implemented, it was scheduled to go into effect after Hillary’s coronation. The DMCA just drove copyright infringement to overseas servers and bit torrent. And I’m pretty sure terrorists are doing a great job of hiding their tracks if they even exist on US servers. Oh sure, file sharing types get sloppy sometimes, and YouTube pulls content that has copyrighted material, but other than that it’s still pretty much open season on the Internet proper.

    Websites that have something to lose if the FCC decides to make their lives difficult on the other hand…

    • In the EU, their new copyright laws have effectively neutered the interwebz and Youtube in particular. Like every other disease that starts there, it will be here shortly. Youtube here has already ramped-up their copyright enforcement, and is doing the same as Google in terms of silencing truth and dissent- as just one example, most MGTOW channels have been purged, and if you can find any MGTOW content, it is just on temporary stealth channels that disappear quickly.

      The internet is becoming the new mainstream media.

      Patreon is freezing the accounts of those who hold unPC, anti-leftist, anti-state, pro-conservative/traditional values.

      Chase and Bank of America have just started closing the accounts of those with whom it disagrees- including many churches.

      They’re sewing up all of the remaining loose ends- and neutering their enemies to the point where there is getting to be no way around it. Those who do not get out of here, are going to be thrown into the volcano.

  7. Ya know what’s sad too, Eric? Is that guys like us who have long avoided the 9-5 world in order to avoid all of the constraints, as the last of the [relatively] free modern-day Americans, have become the target of techno-fascist state complex. We, being their last real obstacle; and a very small minority now, are easily marginalized through their technology. Once we are silenced or gone, they will have free reign to declare the truth and reality to be whatever they say it is -and no one will know any different.

    As another poster below said, the war is long over, and we have lost. As the survivors, all we can do is save ourselves while we still can.

    Hey, at least here I can still speak! (I mean literally- I have laryngitis- in real-life right now, I sound like that fag actor, Harvey Fartstain!)

    Opppss! A server just blew a fuse at Gulag-ghoul!

  8. I’m not having it either. I do make public comments with my name attached. I don’t give a rip whether anyone likes it or not. Damn the torpedoes. I make no apologies for any comments I have made in public under my surname or this one or otherwise. If they want to make anything I have said a charge, I’ll gladly jam it down their throat.

  9. Let’s face facts Eric. Anybody who publicly criticizes or challenges the government’s ability to tax or regulate the people is a threat to the powers that be. Government,by and large,is a racket that transfers wealth from the productive Economic Class to the non productive Political Class by means of taxes and laws that are backed up by the threat of or use of violence. Years ago,and to a certain extent today,there were individuals who challenged the Constitutionality and legality of the Federal Income Tax. Much of their research proved correct. Yet when they presented their findings publicly these people were vilified,denounced and mostly destroyed. The problem is that we do not live in a nation of laws but,instead,a nation of powerful men who control the laws,law enforcement and judicial systems of the nation. Anyone who challenges the State when it comes to that state’s ability to tax and regulate will be marked for destruction. Either by being bled white financially,having their reputations smeared or by outright violence. I’m afraid that it is much too late to save the American Republic. That battle ended decades ago.

    • Hi Jerry,

      You may be right; I hope you are wrong. Either way, I think we have an obligation to try. I feel the obligation, at any rate.

      I’m able to do what I do, frankly, because I haven’t got much to lose. I haven’t got a wife or kids. So all I have is what’s left of my liberty to speak and write. And I will use both, to the degree I am able – and for whatever it’s still worth.

    • I can verify that, as someone who was part of the “tax revolt”, “tax freedom movement”, “patriot movement”, as it was generally called that started getting traction in the 1970s through the 1980s. (At that time I left a career in technology for a cash business – which has been hand-to-mouth most of the time – in the “underground economy” and have not filed taxes in over 40 years. It’s not something I recommend to others, in fact I rarely talk about it with people any more. I do get quite a bit of satisfaction though from flipping off Uncle and his nasty little state cousins every April 15th.) The government’s name for us was “tax protesters”. Once classified as a “tax protestor” your standing with Uncle is pretty much that of a black man in the deep south decades ago standing before the KKK. You are considered a bug to be squashed.

