Reader Question: Scooter Madness?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mark asks: Eric, have you caught whiff of this recent insane phenomenon?

My reply: I have – but you may be surprised to discover that I don’t think it’s insane… in a certain sense. These scooters are very light and not meant to go very fast – or very far – and so are actually just what electrically powered transportation ought to look like. They make a certain degree of sense, in other words.

Not my choice, of course. But for someone who hasn’t got much money – and doesn’t want to walk – this isn’t necessarily a bad or stupid alternative.

As far as saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety: These are probably no less saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe than a bicycle or small scooter; neither offers much protection and both are easy to not see if others aren’t paying attention. But, they are also agile and less of a target than a car. An alert rider should be able to reduce the risk to about the same as that faced by a bicyclist.

So, I don’t hate these things – so long as they aren’t being subsidized. It is, nonetheless, depressing to see Americans being turned into circa 1970 Chinese – pedaling and scootering and government-transiting around rather than driving around.

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