Reader Question: The Virginiabahn?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Fred writes: Speeding – and getting away with it? I invite you to join us on I95 during a non-holiday weekend. Traffic between I4 (Orlando) and the Virginia state line moves along at 85-90 mph with almost no interference. My contribution to the race at the moment is a 2007 Miata Grand Touring. Georgia and upper Florida’s portion of I95 is great; South Carolina’s is rough, but that adds to the adventure – bumper to bumper at 90 mph on a bad road. I’ve driven this section of interstate since it’s been built at speeds over 100 mph and never been stopped. I think that’s because we have a good many super speeders, mainly in black BMWs these days, going far above 100.

My reply: I am hip, Fred! However . . . as soon as one leaves the highway and is on secondary roads, the pace slows to medicated. And most of the time, one drives the secondary roads; highways get you from Florida to VA but not from your house to the hardware store and back. So it’s an occasional treat for most people.

Driving 80-plus in VA is also a kind of vehicular Russian Roulette  in that it is ipso facto/statutory “reckless” driving – which means you can be arrested and taken to jail by the AGW and even if not, you face a mandatory court appearance and a possible loss of license to drive, six “demerit” points and the sure doubling of your mandatory insurance payment.

This has put as much a damper on the fun as the presence of your grandmother at a bachelor party!

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  1. My comment would be that if the police cannot *safely* patrol the roads to pull over speeders, they don’t. Think about rush hour traffic: Nobody is pulled over during peak rush hour. Now really early rush hour, or later after it’s over? That’s another story. There are always cops on VA rte 28 by Dulles Airport: but I only see people pulled over early (before 6:30) or late (around 10). At peak rush hour, I only see HOV lane violators pulled over, b/c the HOV lanes have nobody in them!

    Kinda makes me think about the damn carpool lanes. If EVERYONE went in there, we all couldn’t be pulled over!


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