      Although a lot of garbage information was generated in the patriot movement, some of which still persists today such as UPPER CASE NAMES, “strawmen”, etc. However a lot of very good and accurate research was done by the likes of Irwin Schiff, John Kotmair, and others. However it made no difference. Once dragged into court by the Just Us department one finds oneself treated to a political trial at the mercy of an antagonistic judge, a corrupt persecutor, and a jury stacked with government employees and other dependent parasites. You quickly find out that what the law says has no meaning, what the Constitution says has no meaning. No matter how correct you are, they cannot and will not let you win. (The few wins have been due to the jury being more open-minded than Uncle though they would be and are generally disregarded and dismissed as aberrations when the next poor sap is brought up on bogus charges.)

      Judges know that if they don’t play ball with the IRS they will come under attack and be destroyed. This happened to a judge back in the late 1980s (Clayborne I think his name was) that had the temerity to treat tax trials like any other criminal trial, with the same rules of evidence and procedures applying, and no special privileges for the IRS. It was a lesson to the rest of them that has not been forgotten.

      Basically once you are on their radar you’ve got virtually no chance. I’m old enough that I really don’t give a crap any more. If they come and get me they have to give me three hots and a cot.

      • Very accurate pitcher[sic] you paint there, Jason.

        The problem with most (if not all) of the gurus in the patriot/tax-protest movement- even the ones preaching perfectly correct info, is that they always fail to mention the fact that it doesn’t work.; that the US government does not abide by any law, and that it just does whatever it wishes to, merely because it has the power to do so, and the approval and cooperation of a few hundred million dolts around us.

        Not only do those gurus take people’s money under false pretenses, but they endanger the very lives, property and liberties of those who might take their advice. There materials ought to come with a large warning affixed to the ordering page/form, that says: “WARNING: If you practice the advice given herein, you will likely suffer serious consequences if/when caught; and will likely make yourself a target”.

        If they really wanted to help people, they should give them truly useful advice- like to not ever file a tax return; and how to fly below the radar, and operate in the underground economy, which is becoming increasingly more difficult here in the first world- and will likely soon no longer be an option.

        But that kind of info they never give- instead it’s all about courts and fighting the system, within the rigged system of government-paid henchmen, which almost never works- and even on the rare occasions when it does, involves considerable time, effort, cost, and often a stay at the barred hotel.

        And I’ll bet half of the BS (if not more) is spread by government operatives.

        • Come on, Nunz, don’t you know that laws are for ‘little people’? Don’t you know that they’re only for the deplorables?

        • Do you read Reason? They had a little dustup with the feds a few years ago because some commenters expressed a desire to insert a federal judge feet first into a woodchipper. A federal prosecutor subpoenaed the names of the posters involved and Reason informed the posters about that, getting their warning in just prior to being slapped with a gag order. Great country we’ve got, huh?
          You don’t have to use your real name to comment there but you do have to register, so you are “findable” if someone wants to do so I guess. Reason once said they never block or delete, but that might not be true anymore.
          So, is that why you are being pressured to change your comment section? So your commenters can be IDed if they express a desire to send someone on a well-earned trip through a woodchipper? Or does it just bother someone that there are a few places still free from thought police? Do they have some sort of leverage to try to force this?
          This pisses me off. Big tech tyranny has commandeered the internet and our masters are authoritarian asshats.

          • Hi Amy,

            I wish I knew! Part of my frustration – and it’s not just mine – is that Dagoog does not tell you what, exactly, they have an issue with. Instead, a publisher receives a generic, bland “violation” notice and order to take down an entire page. Everything on the page.

            There is thus no way to address whatever the “issue” is – except by removing an entire page and everything on the page – the articles, comments – all of it.

            This is not an advertiser objecting to some specific thing. It is suppression of speech. It is like being charged with a “crime” but not told what it is. Then punished. We would recognize that as tyranny.

            Well, some of us might.

            On the rest: It is alarming that people are no longer free to vent frustrations via mere words. Not in a “crowded theater” – but on the equivalent of a printed page. This used to be America. It no longer is.

            I foresee it becoming a criminal offense to question/criticize/mock the government. This has already occurred at least three times that I am aware of in the history of this country: During the Adams presidency (Alien & Sedition Acts) and then again during the War for Federal Supremacy and once more during the Wilson years, under Mitchell Palmer – the early American prototype for Roland Freisler.

            • Good morning eric. I see this as the same thing as red flag gun laws. Some “court” deems you dangerous, without you’re knowing anything about the “hearing”. Then you have to prove yourself innocent even though you likely won’t even get a day in court.
              Both these things reek of pure tyranny, no ifs and buts about it. Don’t call us, we’ll call you govt.

              It reminds me of last year when I got a letter from The wife asked “What is that?” I replied “Bad news”. She asked how I knew. Well, sweetie, have you ever had a letter from the DPS congratulating you?” They only send a letter when it’s your ass they’ve gunned down bureaucratically.

              Same thing with govt. funded anything. And g is definitely govt. funded. The commies that act as CEO’s are nothing more than stooges for tyranny.

            • <Orning Eric,

              In a way, it already is, they just label it "mental illness".
              Remember the Brandon Raub incident?


              From the article: "Advocating for free speech and the right to be free from wrongful arrest, Institute attorneys filed a civil rights lawsuit of Raub, alleging that his seizure and detention were the result of a federal government program code-named “Operation Vigilant Eagle” that involves the systematic surveillance of military veterans who express views critical of the government".


            • Since the objections are determined by software they are intentionally omitting the information. The software could easily specify the words that triggered it. But they don’t want to do that because then people can begin to understand how the software works. If they know now it works they can avoid triggering it.

          • Anything on the internet can be traced- regardless of whether something requires registration or not- via IP address and machine address. Proving who was actually using that machine, is another matter- at least when it comes to a mundane suing another another mundane, or being literally threatened or something….but interestingly, never seems to be a problem for the overlords….

            • You can at least make them work for it. If you use an offshore VPN and tunnel TOR through that they’ll need to do some detective work and maybe try to get records that don’t exist from a foreign company. (Unless of course the gunvermin are already running the facilities you are using.)

              • Even if those things are not run/controlled by the gov’t…..they’re probably the first place they’d look- I’d imagine just seeing the IP addresses that access them, would at least put those addresses on a surveillance list.

                • True enough – though if you select a VPN service that keeps no logs or records (and some have been put to the test) it becomes a more difficult proposition. Not impossible of course, but they’ll have to work for it. As a matter of policy I always deny the gunvermin as much information as possible; never answer questions, never admit to anything, never stipulate to anything, and in general leave as little of an electronic trail as possible. Make them work for every fraction of an inch.

                  Frankly the wood chipper is too good for them.

      • Jason,

        Though I was never a tax protester, I did follow the patriot movement back in the 1990s. They were all over shortwave radio, which was the alt-media before the web took hold.

        Anyway, I got the same impression as you: that no matter how much in the RIGHT you were, the gov’t was going to decide against you. Even though the Sixteenth Amendment may have never been properly ratified, the Feds act as though it was; they act as though it’s legitimate and in force. Even though I didn’t know about the judges being intimidated by the IRS, I figured that since they were PART of the system, then they wouldn’t rock the boat too much; they have too much to lose if they do.

        Shoot, even back in the 1940s, this was the rule. If you get the chance, you should read Infamy, by John Toland. It’s about the Pearl Harbor attack, and much of the book focuses on the inquiries, Congressional hearings, etc. Even back then, Kimmel’s and Short’s superiors wouldn’t stand up and do the right thing, i.e. tell the TRUTH. George Marshall, Stark, and all those guys knew DAMN WELL the attack was coming, but they deliberately kept Kimmel and Short out of the loop. It was disgusting! These senior naval and army officers were too chicken to rock the boat back in the 1940s. Why should things be any different now?

        • As an addendum to my above comment, I’ll simply say this: I think that, in order to rise above a certain level of power (either in gov’t or a corporation), one has to be compromised. I don’t think a genuine good guy who wants to do the RIGHT THING will be allowed to rise beyond a certain level.

          • You are absolutely right Marky Mark, at least as far as the government goes! Imagine if you became a congresscritter, and you got invited to a welcome party. At the party, some naked boys appear out of nowhere and pounce onto your lap, and a bunch of pictures get taken with them on your lap. You then get told to keep certain things secret or those pictures will be sent to the media. This has actually happened an unknown number of times in Washington D.C. You can read about that here:

            • Hi Brian,

              The terrifying thing is such a thing could easily be contrived today; men are especially vulnerable. I have friends who will not under any circumstances be alone in a room with a female colleague. If they must have a discussion with one, it is with a witness present and the door open. One guy I know – a supervisor – records everything; video and audio.

              • That only works if a specific date and time is pointed at. Otherwise it will be claimed any recording was deleted. ‘

                Also there was one case I came across where the man was falsely accused, could prove it with a recording, so he was charged with an offense for the eavesdropping laws for that state.

                Then there was the one where these girls in either a high school or jr, high school didn’t like this one boy. So they accused him.

                It’s getting to where all a woman need do is point a finger.

            • Hey, Brian!

              Funny too, how when they want to “get” someone, merely having uttered a word, or casually touching any part of the anatomy, or planting a mere kiss, is grounds for crucifixion- but for the favored players, like Hillary and Billary, actual rape; adultery; and defending those actions when committed by your husband, is “nothing” and doesn’t even disqualify the perpetrators as “great defenders of feminism”, etc.

        • Hi Mark, Jason Brent and Nunzio,

          This could be an Onion article.

          Shocking! Government once again rules in favor of itself.

          In a recent court case challenging the legality of the income tax, presiding judge Hector Peoples, ruled against the defendant claiming that, “fortunately, in our system of government, we have the final say as to what the law means. The defendant, Ben T. Overman, clearly represents a threat to the safety and security of our great nation. Consequently it is important to rule against him, despite any technical accuracy of his claims”. When challenged by local reporter, I.M. Gullible, about the precedent set by this reasoning, the judge scoffed, “so, sue me… oh, right, you can’t… ha ha.


              • Mike in Boston,

                “Represented by the law firm of Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe.”

                Sadly Mike, Mr. Cheatham has recently passed away.

                And keeping with the current trends in diversity, Dewey and Howe have taken on a Vietnamese partner, Mrs. Phucim.

                Dewey, Phucim, and Howe is now accepting new clients and providing even better service than ever.

                • So good to know nothing will essentially change at that auspicious company. Knowing some Vietnamese, I’d bet Mrs. Fuchim is all bidness with no hint of a reacharound or prostate massage, just plain bidness. So good of you to delve the depths for this info. BTW, I think I knew Mrs. Fuchim when I was in college. She was a no-nonsense partner… to speak. No doubt she’ll maximize profits.

      • That’s what I keep telling people on all the various subjects from income taxes to the right to drive and much more. There are some things that are outright nonsense like all caps fringe on the flags but the big things, income taxes, and the right to drive are best I can tell real and proven by people who have done good research.

        There was a progression of things the federal and state governments did in each instance to create certain perceptions. That wages are taxed as income and using your own personal automobile is a privilege. These perceptions are then backed up with force and popular belief. The courts don’t matter because they reinforce the perceptions. There are no magic words or arguments. Government does as it wants. Only government’s loss of people’s perceptions will change anything.

  10. Not on any of the so called ‘social sites’. So guess I would be SOL. I have been banned from sites in the past apparently for PO’ing the author or site moderator. Two of the sites I was actually paying a monthly ‘donation’. Never did find out why as they were not courteous enough to let me know. So even the all important ‘money’ isn’t important as you risk the gov mafia on your case.

    The saddest one to stop commenting that I can recall is Market Watch. They had some really great posters on there that knew how things really was and would call them on it every time. They shut comments down several years ago and are now just a government parrot. There are only a few sites left that allow open commenting but they’re besieged with some really stupid posters. I believe its on purpose so as to make a genuine decent post overlooked. Most people after reading a couple of really wacko comments will just exit and go elsewhere.

    The reason for wanting you to have a facebook account to comment is pretty obvious. All social sites IMHO are products of the Intelligence community now the biggest enemy of the People. Simply banning you from FB would automatically ban you from commenting every where.

    Other sites will allow you to post but will not actually post until moderated. Recently I tested a Financial site. My posts were posted so long as I looked like the normal American dolt. But as soon as I mentioned any possible government corruption the post was sitting ‘waiting for moderation’ foreva! . The last one the site owner wouldn’t allow was a question asking “Who exactly are buying government paper and how much”. Now I believe a normal person would find that a reasonable question.

    Most of the decent sites are now gone along with the commenters. All that touted the Internet would be free of government are now crying about its intrusion everywhere. This is no different than Lincoln incarcerating any journalist that wrote articles protesting his policies concerning the War between the States.
    They ALL do it.

    • Hi Ken,

      I only moderate for stupidity; so long as a poster is intelligent – and makes a fact-based case for their position – I will never censor them. The comment section here is top shelf, in my opinion. I learn something from the readers almost every day. I value the people here as I know they are a big part of the reason for the site’s success. I will never shiv them for the sake of the Panopticon.

  11. Eric, [exasperated], why can’t more of your commenters be politically-correct, poolite, and proper, like me?

    Some people!

  12. Let’s face it Eric, You are Horton the Elephant and you won’t stop talking to Whos who are not, i.e. your readers. If you can’t be taken down, they will boil your dust speck by persecuting your Whos. Lest we forget, they are “hot shot spotters of rotters and plotters” and they need to save their “sons and their daughters …from YOOOOOO!!!”. And if they have to boil us alive to do it, they will try.

  13. I usually dont go to sites that dont allow comments. Many times on yahoo for instance I’ll just skip the lame liberal communist article and go straight to the comments. Usually – but not always – the truth is in the comments.

  14. Eric,
    I believe there is an EU bill going around to remove online anonymity. Actually it’s austria but it will spread soon as the oligarchs of europe go hand in hand with big tech.
    I used to comment on a local ABC affiliate with a band of other goons that did just as you say, tore the journalists to pieces for their lies and robotic reporting. They removed comments back in 2018 and ended that. Looks like the NWO/Totalitarian empire is marching at goose step pace these days, but necessity is the mother of invention you know… it drives MEN to go underground.

    • The Kansas City Star had a pro war article up when Gulf War II started, and many people, including military members posted supportive comments. I snuck in a hyperlink and a glowing recommendation to watch a video about a speech that was given by a highly decorated Marine General Hero named Smedley Butler. I got quite a few thumbs up from other anti-war viewers before I went to bed that night. I checked back in the next morning and found that my post had been deleted.

      • Hi Brian,

        I only discovered Butler – on my own – while in college. Interesting that this pivotal figure has practically been excised from American history. How many know about the plot to establish a military dictatorship, with Butler leading the putsch (which he declined to do)?

        I bet not one in a thousand.

        That Lincoln was a virulent racist?

        That the “Gulf of Tonkin Incident” never happened?


        • Hi Eric,
          Yes indeed! I learned all those things on my own as well! Lets see if I can include some links about those events for the newbies here without Word Depressing censoring them:
          If link get declared as spam, use search engine phrase: youtube Major General Smedley D. Butler Expose Fascist Coup in US. (1934)
 Big corporations today continue to push fascist policies! Many times it is actually them who write the bills that get presented to congress to vote for, not the lazy fux in congress themselves.
          Next phrase: Lew Rockwell Lincoln the racist

          Wiki: Gulf of Tonkin incident:

          We can thank the infamous N.S.A. for that one too!

        • I’ve often wondered if old Smedley wasn’t a fictional character, like this Smedley:

          Always strikes me as funny, when someone who makes a career of being a mercenary, comes to regret it, and then spills the beans. Never-the-less, War Is A Racket is certainly full of truth.

          • Smedley Butler certainly did have many flaws, but at least he started doing the right thing later in life. Most people seem to dig in their heels when they are presented with facts that they were wrong about a major belief for their entire life. I was tempted to do that too, but I chose to face the truth, unlike my entire family of origin! It seems they would rather die wrong than spending a portion of their life being right. BTW, whatever you were trying to show us didn’t work.

            • I agree, Brian. It’s just mind-boggling how somebody can engage in dubious activity/be part of a destructive, evil organization for so long…and then come to truth of the matter, and switch sides.

              I measn, I can see some kid who enlists, thinking he’s doing the right thing, being young and inexperienced and naive- then coming to see the reality of the matter.

              But someone who makes a career of it for many years; rises to the rank of general; and only then sees what was there for so long? It just doesn’t make sense- but none-the-less, Butler’s words are valuable and great.

              I don’t know what went wrong with that link!
              Let’s try a different one:
              A fictional Smedley:

              • Nunz,

                We all have our flaws and failings.

                Better to come to grips with it when truth finally smacks you in the head, than to go on living in ‘De Nile.

                I can assure you he was a living person though.

                He was my great-great Uncle.

                My grandfather knew him and related stories about him.

                Most favorite quote:

                “There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights”

                • WOWwwwwwww!!!!!, AF!

                  What a heritage!

                  Sometimes, one hasd to question things, given that there is so much misinformation in the world- on every side- but I’m certainly glad that Uncle Smedley was real, and that he ultimately came to fight for the right side and to be an inspiration to us all.

                  His words truly were inspiring.

                • Hi AF,
                  While I was searching for the Smedley Butler video so that I could post a link in one of my earlier comments, I came across a Youtube comment someone made. He liked the video and agreed with the premises, but he wondered if Germany would have won the war without our intervention. He also wondered what political party Smedley would be in if he were alive today.
                  I sent a reply with this link : , and I told him that Smedley would be a libertarian, or perhaps a libertarian anarchist. I had to wonder whether he had ever even heard about libertarians since he seemed to be assuming that Smedley would have had to choose to be either a democrat or a republican, both of which are solidly pro-war. The answer should have been obvious.

                  • Hi Brian,

                    The war – World War I – had reached a military stalemate prior to Uncle coming in on the side of the English and French. Had Uncle not jumped in (at the behest of the Wall Street interests which control Uncle like a puppet) there would almost certainly have been a negotiated and reasonable peace. Germany would not have been raped as she was by the victorious powers at Versailles and there would very likely never have been a Third Reich and Hitler lost to history as an anonymous dispatch runner. It is possible there might not have been a Soviet Union – and Lenin a historical footnote; a minor rabble rouser who died in exile.

                    Word War I – as it played out – was arguably the suicide of the West. It has just taken a while for the heart to stop beating.

                    • you got that right. woodrow wilson actually ran as a “peace” candidate but he had some creepy guy with him urging him to war. Sounds familiar these days.

                    • eric, WW1 was a move by the Rothschilds for the most part to “stimulate” “Their” economy.

                      In that it killed nearly 8 million soldiers and no telling how many civilians, it truly was the “war to end all wars” and my grandparents and great grandparents knew this.

                      It’s the very reason it took years of lies, drum beating and flag waving to finally get the general public of America on board.

                      And let’s not forget the Americans in Hawai had plenty time to warn of an impending attack but somehow the prez of the US was out of pocket till the deal was done.

                      Once it had been done and worked, we then didn’t even have to prove shit, just accuse another country such as Vietnam of an attack on a ship and we’re at war(never declared of course).

                      That made an inside job false flag attack a very easy sell per 9/11. That and everybody in the Bushco camp lying treasonously.

                      Sure glad they were all prosecuted and hung for their war crimes.

                      We see this endless war that never stops and once some foe is vanquished, another pops up….so conveniently.

                      This crazy shit of wanting to go to war with Russia is totally insane.

                      Israel will sit back and collect the parts of the US and its territories that are still “habitable”.

                    • ‘Zactly 8. This is what some here are not seeing. There are Jews behind every one of those events- as is the case for just about every major event of our political history for the last 150 years.

                      They’re always there; just below the surface- not readily apparent- because unlike the popular red-herring conspiracy theories, they don’t want you to know….so we largely don’t- but if we just probe a little- just below the obvious; or follow the money trail…it inevitably leads to the same place/people.

  15. I’m not having it, either, Eric. BTW, the comments are often the BEST part of an article or column! Even on conservative or libertarian sites, the comments are better than the piece itself. I’ll just skim through the piece to read the comments; they’re the best part. The comments on ‘legitimate’ sites like CNN were brutal; they just EVISCERATED their bullshit, big time! That makes them look bad…


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